My little bride. (Completed)

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May 11, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 164 times)

Khushi was searching for some music CDs of Kisore Kumar, in HER room. He is her favorite singer; she just loves the wording of his every song, so simple yet so touching.  

Arnav has been searching for her, finding her neither with Anita nor in their room, he dialed her number, khushi  heard the ring on her phone. She answered the call- Han Arnav..

Arnav asked- Kahan pe ho tum??(Where are you??)

Khushi replied while still searching for that special CD, and keeping her phone in between her shoulder and ear- In my room, where else??

Arnav roamed his eyes around the room- What the.. I’m in the room, don’t tell me you have become invisible to me now!!

Khushi rolled her eyes- When did I say I’m in YOUR room Arnav, I said I’m in MY room!! And..(but she stopped there understanding what she was saying.)

Here Arnav was trying all his effort to mend their relationship, at least not co-operating but she should not try to spoil anything. Khushi shut her eyes tightly for a second. She needs to think before saying anything, especially to Arnav!! Thought khushi.


Arnav too stopped not saying anything. He felt disheartened , when she so easily made a distinction between the two rooms.

But should he take that seriously??

Is it right to expect from khushi to take everything so fast specially knowing her temperament?? She needs time to adjust herself in this new life, he should understand it. He needs to have patience while dealing with her because he has no intention to spoil whatever he has restored till now!!

Breaking his thought, he heard from other side, “Arnav, I’m coming there.”

He was brought back to present- No, wait, I’m coming there.

Khushi too agreed. Finally she saw that CD in a corner of the shelf, it was in upper shelf. So she stood up on a stool to bring that out, but then that cd slipped from her hand and as a result fell on ground, rolling under the bed.

Khushi’s jaw dropped- Sh!t.. I’m sure, it’s condition will be worst now.

She climbed down the stool and started searching for that under the bed.

Arnav got a call from office, while talking he entered in room but only to found her laying on ground, half under the bed and half out! He stared at her in amu****t. What’s this girl doing under the bed??

Asking the person to call back later, Arnav hanged up the call. Pocketing his phone, he came forward and asked standing near bed- What are you doing there khushi??

“I’m playing badminton here.. Can’t you see??”, came the irritating reply.

What else a person do under a bed than searching for some fallen thing!! Does not Arnav know this?? Thought khushi loudly.

Arnav- KHUSHI!!! Come out.. (He commanded.)

“Got it!!” exclaimed khushi happily finding that CD finally.

She started escaping from there hurriedly and in the process hit the top of her head on bed, resulting into a cry, “Ouch..”

“Careful Dammit.”, Arnav almost screamed while going on his knees.

“Don’t scream..”, replied khushi with same tone while trying to come out not hitting her head for second time but failed and was about to hit her head but Arnav kept his hand on top of her head as a result when she was about to get up, her head hit his hand not with bed.

Khushi moved her eyes towards his arm that was still on top of her head rubbing her head gently, then she looked back at his eyes, those were reflecting concern!! Are all these real or fake?? Can a sudden change bring all these?? It seem like this Arnav in front of her is just an unknown man whom she has never met not even once in her life.

Arnav withdrew his hand seeing her constant questioning and confusing gaze. They both stood up, khushi looked down not wishing to witness any other such moment coming up. All these feel so bizarre to her. In her language, “Ajeeb lagata hai ye sab!!” , khushi thought looking down when her eyes fell on that damaged piece of the music CD.

Her face fell, Arnav looked down to see what she was staring so attentively. There he saw a damaged CD of Kisore Kumar’s songs.

Khushi tried to wipe away that loss in her mind and asked Arnav- You were telling me something??

Arnav raised his brow high as he had almost forgotten what he wanted to tell her!! Remembering the reason behind his searching   for her, he said- Yeah.. Mumma was telling me about that dinner plan at Singhania’s. I don’t want to go there neither I want you to join them. Mat jao.. (Don’t go)

The way he asked her not to go, that gave her a second choice of joining there with others. Was she being convinced by Arnav this easily?? She should try to keep a control on her emotions, her emotions are now on edge of disobeying HER!!!

Khushi- Why don’t you want to join?? And why should not I join?? Do you know, Aunty and Uncle have called us themselves there.

Arnav- So?? Is not that reason a sufficient one?? I just said what I want, rest in your hands. You decided whether you want to join them or not!!

Saying that Arnav left.

Was his explanation on not joining even a reasonable one??, khushi asked herself.

And what’s the meaning of “Rest in your hands, You decide whether you want to join them or not??”. On one hand he was directly asking her not to join with them and on other hand giving her this option is how much fruitful only he would have known better!! Khushi twisted her lips unpleasantly.


Khushi returned back to HIS room as per her point. Arnav had the plan to join office lately today, so he was just watching some business news on TV. Khushi did not speak to him, took her laptop that was laying on bed on her side beside where he was sitting, they did not look at each other and then she went towards poolside to finish reading that script that Aditya Roy had mailed her last night. She needs to concentrate on that more.

Stretching her legs on one chair, khushi sat comfortably to resume reading.


Arnav noticed her from room, Will she go there keeping the invitation of Singhania’s or stay at home not joining them keeping his words?? May be he should not have given her this tough decision to take. But he was not ready to face a Person named Krishna and in particular after that evening. He afraid, if Krishna does anything this time, then he would not step back strangling that man which will later result into adding some bitterness of his relation with Karan Jiju and Khushi herself too. At this moment, he was not ready to add any bitterness in their already instable relationship!!

He picked up his phone and dialed a number, ordering something.


After sometime Arnav left for his office.

 It was afternoon, khushi was in room busy with that script. She heard Anita calling her name, she hurriedly ran downstairs thinking if anything happened to Mumma or something!!

She found Anita at door way, talking to someone. Khushi reached there- Mumma, What happened??

Anita turned and replied- There is some courier for you, check.

Khushi- For me??(she was confused as she had not ordered anything.)

Anita moved aside, khushi signed on the paper and got the packet. She started opening it. There she found the same music CD of Kisore Kumar that she had damaged this morning while searching for it. It did not take longer for her to understand who was the sender!!

Anita asked- What’s there khushi??

Khushi replied- A CD of Kisore Kumar’s music Mumma.

Anita too did not ask anything knowing khushi’s liking towards Kisore Kumar’s music.

Khushi left from there, keeping that CD aside khushi took her phone and dialed.

“Are you trying to bribe me so that I’ll be convinced??”

“I never knew it’s that easy to convince you just by bribing??”

Khushi took a deep sigh, crossing her both legs she sat on bed and said in a loud voice- Don’t act smart Arnav.. Next time think something worthy way to convince me..

Arnav replied pushing himself on backrest of his chair, keeping his head- You don’t need to stress yourself for that.. I know that very well how to convince anyone and how!!

Khushi- This is called over confidence..

Arnav- This is called self confidence..

Khushi- Why are you like this??

Arnav- Why are you like this??

Khushi- Don’t copy me Arnav ..

Arnav- But that was my line and you stole that.

Khushi’s jaw dropped, khushi- Don’t talk to me.

Arnav- You are the one who called me by the way!!

Khushi got highly annoyed, angrily she hanged up the call. This man has really gone out of her understanding level now.

Should not she join with others?? But what’ll Anjali Di think?? Will not she feel bad?? At least for her sake Arnav should agree to join, should not he?? And what’s the reason behind his disagreement?? Khushi asked herself. Even it’s been so long she has talked to Di, JIju and specially Kaira!! She should join them. Khushi convinced herself.



Aarav had already left office early as per the dinner plan. Arnav gave some excuses for not joining, Aarav did not force too, not wishing to foul his son’s mood. Now in this entire office building only one soul is present and that’s Arnav Singh Raizada!!

Arnav finally got up from his seat, taking his laptop bag and grabbing his blazer he finally left not sure of whether he would meet anyone at home or not!!! And to be more specific, that ANYONE is not someone else than his WIFE.

The car came to screech in front of RM. Whole RM seem like sleeping, it was dark, no lights were on. He was sure, all left including khushi too.. Why would not she leave?? After all she is that stubborn to do particularly that what he asked her not to do.

Using the spare key, he opened the door and went inside. He heard Puchpuch’s barking, he switched on the light in drawing room. Puchpuch came running to him, and started rubbing himself on his legs.

He must say, Puchpuch has started liking him in these days. He has also started giving away that negative he had on this cute pet. Coming down on his knees, he gently patted Puchpuch’s head- All left leaving you alone too.. Why none understands our POV??



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May 12, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 155 times)

Arnav’s eyes roamed around, he mumbled- Seems like this family members have taken the idea of saving electricity a bit more seriously. (He commented, looking around meeting only the darkness everywhere.)

Caressing Puchpuch’s body one last time, he stood up and moved towards kitchen to drink some water. After this he proceeds towards his room, counting the number of stairs, looking down. He pushed the door opened and step inside. There is too the dim light, Arnav kept the laptop bag on recliner and started moving towards to cupboard to take his towel for a much needed hot shower his eyes fell on the shadow falling inside the room through the opened French door leading to poolside. He moved backward and checked the poolside only to see his WIFE standing there. He felt he just skipped a heart bit!! Was she real or it’s his imagination??

He moved towards that direction,

She was standing facing her back towards him, Arnav did not say anything. Is she actually here??, Arnav’s mind was asking this question, and if yes, then why did not she go with Mumma, Papa?? He was dazed completely.

Sensing the presence of another person’s presence, khushi turned her head only to find herself under Arnav’s still gaze. She turned around completely facing him, Arnav took few steps forward until there was at least more than 1 meter gap between them.

Arnav- You did not go there??

Khushi - Would you have been happy, if I had gone there?? (Counter questioned khushi looking directly into his eyes.)

Arnav was speechless for a moment in front this girl of his life. Did she take into mind of him being happy or not?? If situation had been normal and they had been sharing a normal husband wife bond, by now he would have crushed her in his embrace as tightly as possible. His heart overwhelmed hearing her reply, his eyes just did not leave her face even for a micro second.

Under his soft look, khushi still could feel a different sensation running down through each part of her body, she clutched her dupatta tightly in her small fist trying stable herself being near him.  What’s happening to her in these days?? Why being close with this man, is giving her lots many emotions to feel. She needs to leave from there, from this closeness with this man; this nearness is now making her restless more. She looked away and tried to escape from there saying- I’m heating food, come fast.

Arnav does not know whether he had actually heard anything properly or not, he was just too smitten by this gesture of her.


When Arnav reached downstairs, found khushi already arranging plates for him and her. She took her seat, Arnav did his. No word spoken, but that silence was so intense for them. Khushi was trying very hard not to look up as she already knew what she would see looking up at him.

His eyes followed her every action so minutely, each time when that fork touches her lips, each time she chewing the food then gulping down, her down eyes not wishing to meet his, the other left hand tightly gripping around a glass as if asking some energy from it.  Khushi gulped down some water, his eyes followed the up and down of her throat with each sip she was taking, her actions seem leaving a major impact on him tonight.

He just did not know what he was even eating.

Khushi had no idea whether her decision of staying back was even a right one or not especially alone with Arnav. Being alone with this man, can give her so many emotions at the same time, she never knew. Now she was afraid of her whether whatever she was feeling, that can be names as nervousness, discomfort or excitement!! But indeed it was a thrilling experience she was undergoing beside him.


Khushi got up, taking her plate when heard her name from him,

Arnav- Khushi..

She stopped, turned to face him, Arnav thought for a brief moment before asking- Can we go for an ice-cream??

Khushi’s brows raised high, is it a good idea?? Her mind asked… Indeed that would be a better idea than sleeping beside him, replied her heart… at least this uncertain feeling would be dissolved by this small night out till bed time.

Khushi- Ok!!

A smile came across Arnav’s lips, he was not sure whether she would agree or not!! But her positive reply did boost his motivating level. Both changed into a comfortable outfit, khushi choose a dark blue jeans and a long top to keep herself warm both from the weather as well as from Arnav’s deep gaze.


“It would have been so nice if Arnav and khushi had joined us this evening.”, said Mrs.Singhania.

Aarav and Anita exchanged a look- Arnav was not feeling well, so could not manage to come.

Krishna commented drawing everyone’s attention- And khushi too was not feeling well Aunty?? Or was it her husband who asked her to do so??

Aarav- No beta, it’s nothing like this and why khushi would not like to come here.. She has so many favorite persons of her here. (Said Aarav pinching Kaira’s cheek trying to ease the situation.)

Anjali and Karan looked at each other, Krishna’s expression was not giving any positive vibes which might mess up the evening.

Anjali- Krishna, Take some paneer, you have not tasted till now!!

