People change-The same happened with her*Completed*

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Oct 12, 2016

People change-The same happened with her (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 37 times)

so this is my first story plz support and bear my mistakes.This story starts after the revelation of shyams truth.

dialogues will be in blue and thoughts be in red  for easiness 


 It was evening four fifty the sky was like an ocean in red and orange color, everyone were busy with their own matters in the busy roads of Mumbai. Just ten minutes were left for the Mumbai High Court to close for the day. The judge was going to announce the final decision of a case which was spreading like wild fire through the streets of Mumbai from past four days.

   Mumbai High court

 There were lots of rustle bustle in the court.

All were waiting for the judge to return and announce the final judgment. Finally, the judge returned from the break. There was pin drop silence. Breaking the silence the judge said

Judge-According to IPC Section 377 Ms Vasugi Mehra and Ms Khushi Gupta are proved to be guilty for Prostitution while Ms Madhumati Mishra and the other girls from the brothel would be Punished for ten years while Ms Gupta and Mehra would be punished for two years.                 

Judge- the court disperses.

Outside the court

The sub inspector told the lady constable to bring the girls and Madhumathi .One of the lady constable came to bring Khushi and Vasugi and she handcuffs them and was about to move while a man in his early thirties comes towards them.

Man-I am Ramzan khan ,can I please talk with them for two minutes .

The woman constable thinks for a while and agrees. While khushi and vasugi stood still.

Ramzan-I have tried a lot to send both of you free but that judge didn’t agree but he reduced the span

               Of imprisonment from five years to two years.

Vasugi- No problem Ramzan, if you were not there I don’t know what would have happen to us also you did At least this                which our families refused to, said Vasugi in a choking voice.

While Khushi  was in  deep thoughts  regarding how her life changed .The lady constable came an said it was time and took them with her. They entered the police bus.

Khushi in thoughts –You have to pay for all my loss MRS ANJALI JHA. thought Khushi as a lone tear escaped through the corner of her eyes

Sorry if there is any mistakes

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Oct 14, 2016

Character Sketch (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 26 times)

hey guys first of all thanks a lot for your comments,votes and thank you's. I didn't except to gthis much positive reviews . Once again thanks a lot.

Character Sketch 

Khushi Gupta:age 27, very bubbly, chirpy, happy go lucky girl. Shashi and Garima adopted her as  Gupta as they didn’t had children. 2 years after khushi was adopted payal was born From then Khushi was treated as a responsibility. Now she is Ex-wife of Arnav  Singh Raizada.              


Vasugi Mehra: age 27, same as Khushi, a girl from a poor family in Rajasthan. Married to Adv. Shyam  Manohar Jha. She and her parents did not know about his relations. After marriage herparents died in an accident.                          

Arnav Singh Raizada: age 28, Very arrogant, ruthless businessman. When he was 14 years his parents Died and his chacha threw him and his di out of the house. All he had with himwas his di. He loves his di a lot. He cannot see tears in her eyes for her Happines he may do anything. Ex-husband of Khushi Gupta ,divorced and threw Her out ofhis house and life when he felt she became an obstacle in his di’s happiness.

Ramzan Khan:age 31,leader of a gang in Mumbai. His parents died when he was 8 years there was no  Relatives to look after him. He was alone in the streets of Mumbai. After 2 yearsof Struggle he met Sher sidique Khan who was the head of a gang.His wife was killed ina Drive by shoot by Adv. Shyam Manohar Jha.


Anjali Jha: age 30,elder sister of Arnav. The only daughter of Raizadas due to which everyone  Pampered her a lot which made her very stubborn. Married to Adv. Shyam Manohar Jha. became became blind in Shyam’s fake love towards her. She will do anything for him let it be giving her own life or others life.

