She's my destiny! *COMPLETED*

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Oct 16, 2016

She's my destiny! (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 51 times)



Paris, France.

There she was standing in her balcony and staring at the stars. She turned around and took her mobile out and sighed looking at picture in her mobile screen.

“It has been 5 years now, the first time I met you!” Khushi said looking at the Man in her mobile screen.

‘One Love-One Heart-One Destiny’ that’s all came from Khushi’s mouth.

Every memory of his was flashing in front of her eyes. The moment she thought about him she smiled, she blushed, her eyes became dreamy and all of the sudden her smile vanished and she became serious. She threw her mobile on her bed getting annoyed.

“You can never control me anymore! And I’m not going to sit and cry like all other girls! It wasn’t my mistake either!!” Khushi was fuming in anger saying this and she sat on the couch in her room. 

Tears were welling up in her eyes and she hate this part a lot, this is what happens every time! She tries to act as if she doesn’t give a damn to it yet she messes up everything by crying. She closed her eyes getting frustrated and that’s when she felt someone hugging her neck. As soon as she felt the hug, she guessed who it was and a small smile crept over her face.

“Aarushi” Khushi called out her name and pulled her in front of her.

The 6 year old kid sat on her lap. Her name is Aarushi.  As soon as she sat on Khushi’s lap she saw the tears in Khushi's eyes.

Aarushi: Maa, again?

Aarushi pouted. She wiped away her tears.

Khushi: Aaru I dint cry actually.

Aarushi: Yeah, I can very well see that Maa!!

Khushi’s thoughts ‘This girl is very much matured for her age and I’m always caught by her’.

Aarushi: I know what you are thinking.

Khushi: Try to at least act like a kid Aaru! Its like I’m your kid and you are my mom.

Khushi pouted.

Aarushi: But in our case, it’s the opposite. You are the kid and I’m being your mom consoling you maa.

That’s when both the mother and daughter heard giggling outside their room.

Both Mother and daughter peeped out to see who it was and it was as usual them, as they expected.

Aarushi kept her hand on her hips and stared looking at them. Khushi chuckled looking at her antics.

Aarushi: Dadu, nowadays you have also joined along with Dadi hai na?

Both the elders smiled sheepishly.

Khushi complained to them ‘Maa-Paa look at this Dadima! She again started her tantrums on me’.

She came stood in between them, showing her tongue towards Aarushi.

/* Character Sketch of Dadu and Dadi. */

Dadu: Ashwin Singh Raizada. Father of Arnav and Shyam. CEO of AR Health Care Hospital in Paris. Owns a hospital in Delhi, India also.

Dadi: Shalini Singh Raizada. Wife of Ashwin. She is chief physician in AR Health Care. She is a Gynecologist and Obstetrician. Mother of Arnav and Shyam.

Both Ashwin and Shalini are a cute couple and to mention, they are one of the crazy couple people could know. In fact a beautiful couple who looks like sweet 16.

/* */

Ashwin: Aaru, what did your maa do today?

Aaru came near Ashwin and he lifted her up.

Aaru:  Dadu, you first say you are my side hai na?

Khushi hugged Shalini.

Khushi: And Maa is my side!!

Both mother and daughter showed their tongue toward each other, where as Ashwin and Shalini chuckled looking at both the mother and kid.

Ashwin: So what did your maa do today?

Aaru: Again she was crying today Dadu!!

Ashwin: Khushi?

Khushi was like ‘No-No’ I dint cry.

Aaru: And I very well know, why she cried!

Shalini looked at Khushi.

Ashwin and Shalini: Again Arnav?

Both Ashwin and Shalini glared looking at Khushi. Aarushi was like ‘You need that’.

Khushi: Nahi(No) maa. (Shalini glared looking at Khushi) Sach(True) paa.

Aarushi started screaming ‘Jhoot! (Lie)! Jhoot! (Lie)!’

Khushi: (Looking at Aaru) Meri Dadima! (My Grandma!) Please shut your mouth!!!

Aarushi: Not unless you say me who is this Arnav! I’m also asking you all day and night but you never say me.

Aarushi pouted. She was sad as she never gets answer for this from Khushi.

Khushi looked at Ashwin and Shalini.

Khushi: Okay I accept that I cried but I dint cry intentionally, it was not my fault either! Patha nahi(Don’t know) from where this dam from my eyes opens when I think about him!

Khushi was highly frustrated.

Khushi: And what will I do?! Today is the day I first time met him.

Khushi hugged Shalini getting emotional and Ashwin caressed her hair. Aarushi in the only human present there understanding nothing. She felt like a alien in between them.

Aarushi: Lekin ye Arnav kaun?! (But who is this Arnav?) Ye koi Alien hai kya? (Is he some Alien?)

Khushi: Haan Bilkul Alien jaise hai! (He is just like Alien!) He should have been named as Alien instead of Arnav! Alien Singh Raizada!

Khushi was about to continue more but Ashwin and Shalini looked at her and they gave an unbelievable look.

Aarushi: Why does maa always cry thinking about that Alien?

Aarushi was highly frustrated because of this Mysterious guy Arnav in her Mom’s life. She doesn’t like her mom crying and she always sees her mom ending up crying only because of one person and that’s none other then Arnav. She was hell curious to know about this guy.

Khushi: (Rude) Dint I tell you to stop acting matured. If you are going to continue you this next time I will surely slap you hard Aarushi!

Saying this Khushi went inside her room in anger. Aarushi was taken back with Khushi’s cold reply. She hugged Ashwin and Shalini shedding tears.

Aarushi: (Sobbing) I love maa a lot, but why did maa scold me? (In her baby voice) I don’t like to see her crying.

Ashwin lifted her up, and he looked at Shalini. They entered inside Khushi’s room. They saw Khushi crying like a kid. As soon as Aarushi saw Khushi crying, she ran towards her and hugged her.

Ashwin looking at Shalini and he said ‘You know what Shalu?’

Shalini: Kya hai? (What?)

Ashwin: We have got 4 kids!! (He was mentioning, Shyam-Arnav and now Khushi-Aarushi too)

Shalini:  Wrong, 5 kids actually.

That’s when Ashwin understood,

Ashwin: yeah Anjali too.

(Anjali is Khushi’s Sister and Shyam’s wife.)

Shalini: Each of them are mad in their own way.

Ashwin: Just now Aaru was complaining about Khushi to us and next moment seeing her crying she ran towards her.

Shalini: That’s their special bond Ashwin. Don’t we know that being parents?

Ashwin side hugged Shalini.

Ashwin: And I miss our kids Shalu.

They were quite sad about it.

Shalini: Me too and its high time Khushi should say about Arnav to Aaru. When she is considering her as her daughter, why to hide about Arnav from Aaru? She has got all the rights to know about her mom’s life.

Ashwin: Right!

Ashwin and Shalini came near Khushi and Aarushi.

Aarushi was kissing Khushi all over her face and cheering Khushi.

Shalini : Aaru beta.

Aarushi looked at Shalini and she came near her Dadi. Shalini looked at Ashwin and asked him to take care of her till she talks with Khushi. So Ashwin took Aaru out from Khushi’s room, diverting Aaru for a while.

Shalini: Khushi.

Shalini cupped her face.

Shalini: Why don’t you say about Arnav and others to her?

Khushi: Maa?! No way!

Shalini: Some or the other day she will know about Arnav. There will be a day when she would even ask you why dint you marry.

Khushi: But.

Shalini: Shh. What am I to you?

Khushi : Ye kya saval hai?! (What question is this?) Aap meri maa hai and aap meri maa jaise hai! (You are my mother and you are like my mother!)

Shalini: Then do as your maa is saying.

Khushi: Maa, you very well know about this little devil of ours! If we say about Arnav, I know what she will do later!

Shalini: But it is not good to hide also from Aaru.

Khushi: Is this the right time?

Shalini: Kal Kare So Aaj KarAaj Kare (Tomorrows work do today, today's work now) So ab!!

Khushi understood what Shalini was trying to make her understand. She took a deep breath.

Khushi: Fine.

Shalini smiled looking at Khushi and she went and called Ashwin and Aaru back inside. Only Khushi knows what she was going through now.

Ashwin and Shalini looked at Khushi.

Aaru : Why you all are staring looking at each other like this?

Khushi asked them to start.

Ashwin and Shalini : Aaru beta.

Aaru : Kya hai Dadu dadi? (What is it Dadu Dadi?)

Ashwin : Uh Arnav is

Shalini : our son.

Aarushi never expected this.

Aarushi: Son? ALIEN is your son??!!!

Khushi : haan Aaru.

Khushi pouted like a kid. Aaru looked at Khushi, it was like Aaru had fixed Arnav to be a Alien and not a human. The elders dint know whether to laugh or do what. They chuckled and asked Khushi to go ahead.

Shalini : See mumma, will saying you everything beta.

Aaru went near Khushi not understanding nothing.

Shalini indicated Khushi to say everything to Aaru and both Ashwin and Shalini gave some space to them and left Khushi’s room.

Khushi took a deep breath and she was preparing herself to say about Arnav to Aaru.


Precap :

Aaru getting excited.

Aaru : Matlab, Alien nahi nahi Arnav is my dad hai na Maa?? (Means, Alien no no Arnav is my dad right Mom??)

Khushi was like ‘What the hell!’

Khushi : No he is not your dad, and never! I hate him! So you are also going to hate him! He is Alien to me, So he is Alien to you also!!

Aaru was like ‘Is Maa Mad? Mad mumma (She was giggling silently) Whatever, I’m going to love this all new Arnav or Alien dad of mine’.

You will Know about all the characters once the story continues. There might be confusions regarding Aaru also, everything will be cleared when the story goes further.


Okay, so before I start this new story and yes, This is a new Story. I know you guys would be confused thinking about what about Humsafar and NKYP, but sorry I'm not going to continue it now. Will continue it after completing this story. I just need time to set up the further plot for the two stories. I will not stop it abruptly like that, will continue it definitely but after some time. Will start it all fresh and will soon delete it from here. So that I can start it all over again. I'm sorry for that, Hope you all give me the same love and support me for this story also. 



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Oct 17, 2016

Chapter 1 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 44 times)

Chapter 1 :

Khushi : Aaru actually as you know I’m not your

Aaru : I know that you are not my real mother Maa! I don’t even have any idea if my real mother if she was alive also she would have loved me this much like you do or not! No one can replace your love for me and You will only always be my mother!! Samjhi? (Understood?)

Khushi smiled looking at her and kissed her cheeks.

Aaru : Okay,okay now say me about that Alien and how did Dadu and Dadi gave birth to an alien??

Khushi : Uh actually that is the point Aaru. Like how I’m not your real mother even they are not my real parents.

Aaru : What? but you call them as Mom and Dad?

Khushi : Wait, don’t question me back! Let me clear you everything. My parents passed away when I was young, now got it? And I was grown up in Delhi with my Sister Anjali. We both were taken care by our Nani. My parents passed away in an accident like how your parents also passed away in an accident.

Aaru : Aachaaaaa (She was dragging the Aacha)

Khushi tapped her shoulders.

Khushi: Oyi, I’m not saying any story okay? You are like dragging your aacha in the way like that.

Aaru:  Maa leave that,you say me this matlab (means) I have a Nani and a Massi too??

Aaru was excited knowing about her new relations, as since she was born and brought up in Paris, She had only Khushi, Ashwin and Shalini as her relation and now knowing about the other relations she was over whelmed.

Khushi smiled looking at her and she cupped her face.

Khushi : Haan baby.

Aaru : But in this how did you meet Dadu and Dadi?

Khushi : All because of that Alien!

Aaru :  Maa, did Dadu and Dadi really gave a birth to Alien? I read that Humans can give birth only to human but how come Alien??

Khushi : Erg, wait! Actually Arnav is not an Alien. I hate him so I told you he was an Alien! Actually he is a human only like us!

Khushi was fuming in anger as soon as thinking about him.

Khushi : He would have been a Rakshas(Monster) in his previous birth I think!

Aaru : Why do you always curse him Maa?

Khushi : Because he deserves only that! Look don’t divert me. You want to know or not?

Aaru : Haan.

Khushi : See, My sister and his brother Shyam were in love so I came to know about Arnav like that. I fell in love with him the day I met, but he was a tough nut to crack, and he was not in talking terms with his parents that time because your Dadu and Dadi were divorced at that time, and he hated his parents for that. After I became close with his family only I came to know about maa and paa so I decided to reunite them. So after many plans I made maa and paa together and they got remarried again in a simple manner in court after my Sister’s marriage with his brother. I used to do whatever he says but he gives no damn to me or my feelings, he doesn’t even accept that he loves me and one day we had big fight which I can’t mention you about! He questioned me about my character, which made me leave him and my Nani. At that time Maa and Paa were in Paris after my Sister’s marriage. I told everything to them. So I booked a ticked to Paris and landed here. Later I met you here as one year old baby and you were so cute that no one can even leave you and go like that. So I decided to adopt you with help of Maa and Paa. We tried reaching your relatives but you had no one, so with all rights I adopted you. So now came to know who Arnav is, right?! So no more question. Now sleep.

Khushi dint want her to question her anything anymore, but to her bad luck Aaru wasn’t quite.

Aaru : So you loved Arnav?

Khushi who was making the bed ready for them, looked at Aaru.

Khushi : Yes, but not now!

Aaru got excited knowing this. She was so happy that Khushi had a prince in her life too. As Aaru was brought up by saying all those Prince-princess story. She used always think who would be her Khushi Maa’s prince, but after knowing who the prince was she got excited.

Aaru : Matlab, Alien nahi nahi Arnav is my dad hai na Maa?? (Means, Alien no no Arnav is my dad right Mom??)

Khushi was like ‘What the hell!’

Khushi : No he is not your dad, and never! I hate him! So you are also going to hate him! He is Alien to me, So he is Alien to you also!!

Aaru was like ‘Is Maa Mad? Mad mumma (She was giggling silently) Whatever, I’m going to love this all new Arnav or Alien dad of mine’.

Khushi : What?

Aaru: Nothing, umm but

Khushi : What?

Aaru : Ek aakri doubt Maa..please *puppy face* (One final doubt Mom..please)

Khushi’s thoughts ‘God! that’s why I said I won’t tell her, I very well know about this little devil of mine! That’s why I dint say about Arnav to her! Look now how much questions she is asking me and reminding me of him second to second’.

Khushi pouted and replied back ‘Sleep!’.

Aaru : Sirf ek doubt Maa..please please pleaseeee (only one doubt mom..please please pleaseeee)

Khushi: Fine, last question and no more questions will be answered after that regarding Arnav anymore, is that ok for you?

Aaru thought for a while, then she smirked looking at Khushi.

Khushi: What?

Aaru : Ok deal, I won’t ask about Arnav to you after this.

Khushi: Ok, so what doubt you have?

Aaru: Maa, doesn’t Nani, massi or Arnav knew that you’re here with Dadu and Dadi?

Khushi: No, they don’t know. I have restricted Maa and Papa from revealing about my whereabouts to them, you remember in these 5 years Maa and papa will be going to India for 10 days each year leaving us here and you will even ask them to take you to India, remember?

Aaru : Haan, you never allow me to go with them when they leave for India and when I ask why, you never answer for that.

Aaru complained.

