Naagin Season 2 9th October 2016 Written Update

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Oct 10, 2016

Naagin Season 2 9th October 2016 Written Update (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 1 times)

A wolf attacks Shivangi and Shivangi turns into nagin and kills wolf. Rocky searches for mobile network and comes back to Shivangi. They both get hypothermic and shiver due to snow storm. At police station, inspector and Rocky’s friend get worried for Rocky and Shivangi. Commissioner orders inspector to forget Shivangi and search Rocky as Rocky is some big industrialist’s son. Rocky tries to cover shivering Shivangi and she has him to leave her and go. He hugs her tightly.

At Shivangi’s home, Shivangi looks at Rithik’s garlanded photo and says he sacrified his life for her and left Shivangi’s responsibility to her. She asks her brother to call a boy soon to get Shivani married. Police find Shivangi and Rocky. Rocky’s badi maa comes

to pick Rocky and she is none other than Rithik’s mother Yamini. She shows her fake concern for Rocky and asks how is he. Yamini takes him home and scolds his friends why did they leave Rocky alone, who is that girl… Friend says he has video of the girl and gives his mobile. She checks mobile and asks if this is the girl. Friend sees pic and says this is girl’s cousin, police deleted video.

Shivangi is brought home by Shivanya. In the morning, Shivanya tells her that she has found an alliance for her and wants to complete her responsibility soon. Shivangi asks why so early. Shivanya asks if she has any boyfriend. Shivangi says no and thinks about Rocky.

Rocky thinks of Shivangi and runs towards bakery. He stops near a tree. A scorpion climbs his body and is about to bite him when Shivanya as his fiance Ruchik rushes and spins him like a ball. He stands swirling. She asks if he is fine. He says yes and asks when did she come. She says she went to hotel and badi maa told he has gone out, so she came searching him. They both leave. At Shivangi’s house, boy’s family comes to see Shivangi and accepts her. Shivangi’s cousins and boy’s parents say Shivangi and boy should meet once alone. Shivanya agrees.

Cousins take Shivangi to a discotheque to meet the boy. Ruchika also brings Rocky there. She forces Rocky to drink glasses after glasses of liquor. Rocky says it is enough, she is getting out of control. Shivangi and cousins wait for boy. Cousins see Rocky and tell Shivangi that garage boy is here. Ruchika continues force feeding drinks to Rocky. Rocky asks her how does she know badi maa. Ruchika thinks she cannot tell her secret. He asks her age. She says 118. He asks what… and orders drinks. He sees her as 118-year-old grandma with wrinkled skin. He touches her skin and says he saw old skin. She laughs and says she was just joking, she is 21 actually. She then goes on dance floor and dances on Mai naagin naagin song…. Rocky joins him and they both dance. Her skin starts turing snake skin with naagin music. She goes to DJ and asks him to play her given songs. He starts flirting withh her and touches her. She angrily leaves. Rocky sees Shivangi on dance floor and holds her from behind. Their nok jhok starts. They both dance and Shivangi leaves. Ruchika comes back and Rocky leaves with him. DJ stops her and starts flirting again. She extends her snake tongue and he gets afraid. She gets into half nagin form and with her long hand lifts him in air, strangulating his neck. Shivangi’s boy who is DJ’s friend enters. Ruchika extends her long hand and slaps him and warns to run away from here. He runs. Shivangi calls him and he says he cannot come to disc and will meet her at home.

Shivanya’s foster brother goes into flashback 25 years ago where Rithik gives Shianya and Shivangi’s responsibility to him and says after 25 years they both will be in trouble and he will return then. Brother takes out calender and looks at 25th October and says wife that date is nearing.

Rocky’s birthday party starts. His friends and family is seen doing some jokergiri. Rocky comes down with badi maa/Yamini. Everyone wish him happy birthday. Badi maa orders to bring cake. Cake comes and Rocky is shocked to see engagement written with his and Ruchika’s name on it. Ruchika is brought down. Rocky stands in a shock.

Shivanya reaches back home. Boy comes and tells family that he saw a woman who turned into nagin with long tongue and hands and half snake body. Shivanya drops plates hearing that. Shivangi jokes that he must have eaten something wrong, so he imagined something. Shivanya emotionally blackmails Shivany and makes her agree for marriage..

Rocky tells badi maa that he cannot marry Ruchika. She asks why. He says it is too early. She says she gave him one year. He says he did not say yes also. She says Ruchhika loves him. He says he does not though and does not feel like he feels for…She asks whom he is talking about. He says he just cannot marry Ruchika. Ruchika as nagin hears their conversation.

Shivanya on the other side informs family that Shivangi agreed for marriage. Everyone congratulate each other.

Precap: Shivanya tells guruji if they mahishmatis have come back. Sesha tells she wants to know who is ruining her love again this time. Shivangi is seen running in jungle.

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