My little bride. (Completed)

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Jul 9

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 168 times)

Khushi was at set, when Nitya called her. she answered the call, Nitya- Can you come with me for shopping today??

Thinking for a second, khushi replied- In afternoon, will that be ok??

Nitya- Yeah.. No problem, come to xyz mall, I’ll be there.

Khushi- Ok.. I’ll be there in time.


The cab came to screech, paying the cab driver khushi got down and called Nitya to ask where she was then came to saree section where Nitya said she would be.

Nitya- Acha sun.. Saree choice kar ne meri help kar. One for Maa and one for me, I am planning to wear saree tomorrow.

Khushi smiled, they both started checking designs, fabric and colour. While selecting saree, Nitya said- Why don’t you buy one for yourself?? I have heard, men like to see their woman in traditional outfit sometimes.

Khushi laughed- I had tried once, do you even know what I had felt then?? Each time I took a turn, I felt like pleats were coming out and I had tripped at least three times that day. I can’t take risk once again. I don’t think I look good in saree too..

Nitya- Shut up.. Is this even a reason for denying?? I’ll select one for you, you select for me.

As Nitya pressurized, khushi finally gave in- Ok.. But choose something light weighted and blue in color.

Nitya- Blue!! Select one of Arnav’s favorite color, that will add fire in your chemistry Meri Jaan. (she said dramatically, elbowing khushi. ) Bata, what’s his favorite color??

Arnav’s favorite color!! Does she even know herself that she will tell Nitya?

Khushi- Select anything you like..

While Nitya started choosing for khushi, khushi too looked around to select one for Nitya when her eyes fell on a couple. The woman was showing two different sarees to the man, the man made face yearning a growl from the woman’s side. The man laughed, then took a saree of green colour and kept that on that woman’s shoulder while taking her towards mirror and showing a perfect symbol through gesture.

Khushi could not help but smiled seeing their cuteness, biting her lower lip she gave one look at Nitya, then moved aside a bit while dialing a number on her phone.


Arnav was at a café, he had come to meet someone when his phone vibrated. He found “Wife” flashing on screen. Excusing from the other person, Arnav got up to receive the call.

Arnav- Miss kar rahi ho mujhe?? (Are you missing me??)

Before khushi could hear or say Hello, she heard this. Khushi- Nehi.. Kuch kam tha to call kar dia. (No, I had some work, so called you.)

Arnav- Kya Khushi tum bhi!! Someone should learn from you how to spoil a romantic mood. (He complained, but that sounded cute to khushi. )

Khushi- Batao.. What’s your favorite color??(she asked impatiently.)

 Arnav- Mine?? Why?? Are you getting me any gift then??

Khushi- Arnav, if I want to gift you something, I’ll not ask your choice. Gift should be what a giver likes to give the receiver. Understood??

Arnav shook his head- I don’t understand your logic..

Khushi- Offo.. Tum color batao.

Arnav- Red.. That’s my favorite color. By the way where are you?? (He added after a bit.)

Khushi- At xyz mall, with Nitya.

Arnav exclaimed happily- Good.. I’m near by, we can return together, don’t leave without me!!

Fixing their timing to meet and return together, again both went back to their respective task. Khushi joined Nitya who was selecting a blue saree, khushi stopped her- Select one in red!!

Nitya raised her brow- Woah.. You will look like a red chili in red..

Rolling her eyes, khushi started checking, Nitya asked- Waise, Red is Arnav’s favorite color then??

Khushi looked at her surprisingly, she clearly remembers she was talking at distance, how come Nitya knew that?? Seeing her confusion state of mind, Nitya said- Only one person can make you change your mind too rapidly like this now-a-days khushi.. You might not have noticed yourself, but it reflects. (Khushi was still not that clear what Nitya was referring.) You love Arnav very much.. Don’t you??

Nitya asked sweetly, holding khushi’s hand. Hearing this, khushi tried to hide her smile- First do this selection Nitu..

Nitya did not ask anything further, both started seeing sarees. After done with their shopping, Nitya left as Arnav was coming to pick khushi. Khushi was roaming around in mall, her eyes fell on tie collections. She proceeded towards that section.


“What??”.. “Fine, I’m coming down.”, said khushi over phone to Arnav who had reached there. She saw him standing from upstairs, quickly proceed towards escalator to reach near him. Arnav too noticed her coming, he moved forward not noticing anyone coming in front of him as his eyes were glued on his beautiful wife, when he hit on someone and as result everything that person was holding scattered on ground.

“I’m sorry.. Are you ok??”

Arnav tried to help the lady when he saw she was no other than Tara, Tara was taken aback too seeing Arnav suddenly. By then khushi too reached there. The situation was not easy for Arnav or Tara to face even though, they had moved on  especially Tara,in their lives. Khushi noticed their uneasiness written over their faces.

Khushi- Hi Tara.. (she greeted Tara, trying to dissolve the awkward moment by initiating some conversation.)

Tara gave her a smile- Hii.. How are you??

Khushi- Good.. What about you??

Tara nodded her head, Arnav looked at khushi first who was giving him an affectionate smile. Her smile made him feel relaxed, as if her smile was a source of energy for him right then. Arnav- Hi Tara..

Tara half smiled- When did you return from Singapore??

Arnav- Few days back.. (Noticing her carrying a lot of bags, Arnav asked) Have you come alone??

Tara shook her head and was about to say heard from behind,

“You are here and I’m searching for you somewhere else.. At least inform me before going any where Tara.”

Trio turned their heads and found an elderly man standing who was no other than Sashi Gupta. Seeing Arnav, Sashi Gupta smiled happily as he had met him before- Arnav.. Nice to meet you again.

Arnav reciprocated that, Tara turned to Sashi Gupta and introduced khushi whom Sashi had not met before, Tara- Papa, she is khushi, Arnav’s wife!!

Khushi looked at Sashi Gupta- Hello Uncle.. (She greeted him cheerfully.)

Sashi Gupta- Hello Khushi.. Pleasant meeting you both together. (he said genuinely.)

Arnav and khushi looked at each other, Arnav- Tara, Uncle, we are getting late, we need to leave!!

Sashi- Sure.. (They shook hands then Sashi Gupta gave a warm smile at khushi, before they started leaving.)

Standing there, Sashi noticed Arnav and khushi leaving from there, Arnav taking few bags from khushi’s hand like every gentleman then proceed towards exit. He turned to Tara who was lost staring at back of their, As a father he had already known what feeling his daughter has for this man. Though being a father, his heart was hurt seeing his daughter sad but that humanity inside him did not let him to take any wrong steps like some  over-protective and over-possessive fathers. He had appreciated his daughter’s choice and respected that decision too when she decided to move on in her life not tangling herself in her past affair.


Arnav was loading shopping bags in back seat, khushi asked noticing him for few seconds- Tara still has feeling for you.. Does not she??

Arnav’s hand slowed down the speed, he turned to face khushi, he moved a step towards her- Khushi..

Khushi smiled, checking around  and seeing none, khushi raised on her toes and planted a kiss on his cheek lovingly- If you behave so sweetly like sugar syrup, it’s not her fault if she develops crush on you. (His lips curled.)

Khushi was about to sit inside, Arnav held her by her forearm and pulled her towards him- And if you behave so sweetly, then I have to do my sugar test in each month.. (khushi laughed.) You know, I love..

Cutting him in middle, khushi said- Main janti hun Arnav, tum mujh se bohot pyar karte ho. Hai na?? (I know Arnav, you love me very much.. Is not it??)

Arnav became emotional, the understanding and maturity level she showed, that made his heart fall for her even more. Touching her cheek, Arnav replied- Bohot..(A lot.)

Khushi smiled brightly.


Next morning was Karwachuath morning. Khushi had almost forgotten this festival totally, after shower she was drying her hair with blow drier, Arnav said from behind who was searching for something in closet- Today I want to eat French toast for breakfast.

Khushi raised her eye and turned to face him from mirror- So??

Arnav- Prepare that for me..

Giving her order, Arnav left from there to poolside to continue his some work. Khushi’s jaw dropped, did he just order her as if she was his slave?? Throwing  that blow drier angrily, khushi walked towards him- I’m not going to do anything… Go and order. I’m not your slave, you understood.

Arnav did not say anything neither looked up. Stamping her feet, khushi moved away from there and was about to leave, Arnav called from behind- Khushi..

Khushi stopped and turned, Arnav- French toast.. Remember!!

Her mouth left opened, she took a book that was laying on coffee table and threw that at his direction. Fortunately Arnav bent down, stamping her feet khushi left. Arnav chuckles seeing her annoyed expression then again resumed his work.

Though khushi had mind makeup not to fulfill his order, but at last ended up preparing what he had asked for. Like any typical wife, even if it gives double pressure, she could not deny him at last. By the time, she was done with her morning house c****s, it was late. She was almost late, so not getting the time to have her breakfast, khushi rushed away from there to her work.



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Jul 10

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 190 times)

Khushi had been busy since the time she has come to set, it was lunch hour. Her friend Tarun and few others were sharing their lunch when khushi was passing by, so Tarun called her- Hey khushi.. (khushi stopped and came forward near them.) Have lunch with us today!! It’s late..

Being friends mean not only sharing happiness or problems, but sometimes sharing care too!! Khushi was one of those luckiest who had some friends like this..either Nitya, Tarun or few others. Khushi took a seat beside them and took sandwich from Tarun’s box saying- Since morning I have not eaten anything.. I..

She was about to take that sandwich near her mouth, when something stuck in her brain- Hey, what’s today’s date??

Ankita, one of her friend told her. Instantly khushi stood up, keeping that sandwich back in Tarun’s lunch box and wiped her hands- It’s my fast.. How could I forget??

Ankita and Tarun laughed- You and Fast!! Seriously??

Khushi rolled her eyes- It’s Karwachauth today.. So!! (she quickly rushed away from there and soon after few minutes came to them and said while stuffing her bag)- Guys, I need to leave ASAP. Mumma must be alone at home, please manage everything here. Ok??

Tarun- We will.. But don’t be so hurry.. Careful. Ok??

Waving them good bye, khushi rushed away from there checking her wrist watch which was showing 1.30pm.


When khushi reached at RM, he could see people were busy decorating and lightening up the whole house. As guests would be coming in evening, preparation was going on full swing. She went inside and found Anita speaking with one man who was decorating with flowers.

Khushi- Mumma..

Anita turned to her, she was surprised seeing khushi early- You are early today??

