Indecent Proposal! - An ARSHI FF

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Dec 6, 2016

Indecent Proposal! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 44 times)

Indecent Proposal - Starting a new story soon... 

This ARSHI story starts from Payal and Akash's marriage rituals, where Arnav proposes Khushi for 6 months contract marriage. 

Unlike the serial, Khushi rejects Arnav's marriage proposal... 

What happens next??

Dec 6, 2016

Chapter 1 – Khushi rejects marriage proposal (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 99 times)

Hi All, 

This time also I promise small but regular updates... So sit back and enjoy another ARSHI story...

This is all your love and encouragement for my story that I am really excited to write another story...

Chapter 1 – Khushi rejects marriage proposal

“No means No, Mr. Raizada”, Khushi almost screamed at Arnav when he pulled her angrily towards pool side and proposed her for a six months marriage without giving her any proper reason.

Not only she was shocked to hear him but shattered inside that she could almost hear her wailing heart!!

First of she was super shocked hearing about marriage proposal from him, she had expected him to express his feelings. She knew he was attracted towards and seen him flirting all the time with her during marriage rituals and even gone ahead and presented her bangles. So she was kind expecting him at least he will give her hints and may be take her on a date or some move to take their relationship forward!!

He never believed in marriages or permanent bonding like that. So she knew it might take him forever to even think about marriage… And what did he just demand – Marry him that too for six months!!

Oh wow!! And here she thought he had feelings for her because he gave her little attention during Payal and Akash’s wedding preparations and was flirting with her!!

“Khushi, think again. Saying No will have consequences” Arnav roared threatening Khushi. He was not expecting her to say NO in spite of how horrible his proposal was.

He knew Khushi always had felt guilty for breaking Payal’s first marriage. Though it was not Khushi’s fault that she was held up by Arnav after the ramp fiasco in Lucknow Fashion show, he knew the aftermath. And even though the boy and his family were not at all good and were demanding dowry, no one could deny Gupta’s faced humiliating incident when the baraat had gone back from their door without marriage and taking the bride. Payal was depressed for a long time… First time it was an arranged marriage for Payal but still she could not handle taunts from society and friends…. now Payal was deeply in love with Akash. She will not be able to take breaking of her marriage second time! In fact entire Gupta family will NOT be able to take it. Arnav was sure of that.

Arnav knew Payal’s happiness and marriage meant world for Khushi. Khushi had been over the moon since her trick worked and he jiji had accepted her love for Akash… Khushi wanted to make sure her jiji got all the happiness she deserved this time around…

Yet, Arnav was amazed how Khushi denied bluntly to marry him in spite of possibility of being trouble to her sister’s marriage... He was even more sure that Khushi was kind of two timing showing him feelings while having affair with Shyam jijaji.

“It will not take me any time breaking Payal’s marriage, think again Khushi” Arnav threatened with a smirk.

Khushi almost thought he was kidding and he cannot act so nasty. But she was so wrong. How could he even think of such things? How low can he go and why? She felt almost dizzy by now…. Her head was spinning crazily with so many thoughts about her jiji, her parents and Buaji…..

Khushi could not stand anymore. She tried to hold the side table and almost fell down. Tears started rolling down from her eyes. She was sitting there feeling defeated.

“What should she do?” Her mind was lost.

Arnav smirked assuming his trick worked.

“But why?” Why should I marry you suddenly that too for 6 months?” Asked Khushi politely. Khushi somehow had a feeling may be Arnav got to know about Shyam and her engagement and he misunderstood it.

Maybe they can discuss and she will explain what had exactly had happened and how Shyam had tricked her family and her acting as a bachelor… Hopefully he will understand… Was she thinking too much??

But if it was any misunderstanding about Shyam, he would want her to go away from there and not like marry and stay in the same house where Shyam lives…. Wouldn’t it add to more complications to already chaotic situation?

Then why would he want to marry her and that too for six months? It was beyond her simple thinking capacity.

“I do not think you should be interested in the reason. I will pay you enough for 6 months contract marriage” Arnav concluded without giving her any reason.

“Where did money come from now? Contract marriage and money – What are you really trying to do Arnavji and why Arnavji? Khushi begged him.

Khushi recalled how Arnav never had high opinion about her just because she was middle class girl and in fact he had called her gold digger!! So many times he had taunted about her status and indicated she does everything only for money…. Where was all this going?

Khushi did not know which Arnav to believe, the one he was always was – Mean, nasty and judgmental that he always was towards her or the recent one caring, considerate and helping person and even flirting with her… Khushi was so lost….

“Khushi, you have 10 minutes to decide. You know Mamiji is least interested in this marriage. My one word and she will not even flinch to break this marriage. Payal is right now sitting in the wedding pandal doing pre-marriage rituals…”

“Look at Payal and take a wise decision Khushi” Khushi now understood he was not joking when he proposed marriage. 

