My little bride.

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Jun 15

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 160 times)


Parking his car, Arnav got down. Aman’s house was decorated with flowers, not wasting any single minute, Arnav started to move from there. Standing at entrance Arnav looked around as before this he had not met Aman’s family before.. It was a little bit awkward to be in such a place where none knows you.. He finally spotted Aman who was talking to someone. Arnav moved in that direction..

“Congratulations Man!!”

Aman turned around- Oh My god.. Don’t tell me you are Real Arnav??

Arnav blinked his eyes- Unfortunately Yes..

Aman and Arnav laughed, before sharing hug. Aman was so happy, as he was wishing he would not have to miss his best friend on his engagement function..  

Both friends shared few talk, Aman introduced Arnav in his family, his family was supportive like Aman including Dadi though she narrowed her eyes at him when Aman said to her that Arnav is only khushi’s husband!!

Aman said slowly to Arnav- Those two girls and Dadi are almost chasing each other and as if waiting for each other in border.. (Arnav laughed.)  


Standing a little away, Arnav was trying to call khushi whose phone was as usual never got answered.

“So you don’t stay here??”

Arnav turned around and found Dadi, he replied- Because of some official work I have been in Singapore for last few months!!

Dadi added -Shadi ho gayi hai par phir bhi aap ki patni aur unki saheli aaj bhi bachi hi hai!! (Even after marriage, your wife and her friend are still childish.) Has she told you or lied to you too what they have done here?? (she continued.)

 “Khushi mujhse jhuth nehi bolti Dadi!!”, Arnav replied, “ And by the way sometime such things happens between friends, And Dadi, is not it good too?? They say A person should never let the child inside him/her to die!!”, he explained taking Dadi’s unpleasant question and khushi and Nitya’s actions in a positive way..  

Dadi just stared at him for few seconds, she was about to counter questioned him but  Aman called him!! Excusing himself Arnav left from there, Arnav started helping Aman and others in arrangement.

“Aunty, Give me, I’ll give them!!”, Arnav stopped Aman’s mother who was hurriedly running here and there doing her c****s. Though Aman’s mother denied at first, later Arnav insisted her so she had to let Arnav do her work. Standing at far Dadi was noticing Arnav who was giving cold drinks to guests, folding her arms!!

Arnav checked his watch, he had not met his sister till now. Arnav stopped Aman who was walking by- Aman.. I am going to meet Di.

Aman patted his back- Ok.. But be back soon!! (Arnav nodded his head and rushed from there to meet his sister though he was again going to meet his sister during engagement as they were invited too.)



After meeting Anjali and Kaira as Karan was at work, Arnav was driving back to Aman’s place when he crossed the turning to Nitya’s home. His car slowed down it’s speed.. He had met everyone, but he had not seen his own wife till now neither he had talked to her. He took U turn and drove towards Nitya’s house.

As Nitya’s mother had already met Arnav, it was not any hard task to recognize him. Asking him to take seat, Nitya’s mother went to call Nitya who was in her room.

Girls passing by, were giving looks at Arnav. Arnav could hardly see any male members there as all were busy attaining guests downstairs. He was feeling conscious, taking out his phone he once again started calling khushi hoping her to answer before meeting, but that was not fruitful. He could hear gossips of girls and it did not take hard for him to know this gossip is related to him some where..  He was feeling himself like an alien each time any girl staring at him.



Arnav and Nitya shared hug, Nitya- This is the Best surprise Arnav.. How are you??

Arnav- I’m good.. What about you??

Nitya smiled- Superb..  Have you met Aman??

Arnav- Of course I have met him, it’s his engagement yaar..(he teased.)

Nitya lightly hit his arm- Mine too if you have forgotten.. (Arnav chuckled..) Ok, tell me have you met khushi?? Does she know you are at our house??

Arnav- Your House??? (he said sarcastically..) She does not even know I’m in India.. Agar madam kabhi phone uthae to hi baat karunga na main!! (I can tell her only if she picks up my calls)

Nitya-Oh ****!!! She forgot her phone here..

Arnav- Is not she here now??(he asked confusingly.. Now where did she go??) Where is she then??

Nitya- Actually khushi has gone to fix my engagement lehenga . (Arnav rolled his eyes.. Will he even meet his wife before leaving or not??, he afraid)


Guests from both side have reached at the venue, Nitya had reached with her family and friends. Aman too had arrived. Aman and Nitya were supposed to stay away before engagement.

