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Jan 31, 2017

Chapter 21 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 66 times)

Saoda ki Aunty is dedicating this for her Mumma. Saoda, I hope yur Mumma forgives me ;)

Chapter 21:

Khushi glared looking at Arnav. Arnav kept a puppy face, seeing that Nk and Lavanya again busted out laughing. Nk went near Arnav and pulled his cheek saying “You are really Cute Arnav!!” for which Arnav showed his teeth ‘EEEE’.

“See even Nk feels I look cute (He looked at Lav) I’m cute hai na? (Lav nodded her head smiling) see , I’m Cute hence proved!!” said Arnav shrugged his shoulders for which Khushi rolled her eyes.

Nk went near Arnav “So Mr Cutie pie come lets go inside my farmhouse” Nk dragged him inside.

“and you come with me Ms Angry bird” Lav dragged Khushi inside.

They went to the guest room. Arnav was the most talkative person today.

Khushi: I never thought he can speak this much! Huh!

Lavanya giggled looking at Nk, and Nk winked looking at Lavanya indicating that lets leave them alone.

Lav: Uh Khushi you take care of Cutie pie, we will be right back.

Khushi: What me? Don’t leave me alone with this psycho!

Nk: Tsk Tsk Tsk, will anyone call their hubby psycho??

“He is not my husband!!!” Khushi threw the pillow on Nk for making fun of her.

NK: See see who is psycho you or him?? Look at that cute face, don’t call him psycho..

Khushi closed her eyes getting frustrated.

Lav:  Chill, we will be back in some minutes. We will bring something to drink and Nk will inform Uncle and Aunty through call.

Both Nk and Lavanya left Arnav and Khushi alone in the room.

Khushi looked at the so called Cutie pie who was lying in bed all funny, his leg one side, his hand the other side.

Khushi went near him to see what he was doing, she saw him sleeping. Khushi left a sigh “Uff thank god,  he slept”.

Khushi was about to move away from bed, and all of the sudden she was pulled by Arnav, in a fraction of second she was under him and Arnav on top of her.

Arnav stuck his tongue out looking at her “Haha, you were fooled!!!! Cutie pie wont sleep that soon haha”. Khushi glared looking at him and was struggling to get out of his grip. It was little bit easy for her to escape from him since he was not in his sense. She pushed him and was about to get up but all of sudden she saw him crying.

“Khushi, why are you leaving me alone and going?” He started crying like a baby.

Khushi actually felt him so cute. She dint know whether to smile or get angry seeing his antics. Arnav closed his eyes with his palms as if crying.

Khushi: Dramebazz!

Khushi sat back “Now what?”

“You were leaving me alone and going na? go!” Arnav turned the other side as if he was angry on her.

“Excuse me? Its me who should get angry and not you! Okay?” Khushi retorted back.

Arnav turned looking at her, Khushi made a angry face. Arnav came near her and sat beside her.

“Anyways it is correct that you should be angry since you are only angry bird and I’m cutie pie hai na?” Arnav asked her innocently.

Arnav left no option for her to hate him. He was intentionally/non-intentionally was actually  melting her. Khushi just looked in his eyes.

That’s when Nk and Lavanya after informing Ashwin and Shalini returned back with lemon juice for Arnav, since he was blabbering a lot and an orange juice for Khushi. Nk and Lavanya witnessed half of the scene standing outside, they were happy for them. They saw that love for Arnav in Khushi’s eyes.  Lav gestured Khushi to give Arnav his drink.

Nk: Khushi, talk with him and Lavanya, lets leave.

Lavanya: yes Khushi, sort it out!

Both Nk and Lavanya left them both alone.

Khushi asked Arnav to drink the lemon juice for which he denied drinking.

Khushi scolded him in anger “What is this Arnav, look you are not a kid okay?”

Arnav pushed the juice down which she was holding as soon as she yelled on him, Khushi jerked back with his behaviour.

“You are always angry on me Khushi, why are you doing this to me? Don’t you feel, I’m repenting for my mistake. As soon as I came to know the whole truth I couldn’t forgive myself. I hated myself for behaving like that with you, Khushi! I’m guilty, I’m sorry” Arnav fell down getting weak. Khushi tried to hold him before he could hurt himself by falling down. Khushi understood he came to know whole the truth now.

Both Arnav and Khushi sat down.  Khushi lay her head on his shoulders sitting next to him all lost.

“You yourself couldn’t forgive yourself then how could you expect me to forgive you Arnav?” she asked looking at Arnav.

Arnav looked back at Khushi “Whatever it is you’ve always been the mature one between us two..I hope you will forgive me like you always do” he almost pleaded.

“So now you accept that I’m mature more then you?” asked Khushi.

Arnav thought for a while and pulled her cheeks “Yes, you are mature then me when it comes to relationships”.

Khushi just looked at him, Arnav was smiling looking at her.

Khushi: It is not that easy Arnav!

Arnav pouted “May be you can give uh a chance na?”

Khushi was about to get up, but Arnav pulled her back and cupped Khushi’s face.

Arnav: I love no I love you actually I love you most!! (Thinking) No actually I love you mostest..

Khushi: What are you up to?

Arnav: Uh I think I love you more than anything in this whole world..(Scratching his head) uh actually I love you more than anything in this whole wide universe..noooooo (He screams) I love you more then words can describe!!!!!!!!!

Khushi: You know what, you uh you actually became mad! Totally mad!

Khushi called Lavanya and Nk to their room, for which they came instantly since they were in the next room.

Khushi: Guys this is too much! And he dint even drink the juice!

Khushi showed how he has spilled the whole juice on the floor.

Arnav stood up and came near Nk.

Arnav: Nk yaar, Khushi became like a hitler!!

Khushi’s eyes popped out hearing it, Lavanya chuckled.

Arnav came near Lav and whispered in her ear “She is literally scaring me Lav!!” complained Arnav.

Lavanya started giggling and Nk-Khushi asked “W-H-A-T?!”

Lav: He..he is..(she started laughing more) Cutie pie is scared of you Khushi!!!

Nk also started laughing. Khushi kept a poker face and Arnav kept a puppy face.

Arnav: Don’t know why Hitler’s spirit entered inside my Khushi’s body?!

Arnav pouted.

Khushi: Excuse me! I’m not any ghost okay!

Arnav: Then why are you behaving like hitler?

Khushi couldn’t reply back anything.

Arnav: What? If you are my Khushi means you will be all chirpy and not like hitler.

Khushi: ergh!!! Arnav!

Arnav: See see even now you are scolding me!

Khushi: What? look I’m not any hitler!

Arnav: Then prove it!

“What?!” Khushi rolled her eyes. Nk and Lavanya weren’t able to stop their laughter.

Arnav: Play with us, be chirpy like Khushi then I will believe!

Khushi: Look, I cant play your engagement game and all okay! That game is over!

Arnav thought for a while “hmm okay come lets play running race”.

Khushi looked at Nk and Lav “Guys, he became mad! Totally mad!!!”.

Nk: Arey Khushi, we cant get this chance always to see our cutie pie like this!!

Lav: yeah come lets play!!

Khushi: Hey devi maiya ye koi ghar ya mental hospital everyone became mad? (Hey devi maiya is this a house or mental hospital everyone became mad?)

Nk: Chalo chalo talk to devi maiya lets play..

Arnav: yes yes!!

Lav: See don’t be a spoilsport Khushi.

Khushi: I’m spoilsport uh? Unbelievable!

Arnav: tk to yourself later come now lets play.

Nk: Okay, now from here who reaches downstairs first will be the winner okay?

Rest 3 nodded their head.

Lavanya stood first followed by Nk, Khushi and at last Arnav.

Lavanya : Okay guys get ready.

All the four got ready to run.

Lavanya: 1..2..3..GO!!

Lavanya, Nk and Khushi started running except Arnav. They saw Arnav still standing in his same position so rest three stopped running and came back to Arnav.

Khushi: What? why are you standing still? You are the one who asked to play running race na then why aren't you running?!

Arnav: Haan but..

Nk: What happened?

Arnav: Voh Lavanya dint ask me to go. 

Khushi: Uh?

Arnav: She(Lav) said 1..2..3..Go but my number is 4 na? since I was the fourth person. So only I dint run.

Arnav told all innocently.  It was always Nk and Lavanya who used to laugh but this time Khushi started to laugh out loud.

Arnav all of the sudden hugged Khushi “Yayyy, she is not hitler!!! She is my Khushi only..see she is laughing!!!”. Arnav kissed her on her cheeks in excitement getting back his Khushi. He was so happy that there was no hitler’s spirit on her. Nk and Lav blushed looking at the cute couple.

Khushi: Look Arnav, you have to sleep now!

Arnav: But..

Khushi: If you think me as your Khushi, then you have to.

Arnav obeyed like a good boy and lied on the bed. Nk, Lav and Khushi were about to leave the room for which Arnav screamed “Don’t leave me alone and go Khushiiii..I’m sleeping as you said na, so please don’t leave me. Please be beside me ..”.

Nk and Lav asked her to be with Arnav till he sleeps. Nk and Lav retired back to their rooms and Khushi sat beside Arnav on the bed.

Arnav looked at her smiling and said “thank you” cutely. Khushi ruffled his hair “Sleep now”.

Arnav: I love you my angry bird..

Khushi’s heart badly wanted to shout out loud “I love you too my cutie pie..yes you are indeed cute!!!!” but she stopped herself from saying anything further loudly. She still wasn’t ready to forgive him that easily.

Arnav was holding her hand as tight as he can. He felt as if she would run away if he leave her hand. Khushi patted him and sleep took over him, in fact he slept peacefully after years. Khushi in the process of making him sleep she also slept in the sitting position itself. Arnav hugging her lap and holding her one hand and Khushi’s other hand on his shoulder.

Nk and Lavanya who came back to call Khushi since Shalini has called her but seeing them in that position they looked at couple with “Aww” expression. They saw how contended and happily they were sleeping. Lavanya instantly asked Shalini Aunty to check her Whatsapp as she took a snap of them and sent it to her. They were happy to see them like this. Shalini seeing that picture showed it to Ashwin who was beside her.

Ashwin: We will show this to everyone tomorrow.