Adv. Shyam Manohar Jha: The antagonist of the story. By profession a advocate. Leader of many drug rackets. A womanizer he cheated many woman by marrying  Them, among them 1 was Vasugi. He married Anjali  only due to her  brother’s Money. He even tried to make Khushi fall in his trap but before that she and her family came to know his truth.

 rest are same as in show.

hi I hope I have done well ,plz comment guys . part 1 will be after 2 days

@Rose- It is based on ipk track when shays truth is revealed after remarriage to know more this story   should continue

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Oct 16, 2016

part 1 is updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)


Why Khushi why you always wants my di sad? Asked Arnav with rage

Yes Khushi ji I want you out of my chote’s life forever. Said Anjali laughing

Payal I did not know your sister could stoop so low. Said Akash

Hello hi bye bye why this phati sadi hurts my Anjali bitiya always?said mami crying

Khushi bitiya I did not expect this from you. Said Nani

You are the BIGGEST MISTAKE IN MY LIFE KHUHSI. Shouted Arnav with blood shot eyes.


Khushi woke up from her sleep thinking about the dream, which she saw; in fact, it was not a dream it was real, something which happened a year ago.

Yes, it has been a year now since she was in Jail alleged for prostitution.

Her chain of thoughts were broken by someone’s tap on her shoulder, she turned back and saw Vasugi standing there staring at her.

So Maharani where are you lost? Mocked Vasugi

She pulled Khushi by arm and made her stand.

It is time for cooking forgot. Asked Vasugi

Khushi stretched her arms out and said come we will go and they started walking towards the kitchen in jail.


Though they were in jail, they felt this place was much better than the outside world where people only exist to accuse you. At first when they came here they were very afraid thinking how the criminals here will behave with them and how to live between them but once they came her they got that it was not the way they thought, it was very much different. People and the woman police officers were very friendly. Everyone were given different-different jobs. Everyone had their own story about how they ended up here.

At night the police officers and the prisoners used to sit together and any one prisoner would tell their story, after listening to those stories Khushi and Vasugi came to know that they were not alone they were not the only one to be betrayed and accused by their close ones.


Khushi and Vasugi were working in the kitchen talking with others.

Hey, Khushi how much time more you both will be here? Asked a prisoner.

just one more year lalita didi. After that, we will be free birds. Said Khushi smiling.


On the other side, Arnav had seen hell in this one year.

Though he believes that Khushi tried to hurt his di, the Arnav in him always tried to defend khushi but ASR would shut him up. In this one year, he came to know he could not live without khushi.

He, Aman, NK, and Lavanya tried to find Khushi but all went in vain.

Anjali brought Shyam back into Raizada Mansion.

He started is acting of a good Husband and Son in-law. Anjali became a blind in his fake showering of love towards her.

Though no one in the family likes him for the sake of Anjali all are, acting that they like him, even Arnav also had to be a part of this.

In this one year, he became more rude and ruthless ASR to not let the people know about the defeated man he started wearing the mask of ASR.     

ASR hated Khushi but Arnav always fights for Khushi most of the time ASR wins in this fights but now ASR is trying to find Khushi for Arnav.

NK and Lavanya got married. They met each other when Lavanya came back after three months Khushi was thrown out.

For Anjali a baby girl is born who is now the apple of Raizadas. They named her souparnika.

Even after all this one person was trying to find Khushi without others knowing it was none other than SHYAM MANOHAR JHA.


Khushi and Vasugi were watering the plant then a police woman came there and called Khushi.

Khushi turned back and asked her what.

Bititya someone came to meet you? Said the policewoman.

Who? Ramzan? Asked Khushi.

No it is not Ramzan. Said the police woman

She told to give you this. Said the police woman and handed Khushi a paper.

Khushi opened it and read it was written as CHAMKILI by reading only khushi understood it was from LAVANYA.


hey guys thats it for today I know you guys will thinking what the hell is this regarding the jail sequence but i did not find any other way for making khushi reveal the past.

Thank you to those who pressed thank you and vote button

Thank you to all those who commented.

@ns- I didnt get you dear

@_aishu- How could you think i will do that with our Khushi after revelation of past the jail scenes wont be there. 


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Oct 18, 2016

part-2 is updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)


Vasugi- what is that?

Khushi hand the paper to Vasugi

Khushi- Read it yourself.

