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Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 47 times)

Chapter 9

                              “Was he in love?”

Khushi came back after an hour or so. Initially Arnav’s plan was to give her few minutes and that would be enough but he ended up letting her win. The best, at that moment, Arnav could do for Khushi was to let her have her time.

She had cried, he knew the moment he got glimpse of her. He didn't question. She was so brave that she could cry without even caring about what if people judged her? or made fun of her. He admired that. She was so real. She sat beside him on the passenger seat, “Where is HP?” she asked finding Arnav on the driver seat instead of Old man.

“I told him to leave.” he had something on his mind and he couldn't do that with HP around.

She didn't say anything, got comfortable on the seat and sighed in relief; her family was okay.

“What did your aunt tell you?” he asked bringing the car into life.

“She told me I must not trust your family with my heart and should never let you play with my heart.” she stated simply and honestly. He was amused, it was unfair that she was with him. He didn't deserve her… but life was unfair, nobody knew that better than him.

  “Your aunt is intelligent.”

“She is!” khushi said proudly “She told me she knew you.”

“I don't.”

“Don't lie,” khushi furrowed her brows.

“I am not lying.” Arnav defended himself. He didn't want to go back to past.


“-No buts and if.” it was a full stop to discussion. She sighed and moved her gaze from him to the road ahead. They were almost out of village.

The car stopped and khushi clutched Arnav’s hand instantly seeing three guys with guns standing in front of their car.

“Calm down,” Arnav told her without looking at her, his gaze fixed on his enemy. He rolled the small drawer out and pressed some buttons. His men will be here as soon as they got the signal.

What the hell were they doing here anyway? He wondered, so eager to die, he guessed. “Khushi, follow me and stand behind me.” he ordered in such tone that khushi found no reason to protest. She could get murdered.

She followed him outside, stood behind him. For the first time she noticed how large he was compared to her.

Arnav stood there with his jaws clenched, hands by his sides, perfectly balled. His eyes piercing the soul of the person standing in front of him, if only eyes could kill people. His muscles were tensed and locked up. He didn't say a word, it wasn't his rule to start conversation, it was other way around. He listened and accessed.

“ASR, Man, you know why we are here. Don't you?” The man in black Salwar suit said, he has mustache and he was wearing kohl and jewelry. He was surrounded by two men holding guns and wearing khaki salwar suits and off course with mustaches and rings on their fingers. They looked different from Arnav’s men to khushi. Their accent was different.

Arnav stayed silent.

“I am here to tell you that keep your nose out of my matters,” the guy in black suit said, his tone was stern like he was going to kill anyone who came in his way. Arnav stood with his head held high, confidently. Which was one of the reason the person standing in front of him was furious.

Khushi clutched fabric from his waist, tightly, letting him know she was afraid. He breathed in and out twice. The only thing worried him was khushi. His own life wasn't important at that moment.

Khushi felt tension in the air. It was familiar. She felt it before somewhere as well but she couldn't get her head around the thought of experiencing this thing before. Her mind was making up stories due to overwhelming fear, she thought.

“ASR, I will not think twice before hurting the b itch behind you.” this got a reaction from ASR.

“You call her that again and I promise, I will show you hell on earth,” khushi shivered hearing his dangerously low voice, it smelled of danger, and tasted like death. Her hold tightened on the fabric. She pressed her face in his back. Not crying but scared as hell.

The guy raised his eyebrows, “You seem f*cking whipped,” he smirked but became serious in a second, “I don't give a f*ck as long as you don't butt in my business matters.”

Arnav was silent. The guy continued, “Come on man, let's mind our own business. It doesn't suit you, this job of interfering can get you killed.” khushi took a deep breath but Arnav stayed rigid.

A few seconds and the guy’s face hardened. “Shoot.” Arnav raise his eyebrow.

“You sure?” Arnav asked challenging.

if they killed Arnav they wouldn't survive but if they left him alone they wouldn't survive either so the guy chose to ignore Arnav’s question. If his business would end, Arnav must end as well. But he didn't see that he has just cut his own feet with his own axe.

Khushi heard loud noises of shooting, closed her eyes. Two men in khaki dresses were shot in head and now we're lying on the dirty road like they never existed or breathed. Their blood was all over The road and khushi saw it. Her breath hitched, heart beating faster, she digged her nails in his skin from the fabric her legs felt like jelly, and her vision blurred. She passed out and was lying on The floor as if dead.

