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Mar 18, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 48 times)

Thank you- Jalebigiri, Agnee, Angel23, Londoner, Lily30, ami , arshigeet , Asu29494 ,Noordina for your comments.
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@Noordina : you will get to know why she didn't check whose grave was that.

Here it goes-

St. Mark's college

After class, Anjali and Khushi came out of the class and heading towards the canteen. Khushi saw Arnav was coming towards them. She became nervous. She don't know why but everytime he comes Infront of her, her heart beats rise. It became daily routine for her to behave this way.

Arnav : hey! So going to canteen?
Anjali : yeah Bhai. Where's Aki Bhai and payu di?
Arnav : don't know anything. They are behaving weird today.
Khushi ( worriedly): what happened to Aki Bhai? Is he alright na? Wh....
Arnav : STOP!!! How much you talk? At least give yourself a break sometime.
Khushi : but you said....

Arnav placed his finger on her lips to stop her. Here khushi was dumbstruck seeing their closeness. His breath hit on her face making her to go insane. Seeing no response from her, Arnav waved his hand.

Arnav : hello are you there?.........By the way maybe it's First time you obeyed my words.
Khushi ( came to the reality): huh?
Arnav : you know what. You are...
Khushi : I know..... Unbelievable. Right?
Arnav : yeah...Wh...
Anjali : wow! You two are so understanding. Amazing it is.
Khushi : there's nothing amazing in it. It's just that he told me this same line like thousand times.
Arnav : but still no improvement.
Khushi : because I don't need to improve. It is you who needs improvement..Laad governor.
Arnav : what did you say? Laad governor?
Khushi : yes because you are also big Laad governor who always give orders.
Arnav (gritted teeth): you.....
Anjali ( interrupted) : not again Bhai. Why you guys fight like this? I never saw your this avatar after Son.....

She realized what she had spoken. She thought that Arnav go away but instead he didn't reacted to that. He just simply stood there Waiting her to complete the sentence.

Arnav : yeah.. you were saying something. Carry on.
Anjali : I'm sorry Bhai. I didn't mean to....
Arnav : it's OK. Actually there's no fault of yours. So chill.
Anjali ( confused ): Bhai. Are you OK?
Arnav : why ? What happened to me?
Anjali : nothing. Forget it.
Arnav : let's go to the canteen. There's a treat for you guys.
Anjali ( shocked ) : treat?
Arnav : forgot. Today is her birthday. So like every year, today I will give you treat. Let Akash and Payal come. You wait in the canteen.
Anjali : OK.

She and khushi went to the canteen. Here Arnav just standing there observing khushi.

Arnav ( thought ): there's Definitely something more about this girl. How can someone be Xerox copy of the person who are not even related? I have to find out soon.

Anjali and Khushi were in the canteen waiting for Arnav, Akash and Payal to come.

Khushi :can I ask you one question?
Anjali : yeah sure.
Khushi : what were you saying before sometime? And whose birthday is today?
Anjali : oh... I know Khushi you are curious to know as you are my friend now and you have the right to know but please don't ask in front of Bhai. I don't want to bring this topic in front of Bhai anymore. He will be coming now. So we will discuss about this later. I hope you don't mind.
Khushi : it's OK. I just casually asked. I don't mind if you are not comfortable to speak about that.
Anjali : no no Khushi. It's nothing like that. I'm saying we will talk about this later as now Bhai will come anytime na.
Khushi : OK.

Khushi ( thought ) : maybe she is the person Arnav talking at the grave. Who is she? Kaka didn't told me about it. Does he know about her? I have to find out.

Anjali: By the way where are they?
Khushi : don't know.

Just then Arnav entered the canteen with Akash and Payal and started searching for them. Anjali saw this and waved her hand so that Arnav to come.

Akash : happy birthday Kuku.
Khushi : thank you Bhai.
Payal : happy birthday khushi. Here is your gift. From me and Akash.

Khushi opened the gift only to see the earrings which she liked in the mall but couldn't bought that because of its cost.

Akash : I know that you liked them. So I've bought it for you.
Khushi : Bhai, di, it's so nice of you but I can't accept this. I don't like gifts from childhood. I need your good wishes that's it. Not these gifts.
Payal : offo.. its just a small gift.
Khushi : yeah I know but sorry I can't take this.
Akash : but at least take these chocolates na.
Khushi : yeah. I love them. I will never say no to chocolates.

Arnav hearing her reply got shocked.

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Mar 25, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 39 times)

Thank you - Angel23, Agnee, Spriya, Shah10, Arshiliciousmegha, Lily30, khushi, Noordina for your comments and wishes. I think they truly worked. Thank you so much.
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Here it goes-

Khushi opened the gift only to see the earrings which she liked in the mall but couldn't bought that because of its cost.

Akash : I know that you liked them. So I've bought it for you.
Khushi : Bhai, di, it's so nice of you but I can't accept this. I don't like gifts from childhood. I need your good wishes. Not these gifts.
Payal : offo.. but at least take these chocolates na.
Khushi : yeah. I love them. I will never say no to chocolates?.

Arnav hearing her reply got shocked.

Again she likes chocolates. It's normal that most of the girls like chocolates but not everyone don't accept gifts even if it is their birthday. Same like Sona. She also never accept gifts even it is her birthday.

