Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2016 Written Update

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Oct 8, 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 1 times)

I****a = Is-hita

The Episode starts with Aaliya and Karan going to talk. She drinks and says I m a party animal, I m not interested to marry, but I m glad to get free of this jail after marriage. Karan gets shocked. Aaliya presents her bad image. She says we will break marriage after few days, you do anything in your life and I will do what I want. He says I need to talk to my parents and goes. She laughs and says Mihika’s plan worked, I have to tell her. Mani comes and says Aaliya I don’t know what you did, Karan realized you are acting to get drunk, don’t worry, he still agreed to marry you, he thought you are nervous, congrats, I will call pandit to decide dates. She says no Appa, listen to me. Mani goes. She thinks what will she do now.

Adi tells I****a that Karan agreed to marry Aaliya, what

will we do now. Romi says I knew Mihika’s plan will flop. She says I m sorry, I was trying to help. I****a says you should have discussed. Romi asks what will we do now. Adi gets Aaliya’s call. He tells I****a that Aaliya called him to meet, I m going to meet her. I****a says tell her not to take any wrong step, we are with her.

Adi and Aaliya meet. Aaliya asks her to do something, I will run away. Adi says running is not a solution. Aaliya says I can’t live without you, I will give up my life before marrying that guy. He asks are you mad, I won’t let anything happen to you. They hug. She asks him to do something. He asks her not to worry.

Adi comes home. I****a asks what did Aaliya say. Adi says Aaliya said she will die if she has to marry that guy. They get shocked. I****a says we have to talk to Mani. Adi says Raman and Mani have become my love’s enemies, we would have got Aaliya home if Raman was at my side, there is no solution. Romi says you have solution, now i****a can help. I****a says I can’t talk to Raman and Mani, Raman fought with me. Romi says we know Raman is angry, but just you can do this. I****a says he is adamant. Romi says you know him, he says anything in angry, for Adi’s sake. Ishuta says why shall I say sorry, I won’t bend, that’s it. Romi says who will explain Raman.

Mihir asks Raman whats the problem, why is he fighting with I****a, go and say sorry to her. Raman says she slapped me, shall I do her aarti. Mihir asks how can you say she is not a good mother, she did a lot for children, please don’t drag this more, go and say sorry. Raman asks did mad dog bitten me, that I will get Adi and Aaliya married. Mihir says your marriage is in risk, first save it, go and say sorry to I****a, why are you behaving this way immaturely, how can you think this, I m saying again, you are wrong, please go and apologize, else matter will get serious. Raman looks on. Mihir says fine do what you want. He leaves.

Simmi asks Neelu to make tea and is annoyed with Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma think whats happening, we have to do something. Amma tells her plan and they smile.

Raman recalls his bitter words to I****a. He is on the way and says I have made everyone upset. He says Mihir was saying right, I m sorry I****a, I love you, I have to say sorry to her.

I****a gets dressed in a red saree. She hopes everything gets fine. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma act and argue over Simmi. Ananya looks on. They make Ananya hear. Amma says Ananya loves Simmi, she will go and talk to Simmi now. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Amma.

Mani shows the sarees and jewelry to Shagun, and says I did not know what to buy when I went for shopping. Shagun asks don’t you think you are rushing a bit. He says no, I got a nice guy and want Aaliya to get married. Aaliya comes and asks whats wrong with you Appa, I love Adi, I will marry him. She asks Shagun to say. Mani puts saree over her shoulder and says this color suits you. Aaliya goes. Mani asks Shagun to handle all this.

Aaliya says I will not be quiet, even I have likes and dislikes. She calls Adi and says I have to meet you, Appa wants me to get married to Karan, he is not listening, what shall I do. Adi says calm down, I m coming, take care. She asks him to come soon. She says I have just one way.

Raman comes home and looks for I****a. He says how will I say sorry, she will forgive me. He rehearses how to say sorry. I****a comes there and Raman stares at her. He gets influenced by her beauty and smiles.

He thinks to take her to restaurant. I****a asks shall we go to restaurant. He says yes. He asks her to go and come fast. He thinks she reads my heart out.


Raman and I****a dance in the rain on the song Aaj rapat jaiyyo…..

Credit : Amena

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