Khushi : And the reason behind it is they visit them once a year going there. That’s why I never allowed you. I have no idea what magic did that Kadoos do to my Nani and Di that they just always do everything per his wish only! And he made me also to do! But he never hears what others are saying! How mean?!

Aaru exactly dint understand what the major problem was between these elders as she was not that age to understand everything even thou she is a little matured for her age but we should still accept that she is a kid. She understood one thing that her Maa Khushi loved a man named Arnav. Aaru was lost in her own world.

Khushi snapped her fingers in front of her.

Khushi : Arey kya hua? (What happened?)

Aaru’s thoughts ‘Why are they like tom and jerry’.

Aaru : Not..Nothing maa.

Khushi : Ok, now no more questions or doubts! Now come lets sleep.

Khushi slept near her and she started caressing Aaru’s hair. Aaru fell asleep as soon as Khushi caressed her hair. Khushi kissed her forehead and sat straight.

Khushi closed her eyes and remembering the past, the first time she met him.

#Flashback (Flashbacks will be in Maroon font colour)

5 years back,

Delhi, India.It was a rainy day.

Khushi, Anjali and their Nani were making Pakodas and Garma Garam Chai to enjoy the monsoon rain.

Khushi smelling the Pakodas.

Khushi : Ummmmmm, I’m going to eat this allllll!!

Saying that she started to run taking the plate full of Pakodas with her.

Anjali : Hey ye tho cheating hai Khushi, tu akhele nahi kaa sakte!!!!! (Hey this is cheating Khushi, you can’t eat it all alone!!)

Anjali ran behind Khushi to catch her.  Nani was smiling looking at her two grand daughters.

/* Character Sketch

Nani :

Devyani Gupta, Nani of Anjali and Khushi. Loves both her granddaughters a lot. Very cute and sweet Nani, just like her granddaughters. She is taking care of these girls since the time their parents passed away in an accident.

Anjali Gupta :

Elder sister of Khushi. Loves her sister a lot. They are like best friends. She had done her event management in a reputed institute in Delhi. A gem of a person, she is a kind girl. Anjali can never live without her sister Khushi.

Khushi Gupta : 

Younger sister of Anjali. Bubbly and a charming girl. She also loves her sister a lot. Has done Event Management like her sister following her foot steps in the same Institute with her. Both of them are a graduate now. Khushi and Anjali are like, they never wanted to part away from each other . She does whatever her sister does so that she can be with her and that’s the reasons they both discussed and took Event management and Khushi joined the same. She even has planned that they both will be getting married to some brothers only so that she can always stay with her sister.

End of Character sketch */

Anjali at last caught Khushi and both of them were enjoying eating by feeding each other.

Nani : You both forgot me.

Anjali and Khushi smirked looking at each other and they all of sudden pushed big pakoda inside Nani’s mouth and they shouted ‘We love you Nani!!!!’ then kissed Nani’s cheek.

They were enjoying the afternoon like this. Later Nani went to have a small nap. Only Anjali and Khushi were awake. Both of them got bored because of watching tv.

Anjali : Khushi, its so boring!!

Khushi : Hmmm, shall we eat ice-cream?

Anjali : Are you mad? Will anyone eat ice-cream during rain? How much times haven’t I warned you to leave this habit Khushi?

Khushi : Bachpan ke addat hai di..(Childhood habit di..) Manufacturing defect.

Saying that Khushi went to take the ice-cream from the refrigerator (Ok, don’t ask me how there was ice-cream inside. Some Ice-cream lovers like me will have ice-cream most of the time in Fridge like that :P So Khushi is one among them).

Anjali went behind her.

Anjali : See from next time, I’m going to throw this out Khushi! How much ice-cream will you eat in a month? And that too in this season!

Khushi was like, hearing everything in her left ears and leaving it by her right ears. Her concentration was only in her ice-cream.

Anjali : Arey pagli, I’m talking to you only!

Khushi by then was covered with ice-cream all over her mouth and she was showing her teeth by smiling EEEE.

Anjali : Smile Smile, will ask that Doctor to put you two injections this time!!

Khushi widen her eyes.

Khushi : Diiiii?

Anjali : What?

Khushi : Don’t even take that Doctor Karan's name! His only aim is to inject me always! He very well know how much I’m afraid of injections and still he does the same in spite of you informing him prior about my fear of injection! I just hate him!!

# Khushi is a ice-cream lover and the only fear she has is all for Injections!#

Anjali chuckled.

Khushi : Haww you are smiling?

Khushi went near Anjali and she started to tickle her. As Khushi started to tickle her, Anjali also did the same with her and Khushi again started running here and there. At last both the girls went to terrace running behind each other and it started raining again and both got drenched. They started to play, forgetting everything and that’s when Anjali heard Khushi’s ‘Ach..Ach..Achooooo’.

Anjali glared looking at Khushi.




Khushi bumped with someone when she was following Anjali.

Khushi rubbing her head while Anjali was going forward not aware of this.

Khushi was rubbing her head and saying to that person ‘Where are your eyes? Can’t you see and walk! Already my di is hell bend in taking me to that Doctor and you are more pissing me off!’

Man : Excuse me? Its you who bumped on me looking somewhere!

That’s when Khushi looked up and saw the man in front of her. That’s it Khushi was clean bowled. Khushi has never seen anyone this much handsome.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Khushi stop it, Stop gawking at this guy and move forward with your sister idiot!’. Khushi was mentally scolding herself for gawking at a unknown man like that.


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Oct 19, 2016

Chapter 2 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 42 times)

Chapter 2:

Anjali glared looking at Khushi, as usual Khushi has caught a cold. Anjali dragged her down scolding her all way and Khushi was keeping a puppy face. Anjali was drying Khushi's hair with towel giving angry glares.

Khushi : Di, I’m sorry. Itna gussa? (This much anger?)

Anjali’s one look, that’s it Khushi again kept a puppy face.

Khushi : Ok I’m sorry.

Khushi stopped her from doing and made her sit.

Anjali : What?

Khushi : Enough of pampering me, even you need to be pampered di!! Even your hair is wet because you got drenched along with me.

Anjali : But I never catch cold or fever! It every time happens with only you, hai na?

Khushi pouted.

Khushi: Voh toh hai..patha nahi ye kyun hamesha sirf mere saath hi ho raha hai di! (Yeah right, don’t know why it always happen with me di!!)

Khushi complained to her like a kid while drying Anjali’s hair with the towel. Anjali tapped on her nose.

Anjali : Its because you never take care of your health Khushi! You never care about what you eat, in fact you never think whether it is good for your health or not. Hamesha kuch bhi kaa thi ho tum! (You always eat anything).

Anjali cupped her face, to make her look at her. That’s when Anjali noticed Khushi was shivering and she had got fever.

Anjali : Hey bagwan, Why don’t you hear my words Khushi! See now again you got fever!

Anjali got more worried now. Khushi automatically lied down on the bed covering herself with a duvet.

Khushi: See di, I will even sleep but please no doctor!!

Anjali glared looking at her.

Anjali : Chup kar! (Shut up).

Anjali went out of their room and she directly went to Nani’s room. She saw Nani waking up from her little nap. She informed her about Khushi’s health and informed her that she will be taking her to doctor.

Nani came along with Anjali to see Khushi.

Khushi: Naniiiiii

Nani came and sat near her.

Khushi: Nani I don’t want to go to doctor.Please!

Anjali : Then stop being silly Khushi! You are not understanding the seriousness, you can get cold and fever sometimes but not often!! I can’t take risk when it comes to your health!

After saying that Anjali made Khushi to get ready to meet doctor. Khushi was cursing that doctor all while, and she was showing her puppy face to Nani which dint even work. At last both the sisters started for the clinic and they reached there in 10 minutes.

Anjali : Hey bagwan, Ye Karan Doctor ko kya hogaya? (oh god, what happened to this Karan Doctor?) Why should he close the clinic today?!

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Tu toh aaj bachgayi Khushi!!’ (‘You are saved today Khushi!!’). She was smiling widely.

Anjali : Don’t get so happy pagli, what if this clinic is closed?, come lets go to AR Health Care.

Khushi eyes came out of her socket hearing it, here she was happy that she will not be seeing the doctor but here her Sister was hell bend in taking her to another doctor now. She was like ‘no I won’t’ but Anjali literally dragged her with her.

Both Anjali and Khushi reached AR Health Clinic soon since it was quite near.

 Khushi: Di, yahan ki doctor achi nahi hai.. (Here doctors are not good..)

Anjali: Oh really?

Khushi: Sach di. (Really..)

Anjali pulled her ears.

Khushi: (All dramatically) Haw di, will anyone treat a patient like that, bechari mein. Bukhar hai mujhe.. (Haw di, will anyone treat a patient like that, pity me. Fever for me)

Anjali chuckled looking at Khushi and thought ‘She would never change’.

Anjali : Dramebazz! (a person who acts too much) Come lets go.

Khushi: Back to home uh? ( She showed her 1000 watt smile :D :P)

Anjali: Only in your dreams, I meant you to come inside the hospital with me.

Khushi pouted and followed her inside where as Anjali was chuckling. Khushi was following Anjali and was cursing the AR Health Care for being near by and ended up  bumping with someone.

Khushi rubbing her head while Anjali was going forward not aware of this.

Khushi was rubbing her head and saying ‘Where are your eyes? Can’t you see and walk! Already my di is hell bend in taking me to that Doctor and you are pissing me off more!’

Man : Excuse me? Its you who bumped on me looking somewhere else!

That’s when Khushi looked up and saw the man in front of her. That’s it Khushi was clean bowled. Khushi has never seen anyone this much handsome.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Khushi stop it, Stop gawking at this guy and move forward with your sister idiot!’.

Khushi was mentally scolding herself for gawking at a unknown man like that. As she never used to gawk at anyone like that. She felt so stupid that she ran from there searching her sister all of sudden not even responding back to that person.

Man : What the! Is she mad?

Anjali by then reached the doctor. She read the name on the board outside ‘Shyam Singh Raizada’. A nurse passed by her.

Anjali: Sister, doctor hai?

Nurse: I’m sorry, but his duty is over for today. He won't check any patients anymore.

Anjali: Please sister, My sister is suffering from fever. I need to see the doctor.

Nurse: But..

That’s when Shyam came out and saw Anjali arguing with the sister.

Anjali: How can you people be this irresponsible? You are treating for people, this profession is also like helping others then why not now?

Khushi by then reached Anjali.

Khushi: What happened di?

Anjali: She is saying we cant see the doctor now as his duty is over for today Khushi!

Khushi: Wow iiee (Anjali glared looking at her) iiee ooo I mean Oh no Tsk Tsk.

Shyam was watching this all and Nurse was again about deny when they heard Shyam speaking.

Shyam: Sister, we are here serving for people and to cure them! And I love my job! Why do you have to say like that? You could have informed me right, that there is a patient waiting for me!

Nurse: Sorry sir.

Shyam: I hate irresponsible people and don’t repeat this again! Send the patient inside.

Shyam went back inside giving a glance once towards Anjali. Nurse apologised to Anjali and she sent Khushi and Anjali inside.

Khushi was like ‘Why should the doctor be this nice? That too he is voluntarily calling us inside. Why me god?!’.

Shyam asked them to sit. Khushi kept her face as pity as she can.

Shyam: I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Anjali: That’s okay doctor.

Shyam: So, what happened?

Anjali looked at Khushi, and she said ‘Ye meri Sister, she has cold and fever’.

Shyam checked Khushi, and that’s when someone entered inside. Khushi was shocked seeing the person, it was him whom she bumped with when she entered and same reaction was given by that person, he was also shocked seeing her.

Shyam while checking Khushi replied to that person ‘Arnav, yeah just two minutes. Wait’.

Arnav took a seat there.

Shyam after checking Khushi asked her ‘What did she eat that her breathing is this bad, her cold was really bad’.

Khushi gave a look like ‘Is he also going to inject me’.

Anjali: What to do doctor? She never hears what is say, she eats ice-cream during rain, she never takes care of her health and she gets drenched in rain! She never stops eating Ice-cream aur kuch bhi kaa thi ye (and she eats anything). Still behaves like a kid doctor.

Shyam chuckled seeing her continuous complaints.

Khushi: Di?

Arnav: Excuse me? She eats ice-cream even during rain?

Anjali: Ji haan! There is no time or season for her! All she needs is ice-cream!

Khushi made a sad face. She came to a conclusion that today it is conform that needle is going to kiss her.

Arnav was like ‘Is she crazy? She scolds me for not my fault and she eats ice-cream in this cold?! Unbelievable!’

Shyam looked at Khushi.

Khushi: DOCTOR PLEASE NO INJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Khushi just screamed out of fear. All the three closed their ears.

Khushi: If you want put injection for my di, we have the same blood group. Koon ki rishta hai hamara, hai na di? (Blood relation, right?)

Arnav stood up and came near Khushi.

Arnav: Oh hello, you have got fever and why should your sister put injection?

Khushi: I’m talking to my doctor, so you please shh! 

Arnav: YOU!

Khushi: Stop shouting okay?! Then I will complain about you to my doctor. (She looked at Shyam) Doctor, see how he is treating your patient.

Shyam: Arnav?

Arnav: (Looking at Shyam)You wait, (Now looking at Khushi) If he is your doctor! Then he is my brother, got it!

Khushi was like ‘O teri ye duno Brothers’ (‘Oh god these two are brothers’)

Khushi: So what, he is my Doctor!

Arnav: He is my brother!

Both Shyam and Anjali were looking at each other and wondering why these two were arguing like this like kids.

Khushi: Look Mr!

Arnav: Arnav, Arnav Singh Raizada!

Khushi: Whatever! So what if he is your brother! Only doctors can understand patients feelings, okay? So just don’t come between doctor and patient!

Arnav: Excuse me, for your kind information mein bhi ek doctor hoon, samjhi?! (I’m also a doctor, okay?!)

Khushi was like ‘He is also a doctor! Ergg!’

Khushi: uh..So what?

Arnav: (Looking at Shyam) Shyam, I think this girl has escaped from some asylum! Trust me!

Khushi: Kya!? (What!?) Do I look like a mad for you!

Anjali started to laugh hearing his out burst all of sudden. Shyam was already lost in Anjali the moment he saw but after seeing her laughing he again started to admire her.

Arnav hifi-ed with Anjali. Khushi opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape seeing that.

Arnav: Seriously how do you manage all day with this creature?

Khushi: Di?! Here this Laad Governor is talking rubbish about your sister and you are laughing for that!

Anjali: You really need some one like this to control you, seriously you know?

Khushi looked at Shyam making a puppy face.

Arnav: Oh hello! if you keep your face like that don’t think we will believe you are innocent.

Khushi was cursing him under her breath.

Arnav: I heard you!

Khushi made a irritated face.

Shyam: Okay-Okay I’m sorry on behalf of my brother.

Khushi: Aap kitne sweet ho, hamesha kisi aur ki galti keliye aap maafi mangre..Ye sach me aapki bhai hai kya? (How sweet of you, you always ask sorry for others deeds..Is he seriously your brother?)

Shyam chuckled.

Arnav: (He looked at Anjali) Mujhe bhi yahi doubt hai ki kya ye aapki behan? (Even I have the same doubt is she also really your sister?)

Khushi: YOU! (Khushi points her finger pointing Arnav)

Arnav: Mind you!

Khushi: You first mind yourself!