Flashback -

Arnav : happy birthday Sona. Here I bought this gift for you.
Sona : Aru don't you know that I don't like gifts? Mom says Gifts are just materials but what value is best wishes. I don't want this.
Arnav : I know that you don't like gifts but I've bought this especially for you. OK sorry but at least don't say no to these chocolates.
Sona ( excitedly) : wow chocolates! I will never say no to chocolates.
Arnav : by the way she is my mom not yours.
Sona : she is my mom too. She only told me that I'm her daughter.
Arnav : oh really?
Sona : you didn't heard? She always says " my bacha"whenever I come in front of her. So I'm her daughter.

Arnav didn't know whether to bang his head or smile hearing her innocent reply. But she is unique piece. He pinched her cheeks making her to giggle. And they spent their time.

Flashback ends
Arnav : so are you inspired by someone or its your thinking?
Khushi : actually someone very close to my heart said to me so from childhood I'm like this only. Why? Is there any problem?
Arnav : no. Not at all. Why would I have? But you never introduced that person?
Khushi : how can I introduce the person who is no more.
Arnav ( feeling guilty ): I'm sorry.
Khushi : it's OK.

They enjoyed the chocolates and the treat which Arnav gave.

After the college, all came to the orphanage to celebrate Khushi's birthday. It was unexpected for Khushi as she didn't thought that they will land up here. It is a big risk. She kept her box on the table only. What if anyone sees that? No. This can't be.

Khushi signalled ShantiMa and she went to her room. Here ShantiMa sat with them so that no one could go to her room until she finishes her work.

Here Khushi was packing everything which is related to her past. But she don't know where to hide them. She can't hide them in her cupboard. So she planned to hide them under her bed and cover them with bedsheet. She checked everything and came out of her room to meet the gang.

Anjali : what were you doing khushi? We came specially for you and you are avoiding us. Not done.
Akash : yeah yeah. She is right. Let's have dinner. I can't wait any longer now.
Payal ( hitted his shoulder): always behind food. I wonder how can you be so thin?
Arnav : "love ke side effects." ...........I heard that when a person is in love, his hungriness either decreases? or increases. But Akash in your case...... Anyway good for you dude.
Payal ( shocked ): WHAT! You love someone? You didn't tell anything to me?

Akash was cursing Arnav seeing his smirk. Akash : act.... Actually pa.....Payal he is...
Khushi ( interupted to save Akash): joking....Yeah joking. Hehehe.... You know them na. They always do this.
Payal( hiding her smile) : but Khushi I think you know Arnav better than me these days.
Khushi ( felt embarrassed): no no payu di. It's Nothing li..... like th...that. I.... I...mean I saw their chemistry so.....
Payal : but Khushi when you will concentrate on your chemistry?
Khushi ( confused) : what?
Payal ( smiled): nothing. I was asking about your chemistry exam.
Khushi : oh.... Well Im trying my best. Let's see what happens.

Payal (thought ): yeah Khushi let's see what happens. But this dumbo arnav, he always behave like this. He didn't even wished her. Can't he just simply say happy birthday? Uff! He and his big nose.

Her chain of thoughts were interrupted by her dumbo friend.

Arnav ( low voice ): what were you trying to say? I heard you.
Payal (innocently) : what you heard?
Arnav : don't try to act smart. I'm talking about your and Khushi's conversation.
Payal : So? It is between me and her. why you are behaving like this? I didn't even mentioned any name? I just asked her when she'll concentrate on her chemistry but I didn't said to concentrate on you?

Arnav was dumbstruck. Only payal can trick him with her words. But He himself don't know why he behaves like this when it comes to Khushi. Didn't? he thought to stay away from her? Didn't he suspicious about her behavior? Then why he is affecting by her? Why?

Payal : leave it. It is waste to expect from you to understand this.

She went from there leaving Arnav confused. What she meant? What's there to understand? Didn't he is already so messed up and now this.

Guys my main exams are over today? so thought to give you a quick update. I hope you liked it. Please share your views through comments and forget to hit thank-you.

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Mar 28, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 41 times)

Thank you - Noordina, Angel23, Londoner, Arshi, Arshi_sri, Agnee, Lily30 for your comments.
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Here it goes-

At sunshine orphanage,

After the dinner it's time for them to leave.

Akash : the food was delicious Kuku.
Payal : there's nothing new for him. He likes any food but seriously khushi today's food was amazing.
Khushi : thank you but I can't take the entire credit as ShantiMa also helped me.
Anjali : yeah but it was so tasty. Thanks for the dinner. Tomorrow we have lab practical so come fast. You know right, Shukla sir is very strict.
Khushi : I know.
Anjali. : Tomorrow come fast. Bye
Khushi : yeah I will. Bye
Akash : bye Kuku.
Khushi : bye bye.

They all came to their car but Arnav stopped on his tracks.

Anjali : what happened Bhai?
Arnav : I think I've left keys inside.

He ran into the building and Khushi was surprised to see him again.

Arnav : actually I forget my keys.
Khushi : oh come.

He picked up his keys which were on the table and about to go but turned towards her making Khushi to collide with his back and about to fall but he holds her.

Arnav : I wanted to say something.
Khushi : wh... What ?
Arnav (comes closer ): happy birthday khushi
Khushi (stammered): th.....Th.. Thanks.

And they both lost in their eyes.Dont know why but whenever they both look into their eyes they feel content.
But they were interrupted by the voice.

