Who is the most healthy? Who has the best body?

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Oct 16

Who is the most healthy? Who has the best body? (By Healthy Bites)



At 47, Courteney has never looked better. Her secret? Interval training, which fires up her metabolism and burns more fat. Courteney's trainer, Michelle Lovitt, varies her cardio between the elliptical and treadmill. Michelle also keeps Courteney's body guessing with resistance-band and power-plate strength training.

If you've reached a workout plateau, give this interval training routine a try. It combines fat-burning cardio with moves that target your entire core rather than individual muscles, so you'll burn more fat while toning up.

24. Olivia Munn, Actress/Model



Running is the one exercise Olivia will not do anymore. At 31, she prefers surfing, hiking, and Pilates. Her healthy-eating guideline is simple: If she can't see it, she won't eat it, so she keeps unhealthy foods at bay.

Still looking for the diet trick that will work for you? Quit playing head games and get real with these tips.

23. Nicole Scherzinger, Musician/Actress



Nicole's trainer, Adam Ernster, focuses on building muscle. Nicole gets those killer abs by using a stability ball to do crunches, which makes them more challenging. To tone her legs, she runs, dances, and does plenty of squats and lunges. By avoiding carbs, dairy, salt, and late-night munching, Nicole is able to keep her physique tight.

Controlling your sodium intake is more complicated than just putting down the saltshaker. You may be surprised by some of the saltiest foods out there.

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22. Halle Berry, Actress



Trainer Harley Pasternak has worked with 45-year-old Halle—putting her through his 5-Factor plan, a fast-paced strength-training and cardio circuit that takes only 25 minutes! One of the actress's favorite workouts, kickboxing, tones her arms without adding too much bulk.

Women's boxing will make its debut at the 2012 Olympics in London, marking the first time that all summer sports will have female athletes. Go for the gold with this do-anywhere boxing workout!

21. Jennifer Lopez, Musician/Actress



Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson guides 42-year-old J.Lo through lower-body exercises like weighted sumo squats, single-leg squats, and reverse lunges to front kicks to keep her butt and legs looking fabulous. To really make her toned lower half stand out, she exfoliates and applies tanner to her legs.

Make your legs shine with this contouring trick: Dust a pale-pink shimmer powder down your shins in a straight line. It will draw eyes vertically and make your legs look longer.

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20. Vanessa Hudgens, Actress



Post-workout pics of this 23-year-old actress regularly circulate celeb websites. Each photo captures her healthy exercise glow along with some awesome workout clothes. Hey, sometimes the perfect gym outfit can be all the workout motivation you need!

Improve your fitness fashion with these stylish workout clothes.

19. Cameron Diaz, Actress



When she's not surfing (one of her passions), the 39-year-old SoCal native sculpts her long legs and tightens her tummy by joining trainer Teddy Bass in the gym—three or four days a week, 60 minutes a session—for either Pilates, cardio, weight training, or a mix of all three! And although this girl loves food, she has no problem cutting out white sugar and alcohol to slim down before big events.

Get jaw-dropping results with this Pilates workout! It combines the body-sculpting benefits of Pilates with fat-melting cardio training.

Take control of your appetite! The Belly Melt Diet is designed to keep hunger hormones in control. Buy the book!

18. Maria Menounos, Television Host



Maria—in spite of two cracked ribs and injured feet—is in awesome shape thanks to her participation on Dancing with the Stars. That's not to say she didn't have a killer body before her DWTS debut! Maria's used to getting creative with at-home (or at-hotel) workouts and trains with Andrea Orbeck on a regular basis.

Maria's biggest exercise motivator? Music. Need some new tunes on your workout playlist? Check out our playlist library!

17. Rihanna, Musician



The 24-year-old Barbados native exudes confidence when she's walking those white-sand beaches in a tiny bikini, but it's not without hard work. When she's on the road, the singer does her best to squeeze in at least three workouts a week, at least 25 minutes a day. Biking or cycling are also part of her regular cardio routine, as well as exercises like jumping rope without a rope, stationary jogging, and jumping jacks.