Dec 7, 2016

Chapter 1 Continued - (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 94 times)

Thanks for all your support and comments.... Love you all 

Chapter 1 Continued -

She remembered all his care and flirty behavior recently during pre-wedding rituals and felt heartbroken again to think it was all a sham. She realized she has fallen in love with a monster, who crushed her fragile heart again and again in last few minutes.

He also crushed her marriage dreams along with it. She was beyond rage now.

Who gave him the right to rule over her like that? She clearly knew he was exploiting her guilt of breaking Payal’s first marriage. Shrewd businessman with no heart after all!!

He always talked to her taunting about her status, culture. Everything about her, he had mocked before. He had always judged her, passed sarcastic comments.

What was she thinking Arnavji is nice underneath his ASR shell? May be he is nice for his family but her? He just proved to be opposite.

“One last time I am requesting you why you want to marry me in the first place and that too for just 6 months? May I know the reason?” Khushi still pushed him to tell the reason.

“You don’t deserve it” Arnav replied with his ASR tone breaking her heart totally one last time. That very moment, Khushi knew her decision.

“I don’t deserve to know why you are crushing all my dreams, making fun of all my beliefs about sacred relation like marriage. Mr. Raizada, how much ever rich you are, money does not give you power to snatch existence and beliefs from anyone. I wish I never had any feelings for……. I wish I never fell head over heels…..” Khushi kept on murmuring sobbing hard.

“Go ahead Mr. Raizada, My answer is NO to your marriage proposal” Khushi was over her initial inner turmoil and was calm and determined now.

“Are you sure Khushi?” Arnav asked her smirking. Inside he was hopping mad that she rejected him without even flinching. Definitely his big ego was hurt. When all the most beautiful girls and models were dying to get his one glance, here this chit of a girl had guts to reject him on his face!! How ironic!! Arnav thought but he had no time to cry over his big ego. He still needed to show Khushi that she and her family didn’t matter to him…

He did what he could do the best smirked threatening Khushi that he would break Payal’s marriage…. This was his one last chance…

“No means No, Mr. Raizada, I have never been so sure in my life. I have told you my decision. You can go ahead and do whatever you want.”

Arnav was shocked to the core and before he could realize and grab her hand, she ran away.

Arnav knew his plan failed and he was not sure what to do next. He would never break Akash and Payal’s marriage. He was sure of that.

He had seen both Khushi and Payal. They were different as cheese and chalk. If he loved Khushi all these days before seeing her in the arms of his jijaji, Payal also was one of the nicest, family oriented girls he had seen. And most important, Akash was deeply in love with Payal.

He decided to chalk out plans as soon as marriage was over and walked towards pandal to attend the marriage.

Khushi was so scared now for herself and her family. She showed enough courage to deny marrying Arnav suddenly. But she knew his nature and she was hell scared now especially for Payal.

“Hey Devi Mayya, please let this marriage be honored successfully in front of all the people with any obstructions and I will never step in RM or any other place where Arnav Singh Raizada exists” she promised herself and prayed Devi Mayya again and again.

She was shocked to see Arnav in the pandal, closed her eyes and was continuously praying her Devi Mayya. She just could not enjoy any of the rituals any more… All she wanted was the marriage functions to be over without any problems as soon as possible and she could just go home… Go away from Arnav…

At last Khushi felt her Devi Mayya heard her prayers… Arnav attended the marriage, quietly. Though he was throwing daggers at Khushi, he did nothing to stop the marriage… He stood there lost in his own thoughts and Khushi avoided him throughout….

Soon the marriage rituals were over and Gupta family returned home very satisfied. They could not believe Payal’s luck and were happy that she found love of her life in Akash. Gupta family members were really overwhelmed by the respect and happiness showered by Raizada family…. They felt blessed…

Khushi also returned with her parents and Buaji. Though Anjali tried to stop her and requested her to stay for a day with Payal, but Khushi refused… Her heart so much wished to turn back and have a last look at her Laad Governor but she avoided it.

She realized people don’t have control over all things always... And some things are never meant to be… But then her heart wants what it wants…

She threw herself on the bed as soon as she reached home and cried her heart out…

Dec 9, 2016

Chapter 2 – The Terrace Scene (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 85 times)

Was little disappointed with less likes  but never mind... Story picks up after initial standard path... Hope you will love it then and hang in there to read it... 

Trying it hard to make it different... Enjoy and keep commenting... Your feedback  is precious to new writers like me... 

Chapter 2 – The Terrace Scene

Arnav was sitting at the pool side on his favorite recliner and watching stars…. Trying to talk to his mom but the sky was clouded and so were his thoughts….