“Do you look good in maroon or maroon look good on you Aman??”, asked khushi playfully leaning on door way holding a glass of cola in her hand, who till now had no idea what surprise was waiting for her in that room!!

Aman turned his head at her, then gave a side look at Arnav who was standing a little away as a result khushi had not seen him. He suppressed his smile, khushi gave him a smile, sipping her drink she started coming inside- You know, maroon colour for guys is now not in trend as all have started wearing sa…

She stopped abruptly, her eyes got widen and mouth left opened as her eyes fell on Arnav who was staring at him leaning on table, pocketing his both hands, wearing his breath taking smile!!!

“ARNAV ???”

Aman burst into laugh, seeing khushi’s shocked face. That was in deed a sight to watch..

“What the hell??”

Khushi was left in astonish not being able to accept that she was seeing him in real and that too few feet away from her touch. When did he come?? How did he come?? Why did not anyone tell her?? Does this mean Nitya too know this as she remembered Nitya was giving her teasing grin!!

Aman ‘s laughing  made khushi annoyed, here all make her fool .She barked angrily- Don’t laugh Aman..

But he was going on laughing, angrily khushi threw the glass she was holding in her hand, but luckily Aman moved away as a result the glass hit on wall and broke into pieces..

Arnav shrieked- What the.. Are you mad khushi?? (he finally spoke.)

Aman- Have you any plan to send me to hospital on my engagement day khushi??

She was fuming now. She had even gone to RM to change her dress.. Mumma too did not tell her about his visit, she had even talked to Aman over Nitya's phone, he did not even her then too!! She threw an angry glare at Aman and Arnav, then left from there stamping her feet!!


Khushi preferred to stick to Anjali and other girls during engagement ceremony not letting Arnav coming near her.. Why could not he inform about his coming before?? He has only come for his friend’s engagement, then let him enjoy that, she too needs to concentrate on her friend cum enemy’s engagement who was actually teasing her on her Own engagement.

Khushi turned her face away from Nitya when her eyes met with Arnav’s!! For a moment she became robotic as if losing every single control of her own body. Wearing a grey three piece suit, he was looking breath taking handsome.. Khushi narrowed her eyes when she saw few girls passing by gave him a quite long stare!! Her stomach crumpled.

She finally decided to move away from there not wishing to see anyone as she was angry with everyone specially with Arnav. Gulping down water, khushi mumbled- Kam se kam wo to mujhe bata sakta tha na?? (at least he could have tell me!!)

“Kiase batata.. Tum kahi aur tmahara phone aur kahin!!” (how was I supposed to tell you?? You were some where while your phone was some where else!!), khushi heard from behind.

“Baat mat karo mujhe se tum..” (Don’t talk to me!!)

“Ohkay.. To tum bolo main sun raha hun..” (Then you talk, am listening. )

Khushi frowned hearing his crooked reply, she turned to face him- Don’t act smart Arnav!! (she said angrily, showing her finger.)

In reply she could see he was stepping towards her slowly.. She gave him a deathly glare and tried to leave but felt a tug in behind as one end of her dupatta was held from behind.

“Leave my dupatta!!”

“I’ll not..”, he rolled her dupatta.

Khushi did not say anything further, she turned her face away!! He can’t mellow her down acting like this… Where he was till now as Aman and Nitya had already reached at the venue 45 minutes with their respective side persons. Was he waiting when this function would get over and he would escape?? Was he intending not to meet her?? She felt difficult even thinking so.

Coming closer, Arnav gave a long stare at her. Khushi was wearing an orange off shoulder design lehenga choli, hair in soft curls, two beautiful earrings kissing her cheeks frequently, her minimal make up face , kohl on her two beautiful almond shaped eyes and pink colour on her pink lips.

He raised his hands, pulled her towards him by her elbow. Her eyes got widen- Tum..

She could not say anything further, as his lips touched his forehead and lingered there for more than 3-4 seconds. She started feeling weaker under his hold, Arnav slowly moved away. Giving her another look, Arnav pushed her fringes behind her ear slowly- Was I this angry when you came to Singapore?? (he looked back at her.)

Khushi- But..(she felt sort of words to argue.)

Arnav raised his brow- But.. What?? (he was still holding her by her both arms.)

