Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th October 2016 Written Update

Oct 5, 2016

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Bejoy comes to Sona’s room and gets emotional seeing her items. He imagines her sleeping and pampers her. Asha comes and holds his shoulder. He realizes Sona is not there and gets teary eyed. Asha asks him if he remembers what he told when he held Sona in his hands for the first time. He says he will take care of Sona like a doll. She says yes and we know that daughter has to leave their house, even then they get so sad. He nods yes. She says he is a good father and son, she is lucky to have him. He says even he is lucky to have her, she is his mom’s and his best friend and holds his hand.

Dev wakes up in the morning and looks at Sona’s face. Sona opens eyes and asks if he is getting so romantic in the morning. He sadly says yesterday….She

asks to forget it, it is a new daay and new life. Rhea knocks door. Sona opens it. Rhea asks her to get ready as guests are coming to meet her. Sona says okay. Rhea taunts Dev is she disturbed them. Dev picks pillow to throw on her and she runs laughing. Sona walks towards bathroom. Dev holds her hand. Is tarah see…serial’s title song plays in the background. Sona says mom is coming.. Dev leaves her hand. She laughs and goes to bathroom.

Ishwari’s relatives and neighbors ladies gather for Sona’s muh dikhayi ritual. Sona is brought down by Nikki and Rhea wearing long pallu. Her pallu slips down. Ladies yell already muh dikayi happened without performing ritual. Daadi bua yells Sona cannot handle her pallu, how will she handle house.

Sourav tells Asha he will return car gifted by Dev as shagun. She says he should go and return it politely. Bejoy comes and asks what car. Asha tries to change topic. He insists. Sourav tells he got car as shagun. Bejoy shouts how dare Dev’s family is to show off, he will go and throw it on their face. Asha says it is his daughter’s sasural and not enemies, he should rethink twice before yelling like this. He asks Sourav to right now go and return car keys, hugs him and ask him to tell Sona that he is missing her. Elena, Daadi, and Asha also hug and say even they are missing Sona.

Ishwari corrects Sona’s pallu and makes her sit for ritual. Guest look at Sona’s face and give her gift. Nikki and Rhea give their gifts, daadi bua’s bahu gives next. Ishwari gives diamond necklace. Ladies discuss Sona is lucky to have such a loving saas. Radha silently sits. Mamaji taunts if he should call auto for her. Radha with heavy heart part ways with her gift and tells her usual dialogue she is garib ki beti and can give only this. Neha gives her gift. Sona says she cannot accept this gift and needs something else. Daadi bua yells she cannot reject her nanad’s gift. Neha goes to her room after giving gift. Ranveer asks howmuch shagun did she give. Neha says 5001 rs. Ranveer yells she should have consulted him once before giving such a big amount. She says if she does not have right to gift and has to ask him to spend each penny.

Ladies start badmouthing that Ishwari selects things so carefully, then how did she get bahu out of their community. Dev says Sona is a leading nutirionist and is very intelligent, he is lucky to have her as life partner. Ishwari says yes, because of Sona, she is healthy today, Sona is self reliant and self employed. Daadi bua asks Sona how much she earns. Sona says so much with which she does not have to extend her hands in front of others and so much that she does not have to call herself garib ki beti. Mamaji taunts garib ki beti radha that Sona gave her a nice reply. Garib ki beti fumes in anger. Daadi bua says whatever. Sona feels happy that Dev and Ishwari took her side.

Sourav comes and Ishwari greets him in. Sona hugs him and asks how are other family members. Sourav says they are all missing her. Ishwari asks him to come in. He says he came to meet her and says he wants to return car keys.

Precap: Sona tells Dev that gifting car in shagun is not good. Dev says mom selected car personally for Sourav. Sourav says he cannot keep such a costly gift.

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