Arnav recalled how he saw Shyam and Khushi hugging each other as soon as he opened terrace door slightly…

Hold on! It did not look like a friendly hug. And why would they come to terrace and hug when whole house is full of guests?

Did I miss something? What is going on here? Arnav stood there confused. May he should ask Khushi later, he thought and turned to go…

“Shyamji, why don’t you leave Anjali Di? Why don’t you divorce her?” He heard Khushi screamed looking at Shyam.

Arnav thought he heard something wrong. Suddenly he was sweating profusely, started feeling dizzy and felt like someone almost knocked him down. He could not hear any further or stand there watching them in each other’s arms and barely walked back towards his room.

He just collapsed on his bed. He did not know what to think?

Were Shyam and Khushi having an affair behind everyone’s back? How is it possible? Shyam showers so much love to his Di, is it all fake? Khushi is all about marriage and big sacred relationship and what not, then what was this? What is truth and what façade? Arnav’s head was spinning with so many questions!!

One thing he realized his heart was shattered seeing Khushi in someone else’s arms and that too his own jijaji?

And her words were ringing in his mind again and again… Was it that Khushi was interested in Shyam or after Shyam? Because he had clearly heard Khushi demanding Shyam to divorce his Di and leave her!! So was it Khushi who was after Shyam?

If yes, then why was she responding to his flirting and showing interest in him too?? Was she two timing?? No it can’t be…. He had always heard her preaching… He had seen how much she believed in marriages and commitments and lifelong relation and what not…. He remembered how she was successful in making Lavanya not only believe but also dream about marriage with him!

Then what just happened? Why did she ask Shyam to divorce his Di and leave her? Why was she hugging Shyam? And why the hell was his jijaji listening to her **** and hugging her back?

Forget about Khushi and her involvement in Shyam for a minute, but Shyam has been married to his Di for 5 years now and they had long relationship before… They had fallen in love and then married… Then how can he simply deceive his Di for some random girl?

Did his jijaji even know Khushi well? They hardly met once during Pooja the other day…

What was he missing? One meet and they cannot be in love with each other… They must have met each other outside or must be meeting each other… Thought of Khushi being in love with someone else was unbearable for him… Love tear escaped from his eyes while he looked up in the sky to see if he can see any stars and talk to him mom… But he had no such luck…

The sky was as gloomy and dark as his life was at that moment!!

He did not know whether he should cry for his own heart break or for his Di that her husband is cheating on her so bad!

After witnessing his parents’ disastrous marriage, Arnav had never believed neither in love nor marriage! He was very clear about it right from age 14. His entire focus was on taking care of his family especially his Di. He always had nightmares about wandering hungry on the streets at night and trying to save his Di from goons….

He focused strictly on studies, worked hard to get into best schools and colleges and the Harvard. Throughout his teen age or after, he was never distracted by girls but always looked at them as object of destruction and stayed away from them… 

And of course he knew how he was genuinely blessed with good looks and he definitely started using it to his advantage, no emotions attached. He dated plenty of smart and beautiful career oriented women, models. He knew they needed him to go up the ladder and he needed them for his physical needs… It worked for him and he enjoying the no strings attached phase of his life.

His world was so called perfect for him until Khushi entered in his life… His approach towards life, his ethics, and his ideologies were questioned by a chit of a girl. He hated that she was affecting him badly. He treated her bad to not accept defeat and yet had fallen head over heels in love with her…

How much ever he denied, he was attracted to Khushi like crazy. At times, he was day dreaming about her! She invoked feeling in him that he never knew existed… She created havoc in his life without doing much…

Slowly he realized it was not just attraction but he had fallen for her… Not that he was going to confess so easily… Then his Di happened to be in an accident and she encouraged him to express his feelings before it’s too late!!

But it was indeed late!! He closed his eye again and opened back immediately. He just wished how he could erase the picture of Shyam and Khushi hugging each other from his mind!

His heart cried for himself and his Di!!


Dec 10, 2016

Chapter 2 Continued - (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 81 times)

Love your feedback and comments... Trying to give you updates frequently with couple of chapters ready... 

Hope you all enjoy... 

Next Chapter will be all about Khushi and her actions... 

Chapter 2 Continued -

His Di had just given world’s best news that she was pregnant. Anjali had gone to temple and car had break failure and she had a minor accident. When she went to Dr. for checkup and bandage her wounds, they did her blood tests as well.

And it turned out Anjali was pregnant with her first baby! Oh boy, she had waited such a long time for this news! She was ecstatic and she came home running wanting to tell everyone best news of her life!! She didn’t care about her wounds by then!! She was just too happy…

Shyam was shocked to see her alive but with so many wounds. But he pretended to be concerned for her and no one caught his lies as usual…

That’s when Anjali had told Shyam their good news. She also called Arnav and told him the news!! The brother and sister shared their moment. After a long time, they were at peace and happy in their lives… Anjali also encouraged him to express his feelings before it’s too late.