Arnav : Oh just shut up okay!

Khushi just opened her mouth in ‘O’ Shape and thought ‘Was that me, who thought him as handsome?! It is right that someone said ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’’.

Khushi pouted.

Khushi: Actually how did you even become doctor with this attitude?

Arnav: We should act according to the type of person Ms!

Khushi: Khushi! Khushi Gupta!

Arnav: Whatever,

Arnav was about to continue but Shyam stopped him.

Shyam: Okay enough, none of you are going to fight anymore okay?

Khushi: Say him first.

Arnav: Say her, not me! I have got brains and I’m not like her!

Khushi was about to back answer but Anjali closed her mouth with her hands by stopping her from speaking.

Arnav: From next time put a plaster on her mouth, people will be safe at least!

Khushi was fuming in anger.

Anjali: Okay I’m also sorry behalf of my sister and for wasting the time of you people.

Shyam: Same here, sorry behalf of my brother also.

Both Arnav and Khushi gave a look like, ‘I will see you later!’

Shyam: Okay so now you see, I’m not going to inject you. You can be cured with medicines and tonic itself, okay?

Khushi never felt this much happy seeing any doctor.

Khushi: Sach? (True?)

Arnav : Everything have to be told twice to you, hai kya?

Khushi glared looking at him and Arnav was glaring at her.

Anjali: Okay, please don’t start again you two.

Shyam: Its better I do it soon.

Anjali: Yeah, can’t handle them like this!

Shyam informed about the medicine and tonic which Khushi should intake. Both Anjali and Khushi thanked him and left. Shyam and Anjali looked at each other once where as Khushi and Arnav glared looking at each other.

Khushi for the first time in her life praised a doctor and that was Shyam to Anjali.

‘Maa..Maa (In a sleepy tone)’ Khushi heard Aaru’s voice. Khushi came back to reality.

Aaru: Mumma, you dint sleep still?

Khushi: Uh, yeah I’m actually going to..Come lets sleep.

Both Khushi and Aaru hugged each other and slept.


/* Character sketch

Shyam Singh Raizada :

Elder son of Ashwin and Shalini. He is a Doctor by profession. A very humble and a sweet guy. Never losses his temper. All cool types and handsome guy. Loves his brother Arnav a lot. Never hides anything from him. Never takes any decision in haste. He can handle any situation and he is more understandable in everything.

Arnav Singh Raizada:

Younger son of Ashwin and Shalini.He is a Doctor by profession. A handsome guy. Girls drool for his looks. As his parents were divorced he lost his belief in marriage and love and all. As they were divorced when he was small, it got hit in his heart and created a bad impression about love and marriage. But when it comes to profession he never is rude or arrogant. The only person to piss him off is Khushi from the time he met her. He never hides anything from his brother and loves him a lot.

End of Character sketch */



Aaru: Dadu, But why don’t we unite them?

Ashwin looked at Shalini.

Shalini: If your mother knows she will kill us alive, Aaru.


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Oct 22, 2016

Chapter 3 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 44 times)

Hi everyone, I'm dedicating this update to my crazy cutie sister Anju aka Priyanjali on this special day. Yes its her birthday, please do wish for her good :) . The crazy Angel was born today. Love you loads Anjuuuuuuuuu

Chapter 3:

Khushi and Aaru hugged each other and slept.

Same time in Delhi, India. India is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Paris, France.


[Nani, Arnav, Shyam and Anjali are living in Shantivan like how Khushi, Ashwin, Shalini and Aaru are together in Paris. Ashwin and Shalini come 10days once in a year to India to visit them all. As I said, they remarried again after Shyan’s marriage at that time there was a problem in their Paris AR Health Care, so they both came back to Paris to solve it. Mean while during that period only Arnav and Khushi had problem between them and Khushi came to Paris to meet them. So to take care of Khushi they also remained in Paris saying some white lie to their family. Khushi wasn’t allowing them to reveal that she is with them, so they din’t reveal about her whereabouts to them.]

Anjali was sitting in her room and looking at Khushi’s photo. Shyam understood how bad she missed her sister.

Anjali: Shyam, this was the day we both first met you both in hospital.

Shyam: Yeah I very well remember how Khushi was afraid of injection that day.

Anjali: She is always afraid of injections.

Shyam: Not to forget Khushi and Arnav’s argument!!

That’s when Arnav entered inside their room.

Arnav: Talking about me?

Shyam: Hey, when did you come?

Anjali: Come sit here, you had your dinner or not?

Arnav came and sat next to Anjali.

Arnav: I just came now, and came here directly. There was quite a lot of patients today and yeah I did eat di.

 [Arnav started calling Anjali as di instead of bhabhi. He always felt that sister love from her]

Arnav: So what was that you people where talking about me?

Shyam: Nothing Arnav, leave that.

Arnav guessed that his brother is hiding something and he noticed Anjali’s face was gloomy, that’s when he noticed Khushi’s photo in Anjali’s hand.

Arnav stood up.

Arnav: Khushi right?

Anger was clearly visible in his voice. Both Shyam and Anjali stood up, Arnav turned around and straight away left their room.

Anjali: He is still angry Shyam. Why did Khushi leave? They could have solved their problem, why it happened Shyam?

Anjali cried hugging Shyam. Shyam felt really bad, Khushi was like his sister too. He very well know how much Khushi loved Arnav, he never thought Khushi would leave everything and go. Shyam was consoling Anjali.

Arnav fuming in anger came to Nani’s room. Nani saw Arnav entering her room.

Nani: When did you come Arnav beta?

Arnav made Nani to sit and he lied on her lap. This was his usual habit to lie on her lap whenever he thinks about Khushi. Nani caressed his hair.

Nani: What happened?

Arnav replied nothing. Nani made him look at her.

Nani: You are my ladli potha(Loved grandson) hai na? say what happened?

(Arnav became more close with Nani after Khushi left. In fact he got that love from Nani which he missed from his parents during his childhood)

Arnav: Khushi!

Arnav hugged Nani startling her all of sudden. Nani caressed his back.

Nani’s thoughts ‘Khushi betiya, where are you? Why did you leave your Nani and go?’. Nani closed her eyes as tears escaped from her eyes.

Arnav got up.

Arnav: I’m going to my room Nani.

Arnav marched back to his room and locked his room after entering. He threw the vase which was placed in table. He came to pool side and he was staring at the pool getting lost.

[Arnav has opened up his feeling only with Khushi, not that he doesn’t share anything with Shyam but he shares everything means everything with Khushi and that’s how Khushi came to know about Ashwin and Shalini’s divorce and for bringing back Arnav’s happiness back she decided to reunite them. So after Khushi left he had no one to actually share everything. He became more close with Nani after her departure, thou he doesn’t share his feeling with none but still he has a soft corner when it comes to Nani because of the endless love she showered on Arnav, that’s the reason he always feels good when he lies down on Nani’s lap]

Arnav: Why did you do like that Khushi? Why did you ditch me?

Arnav’s inner soul: Ditch? You never proposed her, then why would she ditch you? Its only her who always says she loves you!

Arnav: That isn’t the point! If she did love me, then she wouldn’t have done that!

Arnav’s inner soul: Stop fighting with me, just because to prove your point right!

Arnav: I never asked her to leave!

Arnav’s inner soul: Your so called words which came from your mouth is enough for her to leave!

Arnav: Because she did that!

Arnav’s inner soul: You never believed her isn’t?

Arnav shouted ‘JUST LEAVE!’.

Arnav felt so miserable. He was equally missing her and his anger was also over powering. He couldn’t just accept that he was missing her, damn his so called ego.

Arnav went inside his room and sat on his couch, he took out his mobile. He unlocked a secret album in his gallery and looked at the picture in that, it was his and Khushi’s picture in fact many pictures of theirs and Khushi's. He caressed all those pictures and closed his eyes throwing his mobile on his bed. He was lost in his own thoughts he dint know when he slept and he just slept lying on the couch itself.



Paris, France.

Khushi being a event management graduate was doing her job in that profession only. It was her holiday after a big wedding. So she was free all these days. Khushi was sleeping still as she slept late yesterday thinking about Arnav. Aaru slowly woke up without disturbing her and came to her Dadu and Dadi’s room. They were already awake.

Ashwin lifted her up.

Aaru: Dadu, Mumma told me everything yesterday night.

Shalini: Everything?

Aaru: Haan but I din’t understand why Arnav and Khushi mumma fought.

Ashwin: You don’t need to know about It Aaru beta.

Aaru: Dadi, I want to see them.

Ashwin and Shalini: Kyaa?? (What??)

Aaru: Photo..I was asking their photo.

Ashwin: Oh photo uh?

Shalini’s thoughts ‘Aacha, I thought she was asking us to arrange a meet with them. Thank god, if Khushi knew this that’s it!!’

Aaru: Please please pleaseeee show me na.

Ashwin: Ok wait, Shalu pass me my phone.

Shalini passed him his phone to him and Ashwin opened his gallery to show their photos. He was showing everyone’s photo one by one except Arnav and then came a group photo.

Aaru: isme Arnav kaun? (In this who is Arnav?)

Shalini: kyun? (Why?)

Aaru: Mera Papa hai na. (He is my dad right..)

Ashwin: What?

Aaru: please say na Dadu, who is Arnav?

Ashwin looked at Shalini and shalini was like ‘ok show her’.

Ashwin showed who was Arnav.

Aaru: So he is my dad!!!

Aaru screamed in happiness.

Ashwin and Shalini closed her mouth.

Ashwin: Aaru?

Shalini: If your mumma knew that you called him dad that’s it Aaru!!

Aaru: But..

Ashwin: No buts.

Aaru: Dadu, But why don’t we unite them?

Ashwin looked at Shalini.

Shalini: If your mother knows she will kill us alive, Aaru.

Ashwin: Shalu, but how many days Khushi is going to not reveal her whereabouts to them and when will she or Arnav even marry? or will they even unite again?




Shalini: Khushi beta.

Khushi: Haan Maa.

Shalini: We are going to India.

Khushi: For 10 days you and papa are going hai na maa?

Shalini: No you are coming with us, hamesha keliye…(Forever)

Khushi dropped the cup in her hand down hearing it.


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Oct 25, 2016

Chapter 4 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 39 times)

Chapter 4:

Shalini: I’m also worried regarding their future Ashwin but will they accept it? Are they ready to reunite? Arnav and Khushi are equally angry on each other.

Ashwin: Shalu, say me one thing!

Shalini: Kya hai? (What is it?)

Aaru dint know what they were talking about. She was looking at her Dadu and Dadi’s mouth. All she need now was to unite her maa with Arnav.

Ashwin: Were we both ready to reunite when we got divorced?

Shalini: No, in fact we were ready to irritate each other more after our divorce but our love never decreased it was just our ego which made us blind but Khushi made us realise what our mistake was, she reunited us! How will I even forget that?

Ashwin: Exactly when she decided to reunite us for Arnav why don’t we now reunite them?

Shalini was thinking.

Shalini: I have no problem with it Ashwin, in fact I will be more than happy if they reunite!! Infact everyone Khushi’s Nani, Anjali betiya, Shyam everyone would be happy!!

Ashwin: Then why don’t we work for it?

Shalini: What will we do, I mean how?

Ashwin: First we should get back Khushi from here!

Shalini: You think she will come back to India once we ask her to return?

Ashwin and Shalini looked at Aaru.

Aaru: (Sad)Mumma won’t come to India uh?

Shalini took a deep breath.

Shalini: Mumma will come back to India this time with us along with you.

That brought back a smile in Aaru’s face.

Aaru: Sachi?

Shalini kissed her on her cheeks.

Shalini: Haan Muchi..

Aaru looked at her Dadu.

Aaru: Ab hum Arnav ko dad bula sakte hai na Dadu? (Now I can call Arnav as dad na Dadu?) and I’m keeping on calling him Arnav-Arnav without giving respect. Mumma told me we should give respect to elders.

Ashwin smiled looking at Aaru and Shalini.

Ashwin: Haan you can call, but not in front of your mumma until we unite them, okay?

Aaru nodded her head like a good girl.

Ashwin, Shalini and Aaru were planning how to convince Khushi. Mean while Ashwin asked his other Co-Directors of AR Health Care to take care of the Paris Branch. Shalini booked the ticket for the next flight to India which was that evening itself.

Ashwin: Chalo lets go now.

Shalini: Hope Khushi agrees.

Aaru: I will also ask to Mumma, she will never say no to me.

All the three came out of their room and saw Khushi has woken by that time and she was all ready and preparing breakfast.

Khushi felt their presence in the kitchen and turned around to see the three together she felt something fishy but she brushed off her thought thinking what would be fishy. So she started to prepare tea and coffee for them seeing them.

Ashwin nudged Shalini asking her to start and Shalini was nudging back Ashwin to start, they stopped nudging each other once Khushi turned and came with Ashwin’s tea. She gave it to him with a cute smile, Aaru was watching the whole drama. She felt like hitting her head against the wall seeing her Dadu and Dadi nudging each other to speak with her Mumma. Being a kid she herself had guts to ask her mumma she thought. Khushi after giving Ashwin’s tea she turned again to make coffee for Shalini.

Aaru silently whispered to her Dadu and Dadi ‘You both are going to ask Mumma or shall I ask?’. Dadu closed Aaru’s mouth and Shalini cleared her throat calling Khushi.

Shalini: Khushi beta.

Khushi: Haan Maa.

Shalini: We are going to India.

Khushi: For 10 days you and papa are going hai na maa?

She turned around coming towards her with Shalini’s coffee.

Shalini: No you are coming with us, hamesha keliye…(Forever)

Khushi dropped the cup in her hand down hearing it. She moved back in shock holding the kitchen slab’s support.

Khushi: Kya? (What?)

Ashwin came forward.

Ashwin: Haan beta, we have booked the evening flight.

Khushi: How, what? This is really isn’t funny papa. Please say this some prank!!

Shalini: Ye koi mazak nahi Khushi beta..(This not some prank Khushi)

She came near her caressing Khushi’s hair.

Khushi: You both don’t like me?

Ashwin: What rubbish is this Khushi?

Shalini: How can we hate you Khushi? Its only because of you we both are like this today?! You are like our daughter! Will parents hate their child? Kabhi bhi nahi! (Never ever!)

Khushi’s tears started its way through her eyes. She sat down with a thud. Aaru never expected this, she rushed towards her Mumma and hugged her. Khushi cried hugging her tight. Aaru also got tears seeing her Mumma crying. She looked at her Mumma’s face and she wiped off her tears. Khushi looked at her doll, she also wiped off Aaru’s tears. Khushi tried not to cry but her thoughts dint match her actions. Her tears were coming out like dam. She wasn’t able to control it in the thought of going to India and meeting them, especially him. Aaru cupped her face with her baby hands.

Aaru: Mumma, don’t cry..pleasee

Khushi tried her level best not to cry but she couldn’t stop herself. Ashwin and Shalini also sat down beside Khushi.

Aaru: We will go to India Mumma..please

Khushi got the next biggest shock. Here she was thinking of reasons not to go to India but here along with them, Aaru has also joined her hands in asking her to come to India.

Khushi: No! I don’t want to go there! I’m happy being here.

Aaru: Mumma? Mumma are you really happy here?

Ashwin: Are you happy away from your di, Khushi?

Shalini: Do you want your Nani to go through all this missing you and worrying about you in this age Khushi?