Vasugi (reading) – Chamkili. What does that means? She frowns

Khushi – I told to you about Layanya ji , remember it.

Vasugi- ok………Arnav’s  ex-girlfriend

Khushi nods yes           

Khushi to police officer- Tell her I will come in a minute.

The police officer goes.



Police officer- She said she will come in a minute.

Lavanya -ok, thank you. And the police woman goes.

Nk- what is the need of this Nannav. All that you have done to her is not enough also how did you find that she is here, who told you? Asked NK irritated.

Arnav (equally irritated) - I have my own ways NK and I don’t need any one’s permission to meet my wife.

NK (gritting his teeth) –EX-WIFE Arnav she is your EX-WIFE.

Arnav-NK you……………

A voice came cutting Arnav, the voice was stern but a familiar one.

Khushi – Say what you want to, I don’t want to waste my time.

They turned and saw Khushi standing there folding her hands. She was looking very different. Her hands and legs which used to be adored with colorful bangles and her amma’s payals(The orphanage people gave her)are now empty. She was now not wearing chamkili dresses. She wore those designed by the government, which had designs of different numbers.

Lavanya was the first one to come out of the shock.

Lavanya- Chamkili are you………

Khushi (cutting her) – I am fine.

Arnav straightly asked – When did you start PROSTITUTION?

Khushi turns and looks into his eyes.

Khushi – It is none of your business MR. Raizada.

Arnav (gritting his teeth) – It is………

Before he can complete she turns back and goes away. Without even sparing a glance at them.

Arnav shouts- khushi khushi.

A police officer comes to them and says the visiting time is over. All the while one curious pair of eyes were trying to figure out what was happening. It was of the policewoman who told Khushi she had visitors. Her name was Jyothi Jadhav. Who was now a motherly form to Khushi.



Khushi comes back and start watering the plants. Vasugi noticed that she was not in a good mood and this won’t be the correct time to talk with her. Jyothi noticed all these and decided that today evening Khushi will be saying her story.



It was evening all police woman in Jail and the prisoners assembled at the garden where they usually sit and hear and tell story. All were talking among themselves about who was going to say the story today. Jyothi came forward and started speaking; once she was done, she called Khushi. A confused Khushi stood up and came forward thinking why Jyothi was calling her.

Khushi to jyothi- why did you call me? Asked a confused Khushi.

Jyothi (taking a deep breath) – Because today you are going to say your story.

Khushi- No, I cannot I won’t do that. And she starts to walk but Jyothi holds her hand.

Jyothi- You have to, at least for me

Khushi closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and opens her eyes.

She narrated to them her past how she was adopted by guptas, hers and Arnavs meet at sheesh Mahal,the video footage , how she met Shyam, working in AR and training Lavanya at RM. Akash Payal love story , how she and Arnav became closer, the contract marriage, how Arnav was kidnapped, The remarriage.

Khushi- After remarriage the problems started. After shyams truth was revealed to the family by me, Nk and Arnav but the problems were faced by me alone not by Nk or Arnav.



hey guys,

The next update will be on Sunday till march the updates will be on sundays or saturdays. As my vacations gets over tom i have school. Hope you all will cooperate with me.

Thanks to those who pressed voting buttons and thank you buttons

Thank you@Londoner@angel23@coffee green@lily30@lesh85@sarunarshii@Archanasuresh:You will be able to see Arjun Bijlani as Ramzan Khan soon dear@sandy@Monalisa:Thank you dear Sourparnika means it is the name of a holy river in Karnataka.@ranisha rambaran:You will get to know soon dear@Jiya soni For all your comments. others Plz comment

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Oct 21, 2016

Part 3 is updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 40 times)

hi admins I didn't know you were that fast now I am able to post it Thanks a lot. Actually I thought to post it on Sunday but i got time to post it now. Every week 1 update that is how it is gonna be. Hope you all are okay with this. Now enough of my blabbering.Update is given below.




Everything was fine,completely fine her relation with Payal with Anjali,with every member of Raizadas moreover her relation with Arnav was completely fine.