Now how can he tell his Di that her husband cheating on her at this stage? He was sure she will not take it easy and might have some other health problems. And it would be harmful for her baby too!

As is it took Anjali long time to conceive after her first miscarriage so she had become emotional about having a baby! Arnav always took her to best gynecologists and best treatments along with her all Poojas brought in the great news. No way can he risk her baby and her health now…

He has to handle this situation differently now. That’s when he decided to blackmail Khushi and marry her.

Arnav was confident that if he threatens to break Payal’s marriage, Khushi will marry him. After Di delivers baby, he could easily throw Khushi out of his life forever if she really had affair with Shyam… It was not going to be simple for him but he would do anything for his Di. And he will get some breathing time to handle Shyam as well and track what Shyam is up to!

But when Khushi denied his proposal, he was deeply hurt. Somewhere he wanted her to marry him. Maybe it was her young, naïve age and weird feelings that he could tame, he had thought. Or maybe after marriage, she would love only her husband and things might turn out OK for them, his heart was still positive… Or maybe she is not wrong and somehow this is all a misunderstanding and they might have a chance at marriage!!

His big fat ego was badly hurt when Khushi denied his marriage proposal on his face looking straight into his eyes and she had no remorse about it… She was calm and composed… She had different kind of shine and determination in her eyes that almost mocked him and made fun of him!! What was he missing really??

But his disappointment and ego could take a back seat for now…... He was more worried for his Di.

What if Shyam asks Di for divorce now when she is pregnant? What if Di gets to know about his affair with Khushi? He was totally scared of his Di’s reaction.

How can he handle this situation now? Had Khushi said yes to marriage, it would have really solved all his problems but she denied point blank and walked away!

He wanted to keep an eye on Shyam first and understand what was going on? And he will watch Khushi too personally, he decided.

He needed to get to the bottom of all this! The sooner the better, he concluded…

Sleep was far away for him and his mind was running fast, planning for the next day!

Dec 11, 2016

Chapter 3 – Khushi on her own Mission!! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 79 times)

I am trying to give you small but regular updates ... Please enjoy... 

Khushi won't give so easily either... 

Chapter 3 – Khushi on her own Mission!!

After crying her heart out, thinking and rethinking about Arnav’s proposal forever, Khushi had barely slept all night… Yet she managed to clear her mind well. She had come to conclusion about one thing, she meant nothing to him… The realization definitely hurt her but also made her strong…. She was so done crying for a person who did not respect her, her feelings, her beliefs, her family or anything about her for that matter!!

Her Devi Mayya had heard her prayers yesterday and granted her wish by letting the marriage happen without any issues. For some reason, Arnav had remained quiet and in fact attended Akash and Payal’s marriage and did not create any obstacles. In fact Mamiji was enjoying all the rituals of marriage and actively taking part in them… So she was very sure Arnav never talked to Mamiji…

Truth as of today was her jiji is happily married now with love of her life… So Khushi decided it was her turn to fulfil what she promised Devi Mayya.

She had decided to stay away from Arnav and that would be the best for her and her Jiji also. She did not want to create any problems in her jiji’s married life. She would try and forget him even though she knew it would be hard to forget and forgive her first crush and her first love.

First thing came to her mind was to move back to Lucknow and start her life a fresh!

But right away she knew, it was a terribly selfish thought. Her jiji would miss them all badly. They being here, at least Payal can visit them and her parents can go to RM.

And also when she did not commit any mistake, why she has to leave Delhi and go to Lucknow? She was enjoying Delhi, looking forward to join college, complete her education. There would be plenty of job opportunities in Delhi.

Before also, Gupta family was forced to leave Lucknow because Arnav released her tape from Fashion show… She did not want to relocate her family back to Lucknow now… Moving back means her Baoji’s treatment routine will also get disturbed. She cannot do that…

She knew her future was much better if she stayed back in Delhi!! Provided she soon gets a job…

Khushi could easily avoid going to RM and as is, her life style versus Arnav’s lifestyle was different as day and night. She was no longer working at AR Fashion House. Their houses were in two opposite corners of the city. He would be busy in his business and she would be busy in her studies and job is she finds it… So it would be easy for her to avoid him if she tries a little harder, she thought.

She remembered how she managed to go to RM only once after Payal’s marriage that too for women only ceremony and smartly avoided all other functions giving excuses of being busy in college or some or the other activities... That day she had managed to not meet up with Arnav and Shyam both at RM and she came back quickly after attending the ceremony.

So she could continue doing that.