Khushi shook her head- Leave that Mumma.. First tell me what I have to do, I have actually forgotten it completely.

Anita- Forgot..what??

Khushi- That today is Karwachauth.. Suddenly I remembered at work.

Anita was surprised- You are fasting..(that was a question more than a statement from Anita’s side.)

Khushi nodded her head- Actually unknowingly.. Please leave that na Mumma.. Tell me what to do, should I do anything now?? Though I always see you doing this ritual every year, I don’t remember anything.

Anita could not stop her smile, she lightly pinched khushi’s cheek- There is nothing to do now, Come with me!!

Anita was about to drag khushi with her, khushi stopped Anita and said slowly- Another problem is there also.. (Anita raised her brow questioningly, giving a nervous smile khushi came closer and whispered slowly.) Help me draping saree this time, last time Di did not help me that well, I had trapped multiple times then.  

Anita laughed hearing khushi. Is she the same girl who was once so against this marriage, so frustrated with this almost imposed relationship, so reluctant to carry out this bond in life. Was she the same girl who was demanding divorce the very next day of marriage, was she the same girl who had left home being angry with everyone, was she the same girl who was once not ready to share the same room with her son??

Anita’s eyes became slightly moist, Anita could see how much effort not only khushi but also Arnav was showing in their relationship, the growth in their bond, the growth in between their understanding is clearly reflecting today!! Anita cupped khushi’s face and kissed her on her forehead- Sure.. Why not?? Mummas are only there to help their children.

Khushi smiled brightly, wrapping her arms around Anita.


Anita called Aarav to remind him once again to return back home early, she did not forget to remind him to convey the same to Arnav, whose wife too was fasting for him. Hearing it Aarav was amused at first, but later he was glad and proceed towards Arnav’s cabin. Arnav looked up, hearing the knock on glass door to his cubicle.

Aarav walked in- Today we have return home early, (Arnav looked at him questioningly because before that Aarav had never come and told him so to leave soon for home.) Today is Karwachauth, khushi has kept fast for you, until you break her fast, she will not eat anything. That’s why.. Ok??

Aarav left after a moment, Arnav was totally left in daze. Karwachauth, khushi.. fasting, for him!!

“What the!!”

Muttered Arnav, before taking up his phone.

“Pagal ho gayi ho kya?? Ye fasting tum kab se karne lagi khushi?? (Are you gone crazy?? Since when have you started fasting)”, his voice was mixed with disappointment, anger as well as worry. Knowing khushi and her weakness for food, any person would react in same way and here he was no other than her husband.

Khushi’s jaw dropped- Aur tumhara dimag ek dum se thik hai, isliye tum apni biwi par tab chilla rahe ho jab wo bichari subah se kuch nehi khayi hai.. Anjane mein  sahi, par maine tumhare liye ki hai, aur tumahra ye gussa ka logic kya hai?? ( And you are in your normal sense, that’s why you are screaming on your wife who has not eaten anything since morning.. Even though unknowingly, but I have done this for you and what’s the logic behind your anger??)

Arguing with a lady, is always critical!! It rarely happens that, some one would say anything to khushi and she will keep quite like so. She will prove her point by any how, no matter how logistic or not that is!!

Arnav- Khushi.. You..

Interpreting him in middle, khushi said- I have a lot of work to do..Reach home early, if you feel bad for me in real. Bye now..

Arnav opened his mouth to say, but that never happened as line got disconnected. Taking a deep sigh, Arnav glanced at his wrist watch, which was showing 2.30pm. He was quite unsure whether what he was feeling right now, he could call it as his worry or his anger. He knows khushi, she was not someone whom you can convince that easily, if she takes something to heart, she will definitely do it as her old nature stubborn overpowers her like any spirit.

On other hand, someone keeping fast for him, this idea was giving him goosbumps all over his body. Every man feels great, when the woman with whom he is committed emotionally, too considers you in same way like he does. He feels bliss, when the attempt shows not from his side but from her end also. He certainly has no idea whether that logic of being each other’s life partner for next seven lives behind this festival is true or false, but he could definitely feel that affection he has saved for his better half doubling right now, may be he was falling for her more, may be he was coming closer to her more!!

A smile erupted on his lips.


The distance that he normally crosses within 10 minutes, it was taking more than 30 minutes for him. Sitting inside, Arnav was getting impatient to reach at home. He was tapping on steering wheel looking around, Aarav who had accompanied him that day, was noticing his son. Finally the traffic got cleared, Arnav started the engine.

Walking inside, Arnav was stopped by door way as few old friends stop him there. He could never deny them, while talking his eyes roamed around. He could see his mother, but where is she?? Excusing from others, Arnav walked upto his mother- Maa..

Anita turned around- You came.. Good!!

Anita did not wait, moved away from there making Arnav frowned. Wasting no time looking around for her, Arnav made his way upstairs towards bedroom. She must be there for sure, if not here!! He was climbing up stairs, when heard..

“Khushi.. Anita Aunty asked me bring those rose petals.. Where is it??”

“There.. on table.”

Arnav quickly turned on hills, he could see two three girls at some distance, talking. Though they facing back, his eyes glued on that particular figure. He could recognize her even in dark, he knows her that deeply and intently. Feeling a constant gaze on her, khushi quickly turned her head. Her eyes crashes on those warm beautiful eyes, standing at distance he still had that same intensity in his eyes to make her go weaker. Khushi slowly turned around, his eyes first fell on her figure draping in a beautiful red saree!! He could feel his body stiffening, khushi looked down and slowly covered that distance between them.

Standing in front of him, she gave him her nervous yet brightest smile making his heart go crazy when he noticed that red mark on her forehead just near her hair partition. His eyes soon travelled down at her neck, where he could see that same mangalsutra he had tied around her neck forcefully once.

Before today, she had never worn any of her marriage accessories, neither Arnav had ever felt any need of that in between them. but today after seeing her like this, his heart craved for more, a possessiveness ran down his spine. She belongs to him, legally, emotionally and physically too. His little bride!!

Some one called khushi, jerking them from their world! Giving him one last glance khushi moved away from there. Arnav could not stop his own smile, though he knew seeing him smiling like this anyone might take him in a wrong way.


Rituals were performed one by one, seeing Anita and some other lady bending down to touch their husband’s feet, khushi instantly looked at Arnav. Arnav- Don’t even dare to do so khushi..

More than her, it was weird for Arnav. Khushi laughed, Arnav could not stop his own smile- We will perform anything but this part khushi.. I don’t like when a woman touches a man’s feet even if that’s for blessing or anything but if a man does same, then the concept and point of view changes. So exclude this part.

Khushi stood there admiring this man, whom she calls proudly as her husband. Who respects her before loving her. If respect is there, love has to be there not matter what. As all started disappearing, Arnav caught hold of khushi’s hand- Don’t change before me, I have not still seen my wife completely!!

Giving her a meaningful smile, Arnav left tapping her nose. Khushi could feel her cheeks burning.

After dinner affair, guests  started leaving one by one. Then Anita too retired to room as she was tired due to whole day. Aarav and Arnav were talking, khushi too went back to bedroom. After some 10-15 minutes, Arnav came upstairs. Room was empty, Arnav looked around and saw khushi standing by poolside, leaning on wall, crossing her both arms, his eyes caught specially as she was still wearing that same saree as if keeping his words. She seem lost, Arnav took his long strides towards her and gently wrapped his arm around her shoulder, burying his face in crook of his neck deeply from behind, inhaling her lemony fragrance. Khushi closed her eyes, Arnav made her turn after some minutes. His eyes roamed on her body from toe to head and reversing. She was shy the way he was staring at her closely. Putting her arms around his neck, khushi pressed herself in his embrace hiding her face.

Picking her up, in his arms Arnav made his way inside towards bed. Putting her on bed, Arnav leaned forward and planted a moist kiss on her forehead just above her bindi. Before khushi could understand anything, Arnav pulled the quilt on her and laid beside her pulling her in his body, kissing her hair once again- Sleep..

She was surprised, though she did not voice out but this was definitely not what she had thought.

Arnav added- You have not had anything since morning, you need rest. We will continue where we are left, tomorrow night and remember, tomorrow night I’m not leaving you for anything wifey!!

Her lips curled, he has become unpredictable!! Keeping her head on his arm, khushi whispered- Who is asking you to leave then??

Arnav raised his brow, looking down he said- Stick to your words because I’m not forgetting it.

Khushi giggled, burying her face in his chest.


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Jul 11

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 150 times)

It was one fine Saturday morning. Arnav came out after morning shower wrapping a towel around his lower body. He gave one glance at khushi who was still sleeping peeping her head out, puling the quilt till her neck. She likes warm than cool atmosphere. Khushi and her preferences!! Shaking his head, Arnav proceed towards closet and took out his one trouser pant and started wearing. His mind took him to that day after his return from Singapore, the way khushi had screamed at him for changing in room like this. He hoped, she would not have any problem now!! He smirked, then moved and took the drier to dry his wet hair!!

Opening her lazy eyes, the first view khushi saw was her husband getting dress up. She smiled cutely, pulling the blanket more into her as it still has his mint fragrance. She loves the long lasting fragrance of his shower gel. Khushi found him, buttoning down his navy blue formal shirt which did not take longer for her to understand he was getting ready for office, but is not it too early today?? She quickly glanced at digital clock on side table.

Arnav was about to take his tie and wear that, khushi screamed- Stop!!! (Arnav turned around, looked at her confusingly.. Now what problem this girl has with him wearing his tie??, she never fails to entertain him for sure.)

Pushing the blanket away from her body, khushi quickly climbed down from bed, wearing her flip-flop she rushed towards her closet, sliding that transparent door of her section, khushi took out something and gave that to Arnav with a cute smile playing on her lips. Arnav raised his brow- What is this??

Khushi- See yourself.

Arnav unwrapped it and found a Tie packed there. With a smile he looked up at her, khushi asked excitingly- Acha laga?? (Did you like it??)

Arnav - A gift’s value increases even more if the giver herself makes the receiver wear that!!  

Khushi did not say anything further, she came closer to him, took out his previous tie from his neck and buttoned the top most button near his neck, then wrap the tie around his neck. Arnav noticed her for few seconds, the interest she was showing to make her task the best. He asked after done with admiring his wife, though he knew he could never get enough of admiring her- Aaj ghar pe ho tum?? (Today you are at home then??)

Khushi- Han.. I’ll finish sketching here..