ShantiMa : who is there Khushi?

They came to the reality and realized their position so they stood straight maintaining some distance.

ShantiMa : Arnav beta you here? You forgot something?
Arnav : yeah my car keys. I will leave now. Bye aunty. Bye.
ShantiMa : bye beta. Do come to meet your aunty.
Arnav (smiled) : of course I will.

He left the place not before glancing at khushi.

Arnav and Anjali reached Raizada mansion but stopped at the gate only. Anjali thought that he again affected by by past.

Anjali : Bhai you again...
Arnav : no Anju. Actually I have to meet my friend so I...
Anjali : meet your friend? Bhai why I have a feeling that you are lying and going there?
Arnav (loosed his temper and shouted) : Anjali why will I lie damnit? Im saying right that I have to meet my friend ?And please don't try to take decisions of my life. DO YOU GET THAT?

And he left from there. Here Anjali was shocked. He never shouted on her and today he for the first time he called her Anjali instead of Anju. She cried and ran to her room.

Arnav went to his farm house which is in desert area. He made this farm house with the pocket money which his so-called father gave him every month. He collected that money and made this farm house far away from the city, away from the noise, away from everything. No one knows about this farm house other than his friends Akash, Payal and the one for whom he came here.

Anjali doesn't know about this because she always thinks he do things without thinking. And his father.....Arjun Singh Raizada. What can he say about him? He never shared anything with his father. His father always thinks that he is a child. That he can't take decisions on his own. And because of this he became more close to his mother and Anjali became closer to his father. His Father's overcaring nature became problem for his and Sona's friendship. His father thought that her company was not good for him. How much his father tried to separate them.

They never had father son bonding .But he still lives in that house for the sake of Anjali. He doesn't want Anjali to live with a monster like his father. By the way his father usually stay outside due to business trips. So it doesn't matter to him.

Then suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see the person for whom he came.

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Should continue??
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Mar 30, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 52 times)

Thank you - Londoner, Lily30, Angel23, Noordina for your comments.
Also thanks to those who hit thank-you.

Here it goes -

Farm house-

Arnav turned to see the person for whom he came.

Arnav : why you took this much time Shyam?
Shyam : aare! No hey no hello? What's the matter dude?
Arnav : you know very well what's the matter with me. Got any information?
Shyam : hmm... Straight to the point? OK then let's come to the point. I tried to find any clue or any information but all I got is Khushi is living in Sunshine orphanage from when she is 6 years old. The warden..... Shanti , she belonged to a rich family but after her husband's death and her child's death, she lived alone but after she met Khushi, she decided to start Sunshine orphanage and treated Khushi and others like her own children but she has a special soft corner for Khushi.
Arnav : Shyam I asked you to find out about Khushi not her ShantiMa. Tell me about her.
Shyam : I didn't get much information about her other than the fact that she is a merit student and dropped one year so that the money she got for her scholarship can be helpful for other children of the orphanage.
Arnav : I know all these. Tell me something new. Didn't you got any that is very suspicious?
Shyam : not till now. But give me some time Arnav, I will find out about her.
Arnav : OK bro. But we don't have much time. Do as fast as you can.
Shyam : Arnav, you are talking to a best lawyer in the city man.
Arnav : I know but still he couldn't find anything for now.
Shyam : Arnav , I told you, I will find out about her. You don't worry.
Arnav : yeah OK.
Shyam : by the way how is Anjali?

Then the reality hit Arnav. Oh no! For the first time he rose his voice in front of her. What will he do now? He really had to try hard to pacify Anjali.

Shyam (worriedly) : where you lost? Is everything alright? What happened to Anjali?
Arnav : I have to go Shyam. See you soon. And please do find out about her.

Saying this he rushed from there.

Shyam ( thought ) : what happened to him? Is Anjali is alright? I will call her. ......No its late. She must be asleep.

Arnav really have to handle everything carefully. He know Anjali would be very angry on him. He only have her as his family member whom he share his things to an extent. His baby sister became his mom when he lost everything in his life. His mom and Sona. She always took care of him. He really need to pay for it.

Arnav came to his house and directly ran to Anjali's room. He saw her already asleep. He went to her and saw the tear stains on her cheeks. She really cried a lot and All because of him.
He moved his hand on her head and kissed her forehead.
He turned off the lights and went to his room.

Next day-

Sunshine orphanage

Shanti entered Khushi's room to wake her up but she was already awake sitting lost somewhere. She went to her and placed hand on her shoulder to bring her to reality.

Shanti: what happened khushi? Where are you lost?
Khushi : ShantiMa, yesterday when I went to the graveyard , I saw Arnav there. He was talking to someone's grave. He was broken ShantiMa. First time I saw Arnav like that.
Shanti : who's grave was that?
Khushi : that's what the problem is. It didn't even saw who's grave was that. I didn't paid attention to that after seeing Arnav like that. All I thought then was to ......

She stopped saying.
Shanti was waiting for her to complete it but no response from Khushi.

Shanti : all you thought was to? What Khushi?

Khushi (stammered) : Nothing ShantiMa. I..I went to meet my parents right. So I just concentrated on that.
Shanti : whom you are lying Khushi? Me or yourself?
Khushi ( shocked) : ShantiMa?
Shanti : Khushi I know what happened to you then and what Raizadas did to you but you have to understand that in all this , Arnav is innocent.
Khushi : I know he is innocent ShantiMa but what was my fault then? That man killed my family , made me orphan. Am I not innocent? His weakness is Arnav. And I can do anything to give justice to my parents even if I have to hurt....... Arnav.
Shanti : but khu...
Khushi : no ShantiMa. Not anything now.
Shanti : just look into my eyes and say. Don't you have any feelings for Arnav? Don't you love him?

