People change-The same happened with her*Completed*

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Apr 1, 2017

Part 26 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 68 times)

Part -26


Anjali looked at Khushi not getting any reply for her request.

"You didn't say anything about my request. " Anjali said wiping her tear

Khushi scrunches and nods her head side ways and say with a mocking smile, " I thought you were commanding me I didn't feel like it was an request but a command."

"You can say me anything else you want and it was you who wanted to break this relation now you wanna mend it? Seriously? Okay let me make it crystal clear to you, me and your family is never gonna have any connection other than the fact that you all are my ex-in-laws that's it. The very day after new year I would go back.I don't want to discuss further on this matter. Gotta go." She said and walked out of cafè

"Khushi ji.Khushi ji.." Anjali called out to get no response 

"****" She banged her hand on the table

She looked around to see everyone's eyes glued to her.



Next day:

Today was Sunday and there for this resulted in Khan's joining Raizadas and Jha's for breakfast.

Today Khushi escaped herself from Nik's pestering and she didn't had to sit beside Arnav. 

As she was having her breakfast she heard someone wispering her name.

She looked up and saw Shyam hissing. 

She rised her eyebrow asking 'what'.

"Got the blue print." He wispered which was audible only to both of them. 

Khushi nodded her head and said Ramzan and Vasugi the same.

They finished their breakfast and soon escaped to her room.



Arnav's/Khushi's room:

Shyam stuck the blueprint to the wall and said, " Now, what?"

They stared at the blue print for a few minutes. 

" A change should be made to the plan." Said Shyam while they frowned

"Only ray of world is not enough but cash too."

They nodded and Khushi said, "But extra payment for that."

"Fine.." He said irritated 

" We need a day to study this plan." Said Aamira 

Before he could answer them they heard and knock on the door. 

" Quick cover it. "Said Ramzan in an hast and Shyam covered it with a cloth

Vasugi went and opened the door slowly to see Nik standing there with a wide smile filling in face.

Vasugi movies aside giving her space to come.

She comes in and see Shyam there and says, "Dad, you were here? I have been searching you for a long time." 

To which he smiles

"OK. Anyway. So I came here to tell you all to get ready."

" Why?"They asked

"Cause we are going out for a picnic. No more questions. Bye. Get ready soon." Saying she ran away 

Khushi turns to Shyam and says,"Does your daughter have some kind of mental problem?"

" What?" He shouts

" No.. don't take me wrong. In my life I am seeing someone like this for the first time. " She said to which he storms out of the room

"Picnic! How childish and irritating plan." Said Vasugi with an weird face



xyz Gardens:

Except for Shyam and Khan's all sat down and were having snacks and was chit-chatting. 

" How many from my men you need?" Asked Shyam

" Twenty. These twenty would carry the cash and we would bring the ray of the world." Said Ramzan

" We even need some police vehicles and a chopper." Said Vasugi 

" Why?" He asked

" Because even if we make a small mistake everything would fail. And there would be high security then every veichle would be checked and if we are having police vehicles and your men dressed as police men there won't be any problem. We can avoid it." Said Khushi 

" But how will they enter inside the casino. " He asked in worry

"For that first we have to study the whole plan of Emerald Isle. " Said Ramzan 

Again for breaking their conversation they saw Nik who came to them dragged them with her and made them sith with rest of the family.

Except for Arnav, Shyam and Khan's all were speaking 

Breaking others conversation Shyam's phone rang and he excused himself and went away and stood in a place where they cannot here him.

After some minutes he came back and joined them.

" I will go and get my phone from car." Said Nik and went 

All the while from his return Khushi notices Shyam was giving an evil smrink at Ramzan which was unnoticed by him and others except for Khushi. 

This time it was again Ramzan's phone was ringing.

" Who is it?" Asked Khushi 

" Don't know an unknown number. " He said and walked away for speaking with the person on phone.

While still that evil smile was on Shyam's face.

Getting suspicious she followed Ramzan to see him speaking on the phone while a guy was aiming at him with a pistol from a short distance. 

" Ramzan!!" She Screamed on top of her voice and ran to him taking pistol out from her pocket and pushed Ramzan to the side and shot the person who was aiming at him to death.

Hearing the sound of the gun shot all of the Raizadas except Nik who went to take her phone came running to the place and stood still seeing Khushi with the gun on her hand.

She immediately ran to Ramzan and caught hold of his shoulders, "You ok." She asked in a worried voice

"I am. Come let's go from here." He said panting and dragged her with him.

The Raizadas followed them and they reached near the car to see Nik coming to them they dragged her along with them  not paying ears to what she was saying and entered the car and left the place the very second. 


They reached RM and got down the car still not able to believe what just happened. 

As they walked in Khushi went near Shyam and said, " Snitches get stitches isn't? Dare you do this again. " Said in a dangerous voice which sent shivers down his spine.

to be continued......

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Apr 4, 2017

Part 27 (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 45 times)

Part - 27

Ramzan's Room:

" Who might have done this? Like we have closed all the chapters in Malaysia itself, then now." Said Vasugi with a frown on her face indicating a clear case of confusion 

" Yes, that's what I am not getting. "Said Ramzan, " You have any idea regarding who did this?" He asked

" Not idea I know who the **** did this." She said

" What you know? Who is that?" Asked Ramzan gritting his teeth 

" It is Shyam. " As she said that she saw Vasugi taking her pistol.

" There is no use of killing him now." Khushi said

"What do you mean?" She asked irritated 

" What she is saying is right. We should not kill that scoun*** now?" Said Ramzan while Vasugi looked at them with a 'serously?' look.

" Yes but that doesn't stop us from giving him a piece of his fruit." She said smrinking 

"What do you mean?" They asked while Khushi smrinked



Shyam's warehouse :

"I hope you have learnt the blue print by now." Said Shyam 

"Yes." Said Khushi and moved towards the blue print .

" Okay, me Ramzan and Aamira would enter the casino disguising as some of the croupier of casino. There we have to go through a security key card, CCTV cameras, the guards and at last photoelectric beams which are the most toughest one even if a strand of hair touches it, the alarm would ring. We need to bribe three croupier's of the casino and get their security card. By which we would enter. The ray of the world and money are kept in the ba****t. Arjun you have to cut the power supply to the casino. They would be using generators but that would work only for the party spot. In the ba****t only lights would work with it cameras won't. Arjun, you even have to hack into their system which would switch off the photoelectric beams. The ba****t was their old parking spot so there is a shutter for the vehicle to enter through that you would come with the truck and the police vehicles. We would load the truck with cash and it would look like transporting money to the bank due to police security which are actually our people dressed as them. At last three of us would return with the ray of the world and hand it over to Shyam directly. In between all these some guards would be there who can be easily removed from our path." She concluded, " And yeah Arjun you and our guy would reach here tomorrow, you will be navigating us through the microchips which are inserted in our body." She added while Arjun and others nodded

After further more discussion about the heist they came out of the ware house while Khushi stayed back saying she had to go to a different place.