She liked it, when Arnav showed his interest towards her work. Arnav-Ohh..

Done with her task, khushi made Arnav turned around to face mirror and stood behind him- You look good!! (She pecked his shoulder blade over his shirt lovingly.)

Arnav smiled- Thank you..


Keeping her hands on her waist, khushi stood in front of Arnav who was tying his shoelaces. Khushi- Why are you leaving for office so early today?? Some important meeting came up?? (she asked with worry, like every wife, she too was concerned towards her husband, his health and his work life.)

Arnav- Actually last night, my ex called me telling me that she would land in Delhi today morning. You think, I look enough impressive for this important reunion??

Her jaw dropped, this man and his timing of teasing her nerves speaking so!! Is it only her husband who teases her even without any perfect reason or all husbands do so?? She needs to do a research on it!!

Arnav- I’m waiting.. You have not answered yet?? (Added Arnav after a pause, letting her do her self communication.)

Khushi- You look enough impressive Raizada for this reunion..(Arnav narrowed his eyes hearing her mockery reply.) But pass a message to her from my side then, (Ohh!! That’s what he was waiting to hear, thought Arnav happily.) Tell her that, you are already taken and she should not waste her precious time on a second hand possession!!

Saying so khushi moved away giving him half smile, Arnav was unable to differentiate whether this was a compliment or criticism. But he did not give pressure on analyzing it more, as his mood was happy at least knowing she too was affected in same way like him seeing him with anyone than her!! Love can’t be a spicy story, unless it has possessiveness added to it. It makes it double tempting and fiery. He got up, moved towards her, kissing her cheek from behind as she was facing closet- Why do I need a affair when I’m happy with my extra affair with my present?? Let me enjoy this period before hunting for another option.

Her mouth left wide opened, she turned her head!!

“You are so gone Arnav!!”

She raised her hands to press his neck, when Arnav kissed on tip of her nose before escaping!!


A knock came across on door, Arnav looked up from laptop screen and found Aarav. Aarav walked inside- I need to talk to you, Are you free??

Arnav- You never need permission for it Papa!!

Aarav smiled, taking his seat, Aarav started- It’s about khushi.. (Arnav became serious, what’s relating to khushi that his father wants to share with him??)

Aarav- You already know what issues are going on there in Lucknow relating to Sheeshmahal regarding it’s claim on its royalty and throne. Khushi’s presence and approval requires there for solving the issues.

Arnav- But Papa, I don’t think she ever wishes to visit that place ever!!

Aarav smiled, seeing care in his son’s eyes for his wife. Aarav- Sometime we need to think beyond emotional boundary. I know khushi does not like it, but we can’t forget those people who are already a part of that palace and taking care of that!! A question comes there also..

Aarav stated his point, sometime for the interest of mass, individual’s emotions comes on the edge of breaking. He understands that, though he too never wishes to see his daughter hurt.

Arnav kept quite, Aarav spoke- A man named Vikram Singh, coming from Lucknow. He wants to meet me, but I want you to meet him and know everything that you have not known till now!! It’s not only about khushi’s sentiment, it’s about her right also!! Many more things are there, you need to learn before deciding anything.

Arnav- When is he coming??

Aarav- By 4 pm, at Purple Orchid!!

Arnav nodded his head, approving the meeting. Aarav soon left from there, Aarav certainly does not know whether at last khushi would win or lose, but he was not ready to quit even before starting.


“Arnav Singh Raizada??”

Arnav turned his head, saw a man of his mid 40s standing.

Arnav- Mr.Vikram Singha??

Vikram Singh smiled, they shook hands before taking seats. Vikram started- I guess your father had already informed you about problems arising in Lucknow. (Arnav nodded his head.) Arnav, you need to learn everything from starting.. About Garima Ma’am and her disappearance from Lucknow suddenly..

Actually the man with whom Garima Ma’am had fallen, was no other than the lawyer of the Royal family. He was smart, good looking, sharp minded, clean in his work career.. Being their lawyer he used to visit to Sheeshmahal very often and he had possessed every characteristics that a young girl always dreams in her partner’s!! Though first, their status differences comes in between them, but after a certain period that resolves in between them. And the consequent you know already!!! When Garima Ma’am’s parents came to know, they were not ready for this match owing their status in society while he was a commoner. But later Garima Ma’am convinced them some how, and being their only child they too could not deny her for longer.. But that day when they called that man to talk about marriage, he walked away saying he was already married!! Whatever he was feeling for Garima Ma’am was not more than a simple friendship..

Hearing this Garima Ma’am was broken, few days later she came to know about her pregnancy. Her parents could not bear it, they again requested that but he did not hear it even. Her father fell ill, then her mother!! Soon this pregnancy news scattered all over in Lucknow making Ma’am’s life miserable. In between her parents too passed away, and her mental condition started worsening. That time, your mother who was Garima Ma’am friend came to know about this and she and her husband reached there.

Ma’am was in her mid trimester, her case was complex. So your parents took her here in Delhi to consult Doctors. Your father too tried to meet that lawyer once, but he again insulted him. After few years, one night due to accident Garima Ma’am passed away leaving her baby daughter behind.

And since then the rival have started claiming the throne as there was no heir of that family, they are very cruel and if throne comes to their hand, it will be worsen more for those people who lives there. Your father though not physically presents there, but his support is there with everyone. If you lose the case, your father will not be able to help those people at the same time Garima Ma’am’s daughter too will lose her right.

I’ll again say, think once before deciding anything.

Arnav- What was that Lawyer’s name??

Vikram Singh- I have heard his surname was Gupta.. Nothing more than that. I was young then, my father used to work then for them.

Arnav- I need time.. I don’t know how khushi is going to react to it and I don’t want to hurt her by any way.

Vikram nodded his head, understanding a husband’s concern for his wife. He stood up- Take time, but don’t take longer.. I need to leave from here soon.. Take care!!

Soon Vikram Singh, left from there leaving a puzzled Arnav who was sailing in two boats where in one his wife’s sentiment is related where in other one her right and claim at the same time meeting that person who was the reason of everything. Arnav certainly did not know how far he can even go, without telling khushi anything relating to it.


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Jul 12

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 164 times)

Sitting behind of khushi on scooty, Kaira asked- How long will it take to reach India gate cookie??

Khushi replied- Umm.. I guess 20 more minutes.

Kaira had her two little arms wrapped around khushi’s waist, she nodded. While looking around, her eyes fell on someone unexpectedly, she screamed loudly- Cookie.. Uncle.. Uncle.. There!!

Khushi had to applied sudden brake due to her scream, she asked worriedly- Who??

Pointing towards Arnav who was coming out of Purple Orchid café, Kaira exclaimed- There.. Look!!

Khushi turned her head, her lips too broke into smile seeing Arnav, asking Kaira to wait patiently, khushi again started her scooty to reach near Arnav who was proceeding towards his car at parking lot, doing something with his phone. Kaira and khushi giggled while blowing horn behind him but not making any other  sound. Arnav was busy with his phone, he too did not find it necessary to look behind. In order to give some space to that person behind him, Arnav moved aside a little but still drooling on his phone.

Kaira frowned and whispered to khushi from behind- Can’t uncle see we are only here??

Khushi replied in slow voice- He does not know we are here, so he is not looking behind. (She explained to this impatient baby.)

Kaira- Blow horn once again and loudly..

Khushi nodded her head, joining with Kaira in her prank and did so while Kaira stood up on scooty holding khushi’s shoulder tightly in her small fist so that she would not fall. Arnav was irritated due to this continuous blowing of horn as there was enough space to pass by. His mood was already disturbed due to Sheeshmahal issues, this continuous annoying sound was boiling his blood in anger. He was highly infuriated,  and  turned around to give earful to that fellow person for this noise pollution when his eyes met with two pair of mischievous and hazel eyes.


Kaira screamed loudly, Arnav’s eyes opened wide- What the hell Kaira?? Sit down.. (he asked loudly, while diminishing the distance between them.)

Khushi- Hi..

Arnav- What are you both doing here?? Going anywhere?(he asked khushi, while making Kaira sit down back on scooty so that she would not fall by chance.)

Kaira replied on behalf of khushi- Yup.. We are going to see India gate, then we will have ice cream.. Then we will return.. You know it’s weekend today!!

Arnav raised his brow- Is it so??

Kaira nodded her head, while wrapping her arms around khushi’s waist tightly from behind. Arnav noticed her tiny arms around khushi’s waist, he looked up at khushi’s face. Khushi could not control her own amu****t seeing that frown on his face, Was he serious?? For god sake, Kaira is a baby!! She looked away, hiding her own smile!!

Though she understands his reluctance to see anyone near her so closely but can Kaira be included there?

Not understanding the inner havoc of her uncle Kaira said- Bye Uncle.. See you in evening..

“Evening!!”, Arnav shot another glare at khushi- Not this time khushi.. (Though he did not say much, khushi understood what he was referring to her. )

Shaking her head, khushi pressed the self start button- Bye..

Arnav moved away from their way to let them move, Kaira suddenly turned her head leaving khushi when khushi was almost 50 meters away from his reach- Uncle..Muhhaaa.. (she threw a flying kiss..)

Arnav- Careful Kaira.. (Screamed Arnav loudly as his eyes fell khushi’s misbalancing scooty due to Kaira’s sudden movement!)

He stood there watching duo, until both of them disappeared from his eyesight.


When Arnav reached at RM in evening, found Anjali and Anita chit-chatting. He smiled at Anjali, coming forward to her, he kissed her on her head- How are you??

Anjali touched his cheek lovingly- Perfect.. Come, sit with us for sometime!!

He joined them, Anjali had come to pick Kaira but Kaira and khushi had not reached till then. Arnav took his phone to give a call to khushi as it was late. But khushi did not answer the call, Anjali noticed a bag in his hand, she asked- Any special thing for khushi??

Arnav raised his brow confusingly, Anjali indicated towards that bag he was holding. Arnav shook his head negatively and was about to say something, they heard the scream from behind..

“We are home!!”

Trio turned their heads, Kaira ran inside screaming while khushi was locking door from inside after Kaira. Kaira was happy seeing her mother, she ran to her lap. Khushi too came inside and sat beside Anita joining others but not before passing a smile to Arnav who also reciprocated that.  Kaira’s eyes fell on that bag on tea table, she asked- What’s there??

Arnav took that bag and handed to Kaira- That’s for you!!

Happily Kaira opened and found bag full chocolates, when her happiness knew no bound Anjali could not believe Arnav had given Kaira so many chocolates as if Kaira was going to open a small candy land. 