She's also worked with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak on her diet—incorporating five well-balanced meals a day that are packed with protein, fiber, healthy carbs and fats, and a sugar-free beverage.

Get your meals in check with Women's Health's Flat Belly Day meal plan!

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16. Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress



The 39-year-old actress–turned–country singer is a healthy-eating superstar. Through her blog, Goop, she reveals what helps her stay in amazing shape: a balance between healthy eating and exercise.

Gwyneth's cardio of choice is dancing, and she uses resistance bands and lightweight dumbbells for toning. Training with Tracy Anderson whenever she can, Gwyneth loves a good sweat.

For fun recipe ideas, check out Gwyneth's cookbook, My Father's Daughter.

15. Jessica Alba, Actress



This 31-year-old Golden Globe–nominated actress and mom refers to herself as an amateur chef. In fact, some of Jessica's recipes have been featured on sites such ashttp://epicurious.com/. By cooking at home, Jessica knows exactly what goes into her food: nothing artificial.

Jessica's all-natural lifestyle doesn't stop in the kitchen. She's actively involved with charities such as Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, ONE, Habitat for Humanity, and Project H.O.M.E., and she even founded The Honest Company, which creates unquestionably safe and eco-friendly baby products.

Green your home with this eco-friendly home decor.

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14. Diane Kruger, Actress



The 35-year-old former ballet dancer isn't a fan of the gym. Her hiking and camping hobbies keep her svelte, while her love of cooking has made it easy to keep a clean diet. When this actress feels as if she's gained weight, she simply watches her portions.

Break the clean-plate habit with some simple tricks—and lose inches instantly.

13. Bar Refaeli, Actress/Model



The 26-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has a kick-butt workout—literally. The Israeli supermodel's trainer takes her through different martial-arts-style kicking sequences that work the abs, butt, and legs.

Kickboxing is a calorie-blasting powerhouse workout for the whole body. Try this do-anywhere boxing routine with high-intensity moves that sculpt muscles.

Want to feel good fast? Check out Dr. Oz's book You Being Beautiful!

12. Leighton Meester, Actress



Justin Falahi, Leighton's personal trainer, takes her workouts outdoors. Strength-training moves on park benches and playground workouts make for a fun outdoor sweatfest. Before each workout, Leighton takes five minutes to meditate and de-stress, a perfect me-time moment.

Relaxing is all about getting your mind off the stresses of life.Meditating can help you attain a sense of calm and peacefulness.

11. Kristen Bell, Actress



At 31 years old, this hilarious actress attributes her killer figure to always taking the stairs.

Yoga and strength training twice a week give her sexy muscle definition. As for food, Kristen finds counting calories useful and even comforting because it helps her know she's staying on track.

Need assistance with your calorie-counting math? Follow WH's formula and reach your goal!

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10. Kate Hudson, Actress



When Kate's not running after her two sons, Ryder and Bingham, she catches a Pilates session or dance class. She's also a fan of Core Fusion, a mix of yoga, Pilates, ballet, and strength training.

As for diet, Kate's trainer Ashley Conrad recommends eating five times a day—making sure to include lots of lean protein. Not sure which proteins are the best? We sort it all out for you with this protein prescription plan.

9. Gwen Stefani, Musician and Fashion Designer



Gwen's weightlifting, boxing, and cardio workouts continue to pay off. The 42-year-old musician and mom is always active. Whether she's skiing, power walking, or chasing her kids, Gwen is rarely sitting down.

Whenever possible, Gwen chooses organic, grass-fed, and local food to keep herself—and her family—healthy.

Is organic food better and worth the extra green? We dig in and find out.

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8. Olivia Wilde, Actress



The 28-year-old likes to hike with her dogs, a bulldog named Lola that she lovingly refers to as "a side of ham" and a fluffy mutt that goes by the name of Paco. Although Olivia tries to avoid eating bread and pasta, her love of Italian food makes that difficult. Portion control is key for this toned actress.

Don't be afraid of carbs. Whole grains are nutritional all-stars. Eating them can help reduce the risk for heart disease and diabetes and may even help you lose weight. Just be wary of these bad carbs.

