My princess(completed)

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Nov 20, 2016

My princess (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 41 times)

Hi guys this is a love story of a prince and his jelebi girl. Sorry for the delay.

The sun rays plays peek-a-boo through the curtains which is swaying in the morning chilly wind. Our prince is hiding his face under the pillow to escape from the light but his dear hp kaka is not allowing him to enjoy his sleep further. Rubbing his chocolate orbs which has the power to make anyone go under his spell and having a cute pout he sat on his masculine king size bed. 

"What kaka why do you always disturb my beautiful sleep" he complained in sleepy voice yarning.

No one will believe he is a prince who is 24 now and is going to claim the throne soon. He is giving a picture of such a cute adorable kid.

"Arnav baba get ready soon your papa is waiting for you. He wants to talk to you about very important matter"

"Do you know what he wants talk about" he asked still in his sleepy mood.

"Haan ofcourse baba to choose a bride for you" hp said as a matter of fact.

"Ho no not again I'm not that big to get married" he got very irritated by this fact.

"Haan Haan you are always a kid. Did you see yourself in mirror or not you are 24 now and soon going to attain 25 still you are calling yourself a kid" arnav's mom rani Ratna Singh Raizada complained pulling the blanket away from him who is relaxing in his bed thinking deeply whether to getup or not.

"Why? Don't you think I'm still a kid" he said hugging her finally coming out of bed. 

By the time maharaja Aryan Singh Raizada also came there to witness the cute scene before him.

"You will be our kid even if you are 50 but you have responsibility to take this country after me. That to before you attain 25 along with your wife to take the throne of rani. So you just have some months in your hand to be ready with your wife" he said patting his head who is still hugging his mother resting his head in her shoulder.

"But I'm bored dad. How many girls will you show me. I don't feel anything for anyone."

"Yes, I can understand but what to do you have to do this. Maybe you can get someone today"

"Whatever I going to take bath meet you at dinning" with that he kissed his mom and dad's cheek and went to have his pleasant bath, singing and dancing all the way in his usual jolly mood.

Raja and rani smiled seeing their son's antics. And other servants too smiled seeing the sweet family. Raja and rani of Lucknow are not the bossy persons they are very kind and polite. To Cherry on top prince Arnav Singh Raizada is such a gem of person. They knew he will be a perfect king like his ancestors maybe even more than that. 

The prince of Lucknow will not be shown to the people before they attain throne. The people will have only the knowledge of who is next person to throne whether its prince or princess. Every training for the price will be given inside the place. And our cute prince is excel in everything thing. He enjoys leaning new things no matter what, he just want to learn new things.So the people don't know how their prince look like. But they knew that he is a person of golden heart. And now they are eagerly waiting to see their prince with his princess to make the lead.

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Nov 22, 2016

chapter 2 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 55 times)

Princesses from various places are gathered in sheesh mahal. Each one of them were very eager to be the next queen of Lucknow. But after seeing the prince their ultimate aim is to marry that charming prince pulling the idea of becoming next Lucknow queen to back seat.

And here our prince is playing instead of selecting his bride. He along with his loyal servant com best friend Aman is making the princesses to sing, dance etc etc including some stupid stuffs. They even asked one princess to squeal like a puppy and jump like a kangaroo at the same time. And that princess is doing whatever she asked to do. Because the princesses are brought up with the moral to do what their to-be-husband/husband says. Here our shaitan prince is having fun with them and laughing whole hearted hurting his stomach. 

After some time when maharaja Aryan was passing by the way thought of checking on his son. When entered the room his jaws dropped down.

Our lovely prince is sleeping in a zany way. One leg on floor and one on the arm of his cozy chair. His head and one hand is hanging on other arm of the chair. Aman was also in a crazy position beside Arnav's chair. And before them was a princess standing in her one leg like a crane as asked by our prince and is singing a song with her eyes closed for half a hour not knowing fact that the prince was already asleep.

"Oh god what am I going to do with him" Aryan walked to his son and was about to wake him up but stopped by Ratna who came there knowing her son very well but she did not expect this. She thought he would be doing some pranks on the poor princesses.

"Don't, let him sleep" she turned to one of the servant " take the princess out and send all of them back to their places"

"See him instead of selecting his bride he is having his sweet slumber I'm afraid Ratna I don't know whether he will get his bride or not before he became 25. Here I'm bringing a pile of princess for him but he is playing pranks on them and saying none has the quality to be his princess. I mean how can nobody match his expectations in this hundreds. I wish his princess to come out soon from her hide" he let out all his grief to his wife.

