Nafrat e ishq

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Aug 7

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 16 times)

Thank you - Londoner, Candie, Nourhan khattab, Lily30, Noordina for your comments.

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Here it goes-

It was almost 8pm Arnav went to Raizada mansion. He saw that his dad's car was there in their garden so he calmed down a little and went inside to face him.

Arjun and Anjali were in the living hall having chit chat with each as they were meeting after so long. Anjali who was smiling suddenly changed to serious when she saw Arnav entering the house.

Anjali : Bhai wo.....

Arnav : no need to tell me. I know who's back. I saw his car outside. You don't worry. I will not say anything to your father. You chill.

Arnav was heading towards his room but stopped by the voice.

Arjun : what do you mean by your father Aru? Am I not your dad? Answer me Aru?

Arnav ( shouted): you've lost the right to call me Aru when you............ Just leave it. I don't want to argue anything.

Arjun : why are you doing this? Because of that girl?

Arnav ( gritted teeth): her name is Sona. Remember that.

Arjun (innocently) : I know I shouldn't have sent you to boarding school but what's my fault if she died in an accident?

Arnav ( lost his temper ): shut the hell up! I don't want to discuss anything on this. And don't act so innocent which you are not.

Arjun ( trying to explain ): Aru listen. She? is just a bad luck for everyone. Because of her, your Dadaji (grandfather) doesn't live with us. Because of her your mother died.

Arnav ( dangerously low voice) : Let's not talk a about it as you very well know because of whom these all happened. And for me Sona is my lucky charm. And I will not tolerate anything against my Sona. Remember that. Because Arnav Singh Raizada don't like to repeat things.

He went to his room leaving Arjun and Anjali in the hall.

Anjali : why you always do this dad? Bhai won't like if you talk bad about Sona then why you always do this?

Arjun ( gritted teeth) : this girl will destroy everything.

He also went to his room. Anjali stood there in the hall. It will be really tough to handle these two Raizadas. No one had their dinner. Arnav didn't came to dinning table so Arjun left from there and seeing all this Anjali said to maids to keep all the food in the fridge and she also went to her room.

It's almost 2am of night Arnav woke up and silently came out of the house and drove to his farmhouse. In his way he thought to call Khushi to ask her what it is about. He turned on his Bluetooth and called her.

Arnav : hello Sona. I'm on my way.

Khushi : ok listen just check if you are being followed or something. Please.

Arnav : what happened? I'm sacred now. Tell me.

Khushi : do what I said Arnav. Just check.

Arnav : ok........( He checked that no one is following him ) no one is there. Who will be traveling in the middle of the night?

Khushi : ok then come fast. And Arnav don't you dare to talk on phone while you drive.

Arnav : why you are calling me Arnav? Now you know I'm your Aru then.....

But the call ended. He seriously not getting anything. First she goes missing, then she calls him to tell that she is in orphanage and tells him to come to farmhouse which no one knows and that too middle of the night and that too secretly. The only way to know all this is to follow her instructions.

Finally he reached to his farmhouse. He parked his car and moved towards the door and took out his keys but it was not locked. He saw that there were no lights inside.

Arnav ( thought ): who opened this door? Is it mean that someone is there inside? But why there is no a single light inside? What's happening here?

He rang the bell and waited to open. After one minute, someone wearing a long burka opened the door and moved aside to let him inside.

Arnav : who are you? And how you... And he stopped saying further as that person removed her burka.

Khushi : it's me Arnav.

Arnav ( hugged her tightly): thank God you are safe. Why you left in the morning? You know I searched for you for like whole day. But how you came to know about this farmhouse? I didn't mentioned this to you. Not even Anju knows about this. Then how................

But cannot say further as he was shocked? to see what he saw right now. He came out of hug.

Arnav ( shocked ) : what you two are doing here?

Belated happy friendship day and happy raksha bandhan to everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your special days. Stay happy.

Aug 9

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 45 times)

Sorry guys. I actually updated the story but i don't why it was not showing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here it goes-


Arnav : what's happening here? Sona you tell me.

Khushi : Arnav relax. And have a seat. And listen everything carefully.

They all sat around the round table.

Arnav : at least now tell me what's happening? Where you left Sona? And shyam at least you tell me bro.

Shyam : actually khushi was with Mohan Uncle.

Arnav : Mohan Uncle? If it so then you could have told me Sona, I would have dropped you. You know how tensed I was? I thought I lost you again.

Khushi : actually Arnav, when you were in kitchen then........


