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Oct 19, 2016

MY VIEW (By Zikra) (Thanked: 3 times)

Hi friends,

I'm new here but on Qubool hai i happened to be an active member a long time ago.

I recently started watching this show and liked the pair. I'm here , as the title show, to share my views about the show.

It is amazing to see the bond between brothers. Rudr made me laugh like a moron some times. It makes me wonder to think about the possibility for such a big tycoon like Shivay Singh Oboray to tolerate all that filthy language used by Anika and i was flabbergasted to see Mr SSO keeps quite even when she thrown her chameli on him. I think he has fallen for her a long way before which made him a mere spectator always.

But his reaction in Dev's case was some thing really unexpected and i loved the twist. I was really expecting some tough scenes between Anika n SSO to reconcile. But it disappointed me. Yeah, the scene for make up was considerably a big one, protecting him from a murder case. But i would have felt happy if she had been a little more tough for Mr SSO to forgive. 

Any old friends i know here??


Oct 20, 2016

Did u love it? (By Zikra) (Thanked: 3 times)

Hey frnz,

Did u love the last 3 epis? I dunno that heavy dosage pain killers can cause intoxication.  Is it true? as per my knowledge, it cause heavy sleep.


i loved the bit " Anika, mai.... tumse.... mai....tumse...BHOOL GAYA "

Everyone can guess that ke Shivay is not going to propose Anika this soon, other wise Serial kaisa chalegi?? I thought it could be dream of either Shivay or Anika after watching the promo.

Just crossing Anika to reach Tia with ring is absurd for us audiance. But i liked it some how, i know i'm psycho otherwise how can Anika become tough for Shivay.

Now i want Anika say to Billu for not coming any near " Door raha karo,.. DIATANCE " tabheeto nikhregi love story.

- Zikra

Oct 26, 2016

Karvachaut vrat (By Zikra) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hi frnz,

Did you watch last 2 episodes? I liked Shivay keeping fast and what did he say, "Mai Tia ke liye Fast nai rakh raoon" and before that " Arre, tu kyu utaavla ho rai.."

I loved the sequence of "Chand chupa badal mein.." and the three couples college. I really liked to watch ACP Rathode with Priyanka. It's a good pair, then what about Dev.

Najma really got a bit fat to become Saumya but her angelic smiling face makes any boy fall for her. Rudr!! be ready.

Finally.. a doubt.

I am from South INDIA, hence no idea about karvachaut. Here all the ladies wore Yellow cloths on that day, In some daily soaps they show Red . Is there any colour code for this day or it's like colour depends on the Family/ Khandan

Share ur views too.

- Zikra.

Oct 28, 2016

AGAR TUM SAATH HO (By Zikra) (Thanked: 2 times)

 Hi frnz,

Did u watch last epi? how hilarious and romantic tha. Shivay ki to oh my mata hogayi. How embarrassing it would be for him 

Anika exaggerated the scene too much but it brought laughs finally.

The episode was hit due to Rudr and Soumya fro me, how beautiful the expressions were

Oh I die at the song

" Pal bhar tahar jao..

Dil bhi samhal jaen

Kaise tumhe roka karoo...

Meri taraf aaya

Har gham fisal jaaen

Aankhon mein tumhe bharoo..."  .. Such a beautiful song..

credit goes to Soumya

Drop your views too..


Dec 1, 2016

Wonderful (By Zikra)

That was an awesome episode , of course i'm talking about epi on 29th,what a turning point, aah THE TOUGH MARRIGE 

and today's episode also is too good to watch with a small change, if Anika's tears dropped on Shivaay's hand when he adorns(thrusting ofcourse) her neck with Mangalsutr and if she had hated to glance at Shivay when he put Sindhoor in Anika's maang, with tears flooding to ground,what say

I'm so desperate to watch next episodes WHAT ABOUT YOU?

- Zikra

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