My little bride. (Completed)

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Apr 7, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 167 times)

Few days been passed, it was one fine morning, clock was showing 6am. Khushi was sleeping in her room when Anita called her. Rubbing her eyes, Khushi got against her wish. Slipping into a pair of slipper, she dragged herself to door and opened it.

Khushi (yawning)- Mumma, are you going any where??

She asked seeing Anita all ready for going some where.

Anita nodded her head- Han.

Khushi asked leaning on door way, in a sleepy tone- Where..and so early??

Anita replied seeing cute frown on Khushi’d forehead- Me and your Baba are visiting to Radha Krishna temple, (lovingly tucking Khushi’s hair away from her sleepy eyes, Anita added)- We will be return in evening, Ok??(Khushi nodded her head.)

Anita- Chotey has some early meeting, he will leave at 8am. Have your breakfast together. I have already asked him last night to return earlier today as he has to take Prasad to Anjali’s place.

Khushi- Han Mumma, I’ll remind him again.. Anything else??

Anita- Yeah.. And remind him too I have already ordered for some customized cookies for Kaira, he has to bring those from bakery shop, then remind him again to get some barfis for Anjali and ladoos for Karan ..they both love those.

Khushi- Mumma.. Give a break.. I don’t know whether he will be able to remember all these, but I am definitely confused after hearing all these. (Anita rolled her eyes, Khushi laughed.) fine, don’t be angry.. I will give you a call, you can tell me again. Ok??

Anita nodded her head, kissing Khushi’s forehead she left from there.


Closing the door, Khushi again went back to bed putting alarm at 7 am, then she would get some time to prepare some food for her and Arnav as well.

It was sharp 7 when her ears buzzed with alarm tune, raising her face from pillow she annoyingly turned alarm off- I can’t waste my morning hour preparing food for someone..specially for him..

She drifted back to sleep again. It’s not even 10 minutes passed her eyes opened once again giving a quick glance at wall clock. It will not matter if she takes 5 minutes more and sleep. Covering herself in her soft duvet Khushi again went back to her dreamland.

It was finally 7.40, Khushi’s sleep broke due to Nitya’s call. She groaned, took her phone inside the duvet and spoke not coming out from her comfortable world under blanket- Kya hai… Why are you disturbing me now Nitu??

Nitya- Haww.. did you say I disturb you?? Have you ever counted how many sleepless nights I have spent because of you..

Khushi giggled- Nitu, you told me this, but take my free advice never speak this in front of third person.. Tera to pata nehi.. Mera to band his baj jayega…  Main to kisiko apne muh dikhane ke layak bhi nehi rahungi.. (she said dramatically..) In the end, I have to give away my little life not being able to hear taunt from society..

Nitya laughed- Jan-e-man.. Have not you heard?? People in love, always says we will live together, we will die together.. You don’t be worried.

Khushi- Wo to hai.. If not me, then my spirit will not leave you.. My spirit will take revenge, but first tell me, who will love like a girl like you??

Nitya- Han.. You are right I think.. Waise bhi, tera dil to kahin aur hai.. It’s your misfortune you lose someone like me..

Khushi- Tu humesha baat uski taraf kyun le jati hai yaar??

Nitya- But did I take anyone’s name??

Khushi made face- Don’t I know you?? Chal, abhi phone rakh.. I have only..(her eyes fell on clock.. It was 7.45..)

Her jaw dropped seeing the time, how could she forget??

Khushi quickly hanged Nitya’s call promising to call later and ran to downstairs to prepare breakfast. She quickly chopped onions, tomatoes and beat egg to prepare omelet. Arnav likes it, on other hand it can be cooked easily. Her hands worked in speed of light, preparing breakfast. Arranging toast, omelet and coffee on tray she quickly made her way to dining area. Arnav was by the time descending down stairs. 

He pulled chair for him and asked seeing only one plate- Where others are??

Khushi replied while making a quick call to Anita- Mumma, Baba have been gone to temple, they will return in evening.

Arnav was about to ask something, Khushi moved away talking to Anita reminding herself the list Anita was telling her once again.

Arnav was noticing her busyness, her messy look proves she has just woke up and ran to cook. After finishing her talk with Anita, Khushi came back to dining area and said to Arnav while sitting on another chair- Do you remember Mumma was asking you to get something for Di, Kaira and Jiju?? If not, then listen.. (she did not even give chance to Arnav to speak..)

Khushi- Mumma said, first you have to come back early today before 5 pm as you have to visit Di’s place.. and (she started counting her fingers..) She has already ordered for Kaira’s cookies, get them for her..Then get some barfi for Di and ladoos for Jiju.. Ok?? Will you remember this or not??

She was sounding so serious, Arnav was trying hard to control his smile seeing her messy state. She herself is so confused. finally he could not stop himself from saying- But why do Kaira needs those cookies??

Khushi looked at him confusingly- She loves those Arnav.. And Mumma said too.

Arnav asked getting up from chair, wiping his hands- Par uski Cookie to yahan hai.. (he smirked..)

Her jaw dropped- Shut up..

Arnav- But I am right, is not it?? (Khushi glared at him..) But I was thinking something??(his tone turned to a serious one..)

Khushi asked- What??

He stepped forward towards where Khushi was sitting, bending his head a little, Arnav asked- Yehi ki.. ye cookie sweet hai ya phir salty??

Her eyes shot opened hearing him, she pushed him away- Arnav!! Leave..

Arnav only smirked seeing her facing changing it’s colour, from crimson red to deep red, then his eyes followed downward when she bit her own lower lip. That smirk on his lips started vanishing slowly seeing that innocent yet sensuous gesture. Khushi was unable to look up, or she has lost that stamina inside her to meet him.

Khushi gulped down her nervousness, she has noticed one thing after his return..Something so intense, so rich yet gentle pull between them. Some time either their bitter conversation or their cold behavior tried to suppress that fire between them, but that never happened. Something was always present there.. so desirable between them..

She took two steps backward which Arnav noticed too. He was brought back from his world to present. Stepping away from her, Arnav looked away.

He is attracted towards her.. Trying to deny it 100times too, he can’t turn his face away from this truth. Everything about her pulled him towards her which he does not want to happen. His insecure mind demands something so vast for him from her..  

He has kept himself away from her for so many years to suppress that impossible wish of his mind. But now..He, himself allowing her to cross that limit line he has drawn around him. He can’t let anyone enter, play with his feeling, then one day leaves making him feel vulnerable!!!

He does not want to feel this attraction towards her!! But each time, he has failed to keep his promise. He wants her at the same time he is scared what if she goes away from him?? He wants her only for himself, at the same time he knows too that is next to impossible. His mind shrieked up each time he sees her sharing her feeling with others and he ends up hurting her and himself in that process.

Childhood mistakes can be erased giving a name as childishness but  not now??

He should keep himself away from her, from her life, from her sight.


After almost 3 hours of journey, Aarav and Anita reached at temple. They both went inside, prayed to lord Radha Krishna. Anita’s eyes roamed around for that person for whom they both have come to meet. Anita noticed an old man of his early 90s under a tree. She held aarav’s hand indicating him towards that direction.

Aarav assured through eyes, they both went towards that way. They both were just behind the old man, heard..

“There is still 2 months, 2 days, 17 hours left..”

Aarav and Anita looked at each other surprisingly. How did he come to know about them not seeing them?? How did he feel their presence??

Old man opened his eyes, Anita touched his feet, he blessed her.

Anita said politely- We are afraid Panditji.. We are afraid what if this hidden string between them pushes them away from each other than pulling them towards each other?? How will they both react to that marriage of their??

Old man gave a smile- Leave everything on almighty, daughter.. He did not ask us before tying this bond, like this he himself will show them their path. This path might be complicated, but at the end they will find each other. He has decided everything, so let him do everything.

Aarav asked- When should we tell them truth?? Is Arnav’s life safe now??

Old man laughed- Till then she is with him as his, nothing bad will touch your son.. And about telling them the truth, you don’t have to do that. The day he will complete 25 years, he will know everything.


Anita sighed hard leaning backrest in car, Aarav was concentrating on road.

Anita- What if after knowing that we get her married to Chotey, because we want to save our son’s curse life… will Khushi misunderstand us?? Will she hate us, will she distance herself away from her??

Her eyes got teary..

Aarav looked at her- But she was never less than our own kid Anita.. Neither I have considered her anything than my own daughter nor you!!

Anita- What if she gets angry with us??

Aarav- Then we will bear her anger Anita. Beti hai humari, to naraj hone ka haq bhi hona chahiye na use..hum par!!


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Apr 11, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 171 times)


It was Anita’s birthday. There was a small party kept for this purpose, some close friends and some relatives and Anita’s old friends have come for this occasion. Anjali was busy making guests comfortable while Karan was tasting food before  guests starts. Aarav was busy talking to his business friends. Khushi looked around for Anita but could not find her so she dashed out from there checking for her when noticed Karan.

She ran to him- Jiju..

Karan looked at her questioningly, Khushi continued- Where is Di??

Karan shuddered his shoulder- After almost 6 years of marriage, you think wife keeps her husband up-to-date about her?? Poor husband..

Khushi narrowed her eyes, keeping her hands on her waist- You just need one chance to tease Di..

Karan laughed- Have not you heard, we tease the same person most whom we love the most..

Khushi smiled, she always adores Karan Jiju and Anjali Di’s pair. They both not only look good together, but they do understand each other. More than a couple, they are best friends who love teasing each other.

Khushi looked at the plate in his hand, there were some yummy chicken tikkas. Khushi glee seeing tikkas.

Khushi- Jiju, feed me one tikka.. I’m seeing you are checking taste less, but filling your tummy more.

Karan rolled his eyes and said while feeding Khushi one chicken tikka- Teri najar bhi mere khane pe hai.. Socha tha kam se kam meri behen mujhe samjhegi.. But NO..

