Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 4th October 2016 Written Update

Oct 5, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 4th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Aryan invites his favorite teach to his marriage. Teacher is none other than Chandra’s estranged husband and Tanus’ father. At Saachi’s house, Chandra on the other side emotionally tells Tanu that though she forgot her husband, Tanu is not forgetting her father at all and hugs Tanu. Aryan calls Saachi and says he invited his favorite teacher for their marriage and says after his father, he respects his teacher the most. Saachi asks what is his teacher’s name. He is about to tell when Tanu comes and tells Saachi that maa is calling her. Aryan asks Saachi to have a last meeting before their marriage.

At Aryan’s house, Diwakar and Prabhath are busy looking at arrangemets. Priyanka speaks to her father and happily informs Diwakar that her father

is coming. Diwakar asks why is he coming so early. Sarita says Priyanka’s father is his friend, how can he say that, if he is not excited to meet his friend. Diwakar says yes, but why is he coming leaving his business. Aryan says he should be happy to meet his friend. Neelima says they have to establish ganesh idol today and then marriage rituals will start.

Priyanka argues with Sushanth that Diwakar will be tensed if her father comes so early as her father is intolerable. Sushanth takes his father-in-law’s side and argues that his father-in-law is very sweet. Aryan, Nishanth, and Nikki enter and ask them to stop fighting, they are giving good entertainment before Diwakar and Priyanka’s father’s entertainment starts.

At Saachi’s house, Chandra pampers Saachi. Kusum sees Viren sad and asks if he is fine. He asks if she is fine as she is not sad that Saachi will leave them. He says he will buy a house near Saachi’s house and will look at her when she comes in balcony or out. He will even speak to Aryan often. Kusum says they cannot interfere in their daughter’s life. Chandra comes and says phujpaji/uncle is coming via train in the morning and says since their parents passed away, uncle and aunt did not make them feel parent’s devoid, elder’s blessings will fill Saachi’s life with happiness.

Aryan informs Priyanka, Sushanth, Nishanth and Nikki that he is going for a late date with Saachi as boyfriend and girlfriend. Priyanka taunts him and Sushanth says he and Nishanth will handle other c****s, he can go on a date. Aryan asks them all not to inform about his date to anyone. Priyanka asks him what he has planned for his special date. On the other side, Tanu asks Saach if she is excited to go a date with jiju and says it will be very adventerous. Saachi smiles.

Precap: Saachi and Aryan meet. Saachi says she needs to tell him something, says I love you. Aryan says I love you too. He kisses her cheek and she shies.

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