7. Rachel Bilson, Actress



Those curves aren't from trips to the gym. This 30-year-old's favorite form of exercise is dancing "or some sort of sport," she says.

Rachel reinvested in tennis equipment (she played as a kid) so she and friends could hit the courts in L.A.'s Griffith Park, which is also a great place to hike. On days when she doesn't feel like leaving the house, she pops in a yoga DVD.

For a relaxing—and challenging—workout, give these yoga moves a try.

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6. Selena Gomez, Actress/Musician



You would never guess that this multitalented 19-year-old struggled with a junk-food problem. But that is reportedly what landed Selena in the hospital last year. Fast-forward one year and she says she's eating healthier and feeling better! Simple changes like adding more lean protein and vegetables can make all the difference.

If you need to make over your diet, pick up a copy of The Women's Health Diet book!

5. Katharine McPhee, Musician/Actress



Training for her role on Smash keeps this 28-year-old starlet in killer shape! When she's not in five-hour dance rehearsals prepping for her role as Karen Cartwright, she works with personal trainer Oscar Smith. Smith's routines incorporate dynamic moves like burpees, pushups, and alternating lunge jumps.

Get the most out of your workout by incorporating these new exercise moves.

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4. Brooke Burke, Television Host



This 40-year-old mom of four shares her workout secrets in her Transform Your BodyDVD. In this challenging fat-burning workout, Brooke leads you through a three-part sequence of dynamic exercises that work your total body.

After you sweat it out, make sure to fully cool down. Incorporate these post-workout tips for a well-rounded exercise routine.

3. Lea Michele, Actress



Lea stays in shape by tackling the trails in picturesque Runyon Canyon—a 15-minute drive from her apartment—and working out with L.A. health counselor Devon Butler. "We do a lot of yoga during red-carpet season," says Butler. "Lea has so much attention on her, and this is so calming." Lea especially likes Bikram, poses and breathing exercises done in a heated studio for deeper stretching and stress relief.

Thinking of incorporating yoga into your workout routine? Here are some facts about Bikram yoga.

Find easy ways to look and feel good fast in Dr. Oz's book You Being Beautiful!

2. Marisa Miller, Supermodel/Actress



This 33-year-old model is known for her phenomenally flat belly. Her secret? She targets her obliques. "Working your obliques pulls everything together and gives you a slim waist," says Marisa. One of her favorite moves is the alternating crunch.

When it comes to keeping a diet on track, she offers this advice: "Eating smart is all about having an awareness of your body. The most obvious way to do that is by seeing it. So when you're trying to lose weight, spend more time wearing less."

Try it for yourself and look better naked!

1. Julianne Hough, Dancer/Musician/Actress


This multitalented 23-year-old hates the gym and turns to celeb fitness trainer Tracy Anderson for total-body "dance-y" workouts. When on the road, she mixes up sessions with her trainer and P90X DVDs. After all that hard work, Julianne follows a strict diet. When dining out, her order generally looks like this: a mixed green salad with lemon (and without cheese) and salmon with mixed vegetables—no oil or salt

Dec 19

7 Bollywood Actresses Whose Fitness and Diet Secrets You Should Learn (By Healthy Bites)

Top 7: Hot Bollywood Actress and their Fitness and Diet Secrets, Workout Routines

In today’s busy & stressful life, being fit & healthy is truly considered a blessing. We all look up to different celebrities for their healthy lifestyle & exercise regime. Let us take a look at some of our top Bollywood divas & how they manage to remain in perfect shape at all times. These Indian actresses have grueling work hours yet manage time for their gym and workout routines along with following a healthy diet plan morning to night. They have lost weight and gone from fat to fit. Its not just about weight loss but overall health and fitness. And all this hard work have gained them titles like hot and ****y! Let’s see the best fit bollywood actresses and their fitness and diet plans.

List of Fitness Secrets and Diet Plans of Top Bollywood Actresses:Deepika Padukone: Secrets to her Athletic Bodybest-bollywood-actresses-fitness-secrets-diet-charts-gym

Deepika Padukone is certainly the reigning Queen of Bollywood & one of the fittest actresses in the hindi film industry today. Being a badminton player, she has always been in great shape since childhood. Her fitness trainer Yasim Karachiwala helps her stay fit at all times. Deepika has a great metabolism structure & she believes in having a healthy body rather than just being slim. Her perfectly toned body is the proof of her discipline, hard work & a strict diet.

