REVEALED: Ravish's BIG secret in Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Oct 10, 2016

REVEALED: Ravish's BIG secret in Jaana Na Dil Se Door (By Medsuper)

Na Dill Se Door has been getting more and more interesting these days. The loyal audience had just not gotten over the fact that Atharv would not be a part of the show for a few days when the makers decided to torture them with small glimpses of the actor here and there.

The makers also introduced a mystery angle where Vividha  hears some strange noises and finds blood outside one of the store rooms in the house. She goes into the room twice but does not find anything. She also gets caught by Ravish  and the servant.

But later on, we saw Ravish enter one of the cupboards in the room and disappear. Vividha also senses something amiss with Ravish and tells him that she knows he is hiding a secret. 

But what is it? Wait till we tell you guys.

The cupboard in the store room leads to a secret room where Atharv is kept.

Okay, WHAAAT??!!

And before all kind of thoughts come to your mind, chill guys.

Ravish finds a gravely injured Atharv who is almost dead after he is brutally attacked by Kailash's  goons and is later hit on the head with a hammer by Ankit (Ruslaan Sayed). As a dutiful army man, Ravish helps Atharv, who is a civilian for him. He brings him home and is treating him in the secret room. He also is unaware of the fact that Atharv is his step brother.

Who knew that Atharv, for whom Vividha and her mother Uma (Aparna Ghoshal) are searching everywhere, is living right under Vividha's roof, probably in a very serious condition.

Our source also informs us that Ravish will soon understand the fact that Vividha was forced to get married to him. He will also discover about Vividha and Atharv later on.

And that is Ravish's secret. But what will the outcome be? If Vividha ever chances upon the secret room and her love Atharv, how will Vividha react? What will Vividha say to Ravish about her and Atharv's relation?

Credit : Tellybuzz

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