SS Burnt (completed)

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Nov 5, 2016

SS Burnt (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 27 times)

Hi I'm back. So how you enjoyed your freedom. And I'm so sorry it's all over guys, here I'm back to bother you.

Regarding this story

It's definitely not going to be like my previous ones like celebration and all. So what's it going to be? You check it by yourself here is a very very very short prolog. Read it and say what do u think about it.


"I will not leave you kushiji" he gritted every word in pure range of revenge.

"I won't let you leave me Kushi" he said with determination.

"She left us. Why can't he just understand this nani" she cried in pain.

The space once filled was now void and is still void and it will always be the same. It can't be filled ever. That everyone knows but they didn't expected the void to create another, even in their worst nightmare.

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Nov 6, 2016

chapter 1 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 27 times)

Arnav returned early from office to shanthivan. Anjali who is sitting in hall saw him. 

Chotae u returned soon today also.

Haan di Kushi don't like I'm being late to home.

Hearing this Anjali face lost color. She don't know what to do with him. He is growing uncontrollable day by day.

She looked at nani who is sitting opposite to her she too reflected the same reaction as hers.

It has been four days he has been acting like this. Before it's all normal and they felt happy seeing him home early for his wife. But now everything had changed. If he going on doing this they afraid what it will lead him too.

All these four days he had been locking himself inside his room when he is home. He didn't allowed anyone to even cross his room. If anyone dared to then their will be a tornado shallowing everything in its way.

His face showed no emotions. It will always be blank. And if any change has to occur then it will be anger that to when someone utters kushi's name. He will be taking his food on time if not proper but he will be there to have some. That too only because his Kushi said him not to skip his meals. He will talk to family rarely and it will always contain the name Kushi.

The doctor told that he is under shock and will be recovered by time. But it's getting worse by every passing day. None can do anything to make him understand the reality.

It's dinner time arnav is sitting with his family in dinning table having his dinner.

Chotae I want to talk to u.

I'm listening di.

Chotae woh woh Kushiji....

Thats it he stood banging the table.

How many times.... how many times I have say u di.

Chotae listen..

Enough di I don't want to listen anything.

He stromed to his room closing the door with big thud.

Why can't they just stop saying this...why can't they just.....stop telling........that....that....u left me. His eyes clouded with tears. He continued. I know u can't leave me alone and I won't let u leave me.

In hall

Everyone in table is in tears.

Why nani?why?she left us. Why can't he just understand this?why my chotae have to under go this much pain? She cried badly. But none can do anything, all are at the same state as anjali. 

Anjali betiya let us call Lavanya here. She is his friend may be he can hear her. Nani said the only left option to make him understand.

Do u think he will hear her. Anjali asked doubtfully. 

Let us try betiya. 

Haan di nani is right let us try this. Akash supported nani so as everyone.

Lavanya is their last hope.

I know u may be confused or wondering what happened to Kushi but wait girls. Let the story revealed in its flow.

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Nov 7, 2016

chapter 2 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 42 times)

The conversationns are in green color for ur convenience. Hope u like this update.  

Lavanya landed at shanthivan. She knew everything that happened here. She herself can't digest the fact then how could ASR can. She had seen the love, care, tenderness in him when he is around Kushi he had not exposed it but she saw that in his eyes. She never knew ASR has these emotions before Kushi's arrival. But see can't let her friend suffering like this. She had been called here to make him understand the reality. And she will try her best to do it.

When Lavanya stepped in shanthivan the house was all gloomy she never seen this house lifeless like this. 

Everyone settled in hall except arnav and akash who were in office.

Lavanyaji we all hope that u can make chotae understand about kushiji.

I know di. I will try my best.

Hope all goes well hello hai bye bye mami said in sad tone.

Everyone retired to their room hoping at lest Lavanya could make some change in arnav's mind.

Today also arnav came early as before. He saw Lavanya sitting in the hall with his family.

He didn't even give a glance to her. He walked straight towards the stairs.

Lavanya stopped him.


He just stood there without even turning. She came infront of him.

ASR I want to talk to u.

What is it Lavanya?

She saw his face there is nothing no life no charm nothing he is pale like ghost. The always twinkling eyes are all blank. He is not the ASR she knew. The ASR she knew will always carry a pride, who is always ready for challenge, who make other to afraid of him for even standing before him. But now he is blank just blank. He looked like a moving corpse.

Shall we move to ur room?

NO he roared making her jump in her place with fear. Everyone in the hall to startled by his roar.

Ok shall..shall we move to garden then.. she stammered.

He just gave a nod. Both stood in garden in grave silence.