6 PM:

RM : 

The mansion was not at all looking normal. All of them had a worried face with their phone ringing every passing minute. Anjali, mami and Nani were sitting on the sofa crying bitterly while Payal was trying to comfort them. Raizada men's condition was also almost the same with them calling someone or vice versa on their phone. Even Ramzan and Vasugi was also a bit worried. The most worried of all was Shyam who was continuesly glancing at the clock and the door.

" Nani, where is my daughter? Normally she returns from school by four now see the time it's six? I am really worried? What all we are reading in newspaper these days? " Anjali cried keeping her head on Nani's shoulder 

"You shutupwa(Shutup) Anjali bitiya nothing like that will happen." Said Mami wiping her tears

"Manorama is saying right. She will come now." Said Nani while Anjali continued crying 

" Mr. ASP how much time more you need. The child has been missing for past two hours." Said Arnav tensed


" OK.  We will inform your if she comes." Said Arnav 

Shyam turned and looked at the door to Khushi entering the mansion with Nik beside her.

Seeing that everyone ran towards them while Shyam stood rooted to his spot.

"Where did you? Do you know how much worried I was." Said Anjali crying 

" Mom, it's nothing Mami came and took me from school later we went for having an ice cream.  That's all." She answered while others kept bombing her with many more questions. 

Khushi walked towards Shyam and said in a low voice audible only to four of them and said, "What do you think ? Only uou can perform all these actions. Look at your self I just wanted to give you silent torture by taking your daughter away from you. What she said is true, we both just went to have an ice cream. But see how much tensed you were. We are not like you who would kill a child. But we can keep your daughter away from you don't force us. From now on think twice before playing with us. And we even bought an ice cream for you. Go and have that and chill your nerves." She said and walked away followed by Ramzan and Vasugi who were smrinking at him while he was frustrated at his defeat.

to be continued.....

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Apr 6, 2017

Part 28+29 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 81 times)

Part - 28

Ramzan's Room : 

The room was filled with their laughter.

" God, you should have seen his face. Already his face is rotten and this." Said Aamira laughing

"Yeah exactly. But I too was a bit tensed you know. See we don't have any problem with that child it is only with Shyam and Raizadas. I was a bit worried seeing you with her. I just had a second thought what if you might have over reacted. " Said Ramzan 

" Never.. Do you think I am that pathetic. Afterall if my child was alive it would have been of her age." She said in a broken voice and was lost in her thoughts 

She was bought back out of it by feeling the presence of someone's hand on her shoulder. 

She turned and saw Vasugi keeping her hand on her shoulder. 

" Not only you even I lost mine almost in the same way the only difference was that in your Arnav didn't know where as in mine even after knowing he killed his own child by giving me abortion tablets. I am not able to believe how he is now being good with this daughter of his." Said Vasugi with disgust 

" Okay now stop it. You both are now not going back into that black phase of your life. The only intention is Shyam's destruction. " Said Ramzan 

" We are not going back anywhere. Now in three of our life only we three exist." Said Khushi wiping her tears

They spoke for some more time and went to bed.

Arnav's/Khushi's room : 

Khushi entered the room speaking on her phone, "Yes, Stephen. We would send someone to pick you up.  Okay bye. Goodnight. " She talking to their gang's most effecient computer and electrical technie.

She hung the call to see Arnav who was gritting his teeth in anger.

" How did your phone charge now?" He asked

" I charged it." She said removing her watch and keeping it on the table beside her.

She turned and looked back at him to see him holding her phone's charger in his hands and showing her.

" This was here then how did you charge?" He asked

" That..." She said looking for answers 

"What you said is completely a lie. You can do anything with anyone of this house but not with her." He said

"I am not that rock to kill a child like...." She said cutting her words

"Like what? Like what?" He Shouted getting hold of her shoulder

To which he was replied with complete silence

I don't have to answer you." She Shouted back pushing him

She went and slammed the door of the washroom. 



She stirred in her sleep as the sun rays peeped in through the french door and disturbedher sleep.

She got up from the bed and rubbed her and went to the wash room to freshen up.

After 5 minutes : 

She came out of the washroom to hear the sound of someone knocking at her door.

She went and opened the door to see Shyam standing at the door.

" I want to talk to you." He said while she nodded and moved aside to let him in.

She stood before him and asked," What do you wanna say?" She Asked

Shyam started his wicked laugh and said,"Look at yourself Khushi ji. See your self how beautiful you are even at this age. Can someone say that you are above fourty by your looks. See your milky white skin, sharp nose, rose petals like luscious lips and your body which is perfectly toned. But the only doom is that it was all used by just one person, that Arnav that is one of the reason due to which I hate him. You know what from our first meeting I always wanted to have you."He said gliding his hands over her waist.

Khushi slowlying turned and looked at him

"See this look this is what killing me." Said Shyam bringing his face close to her aiming her lips. 

Before he could reach his destination he felt his nose bleeding. 

"Arghh" He Screamed in pain Covering his nose with his palm which was bleeding due to the strong punch Khushi gave him.

Before even he could react she slapped him hard on his face due to which his lips started bleeding. 

" You... I will sue you." He said pointing his finger at her which was immediately twisted by her which resulted in it breaking.

She kicked him hard on his stomach which made him fall on ground clutching his stomach and crying in pain.

She sat on her knees and said," You know what this whole room is having cctv cameras with mikes everything what you have done now is recorded shall I show her this video and let her know that her father is a womanizer afterall she is not a five year old kid with in more two years she would be an adult. So shall I." She asked in a threatening manner 

" No! Please don't do that she can't bear it. Please I am at your feet. I will never do anything of that sort. Please don't let my daughter see this." He cried in worry

" Fine. I won't.  But you need a small punishment for this act." Saying she went to the dressing table and took a cigar from its packet.

She lit it with fire and started taking puffs.

She went towards him and again sat on her knees and held the cigar above his face.

Slowly the burning ash started falling on his face causing him to cry in pain.

"You know what the person whom I hate the most is you after that Arnav. I have never seen such a low person like you. Why? Why did you spoil my life? What did you gain? What did you gain by breaking my marriage. Why did you and your so called wife do it. How could you show this much love to your daughter after killing someone's child. Yes that day I had a miscarriage. Oh.. why me? When you could kill your own child why is it too tough for you to kill someone's child. Not once but in my knowledge you have done that twice. Once you killed Anjali's and yours first child and then yours and Vasugi's child. If all these things your daughter will know she would be so broken she will be the person who is going to hate you the most in this world. Don't worry that is going to happen very soon. That same daughter will hate you to the core. That day is soon. Really soon. I would make you pay for each and every loss of mine and all other people who have suffered because of you. In the same way I made your sister Sheetal pay for all. That day, it was not an accident it was something preplanned. Yes i killed that ****. Even If I can't lot of people's curse is their above  your head. They will obviously find their result. Dare your. I mean it if youever try to hurt anyone of us thats your end Shyam." She ended

After five minutes of torture she pulled Shyam up and pushed him out of the room.

to be continued......

Part - 29

Next day:

Only more five days were left for the heist. Stephen reached India. Stephen and Arjun were doing the tasks at its best. They made a good team. After the incident many asked Shyam about the burnmarks on his face which he simply answered with the best lies. He even was now a obidient dog of Khan's.