Shalini: Yeah, lets not disturb Maaji, Anjali and Shyam too because they would have made Aaru to sleep now only. If we go now, Aaru will wake up and then she will not sleep soon.

Ashwin and Shalini were in cloud9 and same was with Nk and Lavanya.


Arnav woke up first, he had a very bad headache and he was about to get up that’s when he saw Khushi beside him sleeping in sitting position.

“Aww Khushi how sweet you are in my dream why don’t you be the same in real, see I even started hallucinating you” saying that he directly pecked her on cheeks that’s when Khushi opened her eyes feeling the kiss. Khushi glared looking at Arnav where as bechari Arnav was thinking this was all his dream still.


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Feb 4, 2017

Chapter 22 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 65 times)

Chapter 22:


Arnav woke up first, he had a very bad headache and he was about to get up that’s when he saw Khushi beside him sleeping in sitting position.

“Aww Khushi how sweet you are in my dream why don’t you be the same in real, see I even started hallucinating you” saying that he directly pecked her on cheeks thats when Khushi opened her eyes feeling the kiss. Khushi glared looking at Arnav where as bechari Arnav was thinking this was all his dream still.

Khushi jerked back shrieking  “What are you doing?!”

“Why are you angry even now?” Arnav pouted.

Khushi got up “What do you mean by why am I angry now?! I was angry always on you and still I am, got it?!”

“Wh-what? oh come on sweetheart” Arnav pulled Khushi near him.

Khushi struggled back “Leave me Arnav!”.

Arnav: You can control me in reality I accept that but..tsk tsk tsk but not in my dreams babyyy..

That’s when Khushi understood her so called Cutie pie ..oh wait wait what did she think, her cutie pie? Ergg, she chanted to control her inner feeling “not your Cutie pie Khushi! Not yours! He is the one who hurt your feelings!”

“uh he really became mad! He started hallucinating me man!” Khushi thought.

Arnav : (Husky)Khushi.

Khushi was fearing for what might happen next, her heart knew she cant resist but her mind was trying to control her feelings.

Khushi: Arnav its not like what you think..

Arnav: I like you in my dreams Khushi, you are cute(He touched her cheek) You are sweet(He touched her lips, Khushi just closed her eyes breathing hard) You are lovely(He touched her eyebrows)

Khushi: No Arnav, don’t do this..please

“I can only do this in my dreams Khushi since you aren’t even allowing me near you in reality” Arnav complained.

Khushi: I’m still avoiding you because you-you are facing the reality Arnav! This is real!

Arnav: Real? But if this is real you would have pushed me by now for out this close proximity na? (He thought for a while) Hmm aacha so you are trying to fool me even in my way, I’m going to enjoy this dream so stop bringing the reality, okay? And look I don’t know why I had headache and seeing you my headache just flew away! You are the medicine for my everything Khushi. Being a doctor I would like to say You are the medicine to my illness, the best medicine ever a patient could in take and I will be damn happy to be a patient if you are my medicine.

Khushi: First you proposed like a love sick puppy, now you are proposing like a love sick doctor..what are you?!

Arnav: I’m a doctor who can save others lives but you are the one who can save this Doctor’s life..

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Oh god he is giving back to back counter for everything, seriously devi maiya it was very much easy to handle the Kadoos Raizada but this I'm-so-romantic-Raizada is much more tougher than that Kadoos Raizada’

Khushi screamed “Nkkkkkkk-Lavvvvvvv bachaoooo mujhe iss psycho se!!!!!! (Help me from this Psycho!!!!!!)”

Hearing the scream both Nk and Lavanya rushed inside and Arnav was shocked seeing them, that’s when he realised this wasn’t his room, wait where was he?

“ I’m in love so I hallucinate Khushi, but why am I hallucinating even Nk and Lav?” Arnav asked to Khushi so cute and innocently.

Nk and Lav now understood that Arnav was thinking that he was hallucinating Khushi. Both of them chuckled looking at him.

Khushi: It is because you aren’t hallucinating dammit! We-are-real!

Arnav: Of course we have to be real, we aren’t fake I suppose..

Khushi rolled her eyes.

Nk: Arnav, don’t you remember anything?

Arnav thought “uh, I think I actually don’t remember anything”

NK: We both went to the pub, then you got drunk..Khushi and Lav came there then you started dancing (Arnav eyes grew wider hearing that, he danced?) then Khushi dragged you out later getting drunk you became more lovey-dovey..and yeah you even got a new nick name “cutie pie”

Arnav: Wh-What cutie pie?  Man that sounds so girly!!!

Khushi shouted back “Oh really? It sounded girly only now? Then what about yesterday? You were tagging yourself as cutie pie-cutie pie-cutie pie! And you wanted everyone to call you cutie pie!”

Arnav: Don’t lie okay? Okay I accept I liked it when you call me cute, but whats the pie doing along with the cute? And why would I go gaga for cutie pie?

Lav: You were going you know, even Khushi’s nick name was Angry bird.

Arnav: At least that name suits her you see..

Khushi glared looking at him.

Nk: And then you were doing all the weird things yesterday!!! I should mention that you were the best in doing all such weird things!! And yeah how did I forget this, you and Khushi got engaged yesterday!!!

Arnav eyes grew wide hearing it and he looked at his ring finger but he found no ring there.

Khushi answered sarcastically “Don’t search it! You were playing imaginary engagement game with me!”

Arnav: I was playing what?

Nk and Lav nodded their head and replied “you were even asking us to play running race with you..”

Arnav : guys fine, I accept that I was drunk but that doesn’t mean you people can kid me like that okay? I’m not 5 yaar, to play like stop trying to pull my legs..okay?

Khushi jumped on him as if lion jumping on its prey “What did you say haan? We were kidding? You idiot stupid nonsense irritating Raziada, it was you who was doing all such things! And you never left a chance to make me feel nervous! How did you all of the sudden turn all love sick puppy dammit!!!!!”

“Like how you turned into a fiery lioness now in a fraction of second almost on top of me dammit!!!!!” Arnav indicated how she was almost on top of him.

Khushi immediately got down adjusting herself and she left the room fuming in anger shouting “I’m going back home!”.

Arnav asked Nk and Lav “Guys did I really behave that weird?”

Nk and Lav busted out laughing, Arnav stood there with a puppy face.

Nk and Lav enacted the scene how Arnav played the phone game with Khushi in car and how he ended up asking when Khushi asking Marry, who? And Arnav replying Marry me! And they almost narrated every act of his yesterday.

Arnav: I just cant believe this! Was that me who did all that??

Nk and Lav again started to laugh out loud this time Arnav also joining along with them.

Arnav: The only benefit out of this is I could some what melt my ice princess.

Nk : and I’m sure she is just masking her face with an angry face Arnav.

Lav: yes because we ourselves saw that love for you in her eyes.

Arnav eyes twinkled hearing it.

Nk and Lav: So don’t worry, we will try some way out of this.

Arnav thanked Lav and Nk for being so supportive and he also left for his home.

Reaching Raziada mansion, whole family surrounded him showing him the picture which Nk took last night. Arnav was blushing hard. Everyone were teasing him, Khushi saw that from far and she was fuming in anger. She went inside her room in a bad temper.

Arnav got freshened up and he was resting for a while in his room since he really did lot of stunts yesterday, that’s when Nani-Shalini-Ashwin and Aarushi came to his room informing that they are going out taking Aarushi since she was getting bored and they were indicating him that they informed Khushi also the same so utilise the time to woo her. Arnav understood their motive very well, he was happy with everyone’s cooperation.

Arnav immediately went to Shyam’s room. There he saw Shyam surfing something in net.

Arnav: Hey Shyam what are you doing?

Shyam: Nothing just working on some research papers.

Arnav: Okay, where is bhabhi I mean di?

Shyam: She is in Khushi’s room and what is your next plan?

Arnav: I’m totally blank Shyam, she has seriously became a tough nut to crack yaar.

Shyam: You know what, come lets first see what the girls are doing..

In Khushi’s room

Anjali: Khushi come on smile.

Khushi: I know di, even you are supporting him. Now no one is supporting me! I’m all alone..

That’s when Shyam and Arnav entered inside. Khushi was giving angry glares to Arnav.

Shyam: Khushi..Why are you thinking like that?

Khushi: Then what jiju? My own sister is supporting him!

Shyam: and his own brother will support you!!

Arnav and Anjali looked weirdly at Shyam. Khushi jumped in joy “Really jiju??” Shyam caressed Khushi’s hair “Yes my little sister”.

Khushi: Then let us go somewhere out Jiju, if he can party why can’t I?!

Arnav: Excuse me, I did not party okay?!

“You did!” replied Khushi and she turned towards Shyam “Jiju, I will get ready and come we will go out..” saying that Khushi went to washroom.

Anjali looked at Shyam and  Arnav started to shoot their questionnaire “What was that? You promised to patch up me with her ??!!”

Shyam: We will Arnav that’s what I’m doing..There should be someone with her to choose what is good for her, so I will help her with it.

Arnav: Then myself and di will also be coming with along with you to do party!

Shyam chuckled “I don’t mind, that will be more fun”.

After some while Shyam, Anjali and Arnav got ready and they came to Khushi’s room. Seeing Anjali and Arnav, Khushi asked “Where are you both going?”

Arnav: Party, we are coming with you.

Khushi: What?! No I’m not taking you with me!

Arnav: You were in my party yesterday na? so technically I will also be in your party today!

Khushi got stuck, “Whatever!, try try you will not succeed!”

Arnav shrugged his shoulders, all the four started for a party which they themselves are going to enjoy. They entered inside a well know party area which was quite famous. Arnav and Khushi did not speak anything.

The theme of the party for that day was, breakup party.

Seeing that Khushi smiled mischievously looking at Arnav for which Arnav screamed a “NO!” and Khushi ran inside the crowd not giving heed to any of his words.

Arnav : What stupid theme is this?! Why are everyone behaving weird!

Both Shyam and Anjali busted out laughing.



Arnav sitting in the corner, not looking at anything particular. Everyone were enjoying the party.

He felt someone sitting beside him and he couldn’t believe his own eyes “Khushi?" 

