ajeeb prem kahani COMPLETE..

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Dec 29, 2016

ajeem prem kahani (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 40 times)

hi everyone this is arshi crazy love who writing arshi little magical world.i try to write another story.this story about what happen when queen of fashion world khushi singania.married just simple halwali arnav sigh raizada.what happen when she dont like this marriage just married for her nani.after wedding how will she fall in love deeply innocent and simple arnav.this story dont have any sadness or villain.only arshi full of romance.amd very highly mature story.

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write the story.
Dec 30, 2016

ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 38 times)

Singania mansion..nature open his with new begining with touch of,hot sun.and middle of,the delhi city huge bunglow not less then any palace standing with lot of pride.the house inside in upstair room sleeping peacefuly with her soft pillow.the naughty sun move towards that girl room window and rise front of her.and disturb her beautiful sleep.she get irritate,by this sun and close her face with pillow. then again her sleep got disturb when someone come her room and start to wake up her....... women:beta come on wake up.you promise me that you will come with me to mandir.come on get up.. girl:nani please not today.i will,come with you tomorrow pakka promise..... nani:khushi beta thats not fair.you promised me today you will come with me.and i call pandit to parpare special pooja today for you.please for me..... khushi open her eyes and look her nani.who looks her with innocent puppy face.she cant say no to her room now.she loves her nani lot.she can do anything for her happiness..... khushi:ok nani you go i will come after freshup.. nani:(happily smile)ok beta come quickly.... khushi nodded her head nani left from. after lock door.khushi sigh and left to washroom to freshup.she wear grey colour shirt and black colour jeans.she put her hair western style high ponitel.and wear her Rado watch.and take her coat to her hand she now ready for the day.she look her last time and left to downstair..when she came downstair she saw her mom and dad having their coffee and mama mami,talking about something and having their coffee.her mom saw her.and said.... roshini:aree khushi beta you come.come here have coffee.. khushi nodded her head and greet everyone. and join there for have coffee.khushi drinking her coffee and ask her mom about nani..... khushi:mom where is nani?she asked,me to come with her.where did she go... roshini:she is in her room getting ready for go mandir.she is very happy that you are going to compeny her,,,,, khushi:hmm i know for her only i skipped my gym today... mami:hello hi bye bye.khushi bitiya can you please drop me to palour i have to go for facial... khushi:(smile)sure mami.i will drop you.... they all talked,each other.then nani come and said she is ready.then they move towards dinning table. and had their breakfast. then khushi's papa ashok bid bye to everyone and go to his office with mama.and khushi mami nani to said bye to roshini and move out from home.they all enter khushi's car mami and nani take backseat and khushi take driver seat.then she start to take off the car.then she drop mami in her palour and she drive off to mandir.in going way khushi asked to her nani.. khushi:nani why you suddenly asked me to compeny you? nani:(thought)if i say to you that i want to know about your wedding you will not agree.i want to maje you meet pandit and know about your future.. khushi saw her nani lost somewhere she loudly call her.nani came out from her thought and look her... khushi:nani what happen where are you lost.i asked you something... nani:nothing beta.its long time na you come to mandir.you cant come beacause your work. thats why i arrenge special pooja for you.... khushi satified with her reply.and they reach to mandir.khushi came out and open the back door for nani.nani came out and they both move towards stair.after they both reach to devimayya,and start to pray.after panditji come and give prasad to them. pandit look nani and nani say to him"she js the one' in eyes.after praying nani take her to mandir back side.there pandit doing something.seeing them pandit smile and greet them.. pandit:haa devayaniji after long time you come with your grand daughter.how are you beta.. khushi:i am fine panditji... nani sit beside pandit and make,kushi sit front of pandit.khushi confuse seeing that... nani:panditji you know na my grand daughter. she is really very famous business women.i want to know about her future.and want to know when her wedding going to happen..... pandit smile khushi look nani with shock after hearing her.now she know why she asked her to,come with her.she look nani angrily and nani smile sheepliy seeing her angry.khushi to get up. but nani held her hand and plead her in eyes. seeing this khushi sit again.pandit take her hand and start to see and said.... pandit¿she have everything in her life now she is going to have very nice person as,her husband he will love her madly.he will do everything what she said.she have very bright future.she is going to have lot of happiness in her life.you dont worry she will get her righ person very soon.... nani smile happily after hearing pandit reply.she is very happy she feel like a flying in air.khushi dont hear anything she checking her emails is phone..she dont know what pandit ji said. after thank to pandit nani khushi leave mandir... ............................................................................... .............................................................................. hello everyone this is my second story please try to help me.comment me vote me. i will update daily.happy reading