Khushi was waiting for Arnav in the dining room. He was not allowing her to do any single work. All he doing was giving a royal treatment to her. She just smiled seeing his care for her. Suddenly her phone started ringing showing caller ID Mohan Kaka. She was confused whether to answer it or not. But then finally she thought to answer the call. So she came outside in the garden.

Khushi : hello.

Mohan : you asked me right why I didn't tell you all that. Then come with me now.

Khushi : what! Now? You can tell me on phone.

Mohan : I could but your life is in danger there. Please leave that house now. I know you are thinking whether to trust me or not but please chutki listen to me.

Khushi : Kaka wo.......

She heard that Arnav was calling her.

Khushi : Kaka Arnav is searching for me. I need to go to him.

Mohan : chutki you don't have much time just come with me I'm at the gate in the taxi.

Khushi was in dilemma. She don't know what to do now. But she thought to trust her Kaka one last time. So she went with her Kaka. Just then Arnav came to the garden for her.

After one hour-

Mohan and Khushi reached at their destination. They moved inside the old house.

Khushi ( seeing the surroundings): I have a feeling that I know this place. ........I think this is......

Mohan : your home. You and your dad came here when you guys left Raizada mansion.

Khushi : but why we came here?

Mohan : open this box.

Khushi noticed that box is very similar to the box she had with her. She opened that box and saw so many things there. There was a photo album and some letters.

Mohan : the secrets you were searching are in this box.

Khushi : this is not my answer. I asked you why did you hid all this from me? You knew that Dad and Mr. Raizada were friends. You knew about that plant when I asked you. Then why....

Mohan ( shouted ): because you will get to know that Arnav is your Aru. And I thought you will not help me in taking revenge of Bhai saheb. I remember how you used to miss Arnav and how your bonding was. I was sacred.

Khushi ( cried) : but why you thought that I would give more importance to Arnav? For me Dad always comes first. How can I forget that his dad killed my dad, killed my sister. What's Meera's fault in all this? She is not even dad's own child to take revenge. I know you made dad to adopt Meera so that I can have a sister and can forget Aru but why did he do this? She was innocent.

Mohan : chutki, he killed them because he wanted no heir of Guptas. He knew that your dad never discriminate between boy and girl that's why he adopted a girl. And I'm sorry. I thought that you will not....

Khushi :You have no idea kaka what I'm going through?. I lost my family and you think that I will forget all this? I'm ?not doing anything to Arnav because I feel that he would help me.

Mohan : do you really think so? After all he is his father.

Khushi : i know that Arnav is also Raizada but he has his mom's values. He didn't forgot her lessons. I know he will help us.

Mohan : if you are thinking like that then I'm with you. Khushi ( hugged him) : thank you Kaka.

Mohan ( suspiciously): by the way chutki, who told you all these? I mean not everyone know about this.

Khushi : I don't know. Anjali told me all this.

Mohan : Anjali? How come she came to know all these?

Khushi : I don't know Kaka. Even Arnav knows too.

Mohan : that I know who told him. But the question is how they came to know when this was all happened many years ago. Arnav came to know all this through Shyam who is a lawyer but Arjun is not a man who would leave all the evidences like this for the people to know. I mean how come Anjali came to know all this? She was also a small kid like you.

Khushi ( realized): I didn't thought in this way. But how come Shyam came to know?

Mohan : that we will know in 5 minutes. Khushi ( not getting anything) : how?

Mohan : he is coming here.

After 10 minutes-

Khushi : where is he Kaka? You told that he will come in 5 minutes and it's have been 15 minutes.

Mohan : I too don't know chutki. Let me call him.

Shyam ( almost running): no need of that sir.

He came inside controlling his breath as he came really fast. Mohan and shyam hand shaked with each other while khushi stood there awkwardly. She didn't know anything. Shyam noticed her and gave a smile which khushi reciprocated awkwardly.

Shyam : you don't need to feel awkward Khushi or I say Sona. Maybe you don't know me but I know you since I know Arnav. So relax.

Khushi : thanks.

Shyam : mention not.

Mohan : come sit.

They sat on the small sofa.

Mohan : so shyam I know that you know everything. But I want to know how.

Shyam (chuckled): sir I'm a lawyer. What do you expect from me? Obviously I investigated this because Arnav had a feeling that Khushi is related to his past. Are you questioning my talent?

Mohan : not at all beta. I know that you are the youngest successful lawyer in Delhi. But I really want to know how you know all this?