Hers and Arnav's relation was not just fine there was no words to express how happy their life was a completely perfect a life anyone will wish for.

Their life as very calm and peaceful but it did not last for long because it was the peace before the storm. Everything started from Shyam's revelation to the Raizadas. She only thought about the well being of Raizadas but now she regret her decision for the first time in her life, that she should have been selfish and let Shyam cheat the Raizadas.




After Shaym's truth was revealed in front of the family immediately Arnav and Akash threw Shyam out of the house and handed him to police. All Raizadas felt bad for Anjali she was now crying bitterly telling Shaym didn't do any mistake.   


"No my Shyam ji won't do this to. Surely there is some mistake in this . Chote this Khushi mixed something in the drink which was given to Shyam ji. My Shyam ji won't cheat me chote." Cried Anjali in Arnav's arms. While all Raizadas felt sad for their daughter and tried to console her.

"Get out! Go away from my life you *****. I don't want to see your face." Screamed Anjali at Khushi and started crying even more.

Arnav gestured Khushi to go from their. Khushi nodded her head and headed towards their room.

That day she didn't saw any member from Raizada family as all were busy with Anjali.

That day full she was in room all alone she didn't go out of the room.

After 5 hours:

Arshi bedroom:

Khushi was still in the room. She was in thoughts regarding Anjali's life. She was not sad for what Anjali said because she knew how much Anjali loved Shyam. She thought all this will end soon and everything will return back to normal. Little did she know all this was not going to end here.

Breaking her thoughts came a knock at the door. She came and opened the door and saw Nani and Arnav standing at the door. She moved aside to let them in.

Nani came and sat on the bed while Arnav on the while Arnav on the recliner.

"How is di?" Asked a worried Khushi.

"She is fine. Now she is sleeping." Said Arnav.

"Khushi bitiya I want to say something to you." Said Nani

"You can say Nani." Answered Khushi.

"From now until all the problems get settled you should not see or talk with Anjali bitiya. Once I told you this but you did not gave ears to my words and went to see her. That day if chote didn't reach there on time we would have lost her but at least this time listen to what I am saying." Said Nani

Khushi nodded her head

"Your food and all other things will reach here on time. You should not come out of room for any reason unless I tell you to. I hope you will listen to me." Said Nani with little anger


"yes, as you say nani ji. " Said Khushi.

"Okay then I am leaving." Saying this Nani left the room before Khushi can ask something to Arnav he stormed out of the room grabbing his car keys.

Khushi sighed.



Next day morning:


Khushi's breakfast was sent to her room as Nani said to her. She don't know when Arnav came back and left today morning also she didn't saw him. When hp brought her breakfast she asked him about Arnav. Hp told her Arnav came back just half an hour back and is now in Anjali's room along with Nani and Mami.

Dining Hall:

Arnav, Nani and Mami brought Anjali from her room to dining hall. All Raizadas were assembled there except Khushi.

Anjali came and sat on her chair and started eating. There was complete silence in the room. Breaking the silence Anjali asked

Where is Khushi Ji?

Seeing Anjali asking Khushi all Raizadas were shocked at first.

Getting no reply from them Anjali asked again.

This time all recovered from their shock.

"Wh...y,......wha.....t happ....ened bitiya?" Stammered Nani.

"Nothing. Just asked I didn't see her so I just asked. Where is she?" Asked Anjali

In return what she got was silence. Finally Nk replied

"Di, she is in her room because of yesterday's problems Nani and all others restricted her to come out of room." Said NK plainly. He was really angry on all for keeping Khushi away


"Aree, woh yesterday I said all those in the heat of the movement. Yes it is true I am angry on her for this but for me she is always my little sister. Please don't do this to her both my Shaymjiand Khushi didn't do any mistake. Now tell her no need to stay in room. I am done." Said Anjali and left from the dining area.

All thought she forgave Khushi and what she told. And left to their respective rooms and works.

Nani went to Khushi and told to her that she can come out of the room and narrated what happened in dining area.