" Don't worry everything will be alright" Ratna consoled him.

"I hope so" he sighed and left from there not before giving a glance at his son.

Ratna moved towards Arnav and caressed his hair that where dancing on his forehead by the mild wind. She can understand Aryan's worry at the same time she also knows deep in her heart that her son will get his princess soon. She too left from there leaving the two in their sleep oblivious to the surroundings.

After some time in arnav's room

Arnav was lying in his bed thinking deeply focusing his eyes on ceiling aman is sitting in the chair near the table. 

"Aman what are you doing man" he glared aman who is playing with the paper wait.

"What? I didn't do anything" he said innocently.

"That's what Im asking you stupid. I asked you to find some way to escape from this bride selection game and here you are playing" he said through his gritted teeth.

"Yaah yaah that's what I'm thinking" he smiled at Arnav cheekily.

"Well I can see that how much you are trying to crush that little brain of yours" 

Then suddenly he sat up from his bed "I can't take it anymore at least I need a break before next session starts" yaah that's it let go out what do you say?" he exclaimed with excitement.

"No no no Arnav you can't do that maharaja will not allow you to go out" he said shaking his head furiously.

"The is no place for no in Arnav Singh Raizada's dictionary" he said with a smirk.

"Oh really then why didn't you get out for these many years" he mocked him. Next second he was hit by a pillow. 

"That's because I respected my father's word" he resorted back.

"Then how do you think now he will allow you" he pointed the fact.

"Now he will" he said confidentially.

"And how is that?" Aman asked with confusion.

"When I have friend like you why I have to worry" saying this he started walking towards his father's room. Not before shouting aman to follow him.

"What? no no no I can't" he started running behind Arnav. Before he could catch him they both where standing before maharaja.

Raja and rani treat Arnav and Aman without difference. For them Aman is like their second son.

I don't know what I have written. Forgive me if I bored you.

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Nov 24, 2016

chapter 3 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 56 times)

Arnav and Aman are in Aryan's room

"Papa I want to talk to you" Arnav started but Aman is constantly pulling him back murmuring something which Arnav could not hear but he knows very well what is he blabbering behind him. Ignoring him Arnav waited for his father's attention.

"What is it Arnav say it I'm listening" he said flipping the pages of some book not looking at him.

"Woh papa woh I..." He struggled to let out his words.

Aryan raised his eyes from book to his son wondering "now he is up to".

"Papaiwanttogoout" he said in rocket speed that none can grasp what he said.

Aryan frowned and looked at Aman for explanation. As he looked at him aman felt that something struck into his throat. "Papa woh out Arnav some days palace leave" he blabbered confusing Aryan more.

Seeing Aman's blabber Arnav again started to speak making his mind 'this time he will say it' " papa I want to go out of palace for some days" he said in very low voice fixing his eyes on floor that Aryan could barely hear.

For some seconds there was only silence. Arnav raised his eyes to meet his father to confirm whether he heard him or not. But onr word from him made Arnav sure that he heard it.

He just said a plain "no" no questions nothing simply a big fat "noooo".

But Arnav is not in mood to give up that easily "why can't I papa? From the day I born I'm only in this palace. I don't even know how the outer world look like, please papa".

"That's what I'm saying, you don't know the outer world. And you know you are not allowed to go out before become a king" came a sudden reply.

"Papa if I don't know how our people live, then how can I become a good king."

"But people will spread rumours if they know this, that their prince is roaming like this breaking the rules"

"Who said I'm going out like a prince I'm going out like a common man"

"What no way I can't allow this. How can you go just like that,.        wait a minute are you by any means saying that you are going alone"

"Papa going like a common man is going alone not with country's whole army, if I go like that then people will easily find out I'm a prince. Then only I can get to the people and know their views being under our rule"

"Yes, but how can I let you out alone who will look after you"

"Oh that you don't worry papa Aman is there for me. Right Aman?" Aman who is still now watching the father-son talk like some badminton match came to conscious by the sharp pain in his foot. Nothing happened just Arnav stamped his foot hard. He looked at Arnav who is glaring at him and turned to Aryan "Haan haan papa Arnav is right I'm with him you don't worry" he said rubbing his foot.

By the time Ratna too came there for calling them for lunch. " What's going on between father and son?"

