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Sep 8, 2017

Ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 63 times)

Kushi and anjali takes seats and look at Vijay..he ordered offered coffee for them..both Vijay and anjali felt nervous..they don't know what khushi going to tell..after minutes they order arrived..khushi take a ship from her coffee..she then look Vijay and said to him..

Khushi:Vijay..anjali told me about you everything..I come to know because of your unmarried sister..you are not ready to get married now..it's been two years you both love each other..but still no one know about that expect me..it's not good..you can marry after become 50's to..but anjali can't do that..she already passed her wedding age..everyone in our fa,ily just worrying about her marraige..now decision in your hand..if you truly loves anjali and really want to marry her..then you have to come our house to taking marraige proposal..and if you don't want this..still firm on your decision..then you have to forget our anjali..and let her move on her life..so what's your decision...

Khushi said to him cut and rightly..Vijay look at her with great shock..he looking khushi without blinking..he then look at anjali expecting she will said something..but she keep silent..and having the coffee..he now don't know what to said..now he have only two options..agree or disagree..he then asked to khushi slowly..

Vijay;khushi ji can I have little time to think...

Khushi:(smile)I think you already takes enough time to think Vijay..anjali waiting for you past two years..now you are saying two years not enough for you to think..(sigh)anyway..if you still want time..sorry to say this..now we don't have time..I already preparing things for search grooms for anjali..you have to say your answer now itself..

Vijay gulp his saliva hearing her clean answer...now what he going to do..somewhere he know he doing unfair to anjali.how can he make her wait because of his problem..he look at anjali who now waiting for his answer..after think bit..he said to khushi...

Vijay:I am ready for the marraige khushi ji..

Anjali broke into world happy smile hearing his answer..she felt very happy..khushi also felt very happy..finally her plan worked..she then said to him..

Khushi:(smile)very good decision Vijay..I am very happy about this decision..so let's not make more late..arrange date for come to anjali house..you must do your step fastly Vijay..

Vijay;(smile)I understand khushi ji..I will inform about this to my family..I am sure they will not disagree for my decision..after talking with them..I will inform you.when I'll come with my family...

Khushi nodded at him..she then left outside to make a call leaving them to talk alone..then both lovers talks about their marriage..truly they very happy about this decision..all thanks to khushi..then she come back after 30 minutes..now time for both girls to leave...they three come outside and girls board to their car..and left from there..after seeing they going..Vijay to left the place..

In car..anjali happily hugged khushi..she can't express her happiness..khushi smile and hug her back..then she broke the hug..

Anjali;thank you so much bhabi..I don't know what to said..you just solved my problem in second..I just keep quiet as you said..I never expect he will agree for the marraige..all Because of you..thank you very much..

Khushi:it's okay anjali..it's my responsibility..and what you think..I just come there without knowing about him..I got every details about him..after knowing he is pure good man..I ready to bring you both together..now all set..now we just have to wait for their arrival..

Anjali nodded at her happily..and her heart felt more respect towards khushi..then both arrived to home..and without wastes a minute khushi tells everything to dadi and arnav from beginning to end..first they both felt highly shocked..but then they felt very happy about that..all of thrm celebrate the moment..now all set..raizada family now waiting for Vijay family..

After two months .......

Everything like usual..after talk with Vijay in coffee shop..arshi next day arrived to Delhi back..then after week Vijay informed them he will come with his family..after that both family meet each other..and fixed their engagement date to next month.....the after month..both of their engagement take a place in Lucknow on sheesh mahal..after did the engagement Vijay's mother fixed the marraige after two months..means next month..now everyone happy...everything going smoothly..

Now coming to arshi life,...arnav's first exam got finished..and he did his exam very well..now there only three months to he finish his collage..after that he can start his career..which khushi arranged for him..but he still don't know..what she decided for him..he fished to become fashion designer..and khushi to agree with his decision..don't know what she arranged for him..like this those two months went sweetly and smoothly....

Today is Sunday..both arnav khushi in their room..khushi talking with get PA in poolside..and arnav watching movie in room..suddenly he saw something on movie..he look at the scene with some deep emotions..

After finishing the call khushi come inside the room and saw arnav lost in some deep think...she confused seeing him like this..she move and sit beside him..

Khushi:what happened Shona ...what are you thinking...

Arnav come to sense and look at khushi with deep emotions..without saying anything he hug her tightly..khushi with confusion hugged him back..he hide his face his her neck..khushi cares his hair and asked him sweetly..

Khushi:what happened my baby...what bothering you..you can tell me my Shona.

Arnav:(innocent tone)khushi if I ask something..will you give me?

Khushi:of course my sweetheart..did I ever denied your needs..no na..tell me..what my Shona want...

Arnav:(most charming innocent face)KHUSHI I WANT BABY!!!!

Khushi wide her eyes hearing his statment...she become like statue..she stop caressing his hair..she thinking about his wish....baby....really...she never expected this..arnav slowly rises his head and look at her face..he shook her..khushi jerked from her thoughts and look at his face..she don't know what she going to answer him...

Khushi:(streamer tone)baby....

Arnav:ha khushi baby...I want a baby...(smile)our baby..just think about it...if we have our own baby..you will become mummy and I will become papa..an small cute baby will call us mama papa..he/she will roam around us an this home..we can play with him/her..there so much...we can have lovely moment with our baby..(pleading tone)please khushi I want a baby..I need our own baby...please khushi..please...don't said no...I want baby...

He cupped her face and pleaded her badly..khushi gulped hear saliva hearing him..untill today she never think about baby...and she know..she still not ready for the baby..that's why without arnav knowledge she taking pills..she thoughts..when the right time come..she will stop taking pills..it's just eight months they married..those eights months there no talks come about baby...then what happen to him suddenly..she don't know what to said..how can she going to said..she still not ready fir the baby.lif she said like this..he will get hurt for sure..she can't hurt him anyhow..sge have to said something..she look at his pleading face..after think bit..she cupped his face and said to him sweetly...

Khushi:arnav..I can understand your feeling..you are now wishing to have a baby..it's really nice wish..but Shona we can't decide anything na..it's not in our hands..it's was on god hand,,we don't know na..when he will bless us baby..so we have to wait..when the right time come..definitely we will have baby..pakka wala promise.....

Arnav pouted at her sadly..he really wishing to have a baby..but he know khushi is right..but somewhere he can't accept that...this is not first time he getting this desire....very long time he gave this desire to have a baby with khushi..but that time some other things blocked that matter..now again he getting that desire..but hearing khushi reply he feeling sad..but he know khushi is right..he slowly nodded at her...khushi sigh in huge relief..she thanked the God for limitless time..she kiss his cheek sweetly and hugged him softly..then both of them be like that long time..after moment arnav slowly start to robe his nose on her neck..she starlet by his sudden act..then he slowly cone to her face and takes her lips for whole passionate filled kiss..khushi to reciprocate his kiss with same passionate..then he slowly make her lay on bed..and cup top of her..

After 2 hours...arshi takes deep relaxing breaths after their passionate filled love making..both of them have warm smile on their faces..arnav slowly hugged khushi and hide his face on her deep neck..khushi smiles and hugged him back..both of them covers by red silk bedsheets till on their waist..khushi slowly cares his hair..then suddenly something sink on her mind..she smile naughtily and said to arnav teasing wAy..

Khushi:arnav you know what..I realised something..

Arnav:(innocent tone)what khushi?

Khushi:(naughtily)innocent mans wild in bed.....

Arnav wide his eyes hearing her..he look at her with open mouth..khushi rise her eyebrows and look at him teasingly...he hide his face on her neck..she chuckles hearing his crying moaning sound,..she hugged him more tightly and kiss his head..then both of them fell to sleep....

Next update::arnav's demand.....honeymoon.....

Important note guys please read::::hello guys....I know that now days I am not regular....very big sorry for that yaar...please forgive me...I got into to little problem...now it's solved..now I can update regularly....and I know my all stories still on going..and not completed fully...so I decided to complete my first stories fastly..that's not mean that I will end stories middle way..I decided to update every stories daily....

I hope you all okay with it...so try to look my stories every day..ever day one story update surly will updated..so here the first day update...tomorrow I will update another story update pakka...happy reading.....

And very late hajj Mubarak to my Muslim reading....may allah bless you all....

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Sep 29, 2017

Ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 50 times)

After few days.lat arnav's collage..break time..he chatting with his friends on canteen..their one of class got cuts today..so they all free now..when talking about random things suddenly armaan asked to arnav..

Armaan:arnav you know na..after three months our collage going to finished..we can get out degrees..so what about your career..did khushi tell anything about your profession..

Arnav:yes arnav..I already tell you na..khushi don't have any problems about my choice on fashion designing..she just waiting for my exams to finish..she already planned everything..but she don't revels anything to me..she kept that as surprise..after collage finish only I can know what she planned for me..already she arranged someone to teaches me fashion course.after collage end..I have to take fashion lessons..after that she will open her surprise...

Everyone smile warmly hearing him..they all very well know how much khushi loves arnav..being with them these months..they come to know how much khushi loves him madly..they all amused seeing this..their really an unique couple who can't see everywhere..then suddenly aman ask to arnav..

Aman:arnav it's been long time you both married..don't you both went to honeymoon...


Aman:(excitingly)yes arnav honeymoon...now don't tell me you don't know about honeymoon..

Arnav:(casual tone)of course I know..honeymoon means every couples went to somewhere..they will roam everywhere and spend time together..don't me and khushi doing that every weekends..

Rahul:(little irritated)offo arnav...you are really pappu..we are not saying about that..and honeymoon means not that what you thinking..honeymoon means romantic trip..(dreamy way)every couples will go to so,e countries or cities to spend romantic time..not only romantic..hot hot love makings...naughty stuffs.wild make outs everything...

Girls start to blush hearing Rahul words..they hit him playfully..arnav to feeling little shy hearing Rahul open talks..he now getting desire to go honeymoon..he look at boys silently..they got to know what he thinking..and try to encourage him.

Armaan:think about it arnav..we all very well know how much you and khushi love each other..and most importantly..we all know how much khushi is romantic person..she is romantic queen..every mans don't get romantic partners like you..in way your are really lucky..if you go honeymoon with her..it will turn as mind blowing trip..I bet...you will enjoy best honeymoon ever..come on arnav what's said...

Arnav look at him silently some minutes and slowly nodded at him..everyone got big smile on their faces..and encourage him to said this to khushi today itself..he then agree with them and decided to said this to khushi..

Night time...khushi come to room after finishing a conference call..she saw arnav looking something on laptop..she smile seeing him and left to washroom for fresh up..after few minutes she came out wearing medium short black nightly still on her thing.she moves towards dressing table and did cream section..all the time she saw arnav looking something on laptop really seriously with intense eyes..she wondering what there to see this much seriously..after done with her work.she join to bed..finally he closed the laptop and turn her side with second..she rose her eyebrow seeing his acts..she can sense some eagerness on his body moments..she asked him slowly..

Khush:what happened love!Do you wishing to said something?

Arnav:(eagerly)yes khushi..I want to tell you something...