Khushi was really happy thinking Anjali forgave her but still she recieved cold shoulder from Arnav and Mami but she didn't give much importance to it thinking everything will be alright. 


Guys that's all I hope I gave you a long update if not plz let me know that.

Silent readers at least press the Thank you buttons plz

Others plz comment and let me know if this story is going in a proper way because I don't want to waste my time and your time. Hope you all understand me.

Thank you @Londoner@_Aishu:This is a long one dear.@Sandy@Lazydoll:Buaji character is not there in this story dear here she is the woman from the brothel.Other answers you get to know soon dear........  @Lily30@Archanasuresh:Arjun's appearance will be by the end of the flashback.@Raani82:I wrote it now by what I understood from your comment if it isnot like this give me someone's writing example. @Angel23@Jiya Soni for your Valuable comments others plz comment.


Oct 23, 2016

Part 4 is updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 42 times)

 Hey guys there are some changes which this story have though it is a ipk track

1.Their age

2.Khushi is elder to Payal

3.Khushi is not Garima's sister's daughter she was adopted by them.

4.Buaji's character is not there but the story is same here she is only woman from brothel.



Arshi bedroom:

Khushi was pacing around the room thinking how to talk with Arnav.

It is now more than a week since Arnav spoke with her after Shaym's revelation. Morning he will wake up early and will go to Anjali's room from there he will go to office directly. 

Evening when he returns he will again go and be with Anjali and return back by midnight or else he will be stuck with his his office works.

If Khushi speaks with him what she gets in return is just silence or else monosyllabic answers. Mami's behaviour with her is also not good but she doesn't have any problem because she knows Mami had always given her a cold shoulder but Arnav how could he do that?

First when he didn't spoke with her she thought it will end within three or two days but now it's been over a week.

Not anymore, today she decided with out speaking with him she won't sleep.

"Hai DM where did this Land governor go. I am waiting here from a long time.Hai DM plz bring him here fast."Prayed Khushi

Maybe hearing her prayer DM brought Arnav into the room. She was on cloud nine seeing him. Now it's been more than a week since she saw him clearly. Arnav was shocked seeing Khushi still not asleep.


"Why she is still not asleep. Damn it."Thought Arnav.

He walks towards the washroom ignoring Khushi but she stops him 

"Arnav ji I want to speak with you."Says Khushi 

"Not now Khushi. I am really tired and I want to sleep"Says Arnav.

"But I want to speak. It has now been a week since we both spoke with eachother why speak we hardly meet each other."Said Khushi.


But ignoring her he stormed into the washroom not paying ears to her screams a disappointed Khushi moves towards the bed as tears make their through her eye's 

"why Arnav ji why did everything change a lot that you don't even want to see my face."Thought Khushi                               

She don't know when sleep overtook her but she knew she was crying until she slept even Arnav also didn't come out until she slept. Now she was receiving only cold behaviour from the family except from her dear friend Nanheji and Di. That's what she is not able to understand even Anjali forgave her but others are not ready to even Payal is also not talking with her.

Next Day evening:

Today also everything happened in the same way only Nk and Anjali spoke with Khushi while others were treating her as an non-existing material. 

Arnav and Akash went to office and was having a busy schedule. 


ASR was busy with his work whole day.

Now he came back from a conference and was sitting in his cabin leaning on his chair closing his eyes coming out from a confrence.

He was thinking how his and his families life changed in a day.

Suddenly his phone started ringing and it was from home. 

He immediately picks up the phone it was Nani on the other side.

"Hello Nani"  Before he can say further he hears Nani crying 

"Chote Anjali bitiya...."And she starts crying 

Sensing something is wrong Arnav immediately calls Akash says about Nani's call and asks Aman to cancel all his meetings and moves towards the parking to go home.

In car:

"Bhai, did Nani say something clearly." Asks a worried Akash.

"No,but I feel something is wrong with Di." Says a equally worried Arnav 



In no time they reach RM.

They come and ring the door bell and Mami opens the door.