Finally Lavanya started to speak.

ASR I know what happened to u was unbearable but...he stopped her showing his hand.

I don't want to hear anything regarding this Lavanya. I know why they called u here. It will be better if u return back to London. He said it like a threaten.

She felt defeated she can't even say what she wanted to. How can she he is not even giving a ear to anjali then how will he hear to others. It's great that he didn't murdered her there itself who dared to say that his kushi left him. If it had been other person he would have been killed them before they open their mouth to utter those words.

Everyone disappointed knowing their last trial too went in vain. She stayed there if not for arnav his family needs her support. 

It was around 3 a.m anjali walked out her room to get some water as the jug in her room was empty. When she was descending the stairs she meet Lavanya she too came for water as she too holding a jug in her hand. Lavanya saw anjali.

Di what happened do u need water she asked looking the jug in her hand. Anjali nodded her head.

U take this di I take yours she handed hers to anjali.

After getting the jug anjali moved back to her room. when she was walking she head some noise from poolside. She led her foot to reach poolside to see the source of noise.

The jug in her hand dropped down awaking everyone along with a shrill cry.


She felt like someone ripped her soul from her body.

There was arnav holding Kushi by her shoulders while her head in his chest in the poolside reclaimer. 

Thank u for thanking, liking and commenting and sorry for those who disliked it. 

Aathy 12 I will never ever pair ASR with anyone. ASR is only for Kushi and Kushi is only for ASR.

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Nov 9, 2016

chapter 3 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 36 times)

Everyone ran towards the poolside hearing anjali's cry. They too rooted at their spot seeing the scene before them.

Arnav who was sitting in the poolside with his Kushi in his arms gazing at the stars was startled by his di's shout. He tightened his hold on Kushi.

Arnav reaction made his family go all numb they felt like they froze at spot. Arnav looked like a scared kid who is afraid of loosing his precious possession.


That day that one day changed their whole world upside down.

The day which is cause of all this misery.

Arnav and Kushi were all happy in their marriage life so as family. Everything was just perfect. Anjali too came out of shyam's betrayal. Shanthivan was filled with happiness and laughter.

But something happened to put a full stop to their happiness. Shyam had escaped from jail and met a person. He gave that man a handful of money. And said listen there should not be any mistake this time. The man left to finish his work.

I will not leave u kushiji. U played with my feelings now u have to pay for it he grinned evilly.

Otherside Arnav took Kushi for a lunch date. They were driving back to home. Kushi was enjoying her view through open window.

Arnavji stop the car....she almost screamed.

He pulled the brake at instant.

What happened kushi he asked with concern wondering what made her scream like this.

Arnavji woh she pointed a panni puri stall other side of the road. He sighed.

Kushi for this u screamed like that. It's good there no vehicle behind us otherwise it would have crashed on us.

Sorry arnavji she said with a sheepish smile.

He shook his head muttering pagal.

Wait I will bring u them. He said removing his seat belt.

It's ok arnavji I will get it myself u wait here. she removed her seat belt and was literally running on the road.

Kushi careful he shouted seeing her antics.

Arnav phone rang gaining his attention who was lost in his wife. He frowned seeing the caller ID. 


He attended the call.

Hello Mr. Raizada 

Yes speaking

Sir where are u now 

I'm on the way to home 

The commissioner is saying something but he couldn't here him due to the vehicles sound. So he got down and walked some distance turned to the otherside of the road.

Yes what were u saying.

Mr. Raizada shyam had escaped 

What....he is shocked to her this news. What are u saying how can this happen. Can't u be careful.

Mr. Raizada listen

Say he gritted his teeth in irritation.

We came to know that he escaped and met someone and paid him for some work. We are tracing him. We will catch him soon. I called to alert u.

The word alert alarmed him. His first thought was Kushi. 

He turned back and started look for her. 

When he spotted her his world froze.

A white scoda which was speeding in her way just turned at the nick of time from hitting her.

He left out a loud cry 


Thank u thank u thank u very much for commenting.

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Nov 10, 2016

chapter 4 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 32 times)

When she saw the car speeding in her direction she jerked back in fear. Even the scoda diverted from its path before hitting her. But fate always play cruel game with us. While she was moving back in fear of not hit by car she tripped by her own legs falling hard on the road hurting her head badly by the stone. And it was bleeding.

Arnav ran towards her and gathered her in his arms. She kept her hand back of her head in pain. She took her hand suddenly feeling something sticky. It was blood. Panicked arnav took her dupatta and tied it around her head and took her to his SUV speeding it to the hospital. 