Khushi:(smile )Okay!so what you want to tell me..

Arnav:(smile charmingly )khushi I am wishing to go honeymoon...

Khushi wide her eyes hearing him..she can't believed ..he really said that.she jump from the bed and sit on his lap..she facing him directly..arnav starlet by her sudden act..he hold her by waist..he don't know what going on her mind..but actually khushi really happy..she always wished to go honeymoon...but thinking about his studies..she many times dropped that idea..but after hearing this from his mouth..she feeling really happy.now there will be loss if they go for honeymoon..because already arnav's degree conformed..she look at him keenly and she pinch her own hand and yell in pain..

Khushi:(happily)oh this is really true..oh I can't believed..you wishing to go honeymoon....wow that's was awesome..(egarly)now tell me ..where you want to go..Singapore,London,Greece,or Paris,Dubai,Italy..just tell me..where you want to go..

Arnav:(with most innocent smile)DISNEY LAND!!!

Khushi:(unbelievably shocked)huhhhh!!!(frown)Disney land....

Arnav:(held her hand)yes khushi..I am really wishing to go there..there so many beautiful things to see..day and night there fully of enjoyment..and we can get lot of fun..in day we can roam around..in night we can spend romantic times the way we wish..please..please..please khushi..say yes...

Arnav pleaded at her dearly..khushi frown cutely hearing him..she got very happy when arnav wished to go honeymoon..but that happiness only for some seconds..he wishing to Disney land..that to for honeymoon..sigh...no girls will get husband like she got..seeing his pleading face she don't have heart to said no..after think bit..she agree with him..he yell in happiness..and hug her tightly..she to hug him with frown smile..

Arnav:thank you khushi..thank you so much..I know you will agree..I am very happy..thanks a lot..hmmmm wait let me inform this to my friends...

He happily takes his phone and rushed to poolside to call them..khushi look at his happy figure and frown at her fate..

Khushi:(mummers )honeymoon..that to on Disney land..(goarn)God why are you doing this to me..(after minutes sigh)hmm okay ..never mind...he is very happy na..that's enough..okay chalo let's go Disney land for honeymoon...

She takes her phone call her PA..she asked her to make arrangements for to go Disney land..after talking with her PA she cut the call.then arnav to come after finishing the call..he comes toward khushi excitingly...she smile at him..he hug her tightly and takes her lips for unexpected lovely kiss..because of the sudden attack both of them fell to bed..he kissing her very deeply..she grips his hair and start to open his shirt bottoms.he roam his hands on her body and lift her nighty up..he start to kiss her more deeply..and he got ****y surprise seeing khushi not wearing anything inside..she now fully nude..arnav moan feeling her nude body..he hurriedly rise and remove his dresses super fastly..it's been long time they both had passionate love making because of his exams..now he don't like to waste this opportunity ..he wildly kissing her body ..khushi moan highly in limitless pleasure...

Khushi:(moaning deeply)ohhhhh..baby...ahhhhh...ohhh baby...ohh god...baby please...please go slowly...ahhhhh...don't bite hardly baby...ahh go slowly...

Arnav bites her bosoms wildly..now he out of control...he already very hard...with one soft motion he enter inside her..both of them left a big satisfaction Moan..both moving to the perfect passionate filled rhythm..it's so blissful..in thrusting way he kissing her many times..room filled with loud moans and screams..

Next day morning...both of them joined to dinning table for breakfast..all of family members joined together..they all greet each other..now all ready to have breakfast..with little chats family members had the breakfast..finally khushi announced everything about their honeymoon trip this week..

Ashok:it's very good news beta..it's been long time you both got married..but still don't go for the honeymoon..many times we thoughts to send you both honeymoon..but after thinking about arnav's studies we drop the idea..

Roshini:yes khushi beta..it's really good news..it's was important to go somewhere alone for married couples..they can spend time together...

Mami :(smile)hmmm yes...anyway...where are you both going for honeymoon...

Arnav:(very happily)Disney land!

All of them look at him with big wonder..khushi closed her eyes seeing their reactions...

All:(little shocked tone)what!disney land!

Arnav nodded at them happily..all of them look the couple with unbelievable look..this is first time they hearing newlyweds couple going to honeymoon for Disney land..they try to ask arnav about this..but khushi stop them by signalling..now they all come to know it's was arnav's choice to go Disney land..they all ask khushi what's all this by sign language..khushi just frown cutely..they all chuckle seeing her face..they just adore her cute face..so for him she agree to go Disney land..then all finished having breakfast..after that all of them do their daily routines..khushi Ashok and mama left to their own offices..arnav left to collage...

After two days..today Saturday...means arshi honeymoon day..both of them got ready and packed their dresses..both of them did their honeymoon shopping yesterday..and without arnav's knowledge khushi did some private shopping...she planned something on their honeymoon trip..they both going for six days..she don't told her secret plan to arnav...now all set..after load the bags..both of them left the home after bidding bye to family...and start their journey to airport for to go Disney land...lets see how their childish honeymoon going to turn as wild honeymoon....

Next update:honeymoon events....khushi ****y surprise...

sorry short update..will try to give long update next chapter.

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Fabulous update...
Oct 18, 2017

Ajeeb prem kahani (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 71 times)

Both of them landed to United Kingdom airport....it's felt so good to feel America fresh soft breezes...both of them did other formalities..and came out from airport..already everything arranged for them..both of them reached to their arranged hotel...

Arnav gasps in shocks and surprise seeing the most luxury room in the hotel..it's was very big and beautiful room..full of room just designed for honeymoon couples..Khushi checked the other arrangements in the same time Arnav admired the full room..it's was truly luxury and stunning room..both of them changed to casual dress and take a seats on the small table..Khushi ordered coffees for them..after few minutes coffees arrived..both of them start to have the coffees seeing the America beauty..then Arnav asked her smiling way..

Arnav:Khushi when we are going outside...

Khushi:(smiles)now we should take a little rest..after that we can go outside..and we can return taking dinner outside itself..

Arnav smiles happily hearing her reply..then both of them continue have the coffees chatting each other..this is first time both of them spending sometime alone..both looking forward about this trip..one thinking that happy way..other thinking that naughty way..after sometime both of them take a short nap..and thinking forward about their sight seeing..

After three hours both get up from the nap and get ready for the sight seeing..Arnav wear full sleeve red tight t-shirt with black pant..and Khushi wear ocean blue full sleeve silk long gown and made her hair to stylish braid..both looking like stunning couple..Khushi takes her bag and both left the room...

After ten minutes..both of them reached to one of the beautiful place in disney world..«THE SMALL WORLD »it's was giving a look like small crystal..Arnav smile seeing the crystal..it's was so beautiful..Khushi smile seeing her husband excitement..she still can't understand him..one time he will be really romantic and mature..and will get angry too..but another time he is full of child mood..that time he turn fully as baby..she smile thinking about him..he truly an unique piece..who no one can get everywhere..this is the main reason she loving him madly..it's felt so bless to get him as her husband..she is very happy on her life..then Arnav held her hand and drag her with him towards the crystal..there full of crowd like some festival..looking everywhere full of kids and fancy groups..it's feeling nice to be there..everywhere full of joy and happiness..without cant controlling the happiness Arnav hugged Khushi tightly..

Arnav:thank you Khushi..thank you so much..it's so beautiful..it's so bless to be here..you're the best wife in the whole world.i love you Khushi..I love you so much....

Khushi smile widely hearing his adorable confession..it's very rarely he said I love you to her..because of some reason he feel shy to confess his feelings..but today he is out of control..he is beyond happy..it's good for her..she planned something big for him...then both of them start to roam and enjoy their sight seeing..in between Khushi captured their every moments as pictures..in short time they take a million of photos..and did a little shopping to..it's was really childish and weird..because there only one couple who come there without any children or family that's was arshi..both of them roam everywhere and did many rides..honestly it's was really fun..both enjoyed very much..after lot of playing and riding ..they both searched some good restaurant to take lunch..and got it really peaceful and nice restaurant..they take a table and ordered their meals..their lunch time went smoothly with selfies and talks..after having nice lunch both of them had a small walk around ...then after hour finally they seen everywhere on the place..it's time to go another place..their driver come and arshi board to car and left to another place..like this everywhere both if them roam the whole day..

At night time..after having delicious dinner outside both finally reached to their room..it's was really nice sight seeing..after that both fresh up and landed to bed..they both hell tired..almost twenty or thirty places they seen in one day..

Both of them talk and look at the pictures they taken today..Khushi wearing sleeveless black colour short night gown..and Arnav wearing normal night suit..after that both of then dropped to tired full sleep..

After three days..those three days Arnav and Khushi enjoyed their disney trip how much they can..it's truly amazing trip..Arnav really enjoyed their honeymoon..Khushi too..but not fully..those three days they did many sight seeing..but still they don't have the honeymoon main point..or what...daily both will go outside early morning..when they come at night..both of them hell tired..they both really want to have some good love..but what to do..still both of them don't had that..somewhere it's torture too..but they don't get a chance or do something about this..now those three days finished fully only sight seeing..finally khushi's surprise time to came..

At dinner time in honeymoon suit..today both come to their room little early..both had the dinner in room itself..when they having dinner Khushi got few calls..she attends that and talks normally..Arnav thoughts it's was some business calls..after finishing the calls..Khushi asked to Arnav..

Khushi:shona did you enjoyed these three days here?

Arnav:(happily)of course!i enjoyed very much...it's truly amazing trip..thanks to you..

Khushi:so I make you enjoyed your trip..will you give me something I ask,.

Arnav:of course!!what you want..ask me anything Khushi..

Khushi:(keenly)woo..one of my friend wedding tomorrow in newyork ..she invited me for her wedding specially..if I don't go she will feel bad..are you okay with it if we go for the marriage tomorrow..we have to stay there two or three days..

Arnav:(smile agree way)definitely!!i don't have any problems..you did many things for me..it's was very small thing comparing to all that..we will go Khushi..am okay with that..

Khushi smile at him sweetly..but inside she dancing madly for her sharpness..after talking bit..both of them drove to sleep,.khushi think on her mind..this is the last sleep they sleeping on their honeymoon days..(wink)

Next day very eat,y morning..Khushi get up from the sleep before Arnav..and got fresh and then she wake up Arnav and asked him to get ready soon..without asking anything Arnav to get ready..now both got ready and ready to go..it's just five o clock in America..both vacate the room and left to airport...both of them got the boarding passes which already arranged..they just board to flight..Arnav don't ask anything..then flight started..then both of them fly on the air..

After nine hours..both reached to their place..Arnav already in confusion seeing they both traveled full of nine hours for just to come New York City..for his knowledge..he knows it's not take that much time..he still keeping quiet without asking anything..both did their security formalities..and came out from the airport..that's it..gust of cool and cold breeze touched their body..it's was really cold breeze..Arnav start to shiver..seeing that Khushi gives him some jacket to wear..he take that fastly and wear that hurriedly..he never know New York this much cold and cool city..both of them take a taxi and Khushi told him some direction..in going way Arnav witness many big mountains nature gardens..the road covered with full of white snow..Arnav really can't understand ..he even notice..here people looking little different from Americans..finally car stopped..both came out...Arnav saw he standing front of one of the big hotel he ever seen in his life..Khushi pay the bill and saw Arnav looking around confusingly..she smirk seeing his puppy face..she move close to him and circles her hand around his arm..and whisper ****ily on his ear..


