Ishq Bulava

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Oct 20, 2016

Ishq Bulava (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 5 times)

Well the series is new but some parts are typical 4 lions (all of which I love). What I like about this series is the Omkara angle – the self-made guy who has his set of strong beliefs but is more thoughtful in voicing them than Shivaay. Pity the whole Ishkara storyline was such a drag (and glad there is hope for a new story there). This is a one shot – just my imagination on what sort of balance a new girl could bring to Om’s life. (Don’t own any characters)

Om was walking through a small local market when a girl runs into him muttering to herself, “You should have used that genius brain of yours, how could you think….” – BANG she hits him. Om looks up but the girl is still looking at her phone.

Om: Excuse me?!

Girl barely looks up from her phone and says, “Ugh. Watch where you are going Mr. It’s just not my day!” She walks away and Om is left staring at her bewildered and says, “O…K…!” He shakes his head and walks away.

Later when he heads home, he finds the same girl lurking around Oberoi mansion and the warning bells go off in his head. He is thinking, ‘Could this girl be another Ishana? If so I am so getting ahead of this right now!’ Om approaches the girl and taps on her shoulder. She turns dismissively and looks at him. Then she does a double take and says, “You? Who are you and why are you following me?” Om opens his mouth and closes it thinking, ‘What? That should have been my line!’ He turns to her and starts talking when she beats him to it and says “Arey! Who are you and what do you want? Why are you still here?” Om just continues to stare at her dumbfounded. The girl sighs and starts muttering to herself, “Oh God! What is this new issue now… …..stalker…..go wandering more…..local market…..ugh!” She starts walking away quickly from Om and as she exits while she turns back to look at Om who is still staring at her dumbfounded.

A very confused Om walks towards the house and then changes his mind to follow the girl.

Dr. Shibani Shergill enters the hospital feeling rather stupid. She is still talking to herself when her colleague stops her and asks if everything was ok and Dr. Shergill relates to her about how she encountered a stalker and it was barely her first week back in Mumbai.

Colleague: “What? A Stalker?? But you don’t know anyone here seeing how you have been in Mumbai only a week. How did this happen?”

Shibani: “Well technically I was born here and I wasn’t in the US until I was 6 years old. So I went to check out my old neighborhood and possibly look up some old friends and acquaintances from there. That’s where I ran into this stalker candidate. And he was also there when I went to see another friend. But I didn’t give him a chance to get all pal-y with me. Gave him a piece of my mind and walked out of there. Hopefully he didn’t follow me here. Anyways forget about it! Btw weren’t you telling me I should go check out this art hub place for house décor items? Do give me the address before you leave. I do want to go there tomorrow.” And she starts walking away at the end of that rant.

A few minutes later Om enters the hospital and looks around for the girl. Shibani’s colleague notices Om and matches his long haired description to the stalker that Shibani was just talking about. She heads towards Om and says, “May I help you?”

 Om: “Hi, yeah I’m looking for a girl in jeans and kurta, with a tote, long-black hair… have you seen anyone with that description?”

Colleague looks around pointedly as at least 5 women in the vicinity match that description. Om looks around too and realizes how stupid he sounded. He apologizes and leaves.

Next Day at the art hub. Shibani: “Wow! This Ganesha is beautiful!” She looks around but finds no vendor nearby so she walks over to the next stall and asks the boy she was bargaining with earlier about the price.

Boy: ”Let it be madame. You won’t be able to afford it with your bargain budget!”

Shibani: “ Thanks but that was not what I asked for. You can get back to work!”, she barks sarcastically at him. Shibani looks around for a little longer and then is about to leave when she turns back, pulls out a piece of paper and scribbles something on it. She then sticks the paper under the idol and walks away.

In the evening, Om comes by the art hub and on his routine walk through notices a paper fluttering under the central Ganesha idol for the hub. He walks over and picks it up. Inside it reads “Love the piece. Looking for a quote. Please call below number” and contains a number with a initials “SS”

Om pulls out his phone and dials the landline number given on the sheet. “Hello?”

Shibani (sounding extremely tired and irritated): “Yes?”

Om: “I was asked to call this number…”

Shibani: “Well first figure out why and then call. I don’t have the energy for this right now”

Om: “Sorry you misunderstood me. I’m calling with regards to a note left at the art hub by the Ganesha. It was signed SS?”