Gupta family as a whole had decided to disclose Shyam’s truth to Raizada family long before Payal’s marriage. They had seen how vulnerable and emotional Anjali was for her husband. She loved him like god… And now that she was pregnant, they had only hoped Shyam improves and focus on his own family with Anjali!!

But then Shyam never missed out on chance to bother Khushi!!

Khushi needed to be smarter now to continue avoiding Shyamji, she thought. She had told every detail to her parents and buaji about the terrace incident. Then Buaji had called Shyam and threatened him that she will talk to Raizadas especially Arnav if he did not stop pursuing Khushi.

Buaji’s call had desired effect on Shyam. He had stopped pestering Khushi for now and stopped calling her completely for last couple of weeks…

Khushi knew that would put Shyam away from her for few days or months but not for long. She has to think about how to let Shyamji’s truth known to Anjali Di and Arnavji. During the ceremony, Khushi got to know Anjali Di was pregnant. Khushi congratulated her ad wished her the best. Knowing Anjali Di was pregnant and how she literally dotes on her husband, Khushi could not risk even giving her any hint.

Arnav was all together a different story now!

Given a chance, she wouldn’t even want to see his face after he humiliated her that night. And will he even believe her knowing his thoughts about her? Arnav Singh Raizada, the self-proclaimed smartest man on this earth, could go and figure it out for himself, she decided.

Khushi genuinely cared about Anjali and even Arnav but then it was almost impossible for her to discuss about Shyam with any of them. She just wished if Arnav rethinks his behavior and confides the reason about his act that night, she still could somehow try and tell him about Shyam and his vile intensions… But she can’t unless he initiates the efforts… Or maybe she will wait until Payal settles in RM after coming back from her honeymoon and then have her talk to Akash jijaji and Arnavji… For now, she left it to her Devi Mayya to take care of Anjali Di and prayed for her and her baby…

Somehow Khushi's self-respect and his distrust towards her, did not allow her to go and meet up Arnav again…

Dec 12, 2016

Chapter 3 Continued - (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 90 times)

Thank you for your comments and likes... In my stories, Khushi will never be weak... She is beautiful, smart, bold and educated one... Yet down to earth and family oriented....

Just like many of us... 

Chapter 3 Continued -

Khushi knew she had too many responsibilities on her own shoulders to worry about Raizadas at this moment. She could not afford to sit at home and spend time crying.

Her Baoji had stroke and he was paralyzed. He needed ongoing treatment, house rent and overall house expenses. Delhi was any day way more expensive compared to Lucknow and plus they had their own house in Lucknow. It was an uphill task considering no earning member in the family.

And she was the only one who can go out to work and run the house now.

She had figured it all out in her mind. She planned her day very well with Morning College, part time job in the afternoon and kids tuitions in the evening. A job and tuitions could easily earn her respectable amount of money, Khushi thought.

Most important for her was keeping her mind and body busy so she would not be distracted by Arnav’s thoughts!

Khushi asked Happiji to spread word for her in their area for kids’ tuition. She also informed him she was looking for a job and borrowed all the newspapers to look for job adverti****ts.

She sure wanted to complete her post-graduation for better job opportunities in future but started looking for office admin or PA jobs that she had some experience.

She got calls within a week since she had AR Designs experience written on her resume. She had very much expected that…

“Why did you work for AR Designs only for couple of months? Was ASR too harsh for you to quit?” Mr. Mehta, a man similar to her father’s age and came across as a gentle man, asked her. It was the only question he asked after reviewing her resume.

“Not really sir, my father had a stroke and he is paralyzed. Considering Delhi expenses are way more compared to Lucknow and we have our own house there in Lucknow, initially I had planned to take my family back. But then my sister got married in Delhi so we decided to stay back and I could continue my education as well so we will be here long term” replied Khushi confidently without even mentioning Arnav.

“And also now that my sister is married to Mr. Akash Raizada, I felt it would be better if I look for a job outside so relations and work are maintained well” Khushi concluded her answer.

Mr. Mehta really liked her answer. So many other employees he had hired with prior AR experience always complained about ASR. But Khushi did not utter a single word against AR Designs or ASR. She could have easily continued working at AR but she wanted to work outside and make sure family relations are maintained well. She did not want to take advantage of her relations with Raizada to get better position at AR. Yet she did not want to quit and run away to Lucknow but wanted to work hard and pursue her dreams in Delhi!! Mr. Mehta had immediate respect for Khushi.

He could see she could be a loyal employee. He needed trustworthy and loyal PA like her. He already made up his mind to hire her but would let HR handle the process.

“We will let you know within 2 days, it was really nice meeting you Miss Gupta” Mr. Mehta concluded interview politely.