Arnav:(big shock)what!!!!

Arnav look at her with great double shock..it's was really unexpected.Switzerland ...really...oh my god..Khushi smirk seeing his shocked open mouth face..she hold his hand and drag him inside the hotel..everything already ready for them..hotel manager welcomed them specially..and take them to their booked romantic honeymoon suit..arnav still under the shock..finally both of them alone on the room..arnav look around the room..it's was truly made for romantic honeymoon couples...it's was more gorgeous and stunning then America hotel..this honeymoon suit was made with nature touch..outside beauty fully visible to them from viewing inside..and very very luxury filled room...the suit decorated with red flowers and colors..wall pain bed color everything was love red..and room has no lights..only scented candles lights..it's was day time..but this room giving look like night time..that's was every couple expect...seeing all this finally Arnav asked to Khushi..

Arnav:Khushi why this unexpected surprise...you told me we are going to New York for some wedding..but now we are on Switzerland..(lost voice)what's all this?

Khushi smirk ****y way seeing his not understanding face..she move towards him closely..and circle her arms around his neck and crash her body with his..Arnav moan inside feeling her body touch..it's been five days both of them don't have any love makings..he hold her waist and look at her intense eyes which looking him like going to eat him...

Khushi:(husky voice)you know what baby...it's good to be a naive and innocent man in love life..because love always expect that more..(smirking way)but that's not  mean..you will be this much innocent..can't you understand what's all this mean..

Arnav look at her smirking face with confusion reaction...then he came to know the whole plan..he open his eyes and mouth widely..Khushi chuckles seeing his cute shocked face..she can't anymore..she takes his open mouth for romantic filled kiss..he starlet for few seconds..then he to kiss her back with same desire and passion..both of them kissing like no tomorrow...he rolled his tongue on her full hot mouth ****ily..Khushi grips his hair and fell on the bed with him..next second he rolled her  on bed and cares her body ****ily..he already being very hard..and Khushi know she can't stop him now..in keep kissing her way..he start to open her shirt bottoms..she moan feeling his cold hand touches..the room was cool but it's already start to spread by heat..then he broke the long kiss and start to attack ****ily at her long neck..Khushi lay peacefully on the bed and let him do whatever he want..he hurriedly get up from her body for second and fastly removed his cloths..just in three seconds he abound on her body..he kiss her cleavage  and press her waist sensually..she left out a ****y moan..then he removed her bra and press his most favorite fruit tightly and sensually..he just loves her big melons..he place his saliva filled mouth of her boob..Khushi moan pleading way without cant bear his ****y torture..he worshipped her whole body and kissed her milky navel..he can't anymore..he hurriedly removed her pant and came top of her..he take her lips for passionate filled kiss..he removed her panty fastly ..with one soft motion..he enter inside her..it's was heaven..after long time they both feeling this connection..both of them left a ****y moan in big satisfaction..he start to move in slow and ****y move..it's was truly heaven..she screaming in highly pleasure..Arnav moving very slowly..there nothing to hide or cover them..both of them fully bare and connected like a one body..Arnav cupped her cheek and takes her to love filled kiss..Khushi kissed him back with double love and cares his hair ****ily..both of them moving for great and very romantic rhythm..it's was blissful..finally after 20 minutes Arnav near to climax..he start to thrust even slowly..she scream seeing his ****y torture..she dig her nails on his back wildly..after few minutes ..he again mark her as his  very natural and true way..he filled her womb with his love seeds..now he felt the real satisfaction..Khushi to got her release..and left a big happy moan..he fell on her body and breathing hardly...Khushi try to catch her normal breath..both of them sweating in cool season..Khushi takes the bedsheets slowly and cover their self till waist..Arnav hugging her tightly..finally his face got a charming smile..he look at Khushi with same smile..she look at him smiling way and kissed his forehead sweetly..then he fell on her again and try to get some sleep..Khushi caressed his hair softly and make him sleep..then she to fell on sleep thinking about their coming honeymoon days....

Hello darlings please read this::..I hope everyone being good...those days I am missing you all very much..and now I am try to say..guys please try to votes me more..I have many viewers..but have very less comments and votes...please guys try to give me more votes.its hurt to see my all stories getting very less likes and votes..why? Don't you all like my works?if you all like my works..please show me that with votes and comments.,please guys..it's really hurt to see less comments.i have hundreds of new stories on my mind..but feeling little hesitant and fear to write all that..please try to vote and comment my stories..it's will be really nice and give energy to me to update regularly....please.. thank you...

Next update:an short leap...shock...pregnancy.....

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Nov 15, 2017

Ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 89 times)

After two an a half months..it's been eleven an a half months both Arnav Khushi married..their life was going super amazingly and fastly.even they can't believe both of them been married long time.for them it's feel like still days..and have to said.ltheir life going wonderfully..Khushi never know after getting married..everyone can live peacefully and happily..because most of the people she met on her life was only broken marriage mans and women..this is the biggest reason why she always run away from marriage.lbut now look at her life.her life with her love Arnav going like some love novel.their life's don't have any major problems or sadness..thry living their life smoothly..

Coming to arshi love life.lafter return from honeymoon..Arnav changed very much..he no more being that much innocent or baby person..he is not the same Arnav who she met on Lucknow.he now was totally different person..but he not change in wrong way..now he behaving like true husband for Khushi..some bits of maturity grow on him...he no more shy or being naive with her..those two months his knowledges grow even more..he is now class topper in collage..now he knows everything..and he turn to be bit serious also..and for a big change..he taking fashion lessons from Khushi..these two months after collage ending ..he directly going to Khushi office.full of two hours he will take a lessons from Khushi.and when she  busy on some works..senior designers on the company will give best lessons to him..after conforming fully he will get his degree..Khushi already joined him on private fashion collage..that's was not any common collage..it's was collage of getting fashion degree in six months.land very very famous fashion designers giving lectures..because getting the degree in less time..the collage fees was really high..for every week they have to pay five or four lacks..not many people got seat there..only for VIPs ..

And before two days ago Khushi joined Arnav on that collage..now after coming  from collage he going to fashion school..now days he really hard working..he don't getting tired for doing all this..these all his  biggest dreams from childhood..he thoughts those dreams will go away as only dreams..but because of Khushi now his everything dreams coming true..both Arnav's and khushi's family very very happy seeing their children living smoothly without doing any typical couples fights or other problems..and nowadays arshi very close to each other..more then being a wedded couple thry both best friends..when weekends come thry both day in out..some times with family members..sometimes with Arnav's gang..they also will join with them..thry all to very close with Khushi Arnav more then early..now there only half month to Arnav complete his collage.after that time to start his career..not only he..everyone in their family and friends eagerly wishing to know what Khushi planned for Arnav..even they asked her countless times..but she not tell a word about his surprise gift from her..and few times Arnav to asked her ..two three times try to ask her emotionally..but she is business tycoon right..she very well know it what he planning..then Arnav finally give up..he decided to tell her tell him when the time come..

And coming to Arnav's dearest sister Anjali,,her marriage taken place in Lucknow grandly..and take takes his sister marriage responsibility to his hands..he don't take single rupee from anyone..even from Khushi.the money he saved for her marriage more then ten lacks..everything happens grandly..and for their surprise and happy..vijay decided to stay with dadi on Lucknow after marriage..finally one of alliance arrived to Vijay elder sister..she married before Anjali ..his mother to went from him to his sister house..he now living in Lucknow with dadi..and he very well sets there..and he even transfer his work to Lucknow getting help of Khushi..now they three leading their life smoothly..sometimes arshi go to see them..and one day  they all come to  Delhi..like this everyone's life going really well..all of them really happy on their lives..and there mire happy moments stored to happen.

It's was one of good morning day..both love birds sleeping peacefully on other arms in their bedroom..both of them sleeping out of hell tired..the whole two an a half month went will full on works and only works..both of them don't  even get a chance to talk properly..it's was really busy months..finally like some jackpot both of them got a holiday two days to relax..yesterday was Diwali..whole singhania family celebrated that grandly..it's was arshi first Diwali after marriage..so both of them enjoyed their first Diwali with family members ..because of the late night celebration..now both of them really tired..then suddenly like always disturbance alarm start to ring..Arnav left a  highly irritation moan..he try to stop the alarm like usual with closed eyes..and like always Khushi got up from the sleep hearing the sound and stopped the sound.arnav  smile at her charmingly with closed eyes..Khushi smile looking her husband charms..he hugged her tightly and robe his face on her cleavage..

Khushi:good morning baby..hope you got a nice sleep..

Arnav:of Course I got a nice sleep..when you with me..what I want more to sleep peacefully..(kissed her cheek)I love you..

Khushi:(smirk)I love you too..now come on get up..today our holiday..let's spend some time with family members..it's been long time..come on..

After giving lovely dovely kisses to Khushi he finally got up from her body..then both got fresh up and got dressed and left to downstairs...

After some days ..finally arshi going to complete one year of their married life..just three more days for their anniversary..and surprisingly Arnav collage to going to end after two days..means one day ago before their anniversary..Arnav eagerly waiting to celebrate their first wedding anniversary l.and Khushi waiting to give her most awaited surprise gift to Arnav on their wedding anniversary.arnav  unaware on her gift..now both of them counting the days..

After two days...late night..today was Arnav's last day in college means collage farewell day..after giving degree to every students collage community arranged late night party on some hotel for students..all of the students attend the party with their partners and parents..

And collage principle invited Khushi specially for the party..so she come to part with Arnav as couple.when they come..everyone's eyes just on them..all of them looking arshi with different emissions and reactions..Khushi wearing light strawberry color full sleeve blouse with slick saree..she make her hair to long curls and wearing simple and elegant diamond set..and Arnav wearing full of stylish white coat and suit..he jelled his hair perfectly..both of them poster of the perfect couple..arshi just don't care about everyone glares..thry both enjoyed their time with Arnav's gang..it's late night eleven o clock..arshi still on party area..family members already know about their late night arrival..after be on party some more time both Arnav Khushi left to their home..

Both of them board to car and Arnav take a driver seat..both of them stared their travel..in going way both of them chat normally..suddenly Khushi got a call from office..she start to talk seriously without paying attention to road..Arnav driving silently with  hiding smirk.after some time he stopped the car..Khushi got out from the car talking way thinking thry reached to house..but when she come out she look around and saw its was full of dark unknown place..Khushi wondered seeing the unknown place..she look at him confused way..she cut the call and asked to Arnav..

Khushi:Arnav where we?what kind of place this..why we come here..did you forget the road..why...

Arnav:(place finger on her mouth)shhhhh!!!..relax!.why so many questions..I will tell you why we here..but before that..close your eyes..(she try to speak)not a word..just do what I said..close your eyes..