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amazing update.
Dec 31, 2016

ajeeb prem kahani.arnav life style... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 34 times)

after thank pandit khushi and nani leave the mandir. coming down they both entered in car.in on the way nani smile thinking about pandit words.she have on wish only.she want to see her one and only grand daughter wedding only.she is lucky charm of their family.after her birth inly they get luckxury,life.she love khushi very much.she want to see her wedding in any cost.khushi drop nani in home and left to her office.after come inside nani share this news to her daughter roshini.... ,...................... khushi reach to her kindom.she enter her office and look her staffs working with pin drop silence. KS compeny.. she make this compeny by her own money.she dont get single money from her father.from her teenage she is like to do her works own.she dont want anyone help.she studed in london. then after complete her fashion course.she get loan from bank,the she build one small compeny na as KS.she do few project then step by step she reached to this postion.then now she is the biggest business women in asia.she is now asia 3rd,richness women and 2nd the young business women in asia.she open many branchs in different contries.in this 23 year old she now maintine so many branchs as single person.her family members really very proud about that.and also,she is most eligable bachlor in india.in this fashion world she dont have any affairs and lovers.. she open her cabin and sit there and start,to do her work............................................................... in lucknow..an very big sweet shop in top of that there name as"radha sweet shop" inside,the shop on very good looking young man teaching his servent boy to how to make laddu.one boy come to him and say,,,,,, boy:arnav bhayya dadiji calling you..... arnav turn and look at the boy and smile to him and said he is now going.he turn and said to his servent boy to continue his works.then he move towards his home.his home not very big and also not very small.there a normal family can live.he enter inside his home and see his dadi making dinning table ready.he smile to her and move to washroom after washing hands he come and join in table.dadi start to serve him then she also serve herself.then they both start to have their lunch.arnav notice his sister,anjali missing,and asked dadi about her.......... arnav:dadi where is di?she still,dont come from her school?.. dadi:no she say,she have a staff meeting today. so she will come evening.she say to me that she will have something in cafe.. arnav:hmm ok..... after having lunch arnav bid bye to dadi and again return to his shop..there home and shop very nearly.so he can come home anytime.dadi seeing him standing near window..she sigh sadly seeing him.arnav and anjali are her son kids. her son also,halwali.she make her son marry their neigour daughter radha.after marriage they both live happily.after year rada give birth to anjali. then after three years arnav born.that small family happily in their small world.dadi also,happy seeing her son family happy.they all maintaine their life in that sweet shop money.when arnav in age twelve arnav parents died in accident.after they dont know what to do.their sweet shop also takes by that owner.dadi dont know what to do. arnav anjali also stop going to school beacause they dont have any money.dadi also dont get any jobs.seeing all this arnav start to go work in their neigbour auncle hotel.he say anjali to contine her studies.dadi dont agree for that. later arnav make her understand their family situation.then dadi agree with half heart.then arnav start to go work.he cant study in school. so he dont get enough egucate.anjali start to study seriously beacause she know her brother make her study very hardly.then now she is working in goverment school as teacher..arnav is very innocent he dont know about this world fully.he dont go out of this city.he only know his home and sweet shop..then working in hotel after give money to dadi for house hold works he start to save money little by little.he dont west money unnecessary.he wear his old cloths only. after come yo his sixteen age.he start his own sweet shop.he name that shop as "radha sweet shop"now that shop very famous in lucknow. he have a wish he want to marry one girl who will understand him.who will share his pain and happiness.he lost his mother very early age so he want to marry a girl who not by wife but also like his mother.he miss his mother very much. he take responssibles in very young age so he want to marry a girl who,will make him happy. and pampare him.he waiting for that girl.thinking all this dadi go inside home................................ ............................................................................. ............................................................................. hello everyone thanks for the comments and votes.i am damn happy.now i give very long update. now i have to continue my other story.happy reading...

