OS : Falling For You

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Dec 1, 2016

OS : Falling For You (By Khushisingh96) (Thanked: 98 times)

Hello Everyone, I have written this OS for the IPKKND OneShot Competition.

The Theme I have chosen is "First Love" . 

So here how it starts,

Arnav Singh Raizada : He is a business tycoon. His family consist of his Anjali di, Shyam Jijaji and his Nani. A happy go lucky guy and a very positive person. A jovial person but definitely not a crazy guy, loves to hangout with his friend Nk (NandKis****).  Nk is his best friend from his childhood. He wanted to get into a relationship and fall madly in love because he could see how his Di is happy now married to Shyam whom she loved, Nk also loves a girl and he is also happy but-but-but he couldn’t find his girl, all girls were behind him just because he is handsome, rich and what not? So his search for his girl never came to an end.

Khushi Gupta : She is working in a MNC. She is only daughter to her parents and a pampered kid yet she was never over pampered by her parents, they were strict in the areas where they need to be. She was thought with all the moral values that a girl should learn, she never misused the freedom that her parents gave her, she knew  her limits. She is a crazy girl, quite unpredictable too. We may think she is a mature girl but she will take an U turn and proves us wrong that she is childish or vice-versa as she is quite unpredictable. She is single, quite not ready for marriage just because she should leave her parents and stay away from them after her marriage, she seriously hate that concept of girls alone leaving their house after their marriage and going to her husband’s house!! She badly wishes the opposite like why don’t boy leaves his house and cry all they way to the girl’s house missing his parents and to make clear, she like a kid still sleeps with her parents only that too in between them (Yeah-yeah she is really crazy) she even sometimes pesters her Amma to tell her bed time stories. That is why she never wishes to marry just because she should leave her parents, but her parents wished to see their only daughter to get married and to be in a safe hands. Khushi’s best friend is Lavanya from her childhood and they are neighbours.

Nk and Lavanya love each other. Khushi, Nk and Lavanya never leaves a chance to hangout and enjoy together. Nk and Lavanya’s only job is to talk about Khushi when they are with Arnav or vice-versa with Khushi as Arshi are the only close friends for the couple. Arnav was at first was quite irritated when every time the topic was only about Khushi, but later his irritation turned into admiration. He always wanted to meet her but Khushi the other side never showed any interest in the topic where Arnav was even mentioned. Arnav was eager to know about her day by day. Khushi never tried to know about Arnav, in fact all she knew about Arnav was that he is smart, handsome, cool guy and best friend of Nk like how she is for Lavanya but she gave no damn to Arnav that’s why she did not even show any interest in even meeting him, so Arnav also never got the chance to meet her. Nowadays Arnav’s day started with the thought of Khushi and his day ends with the thought of Khushi. He has developed a secret admiration for this girl, he badly want to at least a glimpse of her at least once because he dint have any reasons to ask Nk her picture, what reasons will he give Nk? So he brushed that thought of and lived with the thoughts of her.

It was his birthday today, so Nk, Lavanya and Arnav had planned to spend sometime in Mall today. Arnav and Nk had already reached the mall and they were waiting for Lavanya. It was more then 30 minutes that they were waiting and Lavanya still dint turn up, so Nk decided to call her.

Nk in call “Arey where are you??”. “Don’t even ask that Nk, (Lavanya sighed in frustration) my scooty got punctured, I tried contacting you but your phone was not reachable!!” replied Lavanya. “Yeah, we were in the under ground that’s why it would have been not reachable, sorry but where are you now? Did you start or not??” asked Nk. “I’m on the way Nk, thank god it’s a holiday for Khushi today!! She is dropping me.”

Nk: Khushi is with you?

Arnav’s face brightened hearing it, he signalled Nk to call Khushi too. Nk informed the same to Lavanya and Lavanya was also happy with this she was thinking why dint she get this thought of asking Khushi also to accompany her and they later disconnected the call. Nk looked at Arnav with a smirk.

Nk : Arnav beta, Why were you insisting me to call Khushi?

Arnav: Come on Nk, when she is coming here why don’t she join us? Gentlemen behave like this, okay?

