A Learning Curve!! - An Arshi Story on Sheetal Track

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Nov 9, 2016

Chapter 19 – Just a New day! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 87 times)

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Chapter 19 – Just a New day!

Arnav slept off till late. Khushi did not want to disturb him and closed all curtains!! She called Aman and got his meetings rescheduled. It was past 10 am now.

Arnav got up with a slight heavy head. Still he felt fresh sleeping peacefully…. He remembered yesterday night and automatically smile adorned his handsome face!! He was at a peaceful place in his life!!

The curtains were still on and the room was dark so he thought it must be still early but he was in no mood to go for a jog….. Wanted to take it easy and relaxed today….

He wanted to remember when was the last he had felt so peaceful? With his mom, yes always. May be when Di was getting married first and second time but that’s about it…. And maybe when he got back the Sheesh Mahal, but then the revenge was bitter sweet and not peaceful…..

But as Khushi came into his life, he has started taking his life beyond win and losses in his business, started doing things to make others and himself happy, his anger has reduced and he was not judgmental but ready to be considerate…. And biggest change, Arnav Singh Raizada who did not believe in relationship and marriage, married to Khushi twice!!

Oh my god, what has she done to me?? She is hell bent making me a better person, he laughed to himself at that thought. May be for family but for the outer world I am still ASR, his ego was stubborn and held strong….

Life was beyond peaceful with Khushi!! It was everything he never thought for him or dreamt but would love and cherish for life!!

“Khushi” as usual first word from his mouth.

“I am almost ready and here is your breakfast. Now please get up and get ready, you have meeting at 11.30 am” Khushi was trying to rush him to bathroom.

“Slow down sweet heart, I have enough time” He pulled her and kissed on her cheek. He was in no mood to get up or let her get up….. He pulled her closer and started playing with her hair……

He was surprised to see her back to being shy!! She always blushes so much and looks even more beautiful when she turns red, he thought…. He was smitten by her always…

“Your nose id red!!” He teased her….. She touched her nose and smiled when realized he was teasing her…. She felt like snuggling into him and sleep for couple of hours…. She too was in no mood to go to college but unfortunately they both did not have time this morning and needed to rush to work…. He had a very important meeting that he cannot skip, Aman had reiterated to her when she called to update Aman…..

“Do you even know what time it is? It’s 10.10 am in the morning” she said smirking at him. She was ready and dressed to go out…. She almost laughed at his reaction….. Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada waking up at 10.10 on a week day!! Not bad, great progress in her workaholic husband’s life, she thought….

“What the???” Arnav jumped out of the bed and screamed “Aman, you are dead before you get fired, we had an important meeting at 9.00 am”

“I got it rescheduled at 11.30, so hurry up dear hubby” Khushi replied coolly.

“What?” Arnav was shocked.

“Get used to it Mr. Raizada. I am going to use my wifey rights when you act crazy” Khushi put both her hands on her waist and replied.

“What the?” Arnav was getting shock after shock. Has she eaten something? What is she doing rescheduling my meeting?? And why?? He was waiting for her to explain. But did not look like she did it for fun!!

“I heard from Di how careless you were last 12 days and did not sleep well, eat well. So you deserved to sleep and hence I got your meeting rescheduled, now get going” Khushi was clearly bossing him around and it’s not that Arnav did not like it. He so much loved Khushi calling him Mr. Raizada whenever she is angry or fake angry!!

“I might as well attend meeting from home. Anyways it is remote call with foreign delegates. But sweetheart, next time please remember to wake me up than to reschedule my meetings” Arnav politely requested. He knew she meant well for him and he did not want to hurt her but it may not work when foreign delegates are involved.

“Then start behaving like normal human being, Mr. Raizada and not a machine. And if you dare use my time on your meetings, you will face consequences” She warned him in no nonsense attitude and smirked at him!!

Wow, he loved his petite, bossing around and possessive wife!!

Life is going to be a roller coaster ride with Khushi, I am never going to get bored, his heart assured him…..

“I have to go to Institute and attend one class and work for couple of hours. Was going to go now” Khushi informed Arnav.

“I will pick you up and we can go out for lunch. Lots of catch up to do Khush. Just give me a call 30 minutes in advance” told Arnav. Khushi nodded and left.

Khushi also felt a new day in her life and life was beautiful, back to being normal…. She was enjoying all the attention and love from her husband. He was getting involved in all things she was doing and was discussing his projects with her too….. They were slowly coming a long way! She was blown away by his pampering and possessiveness towards her….

“Italian?” Arnav requested the lunch option of his choice after picking up Khushi….  

“Dhaba??” Khushi argued….

“No way, you always force me to eat whatever you like and spicy food makes my tummy go crazy…. Then you keep saying I have so many technical difficulties… Not fair… Today you will eat Italian, baby” He forced her. She gave in because she knew they always ended up eating Indian for her….

“This is last time I am eating Italian” Khushi was sulking entering the restaurant…. Italian was too bland and creamy for her choice….

“Think again after you eat today” Arnav smiled. He had special ordered her dishes extra spicy, less cheesy and she loved it…..

“I can live with these dishes. The food was yummy” Khushi agreed.

“Anything for you wifey” Arnav was happy she loved the food and ate her usual big quantity. Or else Italian was the only food which she will play with and not eat!!

Khushi was looking gorgeous with flowy long jeans skirt and a white top. Her hair open and long earrings!! Arnav was mesmerized how she looks beautiful in everything she wears!! He held her hand possessively and walked towards the mall after parking his car.

Khushi was surprised he was clinging to her even while walking but gave in…. Mr. Romantic Arnav Singh Raizada, his DI and naniji must see it to believe it, Khushi thought and smiled inwardly. Could anyone believe the great ASR walking hand in hand in mall with his wife and in the mood of PDA…… He didn’t care people were watching him…. But luckily they moved in quickly before someone starts taking pictures and avoided the crowd… They went in couple of shops, did a little shopping and headed to the food court for some cold drinks. Arnav was learning to feel normal in public places for his Khushi and do normal things….. Arnav went to get coffee and ice cream they ordered.

Just then K gang walked in the food court.

“Khush my baby doll!!” screamed Kavi taking Khushi into a bear hug followed by Kavya, Karan and Kritika.

“What a surprise? When did you come to India?” Khushi was mad at 3Ks for not informing her about Kavi visiting India and gave them a glare.

“Madam, you went to Lucknow without informing and Kavi wanted to surprise you. So we kept it a top secret” Kritika pulled Khushi’s ear while replying her.

“Never mind! I forgive you because of my bestie Kavi” Khushi ignored Kriti and Kriti laughed knowing Khushi’s drama.

Khushi was super excited to see Kavi and was asking him all when, how, why and where questions at once…. He laughed as usual looking at her anxiety and was answering her questions one by one…. This was her usual habit whenever they used to meet and Kavi was glad nothing has changed in Khushi!! He felt at ease…..

Arnav came back with the food tray and was surprised to see the K gang plus a new face.

Khushi pulled herself out of hug and held Arnav’s hand, introduced him to Kavi.

“Kavi, meet my husband Arnav and Arnav, meet my best friend from childhood Kavi.”

Kavi’s face fell how much ever he wanted to hide his feelings and that didn’t go unnoticed by Arnav. But Kavi immediately recovered before Khushi turned to him and shook hands with Arnav.

“Arnav means ASR, the great Arnav Sign Raizada” Kavi was sure in shock to see small town girl, his bestie Khushi to be with Asia’s youngest tycoon ASR. What a destiny? He thought.

What a Destiny? All his life, his and her family loved both of them equally and would marry them off without a flinch, Kavi remembered how much Khushi’s buaji always liked him for Khushi. And why not, Kavi was smart, intelligent and well educated and to top it all, son of a close family friend. Everything was going for him! But then Khushi’s Devi Mayya has written someone else for her!  

Kavi knew how ASR came into her life out of nowhere, how he released the video in Lucknow and harassed her! And yet they ended up marrying each other twice and ultimately still get to be together for life…. What a destiny!

And Kavi has always heard stories about ASR from media, his arrogance and what not?? So it was really interesting to see so casual with Khushi!! Just like any normal husband and wife, he thought…. Kavi had heard recent updates from Ks. Even though things were getting better, Kavi wanted to confirm with Khushi…. Kavi admired ASR as a great businessman and young achiever but he was not sure he was the best for Khushi!

Khushi always deserves the best! There was no doubt in his mind….. Kavi was lost in his own thoughts…..