Anjali- Are you nuts Chotey?? If she eats all of these, she will surely fall sick!!

Arnav- That’s your duty to look after her Di..(replied Arnav shuddering his shoulder.)

Anjali looked at him sarcastically- Oh..Really?? and what’s your duty??

Arnav replied proudly- To spoil her of course..

Anita and khushi burst into laugh, Anjali’s jaw dropped hearing his straight forward answer. Excusing from others, Arnav started leaving. Anjali- If my daughter falls sick na Chotey, I’m not leaving you for sure and then you will understand what’s the meaning of this spoiling duty!!

“We will see that!!”

Not turning, Arnav disappeared from there. Anjali turned to Kaira- And you.. Stop eating all at a time, if you wish your teeth to be white like pearl..

Kaira did not hear anything, Anjali turned to Anita and khushi- I’m telling you both Mumma and Khushi, remember my word, Chotey is going to be the most spoilt father in future.. (Khushi became conscious..) He is surely not going to let a single chance go to go to pamper his kid!! Today shows future.. And I’m sure of it after his today’s action.

Anita smiled- If father will not pamper his kids, then who will do.. (she took her son’s side.)

Khushi was finding it hard to hide her own grin, the person who can treat his wife with this much care and gentleness, who can pamper his niece with such delicacy, she certainly could not imagine how was he going to treat his..Oops, their future kids!!A blush came across on her cheek.

khushi- Di.. First tell us about the report?? What’s there?? (she tried to divert this topic, as that was going to make her feel uneasy if they continue to discuss more.)

Anita- Report?? What are you both talking about??

A shy smile came across on Anjali’s lips, it did not take longer for khushi to come to conclusion as she was already aware of this news before. Getting up from her seat, khushi came to Anjali and giving her the tightest hug, she smacked a kiss on her cheek- Congratulations to the mother-to-be for second time!!

A pleasant smile appeared on Anita’s lips, Anjali came and hugged Anita happily, kissing on her hair, Anita asked- When did you find out?? Why have not you told me till now?? And khushi.. How did she come to know??

Anjali- Actually Mumma, yesterday I was at hospital for the test when khushi called me. I had told her then but asked her not to tell anyone as I was not fully confirmed whether it was positive or not. Today morning I only got the pregnancy test report.

Khushi joined duo, wrapping her one arm around Anjali’s shoulder, she said- We are so happy for you Di.. I wish this one to be another cute munchkin like Kayu and we will name her as Shayera!! Will not that be perfect??? Kaira and Shayera..

Anjali blushed, Anita hugged her both daughters contentedly, gathering happiness.


“Why are you wearing this white Tshirt??”, asked Kaira to Arnav while pulling his long sleeve.

Arnav still answered her one of the lame question- I got it first after opening closet.. So!!

Being satisfied with his reply, Kaira moved away from him and started roaming around in room. Apart from him and khushi, it’s Kaira who roams around his room so freely like so. Though he is not very fond of sharing privacy, but still this excuse comes to a pause for this little kid!! Arnav was sitting on bed, watching Football match on TV but at the same time keeping an eye on Kaira.

Arnav found Kaira trying to drag that recliner which was at least 3-4 times bigger than her size. Arnav- What are you trying to do??

Kaira- There are comic books in that book shelf of cookie’s. I want that Disney one.

Now this was something unexpected for Arnav, khushi still reads comic books. He was left in hilarity. He got up, picked up Kaira in his arms and took her to that book shelf, Kaira found many comic books among them she took a Disney related book. As per her order, Arnav came to bed back with her. Cuddling  herself in his arms, Kaira said- Now tell me stories from this book..

Arnav shrieked up- What?? No way Kaira.. I’m not a story teller for heaven sake..

Kaira- No.. Read, Cookie reads for me.

Arnav had to submit himself before this little commander.

After few minutes, Kaira shook Arnav diverting his mind- My leg is paining now..

Arnav replied mockingly- This is what happens if you run around whole day not sitting at all..

Kaira made face- Press my leg.. Mummy does this when my leg starts paining!!

Arnav raised his brow high as if asking Are- you-serious?? Kaira started shaking Arnav forcefully, having no option left Arnav said loudly- Fine.. I’ll massage your leg.. Be quite now Kaira!!

Taking a deep sigh, Arnav started pressing her little legs gently to reduce her pain as per her order.  Kaira laid down on bed, still licking one of that candy her Uncle had bought for her.


When khushi entered in room, she found that cutest scene, Arnav was softly massaging little kaira’s leg while she was busy reciting some of her poems taught by her Miss.

Khushi- Good job..

Arnav- Very funny.. (He made face.)

Khushi giggled- By the way Arnav, you should not have teased Di like that. At this stage Di should always be relaxed, happy..

Arnav- Really?? What’s so special happening to her now??(he asked sracstically.)

Suppressing her smile, she said while cleaning the mess on coffee table- Nothing.. It’s just that another little Kaira is stepping into our world soon.. May be within 8 months or so and she would not appreciate it if her Uncle troubles her mother like so!!

Arnav sat straight, keeping that comic book back on bed- You meant.. Di is.. (he was left in awestruck.)

Biting her lips, khushi nodded her head- Yup.. She is!!

And that smile khushi witness on Arnav’s face was not less than any million dollar exchange. He was thrilled hearing this news, any brother feels excited hearing his sister’s becoming mother news. Pecking kaira’s forhead who was not aware of anything.

 Arnav was about to leave from there to meet his sister, stopped and turned to khushi-  Wait a second..Were you talking to Di about this and stopped suddenly as I came inside last day?? (Seeing her sheepish smile, Arnav added..) I’ll talk to you later.. Remember we have our account unsettled..

Yearning a laugh from her end, Arnav left from there to meet his sister who was talking to their mother. He straight came forward and hugged Anjali- Congratulations Di..

Lovingly Anjali wrapped her arms around his back, pulling away from hug, Arnav asked- You ok?? You need anything..

Anita laughed- Chotey, your Di is not sick!! She is pregnant.. (Anjali smiled shyly.)

Arnav- Yeah.. I meant..(he was sort of words to explain his feeling..Hugging his sister once again, Arnav said huskily.) I’m so happy for you Di..


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Jul 13

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 175 times)

Scribbling on a white sheet, Arnav inhaled deeply and leaned behind on backrest. It’s been two days of his father telling him about  Sheeshmahal matter and his meeting with Vikram Singh, but till now he was unable to confront khushi regarding this. Something was stopping him each time he tried to speak to her on this matter, what if he ends up hurting her feeling and sentiment!! Khushi is a very sensitive person, what if she takes this in a wrong way and end up distancing herself from him. He can even think of any obstacle and hindrance in between them after coming so far with her.

He knows and understands her hatred and anguish towards Sheeshmahal, for her father and for her past. She was never ready to face it forget about thinking about it. She is happy in her present, how right is it to ruin her happiness of her present because obviously knowing these entire  things she will be gloomy!!

But what about those people who were related to this matter directly, Like Vikram Singh said, what if this affect their lives in a negative way. Will he be able to forgive himself then.. But can he hurt his wife for them at the same time??

He was frustrated and totally disturbed. Neither he could talk to khushi nor he could hide this from her.



Laying on bed on her tummy, khushi was reading a nonfiction book. The content was interesting, right then her phone rang. Not seeing the id, she answered happily- Hello..

“Hello Khushi!!”

She became aware, quickly checked the caller-id and saw “Krishna” flashing on screen. Gritting her teeth, she took her phone to her ear- Why are you calling me again and again Krishna?? How many times should I tell you so that you can understand?? Stop disturbing me calling me again and again..

Krishna- Why do you reject my calls each time??

Scratching her scalp, khushi sat on bed- Should I entertain your calls then?? Special knowing on what topic we would be discussing!! And..(She heard beeping sound, quickly checked her phone and found incoming call from Arnav.) Arnav is calling me.. Good bye!!

Not waiting to hear anything, she ended that call while dialing Arnav’s number.

Khushi- Hi.. (she said chirpily as Arnav answered the call.)

Arnav- Busy hai Aap?? (She finds it adorable each time Arnav calls her as “Aap” not “Tum” like he normally addresses her.)

Khushi- Bilkul nehi.. (Not at all.)

Arnav- Good.. Come to office, we will lunch together.. It’s been as if years we have lunch together..

Khushi replied saluting him as if he was present in front of her- Jaisi Aap ki marji mere Akka.. (As you wish my lord.)

A little smile appeared on Arnav’s lips- Come soon.. I’m waiting!!


Angrily throwing the phone on bed, Krishna threw a vase towards that family album which was taken during some festival time where Singhanias and Raizadas were present including Khushi except Arnav as he was absent then.


She never needs his permission to enter in his cubicle; khushi directly walked in and found Arnav engrossing in laptop screen. Arnav looked up seeing her, he quickly shut down his laptop which made khushi feel a bit weird but she brushed that away.

Arnav- Hi..

Smiling khushi took her seat in front of him on chair- Are we going out or will lunch here??

Arnav replied while taking his intercom- Here.. Wait a minute!! (Over intercom.) Two coffee to my cabin.

Khushi frowned, Arnav kept back the receiver- Are we going to have coffee in our lunch??

Arnav chuckled- Your husband is not that cruel khushi.. Actually it will take some time to deliver the food, so!!

Khushi- Ohh.. (She smiled at her idiocy.)

 They both continued talking until Peon entered with two cups of coffee, Arnav took one cup, and Khushi took her- Thank You. (She smiled at Peon, Peon too smiled back at her.)

 Arnav once again did not fail to admire his wife and the way she maintains correlation with his office staffs.. Though she visits seldom,  but she never forgets this is the place where her husband and Baba works hard!! She respects this place and tries to maintain healthy relationship among his staffs though not a very informal one.

Arnav asked sipping his coffee- I need to talk to you khushi.. (Khushi asked through eyes “What??”)

Arnav- First let’s have lunch (as food reached. Khushi too readily agreed.)

They both got up, took their places on sofa. Khushi filled her plate as well as Arnav’s. They talked on random topic, having a happy time together. After done with their lunch, khushi asked wiping her hands- You were saying something..(She had understood, it must not be a normal topic due to the gestures of Arnav.)

Arnav- Khushi.. Papa was telling me about Lucknow and Sheeshmahal..

“Mujhe nehi janana hai iss bare mein.”, cutting him in middle khushi said coldly. (I’m not interested in this topic.)