Krishna moved her gaze towards Anjali, Anjali smiled sweetly, and Krishna nodded his head.

Kaira stood up on her small chair- Kaira wants ice-cream and that too the peanut one!!

Anjali held her hand trying to balance her baby on chair- Kaira, first sit down, and finish food, then ice-cream.

Kaira shook her head- NO.. Now, peanut ice-cream.

Krishna said seeing Kaira’s stubbornity- Ok, Let’s go with Chachu then. Hmm?? (he had no further interest to spend time here, in between hearing Arnav and khushi’s pairing. He is fed up now.)


It’s been 3rd ice cream parlor, but unfortunately Krishna could not get a peanut icecream for Kaira and here Kaira was too stubborn only for that particular one. Finally Krishna stopped the car, in front of a ice cream parlor, he was sure he would get that particular ice cream from here. Holding Kaira’s finger, Krishna stepped inside as he had no intention to lose his only niece. Luckily they got ice cream as per Kaira’s choice, sitting comfortably Kaira started relishing the flavor. Krishna was looking here and there as he had no interest in ice-cream, he just wanted to escape from his home!!



That chocolate ice cream was melting so fast, so khushi had to increase her speed as none wants to have melted ice-cream.  Arnav smirked- Is your train leaving the station??

Khushi rolled her eyes- Shut up.. (She wiped her lips.)

Arnav- So what excuse you gave Mumma??

Khushi- Why are you so interested to know??

Arnav- Of course I’m interested to know, after all none but My Wife is involved here!!

Khushi choked and started coughing hearing My Wife!! Arnav gently patted her head- What happened??

Khushi said gritting her teeth- Why are you calling me wife??

Arnav chuckled- You liked it that much then wifey??  

Khushi- You will see Arnav, next time I’ll never come into your words this easily!!

Arnav- Is this prediction of future meant to test my effort or your resistance??

Khushi did not say anything; it’s useless to say as he would again twist her words in his favor!! Arnav was about to pay the bill, khushi stopped him- Consider it as a treat from my side.

She cleared the bill, Arnav did not stop her either. It’s a unusual feeling getting a treat from wife and why to reject that!! Thought Arnav. They both came out,

Arnav asked- By the way what’s the reason behind this treat then??(He asked curiously, pocketing his both hands)

Khushi replied- You got me those CDs, and I gave you this treat.. Account is cleared now!! I did pay your debt. (She replied jokingly and started walking ahead to reach near their car which was just few feet away from there.)

“I did clear your debt.”, does she feel he is favoring on her by getting her those CDs?? Does she think whatever he was doing till now, just a dept which she need to pay in future!!

Before khushi could understand anything, she was pinned in between Arnav and the car. Her eyes got widen, she tried to push him away- Arnav, Are you out of your sense?? What are you doing??

He clutched her shoulder- How could you say it god-dammit??(He said loudly.)

Khushi looked into his eyes, but still trying to free herself from Arnav’s grips- What did I say??

Arnav- You think I’m favoring on YOU!!

Khushi stopped struggling under him, he misunderstood her words. She should clarify that, but before that she needs to know another thing- Then what are you doing?? (She asked)

He stared at her disbelievingly- I have already answered this question that day khushi..

Khushi- What?? That you want me in your life??? But why Arnav?? Why this sudden change?? Should I think it’s because you think as already marriage is done, then let’s do some FAVOR on this girl!!!

Arnav did not say anything further after hearing her as anger started bubbling inside him, her words did spread bitterness in his heart. He pushed her away but gently and turned away from her. Angrily he punched on car bonnet, khushi jumped up as that punch showed the intensity of this anger. She knew, she did say something which did hurt him, but was that an invalid question!! Should not she deserve the answer behind this wanting of his?? If he wants her in his life, should not he clarify what this want indicates??  Since when this WANT started??

How could she name his emotions as a Favor?? Does a husband favor on his wife?? On what base, she so easily named it like this??


Standing a far away, Krishna noticed these 2 persons, fighting with each other. His fingers formed into a tight grip when he saw Arnav pinning khushi on car. Now he was sure, behind this absence of khushi at their home, it’s her so-called husband’s threatening!!

Kaira’s voice brought him back, he came back to his car and drove off from there.


For next 5 minutes, neither Arnav said anything nor khushi. It’s better to keep quite when your anger level is on its peak!! They both did not even look at each other. Khushi came forward and stood in front of him. Arnav looked away- Let’s go, it’s getting late!!

Khushi understood seeing him fisting his fingers that he was trying to control his frustration inside him. Khushi tried to touch his hand, Arnav pulled  his hand away- Chalo..

Khushi sighed seeing his behavior. They both silently got into the car and drove away. Changing into a pair of his night clothes, Arnav came to bed. Khushi was not there as Aarav and Anita had returned, so she was talking to them. Finishing her talk, when khushi entered in bedroom, saw Arnav already occupying his side of bed, laying straight covering his face with his elbow. She quickly finished brushing teeth and changing clothes, then joined on bed. Giving a long stare at him, khushi finally switched off the lights and laid down on bed.

No matter how the day went, but night did not end with a good note!!!

Arnav turned to other side, facing his back at her. Khushi silently observed his action under that dim light. She could not understand whether her asking that question was justified one or Arnav’s reaction!!



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May 13, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 149 times)

It’s been two days now of their fight. Though Arnav had not stopped talking to her, but each time he said something to khushi, khushi failed to feel that soothing touch like she used to feel few days back before their fight. Their talk is limited most of the time and especially in these two days she has not heard any of his remarkable comment on her.

Sitting on bed, just waking up from sleep khushi pulled the blanket covering her legs. Her eyes travelled towards the empty side of bed beside her, he must have gone for his morning jogging. She has to admit, he is really an early riser unlike her whose eyes never open before 7.30 or so!!

Right then Arnav entered, khushi turned her head hearing the click sound of door. Arnav entered inside, but talking to someone over his Bluetooth, must be his official personnel!! While talking, he sat on recliner, untying the shoe lace and distracting those, then she found him checking some emails on laptop but still talking. After almost more than 5 minutes, his talk ended.

Khushi became attentive, was he going to talk to her or not??

Seeing him, moving towards closet to take out his clothes for shower, khushi twisted her lips angrily!! What had she asked that, he was behaving so indifferently towards her?? Was not he the same person who had started showing his concern for their marriage, wishing it last forever… and By doing this, does he think he is saving their marriage by any way.

Seeing him, moving towards bathroom, khushi quickly pushed away the blanket and within a blink of eyes reached near washroom door, putting her hand on door knob, not letting him open that. Arnav glared at her- What??

Khushi- I’ll take shower first.. You have any problem??

Arnav opened his mouth to say something, but stopped not saying anything and move away. Though it was her victory, but still khushi was not that happy. But she silently took her clothes and entered in to washroom to finish her morning routine.

 Arnav sat on couch, waiting for his turn. But when he found it’s already more than 20 minutes, he could not tolerate and angrily knocked on door- Khushi, come out right now. I have office to attain. I’m getting late.

Khushi narrowed her eyes hearing him,

Khushi- I’ll not open, until you say why are not you talking to me Raizada??

Arnav knocked loudly- Is this the time to resume our the most important argument??

Khushi- You think, not talking to me normally you are saving our argument Arnav??

Arnav- Yes, Now come out khushi and stop angry me!!

In next second, the bathroom door was opened and there was standing a beauty carrying her glory but two honey orbs spitting fire. Arnav did not say after this, just moved her aside from his way by her forearm. Khushi’s jaw dropped when she found Arnav locking the door.

Khushi screamed loudly- You wanted to keep our marriage Arnav and is this how you are trying to save not talking to me?? And what had I asked that, you are so upset?? I just wanted to know some answers, that’s it!!!

She continued hearing no reply- Esa bhi kya ho gaya Arnav, kit um mujh se think se baat bhi nehi kar sakte ho??( What happened suddenly that, you can’t talk to me in a normal way Arnav??)

She waited to hear his reply, but no reply came. Stumping her feet, khushi left the room closing the door with bang.


Her mood was already foul; suddenly one person starts showing so much concern, then suddenly switched off his heart as if nothing ever did matter!! She angrily started chopping veggies for breakfast. She was just too disturbed by this silence he was creating around himself. He himself started wiping away their distances, now he is the one who creating more distances between them. She just can never understand him!!

It was 11 am. Khushi was at that place, where they had meeting with all the members of the play. She has to present her sketch of set, though that half done. Once she gets the approval from seniors, she can complete the task.

 It took almost 2 hours, Meeting was over smoothly, and she got the positive reply. They discussed timing, budget they have prepared for set designing and khushi has to do everything taking into mind all these.

Coming out of meeting room, khushi dialed a number- Hi Di..(she greeted.)

Anjali- Hi..(over phone.) How are you??

Khushi- Good.. Aap??

Anjali- Me too..

Khushi- Di… I need your help. Will you help me??

Anjali- Of course khushi, just tell me.

Khushi explained everything, Anjali said after hearing- OK.. That seems tough as I think it will not take longer for him to know everything..

Khushi- Di..

Anjali- Ok.. don’t be sad. I’ll ask Karan, ok??

Khushi hummed. After hanging up, khushi dialed two other numbers and started moving.  

Khushi came out of building, when heard Aditya Roy’s voice from behind- Khushi..

Khushi stopped and turned- Yes Sir.

Aditya came forward- Congratulations Madam.. See, I was telling you, you can do it.

Khushi smiled hearing some encouraging words that did boost her energy. Khushi- Thank you Sir.

Aditya- Don’t thank me.. You have the talent, by the way you were leaving for some where??

Khushi- Yes Sir.

Aditya- Ohh, then why don’t you come with me, I’ll drop you at your destination!!

Khushi tried to deny, but he did not hear anything, finally khushi had to agree. They both got in Aditya’s car. They were talking some random topic, Aditya got a call.

Aditya- Excuse me..(he answered the call..) Hi.. Yeah, meeting is done, and I guess I’m returning back…. Ji Sahiba.. Anything for you!! Just command….. Give a break…. Ok, I’ll get those…. Yeah, bye!!

There was a beautiful smile on Aditya’s lips. Khushi asked curiously seeing that smile still lingering on his lips even after ending the call..

Khushi- Seems like it was some important person’s call!!

Aditya laughed, khushi had never seen him laughing and talking so happily.  

Aditya nodded his head-I think you are right khushi.

Khushi smiled- Girl friend then??

Aditya chuckled- I broke up with my last girl friend three years back..

Khushi raised her brow- Are you married??

Aditya- I guess so..

Khushi could not help, but laughed- Are you serious?? Then why there was no buzz of your marriage??

Aditya- I hate that spicy talk khushi.. 30% truth, 70% story!! (he sighed hard.)

Khushi nodded her head, admitting.

Aditya said after a pause- Ananya.. Her name.. I meant my ex girl friend cum WIFE’s name!!

Khushi smiled fondly- She has a beautiful name.. (Aditya agreed readily.)

Aditya asked noticing that ring on her finger- What about your relationship status then?? Are you engaged??

Khushi- Stop at 2nd building from right Sir. (she said.)

Aditya read the name, it was an Italian restaurant. Aditya stopped the car, khushi unblocked her seat belt, Aditya said- By the way all the best for lunch date then!!

Khushi smiled a little hearing him- Actually some friends, our sister, her husband and Arnav..

Aditya –Wohhh.. And the last name.. Arnav???

Khushi smiled a little- My husband!!

Aditya laughed- Arnav.. ??

Khushi- Singh Raizada.. Arnav Singh Raizada!!

Aditya- That sounds cool..

Khushi laughed, Aditya- By the way khushi, Arnav is beautiful name too!! (he added after a pause.)

Khushi gave a smile, Aditya- What?? Come on.. Say yes. Don’t tell me you have never praised his name!!

Khushi- Bye Sir..

Aditya smiled fondly- Good bye khushi.. have a nice time.  


Khushi saw Anjali, Karan, Nitya and Aman talking together at their reserved table for lunch. She sighed hard, He can’t come early?? Can he?? Wiping away that unpleasant expression, khushi reached at their table.

Khushi- Hi..

All turned their heads, Anjali got up and hugged khushi- Hi.. You are late khushi!! (she said sternly.)

Nitya commented- Yeah Di, the host herself is late..

Karan- Why will she come earlier when the guest of honor is not here till now??

Khushi rolled her eyes- Not funny Jiju.

All laughed, khushi took her seat beside Nitya. She turned to Aman- Aman, thank you for coming.