They explained everything to her but she surprised them by saying "if you feel it good to go out, then you can".

Arnav hugged and kissed his mom  for understanding him and allowing him to go by his wish.

"But Ratna how can he?the rules" Aryan interfered.

"It's ok Aryanji and I think you forgot the rules. The main rule is the king should know his people well and not letting him out are just simple rules. They can broke to attain the main thing and when he thinks its necessary to go out to know the people, well we should not restrict him. But now come and have lunch. You can leave tomorrow" 

"Thank you thank you thank you so much mumma" he again hugged her and ran out in excitement followed by Aman on his toe.

Aryan sighed "don't worry he will be ok" Ratna kept a consoling hand on him.

"Arnav you did it man" Aman said running behind him.

"Shut up and don't talk to me"

"What? why? what did I do?why are you angry at me?"

"You did nothing that's why I am angry at you" 

"Sorry yaar but you yourself handled everything. I never thought you get succeed in this".

"I already said there is no place for no in Arnav's dictionary" he said raising his collar.

I know I written something please bear with me. If you feel it's stupid let me know I will stop updating it. And one more thing I can't update daily but I will update on alternative days.

Thanks for pressing thank u, like and commenting. I'm grateful to you.

I feel sad there are more than 1000 views but thanks, comments and votes combined sum not even meets 50. Please comment let me know your views either positive or negative. If you don't like to comment kindly press tank u or vote it.

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Nov 26, 2016

chapter 4 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 57 times)

Aman looked at his costume and at Arnav. "Arnav what is this man. Not even two hours completed after we left the palace you changed me like a cotton candy seller. If this continues then I will return to palace like a beggar. To top of it you gave those things which I brought for our necessity and even  you gave all money to that people"

Arnav just laughed at Aman patting his shoulder he said "Aman what things are you speaking about, you literally packed half of my room and I gave them because they need it more than us." Arnav gave all the things that Aman brought for them to poor and needy people.

"But they are things you regularly use and if maharaja come to know about this he will skin me alive" he said with fear.

"Don't worry Aman I'm there for you" 

"Yes yes you will be there to watch how he is skinning me out. And why you made me wear this and what we do for money. People won't give things for free"

"Ufffoooo Aman look you are looking good in this man. And about money we are going to earn it" he said casually.

"What? Arnav did you left your brain in palace or what. How coolly you are saying we can earn as if we know all the work" Aman screamed with shock.

"Cool buddy don't you remember the proverb 'be a Roman when you are in Rome' so we are going to live like people live here. Come on man enjoy the game"

"How you can say like this being the prince Arnav. You are out of them"

"That's what I am" Arnav said with his signature smirk.

Aman smiled at him. Arnav not like the typical prince who knows only to control the people. He is different he wants to know how every person lead their life and he loves doing that. He always says don't judge people before you realize what it would be if you put yourself in their shoes.

And now he too ready to play the game with his friend. He fastened his steps to catch Arnav who is four steps ahead him. They both are walking in a lonely road midst of mango trees of a small village.

Their attention were dawned towards a group of kids with one teenage girl who is trying to hit the mango throwing pebbles.

The kids are cheering her to get more mangoes already they plucked some 4-5 mangoes. The girl is still jumping and throwing the pebbles but it is not helping her the mangoes are very high. 

Arnav was lost something is pulling him hard towards the girl. He felt it strange he didn't even saw her face because she facing the other side. He came out of his thoughts feeling someone one tugging his pants. He looked down at the kid. 

"Uncle can you help us, didi can't hit the mango they are high. You are tall na you can do it. Please" the kid pleaded in incoherent words because of  his broken tooth.

He just nodded at the kid and he was dragged by the kid to the other kids.

"Didi didi you leave it. This uncle will help us" the kid said to the girl. Then only the girl turned to face him. His breath caght in his throat.

She is such a epitome of beauty. That hazel eyes. There is mixture of naughtiness, innocence and twinkle.

She smiled at him "will you help us" she asked with hope. He heard Aman saying something in his ears but nothing entered his mind then only he remembered that he have to give answer to her. He just nodded his head accepting to help them. 

She gave him the pebbles. He started to hit the mangoes. She jumped up and down clapping her hands like those kids for every mango that has fallen by his hit. He too enjoyed doing this. Aman is grinning seeing his friend who is falling for this unique girl. Yes she is unique because she caught prince Arnav's eyes who not even looked at the princesses who were ready to do anything for him instead he played pranks on them. And this chit of girl got his attention without any effort.