The man in black was surrounded by ASR’s most trusted 5 men, including his brother this time. But just as he saw the woman of his enemy, he pointed gun in khushi’s direction and before anyone registered anything, two shots were fired, one by the guy in black aimed at khushi and the other was NK who aimed at the head of the enemy. His shot murdered the guy in black. Arnav thought khushi was dead and he was late. Tears blinded his vision.  

Arnav fell on his knees, the bullet that had pierced through his body. He didn't realise until pain shoot from his left shoulder, “F*ck.” He has taken the bullet and guarded his wife. He was successful and he was proud of that.

Everyone was now looking at each other to see who was hurt by whom.

“Khushi,” Arnav held khushi in his arms.

“ASR you are bleeding. Let's leave.” Arnav didn't move.

“Khushi..” Arnav patted her cheek. Ankit, Akash, and Shyam were surrounding Arnav and khushi. Ali walked back to NK Who was numb.

“Khushi…” NK spoke in low voice, he almost choked. Was she dead? Was he late? He was sad because his brother seemed to love that girl or at least have some soft spot for her and he loved his brother. And everything that held value in his brother’s eyes was important to him too.

Ali cupped NK’s shoulder and dragged him where Arnav sat.

“We need to hurry up.” Shyam called them both.

“Is khu-khushi dead?” NK asked

“No. She is not.”

“She is okay, she fainted. Probably because of fear.” Akash told Arnav but he didn't let her go from his grip.

“Arnav…” Ali put his hand on his shoulder which wasn't bleeding.

“She needs to be inspected by doctor.” Arnav nodded at Ankit. He was shocked and flabbergasted.  They drove back to Haveli. With different thought, all were silent while khushi was unconscious. They were all worried for one woman in ASR's arms... 

Was he really that whipped that he almost sacrificed his life to save her? Not that he was going to die by just one bullet in his shoulder but what he felt was important.

Was he in love? He had no answer. 


 my final exams are nearing :( but good part is that, I have like 3 months free ;) hope you all like this update. Next will be elitists.  

Do you think Arnav is in love? What is Arnav's mother going to be? Do you think she will be a villain.

Plot twist: yes she is ;-) 

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Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 52 times)

Chapter 10


“Devi Mayya!” she muttered.

Slowly she opened her eyes and examined the place where she was. It was dark but not dark enough to scare her. She was alone. She took a deep breath, she wasn't dreaming. It wasn't a nightmare. It was real. She closed her eyes and laid their feeling sick again. She felt nauseated.

In few minutes, she fell asleep again.


“F*ck!” Arnav groaned. Ali walked near his bed and stood near the edge of the bed with his arms folded on his chest. Arnav glared at him. He found himself in what looked like Ali’s room.

“Why the f*ck would you drug me,” he threw his head back in sheer frustration.

“Because you wouldn't sleep.”

“You aren't my f*cking mother.” Arnav gritted his teeth. He sat up.

“Arnav lay back. Khushi is safe with Di,” Ali told him still standing there.

“You don't get to tell me what to do.”

“Man, you are in love.” Ali chuckled and Arnav looked at him angrily.


“Well you can't deny it. Look at you, you are restless. That's what happens with lovers”.

“If you say another word. I swear I will break your neck.”

“Look! I am afraid.” Ali said dramatically. “Why do you think you would take a bullet for her? And I am guessing that you knew her from years.”

Arnav hated it when Ali would guess it all with his clever, witty mind. He is one of the best spy he has and he happened to be his friend. But it annoyed him when he would make Arnav say things he didn't want to. He knew khushi, yes. He liked her, yes. But he didn't want to admit that and Ali wouldn't leave unless he admitted.  

“So I take your silence as yes.” he sat beside Arnav who seemed to be deep in thoughts, “Look man, you can't run away now, can you?” Arnav glanced at Ali and sighed.

“I just don't understand it all. I think it wasn't suppose to happen.”

“Why did you lie about khushi’s identity?”

“She is a weakness…” Arnav said choosing to ignore Ali’s question.

‘It depends on what you want her to be.” Arnav looked at him and frowned. “A woman, you love,” Arnav glared at him, “Okay! Sorry, your wife,” he threw his hands in air dramatically and continued. “I was saying, she can be what you think she is to you. I mean she can be a saviour, your power and pleasure. You cherish her and stay happy or you fear her and stay gloomy and scared.” it took few minutes for Arnav to understand what Ali meant and nodded in response. His friend was right.

