OS The last(lost) hope

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Nov 30, 2016

OS The last(lost) hope (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 27 times)

I watched him getting ready for his office from threshold of his room.

The man I longed to get attention, love, care like the list goes on. I loved him with all my heart.

But he never acknowledged me. He not even gave a glance at me. But I can't stop myself from loving him.

Everyone loves me except him but this crazy heart always ached for his love. I know he is tolerating me only for his family. 

I watched him through the mirror. His neatly gelled hair. The captivating chocolate orbs, lightly stubbled cheeks, perfect lips which holds that charming lopsided smile. I will die a thousand times for his looks and smile. Ummmm how cute.

Stupid me, again I started to ogle on him. What to do? he has that aura around him. Arnav Singh Raizada is one dangerously handsome man who make all the girls go crazy I'm not an exception in that.

And not to forget his three piece suit and bluetooth which always stick to his ears as if someone pasted it there permanently. God why did you made this man to look this much handsome. 

When I am hovering in my dream land I heard her like always blabbering something to him, his love. She is helping him to get his necessary things for office like laptop, hankie. 

He dropped a lingering kiss on her forehead head with so much love. He bid bye to her and started to walk towards the door.

Oh no, I can't stand here anymore. He won't like me in his room. Forget entering his room he not even like to see me. I hid myself behind the door not to make him angry at my presence. 

Like always I heard my heart shattering into zillion pieces along with my tears clouding my eyes. I blinked it before it spill and roll over my pale white cheeks. 

Enough, I can't take it anymore. What wrong I did to suffer like this? Don't I deserve some happiness in my life? Why he hates me so much? Why he is not ready give even a single glance at me? Why? why? I crushed my little brain to get the answer but I never got them.

Now I'm done with this game of loosing hope. Every time longing for his love and brutally crushing it again and again. I can't stand it anymore. So I decided to move out.

Yes out, out of his life, out of shanthivan. I don't know where will I end up leaving my safe heaven(shanthivan). But I have to go otherwise I have to go through the same pain again. I don't have strength to do that.

With heavy heart I took my small steps to the door. I didn't cared to wipe the tears for once that is caressing my cheeks uncontrollably. 

When I was going to put my first step out of shanthivan I heard her. The person who loves me like anything. How can I do this to her? She gave me everything I needed food, shelter, love all. My love and longing for him blocked my brain to think of her. No I can't leave her. I heard her calling me again.


In a swift moment I turned and ran towards her wiping my tears on sides of my shoulders. In few seconds I was before her. And I jumped on her. She gladly took me into her arms. Making myself comfortable in her lap I sighed. My nani she loves me, how can I leave her like that and go?

One more thing I can never forget my love for him. But I will hope for it once again. Once only once I want him to take me in his embrace. I hope devi mayya will give that blessing to me before I let out my last breath.

Hi dears this is my story for the os competition on topic heart break. I know you would thought is this girl crazy. But friends every living being in this world yearns for love. And ofcourse pets will have immense love for their masters even if they don't care for them. 

Actually this story is an inspiration from a real story narrated by my friend. But the characters there were a kid and a dog. The dog loved the kid more in spite of him beating it when it comes before him. Thanks Sri for the story.

So guys please vote and comment on this story only if you like it. I'm waiting for your views.

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Nov 30, 2016

sorry note (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 9 times)

I'm really really really sorry guys. I thought that you will like this story. Wrong me. Very very very sorry for disappointing you guys. 

I just thought why should always portray the emotions of humans. Every living thing has feelings.

And I want to make it clear that it's not like some couple love and I didn't wrote to make it fun. it's love between a person and his (may be not his but pet in his house)pet and I just add little humour to it not to get you bored. The pets really yearns for its masters love like a dog will like his master to play with it ,the kitten will like to cuddle etc. And about admiration, it happens to all, we will admire the person we like however they may be and whatever they may be.

I'm just disappointed seeing more dislikes than likes. May be I'm poor in expressings ideas or poor in ideas.

Once again I'm really really really very sorry.

If you want I will remove this story from here.

And a hearty thanks to people liked and commented on it.

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