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Oct 23, 2016

TS : UNKNOWN FEELINGS (By Zikra) (Thanked: 14 times)


“Anika “ Tia called as she knows how just to hold Shivay for her dress selection for the upcoming ceremonies.

Shivay halted by the word ‘ Anika ‘ and what next happened  choked him right then and there. A serene feeling touched his soul just to watch his … his….damn.. he really couldn’t name what this girl is meant for him but he is sure of the thing which makes all his body fly like a butterfly in a warm day. He is unable to take off his eyes from what is  standing just before him.

“ How is the dress Shivay Baby. The colour…and the fabric… I think it doesn’t go with ****tail party ,right.. Let us try something else..” Tia continued in her own trance.

“ She is BEAUTIFUL…” came out of Shivay without his conscience.

“Excuse me” Tia exclaimed.

“ I mean ….the outfit , yes the dress is beautiful, yeah.. the D R E S S..” Shivay muttered.

“ Then this is fixed for ****tail party . What shall I wear on Sangeet ?? …Oh yeah, this one. Can  you try this one Anika , please..” Tia thrust the dress at Anika.

“ What the ruck.. Tia, Anika is not meant for what you are intended to do. Let her go and do her work what she is appointed for” Shivay barked forwarding towards Tia controlling his tempo . He is gritting his teeth. He just wants to throw Tia out of the mansion R  I G H T now.

“No problem Tia, I will do this for you” Anika tried to be normal though the anger of Shivay towards Tia is obvious. If this is HIS decision to be delusional about his feelings , then  she wants to make him realize that she is nothing for him or  at least he is nothing for her, yeah, she wants to make sure of it., yeah…”Is that really true Anika” her inner self prompted which she does not want to think about at present.

“ No Anika, that’s fine, you may be having other works to do. Why Universe doesn’t send any model to me when I’m in sheer need, I want to finalize the dresses at least, pch ..so much stress… “ Tia is afraid a bit by seeing Shivay’s reaction but she really wanted this be done.

“ The  would be Mrs. Shivay Singh Oberai is my first priority. It’s true that every employee here is assigned for certain work but when the members of the Oberai family orders to do something else we have to obey. After all… I am mere an employee here” her last sentence was audible for Mr Shivay Singh Oborai only who stood beside her UN KNOWINGLY. She took the dress and left. yeah, she can feel the stare of Shivay which is pinching her back.

“ Hello, yeah this is Tia..” Tia also left to attend the call from the dress designer.

She came like a cool sea breeze in the night. He is mesmerized at the different shade of Anika, who can say this girl doesn’t belong to any royal family ?? his heart is going completely out of control., those semi open lips of her, the beautiful face adorned with shy taking his heart to another level he never knew existed.

“is it  O O K Tia “  Anika whispered her eyes teetering between Shivay and Floor.

“ Gargeous..” Shivay too whispered his eyes skimming from top to toe of her.

“ Is he checking me out?, why are you being dumb Anika and why are you blushing idiot, this is not Billuji, this is Mr Shivay Singh Oberai..remember “ warning bells rang but Anika is stifling them her heart  too is flying some where new.. Oh GOD eh kya ho rai…

Shivay took another dress and handed it over to Anika unknowingly. He wants to see her in those clothes or he is not sure  he wants to watch the blush hovering over her face. She took the dress and left.

Trial session continued completely being oblivious to the surroundings.. till..

He checked for another dress but there is none , oh God this was the last dress she is going to display. It is real that the value  and beauty of the dress will be enhanced by just adorning over the stunning personality of his..his…ok , the very special person of his life  for present, he will ponder over it in detail later. But this time he really wants to watch her in his favorite piece of the dresses there. It is lehenga again, Beautiful green in colour. He is getting actually antsy casting longing glances at the door every few seconds.

 “ T I A..” She mumbled.

Shivay lifted his head from his reverie and what he witnessed is the beauty he never witnessed before on this Earth.

“ E T H E R E A L”   how desperately he wanted to hold her, touch her, and feel her soul to calm down his own. His eyes fixated at her.

She is helpless of  her traitorous body which can’t  avoid the inevitable blush all over her face and his stare is causing something in the pit of her stomach as if butterflies are flying in there. Oh GOD his dazzling eyes are enough to kill her . Her breath is growing faster. No, She can’t stand there anymore, anything may happen in next few seconds as both of them jumped of their comfortable zones long before.

She turned back to leave as her senses worked for a while to notice that there is no more dress to display. But she is so nervous at the same time , Shy is killing her as the back is open. It is having only two broad strips, she never wore such kind before and behind is the person who on this Earth she doesn’t want to show it or She isn’t ready for it right now.

His heart came to his mouth when he witnessed her beautiful back and cherry on the cake is the black mole on her waist , right side. He decided not to leave this part when he get hands over it, yeah, after MARRIAGE , certainly not going to leave it.

