Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th October 2016 Written Update

Oct 8, 2016

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 7th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The Episode starts with Shaan coming back home. Rajni says Shaan and goes to him. Surili cries and asks Shaan to save them from his mad wife. Rajni apologizes and says I have to do this to keep them awake. Amrish is about to sleep. Shaan recalls goon’s words that if anyone sleeps for 2 mins then he will die. He wakes up Amrish, and asks Surili to recall where is that crystal power. Surili says it is a mani, and I have thrown it out of window. Shaan asks Rajni not to let anyone sleep and play some game or do rasam. Rajni scans and says they shall play shoes hiding rasam. Shaan comes out and searches for the crystal power. He sees garbage cleaner holding crystal power and asks him to give it back and offers money. Rajni tells everyone that they will do shoes hiding rasam. They take off shoe

from Amartya’s feet and hide. Shaan tells Rajni that he got crystal power and going to goons to exchange it with antidote. Rajni tells Shaan that everyone is busy searching for shoes, even though they are rich but interested in prize. Shaan likes her idea.

The trash cleaner follow Shaan, but he leaves in car. Rajni asks everyone to go and search shoes. Sharmila says we can’t work from both the sides and asks Surili to search shoes. Surili says no, and says if I find the shoes, then I will hit with it on Rajni’s head. She says I will sleep now. Rajni scans and searches for two way to keep them awake. She brings ice and puts in their clothes. They wake up and gets restless. Surili says who have done this, and says she will enquire tomorrow. Will sleep today. Everyone lie down to sleep there itself. Rajni scans and gets another trick. Shaan is in his car, and is about to call goon, but he gets chit fallen from dead Pandit’s pocket. He checks the chit and says it is condensed uranium formula. He thinks scientist pandit made this formula and have hidden it in my home to protect many people. He thinks atom bombs are made with it and gets shocked.

Rajni scans and wakes up everyone as she brings delicious food. They eat it and sleep. Rajni thinks she has to search some other way. Shaan reaches the place where goons are already waiting for him. He says I thought you will call me to den, but you called me in open air area. Goons show gun. Shaan asks for antidote. Goon asks him to give antidote first. Shaan takes out crystal power and keeps on goon’s hand. Goon checks it and says well done. Rajni asks Shaan to come fast else it will be impossible to save them. She thinks according to my data, when all attempts fails, only God can help. She sings bhajan and asks God to help her. She says I have no heart, but my family is good and have big heart. She asks him to save them else Shaan’s heart will break. Shaan comes back and gives antidote to Rajni, and asks her to make everyone drink it. Rajni says okay Shaan.

Rajni and Shaan make them drink antidote. Everyone wake up. Maggie tells that she didn’t drink wine, just had water. Bubbles says my suhaag raat was finished. Shaan hugs Surili and says if anything would have happened to you all then I would have died. You people are crazy and weird, but we are family. Amrish asks what happened? Why did you get emotional? He says you are stupid scientist and laugh. Dhyan says we all shall go and sleep in our room. Surili thinks to keep eye on Rajni. Rajni waves them bye.

Shaan tells Rajni that she is superior among them, and says that man was a scientist who had made chemical. He says goons tried to kill his family and asks her to feel what he is feeling. He says we have happy family, it is our responsibility to protect them. He cries and says if anything would have happened to them, then I would never forgive myself as I am your creator. Rajni says I can’t feel your pain, but can wipe your tears. She says today I prayed to God for your family. She says you are my God being my creator and can dismantled me if you want. Shaan asks if she will make him cry and asks her not to make him emotional. Rajni says sorry and says all troubles are gone, as you gave crystal power to them.

Shaan tells Rajni that he gave fake crystal power, as they would have made bomb with it. Goon calls him and asks how dare you cheat me, and threatens to kill his family. Shaan says don’t take me lightly and says if you want crystal power then meet me behind kaali pahadi. He says he will throw crystal power there and make him powerless. Goon gets angry. He tells Rajni that he will call commissioner before that. Rajni says it is a foolish plan.


Surili comes in her car and sees Shaan talking to Rajni while standing near the cliff. Rajni pushes him and he falls down the cliff. Surili shouts Shaan and gets shocked. 

Credit :  H_Hasan

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