“Thank you so much sir and I look forward to hear from you” Khushi bid goodbye to Mr. Mehta politely. With that Khushi left Mehta Designs premises. She had really felt comfortable talking to Mr. Mehta and he looked like a very nice person. She had a strong feeling she would get this job and Mehta House was much closer to her house and college so she was keeping her fingers crossed and praying she gets this job…

As expected Khushi had got a call from Mehta Fashion House same evening. The HR manager Miss Lily called Khushi to congratulate on her new job and provided her all the details over phone while her offer letter was already couriered to her…

“Thank you so much, Miss Lily. I can join from tomorrow” Khushi kept the phone down and started jumping and dancing over the couch. Khushi had expected to get the job but she definitely did not expect a confirmation call from Mehta House same evening like 4 hours after her interview…

“Arre wo Sanakadevi, what happened?” Buaji expected some good news looking at Khushi’s face.

“Buaji, dance with me, then only I will tell you” Khushi forcing Buaji to turn round and round making her feel dizzy…

“I got a job at Mehta’s office. It’s a great company with benefits and they offered me almost 10,000 more than I had expected. Plus if I become permanent employee, they may help me with my education and some of Baoji’s medical expenses. I cannot tell you how happy I am Buaji, now dance with me” Khushi was still jumping.

Buaji and her parents were really happy to hear the news. They were worried about continuing to stay in Delhi but did not want to disappoint Khushi and did not want to move away from Payal also.

So this was a win-win situation for Khushi and them.

It was Khushi’s lucky day for sure.

Khushi had applied and got admission in St. Mary’s college which was 10 minutes from Mehta Fashion House. And to top it all, both her college and Mehta house were within 30 minutes distance from her house. Even though it was on the way towards AR Fashions and RM, it was still far from them.

And Khushi realized she would be super busy with college, job and going back and forth, she would always call Payal and jijaji to visit her at Gupta house and avoid going to RM to meet them…

So Khushi thanked Devi Mayya from bottom of her heart.

Khushi thought once again it was Devi Mayya’s sign for her that she should forget Arnav and move on in her life!

Devi Mayya has now given her plenty of opportunities to focus on and get busy… And Khushi was sure to follow her Devi Mayya’s signs……

Oh, she was so looking forward to join her new job next morning and then her college next week!

Dec 14, 2016

Chapter 4 - ASR in Action (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 96 times)

This story will change once Arnav finds out about real Shyam and his intensions...

Till then hang in there and enjoy... 

Chapter 4 - ASR in Action 

Arnav called Aman, briefed him to keep track of Shyam's all activities and asked him to hire the best private detectives in Delhi.

Arnav thought he could personally keep an eye on Khushi whenever she visits RM for few more weeks for post marriage rituals.

But to his surprise, next day Khushi did not turn up at RM due to upset stomach. He clearly knew she used an excuse but he could care less. In fact he was happy that she did not show up.

But then he slowly realized Khushi came only for one post marriage ritual which was exclusively meant for women and she had skipped rest all functions with some or the other excuse. And that day she had avoided meeting him and Shyam both.

Khushi's behavior made Arnav curious, he appointed additional people to keep close tab on Shyam and Khushi to find out if they were meeting each other outside.

"Were you aware that Shyam Jha stayed as a paying guest with Khushi and her family?" Aman asked slowly letting the cat out of the bag... He was skeptical about Arnav knowing anything about it and it would be a big time shock for Arnav for sure.

"No way" Arnav stood up flabbergasted and replied.

"Did you know Shyam stayed there pretending to be a bachelor and Guptas were not aware Shyam was married until recently? Slowly Aman was getting Arnav prepared for the worst news...

Arnav was taken aback. He always was concerned with his jijaji always being on travel. But he never could have guessed his jijaji was in Delhi staying at the other end of the city pretending to be a bachelor and leading dual life!!

"And Shyam was engaged to Khushi couple of months ago. Khushi found out Shyam being married to Anjali and broke her engagement with Shyam and Guptas had a fall out publically with Shyam. Her Buaji had slapped Shyam in front of their neighbors and thrown him out of their house..." Aman slowly told Arnav the disgusting dual life and truth about Shyam.

Arnav knew this was coming...

Right then he remembered Khushi had mentioned her fiance's name as Shyam. And her engagement had suddenly broken up and no one knew about her fiance properly. Or no one ever talked about her fiance or even mentioned him. Only Arnav remembered Khushi crying over his shoulder and ran away before she could speak... She was very upset that day, lost and looked like she needed to talk, confide in someone... She wanted to tell him something but stepped back scared and ended up rushing back home without any explanation...

But why? May be she knew I would have never believed her!! And she was so right!

Arnav just picked up the file. Went through all the details about Shyam, the detectives had found so far... He went through pages after pages, read the same report 10 times to make any sense. He was not ready to accept Shyam Jha was a complete fraud right from the beginning and had managed to cheat Raizadas with his sweet talking and has been doing nothing for years but fooling around...