He would now do anything for them as they threatened him

Everything was same a Nik who was irritating her to the core, a Anjali and a Payal who are behind her asking for forgiveness, Arnav who was saying he was regretting but fighting with her for no reason.

But all of a sudden a very unexpectedly she got an anonymous call.

She lifted the call and waited for the person on the other side to say something. 

Not hearing anything she said, " Hello, who is this?"

Slowly the person on the other end answered, "Hello, is this Khushi didi." 

By hearing Khushi she understood it was someone who was related to her past but who that question remained unanswered.

" Yes. Who is this?" She asked

"I am.. Aarav" He said in an dry voice which was followed by a long silence. 

" Hello, Aarav is that you?" Asked Khushi in disbelief to which he replied with a hum.

" What do you want?" She asked

"I... I am sorry." He Stammered 

" For what?" 

" Please. I can't take it anymore.  I know I have done a grave blunder but I didn't have any other option because that Sheetal she always used to torture me and said that she would let..."

" I know Aarav. After she was in an relation with Arnav she went abroad and then she lied she was pregnant. After that she returned back after my marriage with you who was adopted and told to you that she would make you meet your real parents but for that you had to do everything as she said. If not she used to hit you and torture you isn't it? Isn't that what you want to say?" She asked

"Yes. Payal ma told that you came back. I didn't want you to think that I was behind your miseries. " He said in  a broken voice 

"I know Aarav you were not behind all these. You don't have to say sorry. If I was in your place also would have done the same. So you don't have to. I am bit busy. Bye." Saying she hung the call making Aarav sigh in relief.  

She let him free from the hold of guilty which was killing him day by day.

She turned to see Arnav who caught hold of her hand and started pulling her to the room not paying hears to her shouts to let go off her hands.

He was admant, today he wanted answers for all the unanswered questions. 

Arnav /Khushi's room : 

He pulled her in and locked the door.

He went to the poolside and dragged her along with him and left her hand with a force. 

" What the hell do you want Arnav? What is your problem? "She shouted 

" Exactly Khushi, what is your problem? Why are you like this you were never like this? What happened to you? Fine I agreed me and my family have done a mistake.  

But for that I don't think for those silly things why did you change into an criminal? Open up and say what is your fu**ing problem dammit. " He Shouted 

" You wanna know, what my problem is? You want to know? Okay my problem is you. The reason for all my fu**ing problem is you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. " She Shouted with equal rage

Precap - Khushi Arnav confrontation 

to be continued.......

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Apr 8, 2017

Part 30 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 77 times)

Yaay! We reached till 30 unbelievable. Okay more 5 more parts to go to find out if Khushi will forgive Arnav or not. Okay coming to the point I have never written this kind of an update so please forgive me if you find this dumb.

Part - 30

"You wanna know, what my problem is? You want to know? Okay my problem is you. The reason for all my fu**ing problem is you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. " She said with equal rage 

"Stop beating around the bush Khushi. Come to the point. "He said confused by what she said

"Okay.. I forgot the matter that the great Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't like to here about what people have to say." She said in an sarcastic tone

"Do you remember my last day at this house. The day when you called me as the biggest mistake of your life for the 

second time. You didn't even care to ask my side. I fact you never thought about others in your whole life. Did you? 

Atleast ones. Oh!! Yeah.. you have only for your sister, famiand that sl** Sheetal. Did you anytime atleast ones in your 

lifetime gave me a chance to explain myself. NO, the answer is a big no. First for coming into your show in Lucknow. That 

day how much I begged to you I was not send by your rivals and it was Payal's marriage and I had to go. You didn't and her 

marriage broke for which almost every single person said I was the reason for it. Then again you overheard mine and 

Shyam's conversation and though that I was having an affair with that leech and forced me into having an six months 

contract marriage with you if not you will break Payal's marriage again. Then putting my life in danger I saved you from

 Shyam and those kidnappers clutches and again your sister lost her sense and went to abort her child for that I became 

the biggest mistake in your life for the first time. Then the remarriage with you, where I have become completely trapped. 

Was it only me, who revealed Shyam's truth to all? You and Nk was there with me. But I was the one who had to bear all 

the tantrums. Then entered into the screen your so called girlfriend with an adopted child, whom she made you all believe 

that it was her son with her so called lover which she meant of you. She made that boy act like you with yor whole family

 saying the same thing 'Aarav bituva looks like our Arnav bituva only'. Then your sister told to you that I tried to kill her

 which you blindly believed and divorced me and threw me out of this house. Later I was forced into prostitution from 

there me and Aamira were rescued by Ramzan after that two years imprisonment, later with him to Malaysia. That's how 

Afsha was born. I didn't wanted anything related about you with me anymore. What did you say then I am the biggest 

mistake of your life? But actually I regret Mr. Raizada that I met you, I regret that I married you, I regret that I loved you. 

Afterall you are the murderer of my baby. I hate you so much Mr. Raizada. " She said crying 

" Which baby you are talking about?" He Stammered 

" Mine, my baby Mr.Raizada, who was killed by you. It's father." She Shouted 

" were pregnant? " He asked slowly to which she nodded

"Why you didn't say to me? What do you mean by saying I killed our baby? You think I am that heartless monster. Please." He said in disbelief 

" You think that I didn't wanted to say to you? Okay recollect Mr. Raizada that very day you kicked me out of this house when you came to I said to I wanted to say to something important and even tried to call you but you as usual just didn't listen to me. Yes, you only killed my baby. Remember that day after I signed the divorce papers you pushed me out. Even if you will forget, I can never forget that. I fell and hit my stomach. Even after hearing my cries not even you nobody came including my sister but came one, Nanheji came there and took me to hospital. If not with my baby I would have also died. I loathe you Mr. Raizada. You can understand everyone's problems and miseries except for mine. I can never ever forgive you for that. Obviously you will do the same afterall you are that Shyam's brother in law, who have killed his unborn a several times. How could you kill your own child. If you can kill an unborn and your own blood I very well can. Afterall I don't harm kids. I regret that you were the father of my baby." She stumbled on the floor crying 

A lone tear escaped from his eyes knowing that he have killed his baby. Their baby. 

With shivering hand he touched her shoulder in order to calm her down which she curtly pushed away.

"Khushi please try to understand then I didn't know di was cheating me. I felt she needed me." He said in an cracking voice

She turned and looked at him with blood shot eyes," You can understand everyone'spain but not mine."

Arnav shamefully hung his head down,"Khushi, our baby. I killed it." 

This was enough for her, she stood up with all her power and slapped him hard.

His hands automatically went to his cheek.

" It's not your baby, if not you wouldn't have killed. It's only mine. Only mine." She said with rage

"Khushi...I." Arnav cried

" Arnav. Just get out of this room before I kill like I killed that Sheetal. " She said looking down trying her best to control her sobs and anger

"You killed Sheetal. " He asked slowly 

"Yes.. When you had to be with me you were not there, I was alone now also I can stay alone. Now just get out." She Shouted and started pushing him out of the room not paying hears to what explanation he had to give.

to be continued.....

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Apr 9, 2017

Part 31+32 (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 59 times)


He was walking aimlessly through the lonely roads as the rain was pouring heavy along with thunder and lightning. 