Shyam : ok then. Actually I was searching something to know about khushi then I got to know that she usually visit graveyard so one day I followed her and got to know that she is related to Arnav's? past. And the way Arnav described Khushi I noticed that she is very much like Sona. Then I went to my friend who is in crime Dept who makes sketches. I gave him Sona's photo and told him to draw her sketch of few years later then I saw that sketch is very similar to khushi now so I got to know that Khushi is Sona.

Mohan : Who else knows this? Except ?Arnav.

Shyam : no one.

Mohan gave him a look and turned to khushi. Mohan : now you came to know your answers? Khushi : yeah. ( To Shyam ) : What was Arnav's reaction towards it? I mean of course you would have told him the reason I came here.

Shyam : Khushi I don't know what exactly your plan was. But there is no such relation between Arnav and Arjun Uncle. And he was very attached to his mom. He will not leave that person who hurted his mom...... even he is his father. I know Arnav from our boarding school times. I was his senior. I saw him crying for Aunty and you.

Khushi : how much we all suffered? Especially Arnav.

Shyam : that's why khushi now you have to make everything right now. Im with you. I will help you in whatever way.

Khushi : thanks.

Shyam : no need to be so formal with your Bhai.

Khushi ( overwhelmed) : thank you so much Bhai.

Shyam ( sternly): again thanks??

Khushi ( holding her ears ): ok sorry.

Shyam : khushi!

Khushi : ok ok I will be quite.

Shyam : that's better. You know what when.....

But his phone rang and he excused himself.

Mohan and khushi were discussing something when they hear shyam voice.

Shyam : what! How come he came to know this? Are you sure?




Shyam : find out every single information. Quick. We can't take risk.




Shyam : oh no! Ok I will do something.

He ended the call.

Mohan : sorry to ask you beta but what happened? I mean the way you are tensed....

Shyam : Arjun Uncle know that Sona is alive. Khushi (shocked ) : What! But how?

Shyam : I too don't know completely. But yes again he is planning to.... You know what I mean.

Mohan (gritted teeth): he will never change. After all this, he is again playing his dirty tricks.

Shyam : I think Uncle, orphanage is not safe for khushi.

Mohan : then where will she live? She can't stay with me. It will be more dangerous for her.

Shyam : Uncle you don't need to worry. I already thought of one place.

Khushi : where?

Shyam : you will get to know that. But for now you should go to orphanage. And don't worry you will be protected.

Khushi : I don't afraid of death, I only afraid of loosing Arnav again. And I don't want to die before that man pay for his sins.

Mohan : nothing will happen to you chutki. I will never let that happen.

Shyam : Uncle I think you should leave and I will drop khushi safely.

Mohan : are you sure?

Shyam : trust me.

Mohan : ok then bye. Take care.

Shyam stopped his car in front of the orphanage. First he saw the surroundings and after feeling relieved he asked khushi to come out of the car.

Khushi : ok thanks Bhai.

Shyam : seriously khushi now I think you don't like me as your brother. How many times I have to say....

Khushi : ok fine I will say nothing now.

Shyam : that's better ...... Oh no! Actually khushi Arnav called me before our meeting. He was very tensed. I think you should call him.

Khushi : yeah I will and Bhai, I think Arnav should meet Mohan Kaka. What's your opinion?

Shyam : yeah we will meet tonight at his farmhouse. You just call him and tell him to come there. After an hour I will pick up you and Mohan Uncle.

Khushi : farmhouse? But that will be dangerous.

Shyam: no khushi, that farmhouse is Arnav's. It is safe.

Khushi : ok tha.... I mean I will. Bye.

Shyam : bye.



Khushi : I think you know after what happened.

Arnav (whispered): Sona.

And he hugged her tight. Seeing them Mohan and shyam smiled but shyam's smile fade away while thinking something.

Aug 12

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 36 times)

Thank you- Noordina, Jalebigiri, Rani, Arshi95twilight, Londoner, Angel23, arshigeet, Candie, Lily30 for your comments.

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Here it goes-

Arnav came back to his room but shyam's words are ringing in his head making him restless.


Shyam : don't take me wrong Arnav but I think someone is there who is helping Uncle. From your side.

Arnav : what do you mean?

Shyam : I mean someone very close to you or someone who knows your past is backstabbing you.

Arnav (shouted) : on what basis you are saying this? Have you lost your brain?

Shyam : I mean just few days back we got to know about khushi and your dad comes from his business trip suddenly and again plan against her. Don't you think something is fishy?

Mohan : shyam is saying right beta. Sorry but I too feel the same.

Arnav : who that can be?