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wonderful update...
Jan 1, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 12 times)

wish you all very happy new year.all of you very happy new year.i wish this year also so many writers and readers have happy new year.this year also we are going to start with our arshi.may allah bless you all.

Jan 2, 2017

ajeeb prem kahani.big dream.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 27 times)

in delhi.singania mansion everyone having their evenig time.then door bell ring.HP open the door and saw khushi standing there.then she come inside and saw her family having their evening time.then she greet them and go to her room for freshup.then after freshup she join to her family. everyone smile to her.then nani,,, nani:khushi beta how is your day... khushi:(angrily)dont talk to me nani.i am very angry with you.... mami:what happen khushi.why you are angry with your nani... khushi:(angrily)she make me fool.she dont tell me she is taking me to mandir for know about my marriage.after go there only.i come to know about that.... she staring nani angrily.nani looking her with puppy innocent face.everyone look nani with pity face..khushi start to melt. seeing nani innocent face... nani:sorry beta.i just did thatbbeacause i want to know about your wedding.you are not ready for the marriage what i do.i want you marry someone and live happily even more.. khushi sigh looking her.she know nani have big wish to see her marriage.but she is not ready for that.then she get up and sit beside nani.. khushi:nani i cant understand you.but think about our family.we are royel family.and i am business tycoon if soneone marry me.then that just for our family fame and for my money.they will get pride beacause their get the tag as singania family members. and business tycoon husband.then what happen. he will not love me truely he will just love my fame and money.then i will not live happily in my married life..... nani look her silently.she know whatever khushi saying 100%true.no one will love her truely.all are ready marry her just for her money and fame. other members also agree with her..then roshini say... roshini:yes ma.what is khushi saying all true.. everyone ready to marry her for money only. they will not love her truely.. mami:yes sasuma.i am also agree with that.our khushi is not any rondom girl,she is biggest business tycoon. everyone come to marry her just for money only... nani:(helpless)then when you going to marry. i am agree with your point,but how can we search the person who will love her truely.thats not easy... khushi:(smile)thats very easy nani.you dont have to worry about that.in this world.someone surely born for me.it just i dont meet him still thats all. you dont worry someone very soon going to come as my soulmate.we just have to wait....... saying that she hug nani.nani also feel relex after hearing her reply.atleast she have belive that someone here as her soulmate.just like khushi say they just have to wait.......................................................... in lucknow night time after close the shop,arnav come to his home.after having his dinner with dadi and anjali arnav go to his room.thats was small room only one cupboard,and one single bed. there in bed corner one small side table.room was very neat and clean.then he freshup and go to bed.he close his eyes in relexticion.he his very tired.whole day working in shop making sweets and giving the orders.he is hell tierd.how he wish now someone there to make him relex.after come home take care of him carely.he have very big dream about his would to be wife.he want she have to take care of him and pampare him and most importly love him dearly.he dont know when this all going to happen.he want this all happen very fastly.but he know he have resposible about his family.now his di come to correct age to get married.he have to do her marriage.dadi also getting weak.he have to take care of her also. he sigh he have so many things to do before getting married.thinking all this he fell to sleep..he dont know his every dream going to come true very soon. he not only going to grt nice girl.but also he going to get the girl who going to love him madly and cazily..................................................................... .............................................................................. hello everyone happy new year i hope everyone get amazing new year.and ha sorry for the late update.i am just busy.here after i will update correctly.and tell all of you view and comment me and vote me.happy reading....