Her Workout and Fitness Secrets:

Her fitness regime includes Pilates, cardio & strength and weight training. She also practices Yoga & does Surya Namaskar & asanas like Cat Stretch, Warrior Pose & shoulder stands. In addition, she also does Pranayama & meditation to relax her mind.  She is not a gym freak & whenever she is busy shooting, she indulges in some physical activity like running, swimming or simply walking. Thus, she stays active which helps her keep a well-toned body. Her fitness mantra is ‘Make fitness a way of life’.  She also incorporates dance in her fitness regime which further helps her shed the extra calories.

Her Diet Secrets:

She does not like to cut down on her favorite foods & eats meals in small quantities every two hours. She eats fresh fruits & her diet is a proper mix of proteins & carbohydrates. She has a sweet tooth & loves chocolate, but she makes up for indulging in the guilty pleasure by going for extra workout sessions. She is a teetotaler which totally works to her advantage. She drinks plenty of water & takes a good night’s sleep to remain healthy & glowing!

Bipasha Basu: Fitness Enthusiast and Strongly Builtbest-bollywood-actresses-fitness-secrets-diet-charts-gym

This Bengali beauty is another fit actress everyone looks up to. She had everyone talking about her perfect figure in the movie Dhoom 2. Bipasha works very hard to stay fit and in perfect shape. She follows a strict diet and workout regimen. She has also released fitness DVDs titled ‘Love Yourself’. She is a fitness enthusiast & does not believe going on crash dieting or taking slimming pills.

Instead, she emphasizes on taking a balanced diet & avoiding junk food. She drinks plenty of water daily to flush out impurities & loves coconut water. This keeps her hydrated & makes her skin radiant too! She works out on treadmill & practice cycling & kick boxing. She makes it a point to alternate between different activities to prevent it from becoming monotonous. She also emphasizes on taking a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: From Size Zero to Overall Fitnessbest-bollywood-actresses-fitness-secrets-diet-charts-gym

Kareena is a truly a style icon of Bollywood. She was in the limelight for her size zero figure in the movie Tashan for which she worked really hard. Kareena does pilates & cardio exercises but she focuses most on doing Yoga. Kareena’s trainer Payal Gidwani Tiwari made her fall in love with Yoga. She religiously devotes at least two hours to yoga every day, no matter how busy she is. She loves to do power yoga which includes with Surya Namaskar, Bhujangasana, Virabhadra & Bikram yoga. Her cardio involves running, biking and swimming. Kareena takes a healthy diet and follows a strict exercise regime.

She loves food & does not believe in going without food for days in order to lose weight. In fact, she even includes sugars & ghee in her diet but in moderation. She eats everything but in a balanced way & she also emphasizes on the significance of a good night’s sleep. She eats small meals after every 2-3 hours and drinks at least 6-8 glasses of boiled water every day.

Priyanka Chopra: Fitness and Diet Secrets Revealedbest-bollywood-actresses-fitness-secrets-diet-charts-gym

Our very own Piggy Chops is proud of her perfect ****y figure & never forgets to flaunt it & rightfully so! She looked ravishing in the movie Don & never shies away from donning a bikini either. Although she has a natural lean figure & does not gain weight easily, but she makes it a point to stay healthy and fit. She takes a simple and well balanced diet & eats in small quantities every two hours. She is not a gym freak, but she works out regularly on treadmill & does cardio. In addition, she practices running, spinning, push-ups & lunges.