Suddenly there was a sound like someone is yelling at them. Then they heard the girl screaming "baago(run)". The kids started to run from there while Arnav stood there not knowing what is happening there. In few minutes he was running with the girl who is holding his hand and is pulling him to run with her along with Aman and other kids.

Thank you for your support. I think it's going good. If you have any issues please let me know.

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Dec 3, 2016

chapter 5 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 46 times)

Very very very sorry for the delay friends.

Arnav couldn't get what is happening around him. He is just feeling like a carried away leaf along with the flow of water the difference is instead of leaf he is here and instead of water Kushi is pulling him with her in such a ease.

After running a ample distance they stopped huffing and puffing. Kushi started laughing and the kids too joined her. Seeing her Arnav too started laughing with Aman joining him. They are all laughing like idiots not caring what is the funny thing that happened that made them laugh like mad.

Their silly laughter continued for some more minutes. Slowly slowly they composed themselves. 

"Why did we run like that?" Arnav asked still not understanding the thing. "And why the man was yelling at us?". Aman wanted to laugh at his friend who is still not understanding that they had actually stolen the mangoes and ran from there to save themselves from that man. But poor Arnav he doesn't know these things as he is a prince he don't have chance experience this silly pranks. He is naughty but never did or heard things like this. This is all new to him.

Hearing this kushi stated laughing again. 

Arnav is more confused now 'why is she laughing again' and he turned to see Aman who is also laughing but controlling it to such an extent not to roll on the floor.

The kid who asked him for help came forward and said "uncle we have to run because we stolen the mangoes from that chacha's tree. If he caught us he would be scolding us non stop".

Shock would be an understatement for Arnav his mouth formed into a big O (why should Kushi be the one to always open her mouth to big O let's our ASR also do that. I'm sure he will be more cute than kushi. You guys agree with me right *wink*)

Another round of laughter started seeing his expression. Aman came forward and said "dude close your mouth otherwise flies will go inside" this made Arnav realize what picture he is giving them. He closed his moth and glared at Aman. Which made Aman to stop his laughter at an instant. But still the non-stop crispy laughter made Arnav to avert his eyes from Aman to her. He smiled at her sheepishly ruffling his hair.

She then picked some mangoes and forward to him. He just stared at her and mangoes.

"This is for you, take it" she raised her hand little more before him.

"Oh it's ok. You keep it yourself" he smiled at her.

"Sacchi (really)" she asked him with excitement. This made Arnav to stretch his lips more nodding his head he said "sacchi you can keep it".

"Thank you" she jumped in same excitement. 

"Ji what's your name" she asked him biting the mango and making faces due to its sour taste. Each and every expression of her are registering in Arnav's mind without his conscious.

"Arnav" he said softly still holding that smile in his lips. "And my name is Aman his friend" Aman came forward introducing himself.

"Arnav nice name" she turned to Aman "yours too and my name is kushi" she introduced herself before they ask. They started waking Arnav alongside Kushi and Aman with other kids chatting at pulling eachother legs. "Arnavji I never saw you here. Where are you from" her calling him Arnavji felt heavenly.

"Woh woh I'm from near by village. This is the first time I'm coming here" he stammered first then managed to come up with some lies. He doesn't want to show his real identity to her or to anyone. He just wanted to portray himself like locals to know about the people better the main cause for which he left the palace and he did not like people treat him differently knowing him as their price.

"Oh why are you here?" she asked him stilling eating the mangoes. Only God knows how much she filled her little tummy with that sour mangoes. 

"For getting some job" he said shrugging walking along with her. While the kids and Aman following them behind. Aman is having good fun time with the kids.

So this is for today. Thank you for your love. I don't know weather I'm giving you enough. Sometimes Im afraid that what if i disappoint you by any means. I know I'm crazy what to do that's me.

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Dec 6, 2016

chapter 6 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 41 times)

Finally Kushi and kids bid bye to Arnav and Aman and parted their ways. 