Though she still could not clear her mind from Aman’s role that night, she still knows he is one of the best friend of Arnav and it will make him happy. So she kept her thoughts aside regarding Aman’s role and intention on that night.

Aman- Anything for you and Arnav, khushi.. (he said after a moment.)Khushi, I’m sorry for that night. It’s just that.. I can’t.. I meant… I just can’t go against my friendship.

Khushi- Let’s not talk about that night again Aman.  I don’t want to remember..

Aman nodded his head.

Khushi turned to Karan- Jiju, You have to handle everything today..

Karan- Khushi.. Just don’t worry. We all will support you. We all want to see you  both happy, that’s it.

Khushi nodded her head, looking down!! She just hoped, after this lunch together, Arnav will be relaxed a bit, meeting his Di, Jiju, Aman.. She was unable to take his silence any more, specially knowing it’s her words that hurt him!!

Even today too, saying sorry was not easy on her part!! But she still want him to feel good, at least this little time will make him forget that incident.



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May 14, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 189 times)

Khushi was looking down at her watch again and again. Will he come or not?? What if he does not come, then?? Anxiously she bit her lips, Nitya shook her by her shoulder- Khushi..

Khushi looked at her, Nitya held her hand- Don’t be tensed, he will definitely come. Relax!!

Khushi nodded her head, Nitya’s positive words did give her some positive energy to think good. They all kept on talking on some random topic, when Anjali exclaimed- There is our Guest of honor!!

All turned their heads, Arnav reached there and roamed his eyeballs on each face confusingly seeing all giving him some weird looks. He shuddered his shoulder- What’s wrong with you all??

Quickly all looked away, Arnav gave a stern look at everyone then took his seat beside Anjali, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

Arnav- How are you??

Anjali replied lovingly- What will happen to me when I have such nice people with me??

Arnav smiled, Karan- Your Di was actually missing you that evening a bit more, is not it Chotey’s Di??(he pushed Anjali a little by her shoulder while Anjali glared at him.)

Arnav shook his head at this cheesy couple.

Aman- So why are you late?? Would you like to explain the reason behind keeping us all hungry till now??

Arnav- I was stuck..both in work and then traffic. (he smiled at Nitya, Nitya smiled back.)

Karan- Guys, can we order now??

All placed order, Arnav was talking to Aman, Anjali and Karan when Nitya pulled khushi by her hand- Is not he talking to you at all??

Khushi- NO… I meant only then when it’s really necessary!!

Nitya- Have you guys promised never to behave docile with each other?? Or you both are waiting when your turn will start of showing your tantrums!!

Khushi- Will you just shut your mouth up??

Nitya smacked her arm- Will you ever behave like couple??

Khushi made face, while rubbing her arm- He is not even looking at me.. Can’t you see that?? He greeted everyone here but me?? Am I the invisible object here??

Nitya sighed, looked away sipping some water.

Food was served, all were about to attack food, Anjali stopped- Wait.. Is not it our first outing after my Bhai and Bhabi’s marriage??

Khushi leaned behind and shook her head negatively while pleading through eyes not to create any difficult situation here.. None were seeing her except Anjali, so she took the advantages of it.

Anjali said giving a meaningful smile at khushi- As all of us know, after marriage a ritual is there for the bride’s first cooking and as you both(pointing at Arnav and khushi) have not performed that…why not to manage it with today by feeding each other..even if that’s hotel’s food!!

Khushi’s eyes popped out hearing Anjali, she choked at started coughing drawing everyone’s attention, even Arnav looked at her for first time.

Khushi replied awkwardly- What’s…the need of this?? I meant…

Arnav said interrupting her- Di, please.. We can eat by ourselves.

Karan- Of course you can Arnav.. We all know that talent of yours!! But why to deny this chance??

Nitya and Anjali shared a smile in hidden.

Anjali pushed Arnav- Now go.. Feed each other, we all are wishing to see how you guys will look together while feeding each other??

Arnav raised his brow high?? Can it be a WISH too?? All have gone crazy??

He looked at khushi, khushi looked away sensing his stare on her.

Arnav’s jaw line tightened seeing this attitude of her!! She can never be normal.. Can she??


He had to exchange his seat with Nitya as he was sitting far away from his wife. Arnav raised the spoon near khushi’s lips, khushi gave a look at all!! Was this idea of having lunch together even a good one?? She should have thought something else…

Arnav whispered seeing her roaming her eyes not eating- Eat khushi.. They will look at you until you are done!!

Khushi looked back at Arnav, he is right!! These people will not leave them by any way, she opened her lips, Arnav feed her. Khushi looked down quickly while munching her food as she remembered that evening when they had dinner together and his eyes were never ready to miss any action of her.

Nitya- Khushi.. Your turn!!

Arnav did not make any fuss when khushi raised the spoon to his lips. All smiled and started relishing their lunch.

Arnav and khushi were staring at each other, they were looking so lost, khushi roamed her eyes on his facial structure and stopped then when she saw some sauce near the corner of Arnav’s lips. She looked up to meet his gaze and indicated him through her eyes to wipe that sauce near his lips. Arnav looked at her confusing and asked “What” through eyes. Khushi eyed to his lips, his hand raised up to wipe his lips when khushi shook her head, Arnav raised his eyebrow.

Sighing deep, khushi raised her arm to his lips and gently wiped the corner of his lips rubbing his lower lips slightly with her thumb in process. Arnav was just too lost when he felt that warm soft touch on his lips. Her action did create havoc inside their hearts and bodies. His breathing started getting heavier.. Khushi could feel his hot breath fanning on her skin.

Khushi slowly took her hand away from his face. They did give one last look before concentrating on their food.



“We had nice time Mumma.. They both look so cute together.. I pray they be there together for ever.”, said Anjali happily over phone to Anita.

Anita- We pray same too..

Anjali- Yeah..

Anita- Anjali, Your Papa and I were discussing to hold that puja at Radhakrishna temple. It’s already late as we should have done this the very next day of their marriage!!

Anjali- Mumma.. Don’t worry.. We still have time.

They talked for some time before hanging up. Khushi entered after some time- Mumma, have you had your medicines??

Anita- I was just going to have it..

Khushi glared at her- Mumma, you are really becoming careless now-a-days.. (Anita smiled sheepishly.)

Khushi- I’ll get you warm milk, then you have to have it.

Anita nodded her head.


Khushi was warming milk, lost in her world!! How easily today she admitted to Aditya Sir about their marriage, how effortlessly she addressed Arnav as her husband. Was not she the one, who was demanding divorce the very next day of their marriage asking for a separation in a permanent and legal basis.

She shook her head, is  not her heart softening to accept this  marriage?? How restless she was when Arnav was avoiding talking to her in morning, why his silence was pricking her when this silence was not effecting her some days before??

She looked down at her finger tips, still that touch of his soft lips lingering on her finger tips. Khushi shut her eyes tightly, gripping on marble slab to control her uneven heartbeat just by remembering everything.

She heard some sound, opening her eyes she turned her head only to find Arnav taking out water bottle from fridge. She gulped down her this unknown feeling and started to pour milk in a glass but  in absent mind, she poured some hot milk on her hands…


Khushi shut her eyes tightly feeling the burning sensation.

Arnav turned his head and rushed to her - What happened??

He found her holding her both hands, it did not take longer for him to understand the scenario after seeing the mess. He caught hold of her both hands and pulled her near wash basin, opening the tap he held her both hands under water.

They both did not say anything, Arnav slightly caressed her skin under water to reduce that burning sensation, a drop of tear fell from her eyes on his arm. Arnav looked up at her teary eyes looking down at her hands.

After almost 5 minutes, khushi pulled her hands away, Arnav turned off tap. Khushi was about to pour milk for Anita, Arnav stopped her holding her hand- Let me do it..

Khushi pulled herself back, Arnav poured some milk and asked- Should I give it to Mumma?? (he asked knowing it’s Anita’s medicine time.)

Khushi nodded her head, Arnav left from there while khushi stood there staring at his disappearing back.



After giving Anita milk, when Arnav returned back to his room searching for khushi, saw her struggling while trying to open the first aid kit. He came forward, sitting on bed in front of her, took the first aid box. Taking out some gel, Arnav held her both hands applying on her skin. A cry escape from khushi’s lips as that added more pain, Arnav looked up at her painful eyes- Is it paining a lot??

Khushi looked at him, nodded her head.

Arnav bowed his head, while blowing on her skin trying to sooth her pain. Khushi could not help but admire the person before her, her Husband!! His thick locks were playing with wind, khushi felt like touching them. How would that feel??

Arnav- What were you thinking while pouring hot milk that you burnt your skin?? Where was your attention?? (he asked angrily, while blowing.)

Khushi replied- When husband stops giving wife any attention, this is what happens..

Arnav stopped blowing, raised his head to look up at her. Did he hear it right?? Did she just call them as husband wife without any hesitation?? And demanded his attention too??

Arnav- What did you say??

Khushi repeated her words once again confidently- I said, this is what happens when husband stops giving any attention to his wife!! (She made a poor sad face.)

Arnav- Was not it the wife only who called this attention as something else that night?? (he asked, hurt was clearly visible in his every word.)

Khushi- As favor?? (khushi completed the sentence that Arnav had left incomplete.)

Arnav nodded his head- What if she again names it as Favor, then?? (He asked, looking deep into her eyes.)

Khushi did not say anything for next few seconds, Arnav thought to leave when khushi held his hand- I’m sorry Arnav!!


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May 15, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 173 times)

Arnav looked down at his hand, then at her grip on his wrist. Khushi was staring at his arm and pulled him down, to sit beside her on bed, using the same authority in her touch that Arnav had used that day when he did explain his Wish to continue this marriage and save their relationship!!

She was not looking at him till now directly, holding his both hands in her khushi whispered- I did not mean to hurt you that evening Arnav, neither I meant to say all these. You…you know me.. (Arnav was staring her down eyes.) I.. I.. Some time I speak nonsense, and I know that.. I need time Arnav, to..accept everything in my life!! Don’t be angry with me.. Mujhe acha nehi lagta jab tum mujhse baat to karna dur, meri taraf najar uthake dekhte bi nehi ho!! (I don’t like it, when far away from talking to me, you don’t look even at me at all). When you isolate yourself from me so much??

Arnav felt a drop of tear on back of his palm, he held her both hands in his- It’s not only your fault, I’m equally involved too..(khushi looked up at him, confusingly.) You want to know the reason behind this Wish of mine to continue this marriage.. But khushi, I don’t know any other reason apart from this that I want you in my life.. (He squeezed her hands.) But I promise, the day I’ll understand the reason behind this Wish of mine, You will be the first one to know!! Huh??(he asked through eyes)

Khushi- I promise, I’ll never ask you again until you yourself tell me!! (khushi gave her promise.)

A small smile came across Arnav’s lips, khushi too smiled seeing that.


Laying on her side bed, khushi was staring up at ceiling. She has not told Arnav about designing the set of the play. Should she tell him?? Or not??, asked khushi herself.

She turned to other side, saw Arnav laying beside her but doing something on his phone. Arnav sensed her constant gazing on him, he looked at her- What??

Khushi- I want to show you something!!

Arnav nodded his head, sitting straight on bed switching on lights. Khushi was delighted seeing him showing interest to see what she wants to show him. She got up from bed- I’ll be back.

Opening the door, khushi ran away to HER room, where she has kept her sketches and everything. She does her painting there, in that room. After few minutes, khushi came back, Arnav was waiting eagerly to see what she was so interested to show him suddenly.

Khushi handed him the sketch, Arnav looked down- What is it??(he asked looking up at her.)

Khushi told him excitingly- You know, I met Aditya Roy, the film director, (Arnav nodded his head, acknowledging the name.)

Khushi told him everything and then added- And this is the sketch, it’s half completed till now.

Arnav- This is so beautiful khushi.. (he did not find any other reason not to praise her art..She is that much deserving to hear any complement.)

Arnav was staring at the sketching, running his finger on it. He did miss his old days suddenly today!! Khushi was too happy hearing his praising words.

Keeping it aside, Arnav turned to khushi- I never knew my WIFE is that talented.

Khushi giggled, Arnav smiled fondly.

Arnav asked after a pause- By the way, whose idea was today’s lunch plan??(he asked remembering about that suddenly)

Khushi became alerted, shuddering her shoulder she tried to act ignorant- I don’t know.. Jiju called me and invited me..

Arnav raised his brows high- Ohh..Then Jiju too invited Aman and Nitya too??  Why??

Khushi- I think so.. May be he thought we will be happy meeting our friends.. Now no more questions Arnav..(she said aloud irritatingly)  Good night. (She did let Arnav ask any more questions.)