Her behavior was not unexpected one for Arnav, he had already known something like this was waiting on his way from her end.

Arnav- At least listen to me once.. You should not come to any conclusion without knowing what I want to tell you..

Khushi shot a heated glare at him- I don’t want to know means I never wish to know!! Neither I want to go to Lucknow or any where.. Mujhe yahan rehena hai Arnav, Delhi mein.. Tumhare paas, Mumma, Baba..aap sab ke sath!! (I want to stay here, in Delhi.. with you, Mumma, Baba..with you all!!)

The fear of losing her closed ones was gulping down slowly. Thinking about Lucknow was not less than any nightmare for her.

Arnav got up from his seat and came to khushi, taking his space beside her, Arnav continued- Who is asking you to leave from here?? You think me, Maa, Papa would ever let you go away from us!! (he tucked her hair behind her ear, khushi was still not looking at him.)

Khushi turning her face at him- Then why did this topic rise suddenly after so many years?? (Arnav opened his mouth to explain, but khushi did not let him continue..) I don’t want to hear or understand anything..

She got up and moved to take her bag, Arnav tried to stop her calling her name, but she did not wait to hear anything from him, left from there closing the door harshly which was showing her inner suffering clearly.

This was what Arnav was afraid of earlier, in anger she always aloof herself from everyone, like she had once left house. And he knew this topic did hurt her heart somewhere!!


Khushi was almost keeping quite since the time she had returned from Arnav’s office, Anita was noticing her dull face. She tried to make khushi say, but khushi being khushi did not utter a single word and now that was worrying Anita. And Anita was sure it was something related to Arnav as after coming back from meeting him, she was behaving so. Door bell rang, at the same time khushi was descending from stairs. From window, Anita had already seen Arnav’s car entering, so she stayed back not coming to front and noticed khushi who was first resistance to go and unlock the door..

Khushi called aloud- Mumma.. Mumma..

Anita did not reply back, finding no reply khushi had to move towards the door to unlock it. There was standing Arnav, seeing khushi opening door, Anita moved away from there to her room.

Arnav- Hi.

There was a cold expression on khushi’s face, she moved aside a little letting Arnav enter in. Arnav understood the gravity of situation is much deeper than his expectation. After him khushi turned to close door and moved away, when Arnav said- My head is aching.. Can you get me a strong coffee??

“Khud kar lo..”, came a blank reply. (Prepare yourself.)

Arnav raised his brow and followed khushi who was leading towards staircases and came forward blocking her path. Khushi’s eyes got widen, she quickly looked around to see if Mumma was near by as only she was present at that time in house. Arnav too looked around to ensure himself none was actually witnessing them like so.

Khushi- Leave my way Arnav, I don’t want to fight now!!

Arnav- But when did I ask you to fight with me.. I asked you to make a coffee for me?? (He replied sheepishly grinning ear to ear.)

Khushi crossed her both arms- Do I look fool??

Arnav shook his head negatively- Not at all… You are beautifuuulll.. (he dragged the last word a bit more only tickling khushi’s nerves.)

Was he playing with her when she was so disturbed?? Is this a time he had chosen for his flirting and so!! But she needs to admit, his words were trying to soothe her anger a bit which she does not want to happen. He could see, she was calming down a little, though her nose was still red due to anger. He tried to hold her hand, khushi brushed his hand away- Hath mat lagana mujhe!! (Don’t touch me..)

Arnav was amused- Oh really?? Now you will not let me touch you..(He added.) Khushi, I can do much more things to you than only touching you.. I’m your husband, Remember??(he was smirking by the end.)

Khushi did not say anything further, pushing him away from her way she made her way to kitchen to prepare his so-called strong coffee, if that’s what he wants. Seeing her moving towards kitchen, Arnav could not hide his own smile and followed her. Keeping pot on gas stove khushi was about pour milk, Arnav said from behind- Black.. Black coffee..

Khushi turned her head, Arnav walked up to her and showed her the water jug- I guess you need water not milk.

Annoyingly khushi turned off stove and faced him- Guess what… You prepare your the-Great-Black-Coffee..

“What the.. Khu..Khushi!! Ruko.. I actually need a coffee.. Khushi..”

But she was gone, Arnav took a deep sigh and walked away from there towards their bedroom. He found khushi standing by poolside, switching off lights there. Keeping his laptop bag on recliner, Arnav moved to take out his night clothes to freshen up and gain some energy as he knew while dealing with this stubborn piece he would have to burn a lot of energy.

 Seeing the lights on, Khushi groaned- Please Arnav.. Switch off light.

Arnav did same as she said as he was not interested to spoil her mood more, coming closer Arnav stood behind khushi- Bharosa nehi hai mujh par tumhe.. Tumhe sach mein lagta hai ki main tumhe apne aap se dur jane dunga?? (Don’t you trust me?? You seriously think, I’ll ever let you go away from me??)

His chosen words were intense at the same time touched her heart intently. He loves her immensely, that was not hidden from her. And about Trust.. Does not she trust him?? Of course she trusts him, like a blind person!! If today anyone asks what Trust means in her life, she will proudly say Arnav.. He had taught her to Trust!!

 But why does not he understand he was trying to tell her about those memories, which she never wishes to hear by anyhow.. She never wishes to dig past and know what had happened years back.. She never wishes to know why her mother left Lucknow and came to Delhi to live here.. She never wishes to hear anything relating to that man who was the reason behind this mishap in her and her mother’s lives.. Being orphan is a different feeling than having no father’s identity!! Lucknow is the same place where everything started, and she was never ready to face these.

If she goes there, accepts anything from there that means she is making a joke of her mother’s sentiment. And she does not want to play with her Garima Mumma’s feeling, who was not even present with her.

Arnav held her by her forearm and tried to make her face him- Look at me!!(His voice was soft, that made her weaker for a moment but she looked away.)

Khushi was looking all over the place but him, Arnav- Khushi..(she did not respond.)KHUSHI.. (this time he called her loudly..)

Khushi- I’ll not hear a single thing relating to that matter..

Arnav- Kyun Khushi?? If you don’t listen to me, you will not come to know everything that you need to know.

Khushi- Bas nehi karni hai matlab nehi karni hai.. (No means No..) I don’t NEED to know anything.

Arnav sighed hard, tried to hold her both arms, But she moved back not letting him reach near her. Arnav noticed her feet moving backwards, she was not looking up- Khushi.. (He called her once again.)

She remained unmoved looking everywhere but him. Arnav understood, if he compels her more that means he was wasting his energy and time uselessly as well as making the situation more complex. Until she is ready, she will not let anyone make her hear anything. Arnav moved aside, khushi quickly glanced up at him once and soon looked away, before rushing away from there.


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Jul 15

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 176 times)

After dinner and kitchen tasks, khushi was proceeding towards bedroom when Anita called her from behind,

Anita- Khushi..

Khushi turned around, Anita- When you had gone to meet Arnav, laundryman got Chotey’s suit. I have kept those in my room, come, take those!!

Khushi nodded her head and followed Anita to her bedroom. While Anita started taking out Arnav’s suit separating from other clothes, khushi stood in center of room looking around when she found Aarav engrossed in something very attentively. She became curious and moved towards bed to Aarav’s side asking- What are you staring at so minutely Baba??

Aarav looked up, he smiled at her and moved aside letting khushi take her place beside him. Khushi joined him- Old albums..

Aarav nodded his head smilingly, Anita said from behind- Suddenly your Baba developed interest to go through old memories!!

Khushi smiled affectionately as Aarav remarked- As if you were less interested than me Anita..

Shaking her head at Baba, Mumma, khushi looked down at those old pictures. Obviously most of those were of Anjali Di, her and Arnav during various phases of life. Di was looking so pretty, she must say Di was carrying that charming aura since her young days. Khushi ran a finger on your Anjali’s picture. Mumma too was looking so beautiful so as Baba, they both were one of the most magical couple!!

There were few pics with their old friends and relatives, while going through her eyes caught a picture of Arnav. He must be hardly 8-9 years old then, But can she say her Arnav was even more attractive then?? Specially his chubby cheeks and almost cherry like red lips with thick hair touching almost his brow line, and his mesmerizing two caramel like eyes. She was hesitate to touch his face on that picture as Aarav and Anita were beside her, Anita had too joined them on bed. Hiding her own smile, she took her hand back , wish..she could steal this photograph of his from this album!!


Instantly khushi looked up thinking whether Mumma noticed her by any chance or read her mind because that would be embarrassing. But sighed in relief as she saw Arnav near door, he must be passing by when Mumma called him. Quickly she looked down flipping through pages.

“Yes Maa..”

“Come here..”

By the corner of her eyes, khushi could see his long strides entering inside the room walking till bed. Holding Arnav’s hand, Anita asked him to sit on bed. Arnav took his place beside his mother but not before giving a quick look at his wife who was showing herself busy talking to Her Baba!! He needs to admit, no matter how old a child grows, for a father his daughters comes first just like a mother for whom her son comes first. Opposite attracts!! He shook his head, but he admires khushi and Aarav’s bond. They duo look happy with each other company.

Anita- The joy of sharing old memories doubles when we have whole family together..

Arnav smiled understanding what she wants to convey, wrapping his arm around Anita’s shoulder he encouraged his mother to tell him her side tale seeing those pics.

Aarav- See.. How do khushi and Anjali look here??

While Arnav chuckled, Anita shared a laugh. Anjali and khushi were smearing cake on each other’s face, Anita said- You remember, even if it’s Anjali or anyone’s birthday.. Khushi orders all her favorite food items and cake. For her then, everything comes after her food!!

“Then.. I guess even today too..”, muttered Arnav himself. Khushi’s jaw dropped, even though Anita and Aarav failed to hear him clearly she still read his lips movement. Arnav raised his head sensing a gaze on him, khushi quickly looked away.

Anita- You remember, how did Chotey once fall into canal while returning from school?? Oh my god.. Those days were horrible, he had many injuries then..

Aarav mumbled- Yeah.. But I never understood how did he fell into a canal like so.. He too never told!!

Arnav and khushi looked at each other, khushi’s eyes travelled down due to guilty as she remembered her own antics which resulted him to face that terrible accident. How insecure she used to be each time seeing Naina with Arnav..even though they were kids, still Arnav sharing his attention, his ignorance was not acceptable by her.

“Baba.. Actually that day..

“It’s getting late.. I think we should sleep Papa..”