Arnav kept an angry face "Go you wanna enjoy the party right? Go and enjoy”

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Feb 12, 2017

Chapter 23 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 56 times)

Chapter 23:

Arnav: Who will keep theme like this and all “Break-up Party”? Like seriously ??!!

Again Shyam and Anjali started to laugh.

“And where did she just go dispearing in that crowd!!!!” Arnav shrieked and went in search of Khushi followed by Anjali and Shyam.

There Khushi was smiling looking at the happy faced of the Break up party people. Arnav saw her smiling like mad, he went near her and caught hold of her hand “What type of party is this?! Look we are leaving! Get me?!”

Khushi shrugged her hand off from his “We just broke up, okay?!”

“What? Wait when did that happen? In fact we were never in a relationship before!!!” Arnav just blurted out in shock and confusion without thinking what he was speaking and which has already hurt Khushi.

Khushi’s thoughts “How can he just hurt me that directly by saying that we were not in relationship. Okay, I accept its me who always proposed him but he dint but that doesn’t mean he can hurt me as he wishe!”

Arnav noticed her facial reaction and he already understood he has again committed a mistake unintentionally. Anjali and Shyam were silent spectators, they themselves felt so messed thinking how to unite them now, because they are fighting-arguing-fighting-arguing-fighting-arguing and doing the same instead of forgiving and loving.

“Uh..Kh..Khushi wait” Arnav tried to protest but Khushi showed her palm in Dadi’s style “No Arnav! Just stop! I know its me who loved you all these years but that doesn’t mean I will take all the **** which you give me! Get it?! You just cant hurt me again and again Arnav! Who do you think you are haan??” Khushi pushed him by hitting him on his chest “What is your problem Arnav?! What is your damn problem!?!” Khushi almost screamed. Though some of them in the party saw them fighting was as usual watching it like exhibition and some just dint care what happened around.

Arnav: Khushi let me speak.

Khushi: No! Today I will speak and you listen!

Arnav: But it wasn’t intentional Khushi..I’m sorry.

Khushi: Oh please! You just cant commit a mistake again and again and then cover it with a sorry, okay?!

Arnav couldn’t speak anything more. He felt like a criminal in front of her. Yes, she just made him feel low about himself. He couldn’t believe he is hurting her again and again even though his intention was not like that.

Khushi: Yes Arnav, I loved you! I alone loved you! It was one-side love and I am breaking up with you today! So what if you don’t love me? I loved you..loved you once so I’m breaking up now!

Anjali indicated Arnav to speak something.

Arnav: But you cant just break up like that with me!

Khushi: Why cant I? I will..I can, my love-my break up!

Arnav: Wait, when we are mutual only you can break up girl! When one-side love means you cant just break up!!

Khushi: What?? You just called my love one side love?!

Arnav: Excuse me? You-yourself told me just now that your love was one sided..

Khushi: So? You will also tell?? Its my love so only I can talk about it!

Arnav: What rubbish? You loved me-ME so technically I’m also involved so I have all rights, okay?!

Khushi: No you don’t!

Arnav: Yes I Do!

Khushi: I don’t care and you think you can hurt me in different-different ways?? Wait, (Khushi closed her mouth in shock) Are you planning to write a book on how to hurt someone in different-different innovative ways by Doctor Arnav Singh Raizada!!!!???????

Arnav looked at her weirdly “What? Did you just got hit somewhere in your head?”

Khushi: Ohhhhhhhh so now you are going to write one more book along with it?

Arnav: What?

Khushi: Yes! 100 ways to insult others! By Doctor Arnav Singh Raizada!!

Arnav: What wait why are you adding that Doctor again and again along with my name, I know I'm a doctor.

Khushi: Ohhhhhh so you even have problem in that also with me?????

Arnav: No wait..

Khushi: Ohhh okay now I understand so you are indicating me that you should be called a WRITER instead of DOCTOR hai na?? Hey devi maiya, he really became a Devil in my life!

Arnav: What??

Khushi: Yes you are! You should be called Valak you know?! You Devil Valak Singh Raizada!

Arnav: Valak? Who’s that?

Khushi: Conjuring 2 devil is Valak! You are only that Valak! Like how that Devil was following Jannet in that film you are following me!!!!

Arnav: What? In what angle I even look like that Valak! Do I look like a grand father for you?! And I don’t wear those dress which Catholic Nun’s wear okay its that Valak who was roaming like that in that film Okay!?? And for your kind information I’m a boy!

[Note: Valak and Jannet are characters from Conjuring 2 film. Jannet is the girl possessed by Valak the devil]

Khushi: You sure you are a boy?!

Arnav: What the!

Khushi: See you are the same like Valak! You also scare me like that Valak! And no wonder why people got heart attack watching you in theatre!

Arnav: Its not because of me! Its because of that Valak that they got heart attack! in fact because of the sound effects!

Khushi: and it doesn’t make any difference, you equally scare people!

Arnav: For god’s sake stop calling me Valak! I just hate his face!

Khushi: See you hate him and I hate you so you are only Valak!

Khushi’s thoughts “Khushi you also hate Valak, Arnav is far better then him..but that’s okay to irritate him! If he hurts me then I will irritate him”

Arnav: You know what your education is wrong!!

Now this was heights, Arnav is just blurting out words. Khushi was fuming in anger looking at him.

Arnav: Wait, this was not to hurt you in any manner what I meant was you weren’t thought to relate things rightly and see the logic you are speaking like seriously? What did you say “I hate Valak and you hate me so you I'm only Valak?!” What was that logic!?

Khushi thought for a while “ Yeah there was no logic, what did I just speak?”

Khushi: See we are talking about love. Love has no logic so there is no need of logic to call you as Valak.

Arnav: What are you Khushi, 5(age)?  There is even no logic in this explanation also!

“Whatever, you are Valak and that is final and We are breaking up and that’s also final!” saying that Khushi turned around enjoying the party. Everyone were enjoying in some groups. There was a groupism in the whole party, Khushi frowned looking at that. Arnav turned around and sat at a corner looking at Khushi sadly. Shyam and Anjali were behind Khushi, to have an eye on her.


Shyam all of the sudden grabbed the mike from the DJ who was playing songs and started to speak “Guys may I have your attention please, Lets try to party joining together, I know it’s a break up party but still we call can celebrate the party together”

Everyone looked at him. Khushi and Anjali were wondering what he was doing.

All of the sudden Shyam started to sing,


breakup song, breakup song

karde dil ki feeling strong

saaRhe chaar minute long

breakup song, breakup song”

“breakup song,

strengethens the feeling of the heart,

four and a half minutes long,

breakup song.”


Arnav was just watching it sitting in the corner. Shyam thought Arnav would join along with them but He was sitting all alone. Shyam eyed Anjali to console Arnav and he will handle Khushi.

By then everyone started singing,


break break bre bre.. breakup song

break break bre bre.. breakup song”


All of the sudden, now Khushi stood on the table and she started singing,


angrezi chiRiya ki khaatir

desi dil mera toR diya

maine chhoR diya, use chhoR diya

uski kaali kartooton ne

uska bhaanDa phoR diya

maine chhoR diya, usey chhoR diya”

for an English bird,

he broke my desi heart.

I left, yep, left him.

his dark deeds

have exposed him..

I left, yep, left him.”


Khushi jumped down from the table and everyone started to dance, Khushi directly went near Arnav singing,


dil pe patthar rakh ke

munh pe makeup kar liya

mere saiyyan ji se aaj

maine breakup kar liya

subah savere uTh ke maine

ye sab kar liya

mere saiyaan ji se aaj

maine breakup kar liya”

I kept a stone on my heart (means I with a heavy heart)

I applied makeup on my face,

and broke up with my dear beloved today.

I got up early in the morning 

and did all of this.

I broke up with my dear beloved today”

Anjali now eyed Shyam to take Khushi away from Arnav now, Shyam pulled Khushi in a go and he started singing as not to spoil the party since others were also there,


humko bin bataye tune

ye kab kar liya?

tere saiyyaan ji se kaahe

tune breakup kar liya”


when did you do this 

without telling us?

why did you break up

with your beloved?”


Khushi sang back,


Subah savere uth ke maine,

Yeh sab kar liya,

Mere saiyan ji se aaj maine,

Breakup kar liya

I did it all waking up

In the morning

I broke up with

My beloved today


Arnav: I’m leaving..

Anjali: No Arnav, please don’t.

Arnav: Just look at her di..She is enjoying the party breaking up with me!

Anjali: You should not accept your defeat Arnav.

Arnav: Leave me alone for a while di..I will be alright.

Anjali: Arnav?

Arnav: I will stay here di, I am not leaving. I wont accept my defeat and I believe in my love, our love di..Mine and Khushi’s love. I know she is doing all this to irritate me, but still..its okay di..You go and enjoy with Shyam.

Anjali understood he needs some time alone and so she left back to Shyam. Arnav was just looking at Khushi.

Khushi was still enjoying singing, she dragged Anjali and sang looking at her,


Kuch din toh rona dhona bumper kiya,

Aur phir delete uska number kiya,

Aansu jo sukhe sidha parlor gayi,

Parlor mein ja ke shampoo jam kar kiya,

College ki saheliyon se,

Catch up kar liya,

Arey college ki saheliyon se,

Catch up kar liya,

Jinko mil na paayi,

Unko whatsapp kar diya

for a few days I cried like anything,

and then I deleted his number.

when the tears dried, I went straight to parlor.

in the parlor I shampooed my hair thoroughly.

I caught up with my college girl friends,

and the ones I could not meet, I Whatsapp'd them.”


Khushi started dancing to the beats, Anjali was enjoying with her half-heartedly. All of the sudden Arnav came in front of Khushi and he started singing,


kalTi hua jo saiyyaan sTupid tera

jeevit hua hai phir se cupiD tera

baasi relationship ka label haTa

duniya ko tu hai available bata

“now that your stupid beloved is gone,

your cupid is alive again.

now remove this stinky old label of relationship,

and tell the world that you are available.”


Arnav just twirled her dancing with her. He sung those lines sarcastically to her, Shyam continued singing and he danced along with Anjali and Arnav just left Khushi and went back to the corner.