“ A A A N I K A” he stammered.

“Ji “ she turned and camera flashed multiple times.

“ what is it?  Why are you capturing me in your phone" she wondered .

“ No, woh…" he looked around in confusion." Oh..T T Tia ...Tia is not here, so I want to show her… show your picture…I meannnn, this dress"  this girl always makes me inarticulate MANNN . Any how he managed to lie, wait… where is Tia really.

“ Oh  Shivay Baby.. I’m so sorry, this dress designer is so absurd. Our  Marriage is within two weeks and  I have to search for a new one from London, can you imagine!!  Universe bhi mujhe abhi stress de raha hai.., listen, I must leave and do some meditation. I have to get out of these negative wipes” Tia left pecking Shivay.

Realisation dawned upon both of  Shivay and Anika . She left the room with fast steps. Shivay's face  cringed in anguish to realise that Anika is not the girl he is going to marry.

Author's Note:


Planning to give another update . it's been too long to pen down my thoughts. very less audience on ISHQBAAZ page, i too have started watching this show recently . Missing so many old friends of QH page. Hope to find good friends here too.


- Zikra



Oct 27, 2016

Chupa Rustum (By Zikra) (Thanked: 16 times)

                              Mat poocho mujhse ki tum kab yaad aatiho

                              Jab bhi saansen chalti hai hamari tum yaad aatiho

                              Neend mein jab bhi hoti hain palken bhari

                              Banke khwab baar baar nazar aati ho…


Shivay tried a lot to get some sleep but in vain.  Anika is appearing in front of him as and when he closes his eyes. She was just like an angel, an impeccable aristocrat. He doesn’t want to see Tia in those dresses, yeah he will make sure of it.

“I know puttar, you are a super girl, you can do anything within minutes. Then how much I earn today?” patting her cheek Dadi inquired. She adores Anika a lot and she is the reason Anika is still working in this mansion.

“ Dadi, literally Four lac Fifty thousand rupees, don’t ask me how many Zeroes are there” pouted Anika wrapping her arms  around Dadi.

“ No need beta, you already are a business lady of the Oborai mansion. How did you manage to get all the exact same dresses even without pictures of them?”Dadi really is surprised at Anika’s ability.

“ Oh Dadi, yesterday…I have taken my selfie in each dress while I was trying them. I wanted to show them to Sahil..and in the Marwadi chor bazaar near my place you can find any sort of Rajas and Ranis…arre wahi. Unke dresses. There I got all the dresses in Fifty thousand rupees and your becoming grand daughter in law just spent 5 lacs for the same.” she made a Anika type gesture which made Dadi to appreciate her antics.

“Kahin, aisa to nahi ki , This is the reason that Billuji thrown all the clothes …that I, I  tried them , ek sadak chap ladki..”Anika pondered “ He must be no HE IS  Mr Arrogant and Khadoos Singh Oborai. Yeah, hurt is written all over her face.

“ Haan billu, repeat the code once again. OK got it. No, Om and Rudr are not at home. Yeah I will give the code to the family member only whom I trust most , Ab tu rakh phone” this grandson of mine is trying to teach cough to his granny?? Ishqbaaz kahinka. when this fellow will understand that the cat is out of bag so long before.

“Anika puttar.. listen here, go and get some agreement papers kept in the locker of Billu I have to send them urgently to him and the secret code is 280616. Go beta,.” Dadi dropped the code in Anika’s ear and left to call Omkara.

“Par Dadi, how can I open his locker, if he knows that I touched his locker, then this Mr AKSO will burn the closet alive” she murmured. This is like entering Lion’s cage but she  can’t deny Dadi as well. “How can I remember the code, 280616, wait 28th june 2016, yeah, Sahil’s school function was on 29th june and we were rehearsing on 28th june2016. Oh bbeteki, that day I met with this Akdoo Singh Oborai for the first time and the glass fffffuuuu..Is this the reason he kept the password??” No No.. she reprimanded.

She entered the lion’s cage. Her fingers are shivering..” if anyone… leave anyone, if this Stone Singh Oborai comes and watches, without knowing the reason itself, he will chop me into pieces for touching his things. Oh GOD make me things easy, kuch ulta pulta na hojay” she prayed crossing the fingers.

Finally she got the papers and her hair struck in the buttons of his blazer. She, after struggling for few minutes finally able to get rid her hair of the buttons but wait.. these are not buttons. These are like some hangings.. Billuji wear hangings with his blazers?? she checked and removed the blazer from hanger being so discreet. What she found made her gasp. It was the dress she wore last day. She checked another blazer, another dress hidden inside. She checked all of them and each and every dress she tried last day was neatly hanging beneath his blazers..


                                                C  H  U  P  A  R  U  S  T  U  M



A smile adorned her face making her blush . She kept all of them as usual as if she never touched them and left the room…




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