Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th October 2016 Written Update

Oct 5, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 4th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Pandit ji is asking us to add lubricant/oil in our ears and throw all bad talks out of our ears. He tells Shanti Paat is over now, and lets start the pheras. He says Pandit ji have to go from here, as he has to perform many marriages. Surili wonders where is the replacement bride, and gets worried. Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan laugh, as the former feel proud of his plan. Maggie asks Surili to get ready to make Bua her bhabhi. Surili says no, and says she will do more Shanti Paat. Amrish says okay and takes Gyan and Dhyan from there. Surili asks Shaan, why he is looking at her. Shaan asks Rajni to start shanti paat. Shaguta comes back to Surili that the replacement bride is sitting in Bua’s room. Surili gets happy and says I forgot to give ancestral necklace to Bubbles.

She takes the replacement bride (brought by Amrish) inside thinking she is Bubbles inside the veil.

Rajni looks at length, breadth and width of the bride and thinks OMG…she is not Bua, but someone else. She thinks mummy ji ordered a replacement bride, and now I have to tell Shaan. She tells Shaan that there is something wrong. Shaan asks her to let him concentrate on the marriage first. Surili takes the replacement bride to room and says she is very much happy with the marriage. The replacement bride stays silent as Amrish asked her not to speak. Maggie asks her to rest and says we will go now, and will never return, then says we will return. Replacement bride lifts her ghunghat and looks on. Goons check for Pandit in the house bar, and hide on seeing Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan coming. Dhyan tells him that Bua should be the bride. Surili and Shaguta come to Bubbles room. Surili asks why didn’t you come soon and asks her to keep maun vrat. Maggie says we shall check the face. Surili says no, and says ghunghat will be lifted after marriage only.

Amrish asks can you both see your Bua becoming Champu’s wife. He says we shall replace Bubbles with replacement bride again. Dhyan and Gyan agree to support him. They drink wine and go. The goons drink wine and leave. Rajni informs Shaan that the marriage is happening with someone else. Shaan says I will go inside and check, think he can’t go because of the dead body. Rajni sees Surili bringing the bride and scans. Surili sees Rajni and asks why she is acting like Pandit ji. Rajni says Pandit ji is doing my acting. She says I want to inform you about two things, one you got a call, and second…Surili jokes that they would have cut the call hearing her voice. Shaguta says we should have replaced Rajni during Shaan’s marriage.

Rajni informs Shaan that Surili is bringing Bubbles again, and tells that the ordered bride which Surili ordered is not coming. Shaan says so there were three brides. Rajni says you didn’t feed info in me that your family is strange. Shaan gets angry. He tells Pandit’s body that finally bua and mamu are getting married.

Surili brings Bubbles and says both are looking nice with each other. Amartya says I know you will understand our love one day. Surili says even I know that you will understand my love after marriage. Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan return. Amrish asks Surili to do ghat bandhan and start pheras. Surili does their ghat bandhan. Amrish asks Surili if she does any wrong. Surili says no, and says she is happy that Bhai 2 is marrying today, and Bubbles is also lucky. Amrish says we are happy for the marriage. Shaan says mahurat is ending. Amrish asks Shaan to read mantra in double speed. Shaan says he will read mantras in double speed and recalls the rounds taken with Rajni. He asks Amu mamu to come infront and take the pheras. Pandit ji continues to put the ingredients in the havan as Rajni acts.

Surili tells Amrish that he will get shocked after marriage. Amrish says even you will be surprised after marriage. Shaan says three rounds are completed and asks Bubbles to come infront. Bubbles come infront and takes the rounds. Goons see Pandit and says we shall check his pocket for the liquid. Aishwarya sees Rajni sitting and moving her hand. She asks Rajni. Rajni says she is getting Bua and Mamu married. Aishwarya is shocked to see Pandit and Rajni doing the same thing. She says repeat telecast is happening here, and asks Rajni to stop. She holds Rajni’s hand. Rajni asks Aishwarya to leave her hand. Aishwarya says no and says you will get tired. Rajni moves her hand and Pandit also move his hand, making Aishwarya and goon to fall down. Everyone see Pandit with this hand up. Amartya says our last round is left. Shaan asks Rajni, why you have stopped, and why sync is off. Rajni informs him that there is a problem in sync, now Pandit can do puja or move. Shaan is shocked.


Surili blesses Amartya and Bubbles after marriage. Replacement bride brought by Amrish comes and asks when my marriage will happen. Surili asks who is this woman? Rajni says she is the one whom Amrish brought to get her marriage done with Mamu. Amrish covers his face being tensed. Surili is shocked.

Credit :  H_Hasan

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