Khushi looked him for a moment and closed her eyes.arnav smirk charmingly looking her..and hold her by waist and make her walk with him..she slowly start to walk guide by Arnav..finally he stopped on some place..

Arnav:(on her ears huskily)open your eyes now!!

Khushi slowly open her eyes..next moment she got a big shock..she opened her mouth widely in shock..

The whole place covered with full of red colors curtains,neatly arranged candles lines.and the floor covers wth red rose petals and heart shaped balloons..the whole place arranged for romantic moment..she don't know what's all this..because of the shock and surprise she forget everything..seeing her reaction Arnav smiled and hug her from behind..


After he finishing saying one .next moment different colors crackers went and hit the sky beautifully.its was amazing view..then finally there a words appear on crackers..

               !!HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE !!!

Khushi gasps seeing that..now she remembers today was their first anniversary..she cant believe this..it's truly surprising.because this is first time Arnav planned surprise moment for them..that to on their first anniversary..even she got bit emotional seeing this..she now know how Arnav may feel whenever she do something for him as surprise..it's truly amazing..she finally look at Arnav with lot of love..he near to her closely and kissed her forehead..she more deeply feel and accept his love filled kiss..

Arnav:(happily hugged him with moist eyes)happy anniversary to you too!!i love you!!!

Arnav:(smile)I love you too!!i hope you like my first surprise plan for you..I don't know it's good or bad..

Khushi:(intense emotional tone)are you crazy Arnav!.who will not like this much beautiful surprise..it's really wonderful..I truly not expect this..thank you so much for making our anniversary this much awesome.you're truly best husband in the whole world..thank you so much..

She hugged him more tightly..Arnav really happy about her reaction on his first surprise to her..when he arrange this anniversary surprise for her..he checked all of the each works more then ten times..because this is his first surprise plan..he want everything perfectly..second is..he is not like Khushi..if she want to make something special for him..she have thousand of people to work for her and do the works perfectly to correct time..but he is not like that..so he look after everything more consciously..then they broke the hug and Arnav take her to beautifully decorated stage..Khushi saw there a double layered chocolate cake placed on the table with decoration..and there in cake happy anniversary words written beautifully..seeing all this Khushi feel really happy..this is truly mean to her very much..then Arnav make her hold the knife and hold her hand upon that.,he hugged her from behind and slowly both if them cut the cake slowly with tally smile.khushi face filled with so much happiness..then both take s small piece cake to their hands and feed each other ..then both feed each other with lot of love..first Arnav feed her and kissed her cheek soundly.then more feed him back and kissed his lips more soundly..both of them again wished each other..thry happily share their happy moment...

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Nov 25, 2017

Ajeeb prem kahani (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 87 times)

Next day..both arnav khushi arrived to home late night.and now family members wished them happily..for they surprise arnav's family reached to home surprisingly..and his friends also come to wishe them..now whole family complete.nani hugged arshi happily..

Nani:wish you both very happy anniversary!!may God always protect you both from evils..(broke the hug)I can't believe it(cupped khushi cheek)my khushi completed her one year married life..I just feeling like everything happens yesterday..

Roshini:(smile)ha ma you're right..me to can't believe thus..I still remember how we asked her to get marry.and she always keep running from us..but now look at her..now she can't spend a second without arnav beta..marriage totally changed her.

Everyone smile hearing roshi words.arshi shared a eye look..then eve tone start to give their gifts to arshi..first Nani..she gifted them gold ramseetha idol..then khushi's parents present them gold chains..in that both of their names printed sane way..then mama Mami gift diamond necklace to khushi and rolax watch for arnav..then anjali Vijay gifted diamond bracelet for khushi and ring for arnav..then finally arnav's friends gifted them all together an candle light dinner date in Hilton hotel..they give the gift putting money together..arshi accept everyone's gifts happily..then Ashok said..

Ashok:now we all give our guts to anniversary couple..now it's was your both turn.and we want to see what husband and wife going to gift each other.(smile)so first arnav beta turn.what you going to gift your wife..

Arnav smile at him and take middle size gift box from his inside coat pocket..khushi eagerly waiting to see what he going to gift her..he then said to her smiley way..

Arnav:I hope you like this khushi..after many thinks.i select this as your gift.so here your gift..

Saying that he open the box..everyone surprised seeing his gift.its  was pure thick gold shinning ankles..it's really beautiful..it's was pure gold..khushi take that from his happily ..she love his gift very much..arnav smile in happiness seeing she liked his gift..

Khushi:(happily)arnav you're just awesome..I just love this..you know.i always had a big wish to wear payals..but Because of my works it's always skipped from my mind..this is truly best gift..thank you..thank you very much..

She hugged him out of happiness..everyone smile seeing this adorable couple..then they broke the hug

Ashok:(smile)khushi beta..arnav beta gifted you a beautiful gift..it's your turn now..what you going to present him..and we all know.from very long time you keeping some surprise from us..so today it's a day..you have to give him that surprise gift today..

Khushi smile hearing him..she look at arnav who just eagerly waiting to get his gift..and family members waiting to see what she going to gift him..then khushi take her phone and dialled to someone.everyone ask her where's the gift.she asked them to be patience..then door bell ring..hp opened the door.then family members saw two young mans dressed in office dress coming towards them..they bringing red colour troll with something covered upper that..everyone confused seeing that..then khushi asked the mans to leave..arnav looking the troll eagerly..his heart saying something big going to come..then khushi told him with charming smile..

Khushi:so shona!This is the surprise which I am keep hiding from you .now it's time to give you the anniversary gift.so here we go..

Saying that she removed the sheet which covering the gift..next moment everyone gasps in great shock.all of them really don't expect this..it's truly unexpected..arnav looking his gift with nine wonder shocked reaction..everyone looking the gift with open mouth..khushi smile seeing their reactions..

There in the troll an perfectly made big silver colour stylish office building design standing grandly on troll..that's was really amazing view..the design showing every parts of the office.its  was made to the style of square shape..that's was really big and grand office ..even the whole place planned perfectly..car parking for cars..security rooms ,emergency from..office gate..everything showing clearly..and all of them saw there in middle of the building "AR COMPANIES"board written in bold letters..all of them don't understand what is this meaning..arnav to in big dillima.whats all this mean..why khushi showing some office building design as his gift.lwhats that mean..family members also in shock..without can't control himself Ashok asked to khushi eagerly..

Ashok:khushi beta what is thus..which building design is this,what are you try to said.please tell us clearly.


All of them stop breathing for few second hearing her statment.arnav become statue..oh my goodness..it's truly shocking revelation..what she just said..anjali's and dadi eyes got moist hearing her..it is really true..how she did this..an new company and arnav was the owner..really..arnav looking her without blinking..now everything registered on his mind..an new fashion company on his name..and he going to be owner of that..tears start to falls from his eyes..he can't believe this..how can khushi do this much big thing for him..he don't know how to react..his body shaking..understanding his condition khushi move towards him ..without ware a second he hug her tightly..next moment he start to cry his heart out..khushi hug him back tightly to calm him..she saying sweet things to stop his cry..but no..he just can't control today..khushi crossed everything today to very highly..no one except this..then he broke the hug sand asked her with crying tone.

Arnav:how can you do this much to me khushi..what k give you that you showing me this much love.after marriage I don't did anything for you..but you give me everything..you fulfilled my biggest dream..now thus too much..too too much..I don't deserve this much love khushi..I truly don't deserve your this love..my love nothing front of your love..I don't deserve your love..

Khushi:what are you talking arnav..how can you think like that..who said you don't deserve my love..arnav don't you know..you're my only love..it's was you who have full rights on my love..my all love just for you..and those all nothing comparing to you..my all these gifts not will win front of the gift I got on my life..I got very precious gift on my life arnav and that's was you..you're the most precious and most expensive gift of mine..If I don't do all this to you.then to whom I show my love..I can only show my love to you..

Arnav hugged her again with full of tears..now he crying out of joy..all of family members and arnav's friends smiling with tears seeing such a wonderful couple.khushi's family feel really proud of her.and arnav's family happily smiling seeing how much wonderful wife arnav got..their hearts dancing in happiness seeing thrm like this..and arnav's friends happily smile seeing such a true couple..somewhere thry feeling jealous on him..specially boys..because honestly no mans will get gem like wife..khushi truly a women in million..no one can be like her..arnav so lucky to get her as his wife..they all wishing to see them like this always..

Then khushi broke the hug and weep his tears.he become calm feeling her warmth..

Khushi:now stop your cry..I don't like to see my husband crying like a baby..what will everyone think about me..that khushi singhania got married to cry baby..

Arnav chuckles hearing her..she to smile seeing him like this..then Nani asked her happily..

Nani:okay now give full details about arnav beta new company..when you build that..tell us everything,,

Khushi:(smile)I decided to build a office for arnav when I plan to send him to collage for study..I just started to build.then he said to me.he wishing to become fashion designer..so I start to make the fashion house..it's took whole eleven months to complete..after completing the work..I just waited to give this to arnav untill he finish his studies..now I gifted him..it's was fully arnav's company.and it name also his name..he was owner of the company..but it's was adoption of my company..I made like that Because I don't want we both become rivals in buisness..we will never be..but others will look us line that only..and even I made that temporarily.if arnav wishing to start his company as solo.i can rearrange the documents..but after that we can only be a buisness partners..after that I can't involve anything on your matters..

Arnav:(quickly)there no need for that khushi..I don't have any problem..let is Be like that..

Khushi:(smile)okay!!.and I already promoted your company on media..news already spread everywhere.and even I give employees interview ads to news papers..now you just have to sit as MD.you can't go now also..but after six months your fashion course finishing..after that you can enter AR companies as buisness tycoon arnav Singh raizada aka ASR...in buisness world everyone will call you like that only,.ASR..so be ready..

Arnav thrilled hearing the new way she called him ..ASR..that's sound really great and powerful..he also got shock the was she called him,.everyones smiling hearing her..then he hold her both hands and said to her with emotional tone..

Arnav:my thousands times thank you not enough for the gift you gives me..I did something really good thing on my life that I got you as my soulmate..if the seven births talks is true..I want you as my love in every births..I don't need anything more then that..I just want to be with you..thank you so much for coming into my life.your are goodness of my life..my real goodness..thank you so much..

Khushi smile at him and kissed his forehead with lot of love..he closed his eyes and feel her kiss to deep heart.all of family members heart filled with warmth seeing this adorable couple.she said to him sweetly..

Khushi:now leave all that.its already late for breakfast..and I am very hungry..come on let's go..

Everyone smile at her and moves to dinning area..arnav's friends hug him tightly and take him to dinning area..Khushi smile seeing him when she try to go..she saw dadi hold her hand.khushi look her with soft smile..dadi held her both hands together and told her with moist smile..

Dadi:today you fulfilled the promise which you gives me on your wedding night.that day you promised me.you will give the life which arnav deserves on his life..and today you truly did that.you don't know how many days I dreamed to see arnav like this..and I thoughts it's will go away like dreams only..but today not only arnav's ..you fulfilled my dreams also..if you not younger to me.i may fell on your legs.thank you so much beta..you really make this old lady heart joyful in happiness..thank you very much..now I can die peacefully..