Khushi- Ha ha ha.. You know what Jiju, your senti statements are not doing any effect on me. Stop being greedy and quickly give me one more.. I have a lot of work to do..

Karan was about to pop one into her mouth, Kaira reached there- Papa..

Karan commented- Aa gayi meri Devil. (Khushi glared at him..)

Karan kneeled in front of Kaira- You were too busy with your Mom Kaira?? Do you even know I have been looking around where is my one and only daughter since long??

Karan lovingly kissed kaira’s cheek while Kaira asked him some questions. Karan answered her each question patiently, then Kaira asked him to feed her chicken  tikka. Karan gave her a small bite, as she should not eat spicy one being so young.

Khushi just stood there staring at Karan and Kaira with dreamy eyes, how easily Karan Jiju understands Kaira, how much he loves his daughter..all these look so cute!!

She was about to leave, Karan stopped her- Khushi, Anju ko bolna ki main bula raha hun..

Khushi nodded her head, leaving father daughter duo she left from there.

While searching for Anjali, one lady said she has gone upstairs to meet Anita. Khushi rushed out from there.


“Anjali- It means we have to wait for two months to tell Chotey and Khushi about this, Mumma??”


“Tell us about what Di??”, Khushi who has heard only this statement from Anjali asked her curiously.

Anjali and Anita got alarmed and shared a look, Anita- Some random things Khushi.. What else is there that you don’t know.. (she tried to divert her mind saying..) Now tell me, can I go downstairs now or your surprise part is still remaining??

That helped Khushi forget about her last question. She was super happy, Anita has been actually inside the room for a long time, she has hardly any idea of this small party.

Anjali asked Khushi through eyes if they can take Anita downstairs, Khushi blinked her eyes and they both took Anita downstairs but not before blindfolding her.

In between Khushi told Anjali about Karan Jiju.

Reaching downstairs, when the blindfold was removed from Anita’s eyes, she was taken back actually seeing her old school friends whom she was meeting after many years. She was so happy, Anjali came forward and said wrapping her arms around Anita- Mumma, it was Papa’s idea actually?? He came up with this surprise session for you..

Anita’s eyes travelled towards Aarav. Aarav gave her a warm smile, which he rarely does that too then when some hidden emotions found it hard to be hidden anymore. Anita too reciprocated the smile, understanding her husband’s gesture.


Arnav, Akash and Akash’a fiancée Payal, Aman and Tara were talking. Akash has met Aman few time before through Arnav, and to be honest trio become good buddies together. They were meeting Tara for first time.

Tara- I’ll just get me a drink..

She excused herself and moved aside a little to get her a soft drink.

She stopped the waiter and got a blueberry drink for her, started sipping when someone collided her from behind making her spill her drink on her white frock she was wearing. Khushi who was passing by, stopped seeing the mishap.

She came towards Tara- You ok??

Tara looked up hearing her- Yeah..But my white dress..

Khushi looked at her dress, drink was dropped on her dress making it look odd and that too on a white one.

Tara asked- Where is Arnav’s room?? Can I use his washroom??

Khushi’s eye brows scrunched. His washroom!! But there is not only one room in this whole house, Khushi thought inwardly but did not say..after all she is Arnav’s friend as well that’s his room. She should not have any problem with that.

Giving a smile, Khushi said- Sure, why not??

Tara was about to follow Khushi upstair, when a voice from behind made both of them stopped- Any problem Tara..

Tara and Khushi turned hearing Arnav’s voice. He was looking at Tara only.. From some last few days Khushi was noticing some changes in Arnav as if he was trying to avoid her or to keep himself away from home as much as possible. Even he has spent last two Sundays at Aman’s place, though Akash was there too. What happened to him suddenly??

Tara explained Arnav her problem- That’s why Khushi was taking me to your room, I can use your washroom, right??

Arnav glared once at Khushi which Khushi could not understand why!!

Arnav turned to face Tara- Why don’t you use the guestroom Tara?? I think my room is far from here, you should remove these stains quickly.. Guestroom is nearer than my room, let me take you there..

He tried to sound all innocent and serious type while saying this at a time. He lead her towards guestroom, Khushi made face hearing his sugar coated voice, and was about to leave..

Arnav said from behind- Next time never take anyone to my room Khushi.. I will never appreciate it while sharing my privacy with anyone, specially anyone’s entry to my room just like this!!

Khushi gritted her teeth and asked- She is your friend, I did not find any problem there so..

Arnav argued- You did not find any problem, does not mean I am ok with it. (he said rudely..)

Khushi waited for a moment- To tumhe tab bhi problem thi, when Mumma or I have entered in your so called private place!!

Arnav replied back- She is my mother Khushi, I don’t think that should come under this category and more over she has hardly come to my room.. And about you, let me remind you, you have entered only once after my return in this one and half month time.. (She stiffened hearing him.. Arnav added) There is something, some place, some memories which I just can’t share it like this with anyone even if that one is my friend.. I’ll be glad if you remember this first rule of my life..


Her eyes were getting little moist, she was unable to understand why she was behaving like this!! It’s his life, so rules must be according to him.

Khushi replied slowly- I promise, I’ll not disturb your privacy again Arnav.. (she added after a pause) and I’m sorry for last time too if you was hurt when I entered in your room without your permission. But I’ll not do this again!!

Not looking at him again, Khushi left from there.

Arnav took a deep sigh hearing her!!

In mean time Tara reached there, she smiled at Arnav joining him and asked looking around for Khushi- Hey, she is not here??

Arnav understood about whom Tara was referring- No, she left.

Tara hummed and asked after a pause- By the way Arnav, can I ask you something??

Arnav- What??(he was so perplexed hearing Tara, hoping she would not say something he never wants to hear..)

Tara asked- Last time I have come here Khushi was here too.. this time she is here too.. Does she stay here??

This is the first time, someone has actually asked this question.

Arnav replied- Khushi stays with us Tara..(he still replied)

But Tara’s next question made him tighten his jaw lines as Tara asked- Why here?? Why not with her parents??

Arnav- Tara, let’s not talk all this, None of us like discussing on this topic specially not Khushi.

Tara- But she is not here to know if you tell me Arnav..

Arnav asked angrily- You think I’ll talk about something at her back just because she does not like this discussion in front of her?? Are you serious Tara??

Tara tried to say something, Arnav cut her in middle- If she does not like to talk on some topic, then I’m never going to ditch her feeling at her back Tara.. Not only me none of my family would ever do this. Ye life uski hai to marji bhi uski honi chahiye..

The intensity with which Arnav said, made Tara took a step backward, his voice was not loud taking into care the presence of others, but the strong will behind his low voice did make her nervous as Arnav ha never talked to her like this with this attitude.

Arnav left from there trying to suppress his own anxiety and anger at the same time. He stopped a waiter, took a glass of water to gulp down when heard from behind Krishna’s compliment on Khushi..

“You look gorgeous in this blue color Khushi and don’t tell me before me anyone has complimented you..unless I’ll be heartbroken seeing my chance getting backfire.”

Then a soft giggle reached in his ear, making his grip go strong on glass’s perimeter.


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Apr 21, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 150 times)

It was an art exhibition meant only for arts students. What ever amount would be collected through it, that will be spent for those kids who are suffering from cancer.  Many colleges were participating in it. Khushi’s college was one of it, so Khushi and Nitya were also a part of that exhibition and to be more particular they both were thoroughly enjoying this exhibition where they were not visitor but participants candidates for first time!! Khushi was grinning ear to ear, roaming her eyes around seeing the flow of people special of young stars.

Nitya pulled Khushi by her elbow and whispered- Why don’t you call Arnav??

Khushi frowned hearing Arnav’s name, they were not in talking term for last few days.

Khushi- Kyun?? Tujhe yaad aa rahi hai??

Nitya rolled her eyes- He likes this type of exhibition Khushi and don’t forget you were the one who had told me.. That’s why I was saying.. He will surely be happy.

Khushi kept quiet for a moment, Was not she the one for whom he was pushed away from all these!! Her small prank cost him with this.. She felt uneasy remembering that incident. Should she call him?? Will he come here?? What if he taunts her reminding of those days?? And most importantly why would he come here if she called him??

Khushi bit her lips a little and replied to Nitya- Nehi yaar.. He must be in office. I don’t think it would be nice if we disturb him.

Nitya giggled- Tu Arnav se darti hai Khushi??

Khushi’s jaw dropped- Are you crazy?? He is not a monster Nitya.. And why would I be scared of him?? Kuch bhi.. (she shook her head.)

Nitya- Then why are not you just calling him??

Khushi thought to explain, but stopped saving the time for argument and said while taking out her phone from back pocket of her jeans- I’ll call him only once…If he picks up, then that’s ok and if he does not also, that’s fine too.. You will not nag more..

Pushing Nitya away from her way, Khushi moved aside a little as there was loud sounds.

After 2-3 rings, the call was answered, Khushi was about to say HELLO, but was greeted by a woman’s voice.


“Hello…Who is that??”

“Khushi, it’s Tara..”

Khushi gulped down hearing Tara’s voice.

Khushi- Tum?? Arn..Arnav hai wahan??(she asked hesitantly..)

What is Tara doing with Arnav’s phone?? This was the only thought playing in her brain!!

Tara replied staring back at Arnav who was talking to his colleague outside of his cabin- He is busy Khushi.. Why don’t you call back him later??

Khushi also has no reason to question her further, neither that seem appropriate to her at that instance. Not asking anything she hanged up the call. Returning back to her previous place, she stood there. Nitya saw her, asked coming near her- What happened??

Khushi replied coldly- He is a busy man Nitu, I told you earlier.

Her expression was so confusing for Nitya to understand at that moment, what happened that her face fell?? Did Arnav say anything bad to her??