“Hey relax, Call me Arnav or ASR” said Arnav casually understanding Kavi also part of Khushi’s inner circle just like other Ks.

“Hey guys, let’s sit together and chat while eating” said Kamya finding a big table.

They all chatted for an hour and sharing old nostalgic memories. Kavi was glancing at Khushi once a while and looked curious to understand Khushi and Arnav’s chemistry. Arnav could feel Kavi was restless and wanted to talk to Khushi…. But why?

Khushi invited whole gang for lunch on Saturday. Khushi requested Arnav as well as her gang to block the whole day if possible!! It was time to have some fun.....


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Nov 10, 2016

Chapter 20 – An old page from Khushi’s life! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 114 times)

Kavi is just a good friend and no distractions and differences between Arshi any more.... 

Though Arnav apologized in his angry way, he is going be sensitive.....  

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Chapter 20 – An old page from Khushi’s life!

Arnav felt some special connection between Khushi and Kavi. Anybody who saw them interacting could guess it. It could be easily seen how possessive and protective Kavi was towards Khushi and he openly showed it. Khushi too was very close to Kavi.

“Khush my baby doll, see you on Saturday” Kavi had said while bidding goodbye the other day. He did not hesitate to display his affection for Khushi, not even in front of her husband…..

Arnav’s first reaction was as usual, super jealousy. He just hated Kavi for being so close to Khushi. He did not miss how happy and bouncy Khushi was around Kavi. After all they had met almost after 2 years and what they called each other, Besties!

He wanted to ask Khushi about Kavi. He knew he was the first man in her life, but still he was restless. He felt he just needed to know about her best friend and no harm in asking. Arnav decided may be he will ask her when she wakes up…..

“Good morning, Love. Thank god it’s Friday” Arnav wished her good morning.

“Good Morning Arnav” Before she could say any further Arnav pecked her and she blushed as usual…. Arnav was confused with Khushi’s bold versus blushing behavior…. Never the less, he had no meeting today morning or rather he set meeting for afternoon to spend some time with her in the morning….

“So what’s the plan for the day, sweetheart?” Arnav asked kissing her on her cheeks….

“Any plan would work only if you get up and let me get up…. You are so heavy Arnav” She teased him…

“Is it better now?” Arnav immediately rolled her over him and she was lying over him now…. She blushed and struggled to get out of his hold….

Arnav being Arnav did not let her go…. After another lovely morning make out session, Arnav asked her “Do you need any help for tomorrow when your friends are coming for lunch? Anything special you want to order from outside, send HP and OP in advance. Let me know if you need me to help you….”

“I am all set Arnav. I and jiji will be cooking few dishes while HP and OP will help us. Plus I already ordered couple of sweets Kavi likes…. I might pack him some to take with him…. He is equally foodie and sweet monger just like me” Khushi replied excitedly.

Arnav did not like where the conversation was going…. His Khushi talking about someone else so fondly was not his idea of a good morning…. But then he decided to wait for Khushi to bring it up….. He did not want to end up asking her, whether she ate jilebis with Kavi or anyone else, he laughed at that thought….

“What a wise decision, Arnav” whispered Arnav and patted his own back. She had told him so many silly and fun stories of her college and childhood days…. So she will tell about Kavi also, Arnav thought.

“Ok then, tomorrow I have one meeting and I will be back by lunch” Arnav let go.

Saturday by noon RM became super noisy with 5Ks together and Payal. Khushi observed Kavi was much more relaxed than 2 days ago and she decided to talk to him and clear the air. She also had made a note to talk to Arnav after that.

Arnav was at AR for an important call but anxious to get back as soon as possible. He did not want to miss any conversation between Kavi and Khushi. Not that he doubted her but his insecurity and possessiveness for Khushi always over ruled his other senses. Plus for a change he thought, she might need him by her side…..

“Let me show you our house” Khushi told Kavi and took him upstairs while everyone else relaxed in living room while Payal helping HP serve cold drinks and snacks…..

“Are you happy Khushi?” suddenly Kavi asked Khushi while she was showing him her room and garden.

“Yes very happy” she replied politely. Before Kavi asks her further, Khushi herself initiated the conversations…. After all they were old buddies and Khushi always confided in him…..

“Buaji always loved you so much and so did my parents and they always wanted me to marry you. They would have married us as kids but destiny and my Devi Mayya had something else in mind.” laughed Khushi.

But the she became serious and briefed him about her marriage to Arnav and said. She obviously did not discuss initial reasons for Arnav to marry her…..

“I did not understand then what love is, especially when you always teased me saying you loved me but I do understand it now. There were lot of misunderstandings when we married first time but eventually I fell in love with Arnav. He himself has gone through so much in his personal life that made him the ASR but he earned all the success with honesty, talent and hard work….. His lone struggle was long and full of thorns…. I fell in love with handsome, simple, loving, caring and family guy Arnav underneath his hard shell ASR. He is the one for me…..”

“You love him so much, don’t you? But does ASR love you Khushi?” asked Kavi eagerly.

“He is Arnav for me. He loves me more. We did have so many problems initially but every time he hurted me or I cried, I could see my pain in his eyes. We married second time with all the rituals because he wanted my dream come true. And he dotes on me and pampers me like crazy…. We have come a long way together and touch wood, the journey has been lovely… No regrets….. I wish I could reserve him for all my lives to come…. I could bribe Devi Mayya with yummy jilebis my whole life!!” replied Khushi smiling, remembering how much efforts Arnav put in to make her enjoy every ritual.

“Khushi, can you ever forget your jilebis? And Arnav is diabetic? So you get to eat all the sweets…. Wow, what a couple??” Kavi laughed….

“I am not so mean, Kavi…. I do make him special sweets with sweeteners” Khushi smiled sheepishly….

A lone tear escaped from his eye which he immediately wiped before Khushi can see it….. He remembered his one sided love story that never took off!!

Kavi always had feelings for her since he became teenager or maybe by 16, 17 years old….. Initially he also ignored those feelings thinking maybe because their families keep talking and they were so close friends and most of the time mingled in the same group together…. But then his feelings became more serious as years pass by….. And there was no problem at all from families as well…. Just that he had seen how innocent and young Khushi was so he decided to wait until they finish their education and Khushi could reciprocate his feelings….

If only he had expressed his feeling back then!! His heart ached but then it was never meant to be…. She had always been so close to him and he did show his feelings on many occasions some time seriously or sometimes with fun…..

“I love you so much doll, who else will tolerate you anyways….” He had always teased her….

Yet he never heard it back from Khushi….. She had always treated him as her best friend just like she treated Karan and others…. She laughed it off every single time, maybe back then she was worked up with her family responsibilities and studies…. Even in college, love was never on her mind, she was focused on her studies… And the Arnav landing in her life with a jet speed and things got spun so fast, none of them had any control over it…. None of them was at fault either… It was meant to be….

If he could have, should have done this and that or asked her seriously had no meaning now…. It was too late for it….. And the most important, she was happy with her Arnav and in fact head over heels love with him and Arnav loved her too…..

So Kavi decided, he could mend his heart and recover from his heart break later…. Not that it was ever going to be easy…. Still Kavi wanted to be happy for Khushi more than anything else right now that she has found love of her life…..

“Then my doll, don’t feel guilty for me ever and be happy. We were never meant to together. So chill. But remember once a bestie, always a bestie. And if Arnav troubles you, come running to me” Kavi gave Khushi a bear hug.

Khushi was so much relieved Kavi understood her so well. He pulled herself out of hug and smirked,

“Oh, for that I have my 3Ks here. You go back to USA and find yourself a fair and beautiful American girl… But remaining Ks have to approve of her…. Else no entry for you both back in our group….” Khushi teased him back.

Arnav wanted to step in but he heard their small chat and was not sure whether to get in or give them privacy to talk. He ended up hearing their conversation.

Arnav knew it but still was elated to hear from Khushi that he is her first ever love and how much she loves him.

And he was proud of Khushi and Kavi both, for them handling the situation so maturely and sorting it out directly…. He had seen the lone tears that escapade from Kavi’s eyes and how he hid it from Khushi…. Yet Arnav saw Kavi putting Khushi’s happiness first. Arnav could not help but respect Kavi immensely…. Arnav also realized that Kavi knew Khushi will never be happy in her life if Kavi was holding on to his feelings and cannot move on…. Khushi too cleared the air between them and did not hesitate to show her lover for her husband and jokingly advised Kavi to move on in his life!! What a friendship? He admired them both….

