Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 3rd October 2016 Written Update

Oct 4, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 3rd October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Aryan disguises as clown and with family calms down Neelima’s anger. Whole family laughs. Diwakar comes and Aryan hides behind sofa. He asks Prabhath to accompany him to Mittal’s house. They both leave. Priyanka calls Saachi and informs her about Aryan’s clown avatar. Aryan calls Saachi next and Saachi says she knows what he did and she has her informer in his house. He asks if Priyanka informed her. She says yes. He says he needs gift as she promised. She says no and says she is going to a restaurant now.

Diwakar with Prabhath and Mansoor comes to Saachi’s house and shows his selected card to Mittas. Everyone likes card. He says he wants to celebrate marriage lavishly as per children’s wish. Chandra says he is right, they had lots

of dreams about Saachi’s marriage.

Saachi is in a restaurant. Aryan reaches there in clown’s clothes and asks her to give his gift. She says no. He starts jokergiri. Manager asks why is he troubling a lady. He says it is a matter of heart and lady is his girlfriend. Customers insist manager to let joker continue. He continues his jokergiri. Saachi leaves in her car. He follows her on bike and reaches Saachi’s home. He requests to give his gift and she says no. Diwakar comes out with everyone and sees joker troubling Saachi and scolds him. Prabhath knows it is Aryan and takes Diwakar from ther telling he has called decorator home. Aryan tries to leave, but Viren stops him and takes in to show some jokergiri. Aryan shows his jokergiri nervously. Whole family laughs. Viren gives him some money and asks him what he will take to perform during Saachi’s marriage. Aryan does some more jokergiri and runs from there. Vaibhav jokes that joker’s petrol must have finished. Saachi relaxes. Viren informs that it was Aryan. Saachi asks if he knew from beginning, then he why did he trouble Aryan. He jokes and whole family laughs. Saachi gets emotional and hugs him.

Diwakar goes back home. Nilesh comes home from football practice and tells Aryan that his favorite teacher was asking him. Aryan says he will invite him for marriage. Sushanth suggests him to invite his teacher personally. Diwakar says one should remember teacher during good times always.

Saachi and family continue laughing. Aryan calls her and asks if she is laughing on her till now. She says she is laughing for some other reason and says papa knew it was him. Aryan says he will confront papa. Viren takes phone and apologizes. Aryan says it is okay, he got opportunity to met his inner joker because of him. Viren laughs. Chandra says Aryan is best match for Saachi and Kusum says they are like ram seeta jodi.

Saachi sees Tanu looking and her and her dad’s selfie and asks why did she meet him when Chandra did not want her to. Tanu says he was worried about her since she did not call him, so came to meet her at college, asks even if she thinks her dad is wrong. Saachi says she does not know her dad, but knows her aunt who cannot be wrong at all. Chandra watches this feeling disappointed. Aryan on the other side meets his teacher who is Tanu’s dad and invites him for his marriage. Teacher says he will attend marriage for sure.

Precap: Chandra tells Tanu that she does not want to see her husband’s face. She then tells Saachi that she cannot meet or speak to Aryan till marriage day. She gets sad and even Aryan gets sad on the other side hearing same.

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