She quickly laid down on her side turning to other side not facing Arnav , Arnav said before laying down- Next time, call me directly, I would appreciate if my wife calls me for lunch, not Jiju..

Khushi- What?? But I…(khushi tried to say, but Arnav cut her in middle.)

Arnav- Shut Up khushi.. Now sleep..

Khushi twisted her lips unpleasantly.. Is this Arnav Singh Raizada or a machine to catch lies??


Tara stared at Aman for a long time, then asked- What kind of friendship were you performing then Aman?? It’s been so many days, and you never got the chance to tell me anything. (her eyes were helpless at the same time red with anger.)

Tara was out of city for her official work, today only she returned and came directly to Aman to plan something to meet Arnav.

Aman does know very well what she feel for Arnav, then how could he be there with Arnav at that night when Arnav got married to khushi??, Tara’s mind asked her.

Aman- Tara.. I don’t want to hurt you ever..but you need to admit it that Arnav has never reciprocated your any kind of gestured from this relationship point of view.

Tara looked away- Don’t fool me more Aman..

Aman sighed deep- That day too I told you Tara, today I’m again telling you, please keep yourself away from this. He has never considered you more than just a FRIEND. You should understand it than blaming him again and again. Life does not end here Tara.. It’s just that you guys were never meant to be together!!

Tara- Why we can’t be together Aman??

Aman- (stared at her face for a brief second)- I have seen his craziness for khushi Tara.. May be it’s not easy to name that craziness as something.. But he just wants HER Tara.. None else!! And I have seen, not only him, khushi  too have same interest in this relation, they both just need time to understand it.

Tara shook her head- What about my feeling for him?? Is that worthless??

Aman- None’s feeling is worthless Tara, it’s just that he is not meant for your this feeling. I will say, just think about your life, may be there is already someone better for you. You will end up hurting yourself if you think about Arnav, and I never wish to my friend like this.

Tara looked away, her eyes were moist. The pain of rejection does tear our hearts.. She felt like her world stopped moving all of sudden, and her heart breaking into million pieces.



Khushi and Anita were at the super market, Giving khushi a list of few things to purchase Anita went to other section to buy. Khushi was checking the list while buying and keeping them in cart, her hands were curing slowly, it was better today.. Seeing Anita going alone, she insisted on joining her.  Khushi  looked at her palms and remembered that day morning incident, when Arnav screamed at her for not applying ointment carelessly, she did not keep quite too. They both had a argument in morning,.

She remembered again how hearing Arnav’s scream she was too adamant not to let him touch her hand and tried to hide behind her, making him annoyed more. But finally forcefully Arnav held her hands, applying ointment on her skin, banded her hands. It was him too, who ended their argument then only not wishing to drag longer, trying to talk to and she too showed her maturity a chance!!

Her lips curved a little, all these feel so strange, so new, so confusing at the same time too good!!

Shaking her head, she thought to resume her task again when heard from behind, “After a long time khushi.. How is life going on??”

Khushi turned around only to see Krishna standing in front of her. Her eyes shot wide seeing him, because after that evening incident she was meeting him face-to-face for first time. Krishna came forward, something made khushi to take a step backward. Krishna noticed that, he stopped moving forward and asked- Everything changed so suddenly.. I never knew life stores so many unexpected happening!!

Khushi- We were friends Krishna.. Our friendship did not change.. (she tried to make him understand.)

Krishna- I can see that khushi..

Khushi- Krishna.. Can’t we just be like before??

Krishna- Can you accept my proposal??

Khushi’s eyes got widen hearing him- I have never considered you anything more than a friend.. You know that Krishna!!

Krishna took a deep sighed, shuddering his shoulder he said- Yeah.. You have shown me with example.

Khushi felt guilty hearing his words.. Is it her fault that she has never felt that soft corner for Krishna like he was expecting from her side. And today..she is not even a position to think something, neither her heart allows her nor her mind permits her!!

Krishna was watching her, when his eyes fell on her banded hands. He got hyper and held khushi’s hand almost shocking her- What happened to you??

Khushi looked down at her hand- Its.. nothing..(while trying to free her hands from Krishna.) I just got hurt, that’s it.

Krishna looked at her angrily- Arnav has done it, right??

Khushi- What??(she was unable to comprehend from where Arnav here suddeny.)

Krishna said gritting his teeth- That day too you missed dinner at our place, is not it because of Arnav??(khushi tried to explain, but Krishna did not let her.) And today how could he..just hurt you??

Khushi tried to stop Krishna- Krishna listen.. It’s nothing like..

Krishna- Don’t try to lie any more khushi.. It was Arnav who forced you into this marriage, it was Arnav because of him our relation came to was because of him, you were forced not to visit to our home and it’s again you are hurt  Khushi..(Krishna screamed, drawing few people’s attention.) How could he do it??

Khushi- Krishna.. First please let me speak.. I..

Krishna- I thought, you are a strong girl khushi, but how could you just let him do all these?? (he shook her by her shoulder angrily demanding an answer at the same time not letting her speak.)

Khushi was taken aback seeing this side of Krishna, a fear engulfed her- Krishna.. Please leave me..

She pushed Krishna with force, Krishna could not stable himself as a result fell down hitting his head on the wooden rack. Khushi’s eyes got widen, she was about to help Krishna to get up, Krishna pushed her away and throwing an angry glare at her, he marched away from there angrily. How could khushi push him away??


Khushi felt helpless, she tried to call Krishna from behind but he never stopped to listen to her.


Anita reached there, seeing khushi’s teary eyes she held her hand- Khushi.. Did you get hurt again??(she asked with concern, while caressing her palm.)

Khushi shook her eyes negatively, wiping her tears. She does not want Mumma to know all this, she will be tensed unnecessarily. She thought, she would talk to Krishna some other time to clear this misunderstanding.

Khushi- Nothing Mumma.. Let’s go now, I’m tired.

Anita agreed.



“Really??”, asked khushi excitingly to Anita who was telling her some funny incidents of her, Arnav and Anjali during their childhood. Anita was massaging khushi’s hair, as they both had nothing to do, so thought to pamper each other.

Anita kissed khushi’s forehead- You all were giving me a tough time, though Anjali was a bit sensible than you and Chotey of course.. Each time either you or Arnav used to have some complaints against each other..

Khushi made face- We do still have complaints against each other Mumma.

Anita replied- But a difference is that, you both are trying to sort out that by yourselves now!!

Khushi smiled- Not always Mumma.. Most of the time we end up doing opposites.  And most of the time he tries though..(Khushi mumbled last sentence slowly so that Anita would not hear because she has no intention to reduce her mark in front of Anita Mumma . )

Anita- Time will teach you everything, is not it??

Khushi agreed. Mumma is right.

Before they could talk more, they both heard a panic voice of Anjali calling khushi’s name from living area. Anita and khushi shared a look before rushing to her worriedly.



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May 16, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 171 times)

Kaira was too there with Anjali. Seeing khushi, Anjali came to her- What happened to your hands??(she asked worriedly, seeing her banded hands.)

Khushi tried to calm a hyper Anjali down, she held her by her shoulder- Di, it’s nothing. I was just pouring some hot milk and in absentminded I poured on my hands.

Anjali caressed her hands and asked again not being convinced- There is nothing major, right??

Khushi nodded her head- Nothing Di.. Don’t be tensed.

Anjali thought to ask her,but just could not gather her words to asked khushi. Will that question be a appropriate one?? What her brother will think of her after knowing that his sister can have such doubt in her mind?? But it’s better to clear the doubt that growing her own assumptions.

Kaira seeing Anita, demanded her mango shake, so Anita had to go with her grand child to fulfill her command.

Finding khushi alone, Anjali held khushi hand and asked- Did..(khushi was looking at her confusingly seeing her finding difficulty to ask.) Did Chotey do anything?? (Anjali finally managed to ask!!)

Khushi was more confused, what Anjali Di asking her?? What will Arnav do?? Khushi- Matlab??

Anjali- Khushi.. I meant…Are you ok?? Did Chotey..h..hit you?? (khushi gasped hearing her.)

Before Anjali could speak anything, khushi  stopped Anjali- No Di.. Arnav can’t hurt me physically!!

Anjali looked down, shaking her head feeling guilty for thinking something like this about her brother. Her eyes got teary, Khushi held Anjali by her shoulder. Khushi was confused too..What happened to Di suddenly that she was asking this question and most importantly how did Di come to know about her hands?? None had informed her as there was nothing so serious to tell her, to give her unnecessary tensions.

Khushi- Di.. Why are you suddenly asking me something like this?? What happened??

Anjali- Krishna told me that your hands are hurt and Chotey.. (she could not complete her sentence, as remorse over powered her emotions for suspecting her brother.)

Anjali held khushi- I’m so sorry khushi.. Don’t know, how could I think something like this??

She should have understood, her brother can’t hurt any woman physically!! She should have trust her brother..but the current situation and the relationship status between Arnav and khushi did not give her mind the time and patience to find the logic. She was too worried and came here directly to confront khushi.

Krishna said to Di..and that too a fake story!! Khushi could not understand why?? But anger did start boiling inside could Krishna do this?? Why is he dragging Arnav in between them??  What ever issues they have, what’s purpose of involving Arnav!! Not knowing the real truth, he just told Anjali whatever he imagined, not thinking this might spoil a brother-sister relationship. She decided to talk to him the very next day to clear everything.


Anjali left after some time, Kaira was adamant staying here to spend her day with her Cookie with whom she has not got some quality time since long. Kaira and khushi were in khushi’s room as khushi had no idea whether Arnav would be ok with mess in HIS room..There is a hesitation still in her mind!! They were playing together, even khushi was too happy finally meeting her partner and getting some time to spend with her.

In evening Arnav returned from office with Aarav. The moment they entered in RM, their ears buzzed with loud laughter, Aarav asked Anita- Who is laughing so loudly??

Anita- Who else.. Kaira is here, khushi and Kaira are laughing, they have driven me crazy in whole day!!(Anita shook her head, while Aarav laughed seeing his wife’s state.)

Arnav hide his smirk and left from there. Getting freshen up, Arnav left the room and went to see what they both were doing so funny. As the door was opened to khushi’s room, Arnav stood by door way, watching Kaira, khushi laughing aloud rolling on bed , tickling each other even Puchpuch was there too adding more to their game. Trio seems so happy. Arnav was quite until then, when he saw Puchpuch jumping over khushi, leaving Kaira, and started showering his affection on khushi, by licking her cheeks, her nose and then her lips again and again. Khushi was too doing same, kissing Puchpuch on its head, caressing his soft velvety body.   

Arnav narrowed his eyes, this Puchpuch is really a “Chipko”. Why was he throwing himself on khushi like this, he was trying to show as if he was the last PERSON in this earth for khushi!! Arnav scrunched his brows, he hates it when Puchpuch starts getting so cozy with khushi.

He just could not see khushi being close with anyone, even if that’s a Pet!! Possessiveness ran through his body, he screamed- STOP!!

Khushi, Kaira and Puchpuch became silent all of sudden as his voice seems to them like an angry volcano eruption. Khushi and Kaira sat on bed, while Puchpuch stood on his two legs, staring at him cutely, curling his other front two legs. But Arnav was too tough to tame that easily by this pet’s cute gesture.  Khushi was surprised hearing his loud voice, then his eyes as those were spitting fire. Why is he so angry?? Khushi could not understand.

Kaira squealed seeing her uncle and breaking the ice she screamed- Chotey..

Arnav rolled his eyes before entering- It’s either Uncle or Mamu Kaira.. Not Chotey!!

Kaira shook her head stubbornly, raising her little arms in air commanding Arnav to take her in his arms. Arnav reached, by the edge of bed- It’s not funny Kaira..

Kaira giggled, throwing herself towards Arnav knowing her uncle would catch her in time. Arnav had to wrap his arms around this Unbelievable Creature, as he had no intention to let his little niece fall and get hurt!! She is seriously his Di and Jiju’s daughter..Each time their meeting proves it. Kaira kissed Arnav’s cheek lovingly, keeping her head on his shoulder.

Khushi thought to escape from there not wishing to disturb their cute moments. Kaira then dragged Arnav to play video game with her, which Arnav had to do having no option left to deny.

As today’s guest of honor was Kaira, so dinner was as per the demand of this pampered princess. Khushi helped Anita in serving dinner.

Finally it was bed time; Kaira was tired because of today’s busy day. She started pulling khushi, khushi looked down- What happened??

