My princess(completed)

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Feb 7, 2017

chapter 20 (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 40 times)

"Now it's time for party. Ladies and gentlemen what are you waiting for fill the dance floor with your partners." Aryan cheered them. People were excited and started to fill the dance floor with their partners.

"How about a dance sweetheart" Aryan asked his wife extending a hard towards her. Ratna gladly gave her hand smiling "why not". Both moved but not before a wink from Aryan to Arnav. 

Everyone got their partner and started dancing even Aman and Shashi too except arshi.

Arnav looked at her she is glancing everyone but not ready to move from her place. Arnav held out his hand for her. She don't know why she felt nervous all of a sudden, may be it's all because of the unexpected events. She just looked at his hand and him. She didn't know what she has to do now.

"Trust me" as soon as these two words left his mouth she looked directly into his eyes. That molten chocolate orbs caught her under spell.

He took her to the dance floor and moved with her slowly still arresting her with his gaze. 

She moved with him in a daze not averting her eyes from him. That eyes held something. But she couldn't find out what it exactly had. It was deep, vast as ocean and is shinning like water glittering with sun light. He smirked seeing his effect on her. But she is too busy in finding the secrets in his eyes.

Slowly he went on his knees. Taking her hand in his he began with his husky voice. 

"I never thought I would feel extent of happiness and will long for it all my life and that will be possible only with your presence. I LOVE YOU kushi (her  breath got hitched hearing his confession) will you be my princess" there was silence everywhere.

She is over the moon. Every part of her body gone numb. She wanted to scream that she loves him and she will be nothing without him in her life. He is her life. But her voice deceived her badly so she just nodded her head. The hall roared with applause. 

Then only kushi teared her gaze form him to her surroundings. All are already out of stage except them.And one thing happened that never happened all these years. Nothing super natural kushi is blushing. Her cheeks are getting redder and redder by each passing second. Before a debate started on which is more red whether it's ripe tomato or Kush's cheeks Arnav got up and next second kushi buried her face in his chest. 

"I never knew that my princess know how to blush" he whispered in her ear earning a smack in his biceps. 

They again gone to their lala land. This time Aman brought them back to the world.

"Can I know when this romantic film is ending?" He teased.

"Aman......" Arnav glared at him.

"Don't worry arnavji we will also get chance to tease Aman bhai" 

"What are you saying kushi?" Arnav asked confused.

"Aman bhai don't you say about preetho to Arnavji?"hearing this arnav's eyes grew wide.

"Aman when this happened?"

"When you were busy in drooling over this monkey" saying this he hit Kush's head playfully for saying about preetho when he itself not sure of it.

"Whatever you should have told me" Arnav pouted cutely. 

Both Aman and kushi pulled his cheeks on either side saying 

"You are so cute.............."

All of them burst out laughing.

There was laughter and happiness everywhere. Happiness of people added more glow to already glowing sheesh Mahal. Everyone had their own reasons for their happiness.


Yeeeehhhh success finally I finished this story. 

Haaaannn congratulation you are free now from my blabbering. But don't be too much happy I will come back with another story. I know you would have expected better ending but I could only come up with this. I'm so sorry for that.

I thought of an epilogue do you guys want it.

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Feb 9, 2017

Epilogue (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 62 times)


Aryan saw his wife smiling seeing out the window. He neared her and followed the direction of his wife which focused on their kids not even acknowledging his presence. 

There he saw his bahu chasing his son and Aman enjoying the tom and jerry show tasting a apple. This is not new thing in the palace this happens often. They thought their son is a bigger prankster but their bahu is a step ahead. They both will play pranks on each other and will be chasing each other. With them around life is full of fun. Even though they behave like kids no one can miss the love screaming between them. 

After a while Ratna sensed her husband. He too smiling was at their kids. 


"Hmmmmm" he didn't took his eyes off them.

"I think we have to get a bail for us"she said casually.

"Hmmmmm" Aryan's mind didn't processed her words he was too lost in his kids.

"What?"he asked confused when her words sink on his brain.

"Yes, don't you know according to law we can't marry kids it's a sin."she said seriously. He opened his mouth to a full O (what to do influence of bahu). 

"Haaaannn aryanji, we did a child marriage. We are at risk. We can be sent to jail anytime. And I don't want to go jail so get a bail for us as soon as possible" she said still maintaining the serious face. Aryan's expression was worth watching she giggled seeing him.

"Ratna...... being with your daughter(its kushi, she became their sweet daughter. She is their favorite more than their son) you to become crazy like her" he glared at her.

"Oh really, then what about you"now Ratna is in full mood to fight.

"What about me"he shrugged his shoulders.

"You sneaked out with your daughter to play with her friends like you were a kid and you put that duplicate snake on me and....."she started to tell his antics with daughter like bahu.

"Ratna I have some important work see you later. Bye"he escaped from her embarrassed because was the one who did more pranks with his bahu other than others. 

Yes, kushi got a huge company to do her antics in the palace. And Aryan holds second position in the list. Undoubtedly the first place goes to non other than the great prince Arnav Singh Raizada. Oh sorry king Arnav Singh Raizada. Yaaah they got married few days back and he attended the throne. And their marriage was a grand celebration for the people.

Poor Aryan what will he do then when his every responsibility were carried well and good by his son. He is more thankful to his son now he got more time to spend with his daughter. He became his daughter's greatest companion in his son's absence. His son rocks he can't match with him.

"Wait, where are you escaping..."Ratna followed him shouting. But Aryan is too fast he ran before she catch him.

Here in the garden

Arnav trained a lot these days, he found more tricks to escape from her. But one didn't change till now.

That is

Of course the scape goat Aman when he was up to take another bite of his juicy apple he was pulled by Arnav making his apple roll down the floor.

Aman saw his apple with longing face. 

God why are they always keen on destroying my food. Can't they leave me eat something peacefully. He glared at both of them but they are too busy in their chasing game to note him. Aman stamped his foot and gone looking for a place where he could eat his food without the interruption of these devils.

OK the epilogue too ends here. Bye.

Thank you very much for supporting me. I hope you like the epilogue if not please forgive me.

My hearty thanks to the people who commented on my story.

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Thank you thank you very much guys. I loved your comments. I think I didn't miss any one if so forgive me with your kind heart.

Thanks to all my readers who thanked, voted for the story. 

Thank to all the readers because it's difficult to bear my craziness. You are so strong. OK bye see you on next story. 

Love you all.

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