Khushi:(little scolding tone)dadi!!.what are you speaking..why are you talking like this...this is last time you talking like this..don't even said such a works again..

Dadi:I am sorry beta!!

Khushi:(try to be calm)you don't have to thank me dadi!its my responsibility towards arnav..whatever I did.i did that for my husband..it's my rights on him..when I come to know how much big things he did for his fa,ily in such a small age.i just decided to give him.whatever he missed on his life..now my biggest responsibility completed successfully..now after this whatever going to happens.its just on arnav's hand..I will give him support always..but from now he going to explore the world alone..and I strongly know my arnav have that guts to face this world alone now..you don't talk like this dadi..there many things which you have to see..so be happy always..

She hugged dadi softly and kissed her forehead sweetly..then she take her to dinning area..

After seven months....

These seven months passed really super fastly.now arnav running his new company really awesomely..six months ago he completed his fashion course..and it's been one month he going to his company as solo boss..he is in cloud nine..now he have everything on his life.all because of his Angel..the first day of the office..he feel the same nervous when he feel first time he went to collage...and like that time khushi give him moral support ..already many employees joined to company,.for his double happiness..his whole gang joined to his company as stuff..he really about that..his friends joined to company important posts like,,,aman was arnav's personal secretary..armaan as account manager,,Rahul as photographer..payal riddima as trainers of new colleagues..lavanya as ad director..all of them really happy on their jobs..and they really thankful to arshi..because of them their lives also come to perfect track...now like in collage..in office also they working together and helping each other..in office all of them behave and respect arnav as boss only..outside the office they all like the same old friends..in one months his company going really well..they already have few projects on their hands..knowing it's was adoption of KS companies.other companies doing competition to do deals with AR company..no they all fully come to know how much biggest tycoon is khushi..and forget to maintain..now arnav no more shy baby type..he now fully turn as mature man..h completely now an buisness man..in office he was most serious boss..he don't give a single glares to models and girls who working on his office..sometime he shout at them when they try to flirt with him..the inside anger which he keep hide those years now finally came out..he is now youngest hot dashing buisness tycoon in buisness town..and become famous in very less time..his girls staffers and models are already smitten and crazy about him..but they always warm they self saying.he was husband of the greatest khushi singhania..they should not look at his side...but seeing his one ****y stare they forget everything in this world..but arnav don't give a damn about them..for him only one women in his life that's was his wife..she was idol to him..he will not look at any other women other then her..and he will not let any other person come between them..he determined about that.but who knows.what will happen..what if devimayya already created someone to send arshi's little world to make their world even more beautiful..lets see who is coming..(wink)...

In singhania mansion..two days ago arnav's dadi arrived to stay with them for week..that's because anjali went out of town to attend on of Vijay's relations marraige with him..dadi not feel like to go with them..so she decided to spend some days with her grand son and her bahu.she very happy being with arshi..

It's was really five week day..evening time..khushi reached to home after off from her work..when she enter to house first thing she saw her Nani sitting on sofa and placing hand on her cheek..she sitting there making grumpy face..beside her dadi also sitting with same grumpy face..she surprised seeing them like that..when Nani saw khushi she turn her face other side,,she rise her eyebrow seeing that..

Khushi ;(mummer silently)now what cooking in devayani singhania mind..hope not any troubles..

She slowly move and sit sit sofa..she look around and saw her parents and Mami mama missing..she asked to Nani..

Khushi:Nani where's papa mama and mama Mami?

Nani:(angry tone)I don't know..don't talk to me..

Khushi:(calm tone)Nani what happened to you now?why are you angry with me,what I did.(Nani keep silence)dadi atleast you tell me what happened ..why are you both being like this..

Dadi:(slowly)woo beta!!yesterday one if your Nani friend invited us for her grand daughter baby shower function..and we both went there today..and there she teased your Nani and me..

Khushi:(confused tone)teased means..what she said..

Dadi:(hesitated little)she said...she going to be great grand mother..even she younger to your Nani.but she going  to get great grand child..and she said your Nani and me still not passed that stage..and she said.maybe we can never expert he feeling being with grand child..and she give some doctor number to send you for a checkup..she really teased us very much front of everyone..your Nani feel really hurt and angry about this..

Khushi become silent hearing that..she look at Nani who fuming in anger..she called her softly..

Khushi:Nani ...I..

Nani:(angrily cut off her)don't said anything..it's all because of you..today she teased me and sumi because of you..I am very angry with you..

Khushi:(surprised tone)what!!but what I did..what my connection with her teasing.i don't do anything..

Nani:(little angrily )no!its was you whom to be blamed fully..it's was your fault..if you give me my grandchild on correct time.today I may not faced this.its been one year and eight months you both married..but you still don't make me grandma.you don't now from how many days I am expecting for that news..but you without thinking about baby still keep hugging your office works buisness..why you doing this to me khushi..don't you have pity on me.how many nmire years I have to wait to see my grand daughter baby..no you will not understand..you will not understand this old Nani feelings..just leave it..

Nani went from there hurtful way..dadi followed her behind.khushi standing there silently..she don't said anything.she slowly went to her room..

In Nani room..Nani sitting on bed .dadi come and sit beside her.and asked her silently..

Dadi:devayani!dont you think it's wrong to talk with khushi beta like that..I agree..we both eagerly waiting to see our grandchildren baby..but we can't force them for that na.thats was their private matters..what will they think about us..I don't like the way you shout at khushi beta..I am feeling bad for her,

Nani:(mind voice)how can I tell you..our great grand child not coming to us because my stupid grand daughter talking birth control pills..you will surely feel bad if you know this..she stopping her pregnancy..and she will not understand the importance of the baby until I shout at her..I am sure now she will think about baby..(said to dadi)you don't worry sumi ..she will not get angry with us.l(smile)and I am telling you..very soon some good news going to knock our doors.you don't worry..

Dadi:(smile dreamy way)I hope the news come soon..okay I am going to see khushi beta..(she went from there)

Nani:(praying to god)hey devimayya!!please put some brain on my grand daughter .she only have the buisness mind..make her realize her stupidness..she doing wrong thing..let my grand child come to this world.please devimayya hear my prayers..I want my grandchild,,

She left from there after praying to God.dont know what's coming next..

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Dec 10, 2017

Ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 73 times)

Upstairs in arshi room..khushi sitting on bed with lost thoughts..she thinking deeply about Nani words.somewhere she know whatever Nani said absolutely right..it's not good to stop her pregnancy..even arnav wishing for a baby..it's going to be almost two years both of them married..and already many times arnav asked her about baby..it's was she who denying the matter..somewhere she being selfish..because of her own reason she making everyone sad..when she thinking all this..she feel someone touched her shoulder.shd turn and saw dadi looking her with caring stare.

Dadi:(comforting tone)don't be upset beta.she speak all that without thinking..she just hurt by that lady words..don't take her words deeply..don't upset yourself.

Khushi:(smile normally)it's okay dadi..I am not sad about that..I know she speak all that out of anger..it's okay..I don't mind..

Dadi:(smile)it's good..I got upset the way she talk with you..(keenly)but beta try to think about the matter your Nani said..(deep words)that's not just her wish..even me to wishing to see my arnav's baby..think about it beta..

Khushi look at dadi silently and think about her words.dadi went from there after caressing her head..khushi again went to deep thoughts..

At night..after dinner..both arnav khushi came to room after having dinner with family members..in dinner time khushi,Nani,dadi not let anyone come to know about evening incident..they behave normally front of everyone..now In room..after changing the dress arnav take the laptop and start to do some office works.,khushi changed into her nighty and settle to bed..

After sometime khushi laying on her side after cheekiness few mails..she lost on her thoughts..suddenly she feel arnav kissing her neck..he slowly make her turn to his side and start to kiss her neck sucking way..she smile and grips his hair tightly..he told her romantically.

Arnav:I missed you so much khushi..it's been long time we both spend time together..

Khushi:I missed you took.its because of our works baby..now more then me you works really lot..

He agree with her..then he slowly start to remove her night gown..khushi give him support and take him to her body gladly..both of them start to love each other..

After three hours..arnav sleeping peacefully hugging khushi tightly..khushi caressing his hair and looking him with soft smile.he looking so cute when sleeping..his pouty lips so adorable to see..she think about Nani words..she look him deeply..how much he is nice and cute..then how will be their baby look..the feeling nice to her..after kissing him last time she fell to sleep..

after week..in singhania mansion..all family members taking each other in living room..today was Sunday.so all of them spending time together..then Nani said to everyone..

Nani:day after tomorrow holi festival..this year we should celebrate grandly..this is was arnav khushi's first holi.so it's was special to them..

Mami:yes sasuma..I already invites everyone for the holi festival..it's will be really fun..

Roshini:yes even I invited arnav beta family too.teo family can get lot if fun..I sm really excited..

All of family members smile happily hearing them..of course.its will be happy moment.both family joining together for a colourful festival..it's will be nice.ladies planned arrangements for holi.its was a big day after all..

Today was holy day,.all of family members already came to venue..there many people..even raizadas arrived on the time..both family really happy about being like this.they all coloured each other happily..more then anyone arshi was really happy about celebrating their first holy with whole family..now the venue going with full of fun and happiness..already many people blabbering and dancing in effect of the holy special baang..it's really enjoyable moment..raizadas and singhanias enjoying their own time there.some of their friends come and offered them the baang.before anyone dadi.,Nani start to drink the baang for race..both families start to cheer them..it's really fun..both grannies behaving like teenage girls..then on of lady offered a baang to khushi..

Women;(drunk tone)khushi beta..we all drink the baang..now only you left..it's your turn..come on drink this..

Khushi:(normally)no auntie..I don't want..I don't like to drink that..please.

Women:no.no..you can't deny this today..it's was holy day..you should drink..without baang holy will be incomplete..come one drink this..(to arnav)arnav beta ask your wife to drink this..

Arnav:(smile)khushi one glass will not effect that much.come on drink..I am here na..drink it..

Family members also asked her to drink..after think a bit she take one glass..then everything going normally.all of them enjoying their time..loud music hearing everywhere.holy party going with full of masti.suddenly khushi feel dizzy..her version getting blur..body getting weak.she held her head and try to look clearly..her head spinning..she try to be strong ..but no her version blur fully..luckily arnav standing beside her .he notice her sudden moment..suddenly she went to fall..he hurriedly catch her before falling..she become unconscious.arnav got really shock..he shout her name in panic.hearing his shout all of family members rushed towards him..seeing khushi being unconscious on his hands all got really worried.their baang effect to vanish in air..

Nani:(panic tone)hey devimayya!!what happen to my khushi..why she faint.

Ashok:(worried)before saying anything let's take her to home.i will call the doctor..(to arnav)arnav beta take her to home immediately..

Arnav hurriedly carry her to his arms and rushed to home..family members to run behind him..