And then a naughty thought came in his mind. Handsome, simple and caring what not!! So I am rated very high by her, he smirked and decided to tease her later at night…. This will be fun, he thought…..

The whole day was super fun and they were ready to dose off….

“So your husband is very handsome, simple, loving, caring and family guy huh? And you love him so much?” Arnav smirked at Khushi while cornering her to wall later that night.

“So someone was eavesdropping. Very bad manners, Arnav” complained Khushi. She was surprised Arnav had hear their conversation.

“I just happened to return home that time and ended up hearing Khushi. Didn’t mean to do that” Arnav apologized for hearing two friends…. Khushi could see honesty in his eye….

“But I am glad I heard it…. Thank you for loving me so much and accepting me whole heartedly… I love you too with all my heart….” He was practically all over her now and his husky voice made Khushi go weak in her knees. He smirked looking at her and how his closeness affects her always!!

“So in that case you must know now, if any of your ex-girlfriends walk in or your darling models throw themselves at you all the time and don’t think I wouldn’t know that, I am so running away from you… to Kavi and my Ks. Kavi has always open arms for me” Khushi teased Arnav wanting him to be jealous and oh boy, she was right on target!

“Don’t you dare say that ever again Khushi? I mean it. You are only running to me and not away from me. I will make sure of that.” Declared Arnav and kissed her hard and passionate. Khushi expected him to be angry but passionate kiss was much more welcome sign. She always loved Arnav more when he shows his possessiveness for her….

“Same rule applies to you. Don’t you keep entertaining those models and your ex-gfs? They are always practically ready to crawl all over you… Yuck… Horrible… They are so shameless to be so close to a married man… And you, think again to let them close to you and you will be sleeping pool side often than you think” Arnav was elated to see Khushi’s possessive side and was thinking how to keep those girls at work to the bay. He sure did not want to spend sleepless nights poolside and his dear wife being mad at him….

Who knows she will postpone or change all his meetings, fire all the models and what not?? And plus her punishments when angry….. She can be wild and can do anything, he was sinfully scared at that thought…..

“Your wish is my command sweetheart. And thank you for loving me so much, but I always love you more” Arnav smirked.

“That we have to see, not so sure…..” Khushi knowingly annoyed him.

“Let me just give you proof in that case” Arnav picked Khushi and walked inside their room for another romantic night….

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Nov 11, 2016

Will try to update next chapter soon... (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 37 times)

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Nov 12, 2016

Chapter 21 – Khushi enjoying college! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 92 times)

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Chapter 21 – Khushi enjoying college!

Khushi’s college had started in full swing and life was getting busy for Khushi as well as Arnav. But they made sure to steal time together from each other’s hectic schedule. If not far, Arnav made sure to take Khushi to farm house over weekends or fly for a quick trip…

Khushi has taken admission in college with her old name “Khushi Kumari Gupta” and hence very few of her friends knew she was married that too with Arnav Singh Raizada. It was not on purpose but all her documents were in her old name and it was convenient for now. Though Arnav made her passport with new name now. He was planning to surprise Khushi with a quick trip outside India as soon as she has 3 to 4 days holidays…

Khushi did not want to garner too much attention by letting world know that she is Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada due to Arnav’s popularity and just wanted to focus on her education.

Even Arnav did not insist on Khushi exposing to the world being Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada. He knew it would be very hard on her to do simple things in life that she loves, once the media will be after her all the time and will be judged for her every simple actions putting too much pressure on Khushi and making her conscious all the time... And he was always worried, Khushi was too naïve to handle media circus and manipulations they do…

And of course Arnav was always there if she needed any help in her studies…. Can you imagine Arnav sitting late at night and making her tea when she was tired!! Yes, he was an expert in making tea now the way Khushi likes it, milk and with 2 spoons of sugar!!

Life is college was fun for Khushi at college too with her K group and with the freedom Arnav had given her.

Khushi started wearing her favorite clothes like long skirts, jeans, kurtis with leggings and she looked her age. All these days at RM, she looked and behaved way older than her age. But she was thoroughly enjoying this new phase of her life.

Needless to say, Khushi slowly started getting attention from boys in college due to her flawless beauty and nice nature. Obviously that kept possessive Arnav on his toes!!

Even now sometimes Arnav used to get worked up thinking about the attention Khushi was getting in college. Arnav was smart always to understand between the words from daily blabber from Khushi and Ks. But then Arnav knew Khushi only loves him plus she is always surrounded by her friends to handle any situation or attention… That would calm him down and he loved the way Khushi used to wait every evening to tell Arnav everything happened in the college…. As promised Khushi always shared her girly gossip with Arnav.

One of the days Arnav was free from work during lunch time and decided to surprise Khushi by going to her college.

Arnav parked his car and started walking towards cafeteria. He knew Khushi usually has a small break at 11.30 am.

“What a gorgeous face!” One of the boys said looking at Khushi.

“Khushi is an exquisite beauty with grace” Other followed.

“She is so mine! I will propose her by end of this final semester, mark my words” Another arrogant guy sitting on a stylish bike declared.

“Let’s bet Rakesh, she doesn’t look like she will be interested. But you can give it a try” Others mocked Rakesh.

“Yes, let’s bet. I will make sure Khushi is my girlfriend by end of this semester.” Rakesh boasted again.

“Hey Rakesh, I heard she is very good in her studies also. Talent with beauty… She is topper in the last semester. So and ask for her notes… Easy route to talk to her buddy….” Another friend encourage Rakesh….

“But I heard she is married… Look at sindoor on her forehead… And the other day when another girl asked, Khushi really confirmed she is married…. Leave her alone, she is married” Rakesh’s close friend Rajiv tried to pitch in.

But Rakesh and friend continued talking about Khushi and bet was on.

By this time Arnav’s anger had reached the college roof!! He clenched his fists to control the anger and started walking towards the boys. He was so ready to punch Rakesh and knock some sense in him and warn him to stay away from Khushi….

But then he suddenly came to a complete halt when he saw Khushi and her group sitting in a corner and enjoying their snacks with small chatting session.

It was amazing for him to watch Khushi laughing carelessly and enjoying her time in college without any tension and hesitation.

“Was he right in disturbing her college life by fighting in her name and creating a scene?” Arnav thought for a minute. Arnav knew Khushi will always be surrounded by her Ks and he knew how much she loves him to even look at someone else. And Khushi was bold enough not to tolerate any nonsense…. May be he could talk to her Ks gang and inform them about Rakesh and have Karan keep an eye on him… It was be better instead of creating fight in her college….

Arnav was confident Khushi will talk to him if things go out of hands and he decided to back off. He was surprised and happy to realize that he had started putting Khushi first in his every thought and priorities. He was no longer taking angry and careless decisions but was putting thoughts in everything he did.. Made an effort for her!

Arnav took a U turn and went back to his car. He decided may be he will have lunch with Khushi some other day and will call her towards parking to keep things easy.

“Hey that was famous youth business icon – Arnav Singh Raizada!!” Couple of girls who saw Arnav getting in the car screamed.

“No way, what is he doing in our college? Maybe he came to see Principal…” Other girl shouted…

Khushi heard the girls scream and she was surprised Arnav could be here and if yes, why didn’t he meet her or why didn’t he call her.

“Oh come on Khushi, it may not be your Arnav” Kritika teased Khushi.

“Oh boy, how handsome he always looks. I have seen him once before in a fashion show for students that he had inaugurated. He looks so handsome in black suit and a red tie! Always dashing” the girls kept gossiping sitting on next table to K gang.

Khushi suddenly remembered pulling out the black suit and red tie in the morning. So did Arnav really come to her college? She was confused.

“But I heard he got married recently, so sad. I wish he was still a bachelor… Single and ready to mingle!!” sighed another girl.

Now Khushi started getting hyper.

“I don’t mind married Arnav Singh Raizada also. He is so ****y and cool!!” another girl commented and it was enough for Khushi.

She just stood up and marched towards the next table but immediately stopped by Kritika and Karan.

It took Khushi some time to ignore comments on her hubby dear and calm down.

She decided to call Arnav later after her class and confirm if he had come to her college.

As usual driver Mohan had come to pick Khushi. Khushi got a chance to relax and think about the incident in college.

Who was she kidding? She knew how popular her husband was and almost all the young girls were crazy after him. She had seen all the models drooling over Arnav during her initial days at AR Designs. Arnav was immensely popular due to his good looks and achievements as young business tycoon.