Khushi looked at Arnav surprisingly, then Aarav who approved to his son easily. Khushi was about to tell them the real truth, Arnav again asked as if reading her mind before her- Are you coming now khushi??

She frowned, wishing Baba, Mumma good night, khushi followed Arnav to their bedroom.

While closing door from behind, Arnav addressed khushi who was taking out her earrings before going to bed, Arnav- What had happened with us, when and how.. Everyone does not need to know. Something should be remained in between you and me too.

Khushi turned around- But when was I invading your privacy then??

Advancing towards her, Arnav said- Then what were you trying to do in Maa, Papa’s room just few minutes before??

Keeping her hands on her hip, khushi asked- That too comes under this privacy category of yours??

Looking deep into her eyes, he said stressing on his words- OF OURS!!

She found it hard to swallow down, her eyes travelled from his eyes to his lips. She remembered her own monologue while seeing his young photographs. She quickly looked away as she could feel she was slowing giving in herself before him, before his charm which was unhealthy for her to do so. She remembered her own promise, not to bend till this Lucnkow related topic is over in between them. Not saying anything further, khushi moved towards her side bed. Arnav noticed her for few seconds, before coming to his side of bed and switching off the lights except the dim light of night lamp.


It was past mid night now, khushi was still unable to sleep. Her mind was again and again taking her back to old days, she could not remember her memories with Garima Mumma clearly as she was very young. But she was always there with her in her heart being in her memory. She tossed on bed trying to find a relaxing position to sleep when her eyes fell on Arnav who was laying on his stomach. She could not help but chucked the way sometime he sleeps, especially in this way.. She found that funny at the same time adorable too.

Her mind then took her back to that afternoon when because of her Arnav fell into canal, then those days when because of her prank or her insecurity he faced some problems, she remembered that day when because of her action only Arnav had to face humiliation in front of whole class as she had torn his math copy, then Baba strictly asked him to stay away from painting, colouring, canvas..etc and after few days he was sent to Mumbai for further study!!

Her heart felt heavy so as her eyes. She raised her one hand to his reach and gently touched his face, examining his manly feature, caressing his two days old stubble cheek, chin. How was she behaving this evening with him when he was trying to talk to her with all calmness and patience?? How stubbornly she was refusing him?? Guilt over took her all other emotions, she moved her face closer to him and planted a kiss on his forehead like a feather touch. She could not stopped herself and moved further touching his eyelids with her lips very gently taking into mind not to disturb his peaceful slumber. Moving back, she took his hand in her before closing her eyes.



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Jul 16

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 167 times)

Two days been passed, though Arnav and khushi were not practically keeping quite but they were talking very less. Still that was a plus point, at least they were talking, even if that’s few!! Most importantly khushi was still fighting in her mind regarding this Lucknow matter. How right was that to go there and to learn and monitor everything? One portion of her brain was still not convinced with this idea while other portion was asking her to go to Lucknow. More over after hearing today’s conversation in between Arnav and Baba, she was more stressed. Though they both were unaware of her presence near by while discussing, still the way Arnav hide their conversation telling Baba that he could not get time to talk to her regarding that issue, that made her heart felt heavier.

She knows, he does not like hiding or lying to others and if today he had done this, that’s only for her sake. He never wishes her score to reduce in front of Aarav, for that he even did not step back hiding this from his Father!! Khushi shut her eyes tight, a whim came from her heart. How long was she planning to drag it as a hindrance in between her and Arnav!! More than any other topic, her own insecure mind was right then acting the role of a partition between them.


When Arnav returned in evening, he saw khushi watching something in laptop, with her headphones on. Only she can think of relaxing when everything is not so well in between them, he shook his head!! Keeping his laptop bag, he came to her. She seem lost and failed to notice his presence. Arnav was a bit tired too, resting his head on headrest he glanced over her shoulder towards laptop to see what she was watching so attentively. Finding her still lost, ignoring his presence made displease at first. He extended his hand and slowly took away her headphone almost scaring khushi.


Khushi looked back and found Arnav leaning on headrest, khushi- Have you gone mad?? Why were you scaring me like this??

He replied plainly as if scaring her so was his daily hobby- If you have not forgotten, then let me remind you have partially forgotten Me khushi.. Do you remember us talking peacefully for 5 minutes during last 2-3 days??

Trying to take her headphone back from Arnav as he was keeping that away from her reach- First let me finish this movie..

He hide her headphone away making khushi grumble.

“Fine.. Keep that!!”

Said khushi annoyingly. Helplessly Arnav fell flat on bed, covering his face with his elbow.  In between these two days, he had not raised any further discussion on this topic with her, letting her give her enough space and time to consult with herself. Sometimes passed, Arnav asked- What are you watching by the way??

Khushi- It’s a south Korean movie.. My little bride!!

Arnav took his hand away from his face and raised himself a little- What’s the story??(he asked curiously.)

Khushi- Simple.. A young girl got married when she was in her high school to her grand father’s friend’s grand child!! She was not at all interested in this marriage so hide that.. But later when her husband joined in her school as teacher, she failed to hide her own emotions. Later she came to know her husband was bearing her all childishness, tantrums etc but in deep he was in love with her since beginning.. They both confessed and That’s it.. Happy ending!!

She shut down her laptop and turned to Arnav. Arnav by now was sitting on bed, khushi took a deep breath- You too bear my all useless emotional tantrums, my childishness, my stupidity!! I trouble you a lot, don’t I??  (Arnav held her hand as he could see she was becoming sentimental.)

Arnav- Haq hai tumhara.. Wife ho meri, You have every rights to trouble me, to be angry with me if I hurt you by any way. (Said Arnav, trying to lighten this sensitive atmosphere.)

 Khushi- I don’t understand whether I should go to Lucknow or not Arnav!! (She finally opened up in front of him on this matter.) I don’t want to face that.

Arnav- If you run away from past, it will only weaken you khushi. For once, let’s face it and END it forever!! (He squeezed her hand.) Main hun tumahre sath khushi, humesha, har pal!! (I’m with you.. forever and in every moment.)

There was warmness in his voice and belongingness in his words that made her heart flattered. He knows very well how to mellow her down and how to trick her in his magical words..not that she had any problem with it!! She knows very well,  she will always find him as her supporter in every phase of life, but that commitment through word made her feel more submissive in front of him. A woman not only needs her husband’s protection, she sometime needs his psychological support!! Her disturbed heart came to a pause. She does not like that concept of husband acting as a shield for his wife, if husband has to act as a shield, then he has to walk ahead of his wife!! She wants Arnav to walk with her, beside her not as a shield but as a partner.

Being under protection, some where makes you feel weaker..But having someone’s emotional support gives you a number of ways to stand and face the problems. She remembered that day when Arnav accompanied with her to police station to face that guy who had tried to hurt her, each time Arnav holds her hand that gives her inner strength that a wife expects from her husband’s end.

Khushi smiled a little and wrapped her arms around his neck pressing herself in his body seeking his heat from his body. Arnav too wrapped his arms around her inhaling her refreshing aroma deeply. His tired body seems refreshing up with her submission tuning with their passion and love.


Anita and Aarav were waiting for Arnav and khushi for dinner at table, Anita called out their name, but got no reply as both had fallen into peaceful slumbers in each other’s arms. Anita was about to get up and call them, Aarav stopped her- Anita, I guess they both can eat themselves when they feel hungry!! You relax and sit, finish your plate!!

Anita tried to intervene; Aarav shook his head- Anita!!

Anita had to agree though her motherly instinct was not ready to hear any excuse.


Khushi’s stomach grumbled making her curl on bed, she opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Arnav’s face just by 1-2 inches away from her. Another round of sound came from her empty stomach. Pressing her lips, khushi slowly took Arnav’s arm away from her and got down from bed adjusting her dress and glanced at table clock which was showing 1 am. She felt damn hungry and angry at the same time, making her way out of room slowly, khushi moved towards kitchen while muttering herself, “Oh God.. Don’t make me feel so hungry in middle of night like this. Do you even know if by any chance anyone finds me in kitchen what will happen.. I’ll shoot myself in embarrassment!! Don’t awake anyone testing my luck once again.. Please!!”

She opened refrigerator, took some food and was moving towards microwave to heat those when suddenly lights came up. She shut her eyes as tightly as possible hoping who ever was there apart from her too do the same!!


Anita’s voice rang in her ears, making a cry like face she slowly turned around. Anita was surprised seeing food in her hand, Anita- What are you doing at this time??

Khushi gulped down once- Mumma, I .. I was hungry.. So..

Anita asked- I was calling you and Chotey many times during dinner.. You did not even respond back.

Khushi replied hesitantly- We slept

Anita opened her mouth to say something, but something strike in her brain and she stopped abruptly. Moving towards RO to get some normal water, she said- I was here to get water..Forgot to keep it before sleeping.

Khushi nodded her head, then Anita left from there not turning further!! Khushi took a deep sigh in relief thinking Mumma did not ask anything further. Heating up food, she moved towards chair and started filling her stomach.


Arnav and khushi were sitting on stairs of Gazebo, they found that the most appropriate place where they could talk peacefully on this matter. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Arnav- As Papa asked me to meet Vikram Singh I went to meet him, he told me..

Arnav told everything to khushi, whose eyes were moist by the end of the his telling her that. Staring at her front blankly, khushi repeated- He named it as FRIENDSHIP!! Dosti isse kehete hai?? (Is it called as friendship??)

Arnav held her hand. Wiping her lone tear away from her eye corner, khushi faced Arnav- When do we have to visit that place??

Arnav shook his head- First let’s study the actual happening there more keenly. Then we will visit there!! I’m sure, it’s not easy to tackle this issue there so as to face the questions of Royal heads!! You need to have patient and tolerance, khushi.. Huh??

Khushi blinked her eyes, keeping her hand on his that was holding her hand, she leaned on his shoulder- Hmm.. I hope I never come to about that man.. I don’t know what I will do after knowing his identity!!

Her voice some where made Arnav a bit disturbed too. Kissing her hair, he pulled her in his embrace- Shut up khushi.. Don’t talk nonsense. (He shrieked up.)

Khushi did not say anything further, clutching his black shirt she snuggled deeper.  Arnav leaned his head downward touching her head with his.


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Jul 17

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 158 times)

Anita and khushi were busy in selecting stuffs for the unborn baby of Anjali and khushi, they both were excited like a kid. Arnav was too present there, but working on his laptop sitting on another bamboo couch  in front of them in balcony area. Though he was engrossed in his work, his ears never failed to hear Anita and khushi’s argument over selecting things not only for little one who was coming but also for the big one who was with them, Kaira!!