Flashback end

Arnav ( thought ): who is that person? Very close people only knows about my past. Then how all this..... ? Maybe Shyam is thinking too much? Whatever it is..I have to be very careful...for Sona. I can't take risk.

He dialled Khushi's number and after 5 rings she answered his call.

Khushi ( sleepy tone) : what happened Arnav? Why you called me? Is everything ok?

Arnav just smiled hearing her. She always shows her concern. Both of them can't? take when other get hurts. In childhood they always used to fight with each other but never tolerate when other hurts them.

Khushi : Arnav are you there?

Arnav ( came to reality): yeah I'm here only.

Khushi : what's wrong with you?

Arnav : nothing.

Khushi (loosing her patience): then why did you called me damnit?

Arnav : so rude. I just called you to ask what are you doing?

Khushi is like what. He called at 3:30 am to ask what she is doing? Has he gone nuts? Here Arnav himself was confused why he said that? He don't know what to say. He just wanted to hear her. Wanted to know she is safe but he is talking nonsense.

Khushi : Arnav. Seriously you called me to ask this?

Arnav : yeah.. I mean no.. I.. mean

Khushi : I don't want to know what you mean. If it that case then listen.... Im doing what? normal people do at night.

Arnav( teased) : but khushi normal also do some other work like....

Khushi : shut up Arnav. Are you drunk or what?

Arnav : no. I was just...

Khushi ( interrupted ) : Arnav I'm giving you a number. Please call them say whatever is in your heart. Bye.

And she ended the call.

Here Arnav thought about the phone call and cursed himself for calling her that too at wrong time. Suddenly his phone beeped with a message of khushi.

Khushi -


I think they will surely help you.

Arnav thought to give a chance and called that number.

Arnav : hello.

That side : hello who's in the problem?

Arnav : me only.

That side : ok then could you come here or should we have to come there?

Arnav : omg so fast. exactly may I know who you are?

That side: I should be asking your name?

Arnav : no first tell me who's this?

That side : just tell me your address, we'll handle everything.

Arnav : first tell me who is speaking?

That side : ok I'm getting it. Just tell me your name or address we'll? take care of you. So tell me your....

And Arnav disconnected the call.

Arnav ( thought): ufffff. Who was he man? How irritating he was? Let me check whose number is this.

He checked that number in Truecaller which khushi gave him but only to get shocked. He quickly called khushi.

Arnav : hello you....

But stopped hearing her giggling sounds on the other side.

Arnav : very funny.

Khushi ( controlling her laughter) : what funny? Im serious. You really need that.

Arnav ( irritated?) : need what. Do you think I need to go to asylum? Seriously? How can you give me an asylum number? You know they were ready to take me there.

Khushi : simple... just like I did now. And by the way I just gave you that number, it was you who called them so its your fault. And for now let me sleep Arnav.

Arnav : you'll never change.Ok go. Sleep. Bye.

Khushi : Arnav I was just kidding. Hello. Arnav? Are you there?

But no use as Arnav disconnected her call long ago. Khushi sadly looked at her mobile.

Khushi ( to herself) : maybe I went to far in teasing him? I have to do something.

Arnav who was about to sleep but his mobile beeped with message.

Arnav ( to himself) : not again.

He checked that message and slowly his lips arched to a beautiful smile.


- I'm sorry na Arnav?. Im holding my ears now that too making puppy face. My intention was not to make you feel bad. I was just teasing you. Im really sorry. I will stand till morning holding my ears until you reply me.

Arnav messaged something and sent to khushi. Khushi who was waiting for Arnav's reply got happy when her phone vibrated.

Arnav -

Dont send me any messages. Im feeling sleepy now. But yes don't worry im not giving you any Asylum's number.

Khushi -

sorry na Arnav. Im holding my ears. Its your wish to forgive me or not. Sorry sorry sorry please forgive me. My hands are paining.


- it's ok. Don't need to hold your ears.

Khushi -

thank you so much Arnav.

Arnav -

no need to thank me. I hope your hands are not paining that much. And we should not fight for small things.

Khushi -

Arnav you are so sweet but sorry too dumbo.

Arnav -

what do you mean?

Khushi -

how can I hold my ears when I was typing that message?

We should use what God has given to us......................

Well I'm talking about brain. Now I think you really need that number.

Arnav was shocked reading that message. How can he be that stupid? But again his phone beeped.


- some things never change. You consider my antics too. I just love to irritate you. : P Bye. We should sleep now. It's very late. Have a nice sleep.