“I need to see her.”

“It's 12:30 a.m. and your delicate wife is sleeping, boy.”

“Don't you dare come in my way.” Ali rolled his eyes.

“Need some help?”

“No, it's just a small wound. It wil recover soon.” his arm ached, in fact the whole left side did but he just couldn't shut down the voices in his head. They are creepy. He needed to see her in order to shut them up.

Ali ignored Arnav’s protest and walked him to where khushi laid in Arnav’s room. He left them alone: khushi asleep and Arnav laying beside her.

“Open your eyes.” Arnav whispered laying beside her. Their bodies touching each other, her hairs fell of his shoulder, just how he wanted them to be. He let her use his right arm as a pillow. Besides, he told himself, this side wasn't aching. And good husbands do that.  

“I want to see you smile.” no response. She was sleeping soundly. How lucky she was, she could sleep and lock it all away. And there he was who couldn't even sleep for 12 hours, even after being drugged by his friend.

She was an angel, a shining star. She has to be peaceful, came a voice within him. Yes she was, a beautiful, ****yhe might add and lovely angel.

She moved in her sleep and he felt his heart beating faster. His eyes widened, did she just do that? She just affected him so bad? He was shocked but he was even more surprise when he felt her lips on his neck. Had she moved so closer to him in her sleep? He dared not to move his head and see her, he knew he would be in trouble and he didn't want that. He wanted his desires to be in check. At least for now.

He felt butterflies in his stomach, which he never felt before. It was all new to a man like him.

He closed his eyes hoping that sleep would knock the door of his hyperactive brain and it did after few torturous minutes.


On the dark road, a black car stood and men in black holding knives surrounded who seemed like her mother.

“Open your eyes Mira Gupta. DON'T you want to see your daughter?”

“No…..NO. NO. NO” A woman in her early thirties cried in agony. Her screams filled with pain. But men in black looked ruthless, laughing like maniacs. They tore her cloths and she cried. Her cries didn't seem to be solely for herself. They seemed for someone standing away by two men and watching with a fearful expression and sobbing.

Khushi found herself in broken and tattered cloths, crying. She looked at men surrounding her mother and tearing her clothes and laughing. They held knives and cut her under garments. Khushi screamed, “NO STOP IT!” but they didn't. They didn't even hear her.

Khushi saw them Cutting her fingers from both hands and she screamed in agony. Her beautiful face was red showing how much she suffers. Khushi screamed and tried to push men away with all her might, but they seemed intangible to her.

“Cut her,” A man standing above her said with sly smirk.

“NO.” KHUSHI cried.

“Cut her throat, yes do that.” khushi screamed in fear and pain. It was as If she was feeling it. She screamed so did the little girl, held by two men, do.

They put the knife on her throat, “Didn't we tell you to stay away? But, no you needed justice. But you get, DEATH.” They all laughed at their victory and the woman laid dead with blood all over her body.

They murdered the little girl and now turned toward khushi who was screaming and crying. Their eyes full of lust. They were men with red eyes holding knives, approaching her with confident steps. Khushi ran from them but they were everywhere.  

She felt the hard, cold road touching her mercilessly, wounding her body as the one man dragged her from her toe. The road wounded her back, scratching it.

She screamed and screamed. Nobody came to help. No one did.

“KHUSHI,” Arnav shook her but khushi was deep in her nightmare, crying for help. He held the glass of water from nearby table and sprinkle it on her sweat stained face. She opened her eyes and saw him. He was surprised after see in the intensity of fear in her hazal orbs. She was sobbing and hiccuping.

He tried to move closer, his pain long forgotten. He was worried for her. But just as he moved. She was even more scared.

She became violent and threw everything she found near her on him. She slapped him, when he tried to hold, she was extra energetic because of fear, Arnav guessed. She threw real powerful punches on his shoulder, Aran groaned I pain. He hugged her and held her arms tightly not to let her slap or punch or throw anything on him.

He didn't get any injury from the stuff she threw at him but she did successfully wound his forehead, which was now bleeding. And he guessed it was because of the glass, God knows from where she picked it up and throw at him.

She sobbed, no more resisting. She silently fell asleep again. And laid her down again.

Pain shoot through his entire body, he groaned laying beside her again.   