Khushi first get shocked and then she looked away from her.

Shanti : don't look away. Yesterday I saw and Arnav. I know your ans....
Khushi (cried) : yeah I have feelings for him. Yeah I feel like to be with him forever. Yeah I always fight with him so that at least I can talk with him. Yeah I can't see his tears. Yeah I tried to control these stupid feelings but failed. But this also true that I love someone else whom? I lost in my childhood.

After saying this she broke down completely and hugged tightly Shanti. She always tried to be strong, whether to face the world being an orphan or to face the raizadas every day, she always tried to be strong but now she couldn't. She didn't even know what exactly happened to her at the age of 5years. All she knew is some places where she used to spent most of the time , mom and her friend but she don't even remember his name. All she remember is his face and some moments spent with him.

Yeah....... Moments. How can she forget? She spent those moments with her friend which were said by Arnav in the graveyard. Does that mean.... No. How can it possible? Maybe she is thinking just because of her feelings towards him? But whatever it is... She have to find out whose grave was that.

At the same time
Raizada Mansion

Arnav went to Anjali's room only to see that she got ready for college. Arnav took a deep breath.

Arnav : Anju you got ready so fast. Not bad.
Anjali( didn't looked at him) : sorry but my name is Anjali and I hope you will call me by my name.
Arnav : Anju I'm sorry. You also think na. Now a days you are becoming James Bond. Always asking questions like a detective who get suspicious about everything.
Anjali ( turned to see him): acha! James Bond and what about you? Khushi got a perfect name for you, laad governor. Always screaming on others.
Arnav : now where did she came from? Why our every conversation has khushi?
Anjali : you force me to bring her up. Anyway now tell me where you went and who is your friend?
Arnav : it was Shyam.
Anjali ( loudly ): what! Shyam is in Delhi? When did he came here? How is he?
Arnav : Anju stop! I advise you stay away from that girl ( khushi) . You are also becoming mad like her. And why you are asking me these many questions? He is my friend.
Anjali ( stammered) : I...I.know th... To hat he is your friend. It just that I....
Arnav : ok stop! I think you are seriously infected by "khushi virus". Why are you stammering like her? I just asked simple question. Anyways he just came two days before because of some case. Any more details you want?
Anjali : no no. I'm fine. I leaving for college today I have lab practicals.
Arnav : offo I'm sorry Anju. Im not ready now. Ok wait I will go and be here in? 5 minutes. You just.....
Anjali : Bhai it's ok. Today I will manage. You take care. Bye
Arnav : ok bye. Take care.

Anjali left the house and Arnav went to his room.

Anjali ( thought) : today you got saved from bhai. All because of shyam. He came here two days ago and he didn't even tell me about it?

Arnav was pacing here and there in his room checking his phone in every 10seconds.

Arnav (thought): why Shyam is not answering my calls?

Suddenly his phone rang and he immediately answered the call.

Arnav : why you took this much time to answer my call dammit. Anyway got any information?
Shyam : Arnav yesterday night only you told me to find about her. How can you expect any information overnight? I'm also human bro. Give me some time.
Arnav : that's what I can't give you dammit. I want every single information about her do you get that?
Shyam : yeah I.......

But the call was ended. Shyam looked at his phone.

Shyam (himself ): how can I tell you that I got some information about her which was shocking? I can't tell you anything until I'm 100? sure about this. This is very sensitive case. I will find out about you Miss.Khushi. Anyway after this work I have to tell Anjali that I'm in Delhi.

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Mar 31, 2017

Nafrat e ishq ( character sketch of Shyam) (By Starlily) (Thanked: 42 times)

Shyam -

Age 24, friend of Arnav and knows everything about Arnav , lawyer by profession , have feelings for Anjali but didn't tell about this to Arnav as he scared to lose his friendship.

Hey guys I little disappointed about the response. I know I was not regular for a month but it is sad to see almost half response. I don't know whether it is normal or not but I expect from you to give your feedback. I'm sorry if I'm rude or expecting so much from you guys. There are some readers who regularly encourage me to write more so for them I'm gonna complete this story.
Anyways as you all guessed past will be revealed soon. So Stay tuned.

Apr 4, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 52 times)

Thank you- Londoner, Lily30, Spriya, Arshiliciousmegha, Noordina, Angel , Jalebigiri for your comments.
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Here it goes -

Sunshine orphanage

Shanti was sitting in her room thinking about her previous conversation with Khushi. She thought to check her and headed towards Khushi's room.

In her way she collided with one girl.

Shanti : Shruti , what's the hurry?
Shruti : what to do ShantiMa. Khushi Didi forgot her practical file here only and today she have her practicals . I have to send this to her.
Shanti : khushi went to college? Without informing me?
Shruti : yeah she was in a hurry so maybe she forgot to inform you. But for now I have to give this to her.
Shanti : yeah go fast and be careful ok.
Shruti : yeah I will. Bye.

Khushi saw Anjali waiting for her at the gate.

