Anika's mystery solved!

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Nov 10, 2016

Anika's mystery solved! (By Arshis_Fan) (Thanked: 4 times)

I was watching the show today and I must say..... The whole Daksh angle is super cute. 

It has all the elements -

the meet cute: i.e., the way Anika and Daksh meet under false impressions and how she is her usual demanding self with him.

the attraction: Nothing yet from Anika's side but Daksh surely has felt something (And so has Shivaay! :P)

the flirting: "Its a beautiful name, but it will sound better if you say it!" 

But that's what bothered me. It is too perfect. And then the whole mystery unraveled with the precap for tomorrow. The universe is saying someone has entered Anika's life

DAKSH - with a D

After all T&D is Tia and Daksh. She brought Daksh in to take Anika away from Shivaay (coz according to her Anika is just a gold digger).

Anika's T&D mystery solved!

Taadaaaaa...... drum-roll please.

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