Khushi kept quite, saying nothing further Arnav pulled khushi in his embrace wrapping his arms around her possessively. Khushi became conscious, anyone might see them in this close position.

Khushi- Anyone might see us Arnav!!(she said slowly, her hands were still trembling to wrap around him.)

Arnav replied huskily- None is watching us khushi as none is here!!

Khushi quickly looked around only to find themselves isolated from crowd, she could not help but finally smiled seeing how this man again ensure their moment to be limited till them only!! She finally wrapped her soft arms around his body, why can’t she just remain angry with him longer??  Arnav pulled her more close touching her cheek with his cheek.!!


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Jun 15

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 185 times)

One by one ritual was performed by Aman and Nitya as per their custom and tradition during engagement ceremony.

Anjali- They look perfect together..(To khushi who was standing beside.)

Khushi- Yeah.. They do!! They look so happy.. Are not they Di??

Anjali nodded her head, they started talking, giggling. Being a little away Arnav just stood there staring at two beautiful women in his life.. His eyes searched for another beautiful woman, finally he spotted her.. His mother!! He felt content seeing his mother, sister and wife together. That’s a happy feeling for any man to see his wife, sister and mother sharing a beautiful bond, that gives warmth to heart.

Anjali asked- Where is Chotey?? (to khushi, not seeing Arnav either with them or with Aman.)

Khushi raised her eyes, looked around and spotted Arnav talking with his friends, she indicated Anjali, Anjali called out for Arnav. Arnav came to them- What happened??

Anjali- Stay with us for some time Chotey, we are seeing you after such a long time!!

Arnav smiled, wrapped his arm around Anjali’s shoulder- Then, I’m here only.

Khushi stood there adoring this brother-sister relationship, she loves their pairing, Arnav and Anjali look cute together. She thought to move away, giving them privacy when Anjali held her hand- Where are you thinking you are escaping now??

Khushi- No Di.. I was just..

Arnav looked at her, he had seen when she was staring at them lovingly. He had understood the reason of her moving away from them also.. Before khushi could say anything, Arnav came and stood in between her and Anjali. Anjali and khushi looked at him surprisingly at first then broke into smile, Arnav too joined them , Anjali pinched Arnav’s cheek getting a frown in return which later made both Anjali and khushi giggled. When love is there without any complexity.. Heart also understands those unspoken words, those unspoken needs, those unspoken feelings!!


Aman and Nitya finally exchanged rings, whole surrounding filled with laughter, claps and good wishes for the newly engaged couple.

Party was over, all started leaving one by one. As Arnav and Aman met few friends from their college, they decided to catch up the very next day morning as Arnav had his flight in afternoon. Arnav and Aarav occupied front seat of car while khushi and Anita the behind seat. Aarav had asked the driver to take his car by which he had Anita had come to the party as travelling together with family is more fun than travelling alone.  Aarav and Arnav continued to talk, Anita and khushi participated too.. Finally they reached at RM. While Aarav and Anita retired to their room, Arnav and khushi came to their room.

They were about to enter inside, khushi stopped by door looking around at the messy condition. She bit her lips slightly, what Arnav would think seeing this state??

“I’ll arrange everything.”

 She started cleaning bed, while Arnav started cleaning the mess on recliner and coffee table. After done with their tasks, they sighed deep.

Changing into her white salwar kameez, khushi came out only to find Arnav talking over phone probably with Aman deciding the place and timing to meet with everyone the next day. Seeing her, Arnav ended the call soon.

Khushi asked- You are returning back tomorrow then??

Arnav just nodded his head.

There suddenly raised tensed atmosphere between them, khushi had no idea how to approach towards him further!! She was feeling a bit uneasy too to talk to Arnav. So to divert her mind khushi said while moving towards dressing table to keep her earrings back- None had expected you would come suddenly.. But you did good, Aman was happy!! (She actually liked Arnav’s this decision of attaining his friend’s party.)

“Tum khush nehi ho??”, asked Arnav moving towards her. (Are not you happy??)

Khushi kept mum,  Is not she happy?? Of course she is happy, but she is sad too because of his short presence of him beside her. Arnav kept his hands on her shoulder, khushi looked up at him- Kal jana jaruri hai?? (Is it urgent to return tomorrow??) (She finally asked, staring at him through mirror.)

Arnav felt helpless the way she asked as till date they have not discussed on this topic ever openly..