In singhania mansion..all of family members restlessly standing outside of arshi room..inside the room an lady doctor checking khushi..arnav restlessly walking around..all of them hell tension ..it's been ten minutes doctor checking khushi..arnav feeling really angry and worried..all of family members looking him with same worries..finally after five minutes door got opened..and doctor came out..all of them rushed towards her..arnav asked her with lot of hyper.

Arnav:doctor what happened to my wife..why she got faint..it's she okay?there any problem?pleas say sometime.my wife okay right..

Doctor:(smile)relax mr.raizada..calm down..first give me a moment to speak..I know your are worried about your wife..but let me tell you..she is absolutely fine..

All of them left a really relief breath..now they all breathing peacefully.then arnav asked her..

Arnav:if she is fine.then why she faint.

Doctor:(smile)first tell me if she drink some baang.(arnav nodded at her)that's why she got unconscious..in this condition.its not good for her health..it's good that she drink less..otherwise she may faced critical condition..thank god she don't drink that much..

Arnav:(confused)conditions?what condition..what happen to khushi..

Doctor:(surprised tone)oh you don't know ..(he shook his head)then thus news going to be very special to you..congratulations mr.raizada you're going to be father..your wife is pregnant..

All of the family members gasps in huge shock and surprise..they just shook by the news..arnav standing like a statue without saying anything..he don't know how to react..then before anyone..Nani scream in huge joy..then dadi..both grannies hug each other in hug joy.then family members also join with them..all of them really happy ..it's was truly amazing news..anjali hugged her brother with lot of happiness..arnav then come to sense and look at the family members joyful mood...then reality stuck on his mind,,he going to be father.,khushi was pregnant..she now carrying their baby,,she now carrying his own blood..small happy smile appear on his face.he hugged anjali tightly..his eyes got moist in happiness.

arnav;di i am going to be papa..my baby di..I am going to be papa.i am so happy di.

Anjali:(broke the hug happily)ha ha chote..you going to be papa.my chote going to be papa..and I am going to be bua..I am so happy chote..

Arnav smile in lot of happiness..he don't know how to express his happiness..how many days he craved for this moment..it's finally happen..then doctor left from there after giving little interactions to family members about khushi health.now all of them just want to meet khushi..everyone rushed inside the room..

When they come inside they saw khushi laying on bed with resting head on bed board..she looking bit tired,but her face giving charming smile..looking everyone her smile got more charm..Nani and dadi hugged her tightly in huge joy..khushi smile and huger them back..they both broke the hug and Nani kissed her forehead love filled way..her eyes got moist in happiness.

Nani:you have a no idea what I a feeling right now.i am feeling like to dance in joy..it's was most memorable day in my life,,I am so happy khushi beta..you just name your old Nani happy..thank you so much..

Dadi:yes beta..even me to feeling the same..I am waiting for this moment from very long time..finally you give us this happiness .thank you so much..

Khushi smile hearing them.then anjali come and hugged her happily and congrats her whole heartily.then her parents bless her.all of them really happy..then anjali saw arnav standing on door step eagerly to meet khushi.he controlling his all emotions..she can understand his state..she then said to family members.

Anjali:okay family..we talk with babhi lot..now it's time for new parents to talk..look st my brother ..he eagerly waiting to get his wife from all ..come let's give them some time alone..

All of them look at arnav and agree with her..after kissing  her last time..all of them went from there..now there only arnav khushi present..khushi look at arnav and saw he coming  towards her.suddenly she feel shy to look him..she lower her head..he slowly come and sit beside her..both of them feeling new emotions..it's was really amazing feeling..he slowly cup her face and make her look him..both of them shared a loveable eye look..arnav slowly kissed her forehead and to.d her with little chocked tone..

Arnav:right now I don't know how to react or speak..I still can't be,I've thst..I am going to be papa..we both going to have a baby..you don't know how many days I dreamed this moment..today I am feeling out of the world.i don't know how to express my happiness..thank you so much khushi..thank you very much..you don't know what you give me..I am feeling so blessed.thank you..

He hugged her tightly out of happiness..Khushi smile and hug him back.she know how he is feeling right now..because she to feeling the same..then suddenly he remember something.he broke the hug and ask her with lot of hope..

Arnav:khushi you happy with this baby na.i mean..are you ready for this baby.you okay with this baby na..

Khushi:arnav what are you asking..of course I am happy..thus is our first baby,,truly I am happy about this..I am going to be mother arnav.so like you I am also very happy about our baby..

Arnav smile in happiness and hugged her again.both new going to be parents feel the moment deeply..after sometime both broke the hug and khushi asked him..

Khushi:arnav come keys got to downstair..I can't be here..(he try to said something)I know whet are you try to said..but let me let you something..I am completely fine..I don't need rest now.please let's go to downstair..

He smile and agree with her..then he slowly help her to get up from the bed and held her by waist then he lead her to downstair..

When thry come down.saw family members discussing about something happily..then they saw arshi coming down..Nani hurriedly rushed towards khushi and slowly bring her to sofa.after making her sit slowly she take a seat beside her..and arnav sit other side..then roshini said to her happily..

Roshini:khushi beta ..we arranged a pooja tomorrow for you and your unborn baby..I want my grand child get devimayya blessing..

Khushi:(normally)tomorrow..then what about my office..tomorrow I have a important meeting to attend,,try to keep the pooja some other day..I..

Nani:(cut off her strictly)shut up..you not going anywhere tomorrow..infect until baby born you not going to keep step on your office..what you think.i will let you go office in this condition..no way..you're not going anywhere..

Khushi:(try to argue)Nani..that's not fair..how can I be without going to office..I have to go office..please Nani let me go.

Ashok:khushi.this time I support ma.its not good to work in this condition..and the way you work forgetting everything .completely not good..I will not let you make my grand child tired.you now only need full of rest..it's enough you work these years.now it's time to take care of yourself and the baby..please hear our words..

Khushi:(little irritating way)if I take rest in home..who will take care of my office..even my office need me..who is there to look after my offices.

Arnav:(quickly )I will take care of that..(she look him)I know..I don't have that much experience in business like you..it's just small time I am being in business world..but khushi trust me..I will look after your offices ..please believe me..don't go to office in this condition..

Seeing his hopeful face she agree with him..all of them sign in relief.then suddenly someone ring the door bell..when hp open the door saw some of nani friends standing out..they all come inside..in those women.there that women also present who teased Nani on her grand daughter baby shower..family members saw these ladies and welcome then.then that lady asked to Nani..

Kamala:arre devayani what happened to your grand daughter..I got news that she faint in holy function..it's she okay..you see..I come here hurriedly after dropping my grand daughter to home.you know right she is pregnant.its not good for her to travels to much..so what happened to khushi beta..

She to,d all that with full of tease.but family members not notice that expect Nani,dadi,khushi..other people not notice her teasing talk..now it's time for Nani..

Nani:(winning smirk)thank you so much for coming here kamala.its really good to see you're this much worried about my grand daughter..so let me calm you..she is absolutely fine..infect more then fine..you don't need to worry.in fact because of her sudden faint we only got the really happy news..you know what..my grand daughter expecting her first baby,,she is pregnant now..

All of ladies shocked by Nani announcement.specially kamala..her all parts shut it hearing Nani announcement..dadi.nani look at her winning way seeing she lost her speak..then all ladies congrats the family..whole family accept their wishes happily..Nani,dadi really happy more then anyone..then after small chat the ladies left the home..then Nani told to arnav..

Nani:arnav beta take khushi to room..she need rest..already because of baang she faint.she still have that tired.take her to room beta.

Arnav agree with Nani and he hold khushi hand softly to take her to room.without saying anything she to left with him..he slowly bring her to room and make her lay in bed..he start to cares her hair softly until she sleep..already she being tired .feeling his soft cares she soon fell to sleep..he smile looking her peaceful face.how much happen just few minutes ago..he look at her flat navel.his smile got more soft looking her fast tummy.he cant believe that now inside this flat beautiful tummy his small baby living peacefully.he cares her stomach slowly without disturbs her.he feeling really new emotions which he never feel until now.the thought his baby now living inside his love tummy just amazing feeling..he now being a father to an beautiful unborn baby..what he want more then this to make him happy.he lastly cares her stomach and left the room let khushi sleep..he don't want his wife's and baby's peaceful sleep getting disturb because of him..after looking her last time with soft smile he left the room..and join with family members..

At night..after having dinner with family members.both reached to their room.today dinner went in extra joy..all of them still cheering the happy news..arnav's family already left because Vijay have some important work tomorrow..dadi left after promising she will come after few days..she don't like to go away from khushi.but for anjali she left with them..now arnav khushi On their  room.today khushi changed into cute pyjama.both joined to bed.sfter sometime arnav hugged her side side.she smile and hug him back..then he ask her softly..

Arnav:khushi can you feel our baby's presence inside you?

Khushi:(smile cares his hair)I can feel our baby arnav..baby not moving still..but the feel.there inside me..another soul breathing.starting a new life..I am feeling that every seconds,it's very beautiful feeling..I can't express that by words.thats was unique feelings,

Arnav smile and agree with her completely..then he slowly move towards her navel.khushi confused by his sudden moment,he then come to her navel and slowly start to open her shirt bottoms.he stop opening till cleavage..now her full navel visible front of him..she waiting to see what he going to do..after caressing her navel slowly he place kiss on her navel softly..khushi surprised by his act..he start to kiss her navel continuely,khushi smile and asked him softly..

Khushi:(cares his hair)baby stop it..what are you doing..why suddenly you kissing me like this.

Arnav:(playfully)correction!i am not kidding you..I am kissing my baby who living inside you..now my all kisses only for my baby.not for you..

Khushi Open her mouth hearing him.she hit him playfully..he chuckles and hugged her bare navel..

Khushi:(fake angry)ohh so this is your reality.after baby come.you even don't need me..now you only love your baby.you don't  need me anymore.

Arnav:(come towards her)hey khushi!i am just kidding you sweety..do you think after baby come I will only love our baby..I just pulled your leg.you take that seriously..for me.you always important more then anyone..my love always for you..you always come first to me before anyone.please don't get angry..

He kissed her head and hugged her tightly..khushi smile and hugged him back.both of them be like that some time,then suddenly arnav to,d her with teasing smirk,

Arnav:but khushi this much jealousy.that to on your own baby..not that much good ..please try to control your jealousy..otherwise what will happen after baby born..

Khushi pushed him away with crying pout,,arnav laugh and hugged her back ..then both of then cuddle each other and fell to peaceful sleep..both new parents sleeping looking forward about their upcoming parenthood journey,,which going to be so bless..

Next update:pregnancy period...pregnancy cravings..boy or girl..

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Jan 3, 2018

Ajeeb prem kahani (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 69 times)

Hello everyone...very sorry for the delay..I got jet lack because of the vacation to America..just last night.i got better..and first of all.wish you all very happy new year..may your all this year filled with only happiness and joy..may Allah protect you all..I wish you all very happy new year.sorry about late wishes.happy reading..