Arnav was staring at Kushi's retreating figure. His eyes fixed the path where Kushi went a long back. "Arnav she had gone long back. are u going to stand her for the rest of the day" Aman whispered in Arnav's ears giggling at his friend's lost state. For that Arnav gave a look like " I will see what you do when you fall in love". Love did he just said love, yes he is in love with Kushi. But it is just few minutes that they met. He hardly knows about her. Is it possible to fall in love this soon. Maybe this what they call as love at first sight. Yes he had fallen for her the moment he saw her. Yaah his long search for his perfect mate finally come to an end. Kushi made him feel this unknown joy, magic whatever he don't get words to describe it. But he surely liked it and it made him yearn for more which those princesses failed to give him.

When he was lost in his own thoughts poor Aman is staring at him not knowing where his friend lost again. Arnav came out of his lala land looked who is looking at him confused. Shaking his head Arnav patted Aman shoulder and said "come on my friend let's start our job hunt. jai maathaji  humara kaam jeethneka sakthi dena(god give us strength to get the job)" he said in a dramatic way. "Haan sakthi dena jai maathaji" Aman too joined him. And our fellow pranksters started their job hunt without knowing to do even a single job( wah what a confidence) .

It's evening still they are in search of a job. Because whatever the owners ask their answer will be "we don't know but we will learn it". But the owners are not ready to experiment with these stupids. Poor guys they are starving from noon. This is too much for them to take. At the end they sat tired before a sweet shop.

"Arnav if I would have strength I will choke you now" Aman said taking deep breaths, his throat dry and rats are playing football in his stomach. Arnav's state is not too less he is also feeling the same. "Why yaar what bad I did to you?". "What you didn't do? You gave the money to those people. Here I'm starving like hell. And here you are asking what you did" Aman is going mad due to his hunger.

"Areee Aman they too starve like us. We are starving for only now but I don't know when they had good food for last time. At leas let them now" 

"Prabu you are so kind" Aman folded his hands and bend before Arnav as if getting blessing from him. But the next moment he started shouting again " yeh dharma prabu at least you would have taken a small amount for ourselves. By that I would not be starving now".

"Relax Aman we will get everything we wish soon" he said coolly as if everything will happen in second on swipe of the magic wand.

"Hell with your relax. I know I will become a beggar being with you but I never thought it will happen this soon"." Yeh rabba (oh god) please don't let me die because of hunger." 

As if hearing his plea a man of 60 came infront of them. He was arranging the things inside his shop, hearing some voices he came to check that's when he saw these two in devastated state.

"Beta who are you and why are you looking like this?" He asked gently.

Both Arnav and Aman stood up dusting their clothes. "Uncleji we are from near by village. We are looking for a job for long time but we didn't get one" Arnav replied the old man.

"Oh ok I will give you job. What work do you know?" 

"Woh actually we don't know any work but we will learn it soon" Arnav said in low voice fearing for one more rejection. 

The old man laughed at them. "This world is competitive beta how will you survive without knowing anything".

"Please uncle ji we don't know anyone here and we are starving" Aman pleaded with puppy face to not let go of the chance at least he need to calm his tummy.

"Ok ok I will give you job. But you have to learn quickly" this brightened up our two gambols face.

"Come, come and have something first" he offered some food to them. They felt like drenching in cool rain in middle of hot desert. They gulped their food like hawk.

So this is for today don't bash me. I can only come up with this. 

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Dec 8, 2016

chapter 7 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 40 times)

"Thank you uncle ji for saving my life. If you had delayed few more minutes from providing food for us I would have been in heaven by now. Thank you thank you very much" Aman said with gratitude. 

"It's ok beta now shall we start our work?" 

"Ofcourse uncle that's what we are for" Arnav squealed with enthusiasm.

"First you" Shashi called Aman "you move these boxes to that room". Aman started his work. Shashi and Arnav moved from there.

"And beta you, you clean this room" he said and turned to go but Arnav stopped him. "Uncleji how to clean?" He asked with hesitation. Shashi looked at him frowned then he indicated the bucket and mop over the corner. Arnav too looked there but he didn't get anything before he could ask anything Shashi was left already. 

"What can I do with you" Arnav stood near the bucket all confused scratching his head.

Outside our pyaari Kushi is getting a ear full from her father.

"Kushi what is this? why are you doing like this?" 

"I didn't do anything papa." She said innocently.

Hearing the familiar voice Arnav peeked out. Seeing the figure outside he showed his full 32 teeth.

"What, you didn't do anything. Don't fool me Kushi. Im your papa I know you well". Kushi stood there with her head low.

"Why did you stolen the mangoes from your chachaji tree when we have our own." Shashi asked with the strem voice.

Arnav's jaws dropped down hearing it. 