Arnav entered inside the cabin and said while taking his seat- Tara, you yourself see the sample your company has showed us earlier and the materials they have supplied us now.

Tara saw what Arnav had placed in front of her.

Arnav continued- Even last time too your materials were not upto the quality, still we gave you chance this time just because our relation with Mr. Subrat Khanna (owner of the firm where Tara works) is very close. But we can’t take this anymore, sorry to say but I think if this happens more we will breach the contract with you!!

Tara looked at Arnav trying to say- Arnav.. Sir has sent me here only for this purpose. I promise you this will not happen again. Just give us one more day and…

Arnav- I hope you know it very well Tara, what loss occurs by this.

Tara sighed hard, seeing this strong and determinant person in front of her who is not that easy to tame- It will be loss for us if we lose a client like you.. That’s why to minimize our both loss I’m asking one more day.

Arnav- Fine.. Only one more day Tara.. If not then tell Mr.Khanna to send his lawyer here not his marketing manager to sort out again.

Tara was taken back with his behavior, for first time she was dealing with him not as his friend but as a client of their. She was quite amused seeing how strong he was separating his professional life from his personal life here in this office.

Tara nodded her head- We will not disappoint you this time Arnav..

They discussed for some time relating to work and specification of quality and quantity to clarify once again, and then Tara left.


Nitya and Khushi were in Khushi’s room talking to each other. Puchpuch was in Khushi’s lap, Khushi was stroking his head tenderly while replying back to Nitya. Anita called them for dinner, Nitya normally never stays till dinner but today though Anita has prepared her favorite fish curry she insisted Nitya to stay till dinner.

Nitya and Khushi came to dining table and took their seats beside each other. After some time Aarav joined smiling at Nitya and Khushi, then Arnav joined. The moment Arnav reached Khushi looked down at her plate concentrating on her food which Nitya noticed.

She has also seen Arnav giving glances at Khushi while Khushi was not even looking at anything than her plate and food.

After dinner, Nitya was about to leave biding bye to Khushi, Anita said- It’s late Nitya, I’ll ask Arnav to drop you.

Nitya did not deny too. She has two reasons to do, first it was not safe like Anita said to travel home alone at this hour, the 2nd reason was she thought if Arnav drops her till home, she would get a chance to talk to him about something important which she can’t obviously say in front of all.

Khushi hugged Nitya, then Nitya and Arnav left.

It’s been 15 minutes now. Arnav was almost silent.

Nitya asked- If you don’t mind can I ask you something Arnav??

Arnav looked at her, nodded his head then concentrated back on road.

Nitya- I might not have any rights to interfere in your life and decision but I can’t see my best friend’s sad face too.. (Arnav looked back at her hearing Khushi’s name..) Are you still upset with her for that childhood incident Arnav when because of her prank you were separated from painting??

Arnav was unable to understand why suddenly this question came??

Arnav- I’m not getting you Nitya.. Why suddenly that topic??(he asked confusingly.)

Nitya- She would have been happy if had come today Arnav. it was just a matter of some minutes of your busy schedule.  

Arnav was more confused now, he stopped the car and asked- Where are your referring Nitya??

Nitya replied- Art exhibition?? She called you, why could not you just spare your some time for it Arnav??(Nitya’s voice was louder now which did surprise Arnav too feeling the disappointment in Nitya’s  voice.)



Dropping Nitya at her home, Arnav returned back. He was about to leave for his room, noticed Khushi’s room’s lights still on. He covered the distance, reaching at the door he knocked on door- Khushi??

Khushi, who was laying on bed hugging her Mumma’s pic suddenly feeling so empty within, heard the knock followed by his voice.

“Khushi?? Are you awake??”

His voice again ranged in her ears but she covered her ears with pillow burying her face in another one.


Arnav thought to push the door open but stopped himself remembering their talk on Anita’s birthday. He moved away his hand he had raise to open the door. Taking a deep sigh, he just touched the wooden door that was just a barrier between her and him and left from there.


Sitting on the edge of bed he checked his call logs on phone, there he found her number in received call lists. When did he receive her call?? He tried to force his brain but could not remember.

Morning, next day.

Anjali had visited with Kaira who was with Khushi then. Arnav smiled seeing Anjali while coming downstairs- Di!!

Anjali turned back hearing him, Arnav hugged her so as Anjali.

Arnav- have you come alone today??

Anjali- No, Kaira was missing Khushi as it’s been almost one week she has seen her last. So I took her here.

Right then Khushi and Kaira reached there. Khushi quickly looked away seeing Arnav’s eyes on her. Kaira was having chocolates, playfully Kaira smacked Khushi’s face with her chocolate covered little fingers. Anjali glared at Kaira- Kayu..

Khushi pouted at Anjali forcing her to stop Anjali, she did the same taking some chocolate from kaira’s finger and painting on her chubby cheek.

Anita commented from behind- Ab chocolate se holi khelna band karo tum dono!!

Khushi and Kaira giggled. Arnav was trying to distract from Khushi and her every thoughts but her each antic was drawing his attention on her even more peculiarly.


After their play, Khushi got up from there. She was wiping her chocolate smeared cheek in front of mirror, her eyes fell on the reflection of Arnav who was standing behind her.


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Apr 22, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 190 times)

Khushi looked at Arnav through mirror for a moment, then took her eyes off from him concentrating on her cleaning process of chocolates on her cheek. Arnav saw her unaffected attitude towards him, he asked studying her each expression on mirror- I need to talk to you.

Khushi turned around keeping the wet wipes aside- I’m not interested. I’m busy..

She was about to walk away, Arnav asked- I can see how busy you are Khushi.. So stop playing around!!

His time is precious, he can’t spare his time from his busy schedule for anyone and when this rules comes to her…her time holds no importance in front of his eyes. Typical men’s attitude!!

Khushi- Kyun??  Is there any difference between your so-called time and my time?? Only you have the rights on it??

Though she was trying to keep her voice low knowing others presence, but her frustration was still reflecting on her each syllable.

Khushi continued- Now get off my way..(she commanded.)

But he was not less stubborn than her. Khushi was about to walk pass, but Arnav stopped her holding her wrist- Stop interfering me when I’m talking Khushi.. I don’t like it at all..

But her adamant mind was not hearing him, neither her eyes looking at him. Her all concentration and effort was freeing her wrist from his tight grips. He was amused seeing her behavior.

Arnav- Khushi!!

He called her again, but she did not respond!!

Arnav again called her name- Khushi, main baat kar raha hun na tumse.

Her eyes were still on her wrist, he can’t believe she can be so stubborn!!

After almost five minutes seeing no positive reaction from her side, Arnav had to let her hand go. She clutched her wrist, caressing her gentle fingers on the red marks created on her milky skin. She did not wait longer, ran away from there.

Arnav shook his head..if she can’t listen to him, how will he know everything?? Even Nitya too had not completed the conversation last night asking him to talk to Khushi.


Khushi was caressing her wrist while climbing down the stairs. Seeing Anita and Anjali near, she pulled her long sleeve hiding that red mark that was quite prominent on her skin tone!! She came and stood beside them, after some time Arnav too reached there and saw her still holding her hand. He had no intention to be rough with her right then, but her inflexible attitude did not give him any chance to do so!!  Seeing him through corner of her eyes, Khushi left her hand and stood straight!!


Arnav was working on his laptop, but his mind was still at the same question if he had not answered her call, then who did?? Irritatingly he pushed his laptop away on desk, leaning behind on backrest of chair, closed his eyes.

He thought for a moment, then checked the timing on his call logs when she had called him. It was noon!! And he clearly remembers he was discussing with Tara then, he does not remember he has gone any where leaving his phone except talking about few things relating to the same deal with one of his staff. He can’t clearly remember whether he has his phone with him then or not!!

And if Khushi called then, does it mean Tara answered the call if he had left that in cabin??

His mind was so jammed.. he could not even understand why was he giving so importance to this one call. But it felt like if he fails to know who talked to Khushi, then he will go mad!! He can’t ask Tara too..that would be so wrong if he ask anything to her without any proof!!

Only one person who can solve this puzzle is not in talking terms with him right now..


Arnav had some work load because of which he did not realize when the clock showed 10 pm at night. Anita called him asking him to hurry up. Arnav was keeping his laptop in bag, getting ready to leave when almost surprising him he saw Khushi’s name flashing on his phone. He can’t believe she called him!!

He swiped the screen answering the call- he…

“Mumma, I’m going to Chandini chawk.”

He was too confused hearing her- Khu..

But the call was ended by then, but he heard some weird sound before the call went dead. Why was she going to that area and that too at this time?? And why did she call him??

He shook his head, must be one of her mood swing!! He brushed that thought away and left office. Arnav was driving the car, it’s been a while now!!

Why did Khushi call me dammit??

He angrily punched the steering wheel, a line of worry flashed on his forehead. he did not wait longer, took U turn right then and started towards Chandini Chawk.


Khushi was almost shivering, she was sweating so badly.

With her trembling voice she still tried to sound strong and said- Bhaiya, I said stop here..

In reply she saw one of that nasty smile playing on driver’s lips- Madamji.. Don’t you worry. This is short cut..

Khushi screamed- I don’t want short cut, I said stop here and give my phone back to me..

No sooner she had uttered, her phone started ringing. Driver smirked, reading the name flashing..

“Aa gaya tera majnu ka phone aur ek baar..”

He again rejected the call.

Khushi had never felt so helpless ever in her life like she was feeling then!! Her mind stopped working, sweat breads covered her forehead imagining what would happen.. Khushi tried to jump down opening the door but that was locked.

Taxi stopped at a deserted road, her heart stopped for a moment as fear almost engulfed her. The moment the driver opened the door, Khushi tried to run away but the driver caught her hand. Her eyes almost got teary, she struggled freeing herself from him screaming for help.