Kaira said rubbing her eyes- Chalo.. I want to sleep now.. (Khushi smilingly picked up Kaira in her arms and started to proceed to bedroom, when they stepped in, khushi found Arnav working on his laptop. Arnav looked up hearing door opening sound and found Kaira and khushi. Though he knows, Kaira likes to sleep with khushi, but he still asks- Is she going to stay with us tonight??

Khushi nodded her head, but her eyes did notice that unpleasant and grumpy expression on Arnav’s face. Kaira raised her face from khushi’s neck hearing Arnav’s voice, that little soul could not understand why was she going to sleep here not in khushi’s room where they normally sleep!!

Kaira asked khushi who came to bed, Kaira- Are we going to sleep here??

Khushi nodded her head,  Kaira stood up on bed and screamed- WHY??

Arnav and khushi were surprised seeing this reaction from Kaira, before khushi could say anything, Arnav said- Excuse me.. What do you mean why Kaira??

Kaira angrily looked at Arnav- I’m not talking to you Chotey!! (Her reply came.)

Arnav groaned hearing this her.. Why girls are so annoying and stubborn?? He got up from there, taking his laptop with him, left to poolside to finish his work.

Whenever Kaira visits RM, she always sleeps with khushi, it’s her habit, apart from her Mummy Daddy, she loves to sleep with khushi, as khushi pampers her a lot. Khushi pulled Kaira to sit beside her, caressing her hair she said- We will sleep here Kayu.. Ok??

Kaira shook her head- Why?? Will Chotey sleep with us too??

Khushi had no idea how to make this little kid understand, what relation Arnav and she shares now.

Khushi- Yes..(putting kaira’s lock behind her ear.) And Kayu, promise me you will not disturb him.. It’s late, he needs to take rest, is not it??

Kaira was still not convinced, she twisted her lips sadly. Khushi chuckled seeing her reaction, and pecked her head, pulling her beside her close to her body under blanket.

Khushi- And Kaira, you should not call him Chotey.. Don’t you remember what Mummy had asked you to call him that day?? He is elder than, you should call him Mamu, not Chotey again.. Ok??

Kaira asked- Why??(raising her head)

Khushi- It’s bad manner to call some elder person by name..and you are our so good princess.. You will listen to me, right?? (khushi tried to explain Kaira, as Kaira is a small kid, she needs to learn this.)

Kaira nodded her head, snuggling close to khushi. They both were talking. After almost 30 minutes, Arnav joined on bed. He found they both were still talking, Arnav- Were not you both sleepy 30 minutes before??(asked Arnav pulling the blanket over him too.)

Kaira replied turning to him- We are not sleepy anymore.

Arnav turned to face Kaira- Is that so??(Keeping his palm under his cheek, he asked)

Kaira nodded her head, she came to Arnav  and asked touching that little scratch above his eyebrow- Are you hurt??

Khushi’s eyes travelled there where Kaira was pointing, Arnav shook his head negatively and replied- It had happened long time ago..

Kaira-Ohh..Does it pain now??

Arnav-Yeah.. A lot sometimes!! (he faked)

Kaira thought for a moment and kissed Arnav, near his eyebrow- Now??

Arnav chuckled- I never knew you are a born doctor Kaira!! (Kaira giggled and went back to khushi.)

Khushi too laughed. After a moment, Kaira asked sitting on bed pulling away the blanket- Are you both Mummy Papa?? Papa says, Mummy Papa and Baby sleep together!!

Smile started fading from their lips hearing kaira’s question!! They both looked at each other, the light fun moment all of sudden became an awkward one for them to face. Her words stiffened their body. Khushi looked away feeling uncomfortable to face Arnav.  

Arnav diverted his eyes on Kaira and said while pulling Kaira back on bed- No..Now sleep Kaira.. No more questions.

Kaira laid down on bed, in the middle of Arnav and khushi.

Khushi pulled Kaira to her side while Arnav turned to other side. Not knowing why, Kaira’s words did not leave his mind. Arnav shut his eyes tightly while curling his fingers trying to suppress that emotions and anxiety rising up inside his heart. He, she and a cute baby!! Is not this a picture perfect moment?? So beautiful too.. Can their future be like this?? So easy and beautiful?? An unknown desire came across his mind after hearing kaira’s words!!


Next day. Kaira was playing with Anita downstairs.

Khushi was getting ready, she had some work outside as well as she had decided to talk to Krishna on this matter and to close it for ever..  So she was trying to get ready as fast as she could, but her hair were not letting her do that, each time she had to struggle while searching for a hair pin or a hair band. In frustrating she thought to do a bun, but again failed. Sometime she feels like her hair is her biggest enemy..

 Arnav was silently watching her while folding the sleeves of his white shirt and tying the tie, seeing her doing karate with hair, he could not help but think Really girls are clumsy by nature!!

He walked forward and stood behind her- Hi.. (He raised his eyebrow at her by mirror.)

Khushi stopped struggling with her hair, she stood straight giving him a sheepish smile.

Arnav- What are you trying to do khushi?? (He asked jokingly.)

 What Arnav would have been thinking seeing her like this?? Khushi twisted her lips as she had almost forgotten the presence of another person in this room. She should have been conscious not an idiot before him!!

Khushi replied- Nothing.. (she looked away, resuming her war once again..)

But suddenly she felt Arnav taking out that clip from her hair, letting her hair fall all over her back. Arnav’s eyes travelled to her hair, her hair were falling just like waves in ocean, touching her back as lightly as possible.

Khushi was about to turn- Arnav..Tum..(she got annoyed, here she is already struggling and Arnav’s teasing added more fuel.)

Arnav did not let her turn and gripped on her both arms from both side and whispered near her ear- Let it open.. You look good with open hair!!

Her eyes shot wide, Arnav gave a smirk at her through mirror before leaving. Khushi felt like her heart bursting up, was that a compliment from his side?? She could feel her cheeks burning, Khushi gulped down her nervousness!! What is happening with her?? Last night’s Kaira talk was still ringing in her ears, and now his gesture did make her feel like spinning her head.


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May 17, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 151 times)

 Arnav took Kaira along with him, to drop her at Singhania’s on his way to office. Getting inside the cab, khushi took her phone out and dialed a number. Before any one could speak from other side, khushi said firmly, “I want to meet you today, tell me where and when to meet you.”


The cab stopped by that heritage hall where the play was supposed to be performed. Khushi had some discussion with the costume designer as in today’s scenario; all prefer a match between lead’s dresses along with the background. They had some discussion.

It was 10.45, khushi left from there to a coffee house, where she was supposed to meet  that someone. It was 11 am, she reached there and looked around for that familiar face and found that at one corner. She took a deep sigh before walking ahead.

“What the hell are you trying to do Krishna??”, though her voice was not loud, but a furious one.

Krishna looked up- I never remember our any meeting had ever started greeting each other like this??

Khushi angrily sat on couch- Don’t act innocent Krishna.. How could you tell a fake story to Di?? Do you know how tensed Di was?? Do you even know what had actually??

Krishna- Ohh.. So your husband has sent you here then!! Can’t he come and ask me??(Krishna asked with same pinch of anger.)

Khushi shut her eyes tightly for a second trying to remind herself, she has come here to dissolve the issue not to add more- Krishna, stop involving Arnav!! He has nothing to do with THIS!!

Krishna- Cut the cr@p khushi!! He is the reason our relationship came to an end.. He has dragged himself in between US. I know him..

Khushi-  You know him???  While staying there, sometime it makes me feel I don’t know him at at are saying you Know him when you both never talk nicely for once in these years… And about relationship..let me tell you there was no relationship in between us that, it came to an end because of him.. I have never considered you anything than a friend and my Di’s brother-in-law!! Why don’t you understand this??

Krishna- Are you trying to support Arnav?? What ever he has done with is right??

Khushi- Why don’t you understand Krishna.. Even if our marriage had not happened, you and me still would have never been together.. And about right and wrong, I’m not here to judge that whether what ever he has done is right or wrong or whether what you are thinking is right or not!!

Krishna- Then what are you here for??

Khushi- I’m here to clear you onething, I have never felt anything for you what you expect from me!! Please try to understand Krishna..(her voice became soft slowly) We have been friends for years, for that sake please, try to understand it.

Krishna looked away, khushi stared at him for a second. Krishna- Then why were you silent that evening??

Khushi- You had not given me the chance to say anything!!

Krishna shook his head- If Arnav had not married you, there was still the chance we could have been together..

Khushi felt helpless while trying to make Krishna understand, a person can make other person understand only then, when the other one tries to..but here Krishna was not even ready to understand anything.

Khushi- I’ll have to go Krishna.. I have work there.. (she thought to leave, as she did not find any scope to make this adamant person understand anything.)

Khushi was about to get up, but stopped- And don’t drag Arnav in our issues.. He has nothing to do with it!! (She almost warned Krishna.)

Krishna gritted his teeth hearing Arnav’s name once again.. Khushi noticed his rigid expression, but did not say anything and left from there.


It was 5pm. Khushi was done with her all works. She was leaving when met Aditya Roy. They both kept on talking formally while walking.

Khushi- Sir, Don’t worry.. Everything will go on smoothly.

Aditya- Yeah.. I hope so.. After this I have to return to Mumbai.. Many works are pending there.

Khushi- Within 2 days I guess everything will be done here.. I was talking to Lara(costume designer) today.. And..(Khushi stopped talking and walking suddenly.. Aditya was too surprised!!) Arnav!!

Did she just see him, or she imagined him to be there??

Aditya laughed- Missing husband so badly??

Khushi looked at him, shook her head and turned around only to find Arnav leaning on his car bonnet, crossing his arms staring at her direction, with a breath taking smirk playing on his lips!! Khushi’s eyes got widen seeing him there!! What was he doing there??, khushi asked herself.

Finding khushi looking behind, Aditya too turned his head only to see a man standing a little far away eyeing at their direction!!  Aditya called out khushi’s name- Khushi.. What’s wrong??

Khushi jerked up hearing his voice and replied- There is Arnav!!

Aditya smiled- Go.. Meet him then!!

Khushi nodded her head and proceed towards Arnav uncertainly. What brought him here suddenly?? Is everything fine at home?? Everything must be fine, unless why would he look so relaxed!! Her mind found the logic.

She raised her brows, standing in front of him- Why are you suddenly here??

Arnav shook his head, sighing a deep- Is this how a wife greets her husband??  You have a lot to learn Khushi, seriously!!

Khushi frowned- Can’t you just reply without twisting words??

Arnav- I was just returning home as work finished soon.. So thought we could return home back together!! That’s why I’m here.. And look at you… You were so engrossed in your talk that, you failed to notice your Husaband, Wifey!!

Khushi crossed question- What if I had left earlier??

Arnav- I had called Mumma before coming here.. Your husband is not that fool, it’s just that you hardly notice!!

A small smile came across her lips hearing him,though she tried to hide that. Is he changing or it’s her who never noticed this person before??  If he continues to behave like this, it would not take longer for her to fall in his charms, thought khushi!!

Khushi- Ok..Enough of taunting. Come with me, I want you to introduce someone!! (She started to drag him with her not wishing to hear his remarks once again.)

Arnav shuddered his shoulder- With whom??

Khushi- With my Ex.. Now come without making fuss!!

Arnav said while walking with her- But let me tell you khushi, after meeting your Ex I can’t give guarantee what will be the next situation.. You better think once before staring introducing ceremony!! Because no husband can tolerate wife’s Ex.. (He tried to sound serious.)

Khushi rolled her eyes- Is this showing you are jealous of my Ex then??

Arnav shook his head, stopped walking as a result khushi was too forced to walk as she was holding his hand- This shows I’m possessive for my Wife, not jealous with her Ex!!  

Khushi felt like her breathing stopped for a second, Did he just confess he is possessive towards her??

Arnav did not find any reason to hide his possessiveness towards her, She needs to know what he thinks of her, in these days he has learned one thing for sure, until he tries to make himself understandable in front of her, he can’t expect her to understand him!! He wants her to know, how much serious he is for her as well as their marriage..It’s not because their marriage did happen during their childhood but it’s because he wants her in his life since childhood..As his possession only!!

Khushi looked away, gulping down her nervousness!! She was surprised, not his anger but his intense words are making her nervous more!! His words are touching her more intimately than the air touching her!! And after his confessing his Possessiveness towards her and that too this easily, she was finding it hard to look at him directly and think ahead straightly. It feels like slowly he is captivating her!!

She flashed a smile a half smile at Aditya Roy, Aditya smiled back.

Khushi (to Aditya)- Sir… My husband, Arnav.. (to Arnav..) Aditya Sir, remember I told you!! (Khushi asked slowly, Arnav nodded his head. He was happy too when khushi introduced themselves as Couple so easily.) (Khushidecided to act normal in front of Aditya Sir at least.)