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beautiful update..
Jan 3, 2017

ajeeb prem kahani.khushi dream (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 28 times)

in delhi.KS compeny.khushi working on her cabin. she was now doing new fashion show.so she have lot of works to do.in morning itself she talk few confirence calls.she is now very seriously doing her work.then her PA reena come to her..... reena:mam our fashion show works going to start tomorrow.and we still dont select the place.where we are doing to do madam...... khushi:(think)i think we should do this show some new place.you make the other arrengments.i will think about the place.we have time right.... reena:(smile)ok mam i will do other arrengment... khushi:ok then you may leave now... then she left from there.and khushi again start to do her works.in evening she come to home and spent some time with family members.dont care what happen how much she busy in works she will surely spend time with her family.she dont let her family members sad......in night.after have the dinner she left to her room....in might night khushi in dream..she getting some unknown vorsions.she saw someone showing his back to her.then that person slowly start to turn.but she cant see that person face fully.she only seeing his eyes.that eyes was very beautiful.that eyes was dark brown eyes.those eyes are doing some magic on her.she feel strong pull from those eyes.before she move to him she hear alarm sound.....then kushi wake up from her dream.she is breathing very hard.first time in her life she saw some kind of dream.she that know who is that person.she dont see anywhere that much beautiful eyes.those eyes was very special.she sigh and look at the clock. time was 3.then she change tge alarm time and again fell to bed.but sleep was far away from her eyes.whenever she close his eyes that eyes was coming front of her.she feel strong connection towards those eyes.she feel like that eyes was belong to her.thats was hers.in thinking about that she wake still morning........................... in morning everyone come to living room expect khushi.its time to have breakfast.but she still dont come.no one disturb her.beacause they all know how much she is tierd.then after 15 minutes khushi come to dinning hall.she looking little pale.everyone get worried seeing her like that.then ashok ask..... ashok:khushi beta what happen to you.you are looking pale.any problem.... khushi:(smile lightly)no papa i am ok.i dont get enough sleep thats why.... roshini:(little worried)why khushi beta what happe. why dont you sleep.. khushi:i get very weird dream ma.beacause of that only i dont get enough sleep.... nani:if you dont get enough sleep then you should sleep sometime khushi beta.why did you wake up... khushi:its ok nani i am ok.and also i have to go office.some works there which i have to do... ashok:no khushi you dont go office today.see yourself. you are weak.we cant allow you to go like this... mami:hello hai bye bye!i also agree with you bhai. you cant go office like this khushi.you should take rest today..... khushi:but mami....... roshini:(cut off her)on more words.this is finale. you are not going anywhere and thats it........ khushi then give up.she agree with them.she smile seeing her family.how much their all loving her. just beacause dont get enough sleep they make her take leave today.she is very happy to get family like this.in face whole smile she start to take her breakfast.............................................................. .............................................................................. hello everyone thanks for the votes and comment and likes. i am very happy.i notice that i am getting so much votes and like more then my other story.i think so many people like this consept more then that. i am happy about that.and to this update please comment me votes me...

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amazing update.
Jan 4, 2017

ajeeb prem kahani.WARNING.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 16 times)

hello everyone.i update this note to my readers i think to say this story going to be highly mature story.this story full of romance funny and cute. and most importent high mature scenes.and mature talks. this story dont have any sadness.if someone not comfortable with mature scenes then tell me.i try to update little mature.if anyone want mature scenes then also tell me..

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write mature scenes.
dont write mature scenes.
Jan 5, 2017

Ajeeb prem kahani.lucknow wedding. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 27 times)

In lucknow arnav home.all of are talking each other.arnav come to home for have lunch then anjali also come from her works then they all have lunch together.afterbthat they settle in living room and chat each other.

arnav:di how his you works are going?everything ok na?

anjali:(smile)yes chote  everything good.few days ago only I join to new school but everyone there treat me very well.and exams are also going to come.

dadi:that's good beta you set very well there.

then they all spend sometime.after that arnav left to his shop.and anjali dadi take some rest.now days dadi getting tired quickly.so arnav and anjali order her to take rest how much she can.afer come from school anjali clean all home and arnav Servant boy who know them very well come to their home and cook for them.then arnav work in shop whole day.he maintains his small family very well.

in Delhi.singania mansion.everyone in family spend some time in their home garden.khushi also join them after sleep two hours.khushi get very relex then they all talk about rondam things.then hp come to them and say.,

hp:naniji you get call from someone.