Arnav- It’s only 2 and half months now khushi..(He gently squeezed her shoulder)

Khushi became conscious, she gripped on her emotions not letting it flow, just like she had been doing till date. She nodded her head and started move away- Yeah.. I know!!

She was about to move away further, Arnav held her hand. Khushi stopped, snaking his another arm around her waist, Arnav lifted khushi in his arms moving towards bed.. Her arms wrapped around his neck, she stared at his face for some seconds before hiding her face in crook of his neck.


It’s been 15 days now, sitting on bench in park in one afternoon khushi watched those cute kids playing together. Aman and Nitya are becoming cheesier day-by-day thanks to the official confirmation of their relation. Aman’s family had returned back to Mumbai, all were again went back to their respective work lives.

Khushi exhaled deeply, she was feeling a hollowness created inside her slowly. How was she going to wait for next 60 days.. she had no idea. Her heart was still under her control, but after meeting Arnav, after seeing him, after finding him so close..khushi was finding it heart to bear the distance. Sometime  it’s better to be away, than coming closer if separation is the next chapter..

Khushi leaned her head back, closed her eyes.


After being away from Delhi, after getting the chance to understand herself a bit more clearly, Tara had finally returned back to Delhi to begin a new life with a simple starting. Roaming around in the park, Tara noticed a familiar figure sitting on an ironed bench at a far.

She came closer- Khushi!!

Khushi opened her eyes hearing her name and met an unexpected guest.

Khushi- Tara??

Tara- Hi..

Khushi- Hi..  Sit!!

Tara nodded her head, taking her seat beside khushi Tara and khushi for some next minutes stared at the front, where children were playing.

Tara- Ese..chupchap yahan kyun?? (Why are you alone here like this??) (she started the conversation.)

Khushi gave a half smile- I was getting bored at home, so came here.

Tara asked after a prolong pause- How is Arnav?? (khushi turned her head at her hearing Arnav’s name, Tara added.) I have heard he has been in Singapore.. (khushi hummed.)

Tara had almost stopped any way of communicating with Arnav, as she knew if she continues to be in touch with Arnav frequently she would never be able move on from her feeling for him. She knew it was only who had asked for friendship at least from him, but later understood it’s difficult to be a normal friend with that person with whom you had once fallen head over love.

So to save herself as well as Arnav from any raising complexity between them, she decided to stay away.

Then Tara got a call, she stood up along with khushi. Tara said- I have to go, Papa has come  here.

Khushi nodded her head, bidding good bye Tara moved away from there, standing at her place khushi saw Tara giving side hug to an elderly person, his face was not cleared to her but khushi had understood he was only Tara’s father.


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Jun 19

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 181 times)

Aarav had already left for office, sitting on sofa Anita looked up at upstairs. The clock was showing 9.45 AM but khushi had not come downstairs till now. Though Anita knows khushi wakes up late but she had never woke up this late. That made feel suspicious, Anita got up and moved towards the staircase leading upstairs.

Door to khushi’s bedroom was just closed, but not locked from inside, that again made her feel bizarre. Pushing aside her thoughts, Anita stepped inside and found khushi still laying on bed but pushing her both knees to her chest, frown appearing on her forehead, her face was looking so dull and pale.

With concern, Anita came forward and sat on bed, caressing khushi’s hair, Anita started calling khushi- Khushi.. Wake up, it’s getting late now..

Khushi opened her eyes slightly then closed her eyes and moved her head towards Anita’s lap, khushi was about to say something, but felt her stomach crumpling and covering her mouth, she ran towards washroom!!! Anita stood there worriedly, seeing khushi’s state. After few minutes when khushi came out, Anita helped her to bed- What’s wrong khushi??

Khushi shook her head- I don’t know Mumma.. After returning last night, I am feeling weird and vomiting like this!!

Anita- Can’t you just tell me?? (with stern voice but coated with lots of concern just like every mother.)

Khushi- It was late yesterday..

Anita- Fine, then get ready, we are going to doctors’.

Hearing Doctor, khushi’s eyes grew widen, for her going to Doctor means being injected which she fears the most in her life, when that sharp needle pierce on her skin, then few drops of blood oozing out.. Khushi shook her head vigorously even imagining this.  

Khushi- No.. I’m not going any where.. (Anita glared at her, khushi made puppy face.) You give me any medicine but don’t take me to any doctor Mumma..