Khushi also knew how much Arnav had changed and loved her! He doted on her so much. She decided to suck it in such trivial incident and would not care about the gossip around him… But maybe ask Arnav if he had come to meet Principal for some other reasons and was in super hurry.

“So Mrs. Raizada is quite popular in the college for her beauty and talent!” Arnav commented as soon as Khushi entered in their room.

Khushi was shocked to hear Arnav and to see him at home.

“Did you visit my college today?” Khushi could not help but ask.

“Yes I did come since I had no meeting during lunch time today” Arnav replied.

“Why didn’t you come and meet me then?” Khushi was confused why he came all the way and went back without even talking to her.

Arnav was not sure how to explain her why he returned without meeting her. So he changed the topic by going back to original question.

“Got a call and had to rush back…. Had no choice today… But could see Mrs. Raizada is very famous in college!!” he teased her.

“I heard her husband is more famous” Khushi replied with a smirk.

“I heard her husband has eyes only for her, not available any more to the world! And he is crazily, madly and deeply in love with her… His world revolves around his wife….” Arnav declared with mischief on his face. He as usual cornered her to the wall and kept staring at her lovingly…

“I have heard Mrs. Raizada is also loyal to him…. It seems he is her first and last love! She is head over heels in love with him…. She loves her Laad Governor too much…” Khushi replied looking into Arnav’s eyes.

They both felt overwhelmed and hugged each other tight. Arnav took her for a romantic long drive with a dinner to follow… 

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Chapter 22 – Old enemy strikes again! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 111 times)

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Chapter 22 – Old enemy strikes again!

Sheetal was in Mumbai initially but she managed to get a job in another company and came back to Delhi in couple of months.

She was lying low and wanted for the right opportunity to attack.

One the business parties, she went recently when she got to know that Arnav was supposed to attend. It was during Khushi’s exam days and Sheetal had guessed Arnav might come alone.

To her luck, Arnav went alone for that party and attended it for barely an hour to meet all his clients and went back. Sheetal attended meeting after Arnav went back.

But she manipulated old picture of hers with Arnav to get it published on Page 3 next day! Some of the cheap newspapers always needed gossips and they published the news…

“ASR hooking up with old flame while his wife stays at home!” article was blown out of proportion with fabricated love story and indicating ASR having a kid with Sheetal and what not.

Arnav got call from Aman first thing early morning and message from various magazines and news-papers asking him to confirm the news.

Aranv was beyond rage but Khushi calmed him down. Timing also was worst. Here he was planning to surprise Khushi with a clothing line under her name for young, college going girls and introduce Khushi to the world by getting her inaugurate the fashion show!!

He immediately called a meeting to avoid further damage control but still he was hopping mad! Khushi was adamant on letting the news die on its own than giving it importance.

Arnav did not want Khushi to go to college but she insisted and went anyways. Khushi’s mood was off and Ks were trying to cheer her up. She could not be upset in front of Arnav else he would get even mad and do something hastily…. But Ks could see how upset she was!!

“Hey Khushi, can we for a coffee today?” As usual Rakesh stepped into her way.

“How many times I have to tell you that I am not interested” Khushi was angry now and shouted at Rakesh.

“And why is that? I am the most popular and handsome guy in the college and a topper. What is your problem, Khushi? Acting pricy, are we?” Rakesh asked back mocking at Khushi.

“Because I am happily married and you also know this. Now is that good enough reason for you?” Khushi could not help but give away. It was not that she wanted to purposely hide. Most of her friends knew she was married and she always had small sindoor in her forehead clearly indicating she was married…

Rakesh was beyond shocked and felt betrayed. He had heard the rumor about Khushi being married but never seen her with anyone and he assumed it might not be true. Or his heart did not want to believe the news or mostly he was lured by betting even though Rajiv had clearly told him about Khushi being married when they had initially talked about Khushi….

But the damage was done and he was very angry.

“Is it a joke, Khushi? I have asked you million times for a date and you are telling me now that you are married?” Rakesh was screaming at Khushi creating a scene.

“And exactly million times, I had said NO to you. Didn’t you get the clear message Mr. Rakesh” Khushi replied calmly.

“Why your marriage is a secret? Had your husband left you or he does not like you or he has affair and he does not need you? I still like you Khushi and I can entertain you…” Rakesh was now mocking Khushi and saying nasty things.

Khushi was already vulnerable due to Sheetal incident was shocked to hear it. And already huge crowd had gathered around them and everyone gasped hearing Rakesh.

Khushi’s eyes were teary and she was thinking what to do and obviously she was going to give Rakesh clear advice to stay within his limits…. But then she heard a loud slap and Rakesh almost fell down but his friends held him.

Arnav just did not feel good about Khushi attending college today. Even though Khushi had put up a brave face in front him, he knew how hurt she was and old wounds were open again. Arnav regretted it even today and blamed himself completely for the Sheetal fiasco. Only he could wish he could go back in time and undo so many things!!

Arnav had decided to pick up Khushi from college and happened to walk into the ruckus Rakesh had created. The crowd gasped and shocked seeing Arnav Singh Raizada in their campus and that too giving Rakesh a tight slap and now holding Khushi’s hand.

“Her husband Arnav Singh Raizada loves her to death!” Declared Arnav with a loud and proud voice holding Khushi even closer now….

Everyone was shocked, was an understatement. Everyone obviously had seen Khushi using expensive cars and clothes every now and then. Her dresses and style was up to date and trendy but still no one had bothered to dig deep into asking Khushi who is her husband. Khushi also had kept low profile and focused on her education but never knew one day she will be questioned like this and judged by others in public!

“Oh Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is Khushi’s husband! What a News!” Rakesh started laughing out loud. Both Khushi and Aranv were surprised at his reaction. They were not sure what to expect next. But they both guess it would not be something nice for sure…

“So Khushi while the great Mr. ASR is busy with his ex-girlfriend Sheetal, you should not have any issues going with me for a coffee? Right ASR?” Rakesh mocked them both.

All the gathered students started gossiping and talking. Some of them were even recording by now. Arnav thought best way was to step back without further damaging the situation in college, go home and let his lawyers, PR team handle the situation and give out a statement on their behalf.

But Khushi was beyond rage when Rakesh insulted Arnav. Khushi stepped further and slapped Rakesh with all her energy and he fell down.

“Watch your filthy mouth Rakesh” Khushi roared “Just like some boys like you who do NOT understand the word NO, there are some women as well, who do NOT understand the word NO and run after married and rich men. Sheetal is one of those women and do NOT dare say a single word against my husband” Khushi warned Rakesh with no nonsense attitude.

“And due to the revenge attitude, such people go to any extent to malign other’s image. Exactly that’s what Sheetal is trying to do and you too. No matter what, the fact remains the same and truth always wins. Ask yourself, did I ever give you a single hope ever or even looked at you to make you feel I am interested but due to your big fat ego and bet, you were getting bold day by day and could not digest a NO” Khushi did not want to stop now.

“Whole world knows what type of a woman Sheetal Kapoor is, big time gold digger and all the time running after married men. Especially rich married men pretending to be mother of their child when they were friends in college or at work before…. And she would adopt a child from orphanage and can go to any low level to mint money from rich guys…. I don’t need to justify my husband for her ****. She is not worth it” Khushi concluded with another tight slap to Rakesh.

Arnav had to hold her back now that she was getting out of control. He hugged her tight….

“Khushi baby, calm down… Let’s go home… Are you ok sweetheart? Honey, look at me” Arnav kept consoling her and murmuring sweet nothings to soothe her….

By them Principal had come and Rakesh was ashamed of his own behavior knowing that Khushi had always refused to even talk to him and she was so right!

Arnav was beyond surprised seeing Khushi handle the situation so well and making them both stand tall in front of all her college mates.

Principal took them both to his office and discussed the matter at hand. He promised Arnav to take actions against Rakesh.

By then most of the college students have recorded the video of the incident happened in college and it was already floating all over the what’s app and even you tube. What else can anyone expect in fast paced media world?

By the time they reached home, all TV channels were showing new video of Khushi and Arnav from her college campus and media giving thumbs up to Mrs. Raizada. There were loud applauds on how Mrs. Raizada handled vile woman and allegations on her husband!! By then news channels also had dug more information on Sheetal and her bad deeds as mentioned by Khushi and there was a complete listing of all her frauds…. Sheetal sure dug a deep hole for herself this last time….

Sheetal was fuming with rage that her so well planned attempt was foiled by Khushi easily and she lost it again. But she did not realize, there was no second chance this time. Last time Arnav had quickly kicked her away from his life to avoid hurting Khushi. But this time he had no excuse.