Everyone were enjoying the break up party now. Now Khushi’s eyes was on Arnav, Shyam and Anjali noticed it so they dint disturb her.

Khushi came out of the crowd and went towards Arnav. Arnav was sitting in the corner, not looking at anything particular. Everyone were enjoying the party.

He felt someone sitting beside him and he couldn’t believe his own eyes. He saw Khushi sitting beside him looking at him.

He instantly got up “Khushi? Go you wanna enjoy the party right? Go and enjoy”

Khushi stopped him and pulled him back. He sat back again in his place. There was a complete silence, not that party has stopped it was on full mode it was just Arnav and Khushi’s heart which was silent. Arnav was looking down and Khushi was looking at him.

Khushi: Okay, I’m sorry.

Arnav looked at her instantly “For?”

Khushi: Okay, I know you are hurt because I called you Valak, hai na? I know he is so so so so bad but you are only one-so bad.

Arnav looked at her weirdly. Here he was sad because she just broke up with him but here she is still behind that so called Valak character!

Arnav: You still think Valak is important issue now between us?

Khushi: I thought you were sad because I called you Valak..

Arnav: You know what just forget about him, okay? Like seriously will you?!

Khushi: Okay just don’t get hyper okay! Fine you are not Valak but you are still devil okay?

Arnav just took a deep breath. Khushi was little scared seeing his pissed off mood.

Khushi: You are angry on me?

Arnav: No Khushi.

Khushi: I’m talking to you nicely now but that doesn’t mean I forgave you okay?

Arnav: Okay!

Khushi: So what do you want now?

Arnav asked her to wait and he informed Anjali-Shyam something and came back to Khushi.

Arnav: Will you come with me?

Khushi: But where?

Arnav: I just don’t feel good with this party, okay?

Khushi: Just because its break up party?

Arnav: You are coming with me or not?

Khushi: Okay, have some patience okay?! Don’t be in a rush. Handle me with care, else I will go away from you.

Arnav closed her mouth with his hand “No Khushi, don’t even talk about leaving me and going!”

Arnav dragged her out of the party and Khushi did not pull back, she just followed him silently. She herself felt bad for being rude to him, she saw that grief in his eyes, her heart was crying seeing him so sad.

Arnav did not go to the parking lot, instead he took her out.

Khushi: Where are we going?

Arnav: Shyam and di will take the car with them. Lets walk alone. Sometime alone Khushi. Please

Khushi: But

Arnav: Please Khushi.

Khushi: But that doesn’t mean I forgave you, okay?

Arnav: I think you are trying to make yourself remember that sentence more then conveying it to me.

Khushi opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape. Arnav just chuckled.

Arnav : I want to hold your hand Khushi..

Khushi: Then request me!

Arnav: What?

Khushi: I said request me.

Arnav: Please, Can I hold your hand?

Khushi was shocked with his instant pleading, she was all lost in her thoughts so Arnav grabbed that chance and took her hand in his. So she also hold his hand back. They walked silently in the road holding hand in hand.

Arnav: One of the best things in the world is when someone you love holds your hand.

Khushi understood he was indirectly proposing her.

Arnav: Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain..but you cant have a rainbow without a little rain..

Khushi: But that doesn’t mean I should get drenched in rain, I can still be safe under an umbrella or just staying indoors!

Arnav got hold of her shoulders and pulled her near him “We share the same bright sun..the same round moon then why don’t we share the same love Khushi?..tell me why not?! Yes! I love you Khushi! Me-Arnav Singh Raizada has fallen in love, Khushi! Has fallen in love with you!! You get me I-LOVE-YOU!!”

Khushi was in tears hearing that, he proposed yesterday in his drunkard state but now he just proposed her in real. Arnav wiped her tears.

Arnav: Don’t cry Khushi.

Khushi just looked at him without blinking her eyes.

Arnav continued “I love when you hold my hand, I feel as if no one can take you away from me. When I lay my head on you chest and you run your fingers through my hair, there is no where I would rather be. I love you when you hug me, its makes me feel I am protecting you. When I look into your eyes, I can see my reflection. I want you to call my name again and again..I want you to call me cute, I want to be your puppy. Only your puppy..”

Khushi: What do you do when the only one who can make you stop crying is the one who is making you cry?

Arnav: Then just forgive that person and give him one more chance Khushi. He wont break your heart again.

Khushi: How can you assure that?

Arnav: Because love is also a form of forgiveness Khushi. It takes a strong person to say they’re sorry and even a stronger person to forgive Khushi.

Khushi: Without trust there’s no reason to continue Arnav.

Arnav: I understood that now Khushi, I understood the importance of trust in a relationship..Now its your turn to understand the forgiveness in love Khushi..Trust and forgiveness, if we handle the both right then there will be no problem in any relationship.

Khushi: I’m not ready for another heart break Arnav, that feeling you get in your stomach when your heart’s broken..Its like all the butterflies just died Arnav..just died…

Khushi cried hugging him. She couldn’t hold her tears anymore. Arnav was also equally in tears now.

Arnav: Butterflies are still alive Khushi..They are, trust me..please

Khushi was still weeping hugging him more tightly now.

Arnav: We will once again give them their house back Khushi, they will come again to stay in your stomach. Its just they lost their way all these years, they aren’t dead. They are back Khushi, back to you.

Khushi looked at him with tearful eyes.

Arnav: Can we start over? Can we be strangers again? Let me introduce myself, we can laugh and talk, lets recreate the magic which was left incomplete, lets create new memories and give each other a second chance Khushi..

Arnav spoke again “Sometimes, second chances work out even better than the first because you learn from your mistakes..Trust me Khushi, we can sort it out..”

Khushi: Will you take me back home?

Arnav: But Khushi

Khushi: I want to go back home Arnav..Please

Arnav: Okay.

Arnav and Khushi both remained quite, Arnav and Khushi walked silently. They at last reached the main road and took an auto which was the only vehicle which could take them back home. They got in, both remained silent and still spoke nothing. They informed the driver where to go and reached RM. Both of them went back to their room silently yet Arnav was just looking at her.

Khushi entered inside her room, and saw Aarushi not there, so went to Ashwin’s room and saw her sleeping in between them. She kissed her on her forehead and returned back to her room, Arnav was watching it secretly. Later he also retired back to his room seeing Khushi going back to her room. He thought he could have a talk with Shyam and Anjali but he just stopped since Anjali is pregnant she needs rest so he retired back to his room.

He tried to sleep, but no he wasn’t able to sleep. After three hours, he came out of his room and peeped inside Khushi’s room, he saw her eyes closed. He tip toed inside her room and came and sat near her. He ruffled her hair affectionately. 

Arnav : I’m not able to sleep Khushi, please don’t leave me and go. Please give me a chance Khushi. Please.

Arnav had tears in his eyes. He kissed her on her forehead and his tears dropped on her forehead.

Arnav: Crying is how your heart speaks, when your lips cant explain the pain you feel.

Arnav closed his eyes as tears followed their way out and that’s when Khushi opened her eyes, yes she wasn’t sleeping. She was just pretending to sleep. As soon as Arnav opened his eyes Khushi closed her eyes.

Arnav: Believe me Khushi, I love you..

Arnav got up leaving her room and Khushi opened her eyes, and tears started their way out from her eyes.


Aarushi: Mumma, I wan..wa..want papa..

Khushi: What? but Aaru, I’m there for you na?

Aarushi: I want Arnav papa, mumma…please

Aaru almost had tears in her eyes.

Note : I will continue for some more update dears. After completing this will start with Nafrat Karo Ya Pyaar.


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Feb 22, 2017

Chapter 24 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 56 times)

Chapter 24:


Khushi opened her eyes as slow as she can after her short sleep. Yes, she dint get proper sleep after yesterday’s happening. She was struggling for sleep the whole night and she dint get a proper sleep, and she woke up.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she was shocked and opened her eyes wide along with her mouth open and jerked back.  Aaru was so close to Khushi, almost staring no no almost throwing glares looking at her.

Khushi relaxed seeing Aaru, “Arey Aaru you scared the hell out of me!”

Aaru : And you are doing too much Mumma!

Khushi : What? wait, why are you speaking like this to me?

Aaru: I have to Mumma..I have to!!

Khushi: Is this the way you speak to your Mumma?

Aaru: Is this the way you treat your daughter?

“What? Wait, are you that well matured to talk all these? And What fault did you even find in me taking care of you Aaru? I told the whole truth to you from the time how I found you since I don’t want you to get hurt one day knowing about it and you very well know you are my life! Even though we are not related by blood, you are more close to me Aaru!! You are my everything Aaru..How can you ask such type of question to me Aaru? How can you even? I know you are more mature in understanding things but still you cant be judgemental like this Aaru? You doubt my love for you?? How can you?? I treated you like my own daughter, even without becoming a mother, you gave that happiness for me of being a mother Aaru..I have never treated you badly, you are my world, How could you Aaru?? How could you????” Khushi asked with tears in her eyes, she was totally hurt.

Aaru instantly wiped Khushi’s tears and she kissed all over Khushi’s face “Mumma, I am so sorry..I dint mean to hurt you..please don’t cry Mumma..I know how much you love me, I very well know you love me unconditionally and I also love you more Mumma..You are my everything Mumma..Like how you wish good for me, I also the wish the same for you Mumma..I am sorry Mumma..I’m so sorry..I dint mean that way”

Aaru was holding her ears and asking sorry now. Khushi just took her for a hug, and both of them hugged each other as tight as they can.

Khushi wiped her tears and cupped Aaru’s face “What happened Aaru? You need something?”

Aaru remained silent.

Khushi: Come on Aaru, what happened baby?

Aaru: Mumma, I wan..wa..want papa..

Khushi: What? but Aaru, I’m there for you na?

Aaru: I want Arnav papa, mumma…please

Aaru almost had tears in her eyes.

Khushi: Arnav?

Aaru: Haan Mumma, I want to see you happy..

Khushi: But what it is to do with Arnav?!

Aaru: It is because you love Arnav papa..You can hide it from others, but I know you still love him..I have read in my fairytale stories..All princess does the same like you do..I know Arnav papa is only your prince.

Khushi: Bas kar Aaru.. (Stop it Aaru..)

