Nagarjun 5th October 2016 Written Update

Oct 6, 2016

Nagarjun 5th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Arjun comes to Noorie’s room to meet her. She panics seeing a stranger and shouts who is he, how did he come in. She calls Rajveer. Arjun tires to speak, but she continue shouting. Rajveer comes with Mohini and breaks door. He asks Noorie what happend. Noorie turns and sees no one, says she saw him and he was here. Rajveer says no one is here and thinkshe knows Arjun came to meet Noorie. Arjun walks out in snake form, takes human form and thinks he has to tell truth to Noorie and if when his parents did not trust him, why will Noorie trust her. Rajveer comes in balcony with Noorie and Mohini and says Noorie that no one is here, it is just her imagination. Mohini asks Noorie to sleep with her tonight. Noorie sees plants flickering but walks out. Arjun comes out of plants and

leaves from there. Yashoda watches everything hiding and gets happy that she knew he is her Arjun and would come to meet Noorie. She runs behind him calling.

Noorie continues that she saw him really, she had locked her room, then how did he come in. Rajveer says it was her imagination. She says this fear is not going from her mind and hugs him. Rajveer says he knows that person. Mohini asks who is it. Rajveer says he is the one who is destroying Amroli. Noore asks if it is Rakshas and why did he come here. Rajveer says to take revenge from him. Noorie says but he was looking human. Mohini asks her to relax, Rajveer is set things right. They both walk out. Mohini says this is the right time to snatch nagmani from Arjun.

Yashoda follows Arjun to jungle and says he knows he is hidden here, she knows he is taking snake form but he is her Arjun. Shankchurn come sand holds Arjun’s hand. Arjun angrily asks him not to follow him. Shankchurn asks to give him nagmani. Yashoda continues not to hide from mother. Shankchurn threatens Arjun to give nagmani, else he will kill his mother. Arjun starts fighting with him. Shankchurrn attacks, but Arjun kicks him out, but stops hearing Yashoda’s words. Shankchurn sensing opportunity hits him. He holds Shankchurn’s hand and is about hit him when he hears Yashoda again. Maheshwar comes and asks what is she doing here in jungle. Yashoda says Arjun is somewhere here. Maheshwar forcefully takes her from there.

Shanchurn says Arjun he should go to naglok with him, they both brothers can rule this world. If he does not want to and stay with his family peacefully, he should give nagmani. Arjun says he was capable of posessing nagmani, baba/Vasuki would have given it to him, he wil will not give nagmani to selfish person like him. Shankchurn says if he does not get nagmani, he will snatch it. Their fight starts again.

On naglok, Astika prays god and sees Arjun and Shankchurn via his superpowers. He says his both sons have become enemies and he has to stop his blood bath. He calls Urmi and orders her to stop Arjun and Shankchurn. She asks how can she help hhim. He gives her a bright light weapon and asks her to use it at right time. She asks whether to use it on Arjun or Shankchurn. He says Shankchurn, he wants her to bring him to naglok. He knows it is a tough task, but she should do it somehow. She says she will do it and asks how to use it. He teaches how to use it.

Urmi goes to earth and sees Arjun and Shankchurn still fighting. She throws eapon on Shankchurn and Shankchrun fallls down injured and unconscious. Arjun walks away. Urmi calls him and says he forgot her. He sys she identified him. She says his body has changed, but soul is same. She touches him sensously and says his new body is more charming. He pushes her hand and says he has to go. She holds her from behind.

Precap: Mohini says Astika that war has to happen. She then tells Shankchurn that Arjun has become wall between him and Astika. Shankchurn says he knows Arjun’s weakness.

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