His hired private detectives, they clearly identified the pictures were photo shopped. Arnav held a press conference and declared law suit was filed against the newspaper as well as Sheetal.

He also had opened all fraud cases against Sheetal and she was arrested immediately. She had taken too many fraudulent loans and money to escape this time. He even informed London police where she had done frauds and vanished.

Sheetal had no friends who could bail her out and take open enmity against Arnav!! Plus Sheetal was wrong and she had duped many of her friends as well. And any attempts for her to come out of jail would land up in prosecuted for her frauds in London!!

Sheetal was gone permanently this time from Arnav and Khushi’s life this time around!!

Arnav made sure of that.

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Chapter 23 – Arnav Introduces Khushi To The World! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 115 times)

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Chapter 23 – Arnav Introduces Khushi To The World!

Arnav had anyways planned to surprise Khushi with clothing line in her name that caters for young college girls and pricing also is reasonable for them to afford….

He was almost ready and was in final stages to release the designs in a grand show along with a cat walk…

Now Arnav decided to do the grand show in Khushi’s college itself along with all her friends and her college mates doing the ramp walk and Khushi will wear the show stopper dress but Arnav will not disclose it to her… A complete surprise for her in the planning and everyone was involved but Khushi herself had no idea about it!! Arnav wanted to pull this off well with all the help he could get….

He talked to the Principal and took the permission…. The auditorium was already made available for Arnav’s team to decorate it as per ramp theme and all other college girls and boys selected to walk the ramp were already practicing…

Khushi was aware of the upcoming Fashion Show in her college but did not go into details. She was curious to know about the show but Ks told her it is all about modern western, very skimpy dresses that never interested Khushi… And Ks made sure to distracts her and keep her away from the show… They practiced their cat walk when Khushi was not around…

Arnav had also planned a pre Fashion Show photo shoot. But then he talked to the TV channel and decided to make it a kind of talk show where he and Khushi join and talk about themselves…. Introduce each other to the world from their eyes!

Arnav strictly warned TV channels to avoid any questions on Sheetal… He did not want Khushi to hurt any more…

The TV show was also set the same day in the afternoon while Fashion Show was in the late evening…

Arnav presented Khushi a red designer sari. Red was his favorite color and Khushi had expected red sari but the jewelry with it was amazing…. A diamond set with huge ruby in the middle and long earrings and a ring to complete her look…. Diamonds with ruby set was killer combination with her red sari and Khushi always admired her husband’s choice for her…. He chose the best for her, always!!

She was still not aware of the Fashion Show at her college was arranged by her dear husband…. So Arnav kept evening dress a secret….

“Hello everyone, this is Aanchal Sahay and welcome to your favorite talk Show “Nok Zhok between Mr. and Mrs.” And today’s celebrity guests are Mr. and Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada… So let’s start our Nok Zhok with Mr. and Mrs. Raizada” Aanchal invited Arnav and Khushi on her set….

She was surprised to see Khushi first time and how beautiful she looked….

“So how did you both meet?” Aanchal asked.

“In Lucknow… She had spoiled my show by coming on the ramp out of nowhere” Aanchal gasped when Khushi nodded yes.

Then it was all cute moments shared between them and how they fell in love with sharing some of their marriage photos… It was fun….

“Khushi, do you feel intimated by his immense popularity and especially huge girl fan following…” Aanchal asked Khushi….

“See what matters to me is ethics and simple principals I follow in life… we were poles apart, fell in love and he married to me twice because of my belief in marriage… He made sure I enjoy every ritual when we got married second time…. He was open book for me before marriage and I knew his lifestyle. But when we fell in love, he respected my belief in marriage and here we are…. His successful business, popularity and fan following is part of who he is…. And I have accepted him with my whole heart just like he has… We are completely opposite like day and night yet that never stopped us from coming together… And he never stops loving me or showing it openly… So nothing else matters” Khushi proudly answered….

“In fact I am worried about her leaving me…. Twice she almost did and it was hard for me to even breathe so I am always on my toes…. And unfortunately I cannot even make jilebis to pacify her easily…” Arnav admitted and laughed looking at Khushi…

“What jilebis?” Asked Aanchal curiously….

“Yes, jilebis are her favorite sweets. By the way I am diabetic and she practically lives on sweets…” Arnav added and Khushi reconfirmed…

“Jokes apart, she can never cannot be pacified with expensive gifts… She is all about rights, ethics and selfless towards her family and friends… When you have life partner like that, he or she is for keep and to cherish” Arnav was proud of his possession, his darling wife Khushi….

“You have pretty big age gap between you, does it bother any of you?” Aanchal asked another tricky question…

“Are you calling him old?” Khushi joked…

“It never bothered us actually…. Maybe I act little more mature than my age and he acts little less mature than his and we hit the middle ground…” Khushi was witty and Arnav too agreed…. Thought he mentioned laughing, I am not too sure about what she means by being more mature….

“Why suddenly a TV show? Is it because of recent uncanny events happened in your lives? Aanchal asked and Arnav did not like the question and not too keen to answer, but Khushi took it head on…. She had kind of expected at least few such questions and she was well prepared…

“First, we have always tried to live and lead simple married life. So we never went out of our way to show off our marriage or to hide it…. Our marriage was a very beautiful intimate ceremony with only family and close friends….” Khushi replied honestly and continued….

“And people who know us know me very well… Like everyone in his office knows I am his wife and my close friends in college too know him well… But then I personally wanted to focus on my college and dodge the media attention everywhere I go … I strictly wanted to keep low profile and enjoy my college days… And thankfully Arnav had no issues with it… He obliged to it for me…. And recently we thought no harm in talking about us and our future with media… But I maintain, we would prefer to lead simple life in future also… So be prepared to bump into us in a mall or a restaurant…”

“Another reason to it is today’s 2nd year anniversary of when we first met in Lucknow. She does not remember but I do. So I felt it’s a great way to celebrate…” Arnav winked at Khushi… She was surprised…

“What you don’t like about Arnav?” Aanchal asked.

“His famous anger. It makes him react first and think later…. Thought he has gained a lot more control over it….” Pat came reply from Khushi…

“What you don’t like about Khushi?” Aanchal asked.

“She walks out on me whenever she is mad at me and goes to her Buaji’s house leaving me alone… She does not come back until I go get her…” Arnav replied in a complaining tone….

“So Sweet, ASR running after his wife…. Super romantic” Aanchal could not help but applaud their romance… With that interview was over… It was live telecasted. Arnav and Khushi won brownie points and earned lot of accolades as a beautiful, romantic couple….

AT home also, everyone loved their interview and everyone teased them for being such a romantic couple! Even Buaji called to tease her titaliya…

Arnav presented her dress for evening. Again it was another red dress but kind of western, one shoulder full length evening gown…. It was so beautiful and unique, Khushi loved it at first sight…. Arnav got her platinum and diamond long earrings and bracelet to complete her look… She looked absolute stunning show stopper, Arnav thought….

Arnav had Ks to come home to pick up Khushi and requested them to go attend the Fashion Show in college…. Khushi still had no clue that it was his show or she was wearing the show stopper dress…. She just went with her friends to college….

The show started and lights were dimmed… Khushi was surprised all her college friends including Kritika and Kamya, were walking the ramp…. They all walked ramp twice, once with western casuals and once with Indian dresses…. The show was very successful and all the youngsters went ballistic and crazy… They had thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to walk the ramp…

That’s when lights went on and Khushi saw Arnav taking center stage and her entire family including Nanniji, her parents and Buaji sitting in front row….

“Thank you so much everyone… And special thanks to all students of this college who obliged to be models for our today’s show…. This clothing line is dedicated to youth and college going girls and boys. And no one else could have represented it better than you… So thank you again” Arnav sure knew how to win the crowd… All the students went crazy clapping for him and screaming ASR…

“The theme of the show was “Titali or A Butterfly – Very colorful, youthful, beautiful and a symbol of happiness” I hope you all loved the dresses designed around this theme….” Arnav continued.

“And now let me introduce the show stopper of this show… The theme is rather dedicated to her or created after her…. My beautiful wife, Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizada” Arnav announced and walked towards Khushi…. The spot light was now on Khushi when Arnav held her hand and got her at the backside of the ramp… Khushi was blushing heavily and turned red…

Arnav touched and flicked her nose as usual telling her it’s red…. She smiled… He took her hand, walked slowly on the ramp presenting the show stopper of today’s show!!