Aaru: Even I will get a dad, mumma please….Like other kids of my age even I want a daddy and mumma with me..

Khushi: But I’m your Mumma and Dad hai na Aaru? I’m the both for you!!

Aaru: But still Mumma, Arnav papa..

Khushi got up to leave the room and that’s when she saw Arnav standing near the door. Yes, he who came to see Khushi actually heard everything, he was also facing the same. He also couldn’t sleep the whole night so when he came to meet Khushi, he ended up hearing the mother-daughter conversation. Before he could stop her she went out of the room fuming in anger and Arnav entered inside the room.

Aaru came running and hugged Arnav. Arnav caressed her cheek. That’s when Khushi peeped inside to see what was happening between these two now.

Aaru: Why is mumma so stubborn?? Why?? I thought I could talk with Mumma about you and her but she left..

Arnav: Relax, Aaru..

Aaru wiped off her tears.

Aaru asked sadly “Can I call you as my dad??”

Arnav hugged her tightly “Is that a question to be asked?! You are MY DAUGHTER!!!!”

That’s when Arnav heard a voice “Excuse me! She is MY DAUGHTER, you dammit!!!!!” screamed Khushi.

Both Arnav and Aaru was startled with the sudden out burst of her.

Aaru and Arnav looked at each other.

Aaru: Mumma? Were you eavesdropping our conversation?

Khushi: ME? Its him, who was eavesdropping our conversation..

Arnav: Really?

Khushi: Yes! It was you who was standing outside and hearing our talks!

Arnav: Aacha madam? Then what were you doing now?

Khushi: Voh bas..haan I..I yeah, this is my room! I will enter inside whenever I want..

Arnav: First learn to tell a lie and then build one, okay?

Khushi: Don’t be over smart okay?!

Arnav: There’s no use in talking with kids! Aaru is far better than you!! Even that kid understand which you cant!

Khushi was fuming in anger, Arnav came near her “And for your kind information, Aaru is MY daughter! I suppose she is now OUR DAUGHTER! Okay? And You are also mine, ONLY MINE DAMMIT! You both are mine, you got it?!” Arnav sounded so coldly and moved out of her room.

Khushi stood there like a statue. Aaru also left the room.

Khushi: What did that idiot think of himself?!

Khushi sat on the bed,

Khushi: Nani, Shalini maa, Ashwin papa, Shyam jiju, di, Nk, Lav and Aaru..Everyone are his side now.

Khushi stood up getting worried “Hey Devi Maiya, I have no one for my side”.

That’s when Khushi heard some sound outside her room, when she came out she saw all those members including Arnav standing and laughing. Khushi fumed in anger.

Khushi: Nk and Lav? What are you both doing here early morning?

Nk: You think we have any other work other then uniting two love birds you see.

Lav giggling “That too uniting The angry bird and cutie pie is a very important mission, okay? So just cooperate with us haan..”

Everyone giggled.

Khushi: So none of you are going to be my side, right?

Arnav: I’m all yours darling..

Khushi: Oh just shut up okay!

Arnav: Okay shut me..

Everyone chuckled and they even blushed seeing him openly flirting with Khushi and Khushi the other side was shocked seeing his double meaning talks.

Khushi: What? wait whats wrong with you?

Arnav: Actually when things go right, you choose to go left!

Khushi: That’s because nothing is right!

Arnav: See I did ask for forgiveness, so why don’t you accept it!

Khushi: You aren’t asking me, now you are ordering me! What type of language is this! Stop being rude!

Arnav: Because you understand only this language! That’s not my fault okay?!

Everyone looked at each other like “They started the next round of their argument” So they left the two alone and went down.

Khushi entered inside her room, and directly went inside washroom to get fresh, but in this process Arnav also followed her inside her room. Khushi saw that fumed looking at him.

Khushi: Get out!

Arnav: Excuse me! I dint enter inside your bathroom,so stop screaming okay?!

Khushi: How dare you!

Arnav: First you shut up!

Khushi: See, I was right!

Arnav: Right? That means you forgave me?

Khushi: Wait!! Not your that wala right! I’m talking about my side right..I’m still in the left side only!

Arnav: There’s no use in teaching a donkey..

Khushi who heard him calling her donkey, just pounced on him in anger and they landed up falling down. Khushi on top of Arnav. Without understanding the position, Khushi was busy scolding Arnav.

Khushi: How dare you call me a Monkey!?!

Arnav started laughing “I thought I called you donkey,hmmmm not bad monkey also suits you” He again started to laugh.

Khushi being in anger in a flow she told monkey instead of donkey and she has pulled her own legs like a stupid. She was like wondering why does always her mind play such pranks with her. Like why no sync with her, it always does the opposite and lands her in an awkward situation.

Khushi: There isn’t much difference okay?!

Arnav: yeah yeah, that was what I’m also telling there is no difference between Monkey and Donkey..Monkey + Donkey = Khuskey! (Khushi)

Khushi : Kya??!!! I mean only D and M are the difference between those words okay!

Arnav: Aww My Khushkey, I love you for your clumsy behaviour, for your childish cute talks you know?

Khushi: I’m not Khushkey okay?!

Arnav: See even now again and again you are making me fall in love with you, without even realising the position you are still fighting with me.

Arnav smirked looking at her and that’s when Khushi noticed that she was on top of him. Her eyes grew wide seeing the closeness and she was about to get up, thats when all of the sudden Arnav rolled on top of her and she was under him now. She started breathing hard now.

Arnav moved her hair strands which was being a hindrance for his view. Both of them looked in each other’s eyes.

Arnav: Why don’t you love me again?

Khushi: no..

Arnav: Please..

Khushi: no..

Arnav: Why?

“Because I’m hurt..” she complained like a kid.

Arnav: I will cure it.

“No you will worsen it” She pouted.

Arnav: Love me back na please??

Khushi turned the other side.

Arnav: Are you cold?

Khushi was confused with his sudden unwanted question now. Khushi turned back looking at him again.

Arnav: I asked are you cold?

Khushi: No

Arnav: Are you cold?

Khushi: No!

Arnav: Are you cold now?

Khushi: I said no! Why are you asking me that again and again?

Arnav replied innocently “I’m trying to find a reason to hug you..”

Khushi was feeling all this so new, she was getting the love back day by day now which she was longing for and she couldn’t believe they were still in that same position and having their conversation, the only difference is now Arnav is on top of her.

Arnav: I know you have a Extra power of imaginations. Now give rest to your tiny brain and listen to me.

Khushi was about to fight but Arnav Shh her.

Arnav: You make me laugh, you make me smile, you’re cute, you’re different sometimes awkward and little crazy actually a way lot crazy and that’s why I love you..I love you for what you are..

Khushi’s thoughts “and I too love you”

Arnav: Say that loud..

Khushi was startled, her thoughts “Did I tell it loud or what?”

Arnav: Say aloud girl!!

Khushi: Say what?

Arnav: That you love me!!

Khushi: No! I don’t..

Arnav: hmm really?

Khushi: Yes really! Now please move, I want to get ready!

Arnav: Okay.

Arnav moved instantly and Khushi was confused with his sudden behaviour. Arnav even went out of her room, without even talking back to her.

Khushi: Now what happened to this idiot? Just now he was being all lovey-dovey and now like this?

Khushi pouted and she went to get fresh.




Arnav was about taste the Paratha.

Lav: Aww Khushi, I loved the paratha..How do you make such yummy paratha!!!

Anjali: She is best in making them.

Arnav just moved the paratha aside and drank the orange juice. He dint even touch the paratha after knowing it was made by Khushi. He dint even look at Khushi after the morning incident, it was Khushi who was stealing glances. Khushi also noticed that Arnav did not taste the paratha as knowing that she made it, this made her more angry.


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Feb 27, 2017

Chapter 25 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 69 times)

Chapter 25:

Everyone were ready to have their breakfast. Khushi was all while looking at Arnav but he dint even look at her, he behaved as if she dint exist.

Arnav was about taste the Paratha.

Lav: Aww Khushi, I loved the paratha..How do you make such yummy paratha!!!

Anjali: She is best in making them.

Arnav just moved the paratha aside and drank the orange juice. He dint even touch the paratha after knowing it was made by Khushi. He dint even look at Khushi after the morning incident, it was Khushi who was stealing glances still. Khushi also noticed that Arnav did not taste the paratha as knowing that she made it, this made her more angry.

Arnav got up.

Shyam: Hey where are you going?

Arnav: Where else? To clinic only!

Shyam looking at Khushi “But you said you are taking off for somedays to make some things right?”

Arnav: I don’t think its worth it!

Everyone were confused with his talks now, Khushi couldn’t believe her own ears.

Khushi also got up and she was about to leave all of the sudden.

Lav: Hey where are you going Khushi?

Anjali: Haan where are you going?

Khushi was thinking what to say, she just felt like going out and staying away from this mess to cool her mind, but she dint know what to answer.

Khushi: Voh..I actually want to go to temple..

Shyam: Then wait, Arnav will drop you on the way..What say Arnav?

Before Khushi could deny Arnav spoke “No Shyam, its better you drop her. I have got an important work in clinic today!”

Everyone were more shocked now, this is a chance for Arnav to be sometime alone with Khushi but he was avoiding her.

Khushi: That’s okay, I don’t need his help! Anyways I don’t care!

Arnav for the first time after the morning incident looked at her now “YOU DON’T CARE??”

Khushi looked at him, and so was the others.

Arnav: Yes, it will be better if no one cares!

Arnav left saying that. Everyone were confused.

Aaru came near Khushi “Mumma, what happened to Dad? Did you both fight again?”

Khushi stood numb, Lav shook her.

Lav: What happened Khushi?

Khushi: What happened?

Anjali: That’s what we are asking Khushi! What happened?

Khushi: I don’t know! Why are you asking me?!

Shalini: Because you know the reason behind it Khushi beta.

Khushi: Why would I know maa?

Nani: Khushi betiya?

Khushi: I don’t care and yes I don’t care!

Khushi went out, saying this. Ashwin, Shyam and Nk looked at each other.

Khushi was walking alone in road busy in her thoughts. Her mind and heart were making her go crazy.