Anjali : thank God khushi you came. I thought you are on leave today.
Khushi : no. Struck in traffic.
Anjali : ok leave all that. Give me your practical file, I want to check something?.
Khushi : wait a minute.

Khushi searched for her file in her bag.

Khushi : oh no! I think I forgot to put it in my bag. Now what will I do?

But she heard a voice from behind.

Shruti : no need to worry.

Khushi turned to see Shruti standing in front of her holding practical file. Khushi hugged her feeling relieved.

Khushi : thank God Shruti you came.
Shruti : Aare! What's the need of hurry? Today you are lucky that I saw this on your table but be careful next time. Ok?
Khushi( slightly hitted her shoulder) : ok drama queen.
Shruti : Anjali Didi , she is little mad so you only take care of her.

Khushi stood with 'O' shaped mouth. Anjali just laughed seeing their bonding.

Anjali : hahaha.... sure I will.
Khushi : by the way how you came here? By Auto? You know right it is not safe to come alone by Auto? Then ? How ShantiMa allowed you he.....
Shruti ( interrupted): offo khushi Didi! I didn't came here by Auto. Bhaiya dropped me.
Khushi ( confused) : bhaiya?
Shruti : Aare! Yesterday one handsome bhaiya came to our Orphanage ? He only dropped me.
Khushi (shouted) : what! Arnav dropped you here?
Anjali : don't tell me you also have crush on him?
Khushi : n..No.why will I have?
Anjali : then khushi how do you know that it's Bhai, yesterday there was Aki Bhai also. So you think Bhai is handsome ( she winked)
Khushi : woh... Actually I just asked casually. Normally you guys come at this time right. So.....
Anjali : wow khushi . You know so much about Bhai. Do you like him? I'm not asking as his sister but as your friend. You can tell me.
Khushi : wo.... Anjali, it's nothing like what you.....
Shruti ( interrupted): she loves him.

Khushi was shocked. She didn't expect her to say something like this that to Anjali.

Khushi : what ! This is not.....
Shruti : I know khushi Didi that you love him. Morning I heard your conversation with ShantiMa. And I think you should really think about it. Arnav bhaiya is nice and sincere. He would be nice choice for you.
Khushi (sternly ): you go from here. I'm getting late. Let's go Anjali?.
Shruti : ok bye.

They bid bye to her left from there. Anjali thought not to discuss with her about this as she thought it is not right time. But little did they know that? this whole scene was visited by their gang.

Akash looked at payal and thought to give some time to Arnav. They left from there leaving Arnav alone. Arnav stood there not knowing what to do. She is his sister's friend and one time he almost broke their friendship but this time he need to handle very carefully. He cannot ignore the fact that he also likes her. Maybe because of her similarities to his Sona but it doesn't mean that he will love her or have any feeling for her other than friendship. He already gave his heart to his Sona and now he know what to do.

Apr 5, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 61 times)

Thank you- Agnee, Londoner, Lily30, Noordina, pari , Arshi, Spriya for your comments.
Also thanks to those who hit thank-you.

Here it goes -

Anjali and khushi were in the lab. Their professor was explaining about the practical they need to perform. Anjali was trying to talk with khushi but she was ignoring her. How can khushi face her now after what happened in the morning?

Professor : miss.Anjali. I think You can concentrate on your friend later. Or should I stop till you guys sort out.
Anjali : sorry Sir.
Professor : good. (to all) so I was saying.....

But he was interrupted by a voice -" may I come in sir?"

All the students turned to see Arnav Singh Raizada standing near the door.

Professor : Arnav , please come.

Arnav entered the lab. All the girls were drooling over him but he paid no attention to it. All girls were adjusting their clothes and setting their hair to gain attention but he ignored all that. He came here to sort out something very important. He just can't let khushi to grow hopes about it. He can never able to say yes to her and anyone. No one can take Sona's place from his heart.

One girl while playing with her hair wished him stressing each word.

Girl : hey Arnav. You here? Came to meet someone? (Hoping that she is the one)

Arnav just looked weirdly. Here khushi just stood there nervously eith his sudden appearance and Anjali was irritated because of her classmates. Didn't they saw a guy in their lives? But no guy can be Arnav Singh Raizada.

Arnav (to that girl): yeah actually but definitely not you.

All the students started laughing seeing her.

Professor : silence class. Miss. Sheetal, its better to concentrate on your work rather than others lives.
Sheetal : sorry Sir. (Stressing each word) sorry Arnav.

Arnav ignored her. Professor asked him about him being here.

Arnav : actually I want to talk to khushi. So sir can you allow her for 5 minutes?

Khushi was shocked.

Khushi ( thought ): did he came to know about my feelings? Did Shruti told him everything? Or Anjali? No khushi. You are thinking too much. Shruti can't tell him like that and Anjali was with me. So maybe he came to talk about something else. Yeah.... That's why he came here. Devimaiya save me.

Professor : yeah sure.

Just then Akash came to lab.

Akash : Aare Arnav you here? I was searching for you and you are here? in this boring lab? Dude do you got this only place to come? I don't know what you like here? There nothing interesting. There is no computer, no wifi, nothing. Even not a single mam to admire. Rosy mam is so cute. And that Shukla. Argh..... He is such a scary. I hope he gets a transfer and ........
Arnav : Akash stop it. I...
Professor : well Akash there was no doubt that you think this place boring.