Khushi- Mumma.. I really think we should choose pink color woolen for sweater!! Pink looks cute on baby girls.

Anita- And you already it’s going to be a girl.. What if it’s a boy??

Khushi- Then we will put him on sale in OLX!!

“Excuse Me!!”

Anita and khushi turned their heads hearing Arnav’s voice who was not saying anything till now. Raising his brow, Arnav asked- What did you just say??

Shuddering her shoulder, khushi replied- That if the baby is going to be a boy, we will exchange him on OLX!!

Arnav- Dare you think so again khushi.. (he said loudly.) And what problem do you have with a boy??

Khushi- Baby boys are too boring.. (Anita and Arnav stared at her. khushi continued.) If you want to gift something to a baby boy, then what will you gift him apart from toys and clothes?? And after he grows old, then too there is very less stuffs to gift a boy!!! But if you have a girl, you have thousands of gift for her, and more over obviously girls are cuter than boy!! That’s truth..

Arnav- Ohh Really??

Khushi blinked her eyes, Anita hide her smile.

Arnav- Baby is a baby khushi.. And this stereotype concept of pink for girl and blue for boy is really the worst thinking!!

Khushi’s jaw dropped, was not he directly making fun of her choice??

Khushi- And you know some really cool idea then??

Arnav- At least better than you..

Khushi- Then come and help us selecting stuffs for the baby!!

She said challenging him through eyes as she knew he hates this task of choosing and selecting things. Arnav watched her few seconds, then got up. As Anita and khushi were sitting together, there was no space available for him. Standing behind them, Arnav leaned on the backrest of sofa and said to Anita while scrolling down on laptop screen- Maa.. Select white for sweater and some bright colour on designing on it. It will go for both girl and baby!!

He looked at his left side at khushi who was staring at him annoyingly as he was intervening in between her and Anita. Though she had asked him to suggest his ideas, but seeing him actual doing so she did not appreciate as she was wishing Mumma to weave something of her choice for the cute unborn baby. Seeing him enjoying teasing her through eyes, khushi twisted her lips.

Khushi- Mumma.. But for Kaira we will select pink.. PLEASE!! (she behaved as if they were both on some completion of win and lose. Arnav shook his head at her antics and went back to his work.)

Sometime it’s good to let the other person win, because in that winning your ultimate pleasure is hidden. Khushi glanced at Arnav through the corner of her eyes, thinking something she slowly whispered in Anita’s ear- Mumma.. Select a pink and white combination.. huh??

Anita quickly looked at Arnav who was unaware of their discussion, she smiled at khushi- Ok..


It was a fine morning, when khushi entered in bedroom found her husband buttoning down his white shirt standing in front of mirror and talking over Bluetooth. She had a multitasking husband for sure, thought khushi but in next moment her smile started vanishing as another thought came in her mind.

Arnav too was done with his phone call and asked khushi through mirror- I’ll not get time to return home in afternoon, Mohan will come and you send my luggage with him. Ok??

Khushi nodded her head, Arnav again went back and started wearing his black waist coat and then black blazer when he felt a pair of soft arms snaking around him from behind. Looking over his shoulder at him through the reflection on mirror, khushi asked- Is it necessary to go Lucknow Arnav??

Arnav replied keeping his hand on her- You know it already.. Don’t you?? We need to see the plot before starting the new branch there.

Khushi nodded her head understanding his point from his prospective and asked- Then why are you going to Sheeshmahal?? Just go and finish your official work and return.. (she asked with urgency.)

Freeing her hands, Arnav turned around and cupped her face- I’ll be coming day after tomorrow khushi. Only one day between this and don’t you think after going there only we can understand actual happening.

Khushi asked impatiently- But.. why now??

Arnav- That’s because we need to end it soon. Remember??

Khushi took his hands away from her face and said- You don’t understand what I want to say na??

Pocketing his both hands, Arnav asked- To samjhao mujhe..(then make me understand.)

Khushi shook her head, what should she tell him when she was not sure of her own assumption and feeling?? Lucknow was not less than a bad dream for her and Arnav going there even if Vikram Singh would be there with him, that idea was not acceptable by khushi. She started moving away from there not wishing to ruin Arnav’s mood with her talk, she suddenly got pulled from behind and turning her around swiftly Arnav hugged her tightly burying his face in her neck.

Khushi tried to go from there and tried to push Arnav but in return his arms got tightened around her even more tightly. Being helpless under his demand, khushi surrender herself and completed their hug snuggling into his arms.

Khushi- Why do you smell so good?? (she asked being in his arms.)

Arnav- You have to smell good if you want to impress the opposite person, that’s what people says. And I don’t want to let a chance go to impress my ex!!

In reply he got a light smack on his back- Why can’t you reply normally??

Breaking the hug, Arnav asked- To ese sawal bhi mat pucha karo, jiska jawab nehi hai mere paas!! (then don’t ask me such questions which answers I don’t know myself.) And by the way you had only given me this perfume!!

Khushi had nothing to say further after this, making face she moved away and said- Before leaving, give a call!! Ok?? And..

Arnav completed her sentence while keeping his laptop- And after reaching there too.. I know that khushi!!

Khushi- Good.


Arnav gave a side hug to Anita, Anita said kissing his palm- Take care of yourself.. Your Papa has already talk to Vikram Singh.. He will take you to Sheeshmahal..

Arnav could not helped but smile- I guess I know the route Maa..

Anita- Shut Up Chotey.. And give a call after reaching, ok??

Arnav nodded his head and made his way out to leave from there. Anita and khushi watching his car leaving the vicinity of their house.


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Jul 18

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 146 times)

It was 12.30 at night. Khushi curled herself on bed hugging a pillow close to her heart. Arnav had already called and informed his arrival in Lucknow. Pulling herself, she sat on bed and took her phone that was laying beside her. She thought to give a call to him, but in next moment stopped. The travel from Delhi to Lucknow is a long driving, apart from this Arnav was already busy whole day in office. She kept her phone back, she should not disturb him when he needs some rest.

Getting up from bed, khushi stepped towards poolside, crossing her both arms across her chest she gazed at beautiful half moon, dazzling with twinkling stars. A little smile came across on her lips, she leaned her head on wall while staring up at sky. Just then her phone vibrated, she looked down at her hand after uncrossing her hands. The name that was flashing on screen, brought a huge smile on her lips. Swiping on screen, she took her phone to her ear..

“Soyi nehi abhi tak?? (Have not you slept yet??)

“Tum bhi to jage huye ho..” (You are too awake.)

His lips curved, his question and her perfect answer!! Did they need to convey anything more after this that what they were feeling at that particular time being away from each other??

Arnav- You know, I was half way to Lucknow, it’s started raining!!

Khushi became attentive, the meaning of Rain had varied in her life at different phase.

Arnav continued- Rain reminds me of you and our FIRST NIGHT!! (his voice was huskier.)

Every first thing leaves an imprint in hearts. Every night of her with him was memorable but nothing can replace that beautiful night in their lives.. For her that was special, but she had thought her taking that night as special to this extent, was only restricted till her feeling. And when she came to hear from Arnav that not only for her but also for him, that night remains in an usually beautiful way..her heart danced with contentment.

Hearing her silence for a prolong period, and reading her mind after his confession he himself was sort of words to say anything further.


Khushi was brought back to present-Hmm..

Arnav- Two months are left only..

Khushi scrunched her brow- For??

Arnav- For our first wedding anniversary!!

Khushi smiled- Not only that.. There is another celebration on that day too..

Now it was Arnav’s turn to pressure his brain, khushi added- That’s your birthday by the way..

Arnav- You remember??

Khushi- I have not forgotten it ever..

Arnav- After this matter is over, we are going somewhere..You and me, alone!!

He demanded his portion of her timing in advance, khushi laughed- Don’t forget we have Aman and Nitya’s wedding in a month or so..

Arnav- No problem.. Then after that, but for sure..

He insisted and khushi had nothing to deny. Khushi- But where??

Arnav- I don’t know, but that will be a surprise for you.

Khushi laughed- Then why don’t we decide something, (Arnav asked “What”, khushi replied.) As we have two reasons for celebration on same day in each every year, it’s your part of arrangement for our wedding anniversary and your birthday will be on my part. Deal??

Arnav- Done..  


Next day in afternoon, when Arnav returned to hotel after visiting site for the new branch in Lucknow, he met Vikram Singh at lobby who had come to accompany with him to Sheeshmahal like a faithful follower of his father. Arnav asked him to wait and then quickly rushed to his room to get fresh up. Then they both left from there and made their way to Sheeshmahal which was 40 Kms away from that hotel.

When the car came to screech, Arnav got down and his eyes reflected that large artistic palace.. “Sheeshmahal”, the same itself was written in a very antique way. Arnav could not stop himself from admiring such a beautiful creation which still has it’s glory after years passing by.

Vikram- Chale??

Arnav nodded his head, Vikram Singh escorted him inside. By the door way, Arnav stopped as Vikram Singh asked him to do so but politely. He was confused even more when a lady of his middle age came in front of him, with veil on her head and a decorated tray in her hand and started circling that tray in front of his face.

He turned his head to Vikram Singh, Vikram Singh replied- You are the Son-In-Law of this palace and this palace never forgets respect and welcome it’s guests and Son-In-Law!! That’s the tradition here..

Arnav was amused but in deed that was a happy moment for him when he was addressed as Son-In-Law, because that made him feel more closer to his wife. Till now he had never had any experience of being treated as a Son-In-Law, he was experiencing this feeling for first time and he needs to admit every relation has it’s own taste and flavor along with charm.

That lady applied tilak on his forehead and did his welcoming in a majestic way!! Vikram Singh leaded him inside, he once again fell hard for the architecture of the huge palace. Vikram Singh started showing him whole palace while telling him everything in details. They both were standing in balcony, Vikram Singh said while pointing at another beautiful palace which was a little far from there but visible from balcony area..

Vikram Singh- That belongs to Sanjeev Kumar.. Garima Ma’am’s paternal uncle. He is no more now, when he was alive he was very kind and lovable person but after his death his two sons Sachhin and Sanket failed to follow his path. Since beginning their eyes are on this palace which belong to Garima Ma’am’s father being the eldest son in family. But as there is no one to claim as it’s heir, they are leaving no chance to let go to show their ruthlessness here..  They want to capture everything here.

