Naagarjun 30th September 2016 Written Update

Oct 1, 2016

Naagarjun 30th September 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

A grown up Arjun wakes up and finds himself in a mysterious place. He thinks how did he come here, why don’t he remember anything. He sees his face in water and thinks he cannnot be this ,who is he. He picks a blanket and wears it. He hears Vasuki writhing in pain and asks him to open his eyes and see he is his Arjun. Vasuki is severely weak. Arjjun says he came back from naglok. Vasuki says his last moment has come. Arjun says he cannot leave him alone. Vasuki asks if he does not remember anything, says Takshak captured his soul and made him monster to destroy earth, he did same. To make him norma, he had to sacrifice his life, it is Mahadev’s wish. Arjun asks to use his powers and wake up. Vasuki says he gave all his powers to him. Arjun says he needs him and not his

powers. Vasuki says they cannot change fate and ask him to give his hand.

Takshak gathers his army and says Arjun betrayed him, so he will destroy Arjun like Vasuki was destroyed. Divru will help hhim destroy Arjun, until Divru and Astika are there, nobody can harm naglok. He orders his arm to get ready for a war, they will fight and win.

Vasuki tells Arjun that he has become Nagarjun, most powerful, he has to face all the problems. He takes his one hand, keeps another hand on his head, and ttransfers all his remaining powers in Arjun. He passes away. Arjun cries loudly.

Shankchurn hears that and says Mohini and Nagmaya that Arjun’s cry tells that Vasuki is dead. Nagmaya says that Arjun is in deep sorrow as Vasuki waas Arjun’s guru. Shankchurn asks what she means. Nagmaya says Vasuki was an important part of naglok. Mohini says Astika will be in deep sorrow as Vasuki was his uncle. Shankchurn asks her to stop getting emotinal like humans. Mohini asks him to stop thinking too much. He says even Arjun is his step brother, but he wants him die, he will not let Arjun enter Amroli now.

Arjun sees Vasuki’s soul parting ways and cries. Tina and Aslam search Vasuki and Arjun and think where are they. In the morning, Shankchurn addresses media that police team has kicked rakshas out of Amroli, so they need not worry. Rakshas may return in any form and they have to be alert. Noorie thinks something is wrong, Rajveer is hiding something. Yashoda and Maheshwar come there. Noorie asks if they saw news. Rajveer/Shankchurn comes and says Rakshas was coward, so he ran away. If he comes again, he will kill him. Yashoda angrily looks at him and asks what about Vasuki. He says he has lot of other works. Maheshwar takes Yashoda away.

Amroli people fix rakhas’ pamphlets on walls and shout they will not spare rakshas now. A woman cries what is the use now, rakshas killed her son. Arjun watches that and feels guilty.

Precap: Takshak adddresses his army that their war is not easy as Arjun has become Nagarjun and has gone against them instead of protecting them. Astika promises that he will get Nagarjun back to naglok.

Update Credit to: MA

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