The driver got angry, slapped Khushi hard on her cheek resulting her falling down. Khushi closed her eyes when her back hit the ground making her cry. The driver pulled her from ground and tried to tie her mouth to suppress her cry.. Finding no other way Khushi hit her knee on driver’s between legs making him scream in pain.. Seeing the opportunity, Khushi ran away from there.


Arnav was again and again calling her on her phone but she never answered. He slowed down the car’s speed looking around trying to find her trace when from no where a girl came running and hit his car’s bonnet.


Arnav’s eyes left wide, he quickly got down from car and moved towards the girl who was almost crying falling down. Arnav rushed to her side- I’m so sorry.. Are you…

Khushi’s heart stopped beating hearing Arnav’s voice. She was till now looking down so Arnav had not seen her face. Khushi looked up at him, Arnav was about to ask more but stopped seeing Khushi in her miserable state.

Khushi cried seeing Arnav, words almost stopped in his throat. Tears rolled from her hazel eyes, he did not understand what to say. Arnav cupped her cheek- What happened to you Khushi??

He quickly checked her knees, hands thinking if she got hurt anywhere due to hitting on car, but found her all ok!! He looked back t her- Khushi bolo..

In reply Khushi looked down bursting into tears, he understood she was not in a state to talk. He did not pressurize her anymore thought thousands questions were ringing in his brain seeing her state.

He helped her to a wooden bench near by, Arnav quickly rushed to his car, grabbed a water bottle and came back to her. Khushi gulped down the water. She was still weeping, Arnav held her hand saying nothing just giving silence support.

After almost 15 minutes, her cry subsided.

Arnav asked- Where were you going at this time dammit??

Khushi looked up hearing his angry voice- Tum gussa kyun ho rahe ho??

Arnav-To kya karu??? Have you any idea seeing your state like this, what negative thoughts are coming in my mind Khushi?? What are you doing here??

Khushi pushed his hand away, that was holding her hand and got up.

Arnav asked- Where do you think you are going now??

Khushi stopped- Mujhe ghar jana hai..

Arnav took a deep sigh, he got up- If again you get this late, then no need of showing your adventure spirit, do ME a favor, give me a call.. Samajh me aayi??

Khushi questioned back but not turning to him- Why should I call you?? Do you have any spare time for anyone?? You are even so busy person that you can’t handle your phone, some one has to take it..

Arnav came in front of her- With whom did you talk??

Khushi looked away not replying, Arnav groaned frustratingly- Itni ziddi kyun ho tum?? What should I do with you??

Khushi replied- I talked to Tara.. (She asked after a pause) Can’t you just pick up one call Arnav?? Were you that busy??


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Apr 25, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 155 times)

The car came to screech in front of RM. Arnav asked turning towards khushi- Do you remember that taxi’s number??

Khushi nodded her head.

Arnav- Great.. Now let’s go inside.

He got down from car and started collecting his laptop bag and other stuffs from back seat, but khushi was still sitting inside the car. Arnav noticed her uneasiness, her fear. His eyes travel towards her fingers fidgeting the end of her dupatta while her eyes were staring at the house.

He came forward towards her side, opened the door. Khushi looked up at him blankly, Arnav gestured her to come down. She did so.

Arnav- Chale??

He waited for her to walk ahead but she did not take a step forward and faced Arnav- I don’t want to enter inside.

Arnav raised his brow high, stepping a step backward he asked leaning on his car- To aap ko iss waqt kahan jana hai??( So where do you plan to visit at this hour??)

Khushi kept quite having no answer to reply, How will Anita Mumma and Baba react if they see her not-in- a good condition like this?? They will be tensed, and she was not in a mood to give him further mental pressure.

Khushi- Arnav, Please don’t tell Mumma anything. (she almost pleaded him.) she will be worried and what not… Please don’t say anything to her.

She has never felt the factor called Trust towards this man standing in front of her. She even don’t know whether her pleading will give her any fruitful result or not, she has witnessed many times him doing exactly the opposite what she expects from him??? But should she give herself this chance to trust him??

Arnav studied her facial expression for some seconds, then said- We will see that later, now let’s go inside.

Having no further alternative idea with her, khushi has to agree. Arnav waited till khushi moved ahead, he followed her then.

Door bell rang, Anita opened the door who was waiting for both Arnav and khushi since long time. But seeing them together at this odd hour, Anita scrunched her brows- Tum dono ek sath?? (How come you guys are together??)

Arnav replied stepping inside- That’s a long story Mumma.

Khushi’s heart stopped for a second when she heard Arnav saying this. Will he tell Mumma everything?? She does not want him to lie to Mumma but she just wants this incident should not reached in Anita Mumma’s ear. She looked down, there is no point of expecting anything from this man… he will never understand anything. It’s her fault to trust him!!

Khushi did not wait longer there to hear Arnav’s  analysis on that incident and left from there. Arnav saw her climbing upstairs hurriedly. Anita too saw that and was about to call her, Arnav stopped her.

Arnav- Mumma, let her go, it’s already late, let her rest for some time.

Anita was again amused hearing his supportive words for khushi. Since when he has started taking a tab on her daily routine?? But her interfering in this topic asking any further question would not suit as per her POV.


Khushi was sitting by window, she has changed into a comfortable PJ. A knock came across her door, khushi asked from inside thinking it Anita- Mumma, I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat anything now.

But the answer came from other side of door, “I have not come here to offer you food khushi.”

Khushi frowned hearing Arnav’s voice. She moved her face away, she does not want to talk to him neither wants to see that person’s face who is not a trust worthy.

Arnav called her once again- Khushi, Neither I have any plan to stand infront of your room like this whole night, nor you have any dream to see me like this. So better open the door. It will save time of ours.

Her anger started bubbling inside hearing him. What does he think himself??

She screamed from inside- To chale jao yahan  se.. Mujhe baat hi nehi karni hai tumse.( Then just go away Arnav, I don’t want to talk to you..)

Arnav’s reply was obviously calmer than her- Jane ke liye tumahe paas nehi ayah hun..( I have not come to you to go away.)

Khushi’s eyes moved towards the closed door, his reply churn her stomach. That felt so intense, her anger started fading away hearing him. She was even more frustrated on herself. He did not care to keep his promise, and what was she doing?? Practically melting under his deep dialogue.

But keeping her thought aside, khushi opened the door- What’s your problem Arnav?? I don’t want to talk to you..

Before she could say anything more, she felt a warm touch on her cheek. Her voice dried up in her throat, soon her heart started beating loudly. She became robotic all of sudden. Her eyes travelled towards Arnav’s palm on her cheek, she again looked back at him only to see his eyes keenly scanning her cheek.

She stepped a step backward, feeling those lost of her skin on his hand Arnav became conscious. That discomfort  on her face was quite clear in front of his eyes, but he has a strong grip on his emotion unlike others- Why your cheek is so red??

Khushi frowned..


Till now he was only seeing her cheek?? She can’t believe that.

Arnav then asked seeing some finger marks on her cheek which he has not noticed earlier- Did he

It did not take longer what Arnav was trying to say, she looked down.

Unknowingly Arnav's fingers curled into a tight grip. How dare anyone hit her?? He felt that anger mixing with his each blood drop in her body, making him go mad.

Arnav- Get ready tomorrow by 8am khushi, and remember I want to see you at right 8 am in downstairs.  

He did not care to give any explanation, left from there confusing khushi once again with his behavior.


Next morning. Arnav hurriedly climbed down the stairs only to find khushi all ready for going. He thanked his stars at least for saving this unnecessary argument time. Soon they left informing Anita. Anita did not understand their timing together once again.. what’s cooking in between them?? She started getting tensed!!


His face was straight, eyes looking ahead. He has not given one glance at her till now, khushi  sighed hard looking outside the window knowing it very well there is no point of asking him anything. But another thought was also running in her mind, if Arnav has told Anita Mumma about last day, then why did not she ask her anything?? Did he ask her not to say anything to her??

Khushi stared back at Arnav surprisingly seeing Arnav stopping his car in front of police station. Following him, she too got down. Looking around, khushi asked- Why are we here Arnav??

Arnav replied coldly- To file FIR obviously khushi, I hope you have not expected any drama playing here.

Why does he taunt her like this?? Khushi did not like that at all.


Arnav explained the Police officer everything, He asked khushi to write down that taxi number and promised to take step on this very soon. After filing the complaint they both came out of PS.

Then Arnav dropped khushi at her college, he drove back to his office. he was sitting in his cabin, dialing Tara’s number again and again. But her cell was switched off. He did not have her address with him so called Aman.

Arnav (over phone)- Aman, I need Tara’s address, send me quickly.

Aman asked- But Arnav, what’s the matter??( he asked hearing Arnav’s angry voice over phone.)

Arnav- I need to meet Tara now, that’s why.

He said roughly, Aman did not find any positive feeling hearing Arnav. He just hoped Arnav and Tara never get hurt in process. Because it’s not rocket science for him to know that soft corner of Tara’s towards Arnav, though she has never expressed in words.

Aman- I’m coming, we will go together.


Arnav’s came to screech in front of Tara’s house, Aman and Arnav got down from car and were about step ahead when a black posh car blocked their view. The driver got down, he ran to open the passenger side door and a man almost of Arnav’s father’s age got down from car.

The person saw Aman whom he has met some time through his daughter, he smiled at him. Aman too smiled back seeing him.

Aman- Hello Uncle.

The person in black suit smiled- Hello Aman.

Aman introduced Arnav- Uncle, he is Arnav , our friend and (turning to Arnav he said.) And Arnav, he is Sashi Uncle.. Tara’s Father.

Sashi Gupta looked at Arnav- Hello Arnav.

Though Arnav has no intention to extend his friendship with Tara ahead towards her family member, he could not ignore Sashi Gupta.

They both exchanged words, Sashi Gupta called them inside. Arnav and Aman entered inside, Sashi then asked his maid to call Tara downstairs to meet her friends.