Shyam was nothing that he had thought about. He was a complete gold digger, scumbag, a mediocre lawyer with a fake degree and fooling around clients.

Shyam was from a small village near by Lucknow. He was not even a graduate. Both his graduation and post-graduation degrees were fake. Of course even the law degree was a fake one.

Only one thing he was master at was sweet talking. But Arnav was amazed how he had managed all these years without getting under Arnav's radar... Either Arnav was too busy to suspect Shyam or was Shyam too smart at what he was doing? Arnav was curious now...

Only ultra-smart thing Shyam had done was to lure Anjali into his trap with his fake love, married Anjali, has been with her for 5 long years and before Arnav gets even a clue, he had transferred worth 60 crores of properties on his name from Anjali.

Shyam had shown a lot of patience and had planned it all well. He had not done a single suspicious activity in first two years after marriage with Anjali. He had spent all the time in winning family's trust. Then he had started on his plans with money or involvement in other women.

Worst was that scumbag Shyam had tried to hurt his Di thrice. Di's car accident, finding the black spider in her room and that small fire incident were no coincidences. They all were deliberate attempts by Shyam on his Di to get rid of her after he had 60 Crores.

Shyam was found standing outside next to Anjali's car when Anjali Di had gone to temple a day before Akash's marriage... Then the car had break failures. Arnav remembered how Shyam was shocked to see his Di. Everyone thought he was concerned but he was shocked that she survived and his attempt had failed... How on the earth can suddenly a black widow huge spider happens to crawl inside Raizada Mansion?? It's a rare and dangerous species and very preserved one. The receipt in front of him confirmed Shyam had paid and purchased that spider... His Di's luck and life line is strong was the first thought in his mind...

Pool side fire when Di and Shyam were alone, it was no rocket science. IT was another deliberate attempt by Shyam and mamaji happened to pass from there and save Anjali from the mishap... Again no one in RM had tried to do the math to see how vile attempts were made against Anjali... Arnav was now scared to think what would happened if Di was not lucky. First time he felt thankful for her belief in god!

The feeling of not being able to see through Shyam and unable to protect his Di made Arnav felt sick to his stomach.

He felt like catching Shyam right away and choking him to death. But he needed to be realistic and plan well against Shyam.

Dec 15, 2016

Chapter 4 Continued - (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 88 times)

Noordina, your concern is valid but I am yet to finish this chapter so Arnav will get to know about Khushi and he will regret it... 

But will he be able to reach out her in time is a different story... 

I have given a clue... So hang in there.... 

Chapter 4 Continued -

When he read the reports further, his worst nightmare was true! Time and again he had judged Khushi wrong!

She was also a victim of Shyam Manohar Jha just like his Anjali Di... Shyam had saved Khushi in Lucknow when Arnav had released her video falling into his arms and had tried to keep track of her family after that.

Then he had played his cards well acting as a bachelor, started staying as a paying guest with Khushi’s family and impressed Buaji the best. Rest all was easy trap. No one could deny that Shyam was a polite, sweet talker and came across as well mannered. He really managed to impress Gupta family seniors. Gupta’s were overwhelmed by his monetary help and his habit to take responsibilities for their family as if he was a family member. He was there with them every single time they needed any help…

When he showed desire to marry Khushi and asked for Khushi’s hand, they could not say no. And Khushi under family pressure had obliged, though she was not interested in marrying Shyam or even for immediate marriage. She had expressed that she will not think about marriage until her jiji gets married. She had cleared it with Shyam as well. But the circumstances forced her to get engaged with Shyam.

According to reports Khushi was engaged to him on Diwali night. That was the night he had almost kissed Khushi and then insulted her saying she meant nothing to him!!

He punched the wall and blood oozed out of his hand! He exactly knew why she said yes to the marriage or even to get engaged. He was the reason.

He tried to recall the moments when he had proposed her to marry him. What had she said – “I wish I never had any feelings for……. I wish I never fell head over heels…..” while she had kept on sobbing.

Arnav was miserable! He was her culprit! He punched again to the wall to hurt himself more but Aman stepped in at the nick of time and saved his hand.

And still he knew he cannot run to her and fix things! He had to wait to until Shyam Manohar Jha was sent where he belonged. His Di and baby’s life was at stake!! He had to act and act fast before Shyam attacks his Di again…

One thing was very clear from the report… Shyam was desperately trying to get rid of Anjali and their baby. So he would keep trying to hurt her and Arnav has to figure out to stop that immediately…

Somehow Arnav needed to distract Shyam and keep him busy so he does not have time to think about Anjali… Arnav needed to do this exactly the way Shyam had fooled him. It was not possible to go and tell all this to Anjali directly so he had to do things without knowledge of her.

