It Takes Time (Ishqbaaz Fan Fiction)

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Oct 16, 2016

It Takes Time (Ishqbaaz Fan Fiction) (By Marriedtocoffee) (Thanked: 4 times)

It takes time to understand what love is and whom we fall in love with. People think that its easy to fall in love but in reality its not. Love in films, compared to reality is different. This a story about two lovely individuals and there families who try to capture and feel the essences of love. Afterall, it takes time. It's not easy as it takes time. 

Shivaay was in a conversation with Om about the essence of love and the importance of money and wealth in this world.

"Money is everything. Without success, without money how can you accomplish or even live life. People who live in under developed countries only understand the importance of money, education, wealth,success and hardwork. But, aaj kal everyone believes that without love you can't achieve anything, that's utter nonsense in my opinion," exclaimed Shivaay Singh Oberio. 

"No Shivaay, I think you're wrong here. I agree wealth is important and so is hard work, however you need to learn to know how to balance it with love. Being in love is such an amazing feeling. You can share your feelings with one other, have intimate moments, be happy. When you're happy and in love, it pushes you too work harder," Om replied gracefully. 

*To Be Continued 

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