He got a call and left from there excusing himself from Arnav and Aman.


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Apr 26, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 162 times)

Within some minutes Tara climbed down the stairs only to see Arnav and Aman at her place suddenly. Though she was surprised as well as confused seeing them but she was happy too seeing Arnav. She smiled brightly and reached near them.

“Hi Guys..”

While Aman smiled return Arnav did not show any sort of emotion on his face.

Tara took her seat in front of them on sofa and asked looking at Arnav specially- What brought you both to my house suddenly guys??

Aman indicated towards Arnav through eyes, Tara understood and stared back at Arnav.

Tara- Arnav??

Arnav asked straightly- Tara, did you answer my call when  you had come to my office the day before previous day??

It did not take longer to Tara for understanding what he was trying to say.

She just nodded her head weakly knowing there was no chance of denying as that might spoil her image in front of Arnav's view. Aman stared at both of confusingly not knowing on what topic they both were discussing. And did Arnav come to Tara’s place to ask her this question?? Aman could not believe that, but at the same that was not too surprised to him as he was very well aware of Arnav’s possessiveness towards each thing that he considers as his only!!

Arnav asked further- And you did not find it necessary to tell me??

Tara tried to explain- Arnav, you were..busy..

Arnav- I was not that busy that I could not attain a call Tara.. What if khushi had some emergency?? Then??

Aman looked at their face once again, from where this third character came from??

Tara’s eyes got moist seeing Arnav’s harsh tone, Arnav was about to say something further but Aman held his hand stopping him seeing the situation going out of hand. Tara looked down, she could not believe Arnav was scolding her for khushi?? Why her call was so important than her feeling towards Arnav??

Arnav was not a kid who could not understand what the person in front of him feel for him.. Does not he understand she consider him more than just a friend?? Had not he ever felt that warm feeling in her every gesture?? Tara’s heart ached seeing his ignorance towards her emotions, feeling.


Feeling Aman’s hand on his, Arnav too stopped sensing the conversation was now going in opposite direction. He took a deep sigh, looked back at Tara who looking down almost on the verge of crying. Aman shook his head negatively pleading Arnav not to say anything further.

Arnav thought for a second and got up from his seat coming in front of Tara. Tara looked up at Arnav sensing him near her, Arnav held her hand feeling sad seeing tears in Tara’s eyes. He never intended to hurt Tara- Tara, Don’t cry.. (he squeezed her hand gently.)

Tara asked looking into his eyes- I saw you busy so I told khushi to call you back later Arnav.. Mujhe nehi pata tha uski call tumhare liye itne important hai..( I never knew her call is so important for you..) I promise I’ll never repeat it again.

Arnav felt a lump in his throat when Tara used the word Important.. Does khushi’s one single call carry so much important in his life that for it he was practically arguing with his friend.

Arnav was about to say something when he got a call from police station asking him to reach there with khushi. Arnav agreed and turned back to Tara- It’s not about how importance her call was for me Tara, it’s about what if she had some urgency, what if she had been in some trouble.. You think, would you have forgive yourself if anything bad had happened to another girl because of this… That’s the reason. Nothing else. Are you getting me Tara??

Tara unwillingly blinked her eyes, Arnav gently patted her arm getting up- I need to leave now as I have some urgent work.. (he turned to Aman..) Aman, are you coming with me??

Aman replied giving one glance at Tara- No Arnav, you carry on I’ll meet you later.

Arnav nodded his head, turning to Tara Arnav bided her good bye but not before threatening her not to cry like silly girl, he left from there dialing khushi’s number hurriedly.


Aman got up, came to Tara beside her. Tara looked up at him- Does not he understand anything Aman??

Aman did not reply back, Tara asked staring at her palm- I simply love him Aman and I don’t expect anything from him but his warm gesture towards my emotion.. We all know each other for years still..still for him I’m nothing more than his friend.

Aman- Tara, he has spent 4 years with us and you are expecting this emotion from him… Then you ask yourself what sentiment he must have for that girl with whom he has spent his entire childhood..

Tara looked back at Aman- You meant to say my feeling does not hold any meaning in front of him?? Kisiko pyar karne ke liye mujhe salon ka intejar karna hoga??( Should I wait for years to love someone??)

Aman shook his head negatively- Tara, I did not mean it, you know that.

Tara screamed back- Nehi yaar.. I don’t know anything.. I don’t want to know anything, I’m the silly girl.

Tears flew from Tara’s eyes, she ran to her room not waiting for Aman’s calling.



Arnav got down the car looking around for khushi, there his eyes fell on her who was coming towards his direction from opposite direction. Arnav crossed his arms across his chest waiting for her to reach near him. There was a curve on his lips, khushi frowned seeing that smirk on his lips.

She raised her brows- What?? Do I look like a joker to you??

Arnav replied while opening car door for her- Nehi, tum to ek antique piece ho. Tumhe to museum mein hona chahiye.. (No, you are an antique piece khushi and you should be kept in museum.)

Khushi rolled her eyes- You can never talk directly right?? (said khushi while tying her seat belt.)

Arnav replied back- I never knew you know me that well..

Khushi groaned hearing him and asked angrily- Why did you tell Mumma everything??

Arnav- Told her what??

Khushi- Don’t act smart..

Arnav- But what did I say to Mumma??

Khushi- I had requested you not to tell Mumma anything about that night, still you did!!

Arnav’s grips tightened around steering wheel. She thinks he will go against something she has requested him not to do?? Forget about trusting him, she does not have even a little amount of respect towards the promise he has given to her.

Seeing Arnav replying nothing, khushi asked- Ab chup kyun ho.. batao mujhe..(now why are you silent?? Tell me..)

They both have finally reached at PS. Arnav replied staring at khushi- You are the person who has the issue of misunderstanding now khushi, not me.. So it’s up to you what you know, it’s not my responsibility to make anything clear to you..

He did not wait for her to come with him and left inside the PS.


He said she had misunderstood the fiasco. Does this mean he has not actually said anything to Mumma and keeping his words while put some useless blame on him.  Khushi followed him.


The police officer shook hand with Arnav- Mr.Raizada, We need Miss.Khushi’s confirmation on this person whom we have brought here whether he is the same person or not. Actually that taxi is registered  on some person who does not live here but he has two drivers here. We need to clarify that.

Arnav nodded his head, khushi reached there. Police officer explained the same to her, khushi looked back at Arnav, though Arnav was upset with her behavior still he could not leave her then when she needs him.

Arnav assured through eyes, khushi got some mental strength seeing his assurance to face that person once again who had tried to hurt her. Police officer took them towards the investigation room where he was kept.

Khushi started sweating seeing that driver near her and unknowingly stood moving towards Arnav very closely. The police officer asked khushi to which she nodded positively.

Then khushi was about to leave from there Arnav held her hand- He tried to hurt you khushi, he hit you and there is no damn person who can hit you.. Are you getting me??

Khushi’s heart started beating loudly, Arnav gently squeezed her knuckle- Go.. (there was fear in her eyes.) Arnav repeated- I’m with you khushi.. Kuch nehi hoga..

His words give her both mental as well physical strength to do what they both know to do. Khushi took her steps forward, stood in front of that man..

Slap… Slap..


Hey guys, how is it? Thank you to every one for your support. That means a lot and guys do read and give me your views. Both positive and negative replies are accepted warmly. Am waiting.

Apr 27, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 140 times)

“Offo Mumma, Calm down.”

Anita shook her head hearing Anjali’s soothing voice from other side of phone.

Anita was just too much tensed for Arnav and khushi, she did not find anyone than Anjali suitable for sharing this inner turmoil of her.

Anita (over phone)- Anjali, you are saying this because you are not here to notice anything, and here I’m unable to find out what’s going on between Chotey and khushi.

Anjali sighed hearing Anita’s worried voice, today she herself is a mother may she would have reacted the same way like Anita was doing if she had been there at her place noticing differences between her children.

Anjali- Mumma, I’ll talk to Chotey, ok?? But you please don’t get hyper unless you will spoil your health.

Anjali warned her mother but very gently, after talking some time they hanged up the call.




Today had been a busy day for Arnav, and nothing other than a shower can remove that fatigue from his body. Turning  on the shower, Arnav stood under it letting the water flow touching his body intimately. After almost 15 minutes, he turned off the shower, wrapping the white towel around his waist he came out of washroom.

He was about to take out his clothes from cupboard when his phone rang, and seeing Anjali’s name flashing on screen a beautiful smile came across on his face.

Arnav- Hi Di.

Anjali- Hi Chotey, How are you?? You have almost forgotten your one and only sister Chotey. (she complained sweetly.)

Arnav- Do you give me any chance to do so.. In each 2-3 days your call comes and you tell the same thing..(Anjali pouted her lips.) Are not you tired of doing melo drama??

Her jaw dropped, Anjali – How insensitive have you become Chotey?? Ese karte hai apni Di se baat?? (Does anyone talk to his sister like this??)

Arnav sighed- Come to point Di, I know when ever you start acting so innocent something surely cooking in your brain.. So spit out right now.

Anjali teased him back- Aww.. That’s so cute.. Mera bhai mujhe kitna ache se janta hai, mujhe to pata hi nehi tha.( I had never known my brother knows me too well!!)

Before Arnav could say further, Anjali stopped her- Acha batao (fine, tell me), what’s going on in between you and khushi??

Arnav shuddered his shoulder as if imagining Anjali’s reaction in front of him physically- What’s going one.. Will you be clear Di??

Anjali did not irritate him more and discussed Anita’s worry with him, Arnav heard everything attentively and finally said- Nothing is there so serious Di. If there were anything serious problem, then you guys would be very first to know that. Trust me!!

Anjali- We will be there for you both Chotey.

Arnav nodded his head- I know that Di.

