How are you different from your spouse?

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Oct 18, 2016

How are you different from your spouse? (By opposite attracts!!)

  1. He loves kids. I don’t.
  2. He loves numbers. I once had a t-shirt that said, “Math Sucks.”
  3. He is a nerd. I am not (although I am doing my PhD right now!).
  4. He detests cooking. I can cook forever.
  5. He loves watching Hollywood movies. I only watch Bollywood movies.
  6. He loves video games. The last time I played a video game was in middle school.
  7. He can sing and is a bass guitarist. I’ve never hit a single note in my life.
  8. I don’t remember him dancing ever (may be on Gangnam style, once!). I choreograph Bollywood songs at my university for events.
  9. He doesn’t believe in the power of positivity. I thrive on it.
  10. He is an introvert. I am an extrovert.
  11. He can’t eat spicy and hot food. It’s not food for me if it’s not spicy and hot.
  12. He doesn’t eat street food in India now. I can eat at the most unhygienic places like a boss!
  13. He reads the news everyday. I don’t.
  14. He sleeps at by 10:30 pm. I can’t study before 12 am.
  15. He wakes up by 7am usually, even on the weekends. Yeah, never happened with me.
  16. He has a very high metabolic rate and is thin. My body can absorb and store all the fat from my food and I always struggle to keep my weight under control.
  17. He never gets drunk. May be I’ve never seen him drunk because I am drunk way before him!
  18. He is geographically open to settle in any country in the world. I only want to settle back home in India.
  19. As far as I know, he has never bribed anyone in his life. I have.
  20. He has glasses. I don’t. (Although he wears contact lenses sometime, as seen in the picture below.) Adding some more:
  21. He sat on his first real roller coaster in July 2015 at Universal Studios. I can't remember when was my first time- I absolutely love amusement parks.
  22. He treats his birthday as just another day. I love my birthday (although it's dying down as I grow up).

These are just from the top of my head. Will add more as I think of them.

Note: He is my partner, not spouse. But we are getting married in Dec 2016!

Here’s a picture of us from 2015 when we travelled to Acadia National Park in Maine together. (Oh did I mention he has small, thin lips and I have big, fat lips. haha).

Thank you so much for such lovely comments, wishes and support. There are so many people who have similar experiences with their partners. I guess its true that opposite attracts. :)

Oct 18, 2016

What common mistakes do people make when choosing a life partner? (By opposite attracts)

When choosing a life partner, most people think of this:

Romance, love, affection, sex and adventure.

The reality is that the vast majority of your time together looks like this:

Housework, cooking, paying the bills, watching TV, driving, shopping etc.

The dishes won’t clean themselves and the house won’t tidy itself up. Someone has to do that work day in and day out for their entire lives. It’s tedious and repetitive, but it’s life.

This is what you’ll be sharing the most of: your boring lives. It’s a common mistake to forget about this part of it, yet this will account for 99% of how you live together. At some point, your partner won’t look quite so sexy; is the rest enough to keep you together?

What does it take to live a boring life with someone? You both need to be kind to one another. Saying cruel or hateful things, not being supportive and/or being unfair and unreasonable are not things anyone can put up with over the long haul.

Even a boring life has its ups and downs. The question is, do the two of you band together to solve the problems? Or do you both fall out?

Your life partner is the other half of a team that includes you. Your contribution is 50% of the total. That is a lot.

Over the long haul you will have misfortunes, probably at least one terrible one.

When - not if - this happens, you and your partner will find out just how emotionally strong both of you are. Does this make both of you closer and increase your trust and friendship? Or does it tear you apart?

If you are not a strong, kind person yourself, you have little hope of finding a partner that is those things. People who are emotionally strong will not commit themselves to someone who is shallow and selfish.

Is this someone you can take care of if they become an invalid? Will they take care of you if you’re the one this happens to? This is the stuff long term relationships are made of: devotion, friendship, kindness and emotional strength. Not romance, sex and love.

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