Anita- Am I a doctor then?? (she asked sarcastically.)

Khushi made face- But I’m not going any where.. You understood..(She acted like a stubborn kid, pacifying whom was a difficult task.)



Typing on his laptop, Arnav glanced at his phone to see any call back from khushi’s side, they both had not talked since last 2 days, thanks to their busy lives as well as their crooked friends. He picked up the call and finally dialed Anita’s number to enquire about khushi who was not answering his any calls since last night.

“How will she answer any call, when she is unable to stand on ground herself!!”,

Arnav could not get anything- What happened to her Mumma??

Anita- She is acting like a kid, she is not well and when I’m asking her to go to doctor, she is denying and asking me to get her any medicine.. Now you tell me Chotey, how will I get her medicines like this??

Arnav- Mumma, can you please ask her to call back me, I’ll talk to her!! (he assured his mother, who knows better than him how difficult it is to tame that adamant girl.)


Anita did as said by her son, khushi lazily moved a little to grab her phone that was laying on other end of bed and switching on that found numbers of missed calls from him, as her phone was in silent mode she could not hear the ring. Dialing his number, khushi again snuggled close inside the duvet- Hmm.. (as the call got answered.)

Arnav- What happened to you?? (he asked, stopping his typing on laptop key board.)

Khushi replied weakly- It’s aching my stomach Arnav.. since last night I’m having nausea..  Even my head too killing me.. (she complained to  him like a 5 year old girl.)

Arnav- Then why don’t you just go with Mumma to doctor khushi??

Khushi- I hate injection.. (She complained once again. Arnav shook his head. )

Arnav tried to make her understand the logic, Doctor does not put injection always, but khushi being khushi heard nothing.


Having no option left, Anita tried some homemade remedy for her stubborn daughter cum daughter-in-law.


It was evening, next day!! , Arnav was hurried back to home after official work, his car stopped as the traffic signal indicates to stop. Keeping his hands on steering wheel, Arnav looked around when his eyes fell on one couple walking at a little far, the man had securely wrapped his one arm around the lady’s shoulder, the lady was smiling talking to the man at the same time touching her baby bump softly.

Traffic signal indicated to move, Arnav started his car giving one last glance at the couple.

Olivia served him dinner, as he was starving he almost emptied the plate quickly and rushed upstairs to the room to enquire about khushi once again, but heard the same information. He now started getting worried, slowly his care converted to worry then stress. Standing by the window of his room, Arnav’s mind drowned back to that couple. He himself had no idea why was he even linking this with that couple?? He was becoming anxious with each passing minute, frustratingly Arnav took his laptop and thought to concentrate on work than That couple. He was doing his work, his figures automatically stopped taking his command. Not sure of his own confusion whether he was right or wrong Arnav typed on search machine, “Pregnancy symptoms..”

He again started deleting it, why was he even connecting khushi’s illness with these??


It ‘s been 2 days, khushi was feeling a little better thanks to Anita Mumma’s home made remedy. Though her stomach was still cramping, but she was feeling less nausea than last days. She was reading a magazine, sitting on bed when she got a call from Arnav. Smiling she took it,

Khushi- Hello..

Arnav- How is your health?? (he asked first not responding any greeting.)

Khushi pouted- A little better than yesterday.. I think I ate a lot of fastfood that day with Nitya and Aman, so my..

“Why don’t you just see a gynecologist khushi??”, asked an impatient Arnav.

Khushi stopped abruptly, she was confused- Huh??

Arnav said again though it was a bit uneasy for him- I think you should see a gynecologist khushi.

Khushi raised her brow high not getting any clue why the gynecologist came in between and most importantly why does she need to see one??

Khushi- But why??? I think I’ll be ok by tomorrow..

Not knowing how to keep his doubt in front of his wife, Arnav started scribbling on a white sheet- What’s the problem if you go?? (he asked back.)

Khushi- But Arnav… I think I’m doing better, I ate unhealthy food so I’m feeling sick, then why..

Interpreting khushi in middle, Arnav said- Khushi, meri baat suno pahele tum!! (khushi listen to me first.)

He continued understanding the reason of her keeping mum- I think..(he took a deep breath and exhaled..) You should do a pregnancy test!!

Her eyes opened wide, Did she hear right??

Khushi- What?? (she asked not sure of whether she heard him correctly or not.)