They hanged up the call, Arnav quickly wore his clothes and went downstairs to talk to Aarav about some official matter.


Dinner was served, But unlike other days, it was Arnav’s turn to look down while khushi’s eyes were scanning everything.  Even today too Anita had not asked her anything relating to that night’s incident, does this mean she misunderstood him??

Anita noticed khushi only playing with spoon and cutlery not eating anything,  Anita- If you are done with your play, will you mind to have something khushi.

That dragged both Arnav and Aarav’ s attention towards her, khushi gave a nervous smile then concentrated back on her food not wishing to see anymore such situation once again.


Should she apologize to Arnav??

Khushi shook her head negatively, this should never happen!! She can’t bend in front of him!! That would prove her weak point and Arnav will take the advantage of that for whole life. Khushi again paused her thought.. Whole life?? But since when had she started considering him an integral part of her future life?? That’s never going to happen..

Khushi fought back with herself.

After a lot of argument with herself, khushi finally concluded nothing


It was morning, khushi was still on her bed thinking what to do further. Having no alternative, she called her savior.

Khushi- Nitu, Tell me how to say sorry without saying sorry??

Nitya hit her face with pillow hearing something like this from khushi as first thing in morning.

Nitya- Khushi, can you do me a favor??( khushi hummed excitedly..) (Nitya screamed back ) Block my number on your that god damn idiotic phone Khushi!!! (khushi jerked back.) Your call has made my life hell..

Khushi twisted her lips- I did not know you were till now staying in any kind of heaven..

Nitya screamed back- Gussa mat dila khushi.. (don’t angry me khushi..)

Khushi fought- Here I’m asking for your help and what are you doing?? Go to hell Nitu, and don’t show me your face.

Nitya screamed- Tub hi apni sakal mat dikhana.. Sorry bolna hai wo bhi bina bole.. Tu pagal hai khushi??  ( You too don’t show me your face.. You want to say sorry but without saying.. Are you out of your sense khushi??)

Khushi- Why don’t you tell me directly you have no sort of idea on this..

Nitya- I’m not a machine who produces idea.. You understood!!

Khushi- Ek kam kar Nitu, Ek acha sa blade le aur apni gala kat de..  Koi bhi kam ke liye nehi hai tu..  ( You know what Nitu, you should take a blade and give up your life… You are good for nothing..)

They both humped for few more seconds, then there was a plain silence after which Nitya said- Ab sun.. (Now listen to me.) A way to person’s heart by stomach.. You should prepare something yummy for that person to whom you want to say sorry but could not..

Khushi screamed- I don’t want to impress Arnav, Nitya.. Give me fruitful idea..

Nitya groaned- Go to hell khushi and ..(But stopped as she reminded herself… Did khushi take Arnav’s idea??)

Nitya giggled- What did you do that you want to say sorry to him?? Tell me..

Khushi scratched her head- Nitu, I’ll explain you later.. But not now..

Nitya took a deep sigh- See, apart from this you can’t do anything for him at least as per my knowledge..

Khushi- What’s there that I can’t do??

Nitya- Can you make him agree for date??

Khushi- That’s never going to happen.. Mujhe sorry bolna hai.. ( I want to say sorry only..)

Nitya- That’s why saying,  prepare something yummy food for everyone but taking into mind that it should be as per his like. Thoda sa pamper karo.. Wo apne aap man jayega Meri jaan..( You just have to pamper him a little, And you will see he is not upset with you anymore sweet heart..)


Unlike always khushi got ready earlier, Anita was surprised seeing her- How come you are up so early today??

Khushi giggled, wrapping her arms around Anita’s shoulder- Actually the matter is I want to help my Mumma.. That’s why.. (she kissed Anita’s cheek lovingly.)

Anita smiled seeing her gesture.

Khushi prepared coffee for everyone, Anita said while chopping veggies for breakfast- Khushi, Can you go and give coffee to Arnav??

Khushi first thought to deny, then stopped herself remembering Nitya’s idea. She took coffee for him and started climbing up towards his room but not before mumbling and calming herself down “Khushi.. Take deep breath and release.. You just have to give him coffee and return back.. The end of the story.. That’s it.”

Khushi stood in front of the door to Arnav’s room and knocked very slowly. But no response came, khushi mumbled to herself, “See, everyday he wakes up early but he has to wake up late only today.. My plight.. Oh jesus!!”

She knocked louder this time and before she could knock thrice an annoyed reply came “Who is there??”

Khushi gulped down- It’s me.. Khushi.

Arnav groaned, buried his face in pillow before getting up from bed. Slipping into his slippers, he walked towards door and saw khushi at his door way with a coffee cup.

Khushi was about to wish him morning which she had never done before but stopped as she saw him wearing no shirt except that track pant. Her eyes got widen..

Arnav noticed her wide eyes, he shook his head walking inside his room grabbing his shirt on bedrest.

Khushi came back to earth seeing him buttoning down his shirt- Don’t you have any shame??

Arnav turned to her and spoke- I don’t like wearing shirts while sleeping, it makes me feel suffocate!!

Khushi mumbled something after this reply which Arnav could not understand. Thrusting the cup in his hand khushi said- Have your coffee.. Mumma sent for you.

She chose to escape soon from his sights, she was feeling weak already seeing him in his not-so-appropriate look. Her heart started beating loudly which has started recently each time she faces some really close situation with him. Is everything fine with her?? But she could not wipe away that pinkish glow on her cheek. She started feeling goose bumps all over her skin.

Forget about pampering him to melt down his heart, she was unable to stand in front of longer.. Thought khushi while climbing down to kitchen.


Hey guys, how is it? Thank you to every one for your support. Many of you were asking about whether anyone knows about their marriage, Guys, none apart from Arnav’s family know this not even they both. For them that was a play they played once.. Neither they remember that nor had they known what was that…  That means a lot and guys do read and give me your views. Both positive and negative replies are accepted warmly. Am waiting.

Apr 28, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 145 times)

Khushi came to Anita, Anita gave her a smile. Khushi smiled back.

Khushi- Mumma.. Actually I’m craving to eat paneer paratha today with yummy curd.

Anita- Ohkay.. Let me prepare for you..

She was about to pour flour in a bowl but khushi stopped her holding her hand, Anita looked at her questioningly to which khushi replied- Today I’ll make breakfast.. You always do everything, take a leave for today..

Anita was about to protest, khushi stopped her- Shh.. No argument Mrs.Raizada.. You can leave now.

Anita laughed- Ok.. You carry on, but call me if you need anything.

Khushi nodded, after Anita left khushi took a deep sigh and started her task. Arnav will be forced to melt down his anger after having his favorite paneer paratha. Though he is not as foodie as her but he loves food too and specially paratha and gulap jamun.. Khushi licked her lips imagining all these dishes.

After almost 45 minutes, all gather at dining table. Anita helped khushi serving, then they both joined Aarav and Arnav too. Aarav took a bite of paratha and said- Umm.. Anita.. Since when have you started cooking so tasty??

Anita’s jaw dropped- You meant to say I cook bad..

Aarav gave a meaningful smile, Arnav and khushi looked down seeing some really cute cozy moment of their Mumma Papa.  Anita blushed a little but then covered up saying- Actually today’s credit goes to my daughter..

Aarav asked- Khushi had prepared this??

Khushi gave him a happy smile and roamed her eye ball towards Arnav who suddenly stopped eating. She knows he hardly praise anyone even he hardly praise Anita too. She did not mind when he said nothing but her heart ached when she heard,

“Mumma, I’m not feeling like eating any more, I’m leaving.”

Arnav got up from chair and started leaving when heard khushi, “ Wait Arnav..”

Arnav turned towards her, almost glaring at her hoping she would not drag their issue in front of Mumma Papa.

Khushi replied- Can you drop me at my college??

Arnav was about to say a Straight NO even opened his lips which khushi noticed too, but Arnav did not say seeing two pair of eyes on him. He just nodded his eyes and left from there. Khushi stood there staring at his retreating back, did he leave without eating just because she had prepared breakfast today??

Excusing herself from there, khushi rushed upstairs to her bedroom to grab her bag. She came back, was about to leave bidding bye to Aarav and Anita but stopped, came to dining area and quickly wrapped two parathas in silver paper and left. Just because he did not eat does not mean she will starve for food!!


Arnav started his car while khushi did not say anything but that anger was still bubbling inside her. She took a big bite of paratha in anger. How could he just leave like this?? He can’t disrespect something she had prepared.. He can’t disrespect food!! He has no damn rights to insult her in front of Mumma and Baba.

Khushi angrily turned to face Arnav whose face was straight- Why did not you eat anything??

Arnav replied coldly- My wish..

Khushi- Rubbish..

Arnav turned to face her- Why?? Why rubbish??

Khushi- Because I know you left because I had prepared the food today.. Stop lying Arnav!!

Arnav- If you think you know everything, then don’t you think you should have known the reason behind this??

Khushi- Mujhe kaise pata hoga Arnav??( how will I come to know the reason Arnav??)

Arnav- Kyun tumhe kabhi kuch pata hi nehi chalta khushi.. ( why don’t you understand anything khushi??)

Their voice was racing with each other to see whose pitch his higher. Both were  taking out their frustration through words on each other. Khushi stared at him angrily while Arnav also did the same.

Khushi replied turning her face away- I want to know why did you leave not touching the food??

Arnav counter questioned- And I want to know why are you so hyper just because I have not eaten anything?? You did prepare for Mumma Papa were having.. Then why are you angry??

Khushi did not reply anything, she did not know why but she just could not say why she even did that. Khushi gulped down her own anger, clutching her seat belt near her tummy. Her big fat EGO never let her open herself in front of him.. She just want to make clear to him she did not mean to hurt his feeling but she just could not gather her words to express her guilt.