She could hear arnav's panic screams and pleading to hold on. But her vision is getting blur. She tried but she couldn't hold on finally she lost her conscious. 

His hands chilled and shivering. He called the hospital giving prior information. And informed his family as well. He couldn't get through the words to convey them. His heart gripped with fear.

Fear of loosing.

Fear of living alone

Fear of going back to dark again

Fear of everything

He wanted to brush of all these thoughts but couldn't. It's killing him. He can't think anything straight. He don't know why he is thinking all these right now. Everything is scaring him to hell.

At last he reached the hospital. He carried her inside calling for the doctor.

Doctor was ready as they were informed earlier. They carried her in the stretcher he never left her hand. But he had to leave her even when he not wished to.

The ICU closed and the red light was on. He could see nothing but that light. Their families arrived. They are bombarding him with thousands of questions and crying but nothing reached his ears. His eyes were fixed on that red light. 

His fears are increasing second by second. He felt like something was brutally snatched away from him. 

After it seemed like ages the doctor came out with his head dropped down. Everyone rushed to him but arnav stood where he was like a statue. 

Doctor what happened to Kushiji akash asked with desperation as other as not in state to do that.

Sorry Mr. Raizada we can't save her.

What how could u say that? U could be mistaken just a head injury will not cause death..

Yes but it not mere head injury she had bleeding from her ears this case can't be saved....... And nothing reached arnav's ears after that. He is all blank. He can't see or hear or feel anything. He is just blank.

Everyone is crying screaming, his di is hugging him and saying something to him but he felt nothing.

He is all numb everyone trying to make him react. He not even shed a single tear. So akash took everything in his hands. Funeral rituals were completed and they buried her but he didn't reacted for anything. In every ritual he stood still. The families every trail to make him react went in vain. 

At last they convinced themselves with the doctor's statement that he is under shock and needs some space to take it all. So they left him in his room. He not even blinked his eye lids once.  He stared anything and everything blank.

It was past midnight suddenly he jerked from bed mumbling kushi's name. He rushed out of his house. 

 He drove harshly on the roads towards his destination. He ran out and started digging the area. 

Finally he took out her his kushi. He kissed her all over her face and hugged her tight. And started to talk to her like mad.

Why are you sleeping here Kushi don't you know I will be waiting for you.Don't you dare to do this again. You belong to me. You have to be with me. You have no other way to go understand.

He scooped her in his arms and walked towards his SUV still speaking.

You can't leave me Kushi. If you wish also I won't let you leave me

He speeded back to shanthivan and took her to his room tip toeing. From that moment he kept her with him without anyone's knowledge. He feared if they come to know they will take her away from him once again.And he can't afford that.

Thank u thank u thank u very much for your support. 

Humans are complicated guys no one can judge how will they react in situations. There are medical terms but additional terms can't be stopped. New things will added when we come across them. We can't limit that only this could happen.

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Nov 12, 2016

chapter 5 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 32 times)


The family can't take the sight before them. Arnav was living with Kushi's corpse all these days. How can a man love a person this much. Whether it's love or madness, anything it may be. But it is extreme. No one can digest the fact.

They had a big struggle to take her away from him. His hold on her were increasing for every step they took forward. He lashed out at them not even giving a damn to the fact that they are his own family. he even attacked akash and nk who pulled her away from his arm. it seemed like a war broke out there. Finally they succeed in taking her away from him but he did not stop there he went on screaming to leave her with him. 

Everything is going out of their hands now. They have to act fast So they decided to burn her body before his eyes. At least this can make him realize that she can't come back and he can't keep her like this.

The Gupta's were called. They heard the incidents that happened in horror.

All the preparation had been done. They finally burnt her body which is now purple green color before his eyes.

Its not easy for the family to perform funeral for their daughter/daughter-in-law for the second time. Arnav is screaming and taunting adding more misery to them.

My Kushi

Don't burn her

I need her

U killers

I hate u

U took my Kushi away from me

Why are doing this

Leave her

My Kushi........ kushi.............. Kushi..................

He fainted due to exhaustion in both by body and soul. He haad been held tightly by akash and nk all the time to hold back him from doing anything who is wiggling vigorously to let him free to go to his Kushi. 

Akash and nk were shedding silent tears not able to see their bhai in this condition who was such a strong person,who can handle anything, who always controlled his feelings is all vulnerable now, clearly erasing the image he painted all these years locking all his emotions.

He became more worse than what he was when he lost his mother. The family is crying badly.

Shanthivan was in death silence.  All gathered in arnav's room. The doctor left after giving trips and medicines for arnav. They left him to take rest. Everyone sat in hall, all are gloomy no one know what to do next. No one talked or moved from their place they are just crying of their fate which is playing cruel game with them.