He will not rest until he punishes Shyam now for deceiving two of his favorite persons in the world – His Di and Khushi!

He needed no report to confirm Khushi never met Shyam after Akash and Payal’s marriage. Yet the last page of reports confirmed Khushi had never met Shyam after Payal’s marriage. In fact Shyam was seen in Gupta house vicinity and there was a phone call to Shyam from Gupta land line only once after marriage. So he could clearly guess may be Buaji might have warned him not to harass Khushi and after that day even Shyam had backed off. And Khushi had avoided meeting him ever.

He realized another truth, Khushi had avoided not just Shyam but him as well. He had never seen or heard about her after marriage…

Suddenly he felt the urge to see Khushi! All these days, he was angry, heart broken and in denial that he loves her or misses her but who was he kidding. He had been missing her terribly. Her hazel eye, her beautiful innocent face… He felt like running to her, apologize for all his mistakes and beg for forgiveness… Hold her close to his heart until she forgives him… Then he would love her and cherish her for his life…

But only he could back in time and believe her innocence and take back the hurtful words and indecent proposal!!

His trust issues were catching up on him…


Dec 16, 2016

Chapter 5 – Khushi dodges Arnav during festival times! (By Swatideep) (Thanked: 136 times)

Thank you all for liking my second story so far... Coming towards the changes and twists in this version of story...

Enjoy reading... 

Chapter 5 – Khushi dodges Arnav during festival times!

Raizada family was invited for lunch at Khushi’s house. Guptas used to celebrate auspicious 10 days of Devi Mayya’s Navaratri every year. This year they had extended invitation to Raizada family.

By then even Payal and Akash were back from their honeymoon trip to Europe. They had seen glow on Payal’s face and were happy to see her always smiling and happy… They couldn’t have asked for more from their Devi Mayya.

Even though entire Raizada family was invited for lunch, Khushi assumed Arnav will not show up being a super busy man plus after their last meet, he would sure not want to come her house.

She was not aware Arnav had found out Shyam’s truth and already regretting his behavior towards her and repenting.

Khushi had never tried to know what Arnav was up to or even bother to read about him in newspapers or hear it from her sister or her family. She always changed topic or politely walked out not wanting to hear anything about him… Why go the route which only gives pain and bad memories… And she was keeping her promise given to her Devi Mayya… She had kind of shut him off from her heart, or so she thought...

Khushi was excited to see her sister and Raizada family! After all she really loved naniji and Di, they were the nicest people and Mamiji was completely entertaining. And it was always pleasure to have her jiji and jiju.

She thanked Devi Mayya when she did not see Arnav or his car. She felt relief. It was almost a month that she had not seen him.

“Where is Arnav bitwa? Buaji asked Anjali.

“He is busy at work so not sure if he will come. A major client is in office today and Bhai is covering up for both of us…” Akash gave clarification. It was mandatory for Akash to go to his in-law’s house but not for Arnav and he was always a busy man…

In fact it was Arnav who desperately wanted to visit Gupta House and see Khushi after knowing the truth... But he did not want Khushi to get a hint and escape. He was trying to finish his meetings as soon as possible to reach at Gupta House.

It was almost 7 o’clock. Raizadas had planned to stay back for evening Pooja and then head back to RM. There was no mention about Arnav. So Khushi concluded Arnav will not come and thanked her Devi Mayya.

Khushi was in her room when she saw Arnav’s car stopping in front of their house. He had parked without making any noise. Khushi was surprised to see him and thought maybe Anjali Di forced him to show up… As soon as she saw him walking towards their house, Khushi escaped to Prito’s house from the back door.

“Prito, missed you so much. Was so busy last couple of weeks with my new job and could not meet you. Let’s catch up. I came over for a sleep over...” She grabbed Prito’s hand and rushed to her room.

Prito was more than happy with Khushi’s surprise. She called and informed Buaji as requested by Khushi. Buaji was upset since Raizada family was there but allowed her knowing Prito is getting married soon.

Arnav could not ask directly and was disappointed not to see Khushi.

“Khushi’s friend Prito is getting married in a month. So she called all her friends for a sleep over and Khushi had to go. If you want, I can call her to say good bye and she can go later.” Buaji informed Raizadas sheepishly.

“No, no Buaji it’s OK” Anjali said.

“Let the girls enjoy. This is the time they will enjoy freely at their own home before marriage…” Naniji also told Buaji.

“Khushi joined Morning College. She works at Mehta House, then comes home and conducts tuitions for kids. It is very hectic routine for her these days. So it is good that she has fun time with Prito and other girls. We told her not to work so hard but Khushi is Khushi. She does not like to sit idle and wants to always keep busy” Buaji appreciated Khushi’s efforts to take care of family but was worried about her health too...


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