Nk: Ohh, just behaving like a gentlemen aur kuch nahi (Nothing else)?

Arnav: Shut up, okay?

Nk: Oh man, you think I don’t know anything whats going in your mind?? Nowadays I see someone is showing extra attention on Khushi..Kya baath hai(What is the matter)?

Arnav tried his level best not to get caught “Its my birthday today so bakwaas baath mat karo!(Stop talking rubbish!)”

Nk: Aacha? Then okay, let me ask Lavanya alone to come and ask Khushi to go back.

Nk was about to call Lavanya but Arnav snatched his mobile from Nk’s hand.

Arnav: Stop teasing me Nk, okay?

Nk: Then accept it!

Arnav: Accept what?

Nk: That you like Khushi!

Arnav: What the.. I don’t like Khushi okay?!

Nk: Right, right you actually love Khushi hai na?

Nk started to laugh looking at Arnav, whose face has already turned red not in anger but he was blushing, bechari Arnav dint know he was blushing actually.

Nk: Oh man, you are blushing!!

Arnav: Boys don’t blush, okay?!

Nk and Arnav were in their own argument while Nk never left a chance to pull Arnav’s leg where as Arnav was whole time enjoying it actually as it was true that he love Khushi. He just dint want to get caught like that in front of Nk, you see male ego ;) . In the other side when Lavanya was asking Khushi to accompany her, Khushi at first wasn’t ready and denied as what she will do being a part in Arnav’s birthday celebration since she is not even his friend. She was thinking that what if Arnav felt awkward in her presence and that too intruding in his personal space but Lavanya being Lavanya emotionally black mailed her and Khushi was left with no other option other then accompanying her. Both Lavanya and Khushi entered inside mall. Lavanya called Nk asking where he was and Nk informed her where he was.

Nk: Arnav, Khushi is here man!!!!!!!!

Arnav’s thoughts ‘Oh man, she is here. She is going to meet me!! What will be more special then this on my birthday.’ 

Arnav’s heart was literally jumping in enjoy. Nk came near Arnav and whispered in his ear ‘Stupid, even I can hear your heartbeat aloud!!’. Arnav immediately kept his hand on his heart and Nk started to laugh seeing that “I caught you” Nk said. He again started to laugh looking at Arnav’s face. That’s when Nk pointed to a direction ‘Aagayi tumari dil ki rani (Your princess came)’ . Arnav turned towards the direction and that’s it he was clean bowled. She was beautiful, her eyes reflected the innocence, he had already fallen for her but now there was no doubt that he will leave her.  Arnav put his hand around Nk’s shoulder ‘Why the hell dint you introduce me to her yaar?!’.

Nk : I was waiting for you to ask, because I know Khushi will never take that initiative.

Arnav: yeah I know, she isn’t ready to get married.

Arnav pouted and asked ‘But are you serious? She still sleeps with her parents? That means even after our marriage she won’t sleep with me?’

Nk: When did you both get married?

Arnav smirked and replied ‘You know we will soon’. Nk looked at him and Arnav replied back ‘Oh come on, don’t give me that look? Okay fine, yeah I love her’. Nk winked looking at Arnav and he smiled.

Khushi and Lavanya reached them, all while Arnav was looking at Khushi only. Lavanya was wishing him and he so lost in Khushi that he dint even realise it. Khushi looked at him weirdly. Nk stamped Arnav’s feet bringing him back from his dream world.‘Ouch!!!!’ screamed Arnav. Khushi raised her left eyebrow looking at Arnav. Arnav smiled like an idiot looking at her.

Arnav’s heart ‘Oh man, she is your first love!’. Nk signalled Lavanya to come aside while Khushi was totally confused. Nk informed everything to Lavanya, she was quite happy for her friend because Arnav was really a gem of a person. Khushi was busy in judging Arnav’s mental state because he was behaving weirdly since time she met him so she dint realise when she was left alone with Arnav.

Khushi: You alright?

Arnav never thought Khushi would take the initiative to talk.

Arnav: yeah I am.

Khushi replied doubtfully “Okay”. 