Suddenly they heard a big sound of something breaking from upstairs. Everybody ran towards arnav's room. The sight before them took their breath away.

Arnav was swaying half consciously out of bed and is breaking each and  everything he could grab. His glucose tubes had be pulled mercilessly from his hand by himself and is bleeding badly. 

Anjali is the first one to react. She stepped towards him.


He backed off even before she reach him and started screaming.

No don't come near me

Go away

U burnt my Kushi

She is  so fragile 

U burnt her

How could u do that

Because of u I lost her

I don't want to see any of ur face

Go away go away........

He is shouting out of his lungs and is throwing things at them. His eyes were red in anger and pain. His hands are trembling. Meanwhile akash called doctor. 

Soon the doctor arrived and they tried to control him but nothing stopped him. At last without any other choice left the doctor gave him sedation and made him sleep.

Everything in the room was destroyed. Darkness spread everywhere. Everyone is under trauma. 

So the story is going to end. Next update will be the final update. Thanks for supporting me all the while.

Some may have doubts that how none know that Kushi's corpse was in shanthivan. The body would have started smelling. Yes u r right but the  time of smelling varies in different cases. Kushi is young and healthy person and shanthivan is air conditioned so it did not smelt foul so soon and ofcourse the body color changed due to time and arnav allowed none to even pass by his room. I read in Google that condition and circumstances changes the smelling time of body. So I wrote like that. If anything is wrong in it I'm sorry. 

Please press thank u or vote or comment. I just need to know what u think of this story.

And I know most of u don't like it. But girls every story can't end with a happy note.

And thank u to all the readers.

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Nov 13, 2016

last chapter (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 42 times)

Everyone was in their room. But sleep is far aways from their eyes. They are still moaning about the incidents.

Arnav's mind was repeatedly playing the seen of his Kushi in flames made him restless. He tried to move. But the drug didn't allowed him to do so. He opened his eyes with great difficulty. Everything was blur in his vision. He couldn't see anything there is no light darkness engulfed the entire room. The only source of light is the diya that lit up in front of his Kushi's devi mayya it may be his di's act. A small smile crept on his lips seeing that. Finally he going to get what he wanted. 

Next morning

Every news paper and tv is going on telecasting the same news again and again. 

"THE GREAT BUSINESS TYCOON MR. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA HAD BURNT HIMSELF NOT ABLE TO TAKE HIS WIFE'S DEATH" these were the head lines. And this followed by "the person who had been known as heartless, ruthless, arrogant business man was really a person who had the most fragile heart. Some sources state that he had kept his wife's corpse with him without anyone's knowledge. No one ever thought that the great ASR loved his wife to this extent. We pray God to make the two souls rest in peace."

Last night

Arnav with much effort reached the edge of the cloth that spread on the table where devi mayya idol was kept. He pulled it with all his might, due to his pull the diya fell on the bed along with the things placed on it. Slowly the bed caught fire. And the fire started to swallow him. But his lips held that smile all the while before his every being burnt. His soul left his body to meet its other part to become complete.

The smoke spread out of the room lately because every window and door were closed. As soon as they smelt it everyone rushed to arnav's room but it was too late. 

Shanthivan lost its shanthi. The family lost their most loved people. Once glowed home was now haunted.

Shyam and his men were caught by the police. He came to know about arnav and Kushi. He regretted his own actions. Became of him they had stayed away from eachother those days even though they loved each other immensely. 

The space once filled was now void and is still void and it will always be the same. It can't be filled ever. That everyone knows but they didn't expected the void to create another even in their worst nightmare. 

Everything had just happened. Nothing could be changed now. The void remained void but now it's bigger than before.

Only their body left this world but not before creating epic love story to cherish forever. Their souls were united for eternity no no it's united for even beyond eternity. They are alive and roaming happily hand in hand if not here then some other place being always together. 


Finally I completed this story. I know it's sad ending but I can't help it. I figured it like that. Sorry if i hurt anyone by mistake.

I convey my hearty thanks to everyone who supported me along this journey.

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Nov 15, 2016

thank you note (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 11 times)

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I think I didn't miss anyone. If so kindly forgive me.

Thank u thank u thank u very much for your lovely comments guys.

And I also convey my hearty thanks to the people who thanked and liked my story.

Very very very sorry for those who disliked the story. sorry for disappointing u guys.

I'm planning to start a new story. The love story between a prince and a simple girl. It will be a adoptive story of a English film. I forgot it's name. But I can promise it won't be sad like this story. And I need your support for that new journey.

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