Khushi: I never wanted to hurt them! I care for them the most you all know that very well!

Ashwin: Then come lets go back to India!

Khushi: Noooooooo,Noooooooooooooo! Everyone supports Arnav only! Even my own di and Nani were quite that day! I don’t want past to repeat!

Shalini hugged Khushi to calm down.

Aaru was really confused seeing all this.

Ashwin: But how long will you hide Khushi?!

Khushi looked at Ashwin.

Shalini: You shouldn’t be coward Khushi.

Khushi: I’m not coward, I can’t leave my self-respect and self-esteem.

Ashwin: At the same time you can’t run away Khushi!

Shalini: I know you will always stand for right. Think for an hour and say us.

Ashwin and Shalini gave her some space to think.

Ashwin and Shalini mean while informed to Nani that they are coming to India and will reach there by tomorrow morning. They still din’t reveal to Nani that Khushi is coming along with them.

Khushi was left alone with Aaru to think alone in kitchen.

Aaru: Mumma, I want to see Maami, badi nani, Mamu (Aaru badly wanted to say Dad but she zipped her mouth remembering her Dadu-Dadi’s restriction)

Khushi closed her eyes.

She never felt this much painful and helpless. Everyone are wishing her to come to India but what about him? Will Arnav accept her? Is he still thinking about her like that? Aaru also left allowing Khushi to think.

It was almost two hours and Khushi came out, all the three were waiting for her answer. Her eyes were puffy and swollen because of crying.

She stood in front of them, they were waiting for her to reply. Khushi took a deep breath.

Khushi: Fine, I’m coming!

All the three hugged her in joy hearing her positive reply. Khushi remained cold.

Khushi: But I have a condition!

Ashwin and Shalini looked at each other.

Ashwin: What is it beta?

Khushi: I’m not going to say to anyone there that Aaru isn’t my child by blood. In fact I’m going to say she is my child, my own child and I’m married!

Shalini: What? I mean we don’t have any problem in that in fact Aaru is our family member, but married?

Ashwin: Are you going to lie to them that you got married?

Khushi: I will even let Nani, di and jiju know that I’m not married but not your son Maa.

Shalini: Lekin you?

Khushi: I don’t want to share my personal life with Arnav anymore!

Ashwin: But.

Khushi: this is my final decision, if you are okay with this then I’m ready to come else I’m not coming to India with you! If you are okay with this married thing, then I’m coming else it’s a no.

Ashwin and Shalini looked at each other. They looked at Aaru.

Ashwin: Ok Khushi beta.

Shalini looked at Ashwin shocked.

Ashwin: You go and pack your bag for you and Aaru. We should start soon.

Khushi with a heavy heart left for her room. Ashwin asked Aaru also go with Khushi to help her.

Shalini: Ashwin, what were you saying? How can we say Khushi is married? Then how will we reunite them?

Ashwin: You think our son is that naïve to not find out the truth?

Ashwin smirked. Shalini now understood why he agreed for that condition.

Shalini: I hope everything goes well.

Ashwin side hugged Shalini, asking her not to worry.

Khushi tried acting normal but she was hell nervous, one side Aaru was in cloud nine, Ashwin-Shalini were in the mission to reunite Arshi. Each one had their goals to implement after going to India. They at last started for airport after all packing. As it may take time during checking then they reached airport early.

After a checking of 3 almost hours they boarded on the flight to reach India. It took around 9 hours and 15 minutes for them to reach India. Khushi kept her foot on the land, feeling the smell of her own country after 5 long years. She was filled with mixed feelings. She is going to face him today. Shalini and Ashwin did their best to make her comfortable. Khushi dint leave Aaru’s hand.

They took a taxi and reached Shantivan in some 45 minutes. Nearing Shantivan made Khushi more uneasy. She was extremely nervous. They at last reached Shantivan.




Anjali opened the door, She was happy seeing Ashwin and Shalini back.

Anjali hugged Shalini in joy after taking the blessing of Ashwin, but she got the biggest shock when she saw the person behind Shalini when she hugged her. All Anjali could say was ‘KHUSHI’ and happy tears started its way from her eyes.

NOTE: In this story Khushi is not like the same old Khushi who likes jalebis, she can even like ice-creams na? and Khushi will be calling Arnav as Arnav not as Arnavji, not that she doesn't respect him and its not that if she only uses that 'JI' following the same will give respect. Khushi is Khushi being crazy only, yet she is bold and she knows to fight for what is right and what is wrong. She is equally bold yet naive. And yes Khushi had left her job in Paris as she is going to India. 


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Oct 26, 2016

Chapter 5 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 54 times)

Chapter 5:

Khushi stepped inside Shantivan along with Ashwin, Shalini and Aarushi. Her grip was getting tighter in Aaru’s hand, even with the thought of nearing Arnav today. She couldn’t control herself with her mixed emotions. This house gave her amazing memories and worst memories too. She closed her eyes, taking a breath to control her feelings.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Come on Khushi, stay strong! Don’t let him affect you!’. She followed Ashwin and Shalini holding Aaru.

Ashwin and Shalini were waiting for the door to be opened after the bell which they have pressed. It was opened at last after 3minutes.

Anjali opened the door, She was happy seeing Ashwin and Shalini back.

Anjali hugged Shalini in joy after taking the blessing of Ashwin, but she got the biggest shock when she saw the person behind Shalini when she hugged her. All Anjali could say was ‘KHUSHI’ and tears started its way from her eyes.

Khushi blinked her eyes ones seeing her soul, her sister, her soul sister after 5 long years. Nothing has changed in their relationship, Khushi still noticed the same love in her Di’s eyes and Anjali also noticed the same love for her in Khushi’s eyes. Khushi was also filled with tears in her eyes seeing Anjali. All Khushi could remember and visualise was their sweet memories being together and their talks like ‘Koon ka rishta hai hamara di(We are related by blood), we will marry some brothers so that we could stay with each other’ same was going with Anjali, she was also visualising the same. Both Ashwin and Shalini moved aside giving space to the sisters. Khushi stepped inside along with Aaru and looked at her sister with tears, that’s it Anjali couldn’t hold her anymore. She rushed towards Khushi and stood in front of her.

Khushi with tears ‘Di…’

*TUP* Khushi felt a sharp pain on her left cheek, she looked at Anjali with tears. Anjali was the one who slapped her.

Khushi: Di…I’m sorr..

Before Khushi could say, Anjali hugged her tight as tight as she can hug her, it was like if she break it Khushi would run away from her.

Anjali sobbed very badly hugging her and same was with Khushi, Aaru was watching all this. At first she got angry when her massi slapped her mumma but she came to know they loved each other so much, at least that kid is understanding relationships.

Anjali still sobbing cupping her face, ‘Why did you leave me and go?, Tujhe patha mein kitna miss kiya tume? Tujhe mere parva hi nahi hai na? Tumne kyun kiya aisa? (Do you even know how much I missed you? You don’t care for me na?Why did you do like this?)’

Khushi hugged her again crying and replied ‘I’m so sorry di, I dint want to go but I have to. I felt helpless di.I felt miserable di.’

Anjali replied ‘Do you even know what and all ill thoughts I was getting? Stupid!’

Again both the sisters hugged each other crying and that’s when when Khushi felt someone touching her shoulder. She turned around and the other person was shocked with equal tears.

Khushi: Naniiiiii

Khushi hugged Nani.

Nani with tears ‘Khushi betiya kahan thi tum itne saal?(Where were you these many years Khushi?) Why did you leave your nani and go? Was I alive till this age only to see all this. Why did you leave me and go Khushi?’

Khushi hugged Nani more tight, Khushi very well understood what mistake she has done my leaving her Nani and Di. She have hurt them indirectly for showing her anger towards Arnav she has hurt these poor soul by her act.

Khushi: I’m so sorry Nani, I’m sorry di.

Anjali also came near Nani, they looked at each other.

Anjali and Nani: Promise us you both will not leave us and go anymore.

Khushi promised them with eyes full of tears. They hugged eachother. Khushi got her family back and they got their Khushi back. Nani looked at Ashwin and Shalini.

Nani: How did you find Khushi betiya?

Aaru felt low as no one acknowledged her.

Khushi: Actually Nani, its not their fault.

Anjali: What do you mean Khushi?

Khushi: The day I left India, from that time I’m living with them only.

That was a shock for Nani and Anjali now. They never expected this twist these many days they couldn’t even find this, now they understood why Ashwin and Shalini were restricting them from not coming to Paris.

There was another biggest shock for two people who were coming down from stairs. It was none other than Shyam and Arnav. They heard some sobbing so they rushed down but were stopped, in fact shocked seeing when they saw Khushi hugging Anjali and Nani. They were more then shocked and the next attack was like Khushi was living with their parents and they never came to know this. They both stood like a statue seeing this. But Arnav felt more miserable seeing her. He was going through a different feelings all together. They remained there standing shocked hearing the confession.

Anjali: But Maa, why dint you say us?

Anjali asked with eyes full of tears.

Nani: Haan Ashwin beta, even you? Why you both dint say us?

Khushi: Please don’t mistake them Nani-di sab meri galti(Its all my fault) I only forced them not to say. Please I’m sorry.

Ashwin and Anjali were pleading Nani and Anjali through eyes to forgive Khushi for taking this step of leave them and they also asked forgiveness for hiding this.

Ashwin: But see now she back to you now.

Shalini: Please forgive her.

Khushi stood there fiddling with her Duppata. Aaru still felt low, Ashwin and Shalini asked her to wait a little more, and Aaru sighed.Khushi saw Aaru standing there sadly. Khushi took a deep breath.

Khushi: I am really sorry.

Khushi cried really badly and Anjali-Nani couldn’t see her crying and they hugged her forgiving her for staying away from them. Khushi wiped off her tears and turned around and went near Aaru. She lifted and came back to them. Both Anjali and Nani were confused seeing the kid, they were more into Khushi at starting so they dint notice the kid.

Khushi looking at Aaru ‘Aaru I’m so sorry’. Aaru replied back wiping Khushi’s tears ‘I understand Mumma’.

That’s it once Aaru called her Mumma, everyone were confused and all of the sudden came a voice from behind ‘MUMMA?’ . Khushi very well knew who’s voice was this. Khushi turned back looking at HIM.

Both Shyam and Arnav came near her. They were face to face after a long time.

Arnav came near her,

Arnav: Why did she call you Mumma?

Aaru for first time saw Arnav this much close, she looked back at her Dadi and she asked her to come near her. Aaru stood near Shalini.

Khushi: Why should I say you?!

Arnav: Watch your tone Khushi!

Khushi: You will never change, right?

Arnav caught hold of her shoulders and shouted ‘Answer my question dammit!’. Everyone were startled with the sudden out burst from him. Aaru was frightened seeing this side of Arnav. She was clutching her Dadi’s hand tight in fear.

Khushi: Leave me Arnav, you are hurting me!

His eyes was splitting anger.

Arnav: You won’t answer me ever?

Khushi: If I’m her mother, then she will call me only Mumma!

Arnav left her hearing it with shock.

Khushi turned around facing everyone.

Khushi: She is Aaru, my daughter.

Everyone were getting shocks one by one. They couldn’t imagine that Khushi is married without their knowledge.

Khushi: I am married.

Nani: What?

Khushi: haan nani.

Anjali: But..

Khushi: This is the truth di, she is my child.

Khushi lifted Aaru, going near her and she turned around facing Arnav and Shyam.

Shyam came near Khushi.

Khushi: Jiju..

Shyam: But you loved Arnav, Khushi. Dint you?

Arnav was just watching all the drama gritting his teeth.

Khushi: You are right jiju, yes I loved him but the difference is he dint! Ask him itself has he even confessed to me one time? And what were those accusations on me? You forgot everything Jiju??

Khushi tears started their way again. It was like a storm for everyone hearing it. It was one shocking day for everyone.

Ashwin and Shalini, tried to cool the surrounding. They told everyone we could talk later. Now let they take rest for some time. Khushi looked a last time at Arnav and Arnav never took his eyes off from her. Khushi was taken along with Aaru to her room, which once her room when she stayed in Shantivan, the room next to Arnav’s. Everyone went back to their room. To get fresh so that they all could have breakfast. But what everyone felt was they weren’t in position to even have breakfast. Ashwin, Shalini and Nani were in Nani’s room where as Anjali went with Khushi and Aaru. Shyam and Arnav were left back. Shyam hugged Arnav trying to cool his nerves.

Shyam: Arnav, I understand what you are going through right now.

Arnav looked at Shyam with a dejected face. He went back to his room, without speaking anything. Shyam felt very bad for Arnav.



Arnav pinned Khushi near the wall.

Arnav: So you are married?

Khushi: Haan!

Arnav: Kahan hai tumari Magalsutra aur where is that sindoor in your partition? (Where is your mangalsutra and the kumkum in your partition?)

Khushi looked at him nervously.


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Oct 29, 2016

Chapter 6 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 49 times)

[I hope you all clear that Arnav actually loved her but he just wasn't ready to admit to Khushi, he has never proposed her till now. He saw his mom and dad getting divorced when he was small. So from small he made up his mind like that so it was little difficult for him to change and after Khushi entering his life and she reuniting Ashwin and Shalini gave him new change yet he was not ready to feel the love in his heart. Khushi always saw that love in his eyes for her but Arnav never expressed he loves her. It was always Khushi who used to express she loves him. Khushi never left his side, she united his parents for him to be happy. As I have mentioned before also he always opens up his feelings only with Khushi in Chapter 3. He was just confused with his own feelings, it was his mind which was always against his heart not allowing him to accept his love openly for her.]

Chapter 6:

Everyone had their breakfast silently, there was pin drop silence. Aaru really felt awkward, she was wondering what was the reason behind this silence as far as she know she, her mumma, dadu and dadi had never been this silent during breakfast or dinner or whatever it is. They always enjoy eating together and Aaru always makes Khushi run behind her for feeding her but after coming to India she saw many changes around her.

Arnav was all while looking at Khushi and Aaru was looking at Arnav and Khushi was looking at Aaru thinking why she wasn’t eating because everyone has almost completed having their breakfast.

Khushi: Aaru?

Aaru: Haan..

Khushi: Kya kar rahe ho?(What are you doing?) Eat..    

Aaru looked down.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Arey what happened to my chatterbox today? Why is she behaving weirdly?’.

Everyone were done with their breakfast, Arnav went back to his room not able to digest anything, others were sitting in hall except Khushi and Anjali. Aaru hasn’t even touched the food. Khushi came near her holding Aaru’s plate and she took a morsel to feed her.

Khushi: Aaru, kya hua beta? (What happened dear?)

Anjali came near Aaru lifting her up. Aaru looked at her mom and maasi. Khushi smiled looking at her.

Aaru: Massi..

Anjali chuckled.

Anjali: Kya hai?

Aaru: Why you were all silent? You all don’t like mumma ah?

Anjali looked at Khushi.

Anjali: nahi nahi aisa kuch nahi beta, voh bus we don’t know na that Khushi got married and now even she has cute daughter like you, we were all just shocked so only. We love you both a lot actually.

Anjali kissed Aaru’s cheek. Aaru already loves getting pampered and seeing Anjali pampering her she loved Anjali.

Aaru also kissed Anjali back and she dropped her on the chair again, making her stand on it.