Arnav: Okay..

Khushi: So..

Arnav: So?

Khushi: Uh (She smiled, being polite) Happy Birthday ..

Arnav: I love you

Khushi opened her mouth wide and blinked her eyes slowly, Arnav chuckled looking at her. He snapped his fingers to get back her attention.

Khushi: What?!

Arnav replied her all huskily ‘I L-o-v-e Y-o-u’.

Khushi: Aren’t you mad?

Arnav: No, I’m Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi felt like face palming.

Khushi: I’m leaving!

Khushi turned around leaving.

Arnav: What is the reply for my I Love You?

Khushi turned around glaring looking at him and replied "Don’t make me to scold you on your birthday!".

Arnav came near her “Haq hai tumara, lover ho tu meri (You have all rights, you are my lover) so I don’t mind you getting angry on me, you look more cute when you are angry”.

Khushi: You errr! Stop flirting! I’m not your lover okay?!

Arnav: You don’t but I love you na? The person who loves someone is addressed as their lover only. So when I love you, then you are my lover.

Khushi: Ridiculous!

Khushi turned around leaving and Arnav screamed a I Love you again for which she tried to close her ears with her hands and she turned around screaming “I hate you-I hate you-I hate you” Arnav screamed back “I wedding you-I wedding you-I wedding you” (Imitating like her).Khushi glared in return for which Arnav chucked and she left. Nk and Lavanya who were watching all this from far couldn’t control their laugh seeing his proposal and Khushi’s reactions.  They assured Arnav that they will help him out.

It has been a week since Arnav has proposed her, he had sent every day a gift for her and top of it he has even approached her parents also regarding their marriage. Khushi was totally shocked with the things going around her, just because of the entry of Arnav in her life. Khushi’s parents liked Arnav a lot moreover Nk and Lavanya never left a chance to praise him. He was so cool and was so down to earth person that her parents instantly liked him. Khushi was unaware that her parents has already spoken with Arnav’s Nani about their marriage.

By now it has been two weeks since they met but Arnav’s way of sending her gifts all these days still continued. It was Saturday, there was no gift from Arnav. Khushi nowadays got used to waking up finding his gift beside her but today when she woke up she found no gift around her.

Khushi : See, there is no gift today! I know he got bored of me now!! It was all his acting that he loves me loves me!

Khushi sighed.

Khushi: Anyways it is not that I’m expecting his gift or I’m missing him and all!

Khushi pouted and she got up to get fresh. Garima who was watching all this was giggling. Garima showed a thumbs up to Shashi who was having his morning Tea. Garima immediately called Arnav and Arnav who was waiting for her call attended the call instantly asking “Aunty, what happened?? Did she react?? What was her reaction??” . Garima chuckled and replied “Arey beta, breathe. You won’t believe what Khushi did!! She literally missed getting the gift from you today!!! I know my Khushi betiya loves you.I’m so happy beta!!!” Arnav hearing this was flying high “She really missed me?” asked Arnav. “She did, but she wont accept it” Garima replied. “Okay then, Plan A worked out now time for Plan B to be executed. Lavanya will come along with Nk in an hour Aunty to execute the plan B” Arnav said excitedly. Later Shashi also talked with Arnav and they disconnected the call.

After some 30 minutes Khushi came out of the room to have her break fast. Khushi was in a grumpy mood. She has fallen in love with Arnav in these weeks, she just isn’t aware of it because of the wall she has build around herself. Her heart very well knew, Arnav is the one for her. He was kind, cool and more over he loved her madly that too uncontionally. Khushi came to know in these two weeks that Khushi was his first love from Lavanya, how he has been away from all girls except her. There was no reason for her to reject him.

Khushi was having her breakfast with Shashi, that’s when Nk and Lavanya entered inside casually. Shashi and Garima seeing them chuckled.

Shashi: Arey Nk and Lavanya beta, come have break fast with us.

Nk and Lavanya smiled. Garima served them also, Khushi was confused why these two were here morning itself. Khushi unlike all days today she was very silent.

Lavanya: Khushi? Why are you silent today?