Yoga is also an important part of her workout regime since it helps in to keep both her mind & body She enjoys doing stunts and also learnt Gatka or desi martial arts. Being a true Punjabi kudi, she loves food. She indulges in her favorite dishes once in a while but strictly stays away from fried & fatty food. She takes in plenty of fluids & loves drinking coconut water. She includes a lot of green steamed veggies and fruits in her diet as well.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra: Secrets to her ****y figurebest-bollywood-actresses-fitness-secrets-diet-charts-gym

Shilpa Shetty is one actress who has definitely turned ****ier & fitter with age. She has come a long way from her robust body frame in the early years. Today she has one of the best bodies in B-town. She has released DVDs on yoga and pranayam as well. However, she weighed as much as 80 kilos during her pregnancy. However, she started working out in a few months & was back in her ****y avatar. She is truly an inspiration for new mothers to get back in shape and shed the extra kilos. She revealed that she used to work out in the afternoon when the baby was asleep.

She believes in taking a balanced diet & starts her day withamla or aloe vera juice. She avoids white carbs & instead includes brown carbs in her diet. She abstains from consuming snacks in between the meals. Her fitness regime includes cardio workout, strength training & yoga & meditation. She has allocated different days in a week for different workouts. She also takes carbs & non-carbs rich diet on alternate days. She is strongly against dieting & believes in eating healthy & exercising well. She loves to drink green tea and stays away from sugary drinks. She makes it a point not to eat after 8 pm and takes her last meal at least three hours before going to bed.

Malaika Arora Khan: how to get her hourglass figurebest-bollywood-actresses-fitness-secrets-diet-charts-gym

A mom with an hourglass figure & loads of oomph, she literally puts many of us to shame. Malaika believes in eating healthy & starts off her day with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey, followed by a liter of water. She also drinks coconut water, green tea & healthy juices to keep her well hydrated. She follows a five meal plan with nutrient rich foods & eats everything but in moderation. However, she avoids fried & oily food. She cooks with extra virgin olive oil. She believes in an early dinner & does not take any carbs at night. She truly believes in making breakfast the heaviest meal followed by lunch & then dinner the lightest one.

In addition to the cardio exercises in the gym, she also indulges in aerobics, hip-hop & Yoga to work on different parts of her body. She works out thrice a week practicing squats, kickboxing & free weights. She also loves to jog & swim whenever it tends to get monotonous. She also dances to keep herself fit & knows many dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Jazz Ballet and Russian Ballet.

Parineeti Chopra: Weightloss and Workout Secretsbest-bollywood-actresses-fitness-secrets-diet-charts-gym

Parineeti took everyone by surprise when she posted photos of her latest fitness photoshoot a couple of days back. After shedding a lot of kilos, she is back in a new avatar & is looking breathtaking. She has been on the heavier side since her childhood days & has a tendency to gain weight easily due to her poor metabolism After being criticized for her weight, she embarked on a journey of losing the extra kilos through intense workout sessions & a strict diet plan.

She starts her day with jogging & then moves on to activities she likes such as swimming and horse riding. Apart from hitting the gym, she also does Yoga & meditation which helps her stay away from stress. She takes her dinner at least two hours before bed & is also doing a form of Kerala martial arts called Kalaripayattu. She now feels that she is much fitter & healthier now. Parineeti is truly an inspiration for all of us & her journey from fat to fitter is commendable.

By Contributor: Stuti

Apr 19

Top 12 Bollywood Beauty Secrets (By Healthy Bites )

Ever met any of the gorgeous Bollywood actresses? I assure you, they look even better in real life. Looking good is an art, and not entirely nature’s act. And you do not have to be a big shot actress to look gorgeous. You can take a few pages out of the beauty diaries of these pretties and use them to boost your looks.

Perhaps you dismiss the Bollywood stars’ beauty as the handiwork of dozens of well trained beauty professionals? Well, you might be surprised to know that most stars have a few beauty secrets up their sleeves. It is not always about hair and makeup. Since they must look presentable at all times, they need to take extra care of their looks. This means that even on a regular basis they need to follow certain regimes that enhance their beauty. Generally these are household beauty tips that the stars may have been using even before their stardom. This means that even you can try them out.

12 Bollywood Beauty Secrets You Should Know

If you are eager to know the Bollywood actresses beauty secrets, then read on ahead:

1. Fitness Secrets

More than their appearance, many actresses believe that inner beauty or a healthy system is extremely important than anything else. Looking glamorous with makeup is still easy but getting your systems function properly is a tough task considering how much junk we eat these days.