“We need a doctor here,” he called Ali who he knew wouldn't inquir not at this moment, at least.

“Did your wife beat you up, man?” he laughed.

“F*ck you!” Arnav groaned laying on the bed beside khushi after doctor examined him and gave him some painkillers.

“She can't possibly hit you. She is too fragile. Did you hug the wall thinking it was khushi?”

“I swear I am going to kill you.” Arnav said annoyed, even though he enjoyed it all. At least it made him feel lighter.

Arnav became serious and told Ali to take him outdoors. In the garden.


“You will burn in hell for ruining my sleep, b astard.” he made Arnav sit on the chair.

“You will be with me, don't worry!”

“What's the matter?” he sat opposite to Arnav. The garden is big and a set of metal chairs is arranged and according to Arnav’s grandmother, family breakfasted here every summer morning. It was ok but in good state.

“Khushi,” Arnav bite his lip.

“Wah about her?”

“There is something about her past, that's troubling her.”

“You mean, she beat you up after having a nightmare.” Ali concluded looking at Arnav to see if he articulated right.


“Did someone ****ually assault her, maybe?”

“I don't know.” Arnav furrow his brows. He shook his head, “I think it's something about her parents.” Ali was silent, “I want to know what happened to her parents? How they died?”

“And you want me to discover that?” Ali raised his eyebrow.

“I do.”

“Okay, then.” it was Ali’s signature reply and when he said that Arnav knew work would be done sooner than expected. “You need rest.” Ali stood up, “Come on.”

They went inside.   



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Beautiful Pain next part is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 40 times)

Chapter 11

                           “Love Her Now!”

Next day


“It was all your fault...we are still here because You messed it up…” Aliya said angrily. Arnav’s grandma was sitting on the head chair, beside her were Arnav on the left and Aliya on the right. NK sat beside Arnav. Food was being served by servants called by his grandmother who thought it wasn't convenient for Khushi to work.

“Mom, it wasn't his-”

“-Shut up! Did I ask you to become lawyer of your brother”

“Aliya…” Arnav’s grandma interrupted “We can go tonight!”

“But you were supposed to be in Delhi. It's about your health not us”.

Arnav stayed silent. One by one everyone was arriving at the table.

“I would like to stay here for few more days” grandma said once everyone  [except khushi] settled on the table. “I want to spent some days with my new daughter-in-law.”


“If Dadi wants that, why are you fighting with her anyway? Trying to dominate her? Let her decide what she wants.” Arnav said a little more sternly. His mother knew when not to argue with him, after all.

“Where is your wife?” Anjali inquired stuffing her mouth with bread.


“It's 9 a.m.”

“Now you have a problem with her sleep timing too?”

“I am just asking!”

“Rani Sahiba, she was afraid as hell. She needs sleep.” Shyam interfered as usual or it would lead to an argument.

“Good morning!” khushi cheered softly. Arnav looked at her, she seemed fresh and fine like a rose.

“Come, come, sit here!” NK gave her seat beside Arnav. Khushi hesitated a bit but sat down smiling at NK and mouthed a ‘thank you” to him.

“What happened to you yesterday? Why was the entire house on fire?” Arnav looked at his mother and sighed. She just loved repeating past events.

“Nothing,” khushi shrugged and keep on eating. She was hungry.

“Nothing means?” she furrowed her brows.

“When no event happens, we call it nothing,” khushi replied still eating.

“You are f*cking awesome!” NK cheered, “I don't even regret killing for you now!” Arnav glared at him. “Oops! I didn't say anything, you didn't hear it. Okay khushi?” khushi narrowed her eyes, chewing her lower lip, she tried to register what he said.

“NK is crazy, don't bother”. Akash said softly.

“You are calling my son what? For a girl, you don't even know!” Aliya said irritated. They didn't have to like her that much. Khushi was just an ordinary girl and she must be treated like one.

“Uh I don't mind-” NK was cut off by his mother's glare.

“Do you want some kebab. They are tasty as-” Shyam begin but Anjali cut him off “Not your terrible picked-up lines for my cooked food.”

Khushi giggled and Arnav instantly looked at her side profile. “What's wrong if we just hear him once, maybe.” khushi said grinning…

“You will regret it!” Aman who was silent till now, spoke up and Khushi disapproved.  

“They are terrible!” Ankit added gulping the food in his mouth.

“Why don't you first eat, I will finish my picked-up line in that time.”