Arnav also kept silent knowing there will be no response from her side. His car came to screech, khushi was about to get down Arnav said- Wait for me in afternoon here. I have no work in second half, so we can return home together.

Khushi nodded her head positively not wishing to argue more with him. Her aim was to make him understand she was sorry for action not to make him angry. But seeing her behavior taking a opposite route khushi did not open her mouth to utter anything.




The moment when Nitya and khushi came out of college gate, it started drizzling.

Khushi- Nitya, it’s about to rain, I don’t think you should wait for me. I think you should leave.

Nitya- Bilkul nehi.. I’ll be here with you..

Khushi- Please Nitya, I’ll be fine here, But you will fall sick the very next day if you get drench in rain. Please go, I’ll call you later.

She almost pushed Nitya, having no option left Nitya left hugging khushi.

Slowly it started raining heavily, khushi was almost drenched. There Though there was some place where khushi could go and save herself from rain but she did not go. She stood there where in morning Arnav had asked her to wait for him.

 After almost 15 minutes, Arnav reached. Khushi got inside the car. Seeing her all wet Arnav asked angrily- Could you use your brain a little?? Are you foolish khushi?? You are all wet.. What if you fall sick??

Khushi replied- If I had used my brain, I would not have been here Arnav.. I would have reached home already.

Arnav’s heart started beating loudly hearing her reply. Yes, she had the option even better than waiting here.. she could have gone home then why did she wait here?? Did she wait just because he had asked her to wait for him??

Arnav- Then why did not you use your brain??

Khushi replied calmly- It’s raining heavily, why did you come here.. You could have guessed I had left before it started raining??

Arnav’s tongue tied, he looked straight on road. He himself does not know the reply then what would he tell her why did he come here?? That idea of her leaving without waiting for him never came in his mind, and like she said she had a better option then, still she waited there?? Then why??

But their stubborn heart never let them ask this question to each other.

Khushi wrapped her already wet dupatta around herself saving herself from cold. Arnav noticed that, he thought to lend his blazer to her but what if she deny his help!! Not wanting to see any situation like this where she insulting his help, Arnav silently turned off AC.

Khushi noticed that, she was thankful to him for doing that.. But she could not thank him.. Saying sorry and thank you to Arnav…was never easy on her side.



Karan asked kissing a sleepy Kaira’s head- What did Arnav say then??

Anjali replied, making bed- He said there is nothing so serious.

Karan- Hmm.. Anjali.. I think Arnav and khushi should know the relation shared between them.. What if it becomes late, what if some misunderstanding happens..

Anjali sighed, hugging Karan from one side- Mumma, Papa are too worried, But Panditji asked them not to say anything.. I pray Karan, They both never get hurt after knowing this.. Because I know..they both are equally sensitive and adamant to accept anything.

Karan planted a kiss on Anjali’s hair- Let’s hope for best.

Anjali hummed.

Karan asked- Anju, Have you ever met khushi’s biological father??

Anjali denied- No.. I have never met, Mumma Papa met him once after Khushi’s birth. Chotey and Khushi does not even know his name.. Mumma Papa though never told me, but that time I have heard…  I don’t remember his name that well but I remember his surname that Gupta!!


It was Anjali who had shared this with Karan after marriage, there is no sort of secret between them. Their lives with each other was like a open book for them, the incidence of each page is read by them thoroughly. There was trust, believe, love that make the foundation of their relationship so strong.


Kaira steered in sleep. Karan cuddled his little girl close to his embrace caressing her silky hair. Pecking her forehead lovingly, Karan said- Our angel is growing up very fast.. I’ll miss her childhood.

Anjali laughed. Karan said- By the way Anju, I have a better plan not to miss our baby’s childhood.

Anjali asked confusingly- What??

Karan replied playfully- How about having another baby?? This time a boy!!

Anjali could not help but blushed hard looking down.


Teaser- Secret of their hidden marriage reveal in front of Arnav and Khushi.


Hey guys, how is it? Guys, I’ll update other stories too..but I have decided to update one by one. Please bear with me.. Thank you to every one for your support. That means a lot and guys do read and give me your views. Both positive and negative replies are accepted warmly. Am waiting.

Apr 29, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 163 times)

It’s been two months now. Khushi had done with her bachelor in fine arts degree which was a 4 years degree course. She has got a membership at museum and started working there where she was able to create more networking and contacts which are going to help her in future. She was so happy with her work, each time when anyone praises her piece of art her heart fill with so much happiness giving her positive motivation to give her heart, soul and mind into that piece of work. Nothing was there in her mind apart from her dreams and a beautiful future which she has to make her own.


It was day before Arnav’s 25th birthday. Anita and Aarav were in their room, Aarav was consoling Anita who was so tensed not knowing what’s store for her kids in future. The land line rang, Aarav answered that which was from Mrs.Singhania (Anjali’s Mother in law.)

Aarav- Namste Mrs.Singhania


Aarav- We’ll be there Mrs.Singhania.. By the way congratulations to you all..


After hanging up the call Aarav turned to face Anita who was staring at him, Anita- What happened?? Where are we going??

Aarav- Mrs.Singhania invited us to their place, a small party is kept because Karan’s new and first hotel outside India completed it’s one year journey.

Anita shook her head- I’m not coming, I’m not feeling well.. You guys enjoy.

Aarav took a deep breath- Anita.. What ever there is meant to happen that will happen.. Your worrying or thinking the same thing again and again is never going to lessen anything.

Anita- But..

Aarav stopped her- It’s our daughter’s happiness.. We can’t neglect our other child Anita. Ok?? Trio hold same position in our life.. So decide, what to do??

Anita’s eyes got teary- I’m not understanding anything, if we don’t tell Chotey and Khushi about their marriage how will they come to know?? When will that time come?? Why can’t we tell Chotey and khushi about their marriage.. My..




Anita stopped talking, Aarav and Anita turned their head hearing a voice at door way. Arnav was standing there. His expression showing he had heard everything. Anita got nervous seeing each step Arnav was taking towards them to ask them once again..

“Kaunsa shadi Mumma..”



“God..Di, hold on.. Let me check your cupboard..”, Khushi groaned over phone.

Anjali had left her something at home during her last visit to her paternal place and now khushi was searching for the same as Anjali asked her to do same.

Anjali- Khushi.. Be quick.. Driver is coming there, you send through him ok??

Khushi- Uff.. Di first let me find that. (after a pause she added.) Di, let me check first then call you back later.

Anjali agreed, khushi started searching in anjali’ cupboard, then started searching for the same in her locker the key of which she has got from Anita. Khushi was shuffling inside when a packet fell from locker near her feet. Khushi bent down to pick up that but the contains inside that packet fell on ground when khushi picked up that. Khushi kneeled down on ground and started collecting which seems like some photograph from backside. Curiously she turned those to see whose pics Anjali has kept so carefully in cupboard.

But what she saw made her go startled; it was pic of her and Arnav during their young days. But she could not understand why they both were dressed as groom and bride. Even Anita and Aarav were there along with young Anjali.

She shuffled through pics, when a particular pic caught her attention where it was young Arnav who was putting red vermilion on her forehead, they both were grinning!!!



Knowing there is no chance of denying the fact seeing the determinant look on arnav’s face, Anita broke down- Your and khushi’s marriage did happen during your childhood when you guys were very young.

 Arnav felt like someone chocked him suddenly from behind, he was married to khushi!! This only thing was enough to make him go insane.. Why did this happen?? Why none ever raise this topic?? Why in their childhood only??

Voice dried in his throat hearing this secret revelation of his life. His mind stopped functioning, the only thing he asked was- Kyun Mumma??

Anita tried to hold her son’s hand who was looking so devastated. That look on his face was giving her nervousness only.

Anita whispered- In your childhood, you often fall ill. We took you to doctors but no result came, you were sick most of the time..even we lost the hope that you…(Her tears flew from her eyes like rain fall..) We would ever get you our life..

Aarav wrapped his arm around Anita, Anita continued- One day we met an old pandit at our Radhakrishna temple… He said there is some fault in your kundli..and..only and only if any girl.. whose kundli is just opposite like your kundli.. and if we get you both married, then only we could save your life!!! So we did khushi’s kundali was same..even it was Garima and my wish to extend our friendship to next level, for us nothing could be better than this.. and… we got you and khushi married..


The broken sound of vase, made trio turned their head towards the sound.


Tears fell from khushi’s eyes, her mind became blank hearing each word Anita was saying. She had come here to ask Anita about those photographs. Her body became paralyzed, in the process of griping herself she held the near by flower vase but could not control her own emotions.


Anita stood up seeing the broken state of khushi- Khushi.. Sun..Bacha..

But khushi did not wait for there, taking her steps backward she started running away from there. Her heart burst into tears.. Anita Mumma and Aarav Baba used her to save their son’s life!! She felt suffocated, wanted to run away from there but not seeing who was standing in front of her she banged against the person.

Before she could fall, She was held by shoulder. Khushi looked up only to see Krishna standing there staring at her worriedly seeing her in this state!! Khushi tried to push Krishna and run away but Krishna did not let her go.. He held her wrist- What happened khushi?? Why are you crying??

Khushi shook her head- Leave my way Krishna.. Just let me go from here!!!

Krishna forcefully took her to sofa, her crying was not subsided till then. Khushi tried to get up, but Krishna did not let her go, taking his seat on tea table in front of her asked gently- What happened khushi?? Did anyone say you anything??  Why are you crying like this??

There was that pain, that wound in khushi’s heart that khushi could neither tell anyone nor bear herself. She just looked down.

Krishna kept quiet for some time, Anita and Aarav standing at upstairs saw the scene. Khushi’s tears stabbed their heart. Anita was about to run down to khushi, Aarav stopped her- She will not listen to you Anita.. Give her some time.

Anita burst into tears seeing both Arnav and khushi’s life taking such an ugly turn.