His eyes were red and puffy due the crying for hours.

Each and every words said by her was tearing him into pieces. 

He felt it would have been better if he died, he didn't had to go through this immense pain.

In these fourteen years after knowing Anjali's truth he never spoke with her though he silently cared for her in his heart afterall she was his sister. 

But now he was helpless he didn't know what to do. He didn't wanted to run away from the problem though his heart was aching for that.

Will someone believe what he says that he lost his blood due to his blood. 

He was but still not thinking about Khushi's side, if he is going through this much pain what pain must've she gone through. 

It is a human trait, just caring about oneself 

Arnav's POV:

I hate this. I am not able to understand, what I am going through. Nobody will understand this ever. Why always everyone


backstab me. First mom, leaving me alone in this world, not caring about me she went. Then di, whom i trusted blindly,

shovered all my love. When she wanted to marry that creep thinking about her happiness, I agreed. Then, Sheetal who

was a good friend of mine, she came with an adopted Aarav and spoiled my life by stating him as my son. Last Khushi she

betrayed me it was because of her mom my mom committed suicide. Even the baby, it was even mine, didn't she even

care to let me know. NK, he too didn’t care to tell me. Okay I agree, it was because of me we lost the baby but, I didn't

know she was pregnant for god damn sake. If I knew I would have never done that. I am not such a monster. But that guilt

is now killing me. I don't how I am going to face her. Even after pushing her I didn't even care to spare a glance at her

atleast after hearing her cries. I know I am not worth for forgiveness but I will try to gain it.

POV End's 

He sat on the wet road burying his face between his knees and cried his hear out. 





Shyam stood gazing at the sky lost in thoughts, with his palms gripped strongly on railing.

His face showed clearly no expression. 

Shyam’s POV:

Most cruelest person ever. That's what everyone thinks of me. And I don't give a **** to it. Yes I am an womanizer. I am

snake who is just behind money and that is the reason why I married Anjali.  I want to be rich and be the supreme

authority. I want to control everyone's life. For that I may do anything I may even kill someone without caring about who

they are to me and what they are. The only person whom now I lover is my daughter. Everyone thinks even that Khushi

thinks after killing my other children how am I able to love this daughter of mine immensely. Why can't they understand if

I felt to kill my other children why wouldn't I feel the same. Yes, when Anjali was pregnant I felt to do that, I even tried but

she and Raizadas were this time very cautious due to which every plan of mine got spoilt. But after she was born though I

didn't change I didn't feel to kill her but as time changed I started loving her. It doesn't matter whoever I am but every

father would feel the same for their daughter. I am scared, what if that Khushi tell about the real me to my daughter?  She

would be shattered. I can't take that. That would be my end. I hate her. Even that Ramzan, I killed his wife years back, now

why is he behind me? I tried to remove him of my path several times but somehow Everytime he escaped. I still don't feel

guilty about what I have done. I know I am on the right path. 

I still feel that what I have done to Khushi and Vasugi is not a mistake. Anjali, she was just my pawn on my mission of

making all the Raizada property under my name. Afterall why would I marry that limp. If my daughter was not born all

them would have on the slums of Delhi. I want my daughter to live in an normal family. So only all these drama is taking

place. I don't have any problem about three of them killing Sheetal, my sister, because she was actually a burden for me.

The time that preplanned accident by Khan's occurred and killed her, me and she were in an heated argument. She

wanted half of the properties which I was not ready to give. That day she was going to meet the lawyer but that accident

occurred. In a way they have actually helped me. In my world only me, money, power and my daughter exist.

POV End's 



8:30 PM:

DM Temple:

Anjali sat on the pew inside the temple, staring at the face of DM'S idol.

No one were in the temple except for her.

Anjali's POV : 

I hate this life. I feel, it would have better if I died. I hate being that Shyam's slave. For him I was just a pawn of getting my

Chote's property. If it was anyone else on my place they would have figured his betrayel long back. But me, I was such an

idiot and was being blind in his love towards me. He said for him to come back into RM, Khushi had to go away. I used to

do whatever Shyam and Sheetal used to say. I know Khushi was pregnant and she had an miscarriage but I was selfish, I

didn't say about that to anyone. Except for me and Shyam no one knows this. If it was possible and I was like that Shyam I

would have killed him long back. I don't mind in going to jail for that. But I am just so naive. I don't even know how to live

alone. From the time I was born everyone pampered me a lot which made me like this. I can't change now. Now being at

this temple only give me some peace of mind. I have physical disability but that doesn't give others the liberty to take me

for granted like everyone does. I want my chote to forgive me. Atleast he will understand me then but he is not even

speaking with me. I know somewhere deep down in his heart he cares for me. I will wait until he forgives me. I am really

scared by what this Khushi, Aamira and Ramzan are gonna do. I am not feeling alright. I feel like something bad is going

to happen but for whom? I don't know...

POV End's 



Three souls with different views but related to one thing is now experiencing the worst of their life. What future upholds for them? They are clueless.

to be continued.....

Part - 32

Just three more days were left for the heist to take place.

Next day after the revelation of the truth, Arnav tried a lot to speak with her but she was paying zero hears to him.

She couldn't wait anymore. 

Immediately after the heist takes place they were going end the chapter Shyam.

Same was the condition of Vasugi and Ramzan. 

Shyam's ware house :

All of the sat on that same room while three stragers stood with their arms folder across their chest, their head hung down.

Their hands were shivering while their lips were trembling seeing the atmosphere of the room. The room which was filled with goons who are built up. With only two woman rest all were men. The room had lots of weapons starting from pocket knives to M4.

" Why did you call us?" Asked the man among the three with an trembling voice while the other two girls nodded

Aamira sighs,"All three of you are working in Emerald Isle casino right?" She asked while they nodded, "Being the staff you can enter the generator, controlling room and the ba****t but for that you need to swipe your key card. We need that card. We know you people are having lots of financial problem we will solve all that we will give you enough money for you to live your life. Give us the key card and go and live your life somewhere like L.A. After that you should never come back. Is that okay for you all." She fished

Three of them looked at eachother and said," Yeah. We are fine with this. But why do you want our Key card?"

" That's none of your business. " Said Khushi 

" Will give you money and other things to go to L.A and you give your Key cards." Said Ramzan while they nodded their head.

They handed over the Key card and left the place ASAP but not before collecting the money and their tickets and passport.

" So, our path is clear right?"Asked Stephen

"Not completely. Stephen..Arjun in the same way we are an important part of this you both are also really needed. Three of us are going to implant microchip into our body by which you can track us down and guide us." Said Ramzan

They discussed for a lot more time and left the spot.


Khushi heard a knock on the door, she went and opened the door to see Shyam along with Ramzan and Aamira.

" What happened? Is there any problem? Why are you at this hour?" She asked in an worried tone

" There is a problem. We cannot discuss that here we have to go the the warehouse. " Said Shyam

She nodded her head and they immediately he added to the warehouse. 

