Naagin Season 2 8th October 2016 Written Update

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Oct 9, 2016

Naagin Season 2 8th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper)

The episode starts with darshan of different temples. Previous season’s story is shown where shivanya sees her parent’s murderer’s faces in her parent’s eyes and decides to take revenge from each of them. She befriends with Rithik to kill Ankush who is one of the murderer. She kills 4 murderers and searches for 5th murderer. At the end, she realizes 5th murderer is Yamini and how she kills her and Sesha befriends Mahishmatis, etc….

Story proceeds to the present day where Shivanya gets labor pains. Rithik says in 3 months, lots of things are happening, why some people are following them, etc. He rushes her to hospital and tell she got labor pain after 3 months of getting pregnant. Ladies sitting there discuss that it is very weird and only used to happen

long long ago. Shivanya is taken to labor room and elivers a baby girl. Rithik hears baby’s voice from labor room. Doc comes out and says it is a miracle, he has seen ladies delivering premature but not in 3 months. Rithik enters Shhivanya’s room and says they got a baby girl. Nurse brings baby and says baby is healthy. Rithik tries to take baby, but nurse says baby should rest now. Shivanya asks Rithik if their daughter is also agin. Rithik says no..

Shivanya’s baby is named Shivangi. Twenty five years pass on. Two icchadhari naag couple take human form and discuss that they take human form once in 100 years on maha shivkaal raatri. They start romancing when they see grown up Shivangi who is Shivanya’s replica. They walk near her and ask Shivanya what is she doing here. Shivangi says she stays here since 25 years and buys vegetables. A sapera/snake charmer plays been/flute and both nag copuple escape from there. Old Shivanya comes and gives money to sapera and thanks him. He asks why did she ask him to play been. She says nothing. She then meet Shivangi who says thhe both look so similar that people confuse. Some people ask if she is Shivanya or Shivangi Shivanya sends her home and goes to meet her friends. She asks them why did they come here. They ask what is she doing here, everyone is searchng her in naglok. Shivanya says she is human now and does not to go back to naglok, she is happy here. She asks them not to tell that she is on earth.

Shivanya then goes to shiv temple and asks a saadhu/saint what will happen when Shivangi turns 25. He says she will see it herself. Shivanya says she does not want Shivangi to become nagin. He says she may and may not, it is up to shivji. Shivanya says she does not want at any cost. Saint says if Shivangi marries a human before she turns 25, she wil not become nagin.

Shivangi runs in jungle and a snake follows her. She falls down. Snake comes in front of her and is about to attack. She turns nagin. She wakes up and realizes it was her dream. Her cousin sisters get ready to go to their bakery. They come to Shivangi’s room and says it is alredy 9 and they have to reach bakery soon. They ask her about her nag in her dreams as she does not like boys. They all 3 leave. Shivanya tells her foster brother and sister-in-law that she wants to get Shivangi married before she turns 25.

Shivangi with her cousins walks with cake to deliver it to a customer. She reaches a garage and calls customer who ordered cake. A Rocky/hero comes under car and Shivangi falls on him. Rocky’s face smeared with grease starts walking towards Shivangi and she asks him to back off. He says he did not order any cake, removes his shirt and walks undre shower. Shivangi stands aside angrily. Rocky’s friends who have set up mobile recording watch Shivangi falling on Rocky. They then see Rocky taking bath under shower. Shivangi’s cousins wait for her outside and then enter. Rocky befriends them and takes Shivanis phone number and bakery address.

Rocky enters Shivangi’s bakery. Shivangi angrily asks why did he come here. He says she got dough on her face and shows her face on his mobile. She wipes it. She asks what he needs. e says mawa cake, goes and sits on table with his friends. Friends ask if he is sure this is his last vacation. He says yes, after that mom is getting him married. He goes to washroom. Friends sens video of his and Shivangi’s garage video to Shivagni’s number. Shivangi wathces it and fumes. Cousins say they both are looking like Raj and Simran. She says how cheap these boys are. She calls police. Inspector comes and ask Shivangi who is it. She points at Rocky and says he sent her MMS. Rocky says he did not. Friend says he sent it. Inspector says he will arrest all 3. Shivangi’s cousins request her to forgive boys. Shivangi takes back complaint.

Shivangi then goes to garden to deliver order to old couple. Rocky also comes there. She walks rubbing her hands due to cold. Rocky walks behind here. Kisi shayar ki ghazal jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal…song..plays in the background. He holds her from behind and lifts her. She asks what is he doing. He shows scorpion in front of her. She thanks him for saving her life. He says he saved his life actually as she is his life now. She walks and asks him to go. She then stops seeing snow fall and realizes that snow storm is on the way and she has to reach home. Rocky says he will drop her. She says she knows route.

Shivanya gets worried for Shivangi. Cousins ask if she did not reach home yet, she had gone to deliver cake, not to worry will come soon. Shivanya sees news about snow storm and gets worried.

Shivangi walks in jungle and says she made a mistake by taking shortcut and got stuck. She senses someone coming and picks wooden plank to hit. Rocky comes and says it is him. She slips and falls from cliff. He jumps and holds her hand and pulls her up. Shivanya at home thinks where is Shivangi, today is shiv kaal raatri and whenever it comes, it brings some thing bad, thinks if herd daghter is safe or not. Rocky pulls Shivangi up and she falls on him. Their eyes lock. She ges up an starts walking shivering. She falls unconscious. Rocky picks her up, ges worried, and rurns to call help. At home, Shivanya continues worrying for Shivangi. Her brother says Shivangi will be 25 soon, so she need not worry. Shivanya says he does not know her worry and prays shivj to protect her daughter.

Rocky takes Shivangi to Shiv mandir and holds her tightly. She wakes up and sees him holding her. He goes out. A wolf attacks her and she becomes nagin and kills wolf.

Precap: Rocky tells Sesha that he cannot marry Ruchika. Shivangi fumes how dare Rocky proposed her. Sesha is seen romancing Rocky. She then dances in shiv temple.

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