"Papa our mangoes are not tasty as chachaji's and you know na stolen mangoes are more tastier" she said winking at her dad. That made it. Shashi melted in his daughter's cuteness. That cuteness not only melted her father but also made someone's heart do a summersault.

"You pagali(crazy girl)" Shashi twisted his daughter's ear.

"Aawww papa it hurts" she winced in pain. He left her ears. He held her hands in his.

"Kushi why are you doing like this. You are now 20 beta if you behave like this means how can I marry you off. Be a mature girl beta."he tried to put some sense in her brain.

"Papa why should I marry? I will stay with you always" she said hugging her father.

Arnav kept a puppy face feeling pity on his ownself.

"But beta you can't be with me all your life time. One day your prince will and swipe you off in his horse and will pour all his love on you" he said pinching her little nose.

Here Arnav nodded his head vigorously.

"Then let him come papa. Till then let me wander to my heart content. Who knows maybe he will cage me in his castle" she said rubbing her nose.

"No no I will never do that. Your are always free to wander in my garden my lovely butterfly. But, yes I will cage you in my love and ofcourse that will not suffocate you" Arnav said to himself chuckling.

"You will never change" Shashi said shaking his head.

"Aaaww papa if I change I will not be Kushi. It would be just my resemblance". Saying this she ran away from there.

Shashi stood smiling seeing the way his daughter ran away muttering a silent pagal.

"Oh my princess so cute" saying this Arnav too went back to fight with his brain to find a way to clean the room.

This is for today guys. I hope you like it. 

Thank you very much for your lovely comments. I'm overwhelmed.

And one more thing I had written a new OS named "The roller coaster ride" I found it little similar to my already written OS "The plan journey which turned my life's journey." So I posted it in my blog. If you feel like reading you can read on my blog. If you wish I will post it here too.

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Dec 12, 2016

chapter 8 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 34 times)

After a big war, finally Arnav found a way to clean the room. Aman didn't suffered as Arnav. It's not alien task for him. But Arnav how can he? How will a prince know about the cleaning job? Poor boy, but he somewhat managed to get an idea.

Kushi was eating her favourite jelebi in kitchen when she heard a loud scream. She came running to the place. Even Aman heard it, he too came running there. 

When they both arrived there their eyes became wide. The next second they burst out laughing. Because they saw our prince lying on the ground holding his back. 

(Don't worry nothing happened to him. Its just he skid because of his own action. He spilled the water everywhere in name of cleaning and was now on ground hurting his back badly.)

Arnav was embarrassed being in this position before his lady love. But  one more person present in room irritated him more. It's non other than his best buddy Aman.

"Shut up and help me dammit" Arnav shouted at Aman.

Aman tried hard to control his laughter but couldn't. Still laughing he came forward to help his friend. 

"Hold" he extended his hand to Arnav. Arnav held his hand but instead of getting up he pulled Aman hardly. Loosing the balance Aman to fall on the ground. 

The two pranksters started their antics. Both started playing with the water splashing it on eachother. The other one who is watching this also joined them. They didn't bothered about the new member. Kushi too didn't felt them as strangers. They enjoyed like long last friends.

Finished, already controlling those two gambols such a Himalayan task and now one more joined only God can help the poor people.

When they are busy in playing they didn't noticed the person who is looking at them with open mouth.

It's non other than Shashi. He returned back from his work and witnessed that wonderful scene.

"What is going on here?" Three of them shocked to hear shashi's voice. All of them stood lowering their heads. 

Seeing at their series look Shashi couldn't control his laughter he too laughed at them. Again all burst out into laughter. Suddenly Shashi became silent everyone became silent.

 "What did you do Arnav? If you don't know how to clean then why don't you tell me? If you did I would have assigned you some other work." Arnav gave a sheepish grin. 

"What Arnavji works here?" Now only kushi cared to ask this question  about the two new visiters of her house.

 "You know him?" Shashi asked amused, wondering 'when did this happen' 'stupid, he should automatically known that when he saw his daughter playing with them which normally she doesn't do with the strangers'.

"Haan papa he is the one who helped me to get the mangoes from chachaji's tree. You know they are very high so he helped me to....." She stopped abruptly sensing her father's stare. She bit her tongue for telling the prank she done with Arnav.

Hearing her both Arnav and Aman's eyes grew wide immediately Arnav hid behind Aman. 