" Arjun, what happened? Why did you call us at this hour?" Asked Khushi 

" That..." He Stammered 

" Arjun.. open your moth and say dammit." Shouted Shyam

"Stephen met with an accident...Not so serious but he can't help me doing this heist." He said

" damn" Said Khushi and banged her fist on the wall

"Now what will we do?" Asked Shyam irritated 

" Shyam just shut up and let us think. What ever will happen on thirty first this heist will take place. That's for sure. "Said Aamira 

to be continued......

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Part 33 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 65 times)

Part - 33

"Arre, if you will say me to stay silent is there any solution gonna be formed?" Asked Shyam running his fingers over his hair

"No! But we will get some peace of mind." Retorted Vasugi 

"Now only it is some what morning six we hardly have twenty four hours left." Said Ramzan

They were thinking for a long time about the technie who has to replace Stephen. 

" Arjun, is there anyone, you know?" Asked Ramzan 

"Like that, many are there, but none are trust worthy for this. They may play behind our back. If that is okay..." He paused

" No.No need." Said Khushi 

Shyam rubbed his chin and suddenly a small smile started playing on his lips

"One is there, but don't know whether he and you are okay with it." Said Shyam 

" Who you are talking about? If he knows the job and is trustworthy. What is our problem? " Said Aamira 

" Arnav. Yes he is Arnav. Are you okay with him."

"Arnav!" Exclaimed Khushi, " He, runs a fashion designing company not an IT firm. " She said in an sarcastic tone 

" He was a technie first, later he turned into an designer."Snapped Shyam

"Fine. I don't have any issue. Call him. Do you?" She asked looking at the duo who nodded no.

Shyam took his phone out of pocket and dialed Arnav's number. 

" Hello, Arnav. Where you are? I want to meet you now." Said Shyam 

" I am at office. I will come. where are you?"

" I will text you the address. " Said Shyam and hanged up the call



After driving for about an hour or two through the desserted roads of Delhi, he reached infront of the warehouse which seemed very old.

He got down the car and started taking steps towards the warehouse. 

He came in front of it to see that the door is open.

He entered the ware house and looked around it.

He saw a door at the corner of the room getting past through the old furnitures he reached infront of the room.

He slightly pushed it to open only to find that it was locked from inside.

"Why did this, Shyam call me here?" He thought 

He knocked on the door which was opened instantly.

He entered inside the room the room to see many goons, Shyam and Khan's with many weapons. 

He went towards Shyam with a frown on his face.

"Why did you call me?" He asked straightly

Shyam took a deep breath,"Look Arnav, we need your help."

" What? " He asked confused

" Okay listen. We know that you are an master brain when it comes to computers and other electronic devices." Said Shyam

" So" He asked rising his eyebrow

" Look no beating around the bush, you know that we are here to rob the Emerald Isle casino tomorrow evening. We needed two electronic expert. We had one, but as we needed two we joined Arjun. Yesterday, Stephen who has to work along with Arjun met with an accident. So now we need a guy, we want you to be that guy." Said Khushi 

" Never. I am not a thief. I am not gonna do this." Said Arnav turning around to go out of the room.

"Stop right there Arnav. You have to do this. Else you and your family will be on the roads." Threatened Shyam

" Damn. Fine." Said Arnav, "What I have to do?" He sighed 

"What you have to do, Arjun will say." Said Vasugi pointing at Arjun

Their conversation was disturbed by the ringing of Shyam's phone. 

He went aside and spoke with the person and came back and said,"I have to go, there is an emergency." He informed while they nodded,"Also this three have reached L.A. They are on leave today according to them." They hummed and he soon left the place





Arnav's / Khushi's room : 

Khushi stood by the poolside staring at the sky with her arms folded across her chest. Thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow everything was going to end. She is going to finish everything. If the heist goes well, then there ain't any problem. Tomorrow either her's and Khan's or Shyam's last day it was gonna be. After tomorrow either them or he was gonna go through the most.

Her thoughts were broken when she felt someone's presence behind her.

She stood still, she knew it was Arnav and what he was gonna say.

He silently came stood beside her gazing at the sky.

" I won't force into forgiving me. It is your wish. But do you have to do this? I mean this is not safe. That Shyam he may do anything. He may kill you three. He is truly a heartless person. Please go back to Malaysia and hand over that Shyam to police. I say it again, it is not safe." He said trying to make her understand 

"I know, but I am not gonna back off. I know that Shyam can't cause any harm to us even if he tries to. Goodnight. " Saying she went to bed making him worried to the core. 




Shyam's Room:

" Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am going to finish three of them. What do they think? If they play with me, they can easily win. Let me get the ray of the world and the money. Anyways they are only coming to give the ray of the world. Once let me get it. I would chop their head off. Then there isn't any obstacle in my path. I can continue to live the way I used. God, please make it tomorrow evening, I can't wait anymore. " Thought Shyam laughing wickedly.

to be continued........ .

precap: heist

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Part 34 updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 63 times)

Note: Bluetooth speaking were the speaker is not present in the screen would be represented through Italics.

Part - 34

Next day:


warehouse :

" Damn you, Rishob, damn you." Said an irritated Arjun under his breath

" You said something?" Asked Arnav

"Yes! I said a lot, damn you Rishob." He said again looking at his phone

"Who the hell is Rishob?" Asked Arnav confused

"My worst enemy ever. My rival." He said typing something fast on his phone

" Okay, are the microchips and other things ready?"

"Yeah, Bluetooth we would give them later. Microchip we would implant now. We can find their location. You learned the plan of the building right?"

"I know. You don't have to teach me." Said Arnav while Arjun huffed

"When will they come?" Asked Arjun loosing his patience

"Soon", "Where are we gonna stay?" He added

"In your car. We would be sitting in your car and guide them, which is parked on the ba****t of Emerald Isle." 

"So, we have to set everything now." He reminded

"No, need. Its already done. As you came in they started setting it." He said chomping a packet of chips loudly.

"What the? Without my permission how could you touch my car?" He shouted angrily

"Arre.. Afsha said to do. If i won't she will eat me alive along with the other two and Shyam." He said horrified to which Arnav started laughing

"What did you say?" They heard a voice which shocked Arjun to the core

"I did't say" He said with his mouth full of chips

She sighs,"Whatever. Now if you are done with eating we have a lot of work to do." She said to which they nodded their head and followed her



Arjun and Arnav were busy in implanting the microchips on three of them.

"Okay don't move your hand." Said Arnav as he was implanting the Chip on Khushi's palm. She hissed slightly due to the pain, "It will go now." He said while she nodded her.

