REVIEW: Naagin 2 is a classic case of Expectations Hurt

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Oct 10, 2016

REVIEW: Naagin 2 is a classic case of Expectations Hurt (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 1 times)

Produced By: Balaji Telefilms 

Cast: Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan, Sudha Chandran, Aashka Goradia and Karanvir Bohra among others.

Story So Far:

The scene starts with a leap of 3 months from the first season where a few people are seen chasing Shivanya (Mouni Roy) and Rithik (Arjun Bijlani), who are running in the jungle. Shivanya trips and hurts her stomach after which Rithik rushes her to the hospital. And Shivanya gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, but her happiness turns to fear when she discovers that she has given birth after just three months of her pregnancy, (We wonder if that was inspired by Twilight..) and starts to worry whether her baby is a naagin or a human... 

A time gap of 24 years and 11 months is shown where it is the mahakaal ki raat, when all the snakes come into their human form. Two such snakes spot Shivangi (Mouni Roy), who is Shivanya's daughter. Yes. The two share the same looks. Shivanya confronts them and asks them to leave her daughter alone as she does not wish to bring her naagin luck to her daughter. She meets her Gurudev and asks him to tell her the fate of her daughter and he tells her that Shivangi's 25th birthday would decide that. He also suggests that if she wants to make sure that her daughter is not bestowed with the naagin gene, she should get Shivangi married before she turns 25.

Shivangi and her cousins, who run a bakery bump into a few guys at a garage where Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) is absolutely smitten by her simplicity and follows her to her bakery. They bicker with each other constantly. Shivangi leaves to go home and decides to take a walk, with Rocky unknowingly following her. Both of them get caught in a snowstorm and Shivangi faints. Rocky gets her to a cave where in his absence, she is attacked by a werewolf (Twilight again!). But Shivangi's naagin gene subconsciously takes over her and she kills the beast. 

Rocky and Shivangi are found by the police and Rocky's Badi Maa (Sudha Chandran) comes to pick him up, accompanied by his fiance Ruchika (Adaa Khan). At Shivangi's place, Shivanya chooses a boy for Shivangi and asks her to meet the boy. Unfortunately, Shivangi and Rocky end up going to the same club that evening. Shivangi to meet the boy her mother has chosen, and Rocky, with his fiance Ruchika aka Shesha.  

Ruchika gets irked with the DJ playing a naagin song which makes her uncomfortable and she goes to the DJ requesting him to change the song.  The Dj flirts with her, angering her. So she leads him to a secluded parking lot where she kills him. But at the same moment, Shivangi's would be fiance walks in and sees her transforming into a snake. He narrates the whole incident to Shivangi and family the next day and apologises to Shivangi for standing her up. Shivanya's root cause of worry comes to fore when she hears the story and begs Shivangi for an answer. Shivangi says yes to the alliance.

What we liked: 

Mouni nails it as Shivangi. Shivangi's character is supposed to be full of life, cheerful and at the same time, an innocent soul with a tender heart. Her effortless transition from the quiet and demure Shivanya to the bubbly and chirpy Shivangi is definitely worth a praise. 

Karanvir and Mouni have chemistry. Well, it is not yet intense and does not set the stage on fire like that of Shivanya and Rithik, but their cute bickering and talkative characterisation, won us over.

Another saving grace for the show is the old cast's performances. Adaa as usual claimed the screens when she was in the frame and so did Sudha. Where Adaa was her vicious obsessive self, Sudha played along on the garb of Rocky's doted Badi Maa very well. 

What we did not like:

We came across many vague concepts in the show so far... like how an ex-icchhadhari naagin can give birth into just 3 months of her pregnancy... where did the werewolf come into the cave from.. how did Shesha escape the mahishmati captive and how did Yamini return. 

Loose ends like how did Rithik die.. how did Karanvir Bohra come into the picture and how did Ruchika enter his life... all left unanswered in the first two episodes just made us a bit jumpy and may have taken away our curiosity. 

The makers worked hard on the promos, but seem to have forgotten to work on the episode's VFX. Well, if compared with those of season 1, these are way better but not completely up to the mark of their very own promos. 


Since Naagin was a huge success, Naagin2 was a much awaited sequel. And hence, comparisons are bound to take place. Shivanya and Rithik's Jodi was way better than that of Shivangi and Rocky's. While the season one, since it's first episode had the complete power to keep the viewers glued, the second season falls flat in the opening episodes. 

The promos made us expect something much more than what we got in the episodes. But we are willing to give this season a benefit of doubt and feel that the story will eventually pick up once Shivangi turns into a naagin and comes face to face with super villains Shesha, Yamini and Avantika. But as of now, we are jusgt hoping for the show to get better.

Credit :  Swarupa Tantravahi

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