Shashi's attention turned towards Arnav and Aman. contracting his eyes he said "I don't know why I don't throw you out till now".

As soon as he said those words Arnav and Aman were on their knees folding their hands(don't be shocked he had done this many times before his mother. So it's not new to him).

"Uncleji no don't throw us out please. you are the only one who gave us food and job" Aman pleaded.

"Haan uncleji we don't even have place to stay. Let us stay here" (how can he move after knowing that his girl is here)

Aman glared at him as if saying 'here he is trying to pacify Shashi but his friend is keen in staying this love' and turned to Shashi again to plead.  "uncleji we don't have any other place to go".

"Ok ok I won't throw you out, first getup" said a startled Shashi by their action he never thought that they will go on their knees. They both hugged him no no squeezed him saying "thank you uncle ji thank you very much".

"Areee leave me" hearing his meeky voice they both released him and started walking but stopped by Shashi "where do you think you are going?. I want this place to be clean in half a hour" 

"Ji sir ji" Arnav and Aman saluted him in a dramatic way and went to do the work correctly atleast this time. Shashi smiled at their antics he don't what made him like these two boys. Whatever it may be but he is sure of one thing that these two a too good to hurt even a insect. He then dragged his daughter to change who is fully wet now due to their non stop fun.

Girls you know what I never in my life thought that I would be in such a situation. Then what I started this story just like that and planned to finish it in some 5-6 updates but see here what I'm doing. It's all because of you. Yes you are the reason for my state. You expect from me more and here I'm struggling to give you some good updates but nothing is coming to my mind. Im just managing to give some this and that. I have many ideas to other stories but before finishing this how can I start them. And I don't have the ability to write two to three stories at a time. Please don't bash me if I come up with stupid stuffs. You know I literally fried my friends and parents brain to give me some idea but no one is giving me anything. But I have small small ideas and I'm now going on with it. Please forgive me if I don't meet your expectations.

And very much thank you for your comments, likes and thank you.

I want to ask one more thing to you, in last update I have given my blog link to read on a story and even asked if you want I will post it in med too but none commented about that story there or here. Am I that bad in writing. If so please tell me I will stop writing. I don't want to eat yours brains too. Already there are many people suffering because of me. I don't want you guys to add on it. Don't get me wrong I just wanted to know how am I going.

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Dec 15, 2016

chapter 9 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 34 times)

Both the friends cleaned the room. As Aman was there this time one more disaster had been avoided. 

They had their dinner with father and daughter. Though there is not plenty of dishes which he always welcomed with, but even in that two simple dishes he found heaven. Why not, those were prepared by his sweet heart. Adding more flavour if not the tongue but definitely to his heart. Aman had tough time in managing his friend who fixed his eyes only on his love before his future father-in-law. Poor boy he has to cover-up for Arnav.

Now they are in their room. Yes Shashi allotted them a room. It was small room with two rope cots. 

"See Aman see our cozy bed." Saying this Arnav jumped on the cot. Aman shook his head and walked to his friend. He has more things to deal with his friend. 

"You, what have you done" Aman asked with irritation. 

"What did I do?"Arnav asked innocently.

"You don't know what you did?" For which Arnav gave a innocent look.

"There I'm trying to convince uncle you are telling him indirectly to let us stay here"

"Yes then where will we stay so only I said like that" still acting innocently.

"Oh really I know what you are planning"

"What Aman?"he kept a puppy dog face.

"Tell me the truth you asked him to let us stay here because you want to stay near your love, right"

"Ofcourse Aman. ohhhh how intelligent my friend is" he pulled Aman's cheeks. That's it Aman's all irritation and day's tiredness flew out of the window.

Smiling at him he said "can't you just concentrate on your food"

"What to do Aman I can't avert my eyes from her" he said with a dreamy look.

"Haan Haan" Aman raised his brows hearing him.

"Yes, you will come to know when you fall in love" Arnav said with a grin.

"Me falling in love no way" came a instant reply from Aman.

"I don't know but my instinct says you will meet your girl soon" Arnav said patting Aman's shoulder.

"Shut up and sleep" he too wanted that to happen but he is not ready to show his excitement atleast not now. Not before finding his girl

Both lied on the cot. Just two minutes passed.

"What the" Arnav sat up on bed.

"What happened" asked a concerned Aman.

"Mosquito" Arnav said with a feared face. Arnav Singh Raizada can withstand anything but not the mosquitoes.