“its because of that Arn” before she could continue she understood who’s name she was about to say. She was about to say Arnav’s name seeing Lavanya’s reaction she understood her mistake and stopped abruptly and replied “Uh Nothing actually, forget it!”. Nk and Lavanya chuckled silently. Shashi and Garima were the silent spectators. Suddenly Nk’s phone started to ring, everyone looked at him as Nk attended the call. He first gave a ‘What’ reaction continued by a worried reaction at last dropped his mobile down. Shashi, Garima and Lavanya acted like getting panicked because they already knew the plan B has been executed. Khushi was the only one like a fool who was reacting truly.

Shashi, Garima and Lavanya asked him what happened acting worriedly but Nk kept a serious face but inside he literally felt like laughing looking at Khushi’s reaction. At last like breaking the ice Khushi asked him “What happened Nk” .

Nk: Khushi….

Khushi: What? What happened?

Nk: Arnav (He stopped abruptly)

Khushi got up from her chair hearing Arnav’s name, she has already started to sweat. She came near him.

Khushi: What happened to Arnav?

Nk: Arnav Arnav..He..(He literally acted, he was actually acting very badly. He was over reacting even Khushi would have found it if she was in her sense but now she was totally worried thinking what had happened to Arnav, so she dint feel Nk's over acting).

Khushi: (In a dangerous voice) Now you are going to tell me what happened to Arnav or not!!?!

Nk: Khushi, Arnav met with an accident!! Just now someone called and informed me! He is suffering from Rapid blood loss and now unconscious. The person who has admitted him in hospital informed me that he has admitted Arnav in City Hospital. Khushi’s heart skipped a beat hearing it. Tears started their way out from her eyes.

Lavanya and Nk rushed out acting that they will start now, but Khushi stopped them and said she will also join along with them and she was crying all way. (They expected this only, that Khushi herself  should accompany them.) All the three started for hospital along with Khushi’s parents. They reached the hospital, Khushi as soon she stepped out she pushed everyone on their way and rushed towards Arnav’s ward to reach him as soon as possible. She enquired about Arnav from the receptionist and rushed to his room. She wasn’t allowed inside, Arnav was in the Operation Theatre, everyone surrounded her. Arnav’s Nani, di also reached there. They also acted like they were also in shock. Khushi cried hugging Lavanya.

Khushi: (Sobbing) I should have guessed something was wrong with him when I dint get his call or even the gift Lavanya. He will get well soon na..

Khushi cried like a kid. Everyone understood very well that Khushi loved Arnav. Nk and Nani signalled Anjali to start her acting. Anjali smiled looking at them and came near Khushi.

Anjali: (Trying to be rude) Why are you crying Khushi? In fact you should be happy!

Khushi looked at Anjali horrified. Nurse who came out rushing, was stopped by Nk, when asked how was Arnav the nurse replied that the patient was in critical position and she is in rush. The nurse winked looking at Nk for which Nk chuckled.

Khushi started crying more hearing this.

Anjali: Stop acting Khushi!

Khushi looked at Anjali with tears in her eyes.

Anjali: Don’t give me that look! You should in fact be happy that my brother is like this! You don’t want him to love you now he is suffering for his life so you should indeed be happy!

Khushi screamed ‘No!! I will never wish bad for him, I’m not cruel Anjaliji..I have never thought of hurting him, and I can never hurt him Anjaliji!

Anjali glared looking at Khushi and turned around as if she was angry. She was turning around and giggling silently looking at Garima and Shashi.

Khushi never thought Anjali would misunderstand her. She felt so miserable. She sat down on the chair with a thud. Lavanya and Garima were trying to console her but Khushi did not stop crying. After an hour the doctor came out with a sulky face. Khushi stood up as soon as she saw the doctor.

Khushi: Doctor, how is he? Is he fine? Is he alright?

Doctor: I’m so sorry.

Khushi moved back hearing it, tears again started their way out.

Doctor: Mr Arnav is in critical state. We tried our level best to save him but he is still fighting for his life. He is half conscious now, anything can happen but he is whispering some name like 'Khushi' even in this state.

