OS You left me

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Nov 14, 2016

OS You left me (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 51 times)

He removed his fingers from her grip. She tried to catch it but he left her. He didn't give his ears to her pleas. The thought of being away from him ripped her soul from her body. Tears were flowing carelessly from her painful eyes nonstop. She heard the plane that flew above her. She stood there watching the plane till it disappear from her eyes. She walked like a dead soul not caring about the surrounding.

She walked out of airport mumbling "he left me" repeatedly in whispers. Being in her own world she didn't noticed the car that would hit her if not she had been pulled by the strong arms which always saved her. She crashed on his hard chest. 

Before some minutes in plane.

He is sitting in his seat. But he felt something missing. It may be his heart. Which he never thought he had. Something inside him kept on telling him to go back to her from the time he saw her in the airport. But he shrugged off that thought then. He was growing impatient for every step he took away from her. He just wanted to run back and hold her tight in his arms and never let her go.

It's just five minutes left for take off. He ran out of plane ignoring the questions thrown on him and is shouting the orders to cancel his journey and make a way for him.

Finally he is out of airport after struggling with the crowd. But Kushi is no where to be seen. At last he spotted her while making his way towards the road. He approached her with a satisfactory smile playing on his lips but that had been soon wiped off seeing the car approaching her. His breath stopped imagining the worst possibilities. In a swift of moment he was behind her and he pulled her to himself she came crashing on his chest.

They stood there like that for some minutes. She was still sobbing. Hearing her sobs he came out of his trance his anger knew no bounds. He pushed her away from him and started lashing out at her. But she kept quiet for all his scoldings.

What the hell are you doing dammit

Can't you see the car

What if something happened to you

He couldn't even think what would have happened if he did not arrived at right moment. Seeing her safe and sound before him somewhat cooled his nerves. He again pulled her into a tight hug. He cupped her face "Don't you dare to do this again" he warned her in his dangerous voice with tears brimming in his eyes. He pulled her again and cuddled her head close to his heart. That's it the dam broke out once again. "You left me" she said in-between her sobs. Dammit once again he is the reason for her tears. "Shhhh Kushi" he patted her head and held her tight in his arms assuring he didn't and won't leave her again.

That's all she needed. She too hugged him tight clutching his coat into her small fist. If he believed her or not nothing mattered her now. He is with her thats enough for her. She doesn't want the answer for his incomplete sentence of "kyun ki" because his return and his tears said it all. He is not the man of expressing emotions and will never shed tears for someone. She had seen pain that hid behind his anger whenever he hurt her. She know that deep inside he believed her otherwise ASR is not a person who will leave someone who hurt his family that too his di.

His heart heart know his Kushi is innocent but his mind and ego didn't allowed him to accept it. But when he saw her at the verge death his heart overpowered his mind. He married her not because he saw her with Shyam but because he did not want to lose her and made it for six months only to satisfy his ego but he wanted her all by himself lifelong.

They know they love eachother and they can't live without eachother. Come what may they will be always together.

Just written something that came to my mind. Tell me hows it.

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