Heart “How can he just ignore me all of the sudden!?”

Mind “You wished for this, dint you?”

Heart “But he dint wish for this na?!”

Mind “So what? he might have felt it right now?”

Heart “But how can he?!”

Mind “What is your problem? You wont allow him near you also, you wont allow him to go away from you also!? Just give him a break!”

Heart “Stop blaming me!”

Mind “You stop blaming others!”

Heart “I’m in pain!”

Mind “So was he! You are torturing him in a daily basis! Don’t you want to lead a happy love life with him?!”

Heart “You think I’m happy without him?”

Mind “You think he is happy without you?!”

Khushi screamed closing her ears with her hands “STOP!!!!!!!!!!!”.

She looked around people giving weird looks looking at her in the middle of the road. Khushi left the place as soon as possible.

Khushi’s thoughts “Now what will I do?! I seriously became mad, how can he just behave with me like that!”

Khushi was thinking.

Khushi : Yes idea, I will cover my face with my duppatta and go to his clinic..I will see what work he has today that he went today to clinic.

Khushi immediately went to the clinic in an Auto. As soon as reaching the clinic, she covered her face with Duppatta and entered inside.

Khushi saw a female hospital attendant, she immediately stopped her and asked “Is Doctor Arnav Singh Raizada there?”

The attendant looked at her from top to bottom looking at her suspiciously since she covered her face like a terrorist. Khushi noticed that.

Khushi: Voh mera face pe rashes hai, that’s why I have covered my face.

Attendant: But Arnav Sir isn’t dermatologist.

Khushi felt like hitting her head agaist the wall.

Khushi: Haan haan I know, I dint come here to see any dermatologist, I came to see Doctor Arnav only!

Attendant: But Doctor has asked the other doctors under him to look after the patient today, so you cant meet him today mam.

Khushi: He was already absent these many days !

Attendant: Absent?

Khushi: I meant he was in leave.

Attendant: How do you know that?

Khushi: Voh..I come here daily to see Arnav Doctor and he dint come..thats how I know.

Attendant: But I haven’t seen you here before.

Khushi felt like she is in a court. She felt that this girl was like a lawyer more then an attendant. She was question bank. Khushi was thinking what to do to escape from her, so she thought of an idea. She was rubbing her forehead and acted as if she is going to faint.

Attendant: Hey what happened?

Khushi sat down and sounded weak “water please” She was still acting. Attendant asked her to wait, so that she will bring water. Khushi opened her one eye and saw her leaving, she immediately got up and ran towards Arnav’s room ie his cabin.

She entered inside and closed the door panting “Uff thank god”

Khushi entered inside his cabin and found it empty.

Khushi: Now where did he go?!

Khushi sat on the chair there, that’s when she saw the door getting opened so she instantly dint don’t what to do, what will she answer Arnav. She immediately went under Arnav’s table.

Arnav came inside and sat on his chair. Khushi was trying her level best to hide from him under his table.

Khushi’s thoughts “hey devi maiya, what will I do now? Trying to escape from that small Satan I ended up getting caught by this big Satan”.

Arnav: How much I can give in! Like seriously!

Khushi was confused at first, thinking with whom he is talking.

Arnav: Yes Shyam, she doesn’t care itseems!

Khushi was still confused she saw only Arnav entering then how did Shyam come.

Arnav: Yeah Nk, even I don’t care then!

That’s when Khushi guessed may be he was in call, and the boys were asking the reason behind his morning behaviour.

Arnav: Bye guys, I need some peace of mind! Will talk later!

Arnav disconnected the call.

Arnav: I wonder what Khushi is made up of!

Khushi felt like puching hard on his leg.

Arnav: What else it would be?! She would be made of cactus only, pricky girl!

Arnav: I sometime wonder does she leave her brain wander somehwhere!

Arnav kicked his leg in frustration and that’s when his leg hit Khushi’s leg. Arnav was shocked, he was wondering who was under the table. He slowly bend down and was shocked seeing Khushi under the table and Khushi was also equally giving the same reaction.

Arnav moved back so that she could come out, both stared looking at each other.

Arnav: What are you doing under the table?

Khushi: uh..I..uh voh I was actually checking the screws of your table..

Arnav: Aacha? Khud ki screw loose hai aur tum table ki screm tight kar rahi ho? What an irony! (Your own screw is loose and you are checking the table’s screw is tight? What an irony!)

Khushi stood like a robot with his sarcastic comments.

Khushi: Excuse me! My screws are tight!

Arnav: Yeah I can very well see that!

Khushi : You think I’m an idiot?

Arnav: You know what? Keep talking, someday you will say something intelligent.

Khushi was just fuming in anger.

Arnav: Look don’t waste my time, if you have anything to say means say else just get out!

Khushi: How can you be so rude?!

Arnav: Oh now this sounds rude to you? You feel bad? You still got feelings?

Khushi: As If you have got!

Arnav: I have got, which you don’t have right now!

Khushi got his collar “No you don’t! You don’t love me! Else you would have ate that paratha today morning! You dint eat it just because it was made by me and you dint even look at me also! You hate me! You don’t love me!”

Khushi started to beat  him on his chest.

Khushi: You don’t love me!!!!!!

Arnav stopped her and pinned her near the wall.

Arnav: Enough Khushi! Enough of everything! What do you think I am?! I’m also a human only Khushi! We are humans and that’s why we make mistakes, okay?! You know what? When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right! They are not bad Khushi, its just the situation that makes it worser!

Arnav left her hand.

Arnav: I don’t get what is your problem Khushi, you have problem if I talk with you also or even if I ignore you also you have problem! What do you want from me Khushi?!

He sounded so frustrated.

Arnav: you know what?! , I’m sorry that I only ever mess things up. I’m sorry that I have a bad attitude. I’m sorry that I have hurt you. I’m sorry I’m a huge **** up. I’m sorry that I cant do anything right. I’m sorry!!!

Arnav sat down with a thud. Khushi sat beside him.

Arnav: What I have with you, I don’t want with anyone else Khushi..Why don’t you just damn forgive me! Why so stubborn!

Khushi: Its hard to resist a bad boy who’s a good man!

Arnav just looked at her.

Khushi: I was broken Arnav..

Arnav: What do you want me to do for that now Khushi? How do you want me to cure it?

Khushi stayed mum. Arnav got pissed off.

Arnav: Leave Khushi!

Khushi looked at him.

Arnav: Just LEAVE!



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Mar 4, 2017

Chapter 26 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 52 times)

SURPRISE!! *Closing my eyes* 

Yes, this is the final update of She's my destiny! 

Chapter 26:

Khushi stood there like a Robot.

Arnav: Look Khushi, if you aren’t leaving then I don’t mind leaving!

Khushi: Why are so harsh with me?

Arnav: You wanted this and I’m doing the same!

Khushi’s mind flashed her all the happenings, how she treated him when he was seeking for her forgiveness and she denying it with her famous dialogue “I’m hurt-I’m broken” and all.

Arnav left and Khushi stood there and burst into tears.

Khushi: I..I have been a fool all while!!! Such an idiot I am!! I know what he did was wrong and I was broken!! Yes I was hurt but he is the who can heal my pain..

Khushi closed her eyes “yes he was right,  Forgiveness is final form of love..You are my destiny Arnav..You are my Destiny”

She started crying more..

Khushi: Please come back to me Arnav, you are the one who can heal my pain. I understood now, I should’ve understood that you needed some time..Its just you reacted for what you saw and I reacted so because you dint trust me, may be I should have tried explaining you instead of leaving like that and going away from you all..We both made mistakes and I will correct them all now..You have already realised your mistakes, and now I too have..I too Have..

That’s when Khushi saw the door again opening and she saw Nk and Shyam entering inside.

Shyam and Nk : KHUSHI?

Khushi as soon as seeing them she ran towards them and hugged crying them.

Khushi: Jiju-NK I need my Arnav back!!!!! I need him!!!!

Nk and Shyam tried to calm her down.

Nk: But wait, how come you here?

Shyam: You were going to temple only na?

Khushi still crying told them what happened after she left home and how she reached here, then Arnav getting angry on her.

Shyam and NK wiped off the tears from her eyes.

Shyam and Nk : At last!!!!!! You forgave him!!!

Khushi started weeping loudly now “But he dint forgive me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Shyam and NK looked at each other, they know Khushi is crying but she was crying so badly that they felt like laughing but they cant laugh exactly at this moment and they are more happy because now both love each other, which made them not to care her loud cryings.

Khushi: Now what will I do?? Now he is not accepting me as his puppy..

Khushi again started crying..

Khushi: What will I do now??

Shyam and Nk looked at each other,

Khushi: Shall I black mail him that I will jump off from the terrace if he does not accept me?

Shyam: Really? You will jump?

Khushi: What?? Nooo!!!!! I wont commit suicide and all!!! That really pains, and I hate pains!!!! (Wiping off her tears) I wonder how people commit suicide!! It will pain so badly that I’m afraid of suicides!! I’m strictly against it okay?!!!!!

Nk: But you are the one who told you will commit suicide!!

Khushi: I was just telling so that he will accept me okay?!! That’s not for real and all!! It was just a drama!

NK: I’m sure, for his anger if you say those dialogues he himself will push you from some cliff..

Both Nk and Shyam chuckled and Khushi eyes came of her socket hearing that.

Khushi:  Hey devi maiya!!! Suicide plan cancel, I want to live with him!!!

Shyam: Bad time don’t last Khushi..

Nk: Prayer is the best medicine Khushi and God is the best doctor..

Shyam: and your own love is a doctor!!!

Khushi smiled thinking how coincidence it was that God is the best doctor, yes and Arnav is also actually a doctor. How badly she wishes to patch up with Arnav again now.

Khushi: and things don’t happen for no reason, they happen to teach us something..

Shyam: and that taught you both how unconditionally you both love each other..

NK: and taught how much trust and forgiveness is important in a relationship..

Khushi: Now what will I do?

Shyam and Nk : You love him, so you yourself got the solution for your problem.

That’s when Arnav entered again inside, thinking Khushi might have left but he was shocked seeing Nk and Shyam too along with her. Khushi ran towards him and pulled his cheeks “If you’ve never felt your soul being torn apart, you’ve never loved anyone with all your heart” said Khushi and she left smiling like mad.