Akash ( shocked ): sir you here. I didn't saw you sir . You are so tiny sir so I couldn't see you .....No no no I... I mean to say that go....good morning sir.

Seeing this all the students were controlling their laughter. Seriously Akash is a comedy piece.

Professor : I can see that you didn't saw me. Don't worry I will consider your suggestions about the computers and wifi. And now I get it why you get good marks in English. Rosy mam is very talented. I wish she could teach you physics also. But for now till I'm here, you have to tolerate me as I'm not getting transfer for next 3 years.
Akash (shouted ): WHAT! you are not going? Damn (Then realized ) mean that's great Sir.
Professor : Arnav you can take her. But please first take him with you otherwise he be getting bored.
Akash : no sir there is nothing like that. I was just....
Professor : leave.

Arnav dragged Akash with him. Here khushi just stood there not knowing what to do.

All the students bursted into laughter seeing them.

Professor : silence. miss. Khushi, you can go.

Khushi slowly came out the lab only to see Arnav and Akash arguing.

Arnav : how many times I have to tell you Akash to speak seeing the surroundings.
Akash : how would I know that he stood there. His height is so small that he will be lost even if he stood in group of three students.
Arnav : shut up Akash. He is our professor.
Akash : this is all because of you. You could have warned me but you stood there like a tower watching all the drama. You grown up like a Qutub Minar but your brain is still like pea-sized.
Arnav : if mine is pea-sized brain then yours will be definitely a size of micro body cell.
Akash : see. Here also you brought science. That's what your problem is. Always study. Bro this is your life only. Not anyone else's. So enjoy little.
Arnav : I don't know what enjoyment you get by commenting on teachers.

Just then payal came there.

Payal : not again guys. Now what happened? I was searching for you guys and here. Argh!
Arnav : ask him only.
Akash : why should I tell? You are the most intelligent person here right so better you tell.
Payal : ok fine stop it. And khushi what are you doing here?

Just then Arnav realized the reason he came here.

Khushi : actually...Arna......
Arnav : payal , you take him with you. I will come later.

Payal realized that something is serious. She had feeling that this is all because of the morning incident so she thought to give them some space. It is better for them to sort out. She took Akash from there and they left.

Arnav turned to khushi but don't know how to say.

Khushi : why you bring me here? I have practicals now and you....
Arnav : khushi I want to say something.
Khushi : what is it about?
Arnav : actually khushi today morning I.....

But he was interupted by his mobile ringtone. He cancelled the call without seeing it.

Arnav : so where was I?

Khushi : you were saying something like today morning...
Arnav : yeah....... right..... Today morning. Yeah. So I was saying....

But again he got interupted by his call. He saw the caller ID.

Arnav : Just a minute khushi.

He answered the call.

Arnav : Yaar I will call you lat....
Arnav : what? Ok I will be there. Bye.

Arnav( turned to khushi ): sorry but now I have to leave. I will talk with you later. Bye.

He literally ran from there.
Here khushi stood confused. What was that? Why he brought me here and why he went away? Whose call was that?

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Apr 6, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 84 times)

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Here it goes-

Khushi went to the lab and started doing her practicals. Her partner was Anjali.

Anjali (asked her) : what happened khushi? What he said? Why he came here?
Khushi : I don't know. After we went outside?, They both started fighting about what happened in the lab. Thank God payu di came on time and handled the situation and Aki Bhai and payu di went from there.
Anjali : Then did Bhai talked with you?
Khushi : he was saying something like today.....morning..... but then he got a call and ran away.
Anjali : what! Whose call was that?
Khushi : how would I know that?
Anjali : I hope he is ok.
Khushi : yeah but what was he about to say? Did you told him about morning incident then let me tell you that...
Anjali : no khushi I didn't tell anything about it. From morning I'm with you only then how can I tell him?
Khushi : oh no! Maybe Shruti told him everything.
Anjali : what ! Now what you will do?
Khushi : I will tell him that this is all lie.
Anjali : why are you lying khushi?
Khushi : no seriously Anjali, it's true that I talked to ShantiMa about it but it is also true that I....i don't have? any feelings for him now.
Anjali : but why?
Khushi : I can't tell you that. But for now let's concentrate on what we are here.

They did their practicals.

An hour later-

Arnav parked his car and literally ran to the farm house.

Arnav : shyam. Where are you?
Shyam : Arnav I got information about her.
Arnav : I hope this will be useful this time. I asked permission from college for a day leave. Sometimes being popular and bright student really works.
Shyam : this information will change your life Arnav.
Arnav : what is it?
Shyam : Khushi came here to take revenge from Raizadas.
Arnav : what!
Shyam : yeah. Actually your father's goons killed her parents so she is here to take revenge. That's why she became close to you guys.
Arnav : oh no that means Anjali life is in danger. I have to go.

He about to leave but was interupted by shyam.

Khushi and Anjali were in the canteen. Akash and payal have their classes so they couldn't join them.

Anjali : khushi I don't know what made you to have feelings for Bhai and what made you to say that you don't have them now. You asked me right about the girl I and Bhai talking? I will tell you now.
Khushi : what is it about that girl?
Anjali : you know khushi, when Bhai was small , he had a friend?. A very special friend. My dad and her dad were friends. but later they became business rivals. No one could believe then that Arjun Singh Raizada and Pratap Gupta will become rivals one day.

Khushi was shocked. Her dad and Mr. Raizada were friends? But Mohan Kaka didn't tell her about this.