nani:who is that hp?

hp:I don't know Nani ji.

then Nani take the phone ask who is that.next second she come to know that's was her friend anurada.she happily talk with her.after long time they all talking.then after 20 minutes Nani cut the call with big smile.

roshini:who is that ma?

nani:(happily)that's was my friend anurada.after long time I talk with her.

mami:what's she is saying sasuma.why this sudden call.

nani:(smile)she call me to invite her grand daughter wedding.after two weeks her grand daughter wedding but she asking me to come before that.

roshini:that's was good new ma.so when you going to leave.

nani:roshini I think we all go there.she wish to see our whole family.me also like that idea what's say.

mami:me also like that idea.its been long time lastly we go some wedding.

roshini:yes ma i am ready.

khushi:but I have fashion show two weeks later.before  that I have lot of works to do.so I can't join you all.

ashok:but khushi if we all go there I can you be here alone.no that's not good thing.you should come with us.

khushi:but papa this is not any monthly show.in this upcoming show I am going to launch new design clothes papa.so my present here very important.

mama:that's right ashok we can't spoil her show.we should let her do her work.

ashok:hmmm ok.

khushi see the sadness in her family members.she don't like that bit.but she is now helpless.

khushi:by the way Nani where the wedding going to held?


khushi think sometime then she got a idea.

khushi:Nani I think I can join you all.

Nani:(happily)what are you saying khushi?

khushi:yes Nani for my upcoming fashion show I don't decide the place still.i think now I get nice place.

ashok:where khushi?

khushi:Lucknow papa I think that's was best place.i don't do any shows there still.i think this will be some change.and also if I do show there I can join you all.

everyone happy after her plan.then they all then make plan to go there.nani mami roshini are very happy.and khushi call reena and tell her to make arrangements for show in lucknow.then mami,,

mami:sasuma where we are going to stay.we can't stay in her home na.its will be not look good.

nani:why are you telling like that manorama don't you remember that we have our palace there.which ashok buy some years ago.whats that name,,

ashok:sheesh mahal.

nani:ha that it.we can stay there.

mama:nice idea ma,and also it's been long time lastly we go there.

they all discuss about their journey to lucknow.dont know there so much good thin going to to happen.

their princesses life going to take new journey.

thanks for the votes and comments I really enjoyed.after seeing the comment I can't control be write the story.for my true readers I will update daily.

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Fabulous update.
Jan 9, 2017

ajeeb prem kahani..sighania family in lucknow. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 31 times)