Aarav took Anita from there knowing if Anita continued to see them like this, as they were her weak points, she will fall sick crying like this. Anita was not that emotionally strong woman may be a little more weak when it come to Arnav and khushi!!


After a long, 10 minutes, when khushi’s cry subsided a little Krishna held a glass of water in front of her lips- Drink some water.

Khushi turned her face away- No..

Krishna sighed seeing her stubborn attitude- Ok.. Now let’s go to our home, you will feel good talking to your Di.. Ok??

Hearing anjali’s name again stabbed her heart.. Even her Di whom she never considers anything than her own elder sister ditched her feeling just like Mumma, Baba!!

Khushi- I don’t want to go any where Krishna.. Why don’t you understand??

Krishna- Ok fine.. Let’s go some where else.. Your favorite spot..Near river Yamuna.. Ok??

Khushi shook her head negatively- Mujhe kahin nehi jana hai Krishna.. ( I don’t wanna go any where..)

But Krishna did not listen to her- You will feel good.. Let’s go.

He almost dragged khushi even without her will.


Standing upstairs, Arnav saw the scene. The moment, khushi left with Krishna.. his own fingers curled on the railing!!


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May 1, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 135 times)

Arnav’s eyes roamed around, his eyes scanned each and every person but where she was!!  Even though Aarav and Anita did lose their any interest to attain any functional occasion after the confrontation with Arnav and unknowingly with khushi too..they could not avoid Anjali and her in-laws invitation. Their heart was heavy but there was perfect fake smile on each one’s lips.

Though Arnav had the option to avoid this party taking into account the inner pressure he was undergoing after the revelation of his own past which was still unknown to him, but he still came there. And after reaching here he was doing the same task for which he had come here!!! Looking around to see her!!

It’s been hours now, khushi has left with Krishna!! If she is not here, then where?? His mind strike with this question. Having no patience left within him to wait for that auspicious moment when he would get to see both khushi and Krishna, he looked around for Karan Jiju.

Karan Jiju was talking to some persons standing at far, Arnav came there- JIju..

Karan turned around- Yes, Arnav.

Arnav first hesitate then asked knowing it’s better to ask than assuming any other consequences- Where is Krishna?? I have not been seeing him here..(he carefully tried to hide the reason why he suddenly started  searching for Krishna.)

Karan was taken back hearing him. Normally as per his knowledge Arnav and Krishna don’t go well with each other, but he has never interfered in this matter. Neither Arnav nor Krishna ever ask his help solving this issue between them, so his interfering was not good as per his view.

Karan replied- I don’t know Arnav. Anjali had sent him to your house as our driver could not come having some problem. I have not seen him after that.


Having no positive reply from Karan, Arnav took a deep sigh!! Giving him a half smile Arnav left from there.


Anjali was passing by when Karan called her, Karan- What’s wrong with your brother?? Today he is showing extra care for my brother!!

Anjali- Karan.. Kya aap bhi!!(she groaned..)

Karan- By the way Anju, Where is Krishna??

Anjali shuddered her shoulder- I don’t know. Mumma was telling me that khushi had left with him. They must be coming.

Hearing this a playful smile came across Karan’s lips- To main sochu ki Arnav ko achanak se Krishna ki fikar kyun hone lagi?? ( Oh..So that’s the reason why suddenly Arnav has started showing extra care towards Krishna.)

Anjali some how could guess, what Karan was referring- What?? Khu..shi??

In reply Karan gave a smile was about to say more, his eyes fell on Krishna and khushi who were entering the party venue.

Karan- There they are..

Anjali turned to see what he was showing her, seeing khushi a bright smile came across her face- Let me bring her here. You know I have a lot to tell you and show you. Today I’m going to give her that sweater I have knitted for her.. She will definitely like that.

Karan smiled fondly, wrapping his arm around Anjali Karan teased- Madam, If nanad so much love on her Bhabi, I don’t think we would be able to see those nanad- Bhabi’s salty-sweety relationship..

Anjali laughed- Karan, I seriously hope they both would come to know everything soon. (Karan and Anjali don’t know anything about revelation as Anita and Aarav don’t want to spoil their daughter and son-in-law’s happy moment. Knowing anjali’s nature, they were sure she would forget everything and will start thinking of Arnav and khushi.)


Anjali called khushi who was leaded by Krishna inside, khushi and Krishna stopped. Anjali came to khushi, giving her a bright smile she hugged khushi tightly- How are you doing khushi??

Though khushi hugged Anjali back, but Anjali could feel that hug was not showing that enthusiasm like that always reflects. But she brushed her thoughts smacking her mind, pulling out from hug Anjali was about to ask something but noticed khushi’s puffy eyes. Did she cry??

By then Krishna had left too as some one called him, Anjali held khushi’s hand gently- What’s wrong khushi?? Did anything happen??

Khushi shook her head negatively, she might be upset with Anjali for hiding this but she can’t foul her mood telling her anything.

Khushi- Nothing Di.. I’m just a little bit tired.

Anjali though was not convinced but she thought to avoid any negative thought. She took her to Karan and her in-laws. Karan said giving her a brotherly hug- Kya baat hai khushi?? Kuch hua hai kya?? (He asked noticing some gloominess that he had never seen on khushi’s face ever. She was always a fresh flower.)  

Khushi replied same that she had told Anjali. Soon all drifted towards their work. Khushi stood at a corner, aloof from all in her world. She was unable to find any single to be happy in this happy moment. Her life started tasting like bitter to her. Her heart was feeling heavy, giving her thousands of mix emotions. Shaking her head, she tried to divert her mind looking away, but then her eyes collided with two brown orbs staring at her!!

Arnav has no idea since how long he has been noticing her. she was looking so lost.. in her world.He thought to talk to her but when he was about to take a step towards her direction khushi moved her face away instantly. His feet stopped as her eyes reflected anger for him!!

Was it a question of her life only?? Did not it affect his life by any way?? Thought Arnav seeing her looking away from him.

Anita tried to talk to khushi but each time Mrs.Singhania did stop her telling her something. Aarav was busy meeting to everyone Mr.Singhania was making him meet with!!

Music started, few couple went to stage to shake their legs. Karan and Anjali joined, Mrs.Singhania forcefully brought Aarav and Anita to stage. Music was slow yet charming, it was giving a perfect blend to youngsters and elders.

Khushi’s eyes were on stage only staring at none particularly. Right then Krishna came- Hi.. Again sad??

Khushi gave him a little smile- Nothing Krishna.. You enjoy. I’m ok.

Krishna- I can see how ok you are!!

Khushi sighed- Krishna.. Please, not again.. There is nothing to tell you yaar..

Krishna- OK..Calm down. I’ll not bother you again. Come..

He started to drag khushi towards stage, khushi tried to stop- Please Krishna.. Don’t force me.. I’m not in a mood today..

Krishna grinned- Dance creates mood Khushi.. You will enjoy.

Khushi could not deny more seeing Krishna’s showing so much care towards her seeing her sad. She did not want to spoil his mood. So joined with him with others.


Sipping his soft drink, Arnav stared at the scene in front of his view. Though not that close, but still khushi and Krishna were very least there was much more closeness between them than him and khushi!! Anyone can see and notice that.

Krishna whispered something to khushi’s ear to which she gave a little smile nodding her head. They moved closer once again.

An unknown anger ran down Arnav’s body each time he found her moving on beats of song  with Krishna!! He could not understand the same girl who was crying so bitterly after knowing everything, can be so relaxed in next instance enjoying with her friend!! They had come to know about their child hood marriage for god sake not anything else!! How could she be so calmed?? Does not she understand their life suddenly stooped moving after this revelation or is it only him who is taking it a bit more seriously??


He saw Krishna gesturing something towards some one to which the person nodded his head, suddenly all lights went off except that spot light that was falling on khushi and Krishna. Arnav stood up from his hot chair near bar!!


Others stopped moving seeing this, khushi was so confused, she tried to move away from this spot light falling on her drawing each and everyone’s attention on her but she was stopped by Krishna. Not saying anything further, Krishna kneeled down in front of khushi on one knee and said- I love you khushi..

Khushi had become a live statue hearing Krishna’s proposal. Did she hear right?? Did Krishna just propose front of everyone..

Her palm was held by Krishna, Krishna whispered- Will you marry me??

Before she could understand more, she felt a cold thing sliding on her ring finger. Khushi looked down at her own hand as a emerald ring brighten more against her skin.


 Lights came suddenly, Anita, Aarav, Karan and Anjali got shocked seeing this. They had never expected Krishna was feeling this for khushi. Anjali held Karan’s hand tightly- Karan!!

Karan assured through eyes, was about to say something but heard his father’s words to Aarav- Mr.Raizada, Krishna said what we failed to tell you.. We will be happy if khushi come to our home being our younger daughter-in-law.

Mrs.Singhania too hugged Anita- Congratulations Mrs.Raizada.. Now our relation is double strong. This evening can’t be more beautiful than this. Now this is called double Jasn..

Krishna was still on his knees- Khushi.. I’m still waiting.

They heard from crowd someone saying, “ She is so shy to tell yes in front of everyone Krishna.. Take her silence as a Yes..”

Khushi’s eyes travelled towards the source of this voice!! Does her expression show she is shy here?? She turned her head, thinking to reply Krishna right there not dragging it anymore.. but her eyes fell that figure who hiding from everyone’s eyes left from there. Khushi stood there staring at his retreating back hoping Arnav would turn his face, but that never happened.



Arnav (stressing on each word, he declared)-Sagai Done... Saat Phere  Done.. Mangalsutra  Done… Sindur  Done… Shadi  Done!! Ban gayi tum meri dulhan phir se..Par iss bar my legally wedded Bride!!!

Aman stood there staring at two persons, one whose eyes were spitting fire, other who was staring at nothing but ground trying to collect her broken dreams and life. 


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