Arnav repeated- You should do a pregnancy test khushi.. (he said slowly.)

Khushi- But why?? (she does not know whether she asked any appropriate question or not, but that what came in her mind after hearing Arnav’s doubt.)

Arnav- What do you mean by why?? Should I explain Why?? (he said annoyingly, being trapped in between his hesitation and khushi’s questions..)

Khushi gulped down once, saying nothing she hanged up the call in next second. Sweat breeds started forming on her forehead, she could feel her throat becoming dry and her fingers almost shaking in nervousness..  Khushi quickly poured a glass of water and gulped down in one go then mumbled- Ek to khud tense hota hai upar se mujhe bhi pareshan karata hai.. (Not only he is making himself tensed, but also making me tensed too..) Oh god…

She closed her eyes tightly, sending a prayer to God!! Pregnancy test.. Leave this topic, she can’t even think of a Baby in right now!!


Pocketing his both hands, Arnav stared at the night beauty.. He kept his doubt in front of khushi, but what she must be thinking after hearing this from him?? He punched on the wall, not understanding what should he do next or to be more particular what should they both do next if by any chance his suspicion comes right?? Neither mentally, nor emotionally he was ready something like this?? Not only him, he doubted whether khushi was even ready for it!!

They both were standing at that point in life, where they both needs no one in between them, they needs each other only. They have a long distance still remaining between them to clear it, they still need to understand each other. Arnav shook his head.. Was he thinking ahead a bit more??



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Jun 20

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 212 times)

Hugging her knees, khushi buried her face. What if Arnav’s suspicion comes right?? What if she is actually..

Khushi bit her lower lips trying to suppress her anxiety and restlessness. After hearing from Arnav about this test, khushi was feeling like falling sick with each passing moment, even due to strain her head started aching badly. She could feel her body shaking in fear.. Were they both ready for something like this?? They both need time to grow, to grow as an individual and at the same time as couple.


As since last few days, khushi was at home due to her sickness, she decided to go out today to meet her friend in order to divert her mind in something else as sitting at home was making her feel weaker. She met Nitya at Nitya’s home, both friends chatted for some time then decided to go to the nearby park. Khushi does not know why but she was even scared of riding her own scooty, she even felt like stop walking due to fear if another life growing inside her!!

Khushi sat behind Nitya, Nitya started the scooty. While passing by on road, khushi’s eyes fell on a chemist store, thinking for a brief second, khushi asked Nitya- Nitu, Stop here.

Abruptly Nitya stopped by road side, khushi said- I’ll just get a headache medicine, you wait for me here..

Before Nitya could ask, khushi moved away from there towards the chemist shop. Khushi- I need a pregnancy test kit. (She said slowly feeling awkward, she does not understand how people talks on this topic so freely when it was so difficult on her part to even think so.)

The seller instantly got her one, paying money khushi thrust the small box in her hand bag and left from there.


It’s been a while now, khushi has locked herself in bedroom just watching that plastic small kit in her hand!! That was just a small plastic thing, how was she supposed to know what to do or what not?? Should she ask Anjali Di.. No.. What would she reply if Anjali Di ask why she needs to know it?? Then should she ask Mumma.. Again her mind gave a negative reply.

Having no option left, khushi made a puppy face and dialed Arnav who was the reason behind this fear of her. She was taken aback when Arnav answered the call immediately within 2-3 rings as if he was waiting for her call.. Her jaw dropped!!

Before khushi could say anything, Arnav asked eagerly- What happened??

Khushi rolled her eyes, throwing one furious look at that small plastic kit she said- I don’t know anything about this.. What am I supposed to do?? (She asked annoyingly.)

Arnav was not understanding what she was referring- What are you saying khushi?? What are you doing then??

Khushi looked around as if gathering her courage to talk to Arnav, she could not understand how does a wife tells her pregnancy to her husband happily without any hesitation as her situation was totally different.

Khushi- You were..saying something yesterday.. So as I have gone out… I.. (she gulped down once again..)

Arnav asked- You..What dammit?? (He almost screamed, as anxiety was killing him slowly.)