in lucknow arnav home.arnav get very big order. its wedding order marriage going to held two weeks later.but before that for other function they made order with him.in night after finish the works arnav come to his home and he meet dadi and anjali siting in living room...................... dadi:chote what happen?why did you take this much time to come...... arnav:i got one wedding sweet order dadi.for every functions they all order sweet from me.so today the first function.and also thats was very big order.... dadi:hmmm thats great.so where is the wedding taking place? arnav:in lucknow only dadi.someone name like... ha sangram sigh.his daughter wedding only...... anjali:(shocked)what sangram sigh daughter. his daughter name is preethi right.. arnav:(amused)yes di how do you know? anjali:she was my old friend.today only she invite me for her wedding.and she ask me to bring you both..... dadi:hmmm thats great.so whats your idea.are you going to her wedding? anjali:yes dadi.first i think to dont go.but after this i think to go........ dadi.hmmm thats nice.... then they all talk sometime.after that they all go to their rooms.................... next day in delhi.everything arrenged in very less time.now all of them come to airport for flight. after all sigania family going so they have full securtiy. after some minutes only khushi joing to her family.. they all of them fly to lucknow..after some hours they land to lucknow..all of them very excide.everyone have their owb happiness.khushi feel happy beacause she doing first time any big fashion show in india that to in lucknow.then other members feeling happy after so many years they come to their birth place.. then they all come to sheesh mahal.its look like a bride with decorations.every caretaker there welcome them amazingly.they all very happy seeing their boss family.then after accepct the welcomes they all select their own rooms and settle in that. everyone fell to sleep after reach to rooms all of then fell to sleep.everyone very tierd beacause of trevaling.after make few calls khushi also think to take some rest.....in evening after taking good sleep everyone join to dinning room.khushi waje up before everyone..... roshini:khushi when you wake up?dont you get sleep? khushi:nothing ma.i get very good sleep.but i wake up when i get call from my PA.she inform me that models and photographers are start their journy to come here.after some hours they will land here. so i am making arrengment for that....... roshini:hmmm good.best of luck... khushi:(smile)thanks ma.... then they all start to talk............... after two days khushi making arremgment perfectly. and every models and photographers are doing their works amazingly.decoraters also come.now everything ready expect sweet.she now searching good halwali for her show.but she dont getting someone perfectly.thinking this she getting presure. she is in very upset mode.in that mode she come to home.everyone look her abd saw the paleness in her face.everyone get worried seeing her sad mode... nani:khushi beta what happen?everything is ok na. why are you looking pale .. ashok:yeah khushi what happen?everything ok na? khushi:no papa nothing to get worried.its just small matter.i will manage everything.... roshini:whats was that.you can tell us... khushi:nothing ma.i doing a show na for that i make everything ready but i dont get a sweet maker still. i have to arrenge sweets in this show.but this is very difficult to contact good sweet maker.i dont know from where i am going to arrenge nice sweet maker.... mami:for this you are sad like this.dont worry we will find someone..... they talk heared by the mainds who was working there.then there in someone come near to them and slowly and speak to them and very respectfully.... maind:madam can i tell you something? nani:tell us vishal.what you want to tell..... vishal:woo madam i heared your convartation sorry for that madam.but i come here to tell i know someone who make sweets so amazingly.i have to say he is one of the best halwali in lucknow. if you want then you can contact him madam..... khushi face start to bright hearing his reply..... khushi:tell me vishal who is that.and where is he..... vishal:his name arnav madam.and he living in our palace 2km away only.... khushi:so please dont wast the time.tell me his adress... then vishal tell her arnav adress.then she call her PA and tell her to send some people to contact him immediatly.................................................... ............................................................................. hello everyone and big sorry for late update.i got fever thats why.i will update the next the chapter tomorrow.and please comment and vote me.its mean lot to me.and please tell me how to put photos in story.i update the stories in my ipad. i want to put photosvin that.but when i put that not show to me.pleaee tell me if anyone know..

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nice update..
Jan 12, 2017

Ajeeb prem kahani.sweet order.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 38 times)

In sheesh mahal.after make arrengment for meet arnav khushi smile with winning face.her family members also happy seeing her smile.then she say to vishal.

khushi:thank you vishal.thank you very much.you did very big help for me.thank you.

vishal:madam that's my duety.its pleasure to do work for you.

then they all move to dinning room for have lunch.khushi also had her lunch with happy mode.whatever happen.how much she is grow big and very big business women.but front of them she still the same 2 year cute doll to them.they love get so much..

in arnav home .arnav come to take lunch with his family..in same time two persons come to hi sweet shop.they both first order some sweets for eat.after eat the sweets they both like the taste.after eat the sweets they both ready to make deal with them.they both ask a about arnav from workers.then left to his home..inside the house arnav taking his lunch.then he saw two guys coming towards his house side,he look them carefully.they both wearing coat suit looking very good.he confused seeing them coming to his home.anjali dadi also saw them and stand up and welcome them to inside..

guy 1:hello mr.arnav.

arnav:namaste.who are you both.

guy 2:we are come here to order sweets from you.

arnav get shock hearing them.its first time someone looking good person come to him for make order.then arnav make them both sit.anjali go to kitchen for make tea.then arnav and dadi sit opposite to them..

arnav:what are you both saying?

guy 2:we are come here to order sweets from you.our boss doing very big show in Lucknow.for that we want sweet maker.we get information that you are very good sweet maker.so here we.

arnav and dadi get very big shock.sweets for some show.this is first time happening to them.anjali also hear what they say.she serves them tea then sit with arnav and dadi..