Shibani (understanding dawning in her tired face): “Oh yes! Sorry I didn’t know. Yes I am looking for a quote for that piece.” And then remembering the boy’s taunt about her “Bargain Budget” she quickly adds, “The price tag is not an issue in fact. I just like it a lot and I want to buy it so name your price”

Om: “Actually that’s what I’m calling you about. To apologize because that piece is not for sale”

Shibani: ”What??”

Om: “Don’t get me wrong. I am the artist but that was meant to be a central piece for the art hub and hence is not for sale. However, I have other pieces if you are interested. Can you meet tomorrow by the hub?”

Shibani (half muttering to herself): “I’ll be dead by tomorrow…”

Om: “Huh?”

Shibani: “I mean, I’m working tomorrow so not sure when I can get out. How about you leave a few of your pieces by the Ganesha and I will pick one I like then we can fix up a time for payment and delivery.”

Om: “Sure. Can I get your name….” He hears some disturbance on the line like a public speaker announcement and then Shibani says quickly, “Ok I have to go. Bye!”

Two days later, Shibani shows up at the art hub and finds Om’s pieces right where he said they would be. She selects one and again looks around for Om. An old potter stops by and asks her if he can help. She explains the deal with Om on the phone and asks if the artist is nearby. The old man says that Om had explained the situation to him and asked him to take the payment in case the lady showed up. He also explains Om, the artist, is a very successful artist and that the pieces that he sells at the hub are used to fund the hub itself. Shibani is impressed by the idea of one successful artist supporting so many. She pays the amount to the old man and on second thought asks him for a piece of paper. She scribbles something on the paper, pulls an envelope and something form her bag, inserts the letter and passes it to the old man. She says, “Please give this to the artist. And let him know that I really appreciate his work. It brings true beauty to an otherwise concrete and stone life” She picks up her piece and leaves.

In the evening, the old man hands over the envelope to Om. He opens it and reads a beautifully worded but horribly scribbled letter about the great work he has done with the art hub. This time the letter is signed in a full name. He guesses that it looks like “Sherdil”. He looks inside and finds a donation for the art hub. Om is touched by the gesture and tries to call back the number he had reached earlier. A man answers the phone, and when Om enquires if could speak to one Ms. Sherdil, the man says, “Oh! You mean Shergill? Yeah, Dr. Shergill is not on duty right now. She will be available here in two days’ time. You can call then.” And without waiting for a response from Om, he cuts the line.

Om is left staring at his phone. He really wanted to thank the lady for her donation and invite her to the next big event he had planned there. He calls Shivaay and says, “I will answer your questions later, but I need you to help me find an address that goes with this landline number.” A surprised Shivaay obliges and within a few minutes Om has the address texted to him by Shivaay’s secretary. “City Hospital, Mumbai” Om is surprised to see the address but goes over to the same hospital that he followed his stalker to a few days back. He enters and heads to the reception.

Om: “Hi. I’d like to see Dr. Shergill please”

Receptionist: “Do you have an appointment?”

Om: “No. Can you put me on the calendar?”

Receptionist: “Is this urgent? Because the next appointment I have is only at 11.30 as a case got pushed out”

Om looks at his watch to see that it was 10 am. He agrees to the 11.30 appointment as it was a short wait. “Sure 11.30 works!”

Receptionist: “Your name?”

Om: “Omkara Oberoi”

Receptionist: “And patient’s name?”

Om looks at her with a quizzical look and says, “Well me! I’m the patient”

Recpetionist looks at him doubtfully and says, “Are you sure?”

That’s when Om looks around and finds the Doctor roster behind the reception desk. And under the name Dr. S. Shergill are the words “Pediatrician – Children’s Specialist” Thinking on his feet at this point Om says, “Yeah for me, meaning……….. my SON!”

Receptionist: “Ok and your son’s name?”

Om is really going blank at this point for he had never lied so thinking on his feet wasn’t his strong suit. He says the first name that comes to his mind, “Rudr…… Rudr Oberoi”

Receptionist: “Ok all set. You can wait in the waiting room!”

Om breathes a sigh of relief and takes a seat. He closes his eyes in relief which is very short-lived as he sits up straight and opens his eyes in wonder and part horror! He thinks, “I lied! Why did I lie?? What was I thinking? Was I even thinking? Why?”

And that is the story about how Om, who never lies, produces a few white lies to meet a girl!

Sorry it was a little longer than I anticipated. But do let me know what you think of my one shot.

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