Yoga, swimming, exercise and morning walks are simple activities that most of our Bollywood stars incorporate in their daily lives to beat the stress and also to stay healthy and look young.

You can pick a couple of good healthy habits from all our beautiful ladies in Bollywood. On one hand, Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga is becoming very popular while Bipasha Basu loves to spend quality time in the gym.

Getting a right trainer who understands your body does a great job to attain that perfect curve, unless you want to be size zero like once Kareena used to be.

Staying fit and keeping one’s mind at peace is the best beauty secret that all of us would agree. Take Karishma Kapoor for example, a mother of two, Karishma Kapoor still gives some of the newcomers a run for their money. So is Madhuri Dixit, whose smile can still make your heart skip a beat.

2. Hydration

We all require around 2 liters of water every day to stay healthy. But for the beauty queens, water is not a mere necessity but a step towards beauty. Drinking ample amounts of water, but not overdoing it, ensures that the skin remains supple. The more water you drink, more toxins are washed out of your body. You can also try detox drinks to keep yourself hydrated. Actors and actresses take care to keep themselves hydrated at all times.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric, in its raw form, can do a lot of good to our body. Raw turmeric is a good disinfectant, thus its intake can help you stay healthy. At the same time, raw turmeric can offer your skin fairness and glow. So, you can either ingest it with milk or rub it on your skin directly.

4. Coconut

Coconut is a beauty saver for most actors and actresses. Apart from the fatty flesh, the coconut water as well as coconut oil can help a lot. Coconut water is an excellent antioxidant. It can flush all the toxins out of your body. Coconut oil can be excellent for your skin and your hair.

5. Lemon, Honey And Warm Water

Those who are trying to lose weight will definitely benefit by drinking honey, lemon and warm water. The mixture helps shed excess flab. The drink should be taken on an empty stomach to ensure best results.

6. Other Oils

There are various kinds of oils used by Bollywood stars to improve their skin and especially their hair. Most of these oils are readily available in the market like the oil extracts of amla, almond, castor and reetha.

7. Greens

A healthy stomach can result in a healthy body. Taking a lot of greens ensures proper roughage intake. This means that your body will be cleared of all the toxins with the help of the greens. So, have a green diet to stay fit and beautiful like the stars.

8. Milk And Yoghurt

Both milk and yoghurt can boost radiance. One can have the milk and yoghurt or one can apply them on their skin to get the desired results. This is one of the wonderful beauty secrets of Bollywood actresses.

9. Fish

Adding fish to your diet is a good way of giving your body the much needed nutrients. Fish offers the antioxidants that your body needs. Fish also offers nutrients that have an anti ageing effect on your skin.

10. Moisturize

Drinking ample quantities of water may not be enough to ensure supple skin. You need to keep your face and body moisturized at all times. Actresses, like Nargis Fakhri, know the benefits of using a moisturizer. Use moisturizers that suit your skin. Use day creams during day and night creams during night. Know your skin type. This is essential if you want to have a smooth and supple skin.

11. Cleanse

Keeping your skin clean can be the best way to start looking gorgeous. If you do not cleanse your skin then the pores will get blocked and your skin will no longer look radiant.

12. Makeup Secrets

When you see clear skin, matte finish or glowing face on screen, it has much to do with how the makeup artist has used the brushes to  enhance the right contours and features.

Looking beautiful is a tough task especially when you have a troublesome skin. To hide the flaws with the right makeup is quite an art. Many Bollywood actresses swear by three makeup essentials, namely, the right foundation matching your skin tone, a concealer and nice compact that evens out the shade of your skin.

Selecting the right colour for yourself is extremely important to look pleasant. Do not follow makeup trends blindly.

Bollywood divas like Rekha, Hema Malini, Aishwarya, Juhi, Sonali Bendre, and Karishma are living examples of how a healthy lifestyle can camouflage your age.

I guess now it’s obvious that beauty is a matter of routine and nurturing rather than something endowed by nature. So look like a star by imbibing few of these Bollywood beauty’s beauty secrets.

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