anjali:what are you both saying.show going to happen.what a kind of show this.

guy 1:that's was fashion show miss.our boss doing her new fashion show in Lucknow.for that only we are here for order sweets.

anjali:(shocked)what fashion show.that to in Lucknow.thats was very big new.

guy 1:(smile)yes miss.and also our boss doing first time any show in India that to in Lucknow.thats why we want everything perfectly.

guy 2:so mr.arnav wants your reply.are you accept our deal.

arnav:(still in shock)I wil, tell that but first tell me where the show taking place.and what the date and which time..

guy 2:sorry.fashion show was going to held two weeks later.we can tell you the date after we finish our other works fully.time is evening.and place is the sheesh mahal.

three of them get great shock.they can't believe their ears.show going to held in sheesh mahal.then that's was going to be very big show.its was so much for them.after composed their self.first anjali start..

anjali:in sheesh mahal show going to happen.then this is going to be very big show.

guy 2:(smile)yes miss.so arnav what's your answer.

arnav:I will do this.and yeah please tell me the date correctly.beacause in this whole week I got one wedding sweet order.and that's going to finish next week only.

guy 1:sure mr.arnav.we will inform you.and yeah can I ask you something ?

arnav:yeah ask me.

guy 1:are you do big orders?

arnav:of course.i will do.i do so many big orders.you can trust me.

guy 2:(smile)hmm ok then take the order.

arnav:wait a second.di can't you please bring the note book .

anjali nodded her head and bring the note book.then arnav ready to write.

arnav:hmm tell me.

guy 2:ok 20000 laddu.20000 jelebis.20000 alwa.and you knows few sweets also 20000.and ha remember which sweets you are selecting that's was also have to correctly 20000.you know there we want keep counting those.

arnav nodded his head silently.he don't think this order going to be this much big order.first time in his life he taking this much big order.dadi anjali also in shock.then arnav composed himself and write the orders.

anjali:are you both ok with which sweets we are select..

guy 1:we are ok with that.afte  this is was our boss order.

guy 2:and ha make sure the sweets you r all selecting like by others.


guy 1:OK tell us mr.arnav your amount.how much you will take for all of sweets.

arnav:I can't tell you both now.after finish my full work I will tell the amount.

they both guys look each other.they can't go like this .they have to give him money.if they madam come to know this she will fire them..

guy 2:sorry me.arnav.but we can't go like this.if our boss come to know that we are not give money to you she will fire us.

arnav:I can understand.but I can't take the money without do the work right.

guy 1:mr.arnav at lest take some money as advance.please.

arnav:(give up)ok.they both smile.then one guy take bundle of money from there bag and place that front of arnav..

guy 1:mr.arnav here the advance.we give 2 lakes as you advance.after finish the full work tell us your full amount.


guy 2:so we are taking our leave now.here our card you can contact as when you finish the full work.thanks for your tea miss.

they both stand up and ready to move.they three also get up.and go behind them to send up.then anjali stop them in middle.

anjali:excuse me.can I ask you something?

guy 1:yeah miss what you want you ask.

anjali:are your boss is lady .

guy 2:yes miss and I am sure you know her.

anjaki:(excitement voice)who is that?

guy 1:multi national compeny owner and queen of fashion world KHUSHI SINGANIA.

saying that they both leave the house.anjali now got the real shock.arnav looking her with confused reaction.he don't know anything about her.

arnav:do what happen to you.and ha who is that khushi singania.

anjali:chote she is the world biggest business tycoon.she have many fashion houses in world main countries.i still can't believe that she doing her show in Lucknow .(excited)I can't wait to see the show.i will definitely go there.

then she suddenly start to jump in joy.arnav and dadi smile seeing her excitement.anjali in great joy mode.after all who will miss the chance to meet the biggest business tycoon.in seeing the anjali happy mode arnav filed to notice his heart excitement.after hearing his soul mate name arnav heart start to jump in joy .but he is unaware of this.but very soon very very soon he going to meet his soul mate truely.

hello everyone thanks for the votes and comments.i am feeling very happy.to this chapter also write good comments and votes.i am very glad to see them all .

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