Aaru: Aap mumma jaise bahut cute ho maasi.. (You are cute like Mumma, maasi)

Anjali smiled hugging her and Khushi was happy seeing it.

Khushi: Chalo aacha tk, now come let me feed you.

Before Khushi could catch hold of her, Aaru ran upstairs showing her tongue out.

Khushi: Ye Aaru bhi na, she always does this di..Now I have to run behind her to feed her.

Anjali chuckled.

Anjali: Arey wah Khushi, I thought only Arnav can control you but looks like Aaru is all good in it.

Khushi was shocked hearing it and that’s when Anjali also realised what she just said seeing Khushi’s reactions.

Anjali: Uh..Khushi I dint mean to..but wait, where is your husband?

Khushi in a flow replied ‘I don’t know, mujhe kya patha where he is di?’ 

Khushi shrugged her shoulders. Anjali was shocked hearing it.

Anjali: Mujhe kya patha?tumari matlab kya hai Khushi? (What do you mean by what you know Khushi?)

That’s when Khushi understood what she just said.

Khushi was mentally scolding herself ‘You are really mad Khushi! When you don’t know to lie, then you shouldn’t have risked of saying one! You are MARRIED! Fix it in your mind! YOU ARE MARRIED KHUSHI!’

Khushi smiled sheepishly.

Khushi: Voh voh di..

Anjali: Are you hiding something Khushi?

Khushi: nahi nahi bilkul nahi di (No No, not at all di) I meant to say was that I don’t know where he is right now since I’m here right, di? If I had been with my husband right now I would have known where he is right now hai na di?

Anjali was totally confused and so was Khushi.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘O teri, jhoot bolna itna mushkil hai kya? (Is lying that much difficult?)’

Khushi was biting her nails.


Meanwhile Aaru who ran upstairs thinking Khushi was running behind her. She was confused with the rooms, so she by mistake entered Arnav’s room instead of going to Khushi’s room which was beside. She was in her full running mode and bumped on Arnav who was in his room. Before Aaru could fall Arnav caught hold of her and all Aaru could do was giving a shocking look with her small-small eyes seeing Arnav. Arnav was confused why was she looking at him like that as if he would eat her. Arnav bend down and he was still holding her and Aaru closed her eyes as tight as she can.

Arnav: What the!

Aaru hearing his what the, now closed her eyes with her tiny hands too.

Arnav: (Confused) Kya kar rahi ho? (What are you doing?)

Arnav got no reply.

Arnav: First open your eyes.

He was all gentle while speaking to Aaru. Aaru opened her one eye, after moving her one hand.

Arnav chuckled seeing her childishness.

Arnav: Sirf ek nahi, open your other eye too.

Aaru opened her other eye too after moving her other hand.

Arnav lifted her and made her stand on his bed.

Arnav: Why did you close your eyes seeing me?

Aaru looked at him all innocently.

Aaru: I will scold me also like you scolded Mumma..

Arnav dint expect this answer from her. Arnav sat near her and asked her also to sit and he smiled looking at her.

Arnav: You think I will scold you?

Aaru smiled a bit seeing him smiling looking at her.

Aaru: You won’t scold me?

Arnav pulling her cheeks gently replied her back ‘How can someone scold an angel like you?’.

Aaru smiled cutely looking at him.

Arnav: In fact the problem is between your mumma and me, and not between us, so why would I scold you?

Aaru: Haan, lekin (But)

Arnav: What?

Aaru: I love Mumma also, why you are scolding her?

Aaru complained to Arnav. Arnav dint know what to answer her.

Arnav: You are really a question bank, Aaru.

Aaru: Aap bahut achi ho, phir kyun aap aur mumma ke saath jagda ho raha hai? (You are so nice, then why do you and Mumma fight?)

Arnav: You don’t worry about it okay, so ummm friends?

Arnav extended his hands. Aaru really liked Arnav a lot. He was being so sweet to her. Aaru also shook her hands with him giving a cute smile in return. She asked Arnav to come closer and she gave a kiss on his cheek for which Arnav kissed her back.

Arnav: It was really nice meeting you Aaru, and wait why were you in so hurry in running?

Aaru:  voh Mumma was chasing me to feed me.

Arnav: Oh.

Aaru: I will do one thing, I will hide in your room to escape from Mumma. Okay?

Without even waiting for his reply Aaru started to look for a place for her to hide. Arnav was just looking at this new crazy edition in his family now.


Anjali : Stop biting your nails, Khushi! Are you really hiding something?

Khushi: Aisa kuch nahi di (There is nothing like that di) I will say you later about my husband now first I will feed Aaru and come.

Khushi literally escaped from her sister giving this excuse and Anjali felt something fishy. Anjali went and joined with the others in hall. She sat beside Shyam. Nani and Shyam were asking about Khushi’s husband to Ashwin and Shalini in return they dint know what to answer. They themselves dint know the script completely since Khushi just told she is going to say them she married but she dint even think of her husband. Ashwin and Shalini thought of a good excuse of saying they feel tired because of the travel. So they some how managed to escape from their questions.

Shyam : (Looking at Nani) Nani, don’t you feel like Papa and Maa are escaping purposely.

Nani: They aren’t even saying Khushi’s husband name Shyam beta.

Anjali now confirmed hearing this that there is pakka something fishy.

Anjali: Hai na?! mujhe bhi wahi doubt hai Nani and Shyam!!!

Shyam and Nani: Kya?

Anjali narrated how Khushi behaved weirdly when Anjali asked about Khushi's husband.

Shyam stood up.

Shyam: kuch toh gadbad hai, (Soemthing is wrong) We need to find that.

Nani: Then lets us three find it.

Anjali: Mission-Find Khushi’s husband ON.

Shyam, Anjali and Nani were planning how to find it.

Mean while upstairs,

Khushi was searching Aaru in her room.

Khushi: Where did she go?

Khushi came out of her room that’s when she heard sound from Arnav’s room. She peeped in, she first thought of not to peep but she couldn’t stop herself that’s when she saw Arnav was helping Aaru to hide in his cupboard and Khushi closed her mouth seeing this.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Ye Aaru ki bachi, when did she join hands with this Arnav!’

Khushi barged in stopping them from continuing their action. Arnav and Aaru looked at each other with the sudden entry of Khushi.

Khushi: What is happening here?

Aaru ran away from Arnav’s room waving a bye to him before Khushi could catch her.

Khushi: Aaru stop running.

Before Khushi could run behind her she was pinned by Arnav near the wall. Khushi was struggling to get off from his hold but he was more stronger which made her to stop struggling further.

Arnav: So you are married?

Khushi: Haan! Koi problem hai?!

Arnav scanned her face and her neck, he smirked looking at her. Khushi was confused with his look.

Arnav: Kahan hai tumari Magalsutra aur where is that kumkum in your partition? (Where is your mangalsutra and the sindoor in your partition?)

Khushi looked at him nervously.

Khushi: uh..voh voh..

Arnav: Voh voh kya?

Khushi’s thoughts ‘First di, now him! Khushi never ever lie to anyone in your life!’.

Arnav raised his eyebrow indicating her that he was waiting for her reply.

Khushi: Voh actually, uh I..

Arnav: You don’t have one, right?

Arnav moved a bit back and stood straight folding his arms.

Khushi: I..I’m married!

Arnav: Reminding yourself or reminding me?

Khushi’s thoughts ‘Khushi don’t give in!, he is trying to make you say the truth.’

Khushi: What rubbish? Of course if I’m married then I will have my mangalsutra!

Arnav: Really?

Khushi: Ji Haan!

Arnav: Then why dint you wear it?

Khushi: It is not a must to wear it, its not that I should prove I’m married only by wearing my mangalsutra, when my husband doesn’t have a problem with it!

Arnav’s thoughts ‘I know about you well Khushi, you are not a girl who would not wear Mangalsutra and all’

Arnav: Aacha, he doesn’t?

Khushi: What bothers you? Don’t intrude between a couple’s matter!

That really irritated him.

Arnav: Who the hell is that so called husband of yours?!

Khushi was now thinking what to say, and she got an idea. She very well know how to make him realise his mistake and how to irk him well.

Khushi: Why should I tell you?

Arnav was highly pissed.

Arnav: Just say dammit!

Khushi: Why so eager? In fact you would hate my husband after knowing who he is!

Arnav was really confused now.

Khushi: NANDKIS****!

Arnav was shocked hearing it, even shock wouldn’t be the right word to explain his reaction. Arnav’s anger over powered him. He clutched her shoulders bringing her close near him with anger.

Arnav: You know what? I thought I would be wrong that time! But now you proved me right! So I wasn’t wrong! You and that your so called friend NK weren’t friends but more then that?! How cheap of you Khushi! That’s why you ran away hai na?! You were characterless and you are still! Loving two men at a time? Great! In these 5 years how much men did you try

Before he could complete he felt a sharp pain on his right cheek. Khushi slapped him, not able to hear all such bull**** from him. Anger was splitting in his eyes.

Arnav: How dare you Khushi?!

Arnav screamed on her. But before he could scream more he again got a slap on his left cheek. Arnav touched his cheeks feeling the pain in both his cheeks.

Khushi gave a last glare to him and went out of his room weeping badly hearing such words from him.She ran inside her room locking the door behind her and sat down with a thud crying badly.

Khushi: How can you again and again behave with me like that Arnav? Why do you have to be so rude? How can you ask such questions? Is my only job is to go behind men? How can think so cheap of me Arnav?

Khushi started weeping badly remembering what happened 5years back. The reason for her to leave.





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Oct 31, 2016

Chapter 7 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 58 times)

In this update, you people will know how actually Khushi and Arnav met Nk in past. In the next update the truth will be revealed.

Chapter 7:

Arnav was back to his angry mode. He threw whatever he got in his hand. He made the room such a mess. He closed his eyes remembering the past.

Whereas Khushi in her room was weeping badly remembering the reason for their separation. The reason for Nk’s entry and Arnav’s misconception. She closed her eyes as she remembered it again.

Both of them were going back to their past again remembering it.


Khushi was as usual being all crazy for Arnav. She loved him madly but Arnav being Arnav never acknowledged her love for him. Khushi barged inside Shyam and Anjali’s room.

Khushi: Jiju-Di!!! You both never care for me.

Khushi complained like a kid to them. Shyam came near Khushi.

Shyam: Arey kya hua meri Saali ko? aur Kyun itni pareshaan ho? (What happened to my SIL and why you look so disturbed?)

Khushi: Aap ko kya laga, mujhe hamesha kaun pareshaan karega? (What do you think, who will disturb me?)

Shyam chuckled looking at Anjali.

Anjali: Oh come on Khushi, now don’t blame my devar(BIL ie Arnav) ok?

Shyam: What did Arnav do today?

Khushi: What he dint do jiju?! I have proposed him during your engagement itself and still he hasn’t even reply me for that and not even acknowledging that? He is like always accepting whatever I do but he never reacts for it. I can very well see he is accepting everything yet not showing it!

Anjali: Arey calm down, take some breathe dear.

Khushi: Mujhe itna gussa arey ki mein mein.. (I’m getting this much angry that I will..i will)..

Shyam: You will what?

Khushi pouted.

Khushi: Mein kya? Mein tho kuch kar nahi sakti! (What I will? I can’t even do nothing!) It has been 4 months by now and still no response.

Shyam: You know why he is like that, don’t you?

Khushi: But jiju, for that only to prove him wrong also I reunited your mom and dad, so that he can understand love does exist and it can always increase but never decrease! Cant he even understand how much I love him? and I did it for his happiness!!

Shyam and Anjali had no answer for that. At least for Khushi’s sake Arnav should have acknowledged her love, may be at least he could have given a chance for himself to love.

Khushi: Your bhai and his big fate ego and his  I’m-Always-Right attitude. I dint know how did I even fall for him, but what will I do? Love isn’t planned and we can fall in love with a person in a second. In spite of his that attitude my eyes were seeing only his goodness, what will I do?

Khushi sat down pouting. Shyam and Anjali sat beside her.

Khushi: And do you know what he did today?! Today I went and confronted him by asking why he isn’t loving me, guess what he replied?

Anjali: You asked him directly?

Khushi: I mean like I asked him, dint he even feel one time also like I felt for him.

Shyam: Oh,so what did he say?

Khushi: He told he felt..he felt

Khushi pouted.

Anjali: Felt love ah?

Khushi: Erggg di, if he had felt love means why would I come to your room.

Khushi kept a cry baby face.

Khushi: (Looking at Anjali) He told I give him a baby feel di. (Looking at Shyam) He is saying I look like a kid jiju!!!

That’s when Khushi, Shyan heard a voice behind them.

‘See, dint I say you are a kid?’ Arnav entered replying her.

Khushi pouted again.

Arnav: Are you a 5 yr old kid? Always complaining about me to Shyam and di? See now you yourself proved I’m right.

Khushi: I wasn’t complaining I was just..uh

Arnav: You were just?

Khushi: Nothing.

Khushi left the room with a fallen face.

Shyam: Arnav, I feel pity for her. She really loves you man!

Arnav: I understand that she loves me and to what extent.

Anjali: Then why not accepting it?

Arnav was questioning himself ‘Why I’m not accepting her? I still like her, but why I’m not accepting?’

Shyam: Look Arnav, we just don’t want to come in between you both. I leave it upon you both to decide about your future.

Anjali: And Khushi had even united maa and papa, proving that love still exist between them and she even gave back that love of your parents which you missed in your childhood.

Arnav: I understand di and that’s the reason I have accepted mom and dad that easily! You think I can accept them that easily? You think for whom I accepted them? Its for her di! I did it for her! She was doing everything for my happiness.

Shyam: Arnav, you yourself are understanding what she is doing for you then why don’t you acknowledge her love?

Arnav had no reply for it.

Anjali: I don’t know what is stopping you Arnav.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Neither me, I also don’t know di’.

Shyam came near Arnav.

Shyam: She is upset now Arnav, she is full of life Arnav. She never leaves a chance to stop being happy and she never wants your life to be dull either. She is really upset now.

Arnav takes a deep breath.

Arnav: I know how to handle her.

Anjali: I don’t know what is going to happen in future Arnav, but please do consider my sister. She is really fragile like a glass Arnav. Her happiness is YOU and she is very sensitive in matters which is related to YOU.

Arnav kept his hand on Shyam and Anjali’s hand.

Arnav: I know, don’t worry. I know to handle her.

They felt Arnav’s assurance. Arnav left to Khushi’s room. He peeped in to see what she was doing. He saw her weeping closing her eyes with her hands. Arnav felt bad actually really very bad for her.

He quickly moved out to his room and checked something in his mobile, he smiled and went back to Khushi’s room. Arnav saw her still crying, he entered inside and cleared his throat. Khushi looked at him with tearful eyes. Arnav  came and sat near her.

Arnav: See, I was right!

Khushi looked at him confused.

Arnav: You are really a kid and cry baby Khushi.

Khushi: (gulping her tears) I’m not a cry baby.

She wiped her tears and Arnav was smirking looking at her.

Arnav: Really? Then why were those tears coming from your eyes?

Khushi: actually my eyes were sweating..

Arnav couldn’t stop him smile seeing her innocent reply.

Khushi : (Innocently)Arnav, I’m really not a kid, its not puppy love, true love of mine for you. I’m really a matured girl! You will be marrying a girl only!! Trust me..