Arnav smiled seeing that message and went to sleep but a small smile was still playing on this lips. Same with khushi. After a really long time she played a prank on him. Her Aru. Everything is according to the plan. But still who is that secret person is still a question mark. But brushing off all these thoughts she went to sleep thinking about her Aru.

Even in the deep sleep, the smile on their faces never left.

Aug 18

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 44 times)

Here it goes-

Next day-

Arnav got ready for his college. He had some really important announcement to do. He checked Anjali and told her to get ready fast. While coming downstairs he saw his dad sitting in the hall.

Arnav ( cursed himself ): who's face I saw today. No doubt today is gonna bad luck for me.

Arjun : good morning beta.

Arnav kept silent. But again Arjun wished him so he sternly wished him. Because this is not his mom thought him. Disrespecting his elders. Sometimes he tolerating Arjun just because of his mom. His mom never wanted to her home breaks apart.

Arjun : where are you going beta?

Arnav( irritated) : obviously I'll be going to my college. Not to a club for sure.

Arjun : oh I'm sorry.

Arnav ( looked into his eyes) : you should be. (Shouted) Anju. Anju come fast we are getting late.

And Anjali literally ran to him. And they both headed towards college.

Farm house-

Khushi who was standing in front of mirror thinking about her destiny. So many things happened to her?, so many things happening with her. That time she was alone but now she has her friends, specially Arnav. But what if things don't turn the way they are thinking now. It is quite obvious that Mr.Raizada is smart.

And she came back to reality when she felt a hand in her shoulder. She turned to see Shyam was standing there.

Shyam : don't you want to go to college? Yesterday also you took leave. Hurry up. Arnav already left for the college and we have to travel long distance.

Khushi : yeah I'm ready. Let's go.

St.Marks college-

Payal, Akash, Arnav and Anjali were in the garden waiting for Khushi.

Akash : there's only 15 minutes left for our classes to start. But where is she? Yesterday also she didn't came and in the evening also she was behaving weirdly.

Arnav : Yesterday? You met her yesterday?

Anjali : yeah Bhai actually after your phone call we got little tensed and her phone was also telling out of coverage area. She actually moved to college but don't know what happened. So we thought to check her in the evening so we went to Orphanage.

Payal : guys I think she is not gonna come. Only 5 minutes left.

Arnav : 5 minutes is still there.

Akash : there she is.

And he ran to khushi and hugged her. Khushi was confused but she also hugged him.

Arnav : guys our classes are about to start. We'll talk later.

Akash : Aare! Just now only she came and you are talking about classes. Let's bunk them yaar.

Payal : shut up Akash. We should go to classes. Khushi we'll talk later.

Khushi : ok payu di. Anjali lets go.

Khushi walking with Anjali towards their class turned to see Arnav. He blinked his eyes and smiled. And unknowingly a smile came to her lips also. She turned back went to her class.

After some time College canteen-

All the gang were sitting in the canteen.

Akash : seriously someone please shoot that Shukla yaar. He is making my life hell, actually worse than hell. I wish Miss. Rosy teaches us all the subjects. Haye! Miss.Rosy .

Hearing him khushi and Anjali were giggling and payal and Arnav were like banging their heads somewhere.

Anjali ( controlling her laughter) : akki Bhai, if Miss.Rosy teach you all the subjects then you won't get fail ever. Infact you'll top among all the students.

Akash : you are right. Actually I was thinking...

Arnav( irritated) : oh guys just shut up.

Akash : I know Arnav you never want that to happen. Obviously your position will be at risk right. Cant I become a class topper even in my dreams also? Don't be so insecure.

Hearing him all started laughing. But one look from Arnav is enough to be quite.

Arnav : I have something important to say.

Akash : wow Miss.Rosy will be teaching us all the subject? More than amazing.

Payal : shut up Akash.

Arnav gave him one look and continued : I've got my love.

Akash : who? don't tell me that stupid sheetal's name. I swear Arnav, she is not....

Arnav ( looking at khushi) : she's khushi.

Akash ( confused): khushi? But Arnav, there's only one khushi in this college.

Arnav was glaring at him as if he lost his mind. But how can you lost it when you don't have that earlier also. Khushi who was sitting beside Arnav holded his hands and smiled at him.

Khushi : because Aki Bhai that only khushi in this college is his love.

Akash( hestitatedly) : but Arnav you loved ....hmm.... Sona right? Well it is good to move on and....

Arnav : no Akash. Now also I love her and always will.