“Go on…” khushi encouraged, excited to hear What he was going to say. She stared at his face as he prepared himself to say what he intended to.

“Are you Nyx? Because you are all I can see,” khushi’s eyes widened.

“Do you know Greek mythology?” khushi asked amazed.

“No, I didn't. My wife keeps on reading about them.” Shyam made a face.

“Who was just now acting corny as F?” Anjali mocked him.

“Why don't you kids eat silently?” Dadi interrupted “Look at Arnav, he is all silent. My good boy.”

“What? No he said he is bad guy!” khushi said making a face.

“Khushi eat!” Arnav stressed. She looked in his eyes and then looked away.

“You are liar,” she whispered in his ears.

“Thanks for the compliment, now eat.”

“Arnav,” she held his hand under the table, Arnav blinked his eyes, startled by her sudden gesture. “Was yesterday real?” she asked softly.

“Yes!” he said even though he wanted to lie but decided to say the truth.

She was silent after that, holding his hand, she ate. Occasionally NK would joke about stuff.

Morning went by, Arnav doing stuff with his friends what they called ‘work’. Khushi spent the day with Dadi who was teaching her knitting and cooking. She promised her she will write a book in which she will scribble all her recipes for her. And khushi was excited.

“Dadi, why is everyone not around?” khushi asked after finding no one for hours in the house. They had lunch alone. Anjali wasnt hungry and arnav’s mother was visiting fields.

“They all work!”

“And you live alone?” khushi said shocked.

“When you get older, loneliness becomes your best friend.” she smiled sadly and it broke khushi’s heart. She was told to love everyone. She hugged Dadi and burried her face in her neck.

“Don't say that. I will be your best friend. Just don't be sad, Dadi.”

“You are such an angel.” Dadi concluded breaking the hug and cupped khushi’s face, “I am proud of his choice. He has chosen the best bride for himself.” Dadi said and khushi faked a smile. Suddenly, she remembered everything that happened yesterday. They were going to kill him or maybe her too!

Dadi didn't notice khushi’s lost self. She kept on knitting sweater for Arnav.

“Khushi…” khushi’s eyes followed the direction of the voice and there stood Anjali smiling. She gestured khushi to follow her and khushi excused herself from Dadi who smiled in return.

Anjali and khushi walked to Anjali’s room.

“I want to tell you something as a friend. You will not tell anybody what is your last name or who your parents are!”


“For your safety, “ Anjali lied “You remember what happened yesterday? It's good if you conceal your identity from everyone. We can't trust anyone.” Anjali successfully manipulated khushi. And khushi got convinced but still doubt was there. She will ask Arnav.

“Where is Arnav?” khushi asked Anjali as they walked downstairs for afternoon tea.

“He will be in livingroom.”

He was there, everyone was there. Holding teas/coffee and chatting. They didn't seem bad to khushi like her friend has described them. They were just normal like her family except his mother. She was strange.

“Come on, your tea is getting cold Khushi.” khushi smiled at the very generous NK.

“Thank you for making me one,” khushi said holding the cup and sat beside him.

“You can sit here,” Arnav said irritated, she is getting too close to NK.

“Are you jealous?” NK said grinning and khushi glanced at both, confused.

“Shut up!”

“ahh!” khushi hissed, everyone looked at her, “tea was too hot,” she smiled sheepishly.

“You are so cute.” Akash grinned. And khushi blushed.

“Stop getting jealous,” Ali whispered.

“You stop poking in my matter.”

“Admit it! she is cute,” Ali grinned.

“She is,”

“Then what's wrong if they praise her? NK used to flirt with Lavanya too.”

“It was different then,” he said looking at khushi who was chatting with everyone, smiling like a child, “It's different now.”

“What makes it different.”

“The fact that,” Arnav hasitated a bit but decided to say it, “Anyone can love her, doesn't settle well with me. You have to look at every person who talk with her, they all seem whipped.”

“I don't know about others but to me you seem wh-”

“-Shut up!” Arnav threw a glare in his direction.

“Why are you running away. It's written on your face. I can even smell love in the air when you are around her.”   

“She doesn't feel the same,” Arnav admitted, “She probably will never.”

“Considering the way you married her, we can't blame her but you can't let it all ruin what you have today. Love her now! You don't know what is stored for the future. But you have today, love her even if she doesn't feel the same. And there is always hope.”


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