"Is everything ready?" Asked Shyam who came there

"We have inserted the chip. Now we have to check whether it works or not." Said Arjun

After a short period of time Arnav said looking at the computer,"Yeah it is working." He announced while others sighed in relief

"Obviously it will work I made it after all." Boasted Arjun

"Did you spray the van with the logo of Emerald Isle?" Asked Khushi

"It is done" Replied Shyam

"What about the police vehicles and uniforms" Asked Ramzan to which Shyam nodded as positive

" Are the weapons ready?" Asked Shyam

"Yes they are" replied Vasugi

"I would wait here only. Arnav and Arjun would be in the parking. Rest of the crew would join you in the van. As the logo of their casino is there they would let them in to the ba****t." Said Shyam

" Also Ramzan... All three of us won't break into the casino at once one by one we will go else they would get suspicious." Said khushi

"Who is going to take the lead?" Asked Vasugi

"I will" Said Khushi

"You sure." Asked Ramzan unsure while she hummed and nodded her head

"I will first go and make it to the ba****t and let the crew in and clear the path after that you both join me in the ba****t. After loading the van with money it would make it to you Shyam along with our man who are in the police attire, they would wait outside. We three with Arjun's and Arnav's help would switch off the photoelectric beams and take the ray of the world. We would then again change into casuals and exit the casino before they get to know about it. After that both of them would join the rest of the crew and we would make the Ray of the World to you." She concluded

"But we won't be meeting here." Said Ramzan

"Not a problem. We shall meet at xyz. Is that okay. I would be alone there" Said Shyam covering the wicked smile on his face before anyone could notice, " There I would see your end." He thought

"That place is fine." Said Vasugi



5:45 PM:

Just fifteen minutes were left for the New Year Party to begin.

People were already waiting outside the casino to enter.

Khan's have already entered the casino disguised as the croupier's.

They were making the others believe that they are working over there by doing the jobs there, such as serving drinks and guiding the other workers and standing near the playing tables.

Soon the party began and the casino was crowded

They immediately switched on their Bluetooth and started the conference call with Arjun and Arnav who were waiting in the parking guiding them.

"Can you hear me?" Asked Arnav

"Loud and clear" They replied back

"All, I am going to head into the ba****t. Ramzan and Vasugi I would let you know when you have to come. Until then stay here." She said

"Yeah.." They replied back

Khushi started heading towards the staff door which would give her entry into the ba****t.

"Okay be cool.." Said Arjun

"I am."

" I don't feel that" Said Arjun

"I am fine. Dammit." She said frustrated

"Okay fine. Head to the staff door and you the security swipe card and enter into the staff room." Said Arnav

She reached in front of the door and swiped the card and the door opened.

She was going to to enter but a voice stopped her which scared all of them.

"Who are you?" Asked the guard, " ain't seen you around before."

"Umm.. I am new here." She lied and the guard nodded his head and walked away, while she sighed in relief and entered inside the staff room.

" You are a good liar." Laughed Arjun

" Shut up! i will break your teeth." She said angrily

" Will you both just shut up and move ahead." Said Arnav angrily

"True" Said Ramzan and Vasugi

"Ok" Said Arjun and Khushi

"Good. Now head to the generator room and you could see an ventilator. That ventilator heads to the ba****t. I guess guards would be there. So just throw the tear gas into it." Instructed Arnav.

Khushi did as he said and said, " Cut the electricity." She said

As she finished with in exact three seconds the whole casino was dark.

"No more CCTV" Said Arjun

She wore her night-vision goggles and started taking baby steps into the ba****t with full of attention and cautiousness.

As she went forward she could hear the sound of footsteps and some people talking.

"What happened? Why are you not moving forward?" Asked Arnav sensing no movement in her due to the microchip which is implanted on her body.

"Some guards are there. I think soon they would come over here." Sh whispered taking out her silenced pistol.

"Be careful.." Said Arnav scared but even before he could complete he could hear the sound of gun shots and some screams of pain.

He kept and the rest kept on speaking worried but they were not replied but the sund of the gun firing and screams.

With in few minutes there was no noise at all. There was total silence.

"Hello" They heard her panting high which made them sigh in relief

"Khushi you okay?" They heard an frightened Arnav

"Yes i am. They heard me talking and appeared all of a sudden." She replied, "Just removed them from my path." She added

"Okay.. Now head to the ba****t. Go left and descend the stairs." Said Arjun

With in an short span of time she reached the huge ba****t. Where she could see an electronic safe room, a shutter and the guards who were lying unconsciously o the floor due to the tear gas which she threw through the ventilators of the generator room. 

By now there was light in the casino but CCTV which were kept in the ba****t were not working.

"Is there any guards over there?" Asked vasugi

" Yes..But they lost their consciousness due to the tear gas." 

Then what they heard was the sound of the gun firing twice.

" Is everything okay?" Asked Ramzan worried

"Yup. I just shot those three guards what if they wake up. i don't want to take risk." She answered

"Okay. Do you see an shutter over there. Beside that there is a switch. Press it. The shutter will open and our men will come in." Said Arjun while she followed him.

As the shutter opened the van entered and she again closed it.

"Now go and open the safe door. We have unlocked it." Said Arnav

She went and opened the door and she could see many safes where the money was stored.

Shyam's men started taking the money and loaded it inside the van.

"Ramzan and Aamira, you both can come now. Avoid gaining attention." Said Khushi

"yeah. We are coming." They answered

"Inside this room I could see an other door. Is that heading to the Ray of the world?" Asked Khushi

"yes. It is, bu don't open until we say. We are now deactivating the photoelectric beams." Said Arnav

Within few minutes Ramzan and Vasugi joined her and the crew members left the ba****t in the van filled with money without gaining their attention.

"Okay.. You just enter and see. We are not sure whether they got deactivated or not." Said Arnav

"What!" The three exclaimed together

"Then what the hell you guys did?" Asked Vasugi angrily

"It is not so easy to deactivate this. You just try." Said Arjun

"Yeah and what we are doing is too easy isn't?" Mocked Ramzan, "Anyways forget it."

"Will try" Said Khushi and they slowly headed to the the door and opened it.

Gulping down the lump in their throat they slowly kept a step on ground.

to be continued.....

Precap: last part

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Part 35 (Last Part) Updated (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 69 times)

Part - 35

Gulping down the lump in their throat with sweat beads in their forehead they slowly kept their foot in the ground, but the result made them displeased and curse their stars.

" S***" Said Khushi under her breath as the alarm started ringing 

"Damn.It was not deactivated. Okay just escape. " Said Arnav hurriedly

"What about the Ray of the world?" Asked Vasugi

" We are taking it." Said Khushi soundly

"There ain't any time for that.." Said Arnav and Arjun

"Exactly " Said Vasugi

" No..I agree with Afsha, we can take it now. Anyways we are already detected now what difference it makes?" Said Ramzan as he finished he turned and saw that the Ray of the World was already in Khushi's hand. 

" Shall we go?" She asked putting it in did her back pack.

They gave her a loop sided smile and started walking out of the safe room.

" Okay... Now remove the people who come in your path and change into casuals and exit the place as soon as possible. " Said Arjun swiftly

After few minutes:

They changed their clothes from the croupier uniform to their casuals.

Now unless they gathered attention no one would recognise them.

They started walking slowly with their pistols fully loaded.

They were walking according to the guidance of Arnav and Arjun. As they walked forward they faced many guards who were shot to death with in a span of seconds. Removing the people coming in their path they slowly reached the door to exit the staff room.

They slightly opened the door and peeped out to see that the people out in the party spot didn't know about anything and was enjoying their New Year Party while the guards were waiting out for the Khan's to exit.