Khushi with tears replied stammering “M..Me doctor, it..Its me”.

Everyone asked her to go inside. Anjali also insisted her to go inside, asking Khushi at least not to punish Arnav in this state. As soon as Khushi entered inside Nk hugged the Doctor “Arey wah Akash, you should be an actor instead of Doctor yaar!!!” . Akash was Nk-Arnav's schoolmate. Arnav and Nk has literally begged Akash to play this act for which at first he disagreed but later to unite them he agreed.

Akash: But I pity her man, did you even see how she was crying..

Everyone nodded their head.


As soon as Khushi entered inside she saw Arnav lying there in the bed lifelessly. He was lying there with the support of Oxygen mask. Arnav saw Khushi coming near him. Khushi caressed his hand as tears started their way out. Arnav tried removing the mask from his mouth to speak. He acted like he was damn weak.

Arnav: Kh..Khushi

Khushi started to sob as soon as she heard him calling her name.

Arnav: (Speaking like he was weak) I..I love ..yu..you

As soon as she heard this Khushi kept her head on his chest sobbing.

Khushi: Arnav, please don’t leave me..Please

Arnav: I thought you will *cough* be happy as I will go away from you forever.

Khushi nodded a no with tears in her eyes.

Khushi: (Sobbing ) I don’t want you to leave me Arnav, I’m so sorry for not acknowledging your love.

Arnav started to cough as if his health got deteriorated. Khushi got worried seeing that,

Khushi: Arnav Arnav please relax, I cant live without you!!! I know I cant live without my parents but I can equally not live without you..I’m sorry Arnav, I’m so sorry..Please forgive me..please

Arnav: *Cough* Please Khushi, don’t say me you love me now, *Cough* I can’t die being guilty that knowing you love me now.. I cant leave you and go away from you forever knowing that *Cough*

Arnav started coughing more. Khushi caressed his forehead, and kissed him on her forehead. She closed her eyes and confronted him “I’m sorry Arnav, I’m so sorry for hurting you!! I have lost! I have lost my heart to you!! (Fresh tears started flowing down from her eyes, she was still closing her eyes) I was reminding myself that I shouldn’t fall for you but I couldn’t stop myself from falling for you”.

Arnav was happily enjoying this confession of hers and he swallowed some red juice while Khushi was closing her eyes. Arnav did everything as per his plan and Khushi wasn’t even aware of this.

 She opened her eyes. "Yes Arnav, I love you! I LOVE YOU! I have fallen for you!! No one can change that, you will be my first and last love!!”.

Arnav: Khushi, I ..(Before he could continue, his mouth was bleeding. Blood was coming from his mouth)

Seeing that Khushi got panicked and shouted for doctor but none came. She rushed out to call doctor but was shocked at the scene going in front of her. One side Nk was saying that ‘their plan has worked out’ , the doctor the other side replying ‘Its all because of my acting haan’. Khushi shocked was hearing this.

Khushi’s thought ‘Drama?! was that all a drama?!’.

“At last my Khushi will be marrying Arnav beta” said Garima to Anjali and Nani. All the three women were over whelmed. Shashi who was about to turn, saw Khushi standing there folding her arms glaring looking at everyone. All he could say was only “KHUSHI” . Now it was their turn to get shock.

Khushi : You all fooled me?

Garima: Khushi beta actually..

Khushi: Amma, even you?

Khushi pouted.

Anjali: Sorry Khushi I actually dint mean to be rude, we were just trying to..

Khushi: Anjaliji, Amma and Lavanya!! I seriously dint expect this from you three. You all literally fooled me!! And (She turned around looking the doctor) You!!! Even you helped Arnav uh?! Is this a normal hospital or a Mental hospital!!!! And wait (She remembered the blood which was coming from Arnav’s mouth) but if this is an act why was blood coming from his mouth?!!

Now everyone were shocked hearing this except the Doctor. The doctor smiled sheepishly looking at them and at Khushi replying “voh actually Arnav wanted it to be realistic so I asked him to drink some cranberry juice, and asked him not to swallow it so that it will look like blood”.