"Mami stop crying and say what happened to di."Says Arnav immediately 

"HHBB Arnav bituva our Anjali bitiya locked herself in the room and is crying we told her to open the door but she didn't. She is even breaking the things...."Says Mami crying before she can say further Raizada brothers rushes to Anjali's room. 

"Di open the door. Di plz open."The Raizadas brothers shout 

"Akash and Arnav you both go. Please leave me alone. "  Cries Anjali

She again starts crying screaming Shyam's name.

Arnav was really hurt because it was the first time in his life he heard his di calling him Arnav instead of Chote. He can bear anything but not the tears from his di's eyes.

By now NK called their family doctor.

They try to open the door even then not getting any response they finally broke the door.

seeing the sight in front of them they felt blood draining out of them.

Anjali's wrist was bleeding and the room was a full mess.

Arnav immediately rushes to Anjali and holds her.

"Di, what have you done to yourself?di please let them clean the wound." Says Arnav almost crying. 

"No, there is no need of that. Chote plz bring my Shyam ji back chote please...."cries Anjali

"Di,we will bring him back first you let them treat your wound." Says Arnav

"Chote you are say truth na."

Arnav nods his head. Anjali agrees them to tra the wound.

The doctor tells everyone to wait outside and everyone moves out.

After sometime:

The doctor comes out.

"Now she is sleeping due to the effect of medicine. What was the need to expose Shaym's truth just a week back she had abortion. Now she went into depression. If this continues.......

Any ways please handle her with care now. I am leaving ." Says the doctor.

Arnav turned to Khushi 

"This is all because of you Khushi if anything happens to my di I won't spare you. " Shouted Arnav with blood shot eyes.

"Why this phati sadi is behind my Anjali bitiya's happiness."Cried Mami. 

"Mami I ......" Before she can complete the whole family went away. 

Khushi sits on her knees and starts crying. Immediately she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns back and saw NK standing there. 

"Now you are only left to say Nanheji say what you want to. " Said Khushi. 

Nk nodded his head indicating no.

"I know my best friend can't hurt anyone. " Says Nk and walks away.

Khushi felt a tinge of happiness that at least one person is there who can understand her.

Thank you @Londoner@_Aishu@Lily30@Raani82@Angel23@Coffee green@Sandy@ArchanaSuresh@Lazydoll:You have to wait dear.@Shah 10 for your Valuable comments.

Others plz comment 

Oct 29, 2016

part 5 is updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 33 times)


                   Flashback stops

Buaji and others keep a confused face.

"I said sorry to him even though there was no mistake of mine. Not only to him but to his all family but still what I got from all was ignorance except from those two." Says Khushi

"What happened after that? Did Arnav speak with you? Did he say sorry?"Asked Madhumathi 

"No, how can expect the great ASR to say sorry to me?" Said Khushi giving a sarcastic laugh 

Khushi and Vasugi came to know Madhumathi was not that cruel woman running a brothel it was her life which made her do so. 

They came to know she was a good woman.

Not only for them for all she is Buaji now.

They spoke with Ramzan to bail out Buaji too when they come out.

To which he agreed.


                                   Flashback continues




It has been more than a week since Doctor came and said that Anjali went into a depression and Arnav spoke with her for first two days she also didn't speak with him but after that still Arnav was same as it is she tried to mend their relation she tried to speak with him.

Said sorry to him though it is not her mistake not only to him but to his whole family still the result was ignorance. 




Morning :


All were busy with their own jobs.

Khushi and Payal were busy in kitchen preparing breakfast.

Men were getting ready for office.

Mami and Nani were with Anjali.

While Hp was helping Khushi and Payal.

At morning 8'o clock some one rang the bell of Raizada Mansion. All were at breakfast table having their breakfast.

HP was busy in kitchen.

Payal starts to move towards the door. Khushi stops her.

"I will go and see Payal." Says Khushi


Payal nods her head.



Khushi comes and opens the door to see two unknown people.

A woman of her age and boy around the age of eight years. They had some luggage with them.

Khushi stares at her 

"Ji, what do you want?" Asks a confused Khushi

"phati sadi who is it?" Asks Mami from breakfast area.