Arnav looked at her confused.

Arnav: She is mad! She doesn’t need me actually, she in need of a psychiatrist actually guys! Trust me, she is abnormal!

Shyam and Nk came near Arnav, Shyam kissed Arnav’s left cheek and Nk kissed Arnav’s right cheek. Arnav was shocked with these two behaviour too now.

Arnav: Whatttt..I’m not a gay! Stay away from me you both!!!!

Shyam and Nk screamed back “We love you!!!!! We are happy!!!!!”

Arnav: I should have known it before itself, Khushi’s side effects! You both better stay away from her which is good for you both!!

Shyam: and you better stay close with her!!!

Nk: Which is good for you!!!!!

Arnav: Shut up Okay! And yes LEAVE..Shyam go treat your patients and you (Looking at Nk) you run a company, you remember??

Shyam and Nk: Stop shhing us okay? We will leave and you also leave..go to Khushi!!!

Both left leaving Arnav confused. Khushi the other side went home and informed everyone the good news that she loves Arnav, everyone were damn happy and they were asking her to get back her love now and live as happy as ever!!!!

Khushi was so happy and was nervous so badly, she was thinking how she will get back Arnav. She was thinking the whole day what to do and she entered inside his room thinking of an idea carrying some things. It was night when Arnav returned back, he dint see Khushi anywhere around, even during dinner and he dint dare to ask where she was..He went back to his room disappointed and as soon as he entered his room, he felt flowers showering on him and he felt the floor so soft..He turned on the light and was shocked with the decorations. His room was decorated with candles and red roses all over.

A smile spread though his face. Near the table he found a paper and on top of it were two rings(He slid the rings inside his pocket) and a tape recorder which had a note “Hear me”

Arnav smiled and turned on the tape recorder to hear it. He was right, it was Khushi’s voice.

“Hey my cutie doctor, (Arnav smiled instantly hearing that) Okay first of all I’m so sorry for everything..and yes, you have taught me what love is and I wanted to be loved by you..Yes you heard it right!! I LOVE YOU ARNAV..I LOVE YOU..and I’m so happy that I’m the one who has fallen in love with you at first place and why only boys should fall in love first? No right? (Arnav chuckled hearing that) I’m happy that I came along with di that day to your clinic else I would have never seen you, I’m happy for everything that happened and even our separation lead us to love each other more and understand each other more. Now we know what relationship is all of right? Now we understood what relationship is and it includes fight, jealousy, arguments, faith, tears, disagreements, forgiveness but a real relationship fights through all that with love..Distance doesn’t matter in love and it increases the love between two people only and that separation made me understand how much I need you in my life and how much I love you (Arnav’s thoughts “and it made me understand how much you value in my life too Khushi!!”) ..The problem happened between us is like a house Arnav, when a light bulb burns out we do not go and buy new house, instead we fix the light bulb..Like wise we should have fixed our problem that time itself but that’s okay, now that made us realise how important we are to each other in our lives and that made you at last convey your love for me which you did not realise when I was around you..Will you accept me again Arnav? I want to live with you Arnav..I want to love you madly..You used to ask me na that you want to be my puppy? Now I'm asking you that Arnav, will you accept me as your puppy?? (Arnav got tears in his eyes hearing it and equally smiled hearing it). I want to marry you Arnav, you’re the first person I want to look at when I wake up in the morning and the one who can make me go crazy..but mainly when you love someone as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to well…so now turn around!!!!”

The recording came to an end and Arnav turned around as she asked him to turn around in the recording and he found Khushi there going on her knees all ready to propose him, he was literally blushing and equally shocked, it was usually boys who do these things like going on knees while proposing but his Khushi..hehe yes you heard it right Arnav said HIS Khushi..He knows she is crazy, and she is ready to do this madness also for him. Arnav came near her.

Khushi was waiting for his forgiveness and Arnav replied her with his smile that he forgave her.

Khushi: Arnav sach mae(Really) you forgave me????

Arnav chuckled “Yes my angry bird, okay now get up”

Khushi: No no..I will first propose you..

Arnav: You have done it several times Khushi, its me who should do it now.

Khushi: What no?! I should do it!!! I always dreamt of proposing first like this to my love and I'm going to do it!! I always wanted to go on knees while proposing, like how boys do it..

Arnav: What but see boys do that so let me do it!!

Khushi: No no!!! I will only do that!!! Pleasee

Arnav: With one condition..

Khushi: And what is that?? And tell fast okay, see my knee really hurts..How do you guys manage to do this??

Arnav chuckled “accept me as your puppy like I asked before, then you can propose me”

Khushi pulled him down near him, now Arnav was also on his knees like her and now both of them in the same position.

Khushi pulled his cheeks “You will always be my cute puppy!!!”

Arnav: Okay, lets do this we will propose at a time..okay? as you are also on your knees ready and I’m also..what say??

Khushi: Aww, that’s so cute na..This would have not happened in anyone’s life ever..Like both girl and boy going on their knees to propose each other..

Arnav chuckled. So now both got ready to propose each other, though one of them should stand, they dint mind it..They just want their cute innovative proposal to happen. Both of them were holding their hands.

Khushi looked down blushing “ will you, um marry me?”

Arnav took out the ring from his pocket and slid it in her ring finger replying “And I did wish to open up a truth to you, which I’m accepting now..”

Khushi: What is that??

Arnav: I have fallen in love with you at first sight when I saw you in Shyam’s cabin that day but I just wasn’t accepting that.

Khushi: WHAT????? You loved me from the start and you are telling me that now!!! You jerk, stupid, irritating idiot!!!!!!

Khushi started punching him on his chest.

Khushi: I all while thought my love was one side!!!

Arnav caught hold of her hand replying “From the moment we was you!!!”

That’s when they heard “AWWWW How cute” and that’s when Both Arnav and Khushi turned around seeing everyone watching them from starting. It showed how happy everyone were.

Arnav went near the door “How dare you people watch us like that?”

Everyone: (Teasing) Someone was fighting till yesterday..

Arnav: Haan toh? That was yesterday, okay?!

Aaru screamed “I’m so happy for you and Mumma!! Mumma got her prince back and papa got his princess back!! Yayyyyy”

Arnav bend down near Aaru “Aaru, as I promised you we patched up..”

Aaru kissed Arnav’s cheek.

Aaru: Now don’t worry, I will take them all from here.

Saying that Aaru dragged everyone away from his room. Arnav shouted “Thanks Aaru, you are really an intelligent kid!!!!” and Aaru screamed back “Thank you daddyyyyyyy” .

Khushi got tears seeing that, she could notice the happiness in Aaru’s voice. Arnav closed the door and turned aound and he found Khushi hugging him all tight and crying.

Khushi: Thanks Arnav, thank you so much for accepting Aaru also.

Arnav: I’m not doing any sacrifice by giving my surname to Aaru, Khushi. She is our daughter no matter what..

Khushi kissed him on his cheek.

Arnav: you know what? You still did not put ring for me.

Khushi blushed and Arnav handed over the other ring. Khushi slid the ring in his ring finger.

Khushi: I love you Arnav, you are mine and I want to spend the rest of my life with you..

Arnav : and I love you more my soon to be Mrs Khushi Singh Raizada.

Both of them smiled looking at each other.

Khushi thanked her Devi Maiya, Arnav chuckled seeing her reaction since he guessed that she would be thanking her Devi Maiya..He also thanked her Devi Maiya for giving his Khushi back to him.

Arnav : and You are my destiny Khushi..

Saying that Arnav took her for a passionate kiss to convey his love and both were in their own world.

Somewhere deep in his heart he believed his destiny and he would get her back one day and he at last got his destiny and Khushi also got her love back. Now its not his/her love, its their love.


The End.


Relationship is all about loving each other unconditionally, trusting and forgiving each other. The trust of the girl to her real man, and the loyalty of the man to his girl or viceversa. No matter what, if he/she is made for you, it is true that he/she will come back to you one or the other day.. after all the earth is round, which way seems to end may also be only the beginning.


Thank you so much everyone for supporting me throughout the journey of "She's my destiny"..Sorry if I had disappointed anyone but I did not want to drag it any more. I wanted them to enjoy their love for each other now, that's the reason..As they already waited for years for this and its time for them to unite.

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Apr 11, 2017

Epilogue (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 56 times)

Epilogue :

After 2 years.

It has been two years since Arnav and Khushi got married. Now Arnav and Khushi are staying in Paris, France with Aarushi. Khushi’s business ie her event management business is in Paris, its only because of Ashwin and Shalini that she came to Delhi and that changed her life once again bringing back her happiness to her and Arnav’s happiness to him. After marriage Arnav understood Khushi’s interest of being an independent women so he supported her by shifting with her to Paris to continue her business and Arnav to look after AR Health Care branch in Paris, France and all others were also with their decision since they felt like its time for the love birds to have sometime alone for them, but at first Khushi did not want to shift back to Paris leaving her Di, Nani, jiju, Maa, papa, Nk and Lav but they almost convicned her that either they will visit them or Arshi will come to India to visit them or later they may shift back to India if they feel like coming back, so Khushi agreed.


Shyam and Anjali were blessed with a boy baby, he is two years old now. They named them “Ansh” (Anjali+Shyam=Ansh) and now Anjali is again pregnant with her second baby, she is 5 months pregnant now getting all pampering once again from everyone.

Nk and Lavanya got married one year back and they are also living happily ever after now. They are in their own cute little world. Nk all day going lala for her Lavanya and Lavanya enjoying her married life with her Drama ka dukan.

Presently in Paris, France .

Khushi was running behind Aarushi to feed her, she is still making her run behind her to feed her.

“Arey Aaru!!!! Stop runninggg” Khushi was panting with heavy breathing because of running behind Aaru. Nowadays she is getting tired very often.

Aaru went and hid behind Arnav who just came from his room all ready to go for clinic.

Arnav: Arey why are you pestering my jaan morning itself Khushi?

Khushi: Hawwww?? Me? Am I pestering her? Its her who is pestering me!

Arnav looked at Aaru and carried her on his arms and came near Khushi.