Two men shook their hands, Aditya- It’s nice meeting you Arnav..

Arnav- Same here Mr.Roy.

Aditya- I must say Arnav, your wife is really talented one!!

A proud smile came across Arnav’s lips, why would not he feel same..  Arnav- I know that.. (he stated proudly.)

Khushi raised her eyebrow hearing him.. Was he praising her in front of someone, because that had never happened in past as he was the one who was busy in finding fault in her every task!! Khushi thought to pinch herself.  Is this the same man, who was teasing her some time before??  Some times she fails to understand him like she had told Krishna..Arnav and Aditya exchanged few words, before Aditya got a call and left from there. Arnav turned to khushi who was eyeing at him seriously..

Arnav- What??

Khushi thought to keep quite- Nothing.. Ab chalo!!

They were about to leave from there, when suddenly rain started pouring. Arnav was about to say something, khushi pulled his hand with her and started to run to have shelter under roof to save themselves from rain!!

Khushi- I hate Rain!!(She mumbled herself..)

Arnav was looked down at her hands holding his hand. He looked back at khushi whose eyes were spitting fire staring at rainfall. He had no intention to let khushi know she was still holding his hand, not leaving him. Because it hardly happens when she holds his hand with authority.

Arnav- You hate rain??

Khushi- Yes.. I just hate Rain..

Arnav- You like darkness…

Khushi nodded her head positively.

Arnav- Girls are mostly submissive and soft hearted.. But you are the opposite version.. You have no control over your anger unlike women who really do have better anger control ability than men.. (khushi was not getting why was he saying all these, actually counting her flaws, in front of her!!)

  Arnav added after a moment- Are you sure you are a girl then??

Khushi’s jaw dropped hearing him, khushi- What do you mean by that Arnav?? (she was back to kitten form, a wild one..thought Arnav inwardly)

Arnav replied pulling her a bit towards him, holding her hand in same intensity- Actually I have never got the proof.. Why don’t you prove me then that You are a Girl truly??

khushi’s eyes got widen- Excuse me!! (her cheeks turned red instantly hearing something like this for first time from a person and to be particular from a Man)

khushi was about to say more, when saw his lips curling into a smirk. Is he teasing her?? She opened her lips to say something but could not find proper words to say, crossing her arms, she turned her face away!! Arnav could not help but laughed seeing her reaction!! That infuriated khushi more, throwing an angry glare at him,

khushi- ha ha ha.. Not funny, ok??

Arnav- Kitna tense ho jati ho khushi tum!!  You are surely a single piece khushi.. Unless, I don’t know any girl who likes darkness and hates rain.. You amaze me!! If you hate rain, then what were you doing that day while getting drench totally?? (he asked, finding a point)

Khushi- Main tumahra intejar kar rahi thi Arnav..barish ka nehi!! (I was waiting for you, not rain!!)

Khushi turned her face away, Arnav sensed she was not in a mood to crack jokes any more.. He did not trouble her anymore, both stood silently until rain stopped.

While driving, Arnav turned to khushi who was busy looking outside through window- Why do you hate rain khushi??

Khushi looked up- It makes me feel dirty.. Like mud!! (She replied sternly.)


Khushi has been silenced after reaching home, went directly upstairs to their room. Arnav was unable to understand her words, Why does rain make her feel dirty like mud?? What does she mean by that??. She has been talking nicely, why her mood turned off suddenly??

Standing by door way, Arnav watched khushi who was sitting on bed closing all curtains as if not letting any single rain drop entering inside. He stepped inside, her face was buried in some magazine. Changing into his fresh outfit, Arnav came and sat on bed beside her. She was not looking up.

Taking a deep sigh, Arnav held her by her shoulder- What happened khushi??

Khushi shook her head- Nothing..

Arnav- Did I say anything wrong??(he asked again not remembering when his words crossed the track.)

Khushi- Nothing.. (she said stubbornly.)

Arnav did not pressurize her anymore knowing it would foul her mood only. He understood, his asking her anything would not give any result as she was never going to open up in front of him that easily!! She is that difficult to open up herself easily. But her pale face, made him restless.. At the same time, he knows,  he can’t force on her to tell him.

Arnav got up from there taking his car key, thinking something. As it’s because of him, her mood became spoiled, it’s his responsibility too to take her back to her cheerful mood.



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May 18, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 171 times)

“Khushi.. Come here Beta!!”

Khushi looked up hearing Anita’s call, “Coming Mumma..”, replying back khushi left the room.

When khushi reached downstairs, found Anita at dining table. Coming to her she asked- What happened Mumma??

Anita eyed her towards plates, khushi looked down at those plates and a bright smile came across her face as she found her favorite food starting from Chat, Golgappa from roadside food to Noodles from her favorite restaurant. She just jumped over those, and started stuffing food in her mouth not even thinking who brought so many items..

It seem as if that was the last day of her life and she was being served with so many variety of food for last time. Anita chuckled, khushi looked up- Umm.. Whaaat??

Anita shook her head negatively, khushi pulled Anita on beside chair- Have it Mumma.. It’s an heavenly feeling having so many yummy food at a time.. I feel as if the motto of my life fulfilled today!! (she stuffed Anita’s mouth with golgappa while relishing her food!!)

After that, Anita insisted her for watching a movie together as they have not enjoyed a movie since long. They turned off the lights and watched khushi’s favorite star Salman Khan’s some latest movie.

Khushi asked while munching popcorn- Mumma.. Has Baba returned back office after getting all these??

Anita- Baba!! No khushi.. Chotey brought everything!!

Khushi’s popped out- Chotey.. I meant Arnav!!! But when?? I have not seen him at home since long..

Anita shuddered her shoulder- I don’t know, he left after giving me everything saying he has some important work!!

After all most 3 hours, movie ended. Khushi stretched her back as she was laying on her tummy while watching the movie. Khushi looked back at clock, it was past 9pm. She started feeling sleepy, so kissing Anita on her cheeks, khushi moved towards bedroom.

She noticed bedroom, it was dark which means Arnav had not returned till yet!! What work did he have suddenly as she remembered  he was mentioning he had told her, his work at office finished soon so returned back home. Shuddering her shoulder, thinking it must be something else, khushi opened the door and moved towards to switch on lights.

Switching on lights, when khushi turned around her mouth left opened seeing the room. It seems like she entered in some wrong room not his bedroom!!! Her eyes scanned around..

Wind blew through window, creating some melodious tune, khushi turned her head to find a beautiful wind chin hanging there, her lips broke into a smile..her eyes then travelled towards that canvas easel placed by the window, near the wind chin.. Her eyes travelled back to that CD shelf beside the closet, where she could see a number of classical music CDs like her choice and some of her favorite singers. There was a book shelf, where only few books relating to Art and its history and some fictional books were kept. Her eyes travelled towards bed, there was white bedsheet like always but blanket was changed from grey one to white soft one like her choice, she looked up at the wall above bed, though the decoration on wall was not same as in her room, but she liked those butterflies!!! Other things were kept like previously.. Over all it was not totally like HER bed room nor totally His!!! It was giving a touch of their simultaneously!!

Has Arnav done this??

She heard door being closed, khushi turned around only to see Arnav standing there staring at her. Seeing her eyes on him, Arnav came forward and stood beside her but not looking at her and roaming her eyes around the room- So.. How is Our Room??

Khushi whispered uncertainly- Our??

Arnav looked back at her- Yup.. Kuch tumhari, kuch meri.. (something belonging to you and something belonging to me.) If room is for two, then things in this room should be of their interest..Not one’s!! is not it??

Khushi felt like she was speechless, her eyes did look around the room once again.

She looked back at him- Why all these??

Arnav- Biwi ho meri.. Hum dono ka equal rights hona chahiye na is room pe!! Why only mine??

Her eyes refused her to look away from his face but she knew if she continued to stare at him for more, it will bring tears in her eyes!! Her emotions were touching it’s peak and all of a sudden this room, everything present there including those things to The Man standing beside her..feel like her own!! A sense of belongingness raised in her heart.. It was a special feeling, she could only try to name as Special, as she was sort of words to describe her feeling.

 Khushi- How did you manage to do everything so soon and when??(she asked finally)

Arnav- Khushi, I just had to make payment at counter and got these things.. I did not have to manufacture all these that it will take days.. And about when, I did this.. I did it with those men who came here with all these when you were enjoying your movie with Mumma!!

Khushi raised her brows, she could not stop her smile hearing his explanation. He has become a good analyst these days or these days have made him a good analyst..

Khushi- Waise, I think you forgot to add another thing..(Arnav raised his brow high confusingly.) There was a Poster of Salman Khan in my room..

Arnav- I have not forgotten anything khushi, but I think you are forgetting what had I said to you few hours before at your work place!!

Was he indicating the conversation where he had mentioned his Possessiveness towards her??

Khushi felt her tummy scrunching remembering that.. That made her nervous once again. Her hearts started beating loudly as if her heart would burst up in next second. Though he was silent, khushi noticed his eyes.. Were his eyes silent or they were saying some other story?? Khushi found herself in totally a dazed position!!




Finally the Play came to a successful end. All were delighted, Aditya Roy had invited for a tea pary the very next day of the successful end of the play. All members gathered there. They had some nice time working together, then celebrating their togetherness.

Aditya Roy offered a lift to khushi who was waiting for the cab. Khushi agreed.

Khushi- Are you returning back tomorrow then Sir??

Aditya- Yeah.. I have to go tomorrow even Ananya was insisting on returning back soon.

Khushi- Oh.. Actually Sir, thank you so much..

Aditya smiled- Don’t thank me khushi, rather concentrate on your new project. I heard, Kapoor(special guest of that evening as well as Aditya’s friend from industry.) offered you to design the set for his next music album!!

Khushi- Nothing is finalized Sir..

Aditya- Everything will be good.. Don’t stress yourself.

Khushi nodded her head, Aditya got a call- Hello.. WHAT???...How could you let her… I’ll kill you Mandy, if anything happened to her!!(Aditya screamed over phone before changing the route.)

Khushi was taken aback seeing Aditya’s madness over phone while screaming.. He became tensed and worried all of sudden.

Khushi- Sir, is everything ok??

Aditya- Ananya…Ananya fell from bed, don’t know what that idiot Mandy was doing there!!! If I see a scratch on Ananya, I’m not leaving Mandy for sure today..

Khushi was unable to comprehend anything, What was Adity Sir saying?? How could Ananya fell from bed?? Even if she fell from bed too..What’s there to panic like this?? Though her mind was jammed, khushi did not ask anything, kept quite.

Aditya stopped the car and got down from car but not before inviting Khushi to come inside the house. He madly went on pressing door bell, until someone opened..

Aditya- How is Ananya??

Though he asked, but he did not wait to hear the reply and ran upstairs, probably to bedroom..thought khushi. The girl who opened the door, asked khushi to come inside. Khushi hesitantly entered in, not sure of whether her coming here was right or wrong.

Khushi- How is Mrs.Roy??(khushi asked the maid)

The maid, pointed towards the room- Ma’am is there. I’ll get you drink..

She left from there, khushi looked up!! Should she go and meet Mrs.Roy or should she leave without disturbing anyone!! But she remembered Aditya’s panic state, what if Sir needs anything?? In this short span of time, khushi had developed a respectful position for Aditya Sir.. He is so nice personality, such a humble and jovial man. She should not leave without meeting Aditya Sir at least!!

Khushi took a deep breath, and started walking towards staircases leading to upstairs. At a little away, she could see Aditya Sir screaming at someone, khushi proceed ahead. She got a clear view of a lady sitting on bed, the only word that came in her mind after seeing this lady was “Graceful!!”

She could see, that lady trying to say Aditya Sir who was screaming at another girl, probably Mandy!! But Aditya Sir was so angry..  Aditya turned to face that lady, coming to her he kissed her on her forehead probably taking longer time than required!! He was looking so vulnerable, khushi saw in next moment Aditya Sir hugged that lady, but what surprised her was that lady though was smiling but did not complete the hug, neither moved an inch!!

Mandy was still looking down with guilt. That lady tried to say some soothing words to calm Aditya Sir down, after almost 2-3 minutes khushi saw that lady noticing her and saying something to Aditya Sir. Khushi became conscious.. Aditya Sir looked behind at her.

He got up- I’m so sorry khushi.. Please come in!! (said Aditya while coming towards her.)

Khushi- No Sir, I’m sorry for disturbing you.. I need to leave!!

Aditya- Meet Ananya at least!!

Khushi could not deny, her eyes travelled towards that who was smiling at her sweetly even though she has never met her!!