" No. Damn. We can't go through that way. It is surrounded by the guards. If we go out we would be busted." She said angrily yet audible only to them

"****" Said Vasugi 

" Is there any other way for us to come out of here?" Asked Ramzan via bluetooth

"Yeah. It is there. But it is a bit risky." Said Arjun

"That's not an issue. Say how." Asked Vasugi 

"Emergency exit. Walk back enter the elevator go to 17th floor. Exit the elevator and walk to right you will see emergency exit door. Walk into it, you will have descend those steps. Guards won't be there. But from the third floor there are high chances for the guards to come, there would be window before reaching third floor. Break it, and you could see the emergency ladder over there. Descend that ladder. Hardly one or two guards would be there slay them we would come over there now. We would be waiting in the car. And we will exit. Once we reach out of their reach a car would be there in that you can go to Shyam." Said Arnav

" Yes. Fine." Said Khushi 

They followed his path and reached near the window of third floor and broke it with an hammer. The glass pieces shattered into pieces. They looked outside the window and saw two guards facing their back to them stood there.

" Guards are there." Said Vasugi

" I don't think you can reach them with those pistols." Said Arjun

" We have sniper rifles. Silencer is also there." Said Khushi taking it out of the bag which was handed by Shyam's men who were loading the van with the cash.

She took it out and loaded it and handed it to Ramzan. 

He took hold of it and aimed at the guards down and shot them to death with in seconds. 

They got out through the window and started descending the ladder one by one.

Within few minutes they landed on the ground and saw a back car parked to the corner with its engine running.

They went and entered it to see Arnav and Arjun seated in the front.

Without letting them say anything he sped the car out of the provinces of the casino before anyone starts to suspect them.

8:30 PM:

Road side:

They parked the car in an lonely road and all of them got down the car.

Arjun started laughing out loud saying, " God that was Awesome. Lots action filled..." Before who could complete his sentence Khushi punched him hard on his nose resulting in it bleeding and his hands automatically going and covering his nose.

" Why was that for?" He asked in an nasal voice, frightened, covering his nose with his palm.

" You wanna know. If you had deactivated those beams all these wouldn't have taken place. For you it was fun with lots of action whereas for us.. We almost saw death." She Shouted 

" There was no mistake of ours. Deactivating one of the most highly secured security device is next to impossible. "Said Arnav supporting Arjun

" Yeah now you also support him. Anyways we have to now go and give this to Shyam." Said Vasugi taking out the ray of the world and looking at it.

" God this is so beautiful!" Said Arjun amazed

"We are leaving. " Said Ramzan and they went and entered the car which was parked on the other side of the road, Vasugi took the steering while Ramzan sat on the front passenger seat and Khushi behind.

Soon they were going to be out of sight

"So, shall we go?" Asked Arjun turning around to see that there was neither an Arnav nor a car. He was alone on the highway.

" Arghh." He groaned running his fingers on his hair.



8'O Clock :

Arnav parked the car in a corner were it was not visible he walked forward and saw the car in which the Khan's came, he looked forward and saw a warehousewhich similar to the other one.

He couldn't see or hear anything that was happening inside.

He tried to open the the door but it was locked from inside. He went around the warehouse in order to find a way through which he could enter the warehouse, in the pitch dark.

He knew, Shyam might have planned something that was why he had called Khan's here alone to hand over the ray of the world, he had to save them. But what he was not able to understand was why did Khan's said Shyam to meet them alone here. Was there any other part of the story which he didn't know? 

Looking around he found a grill through which he cannot enter but can see what was happening inside.

He peeped in to see Khan's who were standing opposite to Shyam, they were saying something but he was not able to hear it.

All of a sudden he felt the heat of the movement.

Shyam was aiming at the Khan's with his pistols, " Give that bag." He said dangerously aiming at them, they slowly handed him the bag which had the ray of the world.

" Rise your hand ********." Said Shyam going a step back but still aiming at them.

" You think I am gonna kill you. No. I won't kill you. I have got what I wanted. Now I will leave this place and with ten minutes. BOOM. This place will change into ashes. Bye loosers." Said Shyam running out of the warehouse and locking it from outside. 

" Sh** we are sued. We have go." Said Khushi tensed but she stopped abruptly seeing a figure peeping into the warehouse. 

" Who is that?" She asked dangerously 

"Khushi it's me. Arnav." She heard him

"Arnav go and open the damn door. Just five more minutes are left." She Screamed

"It's locked." He Screamed back

"Break that lock, with this." Shouted Ramzan throwing out a hammer through the grill which was on the table there.

He went and started banging the lock with the hammer in order to break it.

" Arnav, just a minute more is left. Soon." They cried

using all his strength he knocked on the lock with the hammer and opened the door. 

The trio ran out of the ware house immediately and dragged Arnav along with them and ran to the highway. The next second they heard the sound of the bomb blasting and the fire eating away the warehouse, slowly.

They sighed in relief

"Quick we have to get Shyam." Shouted Khushi 

To which others nodded and they immediately ran to Arnav's  car and went through the way through which Shyam went. As it was a high way it was easy for them to find the way through which Shyam went, afterall only one way was left.

After travelling for about twenty minutes they saw Shyam's car ahead theirs.

They sped the car as fast as possible and started shooting the wheel's of his car.

Through the rear view mirror he saw who was doing it which shocked him to the core. Afterall why wouldn't he be? Seeing the people whom he thought was dead.

After continuously shooting his car they saw that his car lost its control and was going to soon hit somewhere and shut down. 

Their intuition was correct soon his car went and hit with an electric post and it was totally black.

They halted their car and got down it and walked towards his slowly.

They reached near his and looked into it to see an unconscious Shyam lying inside the car burying his face onto the steering of the car.



He felt the world spinning around him. He was finding it hard to open his eyes, he felt a very sharp pain on his legs and head. He was blinking his eyes rapidly. He felt the ground very light beneath him.

Supporting his head with his hand and he raised his upper body and sat on the ground, he tried to get up and stand on his feet but he felt an immense pain on his legs, which pulled him down.

He looked around him to see for black figures there.

Slowly his eyes adjusted to the surrounding and came to know that, those four figures were none other than Khan's along with Arnav.

" You?" He asked slowly in pain

"Yes. Happy New year Shyam. " They said smiling

He looked at them in confusion and shifted his gaze from them to his legs which were paining to the core.

He looked down to see that his legs were bleeding, he looked at them angrily, " What did you do to me? Where am I? How did you all escape?" He Shouted

" We? We just shot both your legs. That is why it is paining. And we escaped because that God wanted the good to win that is why he send Arnav over there. And regarding which place this is, this is that very place which you learned in your middle school, Rajasthan, the Thar Dessert. Here people are seen like blue moon." Said Ramzan 

" What? I will make sure that you all are dead." He cried

" Oh thank you. First before that you try to save yourself. For all the sins which you have committed till now, you are going to pay for that from now."

"I will kill you...." He Shouted by hearing which Ramzan takes his pistol and aims at Shyam which was stopped by Khushi.