“It’s her nick name “Titali” given to her clothing line….” Arnav announced in round of applauds….

Khushi was in awe and immensely touched by Arnav’s love for her!! She prayed her Devi Mayya in her heart for bringing Arnav in her life!! 

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Chapter 24 – Three Years Later (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 113 times)

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Chapter 24 – Three Years Later

Khushi and Arnav had decided or in fact Arnav had decided to give Khushi 4 years to study and start her career before they even think about babies. He knew she was young, 20 years old and a baby would be too much responsibility. He would cross 30 but he decided he could wait.

But Pari on board, his mind was always thinking about babies… ASR and baby, he laughed at his own thought!!

Arnav was sitting playing with Pari. Pari, Akash and Payal’s one year old daughter was apple of every eye in the RM now. Arnav too loved her like crazy and he had new found love in babies these days. He adored her every move and spent a lot of time with her.

Everyone was amazed how Arnav was handling Pari so well all the time… Pari also would start laughing as soon as she used to see Arnav and try to go over to him… They had such a cute bonding, even Khushi was jealous… Yes, you guessed it right! Pari’s most favorite person was her uncle Arnav and not masi Khushi…. Khushi used to joke, Arnav is all girls’ magnet… Be it models or new born….

Arnav still remembers how the news of Payal being pregnant broke and the drama followed it. His family should be in Big Boss, Arnav thought…. Or may be developing a completely brand new show would do better justice to Raizada and relatives clan!!

Payal had her last semester remaining and was selected to work as an assistant in famous Jahangir Art Gallery. This was an internship job to work under many popular artists. She was really excited and looking forward to it. She would get to learn a lot, learn directly best artists by helping them on job and ultimately help during exhibition times….

Akash and Payal both had obvious busy routines… Payal was feeling fatigue and exhausted very often so she decided to visit Dr. Blood reports confirmed Payal was 7 weeks pregnant. Both Payal and Akash never guessed they had baby coming their way and were surprised and shocked….. Though inside they were both very excited and happy, but they were not sure what it meant in current situation with work and college…

Mami, Mama and naniji were super happy with news but Akash almost felt guilty thinking about Payal’s career and her excitement towards the internship in Jahangir Art Gallery.

Payal always discussed about it with Akash, has shown so much excitement over her internship and was so ready for it.

“Mom I am not too sure what will be Payal’s decision. I am myself not sure if we want baby right now or if Payal is not ready…” Akash expressed his feelings slowly. Even though Akash was happy with the news, he wanted Payal to make final call.

But Mamiji became so angry, it was chaos and big argument started. How can her son and daughter-in-law do not want the baby, there was a great news after so many years at RM… And that’s when Payal walked in from college.

“Nothing Payal, I just told them about the baby and ….” Akash tried to cover up.

“And what?” Payal asked him in no nonsense attitude.

“And I told them it is your decision to decide if we want the baby now” Akash whispered.

“OK then it’s decided” said Payal and started walking towards their room. She was exhausted and needed some rest.

“Decided what?” Asked Akash confused.

“That means we are having a baby, what else?” Payal was tired so she just sat on sofa.

“We are??” Akash could not believe his ears and went and hugged Payal. Whole RM was ecstatic with the news.

“Come on Akash, I am almost 26 so at perfect age to have a baby. And plus we have so much help at home with mom, naniji and Di always around. We can hire HP and OP’s wives to work with us and help in the kitchen. And about my internship, I requested late joining date i.e. 3 months after baby is born and they agreed. And come on, Devi Mayya has given us precious gift that we all should cherish… I feel baby will bring load of happiness in our house….” Payal explained.

Suddenly there was loud cheer and everyone was jumping to hug Payal.

“That’s like my daughter. Akash, you get out of the house…. What did you say - We are not sure if we want the baby, you idiot” Mamiji mocked Akash angrily while kissing Payal’s forehead. Akash held his ears and apologized to his parents and dadi.

“Di, I have one condition for you though” Payal said in a serious tone. Anjali was worried if Payal thinks negative about her and does not want her around when she is having her baby…. Anjali who was already depressed had a crest fallen face hearing Payal….

“I am sure it’s your Pari but you have to be ready for her first. We want you to start going to office and not sit at home depressed. We want you to lead normal and happy life now that your Pari is going to be back. It’s high time. Can you promise us all that you will go to work from tomorrow? Can you promise to be ready for you Pari?” Payal demanded.

Anjali hugged Payal tight and started crying out loud… She had so much pain hidden inside her… But then her family went out of their way to cheers her up. She was not going to deny them anymore by crying about her past…. She promised everyone to start working from next day. A miracle had happened. Khushi showed a Thumbs Up when Anjali DI agreed and thanked Devi Mayya by looking up without Anjali Di seeing them…

They both were happy their plan worked…. Whole Raizada family was proud of Khushi and Payal… They could see their plan to make Anjali get out of the house, mingle with people and start being active has worked….

Ever since Anjali has been working with Arnav in RM as a chair person and excelling in the business and met Ajay Mehta, a smart businessman associated with AR Designs.

Ajay and his family had been staying in the same neighborhood and his mother was friend of Mamiji in her kitty party group… So Raizadas extended courtesy to call Mehta family in few gathering and the friendship started growing between families as well as between Anjali and Ajay.

Ajay was trying his hand in business and was very smart and sharp… Slowly he established business well and managed to get big contracts with top companies like AR Designs. Ajay really liked Anjali and they became friends very quickly. Still it took Anjali almost a year to simply trust him and go on a date with him…. Ajay also made sure to take it very slow and ultimately proposed her…

Anjali is now married to Ajay and stays in the same area. Arnav and Akash presented a beautiful house to Anjali di in her marriage at the end of their lane. And since Ajay’s family also lives in same area, it became a great extension to their own family…..

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Chapter 25 – Akash and Arnav’s gifts to Payal with the good news!! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 120 times)

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Chapter 25 – Akash and Arnav’s gifts to Payal with the good news!!

Akash was so happy with Payal’s decision. Somewhere in his mind he knew how much they both would love to have this baby but he was glad Payal also openly took the right decision and even postponed her internship.

Payal also adored Akash for respecting her aspirations in her career but she knew how much the family needed new entry in their lives! What can be better than a beautiful baby! She was also ecstatic their idea to make Di work and do something to come out of depression worked…. 

Mamiji, oh yeah now Payal calls her mom was taking care of her very well. She was all the time in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for Payal and Payal was enjoying all the attention. Naniji used to tease her own daughter-in-law these day for the good change grand kid is bringing in her even before he or she is born!!

Their neighbor Verma family was selling their house next door to Raizada Mansion and planning to move to California with their son. Akash talked to Verma the other day when he saw them packing stuff and with movers and found out about it.

He expressed his desire to buy the next door house and move there. Initially everyone was surprised with Akash’s decision and choice to stay separate. Arnav was angry and shouted at Akash for being irresponsible now that Payal was pregnant.

Akash was disappointed and so was Payal, but they did not want to go against Arnav or family at this time and create stress and hurt them. As is after a long time, there was such a happy and positive environment in the house so they decided to drop the idea.

Arnav left RM angry and saw Verma uncle standing outside his house. Arnav stopped, hopped out of his car and walked over to Verma uncle.

Verma uncle told him famous painter K. Aditya was their paying guest for years and he had occupied the downstairs while the old couple stayed upstairs.

Arnav was curious to see the house now that he got to know K. Aditya stayed there. As soon as he walked inside, he knew why Akash wanted to buy this house.

K. Aditya was Payal’s favorite Indian painter, of course he is one of the painter India has produced in current generation and was a huge inspiration for every new artist including Payal. The house had his original paintings everywhere that maybe sold with the house...

And the actual house when he looked at it was beautiful and especially downstairs was perfect for an artist.

The spacious bedroom downstairs had attached bathroom, small kitchen. And most important, it had attached artist studio with 3 sides of glass walls allowing completely different views. Back view was same as any bedrooms in RM, the lush hills. One side was English garden setting and the other side was replica of any French winery.

It was perfect for Payal to have her own art studio at home without any disturbance while the house had additional 5 bedrooms on the first floor along with huge living room and modern kitchen.

He was sure Payal must have seen and loved this house. He could guess it easily remembering her disappointed face.

Arnav right there talked and finalized the deal with Verma uncle and auntie, drove with them to his lawyer’s office. Done deal!

Arnav called everyone in the living room when he was driving back from lawyers and even Asked Akash to reach home and join them all as soon as possible.