Coming towards bed, khushi smiled- How are you Mrs.Roy??

That lady giggled- Mrs.Roy sounds really oldy, I think Ananya would be better!!

Khushi gave a nervous smile, Mandy left from there while Aditya Sir got a call.

Ananya- So you were Khushi.. Adi was talking about you a lot as well praising your arts.

Khushi smiled, Ananya- Please sit khushi.

Khushi sat on couch near bed, Ananya- So you were a fine art student?? From which college??

Khushi- XYZ college of Fine art and crafts!!

Ananya- Really?? That’s my college too..

Khushi- You do paint too??(now only she understood, why Aditya Sir was having so much soft corner to art and all these.. She smiled fondly at this couple.)

Ananya shook her head negatively- I was doing khushi.. Not now!!

Khushi though thought to ask why she left painting but stopped herself thinking it might be some personal reason. Suddenly Ananya coughed, Khushi got up immediately- You want water??

Ananya nodded her head, khushi poured some water from bottle placed in front of her on coffee table. She came forward, one thing was still running in her mind, why Ananya was not moving at all, even then when she need water.

Khushi held the glass in front of Ananya, so that Ananya can take and drink, but Ananya was still not taking the glass.

Khushi- Mrs.Ananya??

Ananya- Can you please call Adi??

Khushi turned to look for Aditya Sir but could not find him near- I could not find him..

Ananya coughed once again, Khushi- Water!!

Ananya thought for a moment- Can you..please..(she coughed..) I can’t hold the glass..

Khushi’s eyes got widen, she quickly held the glass near Ananya’s lips not understanding why she can’t hold a glass. While making her drink water, khushi noticed the shawl Ananya had wrapped around her body, started slipping away and what she saw next left her shocked!!!

Ananya noticed khushi’s shocked eyes, she looked down at her shawl!!



Ananya’s eyes were teary- Doctors had to cut my two arms..The accident was so sever that the lower part of my body became paralyzed.. (khushi’s eyes were moist.) They said, even if my lower body recovered, I can never be able to conceive!! (tears fell from Ananya’s eyes..) I never understand why Adi is giving himself so much pain… I have become a burden in his life, but he is unable to understand that. Neither I can stand by myself, nor I can hold anything nor even I can give him a child.. Why does he..

“Would you have left me, if that day it was me who had faced accident not you Ananya??”

Ananya and khushi turned their heads, Aditya was standing by the door way. Khushi could see his teary eyes. Can anyone suppress so much pain inside his heart still smile??

Aditya added while coming closer and sitting beside Ananya- Ask her khushi, (he said to khushi..) Can she live without me?? How many times I have to make her understand we both are sufficient for each other?? How many times I have to tell her we don’t need a child to fulfill our lives??

Ananya looked away, even though she wanted to wipe away her tears, she was unable to do so. Aditya wiped her tears.



After sometime, khushi got up to leave when heard Aditya saying- Khushi..

Khushi stopped, Aditya- Never let that Special person away from your life.. Because that hurts heart more, even that is more painful than death!!


Coming out of their house, khushi could not control her tears. She burst into tears.. How pure is Aditya And Ananya’s love?? For everyone, it seem like their love is incomplete an imperfect one… But still they both complete each other in every sense. What if some day life bring something like this in her life.. What if like Aditya Sir said, That Special person in her life faces the same pain?? She choked because of tears.. Taking out her phone, she dialed Anita’s number.

Anita answered the call- Khushi.. when are you coming beta?? (she asked with concern)

Khushi covered her mouth to suppress her cry, she had thought a lot to say Mumma, but when the situation came she became dumb.

Anita- Khushi.. Khushi..Are you there??

Khushi- I’ soon..Mumma..

She hanged up the call in next second, next she dialed Baba’s number. She was so desperate to hear their voices at least to make sure herself they are all ,all right and with her!!  She called Anjali, though her talk was limited but she sighed in relief knowing about Kaira and Karan Jiju.  

At the end, she typed the last number with trembling hand. He did not answer the call for first time, an unknown anxiety mixed with anger made her heart ache.. Why he never answers the call when she needs him?? She dialed 2nd time, this time call was answered..

Before she could hear anything, khushi asked- Kahan pe ho tum.. What were you doing that you could not just answer a call Arnav?? (her voice was louder, demanding the answer.)


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May 19, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 167 times)

“Office mein aur kahan??”

Khushi flared her nose angrily hearing his cold reply, his oh-so-cool attitude!!

Khushi- I want to meet you, come home now!!(She ordered over phone, as if seeing him was not her need but his!!)

Arnav- Why are you so eager to meet me then??( Arnav raised the valid question hearing her.)

Khushi hardly calls him, and specially during office hour she never gives him any call!! But today her sudden wish to meet him, give him a confusion state of mind!!

Khushi- That’s none of your business..

Arnav- Excuse me.. You want to meet me and when I want the reason and what do you say that’s none of my business??

Khushi groaned, why can’t he just agree to her, what’s the need of arguing with her?? Does she always disturb him?? She does not remember her disturbing him, and if today she asks him to come early what’s a big deal!!

Khushi- I want to meet you in one hour Arnav.. Bye.

She did not wait for him to reply and hanged up the call!! Arnav could not believe she was trying to control him, the same girl who had once no interest to talk to him this time sounds so Desperate to meet him!! Arnav shook his head. Leaning behind on headrest of his chair, Arnav closed his eyes.

He heard the knock sound, opening his eyes Arnav looked ahead only to see his PA Ashis standing there waiting for him to start the meeting. On one hand, he could not ignore the meeting on other hand he had no interest to deny her wish which was this time wrapped with Authority and Rights, though he never had thought to let anyone trying to control him, but this time his mind did not raise any reluctance  when she openly did so!!


Khushi was back at home, Anita was watching TV, khushi joined her. Her mobile beeped, khushi checked the message,

“I might be late..Meeting came up.. Arnav”

Khushi felt like throwing away that phone after reading this message. But she tried to control her rage rising inside her, leaning on Anita’s shoulder khushi asked- Mumma..

Anita- Hmm..

Khushi- There is a very nice couple I met these days, they are returning back to Mumbai. I want to give them some gift, what should I gift them?

Anita smiled- Give them some chocolates.. It will give you all a sweet memory to remember even sweets are always come to first preference when something new starts..

Khushi nodded her head.


Nitya hurriedly got down from cab and started to proceed towards the broker’s office. Her mother and she wants to shift some where, where it will be easy for them to travel to their respective working places. Even the old house where they are staying, is now having some water related problem. Her mother insist on shifting to another house.


She stopped hearing her name at this place!! She turned around and saw Aman!! Aman came forward- Hii..

Nitya smiled- Hi..


Nitya- Yup.. Actually we are thinking to shift to a new house..So came to meet the broker!!


Nitya laughed- Me and Maa..

Aman gave a sheepish smile, Nitya- What are you doing here by the way??

Aman- Same problem.. I’m planning to shift to a new house near my office, it’s really hectic travel for so long hours and over to this Delhi’s traffic kills your energy in morning too..

Nitya nodded her head, Aman is right!! These traffic now-a-days, giving a tough time to everyone. They both proceed ahead. They met the broker, broker gave them few options as per their requirements. Finally they decided to visit the place to see the condition the next day. While returning back, Nitya asked- You stay alone??

Aman- My native is from Mumbai..


They both were walking on road, absent minded Nitya did not see a dig on road and was about to fall and get hurt when Aman held her by her forearm- Watch out Nitya!!(his voice was loud.)

Nitya looked up at him- I’m sorry..

Aman- It’s ok.. But be careful..

Nitya nodded her head and looked down at his hand that was still on her arm, Aman noticed that, he took his hand away.

Nitya- Bye then Aman..

Aman- Bye..Take care!!

Nitya smiled, she was about to leave, Aman called her from behind- Nitya..(Nitya looked behind at him..) Actually can I have your number, may be we can visit the flats together??

Nitya-Together?? But your flat and my flat are not in some society..

Aman- But in same way!!

Nitya was surprised seeing his interest visiting flats with her, but she did not ask anything more and gave her number while saying- I guess I can trust you Aman!!

Aman- I’ll try not to remorse yourself on your decision!! Bye then..

Nitya- Bye!!


It’s now more than 3 hours, khushi angrily glare at clock sitting on bed. She got up from bed, grabbed a pair of outfit, quickly got changed and left the room grabbing her purse and thrusting her mobile. Anita called out her from behind, telling her she was going to meet Arnav, khushi left from there hurriedly!!


“Can I meet Arnav??”, khushi asked at reception!!

Receptionist was about to say something, when khushi heard Aarav Baba’s voice from behind, “Khushi??”

Khushi turned, she smiled at him coming near him.

Aarav- Is everything fine beta?? You are suddenly here??(Aarav asked as he had never seen khushi at office before.)

Khushi- Baba, I came to meet Arnav!!

Aarav raised his eyes, did he hear right?? But he was so happy,slowly and steadily still they could definitely see a change in Arnav and khushi’s relationship. Their relation is growing!! He was genuinely happy..May be now he can now expect to see her at office often!! Aarav thought. Seeing Aarav lost, khushi shook him- Baba??

Aarav- Yeah.. He is in his cabin, the meeting just got over now. (Khushi had no idea where his cabin was, so Aarav called a man instructing him to take khushi to Arnav’s cabin.) Khushi, he will take you, I have to leave now!!(he patted her cheek lovingly.)

Khushi-Ok Baba..

This was the first time, she was entering inside the office. khushi’s eyes scanned around at people, busy with their respective works, she could hardly see anyone wasting time gossiping around. All look really hard working.. The environment was really giving so much motivational feeling to induce the employees to work with dedication.

The man after showing Arnav’s cabin, left from there. Khushi stared at the semi transparent glass door as well as glass wall. She must say, his choice is really nice!! As the meeting was over like Baba mentioned, khushi did not find any reason to knock and show some courtesy and directly entered inside opening the door!!


Her  words stopped in her throat while her eyes grew wider. She stood there throwing glare after seeing the scene in front of her!! Arnav was standing there hugging a lady!! What the hell is he doing here??

Seeing her suddenly, Arnav was too taken aback- Khushi!! (He withdrew from the hug and said to the lady before turning to her..) Please Sit Naina, (Arnav’s childhood friend.)

Naina looked behind, Arnav came forward at door- You are suddenly here??(Asked Arnav, while standing in front of her.)

Khushi threw a really furious glare at him, then the lady whom she remembered after seeing after many years!! Khushi- I think I disturbed your important meeting then?? You carry on..(her jaw line tightened..)

Opening the door, she was about to leave, but Arnav closed the door not letting her leave, she turned to face Arnav angrily. Arnav held her gently by her forearm- Did I say so??

Khushi pushed his hand away, looking away. Arnav held her hand again- Come.. (Arnav gently dragged her with him and came to sofa where Naina was sitting waiting for him to join there.)

Arnav- Sit khushi..(khushi was adamant to leave, Arnav sighed and made her seated on sofa using some force and took his space beside her facing Naina)

Here she was so worried thinking why did he not come and here, he was having his quality time with his school sweetheart!!! Khushi felt like scratching his head with her sharp nails.. For him meeting his friend was important than her..and what does he say..He has started taking her seriously!! Like every typical MEN attitude!! Why men are so mean when it comes to show some value to their wives??

Naina- I had never expected to meet you khushi but it’s pleasant meeting you guys together specially after your marriage!!(khushi frowned.. Since childhood, she never likes this girl.Even meeting her after so many years, she does not like her.. She remembered how this same girl always used to cling to Arnav even Arnav had scolded her for this girl.)

Soon khushi saw peon entering with two coffees, only two!! Does not he count her in?? , but her mind failed to find the logic that coffee was ordered before her entry.

Arnav asked the peon after he placed the cups- One more..( Peon nodded his head while khushi thought, why to show mercy on her now??) Naina, your coffee..( Naina smiling took the cup, while khushi looked back at Arnav.. how could he offer to her not her??)

Naina- Thanks Arnav.. Actually I came here to invite you to my daughter’s birthday.. You were not here during my marriage, you can’t deny this time neither I’m going to hear your excuse..

khushi’s eyes got widen.. This Naina is now married even a mother now.. Her thought came to a pause as peon entered again with another cup of coffee.. Arnav took the cup from him and gave to her. Khushi was noticing, he had not touched his coffee till now, that cup was remained untouched on that coffee table where peon had placed that coffee table, why??

Seeing khushi lost, Arnav shook her- Hey.. What’s wrong??