Shyam : don't you want to know whom your father killed??
Arnav turned towards him : whom?
Shyam : Pratap Gupta.

Arnav was shocked. His dad killed Pratap Uncle but why?

Arnav : what! Pratap Uncle? But I heard he died because of some Mafia........Oh so it was all planned. So that this man can be saved from going jail. How disgusting he is......But hold on Pratap Uncle died a recently before a month and you are saying khushi came here to take revenge of her parents. How it is possible? Pratap Uncle only had one daughter and that is.....
Shyam : Sona............. You are forgetting the fact that khushi lost her parents when she was 5 years old and according to her age she became orphan in the same year of.....
Arnav : Sona's death .. Oh my God that means khushi is my Sona?

Anjali : but Bhai's friendship was strong. Today also he remembers her. Aru and Sona. Those days were perfect khushi.

Khushi ( shocked ): Aru and Sona? That means Arnav is my Aru.

Hey guys so finally they got to know. From next update there will be flashback. So stay tuned. And I hope you didn't get confused while reading this. The conversation between Shyam and Arnav is at farm house and Khushi and Anjali are at the college canteen. If you have any doubts and queries then please do ask and tell me how was the update and hit thank-you.

Apr 7, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 76 times)

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Here it goes-

Shyam : yes Arnav. Khushi is your Sona.
Arnav : but how Sona became khushi?
Shyam : it's a long story Arnav.

Khushi was confused. She got this new information. She didn't knew that Her dad and Mr.Raizada were friends. Why did Kaka hid this from her?

Khushi : what exactly happened Anjali?
Anjali : it's a long story khushi.

Flashback -

Arjun Singh Raizada and Pratap Gupta studied in same college and thought to join business. Raizada Empire of Arjun's dad Prithvi Singh Raizada was already at top position so Arjun joined the business. Pratap being an orphan first thought to do internship in a company then start his own business.

Arjun : I'm not going to listen anything. You are joining my company that's it.
Pratap : but Arjun try to understand. You are my friend and I don't want to......
Prithvi : in business there's no friendship. I suggested your name because you are talented not because of your friendship.
Pratap (overwhelmed) : Uncle, I don't know how much I'm thankful to you.
Prithvi (smiled): beta. There's nothing like that. As I already said, I gave you this job because of your talent.
Arjun (excited): ok done. From tomorrow you are going to join the company.

Pratap smiled and nodded.

After few weeks, Pratap adjusted in the company. He was learning things. How to deal with clients, everything. Soon he started to love his colleague who was his class mate in college, Preeti. They both started to like each other unknown the fact that Arjun also likes Preeti. That's why Arjun recommended her name for the job. He always had a secret crush on her.

Prithvi : Arjun, our client Rajesh Oberoi proposed her daughter's relation for you. What you say?
Arjun (shocked): dad, don't you think it's too early for all these?
Prithvi (trying to explain): this proposal don't come every day Arjun. Tomorrow I want your answer.

He left from there.

Arjun was in the dilemma. How can he say yes when he likes someone else? But she don't like him. She likes his friend Pratap. What to do?

His chain of thoughts were broken when he heard someone calling him.

He came to living hall just to see his friend and the girl he liked got married. He was shocked and broken.

Arjun(shocked) : Pratap what's all these?
Pratap ( looking down): we both love each other. But her parents were forcing her to marry someone else. We didn't had any choice.
Arjun(angrily) : at least you could have told me about all these. Am I not your good friend?
Pratap : we didn't had time Arjun. That's why after getting married we came here.
Arjun (tried to be calm): ok you guys go to the guest room. It's not safe for you to go your house as her parents may come there.
Pratap hugged him feeling overwhelmed to have such a friend.

Pratap (overwhelmed) : I know you would help me. Thank you yaar.
Arjun : no more Senti dialogues?. You guys take rest.
Pratap : yeah.

He went to the guest room.

Preeti came in front of Arjun.

Preeti (smiled) : thanks Arjun. You have done so much for me. First job and now this. Thank you so much.

But? all Arjun could do was smile. He didn't want to fall weak in front of her. She went to the? guest room.

Arjun ran to his room and cried. But he couldn't do anything now.

Next day Prithvi asked his final answer of proposal.

Arjun (plainly) : I'm ready dad.
Prithvi (happily) : I know that you will say yes. So happy for you son.

Arjun just smiled. At least he could bring smile in his dad face.

Pratap (excitedly) : wow. My friend is also getting married.
Prithvi : yeah. I couldn't enjoy your wedding? but now? I will compensate in this wedding.
Pratap : sure Uncle.
Preeti : I will make sure about the arrangements.
Prithvi : yeah now I can do things calmly as my bahu is there.

The wedding was a huge event.
Everything went well. Now Asha Oberoi became Asha Singh Raizada. She and Preeti got well. They share their work.

After few months, Asha got pregnant and gave a boy child. All sat in the living room thinking what should they name him.

Pratap : how about Raj?
Prithvi : Come over with your DDLJ fever.
Arjun : Uday?
Asha : no.
Preeti : How about Arnav? His eyes are so deep like an ocean. I think this name is perfect.
Asha : wow Preeti. It's so nice. I wanted to name with " A "letter as mine and Arjun's also start with " A". His name will be Arnav. What you think Arjun?
Arjun ( seeing Preeti ) : perfect.