" Shyam Manohar Jha... lost. Isn't that better than killing him." She asked to which Ramzan withdrew his gun back

"See, Shyam god is with us, that is why we were saved and we were able to catch up with you. As they said this is mid dessert. Rarely humans come here. Only scorpions and other reptiles are present here. Tough to find food and water especially with these legs of yous. Among all those sin you have done even unknowingly you have done a good deed and Allah wants you alive you will make it out of this dessert with the help of a human or an animal or alone. In that way if you come back, we are ready to face you then. You are now going to see the hell of this Earth. Also, we have already informed your daughter all the truth. By all I mean ALL. Now she hates you the most in this world. So bye, try to save yourself if possible. "She finished and they turned back and started to go while Khushi came back a looked Shyam and said, "See you around. " She said with an sarcastic laugh and they walked away and slowly dissappeared into thin air by giving Shyam all the pain in the world. Especially, his daughters hate.

" Arghh" Shyam cried in sadness, anger, frustration and agony on top his voice but which was not heard by anyone.





Khushi stood at the terrace gazing at the sky and thanking the Lord for granting her what she wanted. Today was the most happiest day of her life, in fact all three of theirs. She spoke with Nik and made her understand about Shyam and Anjali whom she hates now the most. She also made sure that she changed all the Raizadas properties which were under his name to Aarav's,  Nik's and Arnav's name equally. Arnav even came to know Anjali's truth which made not only Nik but whole Raizadas to hate her. She was now returning back in three days. The money which was robbed and the ray of the world belonged to them which they were not going to use but throw away from all. By which it cannot be in hand of cunning people now. It belonged to where it came from. From this nature.

She took an other sip of her coffee gazing at the sky and she heard someone's footstepsbehind her.

She turned and saw Arnav there.

She knew what he was going to say but she didn't have an answer for his question. 

Before he could say what he wanted to she said, " Arnav I know what you are going to say. But now I don't have an answer for that. My mind is blank. I need two days time. After that I would say my decision. Goodnight. " She said and walked past him a bit happy that she was atleast considering him. But he didn't know what future had for him. He walked back and went into a peaceful slumber

                                                                                               The End

No its not done yet epilogue is sill waiting. God! I can't believe that my first story finished. A very heart full thnkx to those who supported me always. So will Khushi forgive Arnav or not just wa it for 24 hours or even less. Hope I didn't disappoint you.

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Apr 14, 2017

Epilogue (By Nanduarshi) (Thanked: 57 times)


Arnav sat near the poolside lost in his own thoughts. It's been six months since those incidents.

After that night no one has ever seen Shyam till date. Maybe he is no more. Nik has moved on for her, now she doesn't have parents. As Khushi transferred all the properties from Shyam's name to Raizadas, now Arnav and Akash are handling the business. It started rising to its old place. Aarav too now started helping them in the business as he finished his studies.

Anjali is no more the daughter of Raizadas. She is just a mere servant of RM like HP and OP or maybe even below than them. She gets paid a monthly salary for the work which she is doing. Also her crocodile tears are daily seen though they are not falling for it like before. 

Then the only thing that is left is Khushi's and his matter.

He can neither say that she didn't forgive him nor she forgave him.

He can neither say that he is happy nor he can say that he is not, that was his situation. 

He gazed at his phone keenly waiting for her call.

Maybe hearing his prays, his phone started ringing out loud. 

He quickly took his phone to see her name flashing on the screen, wasting no time he immediately lifted the call and waited for her to say something. 

After a short gap of silence he heard her voice, " Hello. Arnav?"

" Hi" He replied 

"So.. How was your day? " She asked

" Mine was good. How was yours? did you had to kill someone?" He asked laughing 

"Thankfully no. Today no one was testing my patience. " She laughed, " What did you do today?"

" Usual. Going to office, attend some meeting, came back. How about you? " He said

" Went and had a talk with the gang members. Imported some weapons and exported some vehicles." She said while he hummed

" How is Nik?"

" She is fine, having exams."

" How is our Anjali bitiya? Is there any decrease in the amount of crocodile tears which she is shedding?" She asked in an sarcastic tone 

" How can you expect a decrease in it? That too from her?" He asked back while she laughed 

This is what that had been happening between them past six months. 


After two days:

Khushi stood in the room packing her bags. Tomorrow they were going back to Malaysia. She had taken a decision in Arnav's matter the only thing that was left now was that, saying it to him.

It was tough for her to land in this decision. Though all these years she wanted to never move on with him but now, she didn't know what she had to do?

Why was is like this now?

For all the questions she didn't have an answer.

It maybe because as Shyam is now no more, her mind might have cooled down and she was able to think from his point of view.

She felt him standing beside her and she shifted her concentration from her bags to him.

" You said today..." 

" I have made a decesion Arnav. About us." She said cutting him

He stared at her with hopefull eyes.

" Arnav, I have made this decision after going deep into this. I cannot forgive you and move on with you Arnav. I can't forget all those hurtful movements which I had to go through. Maybe I cannot forget them now or forever. But I even know how guilty you are going through. I can't act like I am not seeing that. So I have taken a decision. If you are interested we can just be good friends. Who would help each other when their is a need. But as time passes and if I am able to forget all those pain then I would forgive you and move on with you but now I cannot give a chance to this relation. So if you are interested we will be friends. Like how I am with Ramzan and Aamira. " She said



Ramzan might be the most happiest person in this world. 

The murderer of Fauzia is now dead. 

He is now leading a peaceful life along with Aamira and Afsha looking after their gang. Now they were not that ruthless like before who would kill anyone for money. They will, only if they feel that a particular person is a burden to this Earth. 

Also those enemy gang members who dares to touch their men along with some drug dealers and pimps who for woman.

He and Arnav are now best buddies.

Before his aim was to see Shyam's death but now it was cleaning the whole Malaysia whether legally or illegally.

If we say about Vasugi she is also almost the same brave girl who is enjoying her life at its full. Now she is all set to go on an world tour.

Visiting each and every country of this world.

After all there was nothing for her to worry about other than the gang and the gang wars which occur. But now she didn't had to worry about the gang wars much as most of the territories were owned by them.

She is completely set to full fill her child hood dream of going round the world.

Our fragile doll Anjali was now no more fragile but rock doll. After all she was breaking her bones working there. She daily morning starts her drama which nobody cares about but still she does that.

During her initial days it was very tough for her to work. 

After all she rarely used to visit the kitchen.

But Raizadas gave a damn to it and waited patiently till she did the work properly. 

Even her own daughter not forgiving her was something which shook the ground beneath her.

In all the while our Khushi was now being Arnav's best friend and visits RM every year once. Now she is just helping Ramzan in cleaning the hood also very much set to go on the world tour with Vasugi. 

At starting they were just friends but now they were best friends.

Now everyday they used to phone each other speak about random thing

She didn't  know whether she had to forgive him or not but she was just loving this friendship which they were maintaining.

She thought maybe they were not meant to cross each other's path.

But she too didn’t know what future upheld for them.

All we can do is wish for their happiness whether they are together or not, as a couple or as just friends.

All that matters is being happy and we can wish for their happiness. 


                                                              ~The End~

 yay! Finally in complete sense my story finished. Thankx a lot to those people who had helped me in this path. Also sorry for being a bit late. And here I also want to announce the title of my new story, I hope you would support me ln that story too like this one, okay so our title is, "Romeo" how is is? Honestly I am really bad at fixing a title. Please give your feedbacks about this story. So for not mentioning all the commenters actually I am in a hurry(Travelling ). Also a happy vishu to all those who are celebrating it.

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