Khushi jerked up, mumbling something to herself khushi took the cup from his hand and started taking a sip and then saw Arnav drinking his coffee only!!  Was he waiting for her?? She could not believe that..  And what was she thinking earlier..khushi shut her eyes, pressing her lips!! She really needs to have a control over her thinking!!! Here he has been waiting for her, even Naina was there to invite them for her daughter’s birthday and what was she doing??

She heard Arnav saying- Sure Naina.. I’ll be there.

Naina- Excuse me.. You are not allowed there alone, you better leave the idea of coming alone..(Khushi looked at her confusingly, then at Arnav who had a smile on his lips.. Why is he smiling?? And just a minute before Naina herself invited him and now asking him not to come there.. Why??)

Arnav replied smiling while giving khushi a look- We will be there.. Is that ok??

Naina- I think that’s better.. And khushi…(Khushi was staring at Arnav, uncertainly..) Gosh..Stop admiring your husband so openly khushi!!

Khushi quickly looked away feeling embarrassed, Arnav looked at her hearing Naina!! Khushi quickly stole a glance at him, finding him looking at her she felt more miserable!! What was she doing??, her mind asked her. Is this the time she had planned to behave like an idiot?? Khushi felt like slapping herself. Arnav hide his smirk, looking straight at Naina, this girl sitting beside him is not that short tempered, strong headed girl, but a cute little girl whose mind came to stop making her confuse how to react when she sees there is a difference between her prediction and real happening, who has no control over her emotions, who acts like a kid sometime, in fact like a adamant kid always who gets hyper not seeing the things getting done as per her Will!! She just needs to be understood.

Khushi- Sorry.. I was just..(she fumbled)

Naina giggled- It’s ok.. Your husband, you do have right.. (khushi had no idea how to react back, because this is the most awkward situation she had faced in her life till now.)

Naina- Arnav, Khushi, you have to come guys, I’ll be happy. (Arnav replied positively on behalf of khushi too.. Naina got up to leave.) Now I have to take your leave guys.

Arnav and khushi got up too, Arnav and Naina shared a formal hug which khushi did not accept at all even after knowing she is married and a mother of an one year old baby, Naina left from there. After Naina was totally out of sight, Arnav turned to khushi pocketing his hands, khushi gulped down her nervousness.. Why did she even wish to meet him?? Why did she even think to come to his office and create such mess!! It’s better to leave now, unless Arnav was not going to leave until he is done with his teasing!!

Khushi- I’m leaving too..(she said slowly)

Khushi turned to leave, when found her wrist being held from behind by Arnav, she shut her eyes making herself ready to hear his teasing.. It’s her fault..why does she act like an idiot sometimes in front of him?? Unwillingly she turned to him, but looking down.

Arnav- Wait for me, we will be leaving together!! I’m almost done here..

Khushi looked up.. He did not say anything?? Khushi saw him collecting his stuffs and car key!! What should she predict from this behavior of his today.. The way he waited for her not having his coffee with Naina…the way he agreed to attain the birthday ceremony together with her..the way he did not say anything but just asked her to wait for him not teasing her like she was expecting!!  She became lost once again..  She knew, she was being pulled towards him slowly even before she could understand. His gestures today did create something inside her mind, heart as well as body, the way he was trying to make her feel homely with him, the way he was trying to deal with her forgetting her any kind of behavior when she does not appreciate his gestures sometime, the way he is trying to understand her…


Anita- Tomorrow evening we will leave as the journey to Radhakrishna temple is tiresome and we have to offer puja with first morning sun ray!!!

Arnav and khushi shared a look, they were going for that special puja which one should have held on the next day of their marriage!! Their bodies stiffened hearing it, even though they both have started accepting each other in their lives, but they both know that childhood marriage still has left with some bitterness in their hearts!!


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May 20, 2017

My little bride. (By Roja_Arshi) (Thanked: 168 times)

When Arnav entered in the room, after his morning jogging next day, saw khushi already ready as if going some where. It was unusual as normally she wakes up late. He sat on recliner untying his shoelaces and heard khushi talking over phone while balancing the phone in between her shoulder and ear and wearing her watch at the same time!!

“Nitu, I can’t come today but why are you shifting??”


“Fine, then let’s meet day after tomorrow, you guys visit the new flat and check everything…Yeah..bye!!”

She had not noticed Arnav till now, as she was busy in her conversation with Nitya, when she turned around found him. Arnav smiled at her- Hii..

Khushi smiled back, Arnav- Is Nitya going some where??(he asked while getting up from recliner.)

Khushi- No, Actually they are shifting to a new flat.

Arnav nodded his head and started proceed towards closet when remembered something- Khushi..

Khushi looked at him, Arnav asked- I have some urgent client meeting in afternoon, it might take long hours.. If you want, you can go with Mumma,Papa.. I’ll be joining you all later!!

Khushi- No.. We will go together..(She replied not agreeing for him travelling such a long distance which will take more than 4 hours by road and that too alone!!! Specially after last day’s meeting with Aditya Sir and Ananya.)

Though Arnav was happy hearing her, but he could feel something was bothering her, specially after yesterday’s her sudden wish to meet him, then today wishing to go with him even if at late hour..  Khushi picked up her purse that was one bed- Bye Arnav..

She was about to open the door and leave, when Arnav came from behind and closed the door. Khushi stared at him surprisingly, what was he doing?? Arnav faced khushi- You have not told me yet why you wanted to meet me so suddenly yesterday..

Khushi’s brow raised high, he still remembers that!! But what was she going to tell him that why she wanted to meet him?? Can she tell him, after meeting Aditya Sir and Ananya a fear has engulfed in her mind for the safety of everyone including Mumma, Baba, Di, Jiju, Kaira..and lastly HIM!! How is she going to tell him what’s going on in her mind?? She is not that good explaining like he has become these days!!

Khushi shook her head- Nothing.. Just like this!! Kyun?? Can’t I meet you??

Arnav smirked, she is trying to hide what’s going on in her mind, Arnav thought not to dig more, Arnav- Why not?? After all my all time is YOURS!!

Khushi rolled her eyes, he again went back to his flirty spirit.

Khushi- I’ll be waiting in evening then, don’t leave forgetting me here!! (She almost warned him showing her finger and did not wait longer and left.)

Arnav stood there, inhaling her lemony fragrance that was still present there even after her exit- I don’t think it will ever happen that I would forget you!! (he said to himself.)


Arnav informed the same to Aarav and Anita, Aarav and Anita decided to leave early but not before reminding him not to forget khushi who would be alone there.


Door bell rang, the girl who had opened the door to Aditya’s home again opened today, khushi smiled at her, she also smiled back acknowledging khushi. Entering inside khushi asked- Aditya Sir??

“We are here khushi..”

Khushi turned, saw Ananya and Aditya, Aditya came forward pushing the wheelchair where Ananya was sitting.

Khushi smiled at this lovely couple- Hello Sir, Hi Mrs.Ananya!!

Aditya/Ananya- Hi khushi..

Khushi- Are you guys all set to leave then??(she asked seeing the maid bringing down their luggage.)

Aditya- Yeah.. We have flight after 2 hours.

Khushi came forward and took out a wrapped box from her bag, kneeling in front of Ananya, khushi said- Mumma says, nothing can be better that some sweet to start a fresh start, all the best to you both!! I hope, we guys will remain in touch..

Ananya smiled lovingly - I must say your Mumma is right and we will definitely remain in touch.. Is not it Adi??(she looked up at Aditya, Aditya smiling squeezing Ananya’s shoulder.)

Khushi smiled at them, she gave the wrapped packet to Aditya Sir- Thank you so much Sir.. Meeting you both is one of the nicest thing in my life!!

Aditya- Next time, when we will meet, you have to make sure khushi that me and Ananya enjoys a delicious lunch at your place.

Khushi laughed- Sure Sir.. We will be glad..


Anita and Aarav left, khushi was in her room doing something on her laptop when got the message from Arnav, “Can you come near hotel blue moon, I have meeting near by and we can leave from there directly..”

Khushi quickly typed, “When??”

After almost 40-50 seconds her phone buzzed, “In an hour, I can’t make call as I’m still in meeting..”

Khushi giggled, “That’s called cheating Arnav.. You concentrate there, I’ll be there in time and no need of replying back.. !!”

Reading the message, a smile came across his face. Switching off the phone, Arnav concentrated back on meeting. She does understand him, may be not always but some time for sure!!


Khushi was waiting for Arnav at the place where she was supposed to meet Arnav like they had decided before. She was looking around when saw a black car stopping in front of her, khushi took two steps backward knowing that does not belong to Arnav. She looked away.

“Hi Khushi!!”

Khushi turned her head and saw Krishna there!!!


Coming out of meeting place Arnav checked the watch, he is late by 10 minutes.. khushi must have been waiting for him!! Getting in the car, Arnav started the engine driving away from there.  

His car came to screech, Arnav saw khushi standing at a little distance but talking to someone, whose face he can’t see!! Arnav scrunched his brows, coming out of car he dialed her number. Khushi looked down at her mobile and saw Arnav’s number flashing!! She quickly answered- Where are you??

Arnav- Look at your left direction.. (he waved his hand.. khushi saw him…)

Khushi- Wait a second, I’m coming there.

Not saying anything to Krishna khushi started dragging the luggage and came to Arnav! Arnav opened the door for her to get in, then loaded the luggage at backside. He came to driver seat and started the car.

It’s been almost 2 hours, they have another 100km to cover. Khushi looked aside at Arnav, who was massaging the back of his neck then forehead.

Khushi- Let me drive..

Arnav looked at her- It’s ok.. I can manage..

Khushi- I’m not that bad driver Arnav..

Arnav parked the car by road side, they both exchanged their seats, khushi started driving while Arnav sat relaxing his muscles.. He leaned behind on backrest, closing his eyes!!! The day was really tiring at office, after this again long drive did drain out his energy!! The road was not that crowd, khushi turned on music player but kept the volume slow not wishing to disturb Arnav who was looking like fallen asleep!!

Khushi looked at his face, he was looking so calm and composed, wind was blowing through window playing with his locks lazily, she could see his nose flaring in between his slow breathing. He had taken out his blazer, only wearing his black shirt that fit perfectly on his masculine body!! Sleeves folded till his both elbows, giving her ample of view of his strong arms..her eyes travelled towards his branded watch, she likes his watches collection.

Whom should she trust, the guy sitting beside her who now-a-days never fails to surprise her with his gesture towards her or the guys whom she had known all these years!! She remembered the roughness in his behavior, the harshness in his words that used to hurt her one day, and today the maturity he shows, the way he deals with her and more over the feeling of being Safe she has started feeling beside him!! Is these two personalities can be of one man’s??

Khushi took a deep breath.

“Concentrate on road more khushi..”

Her eyes got widen, how could he know when his eyes were close?? She quickly looked away, concentrating on road like Arnav did advise!! Her cheeks started turning a light pinkish in shade, she bit her lower lip!!

Watching her action, a lazy smile appeared on Arnav’s face. Though he was enjoying being ADMIRED by her but he needs to alert her the risk of diverting her mind while driving!! Arnav turned his head to other side closing his eyes once again, folding his arms against his chest but not wiping away that smirk!! The feeling of having wife’s all attention is special for every husband he was not an exceptional case!!


Car came to sudden halt, Arnav screamed “Careful Khushi..”

Opening his eyes Arnav watched her, khushi looked back at him- Sorry.. Actually the car ahead us stopped all of sudden.. So I had to apply sudden brake!!

Arnav looked around, they could see some other cars, bikes  also stopping by there, Arnav slide the window. There was loud noise, Arnav asked a man who was passing by- Excuse me.. Why this crowd suddenly??

Man- Because of land slide one kilometer ahead from here..

Khushi- And when it will be cleared??

Man- I don’t know.. But not soon..Even because of this almost an accident happened there..

He left from there, Arnav and khushi looked at each other, Arnav closed the glass window. Khushi asked worriedly- What now??

Arnav- We have to wait only..

Khushi- Argh.. Why it had to happen today??

Arnav chuckled- I think we should inform Mumma Papa..(khushi nodded her head positively.)

It was almost one hour journey from that area to temple area. They have been waiting for 15-20 minutes, when they heard thunder sound..

Khushi hit the steering wheel irritatingly- Now it was left to add spicy!!

Arnav shook his head- Don’t be so tensed khushi..

Khushi- It’s going to rain Arnav and you think the road will be cleared soon??

No sooner she had uttered, it started pouring rain. Her jaw dropped, while Arnav laughed- I think you should have wished some nice thing khushi.. May be that would have happened!!

She smacked his arm- Shut Up!!

Angrily she looked outside through window, cursing the rain!!


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