Khushi’s eyes grew wider- Chilla kyun rahe ho tum?? Mujhe bhi chillana ata hai.. Pata bhi hai kya kya soch rahi hun main Arnav?? Esa lagta hai meri jaan chali jayegi iss waqt. Kal se na so paa rahi hu na thik se kha sakti hun.. Chalti hun to dar lagta hai, aaj to main apni scooty ko chune se bhi dar gayee.. Aur ye.. ye ridiculous test kit… Mujhe kuch samjha mein hi nehi aa rahi hai.. Socha ki Di se puchu, par nehi puch sakti..socha ki Mumma ko batau, wo bhi nehi kar payi.. Kal se meri jaan nikli jaa rahi hai aur tumhe gussa aa raha hai Raizada???  

(Why are you screaming?? I can scream too.. Do you even what I’m undergoing now?? I feel like my life is going to end soon.. Neither I’m able to sleep not eat.. I’m even scared to walk, today I was so scared to touch my scooty.. And upon all these.. This ridiculous test kit!! I’m not getting anything of it, I thought to ask Di, but could not.. I thought to tell Mumma, but again could not.. Since yesterday my life is sucking out and here you are getting hyper??)

Khushi said in one breath, her eyes were a little moist due to her sudden outburst of her inner fear and emotions . She was feeling so weak and helpless since the time Arnav had suggested this.

Arnav was left in shocked hearing khushi.

Arnav- Khushi!!

Khushi- Kya hai??

He became more amused, he had not thought this would scare her to this extent!! Unknowingly smile appeared on his lips though he knew laughing at someone when he/she is scared, is a bad manner..

Arnav- Khushi, calm down.. There is no use becoming so scared like this??

Khushi- Yeah..Right. (she said mockingly, None can understands what she was feeling, how uneasy it was on her part, how difficult it was on her part when she bought that test kit in that chemist shop. A lone of tear escaped from her eye unknowingly. Men will be always men and mean.)

After some seconds of pause, Arnav called out her name- Khushi??

Khushi- I’m not getting what to do with this kit Arnav?? (she sniffed.)

Arnav- Are you crying khushi?? (Hearing no reply, Arnav sighed hard.) Ok, listen, I don’t know anything either.. So..

Khushi- Then what will happen now?? I can’t go on asking everyone how to use it.. (she said loudly interpreting Arnav in middle..)

Arnav- You expect me to know about all these?? Like Really??

Khushi- Han to.. Was not you the one who asked me to do this??(She retorted back..)

Arnav- I asked you to visit a gynecologist khushi.. (He argued back..)  How would I know about this kit and all??

Khushi- Then??

Arnav- I can tell you something, only if you let me speak khushi..  Should I speak then?? (khushi did not say anything, Arnav continued.) There must be the instruction written at the back of the box khushi or some where.. Read it, understand it.. (he commanded..)

Khushi realized something- Ohh..****.. I threw that box.

Arnav opened his mouth to say something, but knowing it’s useless to say anything to khushi, he asked- Can you search for it??

Khushi-Let me see then..

Khushi looked around and found that small packet laying near bed, she grinned happily- Got it..

Arnav- Great. Now read and understand what’s written..

Khushi nodded her head, she took that and started aloud what was written, amusing Arnav once again due to her act. Arnav- Are you a kid who is taught how to learn for first time khushi??

Khushi- I’m reading loudly so that you can hear it too Raizada.. I’m not dumb, if I forget, then remind me. Understood..

After done with reading the instruction, khushi became silent for some seconds and said over phone- See.. don’t even think of hanging up the call Arnav.. I feel like I’m murdering someone here..


It’s been 10 minutes now, khushi was still staring at that stick, phone was laying on bathroom cabinet, with speaker on.. Arnav groaned- khushi.. It was written 5 minutes there.. What are you doing??

Biting her nails, khushi mumbled- It was written if two lines appeared, that means it’s positive.. Then why only one line is still appearing??

Arnav felt like banging his own head… He exclaimed- You crazy girl.. That’s because the result is negative.. You understood!!!

Khushi stared at the phone, then at that stick- You sure na Arnav??

Arnav could not help but smiled- Kya karu main tumahare sath khushi??

Khushi finally smiled.. Then laughed, Arnav joined with her too.. Opening washroom door, khushi came out, laughing- I can’t believe we are so happy seeing the negative result.. Normally people gets excited seeing positive while we are thrilled because of negative..

Arnav replied back huskily- Right.. First let me have my share of you wifey.. Then we can think of the entry of someone.. (He ended dragging the last bit a more, making khushi feel goosebumps all over her skin.)

 A smile was playing on her lips after hanging up the call.

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