Arnav: You think I will be marrying a boy? I’m not a gay okay! Of course I will be marrying a girl only!

Khushi: Marry? Means you will really marry and not be a saint for your whole life.

Khushi smiled getting relieved thinking that she will not be a girl saint as Arnav at least had a thought of marriage.

Arnav: You are really mad Khushi, stop smiling like mad. See what I have I got for you first.

Arnav showed his mobile screen. Khushi was first shocked, later her shock turned into joy.

Khushi: Aww, we both are going to Salman Khan’s film??

Khushi was really happy because first time she was going to watch a hindi film with Arnav unlike English films which they usually watch. Arnav has always preferred English films so Khushi also used to go for English films only for making Arnav comfortable and this is the first time Arnav has decided to take her for a hindi film that too her favourite actor that too for her happiness.

She just hugged him getting happy. She just wanted this, a little care from his side. Arnav smiled looking at her actions.

Arnav: Anyways get ready soon, the movie will start in 2 hours. Thank your devi maiya that we actually got tickets.

Khushi smiled and Arnav left. Arnav informed others that he is going to take Khushi to theatre. Both got ready and they reached the theatre and got seated in their seats. Arnav noticed how much excited Khushi was.

Arnav: You know what? You are really crazy!

Khushi: Aap bhi, if there are two categories in craziness then 1 will be me  and the other will be you.

Arnav raised his eyebrows.

Khushi: Truth bitters sometimes Arnav.

Arnav: Unbelievable!

Khushi: Tk tk, now let us watch the film it is going to start.

As soon as the film started and Khushi saw Salman Khan’s name. That’s it, Arnav now saw the original Khushi’s avatar. She was clapping, shouting ‘Yaayy’ and that’s when Khushi heard a similar voice beside her. Someone beside her was also shouting.

Khushi turned the other side and saw who it was and she became more excited and the other person too. Arnav was totally confused.

Khushi: Nk?? Oh god how are you!!!!?

Nk: Khushi, oh girl! I really missed you!!

Khushi: Me too, my only companion in our school days were you.

Arnav was burning in jealously hearing Nk telling he missed her and Khushi replying back he was the only companion in their school days were adding more fuel to the fire.

Nk: Ok, fine now lets watch. I’m so happy meeting you at last!

Khushi: Me too!!

Khushi smiled and she turned looking at Arnav and told him ‘He is my best friend from my school days Arnav’. Arnav gave a look like he don’t care and Khushi noticed something was wrong with Arnav.

The intermission came, and half way Khushi and Nk were talking excitedly about the film only. Arnav kept a angry face whole while. This is the first time Arnav got no attention from Khushi. This is when Arnav understood how he missed Khushi and her attentions. But his anger was only increasing and it made him blind.

Khushi introduced Nk and Arnav in the intermission. Arnav dint even smile looking at Nk. He was giving cold looks.

Khushi: You know Arnav, he was my best friend. He went abroad for his studies after our schooling and we lost all our contacts.

Nk: After returning back, I came to see you but you weren’t there in your house. In fact it was locked.

Arnav was just looking at their conversation and burning inside.

Khushi: Actually, Arnav is my di’s brother in law Nk. We are all staying with them only. Myself and Nani.

Nk :Oh but it was really nice meeting you again Khushi, I was really sad losting your contact girl. I’m so happy, you are the only crazy friend of mine who will be my side in all my stupid situations!!!

Khushi: Haha, now we are back together na Nk!

Khushi smiled looking at Nk not aware of Arnav’s reaction.

Arnav’s thoughts ‘What the! Back together?! Here I took her to watch a film along with her, but here she is busy with her so called best friend!’

Nk and Khushi exchanged their numbers again. Everything was making Arnav crazy. All the three went to get popcorn and they came back. The other half of the film was also no difference, Arnav was looking at Khushi and Khushi-Nk were busy discussing about the film. At last when the film came to an end only Arnav felt relief so that he could get a peace from that best friend of hers. Khushi bid bye to Nk and left with Arnav. Arnav was driving the car, Khushi was beside him. She tried talking but Arnav replied for nothing. She felt something was wrong. Arnav parked the car and directly went inside his room. Khushi also followed him.

Khushi: Arnav?

Arnav was busy unbuttoning his shirt. Khushi made him turn.

Khushi: Arey kya hua? Why are you angry? Dint you like the film, I thought you enjoyed seeing it with me.

That’s it Arnav couldn’t control his anger. He pulled Khushi near him holding her nape and one hand on her waist.

Arnav: You really think, you enjoyed film with me Khushi? Then you are wrong! You enjoyed the film watching it with your friend and not with me Khushi!

He pushed her bit back.

Arnav: Do you have any idea, why I talk took you alone dammit! I thought of spending some time with you Khushi! Some time alone! But you were whole time busy with someone else! And here I was watching a hindi film just for you! I was ready to come with you only because you liked it but you?!

He caught of her shoulders bringing her more closer to him.

Arnav: You were busy with you friend again! Dint you feel that I wanted to spend time with you dammit! Some time alone with you! 

Arnav screamed again and left his own room. Khushi dint know whether to cry for hurting him unintentionally or to smile for knowing his this new side, his possessiveness for her.

Khushi smiled with happy tears.

Khushi: I saw that possessive side of yours today Arnav. I saw that love for me in your eyes. So these are the ways in which I can make you understand your love for me. You..You love me Arnav! You care for me! You wanted spend sometime alone with me..

Khushi was crying with happy tears.

Flashback ends.

Khushi wipes her tears smiling thinking about it.

Khushi: You loved me that time Arnav, but you killed that same love!! Why Arnav?

Khushi smiled vanished and she cried again.

Arnav in his room,

Arnav: I shouldn’t have taken you to that film that day else I would have not met that stupid Monkey(NK)!

Arnav was angry the other side.



Khushi: I need your help Nk, wont you do this for me?!

Nk: Look, that Hitler lover of your will kill me yaar.

Lavanya: Nk, come on yaar bechari ye voh..Do it na.

Nk: Are you mad? You want your own boy friend to be killed, you girl! No no I wont do it!!!!!

Lavanya: But what happened, what is the reason behind the separation?

Khushi looked at Nk.

Nk: I will say..

Nk started to narrate the actual reason for their separation, the awaiting scene of knowing what made Khushi took this decision of leaving her Arnav her own family and going to Paris.

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Nov 18, 2016

Chapter 8 and Chapter 9 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 71 times)

SURPRISEEEEEE, I'm here with two updates!!!  I was just sleeping all day after my exams got over. Thats why I thought of giving two updates together today for making you all wait sorryy and yes I have typed it for 24pages altogether. Have a nice day, enjoy reading!! :)

Chapter 8:

Next day,

Arnav and Shyam left for hospital. Arnav was already disturbed knowing Khushi was married but now after knowing it was Nk, he couldn’t just digest things.

Khushi the whole day was trying to avoid her so called husband topic from Anjali and Nani. Ashwin and Shalini had informed her prior about how Nani and Anjali were behind them to know about Khushi’s husband. Khushi has again asked them not to reveal anything unless she tell, so she somehow managed them from not revealing the truth.

Khushi was phasing here and there in her room thinking for a solution. Aaru was in Anjali’s room playing with her where as the elders were having their time sharing their left over talks.

Anjali’s room.

Anjali liked Aaru a lot. She was such a adorable cute kid, anyone would love her and will not even think of leaving her at all.

Anjali : Aaru, I’m so happy seeing you conversing in hindi fluently even though you aren’t born and brought up in India.

Aaru: Haan Maasi, Mumma always used to teach me to converse in hindi. She used to tell me that even though we are away from our country we shouldn’t forget our country. Though I don’t understand all her talks sometimes (She giggled) but still I love hearing all her talks massi. She never stops talking.

Aaru giggled making fun of Khushi, Anjali couldn’t stop chuckling.

Anjali’s thoughts ‘Khushi is really a kid equally like Aaru, I wonder how did this all happen? Am I missing out something?’

Anjali: You know Aaru, I badly missed her all these years. I love her so much, I cant even stay away from her. She was my soul Aaru and my little baby.

Aaru pouted.

Anjali: Arey kya hua?

Aaru: You don’t love me then? Am I not your baby like mumma is baby for you.

Aaru pouted once again. Anjali cupped Aaru’s face.

Anjali: Aww my cutie pie you are my baby’s baby so you too are close to me, hai na? and wait, you are not a kid..I thought you are a grownup bold girl..

Aaru instantly smiled.

Aaru: Haan maasi, you are right. Mumma is only a kid were as I’m not hai na? I’m a big girl!!!!

Anjali’s thoughts ‘Aww she is so innocent and speaks whatever she felt in her heart'. 

Anjali understood one thing about Aaru is that, her need was only Love-Love-Love and only affection!! She dint know why, but she could always find that thirst for love in Aaru’s eyes. Anjali promised to herself and she will always shower all her love to this kid. Anjali just gave a bone crushing hug which Aaru voluntarily gave in, even though she was being squeezed yet she loved all those love. 

When Aaru came to know she was an orphan, she really felt low but Khushi never left a chance to make her feel low, she always showered her with love now seeing everyone in India behaving nicely with her made Aaru happy completely. She felt at last she has a got a family for own and now she missed her dad only in this.

Aaru’s thoughts ‘Should I tell massi about Khushi Mumma’s plan? Will massi help me in uniting dad and mom?’

Anjali’s thoughts ‘Should I ask Aaru about her dad? Will she say me, or mistake me? What shall I do?’

Aaru and Anjali were having tough time with their own thoughts.

Aaru’s thoughts ‘I will first check whether Dad loves mumma or not then will share with massi..I think she will help me this’

Anjali’s thoughts ‘I think I should not stress her now by asking all this. Let me first workout my plan to find about Khushi’s truth, if needed means will ask Aaru.’

Khushi who entered inside Anjali’s room to inform her that she was going out somewhere stood there still seeing her sister and daughter hugging each other. She automatically had a smile on her face. She dint feel like disturbing them at this moment.

Khushi’s thoughts ‘I’m so happy for you Aaru, I promised myself that I will give you a family coming back to India. I know you always loved to be surrounded by people and I knew it, you always missed being in a family. I’m so happy for you Aaru, I’m so happy. Though I dint carry you in my womb for 9months you will always be my child Aaru. You have made me feel the happiness of being mother and you are the one who was there when Arnav left me. Khushi sighed sadly. 

Khushi’s inner voice ‘Arnav never left you, its you who left and went away from him!’ 

Khushi was just irked, that’s when she remembered why she was here, she came to inform Anjali that she was going out somewhere. So she quickly went to meet the elders and informed them the same saying she is going to meet some friend of hers and asked them to inform Anjali and Aaru also later.

Khushi dint know where to go she was completely disturbed from the day she arrived Delhi, she had no idea how she is going to handle her lie. Already everyone are suspecting on her, now one more tension has also added to the list. Now where will she go for a husband? And top of it to irk Arnav, she has told Nk is her husband. She was just walking, thinking about everything.

Khushi: May be I should have not told I’m married actually..(She thinks) but I had no other option, I just cant handle Arnav anymore how could he I mean like seriously how can he even say like that?!

Khushi looked up, as if questioning her devi maiya what to do now?

Khushi: May be I will ask Nk again to help me out? But he already left Australia the next day that happened since he had work over there. Is he now in India or Australia. What will I do now?

Khushi took a deep breath.

Khushi: Fine, let me call him and ask.

Khushi called Nk and for her luck the call was been attended after some 5 rings. She could feel that surprise and happiness in Nk’s voice knowing it was Khushi who called him because after that day she has changed her mobile number, its only possible for her to contact anyone. Nk informed Khushi that now he is in Delhi only and he did inform her to meet her in CCD(Café coffee day). Khushi was happy that she had got some moral support at last. Khushi reached CCD and she was waiting for him.

Khushi: Hey Devi Maiya please make everything right..

Before she could continue more, someone interrupted her ‘Arey abhi bhi you are torturing your Devi Maiya? Please give her some break Khushi’. Khushi recognising the voice smiled happily and turned around.

Khushi: Nk!!!!!! At lasttttt

Khushi in full on mode shouted as if she owns CCD and she is the only customer there and top of it she dint even notice that there was some girl standing beside Nk, chuckling looking at Khushi.

Khushi just smiled sheepishly and whispered a sorry.

Khushi: Sorry sorry, sit down please.

Girl: Nk, you are right..She is full on crazy just like me..Aww I just love her Nk!!! That’s so sweet of you that you brought me here to meet her at last!!!!!

That girl smiled cutely with her dimple cheeks and that’s when Khushi understood who it was and she looked at Nk asking him ‘Lavanya?’. Nk nodded his head up and down blushing.

Khushi: Lavanya, oh my god how are you??!!!! You know he used always talk about only you to me, he has no topic other then 'Lavanya' you know??

Lav was blushing.

NK : Oh hello  you are no less madam!! Even your only topic was that Hitler!!!

Khushi frowned.

Nk: Ok don’t keep a face like that!! You know seriously when he calls me monkey why wouldn’t I call him hitler yaar?

Khushi: Anyways he is a hitler only and (She looked at Lav) You know Lavanya, he used to get really sad that you never acknowledge his love. He literally turns into a Devdas you know? Such a love sick puppy he was you know? I’m so happy for you both!!!! And when did you accept his love??

Lav: Haha 4 years back, you know how much he tortured me in Australia in the name of love? That’s why I rejected at first later ….(Lav blushed)

Khushi: Haha naughty boy he is and you know he dint even show me your photo!! If I ask him he would say me that once you accept his love only he will show me your photo he was so mean! And guess why he told like that?

Lav : Why?

Khushi: I was eager to see you na, so if I wanna see you then you should accept his love so for that I should pray for him to Devi Maiya for you to accept his love itseems!! Idiot he is Lav!!!

Lav: Oh god, Nk even Khushi came to know you are an idiot!!!

Lav hified Khushi and both the girls started to giggle looking at Nk.

Nk: See dint I say you both are crazy!!!! My own friend calling me idiot and my girl friend has joined her hands along with her!

Nk was really amazed how Khushi and Lav liked each other instantly.

Lav: And in these 5 years, he has told me about you a lot Khushi!! And I asked him to show your picture too and Nk even tried contacting you but there was some problem with your number.

That’s when Khushi remembered her life problems.

Khushi: Uh yeah actually I have changed my number so only.

Nk: Then why dint you inform me stupid?! Do you have any idea how much I was worried for you? I wouldn’t have left but it was very important for me the next day to go to Australia, and you dint even tell me what happened later? Did our plan worked out?

Khushi: Actually you have no idea what happened after you left RM that day Nk!

NK : What do you mean by that?

Lav was totally confused now.

Lav: Hey what is going on, why do you sound bad Khushi? Nk told me that he helped you in making Arnav jealous na?

Khushi: Yeah everything was going well I thought Arnav will propose me but everything got spoiled!! Totally spoiled guys!!

Khushi just closed her eyes in frustration. Lav shook her, Khushi looked at Nk.

Khushi: Will you help me once more Nk?

Nk’s thoughts ‘What???? I should face that hitler again????? That time itself he was looking at me as if he would burn me alive if I give a reentry that’s it!! He would implement his plan of burning me alive!!!!!’.

Nk: uh, I will be back.

Nk went to washroom, just in the fear of losing his life.

