Arshi OS: Deepened Wounds

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Oct 11, 2016

Arshi OS: Deepened Wounds (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 155 times)

I never liked the scene where Khushi provokes Arnav by asking him to call Garima as Amma. Knowing that Arnav is sensitive when it comes to his mother, Khushi shouldn’t have done that even if that was meant for fun.


Deepened Wounds



Aunty? Amma kahiye na!” (Aunty? Call her Amma) Khushi said chirpily and Arnav blasted, “SHUT UP KHUSHI!”

Garima and Buaji stood shocked hearing his anger and Khushi stood with widened eyes. Arnav was about to shout more when he noticed the two listeners in the living room. He said nothing more and stormed out of Gupta house with his car keys.

“Arnav bitwa.....” Garima called out and Buaji glared at Khushi who stood shocked watching his anger.

“Arrey ho Sankadevi, why are you troubling him?” Buaji asked angrily.

“What wrong did I do Buaji? I just asked him to call Amma as Amma not aunty!” Khushi said defending herself.

“If he doesn’t want to call why are you forcing him?” Garima asked angrily, “Tum bhi na Khushi. Bechara bitwa....he must be missing his mother! Tum ne bahot galat kiya Khushi!”

Khushi stood silent when they heard a voice, “Khushi ji!”

She looked at the door to find Akash.

“Jeejaaji, you here?” she asked coming to him.

“Woh I came to give this file to bhai but....what happened to him? Why did he leave angrily? Aur kya galat kiya?” Akash bombarded with questions.

Buaji explained what happened.

Akash stood rooted.

“Bitwa, kya huva?” Garima asked worried seeing his expression.

Akash turned to Khushi ji and asked angrily, “Do you have any idea about what you have done?”

Khushi stood shocked seeing Akash’s anger for the first time. Garima and Buaji looked at each other.

“Main ne kya.....kya jeejaaji?” Khushi asked.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY KYA KHUSHI JI? YOU HAVE HURT HIM TO THE WORST!” Akash shouted. The Gupta household stood still witnessing the ever soft spoken Akash shouting.

“What do you know about him Khushi ji? You always says that he is tough, rakshas etc....hell, everyone says the same about him. But do you know what made him a rakshas? Do you know anything about that incident that changed his life?” Akash asked angrily.

“Kya incident jeejaaji? What are you talking about?” Khushi asked in tears.

“He was just 14 when his mother shot herself, just in front of him!” Akash shouted.

Khushi stood frozen.

Akash sighed and said, “His name is not actually Raizada. He is Malik. Arnav Malik from Lucknow. He and Anjali di belonged to the royal family of Sheesh Mahal. His father had an affair with another woman and when his mother, Ratna bua, came to know about this, she shot herself which was witnessed by bhai!”

Garima and Buaji gasped and Khushi felt hot tears rolling down.

Akash continued, “Bhai’s father was over with guilt and shot himself. Di and bhai were kicked out of Sheesh Mahal by their chacha ji. Dadi and Papa took them under their wings and made them Raizadas. Bhai and di were mentally depressed due the incident and they were taken to psychiatrist. Di recovered fast but bhai, who witnessed everything found it hard. Even now he is not over it. Do you know he takes depression tablets along with diabetes medicine?”

Khushi slumped down the chair. She never knew this. Akash said, “The more he looks tough, the more he is vulnerable. And what you did today is unforgivable Khushi ji. I know you weren’t aware about this but how can you force him to call your mother as Amma even when you know that his mother is no more? How can you force him to accept someone else as his mother?”

Khushi closed her eyes and tears rolled down. She heard Akash telling, “You have reopened the unclosed wounds Khushi ji!”

Akash hurriedly walked out calling NK in between. “NK, take your bike and find out where bhai is!” He then called Aman and set him for work.






It was at night 10 o’ clock when NK found his brother sitting near a lake in the outskirts of Delhi. NK was shocked seeing his ever angry Nannav in such a weak state. His eyes were red due to crying and he looked very weak. NK said nothing but dragged him to his bike and drove to Shantivan. On the way he called Aman, Akash and Khushi who were searching for him and also Anjali di who was worried for him.




NK straight away took him to room and made him lie. Arnav was very weak due to his low sugar level and NK gave him his medicines. Covering him with a quilt he walked out to the find the whole family downstairs.

“How is Chotte?” Anjali asked in tears. “Don’t worry di! He is fine. He is sleeping now!” NK said and turned to Akash who said, “I have called doctor”

Doctor came and checked Arnav giving some prescriptions.


In all this no one noticed the guilty soul standing away. Khushi looked down in tears recalling the weak figure of his which NK dragged inside the house. She silently walked to the stairs to go to their room when she heard mami telling.

“Hey phatti sadi, why are you going to him now? To hurt my bitwa more?”

Khushi turned to the family and mami continued, “You Gupta sisters are such a bad omen! Look at my Arnav bitwa....all because of you phatti sadi!”

“Manorama! Chup!” Nani shouted, “What is Khushi bitiya’s fault? She didn’t know about Ratna!”

“So what if she didn’t know? She shouldn’t have forced him to accept someone else as his mother, even when she knows that he is motherless!” Akash said angrily and walked away.

Anjali walked to Khushi and said, “Khushi ji, don’t feel bad for Akash’s words. Both the brothers are over protective towards each other!”

Khushi nodded in tears and walked to the room.







She entered the room to find him sleeping on the bed. She sat beside him and caressed his hair. “I’m sorry Arnav ji” she whispered slowly.

Switching off the lights, she walked to the couch and lied on it with her eyes fixed on him.

Slowly she dozed off but suddenly woke up in the middle of night hearing some murmurings. She looked at the bed where Arnav was murmuring something.

“Arnav ji...” she ran to him. He was shifting his head left and right and was sweating profusely.

“MAAAAAAAAAA” he shouted and sat up.

“Arnav ji!” Khushi whispered and held his shoulder. He looked at Khushi. “” he stammered and Khushi hugged him tight.

“Kuch nahi’s all fine!” she whispered.

“” he cried and she withdrew from the hug. Taking a glass of water, she made him drink that.

“Chalo” she said and dragged him out of the bed. She walked to the poolside and he followed mum. She made him sit on the poolside and pointed to a star,

“Your mother is there Arnav ji. She is always watching over you.” she said softly.

He looked at the star and then at her.

“Ma has never left you. She is always near you watching what her Chotte is doing. She loves you so much that she can never leave you! She is there!” she pointed to the star.

Is she really there?” he asked like a child.

Khushi nodded her head while her heart bled seeing the ever powerful Arnav Singh Raizada in such a state. “She is always there watching over you” she whispered hugging him sideways.

He said nothing but just stared at the sky.

She sat near him and watched him looking at the sky for the whole night.

“I’m sorry Arnav ji” she whispered in her heart and watched him slowly leaning on the poolside chair and closing his eyes for a peaceful sleep.


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