Next day morning..Khushi get up from her sleep hearing Arnav's mumbling..she look around with sleepy eyes and saw Arnav getting dress up mumbling something.she call him slowly.he quickly come towards her and help her to sit carefully.khushi asked him with sleep voice.

Khushi:Arnav .where are you going this early morning,you still have a time to go office..

Arnav:not me..we are going.i take a appointment from a doctor for to check up fully.i soon want to know you and my baby healthy enough or not.there many things we have to do.after doing check up,we will ask doctor to give your daily routine..after dropping you to home.i can go to office.(she try to speak)now I am not going to hear anything.get ready quickly and carefully.we are going to hospital now.come on.

Khushi sigh hearing him and get up slowly to go washroom.arnav slowly held her from waist and take her to washroom.

In living room.family members saw Arnav Khushi coming down holding hands.they straightly join to dinning table with family members.arnav slowly make her sit and take sit beside her.then all of them start to have breakfast..then Arnav informed them now their going to hospital for check up.family members smile hearing him.then Nani said to Arnav..

Nani:Arnav bets you remember na.today I arranged pooja for Khushi and for the baby,and it's will be good.if you also present in pooja.after all you are father of the baby.so please try to come from office today little early..

Arnav:(smiling tone)sure Nani.i will come to pooja.

Then all had the breakfast and arshi left to hospital after bid bye to family.

Both of them reached to hospital..being a VIP .their appointment come firstly.both of them enter to Doctor cabin .its was lady Doctor.she smile at them and greet them smiling way.

Doctor:hello mr and Mrs. Raizada ..it's nice to meet you both..please have a seat.what you want me to do..

Arnav:hello Doctor,.i come here to do my wife's body check up..actually she is pregnant..so I want to know she and my baby healthy enough or not.so please do her full check up.

Doctor:oh congratulation both of you..you dont worry mr.raizada..I will completely check your wife.mrs.raizada please come with me.

Doctor take justice to check up room.arnav waiting out in cabin.he feeling little nervous inside.he don't know what result going to be,after 20 minutes later.khushi came out from the room.and sit beside Arnav.doctor take her seat and Arnav quickly start his questions..

Arnav:what happen Doctor..it's everything okay.it is our baby okay..it's they both enough healthy..it's my wife enough healthy to carry our baby..

Doctor:(smile)relax mr.raizada..calm down..I can see how much you worried about your wife and baby..but let me tell you.your both wife and baby was healthy.you don't need to worry.they both perfectly healthy.i will write some vitamin medicine for her.keep her relaxed.dont let her do any hard works.mske her stress free how much you can..

Arnav very relaxed hearing Doctor words.doctor then give him prescription to Arnav .he take that and get a serious advice from Doctor about khushi's health.after that both of them came out from Doctor cabin.they board to car,sand Arnav said to Khushi.

Arnav:can I tell you something..when I come here.i was very nervous thinking about your health state.i don't know what will be the result,now only I am feeling really relief knowing you being healthy.

Khushi:(smile)I know about your nervous..you don't need to worry about anything..we both really healthy.you don't worry.

He smile at her.then both of them left from there.

AR.company.after drppping Khushi to home,Arnav reached to his company..everyone greet him respectfully..he have a small smile on his face.his friends gang notice his new happiness.thry all don't ask anything front of other employees.arnav enter to his cabin and call his all friends together on cabin.they all come inside..armaan asked him..

Armaan:what's the matter ASR,anything important..

Rahul:yes ASR .anything we should know.

Arnav:(smile)for some minutes ..just be my only friends,I want to share something important news with you all.

Armaan:(smile)what's news Arnav.tell na..

Arnav:I am going to be papa.khushi is pregnant with our first child,

All of them gasps in big surprises,,next second they all take take Arnav bone crush hug.thry all hug him gangly.they all really happy.all of them congrats him whole heartily..armaan said to him happily.

Armaan:wow Arnav.its really fantastic news..you going to be father.god.i am really happy for you.

Payal:yes Arnav Ji..we all really happy for you..

Riddima:and I am very excited about the new arrival.just think.junior Arnav or Khushi going to come.oh I am so excited..

They all share Arnav's happiness together.and they informed him after office end.they will come to meet Khushi,then after sometime they all back to their world happily.arnav to do his works happily.he eagerly looking forward about his fatherhood.

Four months later...

AR company.khushi enter to office with glowing face.she wearing long full sleeve length gown with stylish braid.she have a phone on her hand with headphones..employees really surprised seeing her suddenly.and more surprising seeing her four month growing pregnant belly.she looking really cute with her little belly.they all really shocked seeing her like this.they never know she was pregnant.but have to said.she looking glamour in this state also.she slowly moves towards Arnav's cabin.models and females stuffs are looking her jealously.and mans are jealous about Arnav's luck.she come to Arnav's cabin and open his cabin door.she saw he looking some file seriously..she smile and told him playfully.

Khushi:knock knock!!!may I coming ASR.hope you not disturbed because of me..

Arnav starlet hearing khushi's voice.he look up and saw his glowing wife looking at him smiling way.he smile at her happily and hurriedly move towards and hug her happily.she hugged him back.she hugged him back.he then broke the hug and take her inside the cabin,make her sit on his seat.he sit on knees and hold her hands.she asked him to sit on chair.but he deny and kissed her hands.he cares her hands and asked her caringly.

Arnav:Khushi why this sudden arrival,if you called me.i will come to pick you na.why you come alone.

Khushi:it's okay Arnav..I come here safely only.actually today I come out to go my office.there some important work come which need my presence.i thought to inform you.but I come by myself thinking .its been four months lastly I get some office work.i got very bored being on home without doing anything.thats why I come.already I finished that work.so thought to meet you in going way.

Arnav:(smile and kissed her fingers)it's okay baby.but don't try to travel often.you know right.its not good for both of you.if you again get any works please tell me.i will do that for you.

Khushi smile and agree with him.hd then order a Mango juice for Khushi.one of their office female stuff come there to give the juice,when she enter inside she goes up in shock seeing her boss being knees from of his wife,he got up and slowly feed the juice to Khushi with lot of patience.thst girl still looking them shocking way.arnav sense her presence still and ask her with boss tone.

Arnav:do you want me send up you grandly miss.kapoor ..(she shook her head quickly)then get out,,

She run from there quickly..Khushi chuckles seeing her reaction..she look at Arnav who again changed his expression to soft.she smile seeing he being perfect boss for flirty staffs.who just dying to fall on his lap.then she finished her juice and get up from the seat..

Arnav:hey where are you try to go..I will drop you on home.

Khushi:;(smile)no..I want to look around your office,I don't come here after company opening.let me look around your office.

Arnav:(smile)you talking like you never seen this office.its was you who build this.anyway come let me show you the office..

Khushi:no no..you continue your works..I can roam alone.(he try to said something)I know why you trying to said.let me tell you.i am find.and I can take care of myself.don't worry .

Arnav agree with her after thinking bit.he slowly hold her by waist and take her out of the cabin.he bring her to ground floor and left her there after kissing her forehead.employees look at their lovely dovely scenes with jealousy,adores,sad..she smile and take a tour around office.she meet their friends gang,and spend quality time with them.she take her lunch or office itself.and enjoy her time in office..

At night.after having dinner with family.arnsv Khushi come to their room.after getting changed to night dress.arnav make Khushi lay on bed and start to massage her legs with oil.she walk lot today.he massaging her legs softly and sweetly.khushi enjoying his pampering ..she really enjoying his massage.then suddenly she notice Arnav looking little lost.she can sense he thinking about something deeply.she asked him with soft tone.

Khushi:shona..what are you thinking this much deeply.you can tell me baby.

Arnav:Khushi can I ask you something.(she node)are you upset with the thing .you not going to office because of our baby..(she rise her eyebrow)I mean..o know you was really workaholic person..you can't be on home without going to office,suddenly everything changed.are you upset about that,are you angry with me?

Khushi:(smile)it's true whatever you saying,I was very workaholic person.before the marriage.i just lived for the works..in fact I deny to get married because of my business..but everything changed after marriage ..but to my surprise I accept the change really well.i don't know how will be the marriage life go.but because of you our marriage life going really smoothly.now it's was second chapter of our life,every girl have to experience this moment on their life.because I am workaholic..I can't run from this,and also I already experienced being as big business tycoon. I explored this world how much I can.i can proudly can said.i achieved many things on my life.so it's time for me to experience and feel the motherhood,I was queen in fashion industry..it's time for me to mother to my child,so I don't upset or angry about this.you don't need to confuse your mind thinking all this.i am very happy about my pregnancy and really happy bring on home 24 hours with whole family.so please don't think all this..I am perfectly okay..

Arnav look at her with with sweet smile..his head just melts hearing khushi's talks.his heart spread with only happiness now.he was really happy about khushi's understanding ..he kissed her legs sweetly and slowly come towards her belly,he cares her belly and kissed her caringly.he slowly told to their baby..

Arnav:baby you got really loving and caring mother who loving you dearly.she love both of us dearly.you really lucky to get her as your mother.i am so happy for you.(kiss again)come to this world soon my baby.we eagerly waiting to see you.i love you very ..

He kissed her again and place his face on navel.khushi smile and cares his hair sweetly,both parents sleep peacefully talking with their unborn baby.who also sleeping peacefully inside his/her mother womb hearing her/his parents talks...

After month..late might night..Khushi get up from her sleep suddenly.she look beside saw Arnav sleeping holding her hand,she try to get up.arnav wake up feeling her moments..he look at Khushi wondering way..he asked her softly..

Arnav:what happen Khushi.where are you try to go..do you need something.

Khushi:Arnav I am feeling like to have ice cream now..I want ice cream Arnav .that to right now..

Arnav sigh hearing her demand.correction.prengnancy cravings..it's not new.her pregnancy craving start from her four month.he always be prepared for her sudden demands..he somewhere enjoy her cravings ..he love to do all this to her.he told her softly.

Arnav:okay you wait here.i will bring ice cream for you..

Khushi:(cute tone)no Arnav,.i want to have ice cream going out..take me out..

Arnav:(little shocked)what!you want to go out..are you serious.no Khushi you can't go out this time.do you know how much cold outside.no Khushi,,please..you can eat ice cream here.not outside ..

Khushi:(cute stubborn tone)no!no!no!..I want to have ice cream going out..that to right now.if you don't take me.i will not sleep whole night.and stop talking with you.

She fold her hands on waist and sit on bed adamantly..Arnav sigh looking her,he don't know what to do now.its late might night.going out totally not good for her.but looking her stubborn face.he think what to do..suddenly a idea click on his mind..he take his phone quickly and called someone,after two minutes.he take warm soft shawl from cupboard and wrapped her comfortably..he take her to arms carefully without hurting her belly.he take out of the home..

They both closed the house door half.khushi saw there a nice cream truck parked front of house gate.she surprised seeing that.she look at the place.there already two chair arranged for them.she smile seeing all that.she look at Arnav who looking her with soft smile.he make her sit on chair and order the ice cream for her.arnav smile looking she excitingly eating the ice cream like a cute child.she fulfilled her cravings..Arnav admire her cuteness.after become pregnant he witness many faces on Khushi.which he still unknown..he enjoying all the moment with her.she happily finished the ice cream and hug Arnav side way.

