Naagarjun 6th October 2016 Written Update

Oct 7, 2016

Naagarjun 6th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

Urmi hugs Arjun from behind and says she loves him. He pushes her and says she knows he loves someone else. She says she knows and is just asking him few minutes of his life. He turns his face. She says likes someone who is powerful and who control their emotions. She kisses his cheek and leaves saying they will meet again.

Doc checks Noorie and says she got panic attack and should take rest. Mohini asks Noorie not to get tensed and take rest.

In Naglok, Astika scolds Shankchurn that he should not fight with his brother and will not get anything from it. Shankchurn says he will not if he gets nagmani. Astika says nagmani needs geat responsibilities and he cannot handle it. Shankchrun says he can and will get nagmani back to naglok at any cost. Mohini comes and says Shankchurn

is right and asks why is he favoring his human son so much. Astika promises that he will bring Arjun here. Urmi comes next and tells Astika that he must be proud to a great warrior’s father. Astika says yes and via super watches that Vasuki gave all his powers to Arjun before leaving human body, so Arjun is evven more powerful. Urmi says Arjun is unique with a bit of humanity in him. Astika that is his weakness as he has so many powers and does not know how to use it and Shankchurn knows to use all his powers and is ruthless. He continues that he needs her help in keeping Arjun and Shankchurn away from each other. Takshak watches this via his super bowl and fumes that Astika lied and betrayed him, now he will go to earth and use his tricks to kill Arjun.

Yashoda cries in front of Aslam that she needs to see her son Arjun. Aslam asks to control herself and see a doc. He asks Chutki to control her mom. Yashoda asks even if he thinks Arjun is bad. He says no as he knows Arjun from childhood. She asks to find Arjun and bring then. Aslam says he will if she takes care of herself. She promises. He asks Chutki to take care of mom and leaves. Takshak comes there and watches everything. He disguises as Arjun and enters. Yashoda emotional hugs him and says she searched him a lot, he will not go anywhere now. He shows his wicked expressions with snake tongue. Chutki notices it and drops water.

Real Arjun in jungle looks at his snake skin and thinks what happened to him, what has he become. Aslam comes and says he came to take him. Arjun says he is not the one whom he knows. Aslam says his body has changed, not his soul. Arjun asks what will he do there, papa does not identify him at all.

Takshak as Arjun frightens Chutki with his expressions and acts well in front f Yashoda and says Yashoda that this place is not safe and they have to go from here. Yashoda says she will not until Maheshwar comes. Takshak says he has a lot of enemies and they may attack him. Chutki says they will not go until papa comes. Takshak angrily looks at Chutki.

Precap: Mohini tells Shankchurn that Arjun has become a wall between him and his father Astika. Shankchurn says he knows Arjun’s weakness. Urmi listens to their conversation and thinks what weakness they are discussing about. Arjun fights with Takshak.

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