OS Useless Raizada

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Dec 17, 2016

OS Useless Raizada (By Asu29494) (Thanked: 35 times)

It's kaarthigai night

Arnav Singh Raizada never felt helpless like this. He is trying for past two hours to complete the work given by his lovely wife. But nothing is going well. By now he had formed a small mountain of matchsticks. The thirty sixth box too finished off. But still he couldn't lit up a single diya.

 Poor guy, Kushi asked him to lit up the diyas at poolside while she is doing it in the hall. To top of it nature is also against him, not letting him to finish it. Every time when he lit up, the sweet breeze will blow them off in a swift moment.

Running out of matchboxes he walked to the hall to bring some all frustrated. But the site before him vanished his frustration replacing it with a full blown smile. There his Kushi is litting up the diyas and is now at the centre of diyas same as the Diwali night in his favourite red saree glowing competing diyas.

Unknowingly his legs led him towards her. When she stood up litting up the last diya she frowned realising that she again struck in the centre like Diwali night. She raised her eyes to be clashed with the deep chocolate brown eyes. She smiled at him reading his eyes as he too is having their flash back. 

He came near to help her but this time instead of holding her hand  he just lifted her in his arms. She gasped at his sudden act. As usual she held his collar in her small fist staring into his eyes. He moved out of diyas without breaking the eye lock. Hearing someone clearing their throat both averted their eyes to direction of sound there was sitting his di, nani and mami having a teasing smile.

"Chotae I think now you can put Kushiji down" then only he realised that he is still holding Kushi in his arms. How can he realize that, when she is as light as air. May be she have some weight. But for him she is as light as air to carry on. He slowly put her down. Both looked everywhere but not them embarrassed.

"No di I just helped her to come out" he tried to cover up. But his family is not the one to leave that easily.

"Haan Haan chotae we can see how well you helped her" his nani too joined his di. These ladies will never leave a chance to tease him.

"Hello hai bye bye Arnav bagwa did you come herewa to liput your wifewa"(did you come here to lift your wife) then only he remembered for what he came here. 

"Oh mami I come to take matchboxes" 

"Matchboxes but there are more in our room right" Kushi asked confused.

"They are finished" came a sudden reply from him.

"What? Finished. How?" Saying this she moved towards French windows to take a look at the poolside. Her mouth formed into a big O there no diya was lit up and there was a heap of burnt matchsticks. 

"Laad governor can't you even lit up diyas" 

"What the"

"What what the can't you even do this simple thing? But always proud of yourself that "Arnav Singh Raizada can do anything" hmmmp" she imitated him keeping her hands on her hips

"What I tried but whenever I lit up them the wind blows it off. What can I do?" He said as a matter of fact.

"Don't give reasons. Accept that you can't do everything thing" Kushi found a chance to mock at him. How can she let go of it. She loves to irritate him.

"What the Arnav Singh Raizada can do anything" 

"You can only talk but can't do anything. Useless Raizada. I don't know how he became no.1 business man when he even don't know how to lit up a diya" saying this she walked to her room to lit up by her ownself.

The trio burst out laughing. No one have the guts to call Arnav Singh Raizada a 'useless' except Kushi. 

He glared at his family for making fun of him and walked to his room to look at what his wife is doing that he couldn't. 

Kaarthigai is a Tamil festival celebrated for three days by litting up diyas. So just thought to write this. Sorry if I bored you. 

Thank you and waiting for your comments.

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