Khushi: Lavanya, I’m so sorry to ask this but I really need this help.

Lav: Sorry I can’t!

That was really rude. Khushi was bit hurt.

Lav: hmmm, I would help you out in this only if you call me Lav or La like how all my close ones address me!! If you are okay with this then I’m all okay for helping you.

Lav winked looking at her that’s when Khushi understood Lav was just pulling her legs.

Khushi: Lavanya!!!!! (Lav glared) Sorry, I mean Lav you are really a gem of a person!!!

Lav: I know, I know..Okay now say me what do want him to do?

Khushi dint know how and where to start..

Khushi: uh…voh actually..I..wa..want him

Lav: Arey Khushi, stop stammering!! Come on just spill it out..

Khushi: (She closed her eyes and started telling what she wants to say without even breathing) I want Nk to act as my husband

Khushi still dint open her eyes, she heard giggling sound. She instantly opened her eyes.

Lav: Arey itni si baat? Why were you sacred for asking this?

Khushi: You mean you have no problem in Nk acting as my husband?????

Lav: You think I will misunderstand you both Khushi? Never! I know what relationship you both share, in fact I know you always treated him as your best friend cum brother and Nk treats you as his sister Khushi. You think I wont trust Nk?

Khushi now understood what trust means in a relationship. Lavanya trusted Nk but Arnav dint trust her in her case.

Lav: Even if I see something odd about you both also I wouldn’t believe my eyes Khushi! Instead I would blame my eyes only, I can never break that trust.

Khushi just hugged Lav as tight as she can and she started to cry, Lav was panicked seeing Khushi like that.

Lav: Khushi, please don’t cry. Dint I say I will help you out? I will talk to Nk, first say me what happened.

Khushi cried, thinking why her Arnav dint believe her? Why dint he trust her? She really felt bad. Seeing Lav’s trust she understood how a person should trust the person they love. Even though Arnav hasn’t proposed her she knew he loved her, she felt so hurt and bad. Her Arnav dint believe her.

Khushi: Lav that day was the worst day in my life. We thought everything was going as per our plan but..

She again started crying, Khushi couldn’t handle herself anymore. Lav gave her shoulders for her to cry her heart out. Even though people around them looked at them weirdly, Lav dint give a damn to them or she dint care about it all she wants now was to console Khushi. Lav dint disturb her, she understood Khushi needs to cry now else she will never feel better. After a while seeing Khushi calm, she gave her a glass of water.

Lav: Easy Khushi, relax..

Khushi was slowly relaxing herself by then Nk also came back. Lav just glared looking at Nk for going like that in fear leaving Khushi like that. She literally felt like pulling his hair.

Khushi: I badly need your help Nk.

Lav: Yes Nk, I’m with Khushi! I want you to help her out!

Nk: Are you girls mad? And wait what help you need me to now? Wait don’t say me Arnav still dint propose you!!

Khushi: That is also true that he dint propose me still, but the problem is not that!

Lav: What? Arnav dint propose you still?

Nk: Ridiculous!!!!!

Khushi: Nk, I want you to act as my husband. (Nk’s eyes popped out hearing it) I mean fake husband.

Nk: This is even more ridiculous! What rubbish is this?

Khushi: NK, you are like my brother!!! Wont you do this for me?!

Nk: That is what I’m also saying, I’m like your brother stupid!!!

Lav: Oh just don’t over react Nk, what is going to cost you if you act? Stop being like I’m-so-good-boy okay? I know about you!

Nk: Oh my god?? What girl friend and friend I have got? My sister like friend is asking me to act like her husband and my girl friend is supporting her in this..

Khushi: I need your help Nk, wont you do this for me?!

Nk: Look, that Hitler lover of your will kill me!

Lavanya: Nk, come on yaar bechari ye voh..Do it na.

Nk: Are you mad? You want your own boy friend to be killed, you girl! No no I wont do it!!!!!

Lavanya: Wait But what happened, what is the reason behind the separation?

Khushi looked at Nk.

Khushi: I was actually in Paris these many years, I left my own family,Arnav and was staying with his parents in Paris. None of them had any idea that I was with them and they also dint tell about my whereabouts to anyone as I have got their promise not to reveal about me.

Nk and Lav were equally shocked hearing this now.

Nk: I will say what happened exactly that day and Khushi should only continue what happened after that because I myself have no idea what happened after that which made her to take such a step.

Nk started to narrate the actual reason for their separation, the awaiting scene of knowing what made Khushi took this decision of leaving her Arnav her own family and going to Paris, and Lavanya was more into hearing about this now.

Nk: Actually after I met Khushi again in theatre, Khushi told me about her love for Arnav. What she told was Arnav loved her but he dint know it because he wasn’t ready to accept it. So the two ways to make someone realise was by the Jealousy factor or just to tell them that they love. We cant go for the second option because Arnav wasn’t ready to accept his love even though Khushi has proposed him 1000 times, he dint even reply her even once so we decided to go by our first option that is the Jealousy factor. We made all possible ways to make him jealous and I myself saw that jealousy in his eyes Lav!!

Lav: Then what happened? Why dint he propose Khushi?

Nk: In fact that is the reason he got irked by my presence and he started calling me as monkey, he always felt annoyed around me. He would have even strangle my neck if I was left alone with him because we made him that much jealous Lav! He would even burn me alive with that anger in his eyes!!! That’s when I believed Khushi’s words when I myself saw that love for Khushi in his eyes Lav!! I can see how much bad he felt when he found me around Khushi. Khushi acted like giving me priority over him, everything was going as per plan and it was last day before I was returning to Australia. I went to see Khushi, and later that I lost her contact Lav.

Lav: Everything was going as per plan, then what went wrong?

Khushi: That last day when Nk came to RM changed everything Lav!!

Nk: Wait, we dint even make Arnav jealous that day as we decided day before that to stop all that since we saw how Arnav was possessive for you so we in fact knew he would propose you in two to three days right? Then what went wrong?

Khushi : Remember what happened that day in my room? (Looking at lav, Khushi started narrating what happened to Lav)

Chapter 9:


(Note: Nk is her close friend as you all know so once they met again in theatre Nk has told about Lavanya after somedays)

Nk in Khushi’s room.

Khushi hugged Nk.

Khushi: Thank you so much Nk, I have no idea how I will show my gratitude towards you Nk!!

Nk: I have never seen any girl to be in a love with a boy up to this level Khushi, I’m so proud of you girl! Seriously who will have this much patience when someone doesn’t even acknowledge their love I mean seriously boys? I wonder why dint Arnav acknowledge your love these many months. Everyone of us can see how madly you love him, you never think of anything other then that Hitler. Your day starts with him and ends only with him. Even though he never acknowledge your love you still loved him and showered him with your love. You are so selfless Khushi! Why do you have to be like that Khushi? Don’t you expect anything back from life?

Khushi: Okay, answer me this Nk tell me will you leave Lavanya if she doesn’t love you? Will you stop loving her?

Nk: What nonsense? Why will I stop loving her?

Khushi: Same nonsense Nk, so when you are not ready to stop loving Lavanya why would I stop to love Arnav? I think now you can understand, we should always give everything in love without expecting Nk. Love should not come by expectations. Learn to love without condition, Talk without bad intention, Listen without Judging, Give without any reason and most of all, care for people without any expectation Nk!! That’s what I follow.

Nk : I never thought you are this much mature Khushi, I have always seen you so playful so far but you more mature then all of us!! Today I’m so proud of you!! I wish you really get your love. I want you to be happy Khushi. I really wish to see you happy.

Khushi sighs.

Khushi: Oh come on Nk, no serious talks haan..that really doesn’t suit you.

Khushi tried to cheer him.

Khushi: Hmmm ok say me, how are you going to propose Lavanya?

Nk: Okay, then let me try it once with you. Say me how does it look, okay?

That’s when Arnav entered RM back from Clinic and he came to know from Nani that Nk was here so he directly went to Khushi’s room. He just dint wish to leave Khushi alone with Nk and not even around him anywhere. He was about to enter Khushi’s room and that’s when he saw Nk going on his knees and proposing Khushi. His eyes went all red seeing that. Nk and Khushi weren’t aware of Arnav’s presence.

Nk: We have become magnets, you move I move. I love you, just be mine. I want to be with you forever and ever. Having you by my side is what completes me. Can I keep you and never let you go? Can I hold your hand and hug you tight? Can I tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life? or simply, can you be mine for the rest of my life? Will you marry me sweetheart?

Khushi smiled with ‘aww’ expression and Arnav couldn’t take all this, his anger was increasing more.

Khushi: Yes, I would indeed want to be yours!! I want to marry you! The way you talk about wanting to spend your life with me makes me so happy and just yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah

Khushi just hugged him, Nk was also smiling looking at her. She was really crazy. Arnav couldn’t stand there anymore seeing all that ****, he just went out fuming in anger, but again he came back inside her room to ask what is that rubbish going on but he couldn’t open his mouth seeing what was happening in front of his eyes. Nk was on top of Khushi. He couldn’t tolerate more, he never expected this one from Khushi. He just marched into his room in anger.

Khushi: Nk, you fine? I’m so sorry, I dint know you were about to turn else I would have taken back my leg.

What happened was, Nk got slipped when he accidentally stepped on Khushi’s foot while turning to leave. Khushi was sitting on her bed when he got slipped he directly landed on top of Khushi without balance. Nk got up.

Nk: Arey I’m fine stupid, stop getting worried.

Khushi: Haw even now you are calling me stupid? You are leaving tomorrow to Australia and still talking to me like this! This is so mean haan!

Nk: Thik hai meri maa, I’m sorry. Will call you once I reach there and do give me some tips to propose Lavanya okay?

Khushi: Sure!!!!! Have a safe journey..Will miss you!!!

Nk: I will miss you too!! Take care, don’t forget to give me treat when that Hitler proposes you Okay?

Khushi: Chalo tk lets see..

Nk bid bye to everyone and took blessings from elders. Arnav was just fuming in anger. Once he left that’s it his anger over powered him and he just pounced on Khushi the second Nk left. Arnav grabbed Khushi’s shoulders.

Arnav: What the hell was that Khushi?!

Everyone were shocked seeing it.

Shyam: Arnav what are you doing? Leave Khushi! You are hurting her! Khushi couldn’t understand why he was so much angry and that too for first time she has seen him in this much anger.

Arnav: (More rude) I asked you what were you DOING DAMMIT!!!!?!

Khushi flinched in pain.

Khushi: (Khushi tried still being calm)Arnav you are hurting me..

Arnav very well could see that it was painful for her but his anger has over powered him already.

Arnav: Stop ACTING! You are not that innocent as you seem to be Khushi! Tujhe kya lagta? I wont know anything? For your kind information I’m not that blind, for not seeing what is going around me!

Khushi understood that she was being accused for something which she hasn’t done but she couldn’t understand for what she is being accused. She tried to get off from his grip and replied him still struggling.

Khushi: I don’t understand what you are talking about Arnav!?

Arnav: Oh? You have no idea what I’m talking about? Amazing girl, you really amaze me with your acting skills you see!

Khushi: What?!

Arnav: I have already came to know how CHARACTERLESS you are KHUSHI GUPTA!

Anjali couldn’t take it anymore, how can Arnav just talk about her sister like that?!

Anjali : ENOUGH Arnav! How can you say something like that to my sister?!

Anjali dragged Khushi from Arnav’s grip. Khushi never thought she would hear such accusations from her love, he was her everything and he just called her characterless.

Arnav: That is what your sister is di!

Anjali: One more word against my sister, then forget that I’m your bhabhi/di!

Shyam: Arnav are you out of your sense?! Stop all this  nonsense and apolosise to Khushi, NOW!

Arnav: NEVER!

Nani: Arnav beta? Ye kya kehre aap? (What are you saying)

(Shyam-Arnav’s parents are in Paris now, I hope you all remember. That’s why Khushi went to Paris to stay with them)

Arnav: (Looking at Nani) She is not like what she is! She proposed me, right?

Nani : Yes.

Arnav: (Looking at Shyam and Anjali) She loves me still, right?

Shyan: Yes!

Arnav: (Finally looking at Khushi) Did you say yes to Nk when he proposed you?

That’s when Khushi understood everything. She very well understood that Arnav misunderstood Nk’s trial proposal as real one for her which was actually for Lavanya.

Khushi: Arnav wait, now I get it!

Arnav: See, dint I say?

Khushi: Arnav wait, first let me speak!

Arnav: Oh just shut up Okay!? Just answer for what have been asked! Did you accept Nk’s proposal to you today, Haan ya na?! (Yes or No?!)

Khushi: But..

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) Haan ya na?! (Yes or No?!)

Khushi: (Looking down) Haan

Now that’s a shock for Anjali, Shyam and Nani.

Anjali: Khushi? How can you? You loved Arnav..

Khushi: Di even you? You are also his side?

Anjali: You just yourself told a YES by declaring that you have accepted Nk’s proposal Khushi?

Arnav: Not just that di, I couldn’t even say what I saw after that! he that Nk on top of her and..

Before he could continue he felt a sharp pain on his right cheek. Khushi slapped him hard as she can.

Khushi: STOP IT ARNAV! ENOUGH! How dare you Arnav? How dare you?!

Arnav: How dare you slapped me Khushi?! When you are wrong! Oh just stop acting like Sathyavan Savithri types okay?! We already knew what you are! How disgusting Khushi?! I never thought you will be a characterless girl!

Khushi: Everything has a limit Arnav!

Arnav: You can’t deny anything Khushi!

Khushi: I accept that happened but..

Now before Khushi could continue further she felt a sharp pain on her left cheek. It was Anjali who slapped her now.

Khushi: (With tears in her eyes) Di?

Shyam and Nani were in the extreme level of shock.

Anjali: You are accepting all the accusations Khushi? Even the second one?! How can you Khushi?!! Why!? Why did you do like this?!

Anjali also broke down completely.

Khushi: Di? You think I would do like that?

Anjali: I wish I can believe you dint do like that Khushi, but you yourself have accepted it..What else you want me to do? You have brought disgrace to my in laws house too Khushi!

Khushi never in her dreams also thought her sister, her soul sister could say something like that. She felt numb. She felt like ending her life at that moment itself. She never thought the two important persons of her life would accuse something like this. Tears had no limit today in her eyes, she closed her eyes as tears started their way out.

Khushi: ENOUGH DI! Thank you so much so far for giving me that motherly love, I will always be grateful to you and can never hate you. You are more like a mother than a sister to me.

Anjali was getting more emotional.

Anjali: Just say me once that these are not true Khushi..Please

Khushi sighed still with tears in her eyes.

Khushi: This is true di, but not in the way you people understood and once broken it is broken di!!

Anjali: Khushi, what are you saying?

Anjali felt that her sister was being accused by some misunderstanding.

Khushi: I will not bring anymore disgrace to your in laws house di. Don’t worry, I will leave now!

Arnav was more then shocked he thought Khushi would argue with him but she has planned to leave the house. He dint wish her to leave the house, it was just seeing Nk with her at that situation added more fuel to the fire, it was just in anger he blurted out everything in front of everyone. He dint wish to talk like that in front of everyone about Khushi but his anger just over powered him spoiling everything. Khushi moved to her room. She started packing all her things and Anjali was already behind her to stop her.

Anjali: Khushi stop, where are you going?

Khushi: Somewhere di, I never want you to suffer because of me di! I will leave!

