Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th October 2016 Written Update

Oct 6, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 5th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Gyan asks Shaan to do something. Amrish asks if Pandit ji kept body vrat with maun vrat too. Shaan goes near Pandit ji and says that he is in deep dhyan and asked him to give ahuti for last phera. He puts ingredients in the havan. He tells that the marriage is completed. Amrish is happy and says my Bubbles got married. He applaud for the replacement bride acting and pats on her. Surili says good, and says marriage is done. Shaan says we forgot about mangalsutra and sindoor rasam. Maggie says then ghunghat will be lifted. Surili says no, we will do it later, modern Shaadi. Shaan says okay, I have no problem. Surili asks Maggie, Sharmila and Shaguta to take guests to garden area and tell that return gifts are distributed there. Amrish also asks Dhyan and Gyan to take

the guest.

Shaan takes the dead pandit’s body from there and asks Rajni to handle here. Surili blesses the newly weds. Amrish blesses them too and says you both are made for each other. Amartya says I can’t understand why you both are happy about my marriage. Surili says you will know very soon. Amrish tells the same. The replacement bride called by Amrish, comes and asks when will my phera start. Surili is shocked and asks who are you? Woman says I am Amartya’s to be wife. Amrish laughs and says I will tell. He lifts her ghunghat and says she is my Bubbles. He is shocked and couldn’t speak. Surili asks what happened? Who is this girl? Rajni says I will tell you. She says this is the girl whom Bau ji brought to get her married to Mamu, inplace of Bubbles bua. Everyone is shocked.

Surili says Amrish…you called the duplicate. She thinks Amrish brought this girl and I brought girl too. She thinks Bubbles might be in some room. She tells Amrish that he is thinking of her level now. Amrish asks what do you mean? Rajni says mummy ji also called replacement bride. Amrish takes a sigh of relief and asks where is Bubbles then. He thinks my sister is saved, and calls her. Surili says who cares. Amartya shouts no and says how can you do this with me Didi Bhai. Surili says I can explain too and says I tried to make you understand that Bubbles is not right for you, but you was keen on her. He says I have chosen perfect girl for you Bhai 2 and lifts veil from bride’s face. Everyone is shocked and surprised to see Bubbles. Bubbles asks can I open my maun vrat now? Surili is shocked to see her.

Amartya gets happy and hugs Bubbles. Amrish and Surili cry hugging each other. Rajni is happy. Amartya tells Surili that Bubbles is special. Surili says how can this be possible? Rajni says I will tell you. She says Bua ji replaced Bua with the replacement girl. Then Mummy ji replaced replacement girl with Bua thinking she is the one whom she called. She says your replacement girl didn’t come, tells about the phone call that she met with an accident. Surili asks why didn’t you tell me. Rajni says I told you, but you didn’t listen. Surili says when? Sharmila says Rajni warned you, but you didn’t listen. Maggie says Sharmila is saying right. Gyan tells Amrish to say something. Dhyan tells the proverb. Amartya says I am so happy…I got married to a girl of my choice. Bubbles does bhangra happily. Surili and Amrish cry. Rajni congratulates the newly weds.

Goon calls boss and tells that they couldn’t find crystal powder. Boss threatens them. They hear Shaan coming and hide. Shaan keeps Pandit’s body in the car and leave. Boss tells goons that he is reaching there and asks them to have samosa till then. All the family members dance on the song Ladki beautiful kargayi chul with Mamu and Bua. Rajni scans and comes out. Goon tells Boss that she is the one who fought with us. Boss goes to Rajni and tells that he has no enmity with her, asks her to give crystal powder. Rajni says you can get crystal from shop and power is of two types, body and soul power. Boss asks what nonsense? He says I am talking about wealth power, and tells about Crystal power which was in Pandit’s pocket.

Rajni says it is wrong to keep hand in someone’s pocket and that feature is not in me. Boss asks what you are saying? Rajni tells him that she can speak in many language. Boss takes out knife from his pocket and laughs. He asks her to tell where is crystal power. Rajni tells him that it is a knife, and gets it through her magnetic power. Boss asks how did you do this? Rajni says with ease. Boss calls goons and asks them to kill everyone. Goons puts poisonous powder in the havan kund.

Rajni asks if you are talking about finishing food, and says we have ordered much money, you can eat. Boss says no, and tells that his goons have added vapour cyanide in havan kund. He says all the people here will sleep for forever, and then we will find the crystal power. He says very soon this poison will make everyone feel dizzy and sleepy, once they sleep then they will never wake up and die. He asks her to give him crystal power if she wants to save her family. Rajni says I want antidote, but I don’t have crystal power. Boss asks where is your husband? Goon says it might be with her husband. Rajni says he took Pandit’s body to Police. Boss says crystal power must be with him. Rajni stops him and asks to give antidote, and says it is her ultimate command to save humans. Boss asks her to give crystal power and take antidote. They leave. Rajni thinks she has to search crystal power to save her family.

Precap: Rajni scans and thinks 84 percent of air is already poisonous. She sees Dhyan sleeping and thinks if he sleeps then will never wake up. She stops everyone from sleeping.

Credit : H_Hasan

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