Arnav became doll for everyone. He got two mothers Asha and Preeti. And after two years Preeti also got pregnant. Asha and Pratap always take care of her. But after every two days she's?having health issues. So due to her Health condition they thought to consult a doctor.

Doctor : I have seen her reports.
Pratap : is anything serious Doctor? Asha bhabhi never faced such problems in her pregnancy. I don't know doctor what to do?
Doctor( hesitantly) : relax Mr.Gupta. and listen to me careful. What I'm going to say is......I mean actually the thing is.....
Pratap (nervously) : is everything ok? You are scaring me doctor.

Doctor told something which made Pratap shocked.

Pratap ( cried) : NO. THIS CAN'T BE TRUE. (Shouted) THIS IS ALL LIE.

Thank you so much guys for your response. It is first time I saw more than 10 comments and about 70 thank-you. So yeah thank you very much. I guess you are were waiting for that update only. Don't worry guys this Flashback will end in 2-3 updates and after that there will be only Arnav and Khushi so stay tuned.
Guys I actually wanted to know in which episode khushi gets to know that Arnav? is diabetic and he is fond of Gardening. Please anyone tell me it's episode number or its date.
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Apr 10, 2017

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 64 times)

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@Noordina - thanks dear for your help.

Here it goes -

Doctor - Mr. Gupta, please calm down. I know this is difficult for you?. But you need to be strong. The decision is yours.
Pratap : how can I choose between Preeti and baby doctor. I know that the baby still didn't came to this world but we all made so many plans for baby. How will Preeti react to it? Is there any chances that both will be safe?
Doctor : I'm sorry Mr. Gupta but it is not possible. You both discuss about this. Take a wise decision. This should be done before this month.

Pratap slowly went into the room where Preeti is admitted.

Pratap explained her about her condition. First Preeti cried on her fate. She was so happy about her child. But she decided that she will choose baby and ready to sacrifice her life.

Pratap : no. You are not going to do this. Your life is more important. If you want we can adopt a child but please don't do this.
Preeti : you are saying to kill my own child. I will not do that.
Pratap : but try to understand the situation.

After lot of argument she agreed and decided to abort the baby. But unknown to the fact that she just only lied. She explained the doctor to not to tell anything to Pratap about this.

Few months later all came to know about this . They were first angry on Preeti but later all cried that she is going to die.

Pratap ( cried) : why did you do this Preeti?
Preeti : I told you Pratap, I can't? kill my child.

Pratap just hugged her and both cried. Why this happened with them?

Arjun just left the place and went to the deserted area.

Arjun cried out. Why did she do this? She lied about her abortion and he couldn't find out anything. He couldn't do anything to save her. But now I'll make sure she gets everything in her whatever life is left.

All were sad but Preeti cheered them by saying that her baby will keep everyone happy. They all take care of her. Prithvi gave Pratap leave from office so that he can take care of her and spend time with her. They all did some test as Preeti wanted? to know whether it is girl and boy. And it is a girl. They started calling her Sona. All were making preparations for Sona. One day Preeti was planting a Tulsi plant in the garden. Asha saw this came to help her.

Asha : what are you doing? You should take rest. I'll do this.
Preeti : let me do this. Asha I want my Sona to pray this plant everyday. I always wanted? to my baby good values and morals but...... Promise me Asha, you will teach her good values.
Asha : promise.
Preeti : Sona will bring happiness in Pratap's life.
Asha : Preeti don't worry. Your baby will never feel the loss of a mother. For me Arnav and Sona are equal. She is my Sona now.
Arnav (excitedly): wow Sona Sona. Yay... I'm getting new friend. Yay!!!!!
Preeti : yeah Aru you are getting new friend. Will you take care of her?
Arnav : I will always protect her. I'm her Superman right?
Preeti ( smiled and pulled his cheeks): you are cute Superman of her.

Preeti was happy that her baby is so lucky to get so much love.

One day Preeti was in balcony and Arjun came there.

Arjun : so how are you feeling now Preeti?
Preeti : I'm good.
Arjun : why did you do this? You could have adopt someone.
Preeti : I know Arjun you are worry for me. You are thinking as a friend, but try to think as a parent. You ?will understand.
Arjun : I can never understand you.

He left from there. Delivery date was nearing. All were going through mixed emotions. They were happy that there will be new person but sad that Preeti is leaving all them.

Prithvi : Preeti beta. I never differentiated? you and Asha. You both are equal for me. For me Sona and Aru are equal. You don't worry.
Preeti : I know. You guys will take care of her. I think Better than me.
Pratap : I'm sorry if I ever.....
Preeti : shhh....... Stop all this Pratap. You promised? me that you will take care of baby.
Pratap : I promise, she will be my princess.

Preeti smiled but later she started crying loud because of labor pain. They immediately took her to the hospital.

And after two hours Sona was born. And Preeti died. All cried for Preeti including Arnav cried for his Aunty. He was equally attached to Preeti as with his Mom. Preeti would be the first person to save him from his parents beatings. He will really miss her.

But he heard that the baby was crying. He went to her and started consoling her. And she immediately stopped crying and slept in his arms tightly holding his shirt with her small fist. He about to put her in the cradle but she is not leaving his shirt. He tried to remove her grip but she started crying. He again consoled her let her sleep in his arms.

All saw this and felt happy seeing their Aru and Sona's bonding.

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