Naagin 2 Telly Review of second episode ( 9th October 2016)

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Oct 10, 2016

Naagin 2 Telly Review of second episode ( 9th October 2016) (By Medsuper)

Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) comes back in the cave to see a dead wolf and a semi-conscious and shivering Shivangi (Mouni Roy). He ignores the wolf and wonders why he is so attracted to her and lifts her in his arms. He takes her out of the forest and they lie under a tree hugging each other. Shivangi asks Rocky to leave and he gets emotional. The police eventually find them and take them to their individual homes. Enter Sudha Chandran as Badi Maa but secretly she still is Yamini from Season 1. Rocky is clearly her favourite kid for selfish reasons obviously. Badi Maa has already fixed Rocky’s marriage with Ruchika aka Shesha aka Adaa Khan. Adaa Khan enters as Rocky’s fiance and a possessive lover. Shivangi, along with her sisters, goes to a disco to meet Aditya (her future fiance) and obviously, runs into Rocky and Ruchika over there. Ruchika asks the DJ to change the song when he flirts with her asking her to dance with him and asks him to meet outside for ‘doosra wala’ dance.

Aditya enters only to see Ruchika in her Naagin avatar as she is killing the DJ. A shocked Aditya runs away without meetin Shivangi. Rocky is busy flirting with Shivangi in Ruchika’s absence. He asks her to dance with him and she refuses. Meanwhile, Anand and his wife are wondering how Hrithik died. Hrithik’s death is the biggest mystery that will be revealed soon in the show. Anand recalls how Hrithik had left asking Anand to take care of his wife and children. He gives him a calendar saying 25 years later, something terrible will happen. Badi Maa surprises Rocky on his birthday by announcing his engagement as Shivangi agrees to marry Aditya. 

What’s hot!

Hrithik’s death, Yamini and Shesha’s intentions and Rocky’s actual avatar make the show gripping and keep the shock factor alive. It will be interesting to watch how Shivangi might turn into a Naagin despite Shivanya’s multiple attempts at keeping her away from it. Also, will Aditya accept her when he finds out about her? To add to the ‘What’s hot!’ Adaa Khan looks very ****y in her human form.

What’s not!

The story is going way too fast and the editing is done haphazardly. There is too much information given in a short time without focusing on one or two particular characters. There is a scene where Rocky asks Ruchika her age and she says she is 118 years old. He then sees her old form and is shocked. What a rip off! The scene has been inspired by popular English series, Game Of Thrones and being someone who has watched Game Of Thrones, I laughed at this one!

Verdict: I still recommend you watch the show. There is a lot mystery and more drama to happen in the forthcoming episodes!

Credit : Anusha Iyengar 

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