Aaru: Papa, hum ne kuch nahi kiya..(I dint do anything..)

Arnav: I know Aaru, you are such a good girl..Your Mumma is only crazy!!

Khushi rolled her eyes “Aacha? Then khud feed karo aapka ladli beti ko!! (Then you itself feed your darling daughter)” Khushi gave Aarushi’s plate in his hand.

He looked at Aaru, Khushi and the plate. Khushi gave a look like “go ahead” looking at Arnav.

Arnav made Aaru to sit on the dining table and he started to feed her, Aaru like a good girl started to eat without making fuss.

Khushi: Hawww!!!!! Acting like a good girl in front of your dad!

“She is indeed good girl only Khushi..Aakir kiska beti hai ye..” said Arnav proudly and Aaru kissed Arnav on his cheeks.

Khushi just rolled her eyes, she was like literally fed up with this dad-daughter nowadays, like their love for eachother started going over board.

Khushi fumed looking at them, both gave no damn to her and they both were in their own daddy-daughter world, She turned around pouting but once she turned around she felt a tug, she turned around to see what was that stopping her and that’s when she saw Arnav and Aaru pulling the end of her duppata.

“We are sorry” she heard them apologizing chorously.

“You both need not even have to be sorry you know?! Because nowadays I don’t even exist in the world for you both na!” Khushi pouted but before she could react more she felt Arnav kissing her on her cheek, and her dhak dhak started all over again, she still cannot control her dhak dhak because of Arnav and Arnav loved that effect of him on her.

Arnav caressed his cheek with hers “I’m sorry”.

Khushi opened her eyes “Are you mad Arnav?! Will you kiss me like this in front of Aaru! Idiot!”

“Mumma, I’m closing my eyes only” giggled Aaru.

“She is so mature then you Khushi, that’s why I always tell you Aaru is the best!!” Arnav chuckled looking at Khushi.

Aaru’s thoughts “Thank you devi maiya for uniting my mumma with her prince, I’m so happy for her” .

There was not even a single day that Aaru has not thanked Devi Maiya for uniting Arshi.

“Okay mumma, papa bye bye..My school bus would have come!!” Aaru left for her school not before kissing Arnav and Khushi.

Arnav smirked looking at Khushi once Aaru left. He went and locked the door.

Khushi: Wh..What are you..doing?

Arnav without replying her came near her.

Khushi: Aren’t you getting late? Why did you lock?

Arnav pulled her by her waist near him, Khushi started breathing heavy. Arnav caressed her cheeks with his thumb “What were you asking?”

Khushi: Hum..voh

Arnav: You know what I love it when you get stuck..and come on its my birthday today! You cant send me without giving me a gift.

Arnav holded her hands and kissed her on her knuckles. Arnav pulled her close near him, and pecked her lips and *Tuppppppppppppppp*

Arnav was holding his left cheek looking at Khushi “What the! Why the hell did you slap me now, Khushi!”

Khushi gave another slap “First shave your beard!! You just pricked me in the name of your kiss!!! Its burning!!!!” Khushi shrieked.

“Arey for that you will slap me like this huh?! Pagal hai kya?!” asked Arnav.

Khushi: Then what will I do?! It pricked me so hard that I got angry!

Arnav: Don’t know what I will do with you! Nowadays you are really behaving weird Khushi! Just a while back you were all shy-shy and now turned into a jungli billi! (Jungle cat!) You have really slapped me very hard dammit! And is this the gift you give for your Husband on his birthday!

Khushi’s thoughts “Arey haan kya hua mujhe?! (Yeah what happened to me?!) Why did I even react like that!”

Arnav: you know what?! its better I leave!

Arnav went to clinic in anger, Khushi pouted looking at his retreating back.

Khushi stood still for some while thinking.

Khushi : Hey Devi Maiya I should have thought about this before itself.

Khushi all of the sudden got ready and went to a near by medical shop and returned back home. After an hour, she got ready in a red top and jean, started for AR Health care to meet Arnav. She carried some things with her, she reached AR in 30minutes and barged inside Arnav cabin jerking him with her entry, but his what the dint come out of his mouth, he just looked at Khushi without blinking his eyes.

There she was standing in front of him in his favorite color and his favorite dress of hers. All of the sudden Khushi came near him smiling and hugged him as tight as she can.

Khushi: I’m sorry Arnav, I did not mean to slap you on your birthday its just I over reacted..Sorry

Arnav knew she really felt bad, this time Khushi herself kissed him on his cheeks.

“See I’m really sorry, see I even kissed on your that stub which hurts me..I really am sorry” Khushi apologised so innocently and cutely.

Arnav smiled looking at her lovely and pulled her near him slowly as if she was a fragile doll “It really hurted so badly, Khushi?”

Khushi nodded her head. Arnav placed a kiss as soft as he can on her left cheek “Ab thik hai?” he again kissed her on her right cheek making her blush.

Khushi just pecked him on his lips in a fraction of second, surprising Arnav.

“So this is my birthday gift?” winked Arnav looking at Khushi.

Khushi pushed him back slowly “Arey haan I totally forgot to give you the gift which I brought for you!!!”

Khushi started to open her hand bad and Arnav was wondering what was it and Khushi took out a pickle bottle and Tamarind, and gave it to him “Happy Birthday, Arnav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Khushi wished him excitedly giving him the pickle and tamarind.

Arnav looked at her weirdly, he looked at the pickle, tamarind and then at Khushi again.

Arnav: Wait, what is this?!

Khushi: Your birthday presents Arnav! Aur kya?!

Arnav: Excuse me?! Is this a gift someone presents someone on their birthday?! Like seriously Pickle and tamarind?! How do I even look like!?

Arnav came near her “Wait, did you got hit somewhere in your head on the way?!”

He checked if she is feeling well by keeping his hand on her forhead checking her temperature.

Arnav : You perfectly look well dammit!

Khushi giggled.

Arnav: Why the hell are you giggling now?! The only thing that happened good in my birthday is, you and Aaru wishing me midnight along with others through skype was the only good thing! Morning you slapped me, and now you are gifting me this pickle and tamarind! Are you out of your mind or what?!

Khushi: I’m giving you PICKLE and TAMARIND Arnav!!!! Can’t you get it???!!!!

Arnav: No! I’m not taking it!

Khushi: Errr…Okay, see You+Me+Aaru=4 now!!

Arnav: I never knew you were weak in maths up to this level Khushi! You+me+Aaru= 3!

“Maths my foot! Okay see, uh actually from now on I’m going to eat for Two!!!!!” said Khushi excitedly.

Arnav chuckled “Eat for two?! Stop kidding Khushi, everyone knew how you eat! You eat for a city itself! We all know that you have an elephant apetite! So stop fooling me”.

Khushi stomped her foot on the ground frustrated “Fine! See Arnav I’m feeling Nausea these days!”

Arnav: That’s why I tell you not to eat like pig!

“Whattttttttttttttt?????????????????!!” Khushi shrieked “Do I eat like a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Arnav smiled sheepishly knowing that he just blurted out the truth so he covered it by “uh..Pug baby, Pug-Pug.. Pig nahi..You eat like a Pug, how so cute na” Arnav pulled Khushi’s cheek for which she glared looking at Arnav.

Khushi: I wonder which idiot even declared you as a MBBS graduate!

Arnav was like “What did I do?”

Khushi took out a dried pea from her hand bag and placed it in his hand, Arnav looked at the dried pea “What’s this?”

Khushi: This is how your small baby is now, Arnav.

“ohhh” that’s what came out from his mouth and Khushi raised her eye brows that’s when it got into his head and screamed “Whattttttttttttttttttttt??????” His face turned from confusion to joy.

That’s when he understood her whole drama of giving him Pickle, Tamarind and then her maths clue of You+me+Aaru= Four now, her will to eat for two and her Nausea feeling was all to tell him that she was actually pregnant and so that was the reason she was behaving all so weird past one week, and her tiredness, he chuckled. He smiled like idiot thinking “What more gift can I on my birthday more then this”

He kissed that dried pea which was on his hand “It…It is so cute..Kh..Khushi, this is the best gift that someone could get on their birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Arnav lifted Khushi in happiness.

“At last my husband guessed it!!!!” Khushi blushed.

Arnav dropped her and tucked her hair strands behind her ear “And you are really a unique piece Khushi! You and your crazy ideas to tell that you are pregnant..” Arnav chuckled.

Khushi giggled and asked him “So how was my gift??” Khushi asked winking looking at him.

Arnav kissed her on her forehead and hugged her, he showed how much he was happy with his gesture. Arnav got tears in his eyes at last, not that he was becoming dad for first time. He is already dad for Aarushi but now he is also going experience the phase of seeing his another baby carried by Khushi in real now.

Khushi: Crying?

Arnav: Happy tears you see.

Khushi chuckled “Just imagine Aaru’s reaction Arnav when she will know that she is going to get a brother/sister”

Arnav winked looking at her “She was waiting for this news, you already know how she nagged us when she came to know that, Bhabhi got pregnant again after Ansh” Khushi blushed remembering how Aaru was also asking for a baby brother/sister and Khushi going all red-red.

Arnav : When did you got to know, Khushi?

Khushi : An hour back Arnav.

Khushi narrated how she got a doubt she was pregnant as she herself felt weird because of her behaviour and that’s when she noticed all her signs of being pregnant as she was feeling weak past one week, she was feeling dizzy and her Nausea feeling. So she connected all the dots and tested whether she was pregnant and she at last found it out being positive, so she decided this would be the best gift for Arnav on his birthday.

Arnav hugged her “I love you Khushi! Thanks for forgiving me, thanks for coming back to me, thanks for giving me Aarushi, thanks for this(He pointed her tummy), and thanks for being my destiny”

Khushi smiled with happy tears and Arnav gently took her for a passionate kiss.


If two persons are destined to be together, the universe will always find a way to make the connection even when all hope seems to be lost. Certain ties cannot be broken. There’s nothing in earth that can prevent them from uniting them, no matter whatever obstacles come in their way.

It was already planned that He was her Destiny and She’s his destiny, no matter what ever happens, at last he/she’s is the destiny for each other and they lived Happily ever after



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