“Akash, hope you are ok with my decision today morning” Arnav said in a loud voice faking to be angry. 

Akash and Payal looked at each other and did not express anything but just waited for Arnav to continue. They all knew Arnav’s famous anger and did not want to go that route…

“These are the papers for the next door house bought in your and Payal’s name along with Payash Design studio paper work, a sister company of AR but more focused into interior designs and Arts as supposed to clothing line”

“Bhai” Akash couldn’t say a word further and hugged Arnav tight. Akash and Payal had just thought about the house but Arnav went ahead and gave Payal a platform to showcase her talent… So after her internship she could start full force in her own company. She was overwhelmed with Arnav and Akash’s thoughtfulness and love for her!!

Akash also loved the idea of having his own business now and even though he will still remain partner of Arnav in AR Designs, he was happy that he can come out of Arnav’s shadow and try to make a successful run for his new business.

Akash was still a man of few words. But he ended up hugging Arnav again expressing his feelings in his actions rather than words…

“Come on, we need a responsible dad here for our Pari!! Don’t assume I am gifting you anything. This was all your for your hard efforts at AR Designs and I want you to grow and do well in future as well.” smirked Arnav.

“We had also decided to make a direct bridge connection from new house upstairs family room to RM family room so both house can be still one. And we can easily stay connected and literally in one house. Only it gives me privacy with my new studio… I would love to show Di and Khushi the studio…” Payal was truly excited.

Arnav briefed everyone what made him take the decision making everyone cheer up. It was win-win situation that Payal could work from home studio while they were all together and can manage baby together.

That’s how Pari came bringing joy to their family and oh boy, she was adorable and Arnav’s darling.

Even his Anjali Di is pregnant and expecting her baby in couple of months… After a long time, Raizada mansion has been blessed with happiness… And Arnav was so ready for his own baby!

He thought of asking Khushi to try for their baby early. Even though they had initially planned to wait another year, looking at Pari Arnav sure wanted to reconsider the decision. He was so much in love with Pari and desperately wanted little version of him or Khushi around them….. He could tolerate Khushi’s all mood swings and pamper her like crazy, he was ecstatic at that thought…. We need a baby as soon as possible, he decided as if it was one of his business move…. He could take care of new born baby all the night, take care of Khushi…. Oh god, he was already day dreaming…. 

As usual Arnav was babysitting Pari while Payal was busy working….. Recently this was his favorite job whenever Akash and Payal wanted to go out for dinner, movie dates or some official engagements. He loved to spend hours with little Pari, even ignoring Khushi at times!!

Khushi too had seen Arnav handling Pari so well and she knew he was ready for their baby…. She too laughed at that thought and so shy to express it to him that even she was ready for the new chapter in their life and they could try for a baby!!

“Oh come on, how can I tell him that directly? Let’s try for baby, how bad??” Khushi thought to herself… Three years in the marriage, Khushi was still so shy many times and Arnav had to push her for romance still…..

No doubt, Khushi was busy with her own work and few major event lined up in Delhi and abroad.

Yes, by now Khushi had finished her education had just started her own startup company… Of course with guidance or Arnav and with help of her buddies….

Yet she was sure just like Pari, another baby will be easily handled by all family members at RM… In fact she knew how much desperately naniji and Anjali Di were waiting for their Chote’s Chote or Choti… She had always seen that desire in both of their eyes and yet their maturity not to push Khushi and wait patiently for the good news as and when Arnav and Khushi give it…..

Khushi was determined somehow she has to talk to her Laad Governor about their baby as soon as possible…

Here Arnav was also determined to talk to Khushi as soon as possible…

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Nov 29, 2016

Chapter 26 – Happy Ending (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 136 times)

Sorry for the delay.... Got busy shopping Black Friday deals and enjoying long weekend.... 

Here comes the last chapter.... Thank you all for reading my story and enjoying it so much.... 

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Chapter 26 – Happy Ending

These days 4Ks were running their own company named “4Ks”.

Arnav had thrown idea to 4Ks during one of their casual meeting at the mall. They all were excelling in their work. Karan, Kriti and Kamya had started taking contracts of small events and Khushi was also taking small orders for catering as well as she used to cater all Arnav’s fashion events.

Arnav threw in idea asking them to join together and manage entire event from space to decoration to food end to end. Everyone jumped over the idea. Arnav asked for 2 days to work with lawyers and come up with a fair plan suitable for everyone.

Arnav discussed the plan with his lawyer, decided on what would be the fair share for a good partnership and sponsorship etc.

Arnav called Khushi and remaining Ks at AR to explain his plan and give them time to absorb and accept or reject.

Arnav would sponsor them on behalf of Khushi investing 100 crores. It included buying 4 exquisite banquet halls in Delhi and a four farm houses outskirts of Delhi. These halls could host various events from marriages, corporate seminars to fashion. It also included office space, 5000 sq. ft. with 1500 sq. ft. ultramodern kitchen where 20 cooks can work easily. It had two separate entrances. Rest 3500 sq. ft. area was spacious enough to have a big office for around 50 people to work. This building also had a godown and ample parking space.

This space was a prime location next to AR. Arnav had bought this single story building long time ago and decided to give it to Khushi since he wanted her to be next to him always. He could easily build additional floors on top and double the parking if needed.

Arnav offered 10% partnership to Karan, Kritika and Kamya each while keeping 70% with Khushi since he was the only one investing. He offered them another 5% each if they could recover initial investments with 10% profit in 3-5 years and an open door policy if anyone wanted to quit and he would be buying his or her shares. 

3Ks knew how much talented they were, no one would invest 100 crores on them or give them opportunity to host events and forget about offering partnership without investing a single penny. Even Arnav was shrewd businessman and kept maximum shares for Khushi to keep control in his hands since they were all young and inexperienced. He also lured them to perform by throwing another 5% shares.

Karan, Kamya and Kritika discussed for couple of days and agreed with Arnav’s terms and conditions and signed the documents. It was a win-win situation for all of them….

And that’s how “4Ks” was born and 4Ks were handling it pretty successfully under Arnav’s guidance.

Khushi was on 10 days trip to Paris, France. She was managing an event contracted to 4Ks. It was their first assignment overseas and of course all other Ks were there in Paris and even Kavi joined the gang from USA. They were having super busy but fun time.

Khushi was feeling the stress of work and fatigue. Though talking to Arnav almost every 8 hours was keeping her going, she was tired and exhausted and wanted to head home as soon as possible.

Paris fashion event was a great success. Arnav could not attend being busy at another bigger event himself but was eager to have Khushi back and hear all her blabber about her first ever event overseas…. He knew she would be super excited and talk animatedly for hours!! He was so looking forward to it and every detail about their event!!

Arnav had also decided to wait until Khushi finishes her Paris event and comes back to India… He did not want to talk anything over phone that could stress her or distract her from her first ever abroad assignment… He would hear about her project, take her out for dinner and maybe slowly talk to her about their baby, he planned!!

For some reason, Khushi was missing Arnav too much, she did not understand why? She also decided maybe after telling Arnav all the details about their project in Paris, she could open up and talk to him about planning for a baby….

Khushi was back home, felt tired and was almost fainting when Di held her and took her to Dr.

“Mrs. Raizada, you should be more careful during such condition. You need lot of rest” Dr. Das was concerned.

“What has happened to her? Anything serious?” Anjali was getting worked up…

“Oh you are not aware! Let me congratulate you first in that case. Mrs. Raizada, you are pregnant almost 6 weeks pregnant” Dr. Das wished Khushi.

Dr. had done the blood test, provided the results and turned out Khushi was almost 6 weeks pregnant and with her busy schedule did not realize it.

Anjali Di and Khushi went crazy with such a fantastic news. Khushi wished Arnav was with her but then decided to surprise him.

Khushi made pool side ready with help of HP, OP and Di and hid it by switching off the lights and closing curtains. She told Di not to share the news with other family members yet. She and Arnav would announce it the next day!

“Khushi” Arnav came screaming as usual. He was hopping mad that Khushi returned back to India in the afternoon but did not even call him. Though he was informed by Di and HP, old habits never die. He was very angry as usual.

“How dare you not call me Khushi? Are you ignoring me these days?” Arnav was demanding immediate answer from her as usual.

“What’s wrong with him? She was calling him 10 times every day before getting on a flight. May be last 12 hours she did not talk to him but this much anger and tantrums!! Somethings never change” thought Khushi. She just wanted to tell him the real reason but a naughty thought came in her mind. She decided to trick him.

