OS The plane journey which turned my life's journey.

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Nov 30, 2016

OS The plane journey which turned my life's journey. (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 68 times)

"What the, Aman what do you mean by I can't get my private jet?" He was furious. He had to fly to India today and his PA is saying that he can't get his private jet.

"Woh ASR you sent your private jet for Akash to fly him to Canada" Aman said in low voice.

Dammit how can he forget it. He pressed his temple to smooth his tension.

"ASR can I book the plane for your journey?" Aman suggested seeing his boss's tension.

"If you got the idea go and do it dammit. Why are you standing here" he spatted at the poor soul.

"Done ASR" Aman ran out in record speed to save his life from his furious boss. 

Arnav Singh Raizada is famous for three things his killing good looks, unbeatable business mind and ofcourse his volcanic temper which will turn everything into asses that comes on its way.

He boarded his plane and sat in his seat near window. He leaned back closing his eyes. The day's back to back meetings took troll over him. He badly wanted rest. 

Not even a minute passed he heard a crispy voice beside him. He opened his eyes to see the owner of the voice. The moment his brown eyes crashed with her hazel ones he felt something fluttering inside he could not point out what and where that happened. He brushed off his thoughts and turned to the other side but the person next to him is not ready to let him in peace.

"Hi I'm Kushi. I'm going to India back to my parents back to my country. I love India very much. You know I said to my parents not to send me to London. But they refused to hear me saying that I will get good education here. I don't know why people think that we get good education in other countries when our country stands proud in all the things. I mean it's not based on place that we study it's us who should involve us into it. But now I'm very much happy that I'm going back to my country." She literally jumped in her seat if not for the seat belt she would be standing on the seat by now.

Arnav was like "what type of creature is she" she is blabbering non stop not minding weather the other person is hearing or not. He wanted to run somewhere away from her but something glued him onto his seat not letting him to move.

She not even stopped for a second she kept on saying about her childhood, college life day outs with her friends bunking her classes and even her punishments from her mother for stealing the sweets. He smiled to himself masking it with the same strem look. But she is not seemed to be concerned about it.

He is glad that she at least asked about him not more but simple things like his name, the purpose of his visit to London, his job and his residence in India. As a man of less words he also didn't bothered about it much. He felt good when she called him Arnavji. It will be ASR to the world and chotae to his family. No one called him like her it's different and surprisingly he liked it instead of getting anger.

After some time when he returned back to his seat after a small walk to smooth his aching joints due long hours of sitting in his office and here too. She was blabbering something to herself when she noticed him back to his seat. She startled him with a sudden question.

"Arnavji will you always scold your wife" 

He just managed to say his signature lines "what the" she again asked him the same question. 

"I'm not married dammit" how can she ask him like that. Doesn't she know anything about him. The whole world knows that he is a highly wanted bachelor. But here she doesn't know anything about him and is chatting with him like a long last friend. She is really crazy.

"Oh but say na will you scold your future wife" she again started her questioning session.

"Why are you asking this?" He asked her to get what is running in her tiny brain. "Because my jiji said that my parents found a boy for me who is a popular and big business man like you. So only I asked" 

"And who told you that a popular and big business man like me will keep on scolding his wife" he asked confused.

"Jiji only said that. She said that he has high temper even his own family members will be afraid of his scoldings and how will he leave his wife alone" she said with a worried face. He wanted to laugh out loud hearing her reasoning.

"No Kushi I will not scold. If I have a wife like you" before he realize he spilled the words. She too didn't took it deep. Thank God he sighed in relief. In return she smiled at him. Finally their journey came to an end they both parted to their own destination.

Arnav could not get her out of his mind. It had been a week but the truth hurt him. She said that her family found a boy for her. she would be engaged by now. His heart pained at this thought. And now he is walking towards the garden to see the girl his family chosen for him and wants him to meet her personally. But he is determined to reject who ever the girl is, because his mind and heart was already taken by someone.

He was nearing the garden his heart fluttered like it was when she was with him. 

His heart jumped in joy seeing her. It's her she is here in front of him. Feeling someone's gaze on her turned back to face him. 

"Arnavji......." She squealed happily seeing him. The next moment she was in his arms. He hugged her tight to himself not to let her go at lest not in this life time. She too tightened her hold on him proclaiming that she too share the same feeling like him.

The end.

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