Akash(serious tone) : Arnav what are you saying? I know what Sona is for you but you have no bloody right to hurt kuku.

Arnav came to his side and sat beside Akash and side hugged him calming him down. And khushi seeing this felt so emotional. No matter how stupidly? Akash acts but he can't take when someone hurts his sister.

Arnav : how can you even think that I'll hurt khushi when she is my Sona?

All who present there were shocked. And then Arnav and khushi explained them the whole story leaving yesterday's conversation about the secret person.

They felt so happy for Arnav and khushi as they know how Arnav suffered when he thought he lost his Sona.

Anjali : so finally mission Arshi is completed. Wow I'm so happy for guys.

She hugged both excitedly. Followed by Akash. He was also happy for his little sister and his bestie.

Akash : Aare payal! What are you doing? Come on. Congratulate them.

Payal silently stood in front of Arnav and khushi and plainly congratulated them and moved from there?. Akash and Anjali stood confused about her behavior but Arnav and khushi were shocked.

Is that person is payal who is helping Mr.Raizada? But how can it possible? Payal was the who wanted them to be together. Then how it all happened? There's is surely something that Payal is hidding from them. Arnav and khushi looked at each other with determination to find out the truth.

Aug 23

Nafrat e ishq (By Starlily) (Thanked: 42 times)

Here it goes-

All were thinking about payal's strange behavior. Arnav told Anjali to go and talk to her. Anjali went in search of payal.

Here Akash was tensed about payal's behavior.

Arnav : dude don't worry. Anju went na to talk to her. Relax buddy.

Akash : how can I relax yaar? Now a days she is behaving very strangely. And not even sharing that to me when I asked her. I thought over all these years she also developed some feelings for me like I feel for her. But I don't think it's happening Arnav. I really love her. I know when I say something like this, everyone thinks I'm joking. I know I'm stupid, doesn't know what to talk when but don't I have right to fall in Love? Am I not worth for it Arnav?

Arnav just hugged him tightly and consoled him. He too thought that Akash was not serious and it was just an infactuation. But today he was proved wrong. Khushi saw the duo felt emotional. She knew that Akash loves payal but never knew the depth of his feelings. She just wanted them to be together and prayed for them. But again she remembered about payal's strange behavior. Slowly her smile vanished. Although she want to accept but seeing the circumstances she have to suspect payal, her payu di.

Khushi : Arnav.

Arnav looked at her and realized the situation. He assured Akash to make everything alright. Akash told khushi to see payal. Khushi smiled at him and went to see her.

Anjali who was searching for Payal stopped as her phone started ringing.

Anjali : yeah khushi.

Khushi : did you meet payu di?

Anjali : no yaar. I'm searching her only. .. wait I got her. There she is.

Khushi : there means where?

Anjali : offo in the back garden. Ok khushi bye. I will talk to her.

Anjali saw payal sitting on the bench and was lost somewhere . Anjali moved towards her and placed her hand on her shoulder.

Payal ( came to reality): oh Anjali. Come sit.what happened?

Anjali : I think I should ask that. What happened?

Payal ( avoided the eye contact): no.. nothing. Just came here to study. You know semester exams are coming.

Anjali : there are still 3months for the exams. I thought you consider me as your sister but...

Payal : hey I don't need to consider you as my sister because you are my sister. I know we are not related by blood but related by heart right. Never say that.

Anjali : if I'm your sister then tell me what happened?

Payal ( eyes started brimming) : I don't know Anju. I don't know. I was the one who wanted them to be together but still it is sad to see your first love with some other girl even she is my friend too.

Anjali ( shocked): what! First love?

Payal : i don't know, but I liked Arnav. I truly did. But I also knew that Arnav can never feel for me like I did. So I moved on. I know Akash likes me but I'm afraid Anju. When he comes to know then what will happen? He'll hate me.

Anjali : payu di, don't you like Aki Bhai?

Payal : I love him Anju. But yes still I have a soft corner for Arnav. Thats why I didn't told anything about my feelings to Akash and pretending that I don't know about his feelings. It's just Arnav's sudden confession and all, I couldn't digest that. Just give me some time and I'll be alright.

Anjali : answer me honestly, do you still love bhai?

Payal ( smiled): no. It is not love for sure. Maybe one teenage crush. But yes he is special for me. A special friend.

Anjali : you know what, I love you more now.

And she hugged her tightly. Khushi who was standing far from them heard everything. She didn't know how to react. She stood there in shock but got started when she left a hand on her shoulder.

Khushi ( shocked) : you here? You heard everything?

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