OS The most embarrassing punishment

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Nov 20, 2016

OS The most embarrassing punishment (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 48 times)

Here you go with my another os. Say what do you think about it.

"Kushi I can't do this"he shouted from the bathroom.

"That you should have thought about it before you broke your promise to arushi"she resorted him sitting in the bed eagerly waiting for him to show up.

"But how can I come out like this" again he shouted from bathroom.

That's when arushi came along with all family members "Papa still you didn't come out of bathroom. What are you doing inside this long."

"Baby can you please change your punishment for your papa please I'm your dear papa right. Please baby." He tried to change her mind but nothing worked. She is his daughter how can she back off.

"No way papa punishment is punishment you have to do this. Come out soon papa I want to see you." Arushi said with the glee.

"Haan chotae come out fast we want to see you. Hurry up." Anjali said impatiently wondering what arushi made her chotae to wear which made him settle in bathroom for hours.

"What the, di you here"

"Not me alone chotae our whole family is here." She said glancing at everyone who were as eager as her.

"What no way I'm not coming out."he said startled by the news of his whole family dumped in his room making it more difficult for him.

"Papa are you coming out or not."she shouted not having the patience. While her father is taking all the time in the world.

"Baby princess please show some pity on papa."he tried to butter her but in vain. But this time it's Kushi.

"Mr. Raizada did you ever showed pity on anyone. Poor amanji you use him like your punch bag." She mocked him.

"You shut up Kushi." Here he is trying hard to change his daughter's but Kushi reducing his little chance.

"Hawwwww what did you say you laad governor first come out i will click your photo and post it in Internet." She said with determination.

"You are not going to do such things dammit."forgetting the family they both started fighting. And family is enjoying the show without disturbing them.

"You challenge me I will not leave you Mr. Raizada."she is in no mood to leave him.

That's it everything has an end these two are not in state to Stop their fight "Stop..........." Arushi screamed running out of patience.

"Papa you first come out otherwise I will not talk to you. Devi mayya ki kasam." She used her technique to make her father dance for her tunes. 

"Damn Kushi she taught arushi her own way of pulling my right nerve to make her work done." He muttered under his breath.

"Papa I'm waiting." Came his baby's voice.

"Coming baby" "there is no way to escape arnav you are gone today." He made his mind for the worst.

Then come our kadoos Arnav Singh Raizada in Jorge of jungle costume for his princess for breaking promise to take her out last day. She didn't talk to him after that. To make her talk to him again she gave him the punishment of being her favourite film character Tarzan.

And here he is standing wearing that guy's stupid costume. Thanks to Kushi at least his costume reach till his knees. There couldn't be more embarrassing moment than this.

And his whole family is making fun of him. They can't be blamed they get such chances once in a blue moon that too only because of arushi otherwise who has the guts to make fun of great Arnav Singh Raizada.

His whole family is laughing like there's no tomorrow. And Kushi she is literally rolling on the floor. He just gave them a glare that enough for everyone to stop and ofcourse not for Kushi. She is still rolling on the floor ignoring his glare. He did not look that bad instead he looked dashing but it is such a rare thing which made them burst out into thunder of laughter.

Highlight of all is his princess who is jumping on bed clapping her hands and giving her beautiful smile for which he can get this entire world under her feet. She is the perfect combination of him and Kushi. Having his eyes, temper and his business mind and Kushi's cute little nose, fair complexion and craziness.

"Papa your are looking more cute than Tarzan I love you l love you l love you". She said jumping on him from the bed. He took her in his embrace.

"Now will you talk to me, right princess" he asked with hope.

"Ofcourse papa you are the best Papa in the world. I love you papa". She kissed his stubbled cheeks.

"I love you too princess" he too kissed her chubby cheeks and rubbed his stubble with her soft cheek.

"Awww papa it hurts". She complained just like Kushi pouting her rosy lips. So he did the same what he do when Kushi complain like this. He kissed her cheeks again. 

"Now" for which he got her sweet simle in return.

"If Papa and baby conversation over means you can give your glance to us also chotae." Anjali said announcing their presence.

But someone took all their attention.

"What the "he exclaimed looking at Kushi who is still laughing at him from the time he came out. He didn't noticed her as he was busy with his little princess.

"Mumma really your idea is great mumma" arushi busted the truth seeing her mumma clapping her hands in appreciation.

Arnav shot a sharp glare at Kushi. Kushi's laughter abruptly.

"Little devil" she looked arushi who closed her mouth muttering a small sorry.

"I'm dead today" she said seeing the look of arnav and started running. Arnav placed arushi on bed and started chasing her.

Arushi screamed at her mother" run mumma run" while the other family members are laughing hurting their stomach. With the life is going to be a roller coaster ride for them.

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