Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 5th October 2016 Written Update

Oct 6, 2016

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 5th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Sushanth and Priyanka suggest Aryan to make his last romantic date with Saachi before marriage unique and memorable for life. Aryan agrees. Down in living room. Diwakar and Prabhath prepare guest lists to book hotel rooms. Aryan comes down. Diwakar stops him and gives him some work. Sushanth and Priyanka divert Diwakar’s attention followed by Prabhath and Nishanth. Sushanth silently signals Aryan to leave and he escapes. Diwakar asks where is Aryan. They all say he sent him on some work. Diwakar stands confused.

At Saachi’s home, Tanu also asks Saachi to make her last premarriage date memorable and unique. She asks her to imagine what she would do when she will meet Aryan. Saachi closes her eyes and imagines telling Aryan I love you. Aryan says I love

you too and kisses her cheek. She gets out of her imagination and Tanu laughs on her.

Aryan books a restaurant for 2 hours with his musician friend’s help and waits for saachi. Saachi gets ready. Tanu says she is looking very beautiful. Saachi picks her bag and walks down. Viren stops her and feeds her laddoo and asks if it is tasty. He says from tomorrow guests will start flowing in, so today it will be only him and her and they will play whole day. He asks Tanu not to disturb them and gives her Saachi’s phone. Saachi thinks she will leave after some time. Viren takes her to a room and shows all her toys which he collected since childhood. Saachi excitedly tells he bought her one from Japan, USA, etc. He shows one and says he bought it from a railway station as she demanded it and crying, and he was about to miss train.

Aryan calls Saachi repeateldy and gets restless. He gives Saachi’s favorite song list and asks his musician friened to play them if he can Friend says he will play them all. Viren continues showing Saaachi’s chldhood items and says they will play her favorite snake and ladder game. He goes to get it when Tanu peeps from window and says it is getting late and Aryan jiju must be waiting for her.

Aryan continues waiting for Saachi and thinks why did not she come yet. Saachi enters and flowers fall on her. Aryan gets very happy and dances witih her on song.. Is tarah…..His friend shakes him and he comes out of imagination and realizes he was dancing with his friend instead…

Precap: Viren’s uncle and aunt come and whole family touches their feet. Uncle says even he got Saachi’s alliance, but rejected them as Sethia’s are really rich and nobody can match them. Viren bends his head tensely.

Update Credit to: MA

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