"don't know Mami ji."

"Here take our luggage and keep it in the guest room." Command the woman

And hands her bag to Khushi. Pushing Khushi She and the boy comes inside the house. By the time others came to hall while Khushi followed the woman and the boy inside.

By seeing the woman and boy Khushi saw a smile in everyone's lips which they lost some days back but the smile was not there in only one person's eyes which was clearly showing disgust towards them it was NK.

Khushi stood confused waiting for an answer from the Raizadas even Payal was looking confused like Khushi. 

Anjali comes forward towards them smiling and sit on her knees and Hug the boy and she gets up. She holds the woman's hand.

"Sheetal Aarav how are you both? It's been years since I saw you both and Aarav you have become so big." Says Anjali smiling

Arnav comes to wards Aarav and sits on his knee. He forwards his hand for a shake hand while Aarav gives his hand.

"Hey champ! remember me" Asked Arnav 

Aarav nods his head indicating yes.

While Khushi was in utter shock seeing Arnav behaving with Aarav. As far as she knew Arnav hated Kids then what was this?

"So sheetal how are you?" Asks Arnav

Sheetal smiles in return.

"HHBB first let them take some rest. Then you can talk." Says Mami in her usual way.

And she calls HP 

HP comes 

" HHBB Hp take Sheetal bitiya's and Aarav bituva's luggage and keep in the guest room." Says Mami to HP

" But what was the need to call Hp she is there na." Says sheetal pointing at Khushi

"It is not her job to do." Says Nk while others kept silence 

Sheetal stares at Nk and then at Arnav.

"Umm... She is my wife Khushi." Says Arnav reluctantly

"Oh....I am extremely sorry. I didn't know." Said sheetal faking a smile.

Hp and the ladies took sheetal and Aarav to their room and men when for work. Only Nk and Khushi were present at the hall.

"Please don't take her words Khushi Ji she is like that only." Says Nk.

Khushi nods her head.

"But who is she and that boy?" Asks a confused Khushi

"She is Sheetal Jha  sister of shyam and Arnav's ex-girlfriend." Says Nk gritting his teeth.

"And that boy is her son Aarav.Actually she is a she is a single mother." Says Nk

He know Khushi might have been hurt by knowing this but he had to tell her the truth. He know she can control the situation. 

"But if she is Shyam's sister why all are being this good to her?" Asks Khushi

NK sighs

"Because di likes Aarav and Sheetal a lot not only her the whole family thinks that Sheetal is a sweet girl." Says NK with disgust

While Khushi nods her head



Others went to their room while Nani and Sheetal were in guest room.

"Anjali bitiya is really hurt by all these. You what doctor said she went into a depression we felt a slight change in her when she saw Aarav beta." Says Nani crying


"Even I also didn't know anything about Bhai's deeds." Says Sheetal in disbelief 

"Bhabhi is in this condition due to that Khushi." Says sheetal angrily

While Nani nods her head indicating yes.

"Wait and watch Khushi what I am gonna do in your life." Thought Sheetal with a wicked smile playing in her lips

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Oct 31, 2016

precap of upcoming parts (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 37 times)

precap of upcoming parts

"Khushi me and Sheetal are going to Bangalore. We will come back after three days."Says Arnav



"Hello Khushi,Arnav already slept. I will tell him you called tomorrow morning." Says Sheetal on Arnav's phone

Tears make their way through her eye's. 


"You are the biggest mistake in my life Khushi." Says Arnav with blood shot eyes. 


" I won't leave you Shyam you have to pay for my Fauzia's death. I will make you pay." Shouted Ramzan looking at the sky.

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A note to the readers (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 24 times)

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part 6 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 39 times)

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"Single mother, didn't anyone ask her who is Aarav's papa?"  Asks Khushi confused 

"yes, they did. She told that she was in a relationship with someone but that person don't know anything about Aarav it seem. She also didn't want that person to know." Said NK

"But the family might know right whom she dated at that time?" Frowns Khushi 

NK nods his head indicating yes.