Anjali:  I dint mean that way Khushi, I know about you..

Khushi dropped her bag down.

Khushi: No You don’t di! You don’t know about me else you would have not spoke like that!!!!!

Khushi started crying more, she stuffed all her things in her bag.

Anjali: No no Khushi, I’m sorry. I just reacted at that moment..wait

But before Anjali could continue Khushi already took her bag and came downstairs. Everyone saw Khushi leaving and Anjali was behind her trying to stop her.

Khushi was about to step out and Arnav started to taunt her in anger seeing her leaving the house , truth is he couldn't see her leaving him and going which was hurting him more now.

Arnav: Where are you going? Going to meet your Love Nk who is going to Australia tomorrow?

Khushi turned and looked at Arnav a last time with tears in her eyes and replied him ‘The tongue has no bones Arnav as you already know being a doctor but it is enough to break a heart! Be careful with your words and yes it only takes a few seconds to hurt someone but sometimes it takes years to repair the damage!’.

She wiped her tears continuously while replying him and left them all, left her family, left her DI, and left HIM and went far away from them so that they can never find her.

[Later you all know, how she landed in Paris. She directly went from there to her Devi Maiya and fought with her, her only hope was Shalini and Ashwin who was like her parents. She immediately called and informed them everything from starting till end and what had exactly happened and how Arnav misunderstood her. They asked her to come there. Ashwin managed to Arrange her a flight ticket and she at last landed in Paris, France far away from her loved ones]

#Flashback ends.

Khushi eyes was filled with tears, and Lavanya after hearing this was more bad then Khushi’s state. Nk felt guilty thinking he was responsible in directly for all this.

Khushi and Lavanya hugged each other crying. Lavanya couldn’t believe that no one gave her a chance to speak and they all accused her, not even her sister at first though she understood at last but Arnav? Even though he dint propose her he at least he felt something for her, cant he trust her? Without trust there was no reason to continue! In fact Love cannot live where there is no trust! Arnav still knowing everything about her dint trust her even a point level. Lav really felt how bad Khushi and understood what she was going through when her love of her life blamed something like that.

Nk : I will help you Khushi! Its your best friend and a brother’s promise!

Lavanya: Yes Khushi, He cant just jump on to his own conclusions and in fact he should have asked you privately first at least you would have told him the actual truth that day! How **** it was to ask like that in front of all!? And I’m happy that you left that guy, and more then happy that you dint accept all those accusations from him. You should have given 5 no even 10 more slaps!!

Nk: And I’m so sorry Khushi, its some what because of me you have faced all those..I’m so sorry..

Khushi wiped off her tears.

Khushi: No-No please don’t, you shouldn’t ask sorry!! Its all my fate.

Nk and Lav assured her that they are with her. Khushi at least felt good around them.


Precap :

Nani: I know my Khushi betiya will never do like that, Shalini..

Nani was in tears.

Shalini: But please keep this as secret maaji, I know being elder you at least should know this.

Ashwin: and she isn’t married, Khushi has already asked us not to reveal this to anyone especially Arnav.

Shalini and Ashwin told about Khushi and Aaru, and how Khushi adopted Aaru to Nani.


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Nov 20, 2016

Chapter 10 (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 76 times)

Chapter 10:

Nk, Khushi and Lavanya decided what to do further.

Khushi and Lavanya planned something and they made Nk to understand it.

Nk: Okay done, I’m there for you always and don’t forget that ever Khushi.

Lav: Me too, I’m also there for you!!!!!!!!!!not alone Nk.

Khushi : Thank you so much guys, it really means a lot. Thanks a ton!!

Lav and Nk just hugged her in fact Khushi was squeezed in between the couple.

Khushi: So Nk, be ready tomorrow and come early as possible before he leaves for clinic, okay?

Nk: Haan tk tk! Ye Hitler bhi na! huh pyaar ko war bana di ya.. (yeah okay okay! This is Hitler is there na! huh he made love as a war..)

Khushi sighed and bid bye to them for returning back to RM. Lavanya and Nk did feel bad for Khushi facing all that all alone.

Lavanya: I really feel bad for her Nk. The person whom she loved all blindly just questioned about her character!!

Nk: What to do Lav? We are planning something and the almighty is planning something else! We thought by making Arnav jealous we could make him understand the importance of Khushi in his life but our plan just backfired us that too in a very bad manner!

Lavanya: But still, at least he could have asked her privately Nk! Not in front of everyone like that! I understand what he was going through when he saw Khushi in that position with you but he should have some self control over his anger na.. Shouldn’t he believe Khushi? Anyways happened is happened we can’t justify his side also and Khushi’s side also.

Nk just closed his eyes feeling guilty.

Lavanya: Don’t worry Nk, you need not be guilty . It wasn’t your fault either. You know what?

Nk: What?

Lavanya: Who the hell told you both that there was only two options for making Arnav understand his love?

Nk: Yeah what else is there? One is Jealousy factor and the other option is directly saying to the person that he is in love! What else is left out?

Lavanya: You are really idiot Nk! When you people came to know in your first meet with Arnav itself that he is possessive for Khushi then you people should have known how much sensitive he is in this!! You get me?! So jealousy factor will obvious create problem only!

Nk: But there are chances of him to propose Khushi feeling jealous na?

Lavanya: If it is so then by now they both would have been a happily married couple Nk!

Nk: Right, but there is no other option!

Lav: You should have made me propose at that time itself Nk! At least I would have given a proper idea even more better idea actually!

Nk: Oh really? What is that brain of yours would come up with?

Lav: Simple, you guys could have planned like seeing groom for Khushi and Elders could make up some story saying it is already time for Khushi to get married and Arnav is also not accepting her love so it is better she moves on and bla bla. You people could have faked searching a groom for Khushi. At least that would have made Arnav understand that he can’t live without Khushi and in fact he could not even see Khushi marrying someone so automatically he would have proposed her yaar! and he wouldn't have even questioned about her character also, in fact he would proposed her for marriage and they would have got kids by now! Tum duno kyun Jealousy factor choose kiya?! (Why did you both choose Jealousy factor?!)

Lavanya asked frustrated. Nk was like ‘Why the hell this idea dint pop in our mind that time!’.

Nk: Its all your fault!

Lav: What?! excuse me? My fault?!

Nk: Haan, if you have accepted my proposal you would have told about this that time itself na!

Lav: Youuuuu, I’m going to kill you NK!!!! Already you gave that stupid jealousy plan for Khushi and top of it blaming me now!

Nk: But it wasn’t not alone my plan, it was her plan also to make Arnav jealous..

Lav: Erggg don’t make me more angry Nk! See because of that one wrong move of yours has caused such a rift between them!! They both love each other still Nk, Yet they aren’t together!!

Nk really felt more guilty now, its also because of him that Arshi aren’t together. This thought itself killed him.

Nk: I have been such a fool to support Khushi in that jealousy plan na? Its only because of me that they aren’t together hai na?

He closed his face with his palms feeling so guilty.

Nk: I spoiled my own best friend’s life Lavanya.

Lavanya: I’m sorry Nk. I know I shouldn’t have spoke like that to you but you should also realise your mistake, so only I spoke like that. Not that always jealousy plan works out Nk. Sometimes it will even create a very big rift between two individuals. You can make some jealous for fun but not in real like you people did.

Nk: Will they ever unite?

Lavanya: Not until Khushi also realise her mistake and Arnav also realises his mistake Nk.

Nk: Will you help me unite them?

Lavanya: Wait, I know you feel guilty but before that we should make Khushi also to understand that what she did was also not right and top of it Arnav should also realise his mistake! Unless all these misunderstandings isn’t solved there are no possibilities..

Nk: Why is life so complicated?

Lavanya: Life isn’t complicated Nk, we humans complicate life.

Nk: Voh bhi sach hai..You know you are really a good psychologist!!

Lavanya lifted her artificial collar and replied ‘That’s why I always topped the first in my college’.

[About Lavanya, she is a psychologist. Nk and Lavanya love each other. Though she is an Indian she was brought up in Australia. Nk who went for his higher studies to Australia met her there and has fallen in love with her. Now Nk has shifted his business to India as Lavanya’s work is also in Delhi. So now Lavanya and her parents live in Delhi.]

Nk: Okay so now how will we solve this matter?

Lavanya: Lets go with our plan, unless Arnav realises his mistake we can do nothing and don’t worry about Khushi, I will make her understand that it was a wrong decision for her to choose Jealousy option.

Nk: In a group only one can be an idiot but how come all of us(he meant Khushi, Arnav and himself) are idiots Lav?!

He just told in frustration.

Lavanya: That’s your over enthusiasm for helping your friend and Khushi knowing Arnav loving her couldn’t stop herself from doing something like this and Arnav who hates to see Khushi with anyone else other then him because of his possessiveness has altogether caused all the trouble to this problem.

Nk: Hope we make everything right Lav.

Lavanya: Don’t worry, we will make everything right and I just told all that to make you also realise your mistake not to make you feel guilty I’m also sorry Nk. I am really sorry, I really love you Nk I know you wished good only for Khushi.

Nk just hugged Lavanya.

Nk: Don’t be sorry Lav, in fact like how I realised my mistake I wish even Khushi and Arnav also realise soon.

Lavanya assured Nk that everything will be alright and they both also left.

In RM,

Khushi after reaching home was actually surprised knowing that Anjali and Aaru were still talking and they weren’t even aware that she has went out and returned back home itself.

Anjali: Aacha Aaru why are you calling me Massi??

Aaru: You are Mumma’s sister hai na so only, I thought Mumma’s sister should be called Massi only..

Aaru asked confused, and Anjali chuckled.

Anjali: Aww meri cutie pie hamari Indian culture mein we name all are relations with unique name. Actually you should address your Mumma’s elder sister as Bua and your Mumma’s younger sister as Massi..

Aaru: ohh (Aaru was thinking) Lekin mumma has got no younger sister na, so you are my bua and not massi hai na ?? So you are my buaaaaa

Aaru was more excited now learning relations from Anjali. Anjali was also very happy teaching her everything.

Khushi chuckled seeing that, she dint wish to disturb them So she just went to meet Nani, Ashwin and Shalini. Khushi entered Nani’s room.

Nani: Khushi betiya, aap agayi..come site beside me..

Khushi smiled and sat beside Nani and laid on her lap.

Khushi: I’m really sorry for leaving you and go.

Khushi looked up at Nani and apologised to her holding her ears.

Nani hugged Khushi and replied her ‘Forget all that betiya happened is happened’.

Khushi: But still I’m so sorry Nani..

Nani: I don’t feel bad for that also beta it is just that I felt bad knowing you even got married not even letting your Nani know it. I dint even have that luck to see your marriage Khushi betiya.

Khushi did feel how Nani felt, Nani is the one who took care of her and Anjali after their parents passed away.

Khushi looked at Ashwin and Shalini, they indicated her that she was doing wrong by hiding this from Nani.

Nani: Don’t you think I at least have that much rights on you Betiya? May be I don’t have the right choose your husband or I don’t have the right to see your marriage, which you dint even felt like sharing with me na beta? And now you don’t even wish to share any details about your husband also to your Nani? Have I become a stranger to you??

Khushi almost got tears in her eyes hearing all this from her Nani. She understood how much her Nani was hurt being away from her, and her one lie that she is married had caused that poor old soul to feel up to this level.

Khushi: No Nani, no you haven’t brought me up like that, you have thought me all values!!

Khushi at last cried replying ‘I’m not married Nani, I’m not!!!!! It was all lie just to stay away from Arnav. How will I marry without your blessings Nani? You think I will not even give that right for you to see my marriage Nani? I’m not so cruel Nani. You and Anjali di were my everything, I will never do anything against your wishes. I’m sorry for hurting you Nani. I’m so sorry’.

Khushi ran away from Nani’s room crying.

Nani looked at Shalini in shock hearing this truth asked her was it all true and Shalini nodded her head.

Nani: I know my Khushi betiya will never do like that, Shalini..

Nani was in tears.

Shalini: But please keep this as secret maaji, I know being elder you at least should know this.

Ashwin: and yes she isn’t married, Khushi has already asked us not to reveal this to anyone especially Arnav so only.

Shalini and Ashwin told about Khushi and Aaru, and how Khushi adopted Aaru. Nani was really happy now, she always wished that Arnav should marry Khushi and now knowing the whole truth she was really happy. Ashwin and Shalini narrated exactly what happened that day and how Arnav also misunderstood along with Nk and Khushi’s jealousy plan.

Nani: These kids of this generation bhi na..I should say not all kids of these generations are like that its just that our family has got such exceptional people and friends.

Ashwin: Voh bhi sach hai, even we come under that exception or else myself and Shalini would have not divorced as if it is a game! Thanks to Khushi that she reunited us.

Shalini nodded her head.

Nani: Wish they both also reunite like you both.

Ashwin: For that Arnav should first accept his love..

Shalini: Lets see what holds for them in future.

Nani: Right, anyways I will also not reveal about this to anyone unless Khushi wishes to.

Ashwin, Nani and Shalini wished some miracle to happen.


Khushi was crying in her room.

Arnav was back to RM from clinic since he wasn’t able to concentrate on nothing because of Khushi. That too knowing Khushi being married. He just couldn’t believe. He felt that he was surely missing out something. He was so lost, if he just continues the same way in the clinic today he would surely cause trouble to the patients so he decided return back home. He was totally disturbed and was on way to his room, he was about to pass by Khushi’s room but stopped hearing sobbing sound and also seeing the door open so he thought of checking what she was doing. He was shocked seeing Khushi sitting down and crying like kid.He couldn’t stop himself and he marched towards her.

Arnav: Khushi?

Khushi was shocked to hear his voice all of sudden. She looked at him shocked and once seeing him eye to eye, she started crying more.

Arnav got more worried now, he made her stand and tried to wipe off her tears but before he could do that Khushi started to hit him on his chest sobbing loudly. Arnav was more shocked with her behaviour now. Here he left his ego and came to console her but she started to hit him. He still remained calm and allowed her to do whatever she wishes to do, he understood very well that she was totally messed up now. There was no break for Khushi to hit him, she was busy hitting and crying. 

Khushi looked at him stopping her action and replied him ‘It is all because of you!!! I hate you!! I hate you!!’ and she again started to hit him on his chest shedding tears.



Anjali: I’m so happy Khushi, double khush hua mein(My happiness is doubled)!! You are also here and my…(Anjali caressed her tummy blushing and looked at Shyam)

Khushi: Diiiiii (Khushi guessed what her di was indicating and she was so happy) Matlabbbb I’m going to be massi!!!!!!

Khushi screamed in joy. Both Shyam and Anjali nodded their head blushing. All of sudden Anjali kept a worried face. She looked at Shyam and asked ‘Shyam, you being a doctor already I think you will know it..Will it really pain a lot during Labor????’ . Shyam was about to reply but Anjali spoke again ‘Mein bhi na! Even though you are a doctor you wont go through the pain na so how will you know, you have not been pregnant before hai na..I better ask Khushi, because she might know about it’.

Khushi’s eyes popped out hearing it, she was like how will I know it she almost forget her so called lie in the happiness of being Massi. Anjali asked her all being serious ‘Will it really pain Khushi??’. Khushi replied back without thinking ‘Kyaaaa?? How will I know that di? As if I was ever pregnant before?!!'


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