Khushi “What?! Even more realistic then this he expects! Now I will show him what it means to be real!”.

Saying that Khushi marched inside the OT again followed by everyone. Bechari Arnav who wasn’t aware of Khushi knowing the truth was still acting. Nk and Akash were trying to convey him that Khushi came to know the truth but Khushi’s one glare made them to shut their mouth.

Khushi stood there folding her arms, glaring looking at Arnav. Arnav first felt weird looking at her but later brushed off that thought concentrating on his acting.

Arnav: I will miss *cough* miss you all..

Khushi replied “Really? We will also miss you actually Arnav but what to do if we are born, we should die one day na”. Arnav’s thoughts ‘What rubbish? Is she asking me to die? Has she gone mad seeing me like this?’.  Khushi was still glaring looking at him.

“I can see Yamraj coming for me to take me with him” Arnav replied as if speaking in a weak tone.

Khushi: Aacha? But can’t you see, Yamraj is actually standing in front of you only!

Arnav looked at her who was actually standing in front of him, Arnav’s thoughts ‘Why is she addressing herself as Yamraj?’ that’s when Arnav noticed Akash and Nk indicating him that Khushi came to know the truth. Khushi noticed that and glared looking at Arnav. Arnav smiled sheepishly removing the oxygen mask, the wires that were connected and stood up smiling faintly. Khushi kept her hands on her hip glaring looking at him.

Arnav: ehhee, Hi Khushi..

Khushi: HI KHUSHI?! Youuuu I wont leave you!!! You idiot, you stupid!!!

Khushi started to run behind him to get hold of him and Arnav started to run to save himself from her. The others were giggling silently looking at them. Arnav running around at last entered inside a empty room followed by Khushi and he turned around facing her.

Khushi: Now I will see how you will escape from me!?!

Arnav smirked “I should say that darling, now that I know you also love me..Let me see how you escape from me” Arnav said and pulled her near him holding her waist.

Khushi started hitting him on his chest ‘Do you even know how much I got worried when I came to know you met with an accident! I thought I lost you! Why did you do like that Arnav!?! Why!?’. Khushi tears started their way out. Arnav kissed her on her forehead and wiped off her tears and whispered “Sorry”. Khushi pushed him slightly pouting.

Arnav: Aacha baba I’m sorry na..

Khushi turned around folding her arms, Arnav came and stood in front of her and cupped her face.

Arnav: I know I’m sorry and I promise I will never do like that in future. I love you.

Khushi hugged him tightly crying and in between the sob she whispered in his ears "I love you more, please don’t leave me and go". She was behaving like a kid as if asking her mother not to leave her and go in the first day of school. Arnav wiped off her tears and kissed her on her eyelids and cupped her face again and replied ‘You know what?’ .Khushi asked ‘What?’. Arnav replied "After our marriage, we all are going to live together, you, aunty,uncle, di, jijaji, Nani and myself..we all are going to live together in same house!! You are not going to stay away from your parents. Even Nani had no problem with this, though aunty and uncle denied at first but I managed to make them accept it.."

Khushi smiled asking “That means I need not have to cry all the way during my bidaii after our marriage thinking I will miss Amma and Papa??” . Arnav nodded his head in a yes that she need not cry. Khushi hugged him again getting happy.

Arnav : can I ask you something Khushi?

Khushi nodded a yes.

Arnav: (He asked like a kid now) Uh after our marriage also you will sleep with Uncle and Aunty only ah?? (Khushi giggled) uh.. but sleep with me na..I promise that I will also tell you bed time stories..

Khushi nodded her headed giggling and thought for a while, Arnav was doing this much for her and he loves her unconditionally but she like a kid was behaving like that all these days. Khushi smiled looking at him and surprised him by kissing him on his right cheek.

Khushi: I love you Arnav, seriously Arnav when we first met I honestly had no idea that you would be so important to me. You’ve never left my mind since that day.

Arnav pulled her near him and replied her back “Being someone’s first may be great but to be their last is beyond perfect, you will be my first and last love” and he pressed his lips on her lips gently for a passionate kiss.


The End.



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