"So what can I do? Do you want me to catch them for you the whole night" he asked sarcastically.

"Your the best Aman"Arnav said with a full blown smile.

"How could you understand me so well. ok start your work I'm going to sleep" saying that he lied back covering his face with the duvet. 

"What...I won't do anything. Do whatever you want" saying this he too lied back.

"Ok I will tell papa that Aman failed to keep his promise. Think Aman think what will he do when he see me with rashes due to this little monsters" he said peeking out his head from the duvet.

"Uuuurrrgg you" he threw the pillow on him but Arnav escaped in a swift moment.

Its Morning 

Both the buddies are leaning on eachother with their eyes half closed. They didn't sleep well last night. They did a clapping concert the whole night. Poor guys they didn't closed their eyes continually for ten minutes.

Thank you very much friends for your lovely comments. Your comments meant a lot to me. I will continue the way it is. But forgive me if I give you some stupid or boring stuff. And please do comments from that only I can know what you think about the story.

Thank you thank you very much once again.

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Dec 21, 2016

chapter 10 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 33 times)

Sorry sorry sorry I'm really very sorry for being late. I was writing on other topic. And it's not a arshi story it's some general topic. In that i did not want to write this collapsing this story. Sorry once again. I will try to update regularly.

After their successfull clapping concert they got ready for the day. But not that enthusiastic. How could they after spending a sleepless night. 

"Arnav I will not spare you for this. Last night those mosquitoes take me as their dinner. To top it I didn't get a single minute sleep. All because of you" he said acting like chocking Arnav.

"What yaar me too suffered the same. See how my charming eyes are dull."he showed his eyes stretching his lashes with his fingers.

"Yes, but because of you only we suffered. We could have looked for a good place to stay on. But you, you wanted to stay with your love. Now see what had happened?"he groaned.

"Aman dear buddy no one was ready to even give job to us, then how do you expect to get a cozy place to stay on" he said his husky voice. "You stupid" he shouted in his ear making Aman go deaf. 

When they were having their little fight Shashi appeared before them. " Come have the breakfast and start the work" saying this he moved on. Both the gambols walked kicking eachother.

After having their breakfast they helped Shashi to set up the shop for sale. It's just moving things from place to place so there didn't any disaster occurred by our lovely prince. Shashi is not ready to take risk this time he asked Arnav and gave the job he too done it well.

After some time Shashi went to market for shopping the needed things and kushi to play with the kids. Now the shop is under the responsibility of our boys who are in high sleep mode. What to do after a stomach full breakfast and little work including last night tiredness all took them to sleep heaven. (And you very well know how they sleep) they slumped on the place sleeping not minding the time, place or position. 

Kushi wanted to have her favourite jelebi so she came back to her home. Her jaws dropped down seeing these sleeping bags. By then Shashi too returned from the shopping. He saw his daughter standing in their shop with open mouth. He wondered where are his new hires and approached his daughter. But she is still in the same pose. When he saw the direction where his daughter eyes were fixed. The thing that came to his mind at the moment he saw them was "what are they?". 

Feeling someone's presence near her Kushi turned to look at the person and saw her father. Turning back to sleep bags again, she moved forward to wake them up. She patted Arnav's shoulder. 

"Aman let me sleep yaar don't disturb" saying this he moved on the chair making himself comfortable in it. 

She tried to wake up Aman but he don't even make a move. Being naughty she took the jug from near by table and splashed the water on them.

Arnav got up startled but Aman didn't opened his eyes but shouted "help help I'm sinking help aaaa" wiggling his hands in air.

Arnav shook Aman then only he came out from where he is sinking in his imaginary water world. 

Both stood up lowering their eyes water dripping from their faces.

"What's going on here?" Shashi asked in a strem voice.

"Uncleji woh woh last night we didn't sleep na so...." Arnav started saying as innocent as he could.

"Haan uncleji that mosquitoes are very bad they didn't let us sleep last night even for a single minute" Aman continued with a puppy dog face.

Seeing their faces Shashi and Kushi could not control their laughter. They both literally rolled on floor. While these two stood grinning sheepishly scratching their heads.

"Ok ok I'm sorry I forgot to give you mosquito coil. Go, go and take rest for some time. You can do your work after sometime."saying this he gave the bags to Kushi who is still laughing holding her stomach.

"Thank you uncleji"saying this both fled to take their sweet slumber.

I think I didn't upset you. Please let me know your views.

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