“Yes Arnav, I have something to tell you and I cannot hide it anymore” Khushi said with a serious face though she was laughing inside….

“What is it?” Arnav also got serious now looking at her face.

“I am in love with someone” whispered Khushi. Arnav could not believe his ears. His worst nightmare, he thought.

“Who the hell is he?” Where did you meet him and how dare you Khushi?” Arnav was harsh on her and aggressively cornered her and as usual nailed her to the wall.

Was he spending too much time with Pari or at work and ignoring Khushi? She looked so happy with him and he too is so happy with her. They are having a rocking married life so what is this?? He was confused now…. How much ever harsh the reality is, he needed to know….

“Yet to meet him or her but how can I not fall in love knowing he or she is part of us” replied Khushi shyly.

“What? Tell me clearly Khushi, who is he?” Arnav almost roared losing his patience.

Khushi took his hand and put on her tummy. “I don’t know yet but I am 200% sure I love him or her more now than I love you…” she winked at him.

Arnav by now understood what she was trying to convey. She smiled and confirmed.

“Are you sure?” He wanted to jump in joy with her but controlled.

“Yes, did a blood test this afternoon and Dr. confirmed” Khushi replied.

Arnav hugged her tight and picked her up in his arms and spun her like crazy. He wanted to talk to her about their decision on baby as soon as she is back but she was always 2 steps ahead of him! She directly gave him good news and he was ecstatic.

“Let’s celebrate, give me two minutes I will be ready and we can go out” He ran to bathroom.

She took the opportunity, switched on the pool side lights. Again there was beautiful lighting, dinner table with dinner for two, candles floating in the pool and surrounding areas and their favorite shear canopy under the stars!!

Arnav came out of the bathroom and she took him pool side. He was pleasantly surprised. There was a cake and their favorite food.

Arnav and Khushi cut the cake together, had dinner enjoying every minute being together and baby on board.

Then suddenly Arnav remembered Khushi saying she loves someone more than him.

“But there is no way you are allowed to love our baby more than me, I am always your first love and priority” demanded Arnav.

“Looks who is talking. As is I am royally being ignored these days since Pari has come in our lives and with new baby, you will forget me completely, I am very sure. And you are asking to me to make you my first priority. Just forget it!! Isn’t going to happen” spat came a reply from Khushi.

With that they both laughed out loud and at the same time promised each other not to take each other for granted and will spend quality time with each no matter what!

They both dozed off weaving beautiful dreams of their family and baby….. They had come a long way indeed and had long way to go carving beautiful memories of their lives together, forever and ever!!

Started with fights and then love but they figured out they needed many additional pillars to build their relationship over the years.

Today they both were sure their relationship was built strong to last long! 

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Dec 3, 2016

Epilogue – What The? (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 205 times)

Thank you all from bottom of my heart for appreciating my first ever story... Some of your comments were overwhelming and too generous... You all are awesome 

So to acknowledge your love, I decided to write an epilogue.... A cute one... 

Hope you all love it and like it.... 

Already working on my next story... So hang in there and enjoy this Epilogue... 

Epilogue – What The?

“What the?” Khushi heard it and she thought maybe she heard it wrong or her heart was not ready to believe it….

Anjali, naniji, Payal, Akash, NK, mama and Mamiji they all heard it…. They were worried about Khushi’s reaction but still could not help… They all had tried hard covering their mouth and ended up laughing out loud and rolling over the sofa….

“What did you say Anika? Say it again sweetheart” Khushi still wanted to make sure…..

“What the?” And there you go…. Anika said it again…. Loud and clear….

Khushi could not believe her eyes and ears… She realized her worst nightmare had come true… Her daughter’s first words were “What the?”

She could have said Mama, Papa, Di, nani or come on, any other word but not that…. Even Devi Mayya would have worked the best… And yet her daughter learned and managed to say “What the?”

It was all Arnav’s mistake saying it 10 times when kids are around, Khushi thought…

And soon Khushi was all red and hopping mad….

“Let that Laad Governor come and I will see to it that he is thrown out of the house…. It’s his spoiling and pampering that Anika is getting spoiled at this infant age…” And Khushi started getting more and more anxious and was praying….

All these days, Khushi was super happy that Arnav had drastically reduced his work hours especially at office and now was spending a lot of time at home with family since Anika and Anish were born…. But kids learning all the words from him was not the cars…. Nowhere close, she was sure…

Anish, Anjali Di’s son was almost 1.5 year old and Pari, Akash and Payal’s daughter was the oldest among their kids…. Pari, Anish and Anika were playing together… Anika is 10 months old now and liked to pull all toys from both Pari and Anish… But when Anish took same toy back from Anika, she was very angry and started crying…. Anish started running away from her and she was crying pointing her hands towards Anish…. Anika has started blabbering last few days but she is yet to talk proper words… They were expecting her to talk soon because of Anish and Pari playing and talking to her all the time as well as all family members used to talk to her and she was responding by blabbering and all were exciter for Anika to soon start talking…

And then of all the words in the world, she had said “What the?”

Really “What the?”….

Everyone else had burst into laughing finding it super hilarious…. But Khushi was Khushi… She was mad for Arnav saying such words in front of kids all the time….

Khushi was continuously walking in circles in the living room….. She was waiting for Arnav to come in… It was time for Arnav to return home from office and others also thought it would be very entertaining…. So they all decided to stay back and enjoy… But they all acted serious and quiet…

“Let that Laad Governor come” Khushi was angrily talking to herself as usual….

“Laad Gov…..” And Khushi closed Anika’s mouth…. Plus closed her own mouth…. Entire Raizada clan bursted into laughter again…. Shock was an understatement for Khushi….

Just then Arnav walked in…. He was not sure what happening… Rest all were laughing like crazy holding their tummy and Khushi looked angry…. Super angry…

“Hello Pumpkin, Hello Pari princess and Anish cutie….” Arnav slowly walked towards the kids….

“Hold on right there, you are not allowed to touch any of our kids from now onward…. Especially Anika….” Khushi warned him loud and clear….

“What? Have you gone crazy, Khushi? What has come over you? Did you eat something bland?” Arnav was flabbergasted…

“I am very sure I am not crazy but you are... You are spoiling Anika and I do not want your bad influence on her” Khushi was angry now….

Arnav was trying to understand the situation…. Others looked like they will again burst out laughing any minute and trying to control themselves where as Khushi was getting angrier and was not in a mood to listen to him…. What must have happened?

Before picking up his baby doll, he needed to calm down his darling wife, Arnav realized… He walked towards Khushi and side hugged her.

“What happed sweetheart? Why are you so angry? How can I be a bad influence on 10 months old or on Pari and Anish? I love them all so much!!” Arnav was curious now…

“What happened? Do you have any idea what happened here? Today Anika talked for the first time, her first ever words and you know what words she said “What the?” Khushi was still angry. Arnav heard her carefully and was shocked for a moment.

“What? Are you sure?” Was his instant reaction… Arnav was about to laugh too… Only his daughter could do that, he knew….

“Yes, her first words were “What the?” That is why I am saying stop spoiling her….” Khushi was now agitated…

“And her second words were “Laad Gov…”” Everyone else echoed it together and laughed out loud again…. Even Arnav could not hold it any longer and burst out laughing… Khushi too realized, it was actually super funny. She too was embarrassed for being angry and not enjoying the moment… She too started laughing… She knew only their daughter can talk like that or to be précised, Arnav Singh Raizada’s daughter!!

“Come on Khushi, she is just 10 months old….” Arnav said smiling…

“But we have to watch what we say in front of these kids” Khushi was serious now….

“Done, Khushi, we all agree” everyone agreed.

“You are so right sweetheart, my darling wife” Arnav hugged Khushi and made her relax completely and enjoy every moment… They decided to capture it on their cell.

That’s when Anish walked over to Khushi and tried to get her attention by pulling her saree and said “Sweetheart, my darling wife” and everyone bursted out laughing again….

“It’s long wait for you before you get your darling wife, my little boy” Ajay walked in and picked up his cute son Anish in his hands…

“But by inheriting your handsome mama’s looks and attitude, I am sure you are going to get lots of attentions from girls…” Ajay commented by pulling his cheeks…

All were still laughing, enjoying while HP and OP started serving evening snacks and coffee. Anjali started showing Ajay and everyone, the kids’ recordings she did since morning…

And Raizada Mansion is as usual loud and noisy, lingering in love and happiness…

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