"In my knowledge she dated Nannav almost three months before that but after that she went to Paris don't know it might be someone from there." Says Nk 

Khushi nods her head and moves towards the kitchen with so many questions in her mind.



Anjali's room:

"Nani told me what all happened here Bhabhi but she and others don't right it is a plan made by you,me and Bhai. " Said Sheetal with a wicked smile.

"That is true Sheetal. I didn't know even chote the great ASR would fall in our trap." Says Anjali with a mocking smile.

"You know what that day he and all family accused that ***** Khushi saying she is responsible for my condition. Because of her now my Shyam ji is not with me she have to pay for this. Even Payal is not speaking with her." Says Anjali.

"What you said is true but that Nk, he is supporting that cheap middle class girl. Today when I called her a servant wantedly to insult her but that Nk He came in between." Says sheetal frustrated 

"You don't worry about him Sheetal. He won't become an obstacle for us. We should make chote and others against her, leave NK's matter. We should only think of others." Said Anjali while Sheetal nods her head indicating yes. 





All were sitting at the dining table having dinner while Khushi and Payal were serving for all.

Khushi was serving in Aarav's plate but he pushed her hand aside.

"What the hell did you put in my plate?" Shouted Aarav at Khushi 

"Paneer why, what is the problem with it?" Asks Khushi with a confused face 

"I hate Paneer. I don't want it. Bring something else." Orders Aarav 

Seeing a small boy shouting at her she felt really angry but she tried to control herself thinking they are guest and he is a small boy. She tried to calm him.

"Aarav, I will prepare what you want tomorrow but now adjust with this....." Before she can complete 

He pushes and throws the plate off the table.

"Aarav" Khushi shouts

"What the,Khushi. Can't you prepare something else for him." Asks Arnav

Seeing Arnav taking Aarav's side Khushi got more frustrated.

"Arnav ji I told him I will prepare what he want tomorrow but he is so stubborn. Moreover children should not be this stubborn." Said Khushi irritated 

While others were silent spectators.

"Aarav beta say what you want to eat I will prepare it now." Said Payal 

"I need toast and juice." Aarav replies

Khushi's eye widened hearing him asking for toast and juice which only her weird husband asks for now this kid is also asking.

"Toast and juice for dinner. Are you out of your mind Aarav." Asks Khushi 

"Just shut up Khushi. He will decide what he have to eat you don't need to poke your nose in these matters this is MY HOUSE." Shouts Arnav

Khushi immediately runs away from there to room as tears were spilling out of her eyes. 

"What was the need to shout at her Nannav. What she said is correct right?" Questioned NK angrily 

Before Arnav can reply Mami Says

"HHBB why are you always supporting her Nk bituva." Says Mami

"Because she is always correct and you all are wrong." Said NK irritated 

"Can you all please stay quiet for sometime." Says Nani

NK pushes the plate and move towards his room.

While others sit and have their stomach filled.

After a week:

So much changed in this one week.

Hers and Arnav's relation was having many problems 

Sheetal started working in AR as the Head Designer. 

Aarav got addmision in an International school which is in top one position among the school's in Delhi due to Arnav's influence. 


Living room :

It was Sunday. Whole family were sitting in the living room and were having some talks and Aarav was narrating about an incident which took place in his school and all were very keenly listening to him after finishing his talk Aarav said. 

"ASR why don't we have a basketball match." Said Aarav 

"Why not. After all I love playing basketball. Even your Mom loves playing basketball. "Said Arnav 

"Great!!! I will get ready and come." Saying so he rushes to his room. 

While others move towards their room one by one.




Arshi bedroom : 

"Arnav ji you never told me you like basket ball." Asked Khushi 

Arnav without even sparing a glance at her takes his dress from the cupboard and says.

"So what Khushi you didn't ask me. Wait how can you ask me when you are busy in wrecking my home."

And he goes to wash room.

"I don't care because the truth will always remain the same." Shouts Khushi from outside.

"Same I want to say to you Khushi." Shouts Arnav with equal sound from inside.

Precap:basketball match

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