Arnav heard everything with patience not asking anything in middle.

Vikram Singh continued- The inhabitance of old age home and orphanage are suffering more because of them. As they both are now two powerful persons in Lucknow, they are forcing those people to work even without their will. People are scared to raise voice, if your father had not been helping these people financially, only god would have known what had happened to them.


Vikram Singh then took Arnav to old age home. All were gathered in hall, they turned their heads hearing the shoes sound and found Vikram Singh entering who was only kind to them, with a charming young man!! Vikram Singh introduced Arnav to them- He is Garima Ma’am Son-In-Law, Arnav Singh Raizada..

There was a round of gasped, Arnav noticed expression on everyone’s face. He could read that uncertainly on their faces after meeting someone really unexpected.


Vikram Singh nodded hia head- Yes, whom we failed to give respect and belongingness when she was needing from our end and we pulled her to a dark world being influenced by other’s words.

There was a sad expression on those old people’s face as they all drowned back to past years. Some people were having teary eyes. Vikram told Arnav about those handicraft, chikankari work these people do for their daily affair but how Sachin and Sanket again acts as hurdle in between their work lives.

While they were talking about many issues, an old lady came there with two bowls in her hand.

Old lady- Aap ke liye.. (To Arnav, Arnav readily accepted one bowl containing kheer.)

Then the old lady lovingly touched Arnav’s head caressing his hair- We had never thought anyone would ever come who belong to Rajkumari Ji.. We thought her..

She kept quiet and looked down. Her eyes were teary, Arnav asked- Aap thik hai??(Are you ok??)

Old lady nodded her head, another woman came there- This family has supported us in every way, but when it was our turn to be with this family, we failed do to do so.. (her voice was broken..) We all considered Rajkumari as…no more so as..her unborn baby!!

Arnav could see remorse in their eyes.

An old man said- We want to see Rajkumari’s daughter.. (Arnav turned his head.)

He nodded his head, took his mobile from his pocket and opening gallery he showed Khushi’s pic  and handed his phone to that man, slowly his phone was transferred from one hand to another then another.

“She is so pretty..”

“She is beautiful like her mother and grand-mother.”

“Her eyes resemble to Thakur Saheb, (Garima’s father.)”

Arnav could hear their whispering, he was proud when those people praised his khushi. That was a priceless moment for him.

“What’s her name??”

Arnav and Vikram heard from those people, they both looked at each other, Vikram said- Khushi..

Arnav could see that happiness reflecting on their eyes.


“What do you mean by you saw a young man with that Vikram Singh in sheeshmahal??”, screamed Sachin Kumar on top of his voice.

A feebly replied came, “I heard he is from Delhi, he is married to Garima Ji’s Daughter and son-in-law of Shesehmahal..”

His muscles tighten hearing this identity.


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Jul 19

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 168 times)

After some time Arnav and Vikram Singh started leaving from there when those people came to them, an old lady came forward and said while extending a wrapped box- We have never seen Rajkumari’s daughter.. This is a small token of love for Bitiya from us.

Arnav accepted that with a warm smile like his personality- I’m sure Khushi is going to love it. ( That worry line on old lady’s forehead started vanishing slowly.) She loves gifts.. (Arnav added.)

Another old man- Will you ever bring her here?? This place belongs to her also.

Arnav replied- You are all worried whether she will come here or not, but here I’m worried whether after visiting here she will agree to return back with me or not??

There was a round of laugh hearing his humor, Arnav too laughed.

Arnav- We will meet soon..

Biding good bye Arnav left from there with Vikram but not before talking with the controller and conductor of old age home and giving them a cheque as monetary aid.


Vikram Singh then took Arnav to other places which come under the scrutiny of Sheeshmahal. As his promise to Aarav Singh Raizada to ensure his son’s safety, Vikram Singh was not leaving Arnav’s side so as some of his faithful men. Raizada’s have ensured to bring up the last treasure of their Royal family giving so much love, care.. Now it was their turn not only to ensure the safety of Arnav as Aarav Singh Raizada’s son, but as Son-In-Law of Sheeshmahal!!

While passing by, Vikram Singh was also telling him about the artistic talent of those people who are still faithful towards the Garima’s family, he showed him those stores where those people work for their livelihood but Sachin and Sanket’s cruelty never let them live in peace . While seeing everything, Arnav and Vikram were at a Silver Ornament store, Vikram was telling him about those hidden talent behind those beautiful work of silver. While looking around, Arnav’s eyes fell on a pair of simple yet pretty and cute anklet pair and after seeing that pair his eyes flashed with khushi’s feet.

Arnav moved towards that direction- Can you show me that??(he asked the seller boy.)

Running his finger on that delicate work of silver, Arnav said- Pack this one.

The seller boy returned back with the box, paying bill Arnav took that small box and pocketed that.


Dinner was arranged at Sheeshmahal, Vikram and Arnav took their seats respectively, few other elderly person were too present there for dine, Arnav had met them and discussed the matter more keenly who suggested the presence of khushi is must for solving the matter and closing mouth of opposition. After dinner, Arnav started leaving for hotel where he would stay for that night then leave for Delhi the next morning. But Vikram Singh stopped him- Mr.Raizada, Why don’t you stay here?? I promise there will not be any problem for you here..

Arnav shook his head negatively- No, I’ll be fine there.

He had already known khushi’s reluctance of his visiting this place, even though she had agreed and said nothing further, but he did not find it appropriate to stay at Sheeshmahal, which place his khushi dislikes the most. He did not judge whether khushi was right or wrong, but from his prospective his staying at that place against her wish was not right.

If any day he had to spend a night in this place, then that would be only with her with her agreement. He did not like playing with her sentiment at her back.

After Arnav left, Vikram Singh too returned to his house but he was not in a peaceful situation. Had not he given his words to Aarav Singh Raizada regarding Arnav’s safety!! What if any wrong happens with him on his way to Hotel as he had already guessed Sachin and Sanket must have come to know Arnav’s visiting to Lucknow. Sachin and Sanket were that clever and crooked minded persons who would not step back from hurting Arnav also.

He was unable to stay longer and telling his wife he left from there taking his jeep with some of his men.


Arnav loves long driving, he was driving his car happily while playing some soft music. His phone that was laying on dashboard rang. He checked the ID, he lips curved seeing Wife. Switching on his Bluetooth, Arnav said- Hey..

Khushi- How was your day?? How are you first of all??(she asked impatiently.)

Arnav chuckled- I guess I’m fine unless I would not have answered your call khushi.

Khushi rolled her eyes at his twisted reply, khushi- Where are you?? At that palace??

Arnav- Why?? You want me to stay there then??

Khushi- NO.. Don’t stay there.. That’s the worst place in this world and you don’t deserve to stay there. Got me?? (she said loudly.)

Arnav- Yeah..Yeah.. I already knew that, that’s why I’m returning back to hotel. So relax!!

Khushi smiled cutely- That’s good..

Arnav was about to say something when he saw suddenly a SUV stopping in front of his car, he had to apply sudden brake- Let me call you back later, bye!!

He did not wait for her to say anything and got down from car angrily- What the hell is that??

He asked angrily to the man who got down from another car.

That man- What are you doing here??

Arnav raised his brow surprisingly at this question- Excuse me.. Wha… Ahh..(a little whimper came from his throat.)

He failed to say anything, he raised his hand to his forehead where he felt blood oozing out. Anger blinded his vision and smacked hard the other man who was holding a wooden stick. Two three more people too reached there. The man who had first come to him was about to punch Arnav on his face, when got hit by some heavy thing from behind and as a result fell on ground.

Arnav turned his head and was taken aback seeing Vikram Singh.

Vikram Singh caught hold of the man who was laying on ground and pointed the gun at his head- Leave or else I’ll not leave this man.

Arnav was surprised when he saw those people escaping from there dragging their injured fellow with them. Were not too aggressive a minute before??

Vikram Singh got worried seeing that line of blood oozing from Arnav’s forehead, he rushed to him- You are hurt!!

Arnav shook his head, took his hand kerchief from his pocket and keeping that on his wound, he replied- It’s a small cut.. I’m fine.

Vikram- Please don’t deny at least now, if not at palace then you can stay at our house. But your travelling at this deserted route is not safe. Please.

He pleaded Arnav, Arnav though was not convinced at first but later agreed. Vikram Singh and Arnav travelled in Arnav’s car while other men travelled back with another car. Arnav’s head was spinning a little because of the cut, he leaned back resting on headrest. Vikram Singh stopped at a dispensary, Arnav dressed his wound and then they returned back to Vikram’s house.

Showing him, his room, Vikram Singh left but asking Arnav to call him if he needs anything. Locking the door, Arnav sat on bed and gulped down the pain killer and then water as directed by physician. Though the wound was not very deep, but as it was fresh it was hurting him. He leaned back on bed and closed his eyes when remembered about his conversation with khushi and how left that in middle. Knowing khushi he knew, she must be getting worried due to his sudden change in action. He thought to call her to assure her everything was fine with him, but stopped!! Khushi could read his tone and his way of talking. She sometime acts a bit smarter when things are related to him. His voice might reflect his current situation, so dropping the idea of calling her, Arnav sent a text to her. Then fell flat on bed.


“Khushi, no excuse today yaar.. My wedding is not even in more than 30 days. If I don’t meet designer now, I might end up ruining everything at next moment. And I want a picture perfect wedding, ok??”

Khushi took her phone away from her ear- Tu chilla kyun rahi hai?? Am I deaf?? (why are you screaming??)

Nitya- Then meet me today at Boutique. I have taken the appointment with the best designer in Delhi. Ok??

Khushi nodded her head- Ohkay.. Do what ever you want, spare me please!! I think, by now whole Delhi must have come to know that YOU..The great Nitya Sinha is getting married to the Great Aman Mathur..

Nitya- Shut up..

Khushi giggled- Bye.. See you.

Fixing their time to meet, khushi went downstairs when got another call on her phone, but seeing the name flashing she rejected the call, keeping that in silent mode.

Anita was in living area, khushi came to her- Mumma.. Did Arnav call you, when is he reaching here??

Arnav had not called her after sending her that text, khushi thought he must have called Mumma informing his arrival.

Anita- He was saying he would be here by lunch.

Khushi nodded her head- Mumma, I’m going with Nitya to meet designer. I’ll try to return early but if he reaches early please give me a call.

Anita- Ok..

Giving a quick hug to Anita, khushi left from there.


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