Khushi:thank you so much Arnav..you are world best husband..I love you very much..

Arnav:I love you too.come it's enough you be outside.come lets go..you need to sleep.

He ask the truck to go.then he carry her again and take her inside the house.he bring her to room and make her lay on bed and lay beside her.khushi hug him comfortably and fall to sleep feeling his cares.he smile seeing her sleeping figure he to fell to sleep after kidding her last time..

Two more months went fastly..Arnav Khushi just enjoying her pregnancy period..now Khushi on her seven month.her belly growing really well.she looking really cute with her pregnant belly.she put much weight because of pregnancy..now she looking like a chubby doll.whole family pampering her dearly,nowadays Arnav not letting her step out of even in bed.in face she got under little being on bed without doing anything.but in the same time.he make her follow the daily routine correctly,he taking of her like.she was a glass doll.his mind roaming around her whole day.he now going the office works in house itself.he don't want to leave her alone.thanks to his friends.who helping him really on office works..his mind just now filled with Khushi and their baby.just three more months to go..after that their baby going to join them.now days khushi's mood swings playing different ways.sometime she was happy.sometime sad.and most of the time demanding and angry..she was very stubborn these days,no one can judge her mood.whole family always be alert about her ..but must said.those things also some enjoyment for them.they feeling really happy to see the Khushi singhania whole rule the fashion world now front of them behaving like a pure baby.all of them taking care of her like baby.now all of them just waiting for the baby arrival.

One fine morning day..Khushi taking rest on room.she having grumpy expression on face.she feeling so irritated being on room like this.she is getting bore.doctor give her strict instructions to not step out of the room.she was now seven month pregnant..she now just need full time rest and correct time healthy foods..she don't have anything to do.when she thinking all this.her dadi ,Nani,ma,and mami come to room with tray of full foods.they smile seeing her frown face.all move and sit beside her.khushi look at them with grumpy face.roshini asked her sweetly.

Roshini:what my daughter and grandchild doing..you both find right.

Khushi:we both very angry with you all..

Dadi:(surprised tone)arre beta..what we did.we are just trying our best to keep you both happy.

Khushi:(frown tone)happy!you saying this happy.putting us alone in this room.you saying this happy.you all enjoying time together.here no one talk with us.how can we happy.

Ladies giggle  hearing her cute complaint.then they all start to feed her different dishes.khushi slowly eating all the food..they all feeding her with lot of love.after making her eat.they all spend time with her to make her boring to go.she to spend time with them.soon her irritation went.and become normal..

After week..singhania mansion getting decorated line a bride.looking everywhere filled with flowers and lights.Arnav rushing everywhere to see its everything arranged perfectly or not..he don't want any single mistake to happen.or what.after all it's was his wife first baby shower.todays is special day for her.he don't want anything to happen wrong way which will upset her.he looking after everything perfectly.then Ashok and mama asked him to look after Khushi who getting ready on room.he smile and went to look his wife,

He enter to room ..next second he mesmerized by the view front of him.he looking his wife without blinking,who wearing dark grey colour full sleeve lehenga with lite weight jewels.she putting duppatta on head.she actually looking like a bride.she not having that much make up on face.just a eyeliner and little lipstick..her cheeks already natural red.he feeling like.she looking more beautiful then their wedding day.she doing last touch up.khushi look at Arnav through mirror.she saw he looking her without blinking,she smile at him gorgeously.he slowly come and hug her from behind.he told her in husky voice.

Arnav:do you know.how much you looking gorgeous right now..you out of the world today.i was feeling like I am looking you first time..

Khushi:you don't need to put this much big ice on my head Arnav..

Arnav:(confused tone) what you mean by that,when I put ice on you..

Khushi:I have to said..you really amazing lair.you finding me beautiful in this stage..do you know.i almost increase 10 kilogram..I am not beautiful anymore.i am looking like fat pumpkin.dont lie Arnav.even I am not perfect for you now..

Arnav:(little angry tone)don't ever said like this again..how can you said such a big word.i don't care how you looking.you fat or thin.i always love you the way I loving you now.my love for you never change,and you being like this because of the pregnancy..after baby born.you can turn to your early size.but never ever said you not perfect for me.i will not tolerate that.

Khushi:(calming tone)okay.!okay!arnav..relax,.i am sorry.dont get serious.okay come on relax.dont be angry today..I don't want our baby witness her/his ever cool father get angry.come on smile now..

She kissed his cheek and hugged him side way,he calm down and hugged her back..then roshini Nani come to take Khushi downstairs to function..Arnav slowly make her stand and bring her to downstairs..

Next update:delivery..boy or girl..fight..

Hello guys..hope you all find..want to said.the next update of ajeep prem kahani going to be last update of the story.next update going to have the happy ending.after that maybe in a week.season two will be start with new storyline..I believe you all will love that story to,I need your all support badly guys..please votes me lot and comment my stories..next stories update will be come after getting good votes for this update.i will update my others stories update soon if you all vote correctly..hope you all support me completely..Allah hafiz...

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Fabulous update
Jan 29

Ajeeb prem kahani (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 64 times)

After three months..nowadays whole family being alert every time..because now Khushi on her last eight month Period.and Doctor asked their bring her anytime.she still have a time for delivery..but all of them be alert every time.and Arnav..he is not moving from Khushi for a second..he scared to leave her anywhere alone.infact he is not going for a washroom leaving her alone.sometime family members think he is crazy.but in the same time they can understand his state?its was his first baby ..so obviously he will get scared and nervous...now whole family waiting for the moment .when they will welcome the new arrival.

One fine evening time..Khushi sitting on recliner in poolside.and she knitting a baby sweater with soft smile.its was her full time work now .More then knitting she don't do anything.already she make a dresses in different style.actually she got quite interesting on knitting.so she doing that as full time job.when she lost on her knitting.arnav come there with full of fruits filled plate.he smile seeing she all lost on knitting sweater for their baby.how much blissful this whole eight months.he experienced many things on his life.now there just some more days for his baby come to this world.he feeling so excited and desperation.and the pregnancy period with Khushi just memorable.the way she suddenly demanding for something.and her childishness..her cuteness,and importantly she glowing she have on her face because of pregnancy just adorable to see.sometime he laugh thinking about the Khushi he met before the marriage.she gives new life to him.and make him part of this modern world.and now she going to give birth to part on his life,he promised himself firmly.khushi already did everything to him as perfect wife.now it's time for him to be good husband to her and responsibility fatter for their unborn baby.and he will keep this promise whole life.his thoughts broke by his phone.its was alarm.its time for Khushi to eat the fruits as per diet chart,with charming smile he move and sit beside her.he smile seeing she still not noticed his presence.she looking so adorable on her pink half length comfy gown with soft jewels.she looking so adorable with her pregnant belly.he take the sweater from her hand and start to feed her fruits..Khushi munch that with poker face.and told him cutely.

Khushi:Arnav it's not fair ..how much happily I keep knitting sweater for our baby.and you stopped that.you really bad.

Arnav:(rise eyebrow)really madam..if I am bad.then what about you,you still don't eat fruits and keeping our baby hungry..without giving food to baby you keep knitting.you to really bad.and let me remain you.you still not take your vitamins tablets.

Khushi bite her tongue hearing him.she try to look away.this is worst part in her pregnancy.taking medicine..she feel like to run away whenever she take medicines.arnav smile looking her sulky face.he know what she thinking now.and he smirk seeing she started her daily excuses..

Khushi:arnsv why I need to take those medicine still.you know it's bad to take medicine continually.i think we should stop taking these medicines.

Arnav:(smile)really sweety.but even I know vitamin tablets are important for pregnant ladies.and also you taking medicine given by Doctor.so I don't think it's bad for you.and also it's enough of your excuses.i know why you saying all this.so come on.eat this Frits and like good girl have the medicine,

Khushi:(frown face)you really bad Arnav.you don't care about me anymore.you just following the doctor advice.(touch her belly)baby did you hear.your papa doesn't care about your ma anymore.see now also he not stopping giving that bitter pills.ask your papa to stop torturing your ma.

Arnav:(smile and kissed her belly softly)oh oh..baby don't hear your ma's complaints.you know right ..whatever I am doing only for your ma's goodness..ask her to understand papa's intention.you agree with your papa na my baby..

Suddenly junior raizada kicked from inside ma's belly.khushi opened her mouth feeling the kick.arnav got proud smile on his face seeing his baby agree with him.he told Khushi in winning tone.

Arnav:did you see..even our baby agree with me.its you who always keep yelling me..

Khushi:(sarcasm tone)or what can I expect from junior raizada..even she/he have the father blood right.so obviously you both will be like same..he/she will take your side only..

Arnav laugh heart out hearing her cute complaints.she made a poker face seeing he laugh at her.he cupped her both cheeks and told her with so much love..

Arnav:you're so cute Khushi..I just can't get enough of you.i just love you so much.

He kissed her cheek with so much love.khushi smile hearing his words.its so nice to be with him like this.she hugged him side way.and rest her head on his chest.he hugged her back foundly.and slowly with much patience start to feed her fruits.and their baby enjoying feeling his/her parents warmth together.their baby just love when his/her parents be together.the little family just spending their time peacefully..

After few days ...as usual Arnav Khushi come to their room after having dinner with family.everything going as usual.arnav come out from washroom after changed to night dress.and after that Khushi went to washroom.arnav waiting for Khushi to come.after few moment suddenly Arnav jerked hearing Khushi scream from inside.he rushed to washroom in jet speed.he look inside and the view front of him make his breath stop.he shout her name in panic.khushi laying on washroom holding her belly in pain.she shouting in pain.arnav hurriedly take her to downstairs..

Family members come in panic way hearing Khushi painful yelling sounds.all of them saw Arnav carrying Khushi out in hurry.soon everyone rushed behind him.he place Khushi in car carefully ..roshini mami quickly board to car and support Khushi.arnsv quickly start the car and rushed from there.other side Ashok mana,Nani,dadi.board to another car and follow them behind.

Khushi carrying yelling in unbearable pain.roshini mami try to sooth her.but she is bearing the labour pain.no one can stop that.arnav so restless hearing khushi's yell and cry.he hurt seeing tears coming from her eyes..he can't stop her tears.he driving the car fastly.next two minutes he reached to hospital.already there doctors waiting to get Khushi.after he reached ..soon doctors make her lay on stature and move the way to ward room.she crying in more pain.when more time passing.her pain increasing more.arnav coming with her holding hands..she yelling in hard pain.

Khushi:I can't Arnav..I am feeling like dying..I can't bear this pain.i really can't Arnav.ahhhhhh....ahhhhhhhhhh...please do something..ahhhhhhh..I can't bear this pain anymore..

Arnav:try to calm her)please Khushi ...please..try to control your pain.just for minutes Khushi..please Khushi.please try to bear it..

He was really restless and scared.his heart beating loudly hearing Khushi scream crying.and finally ward come and doctors take her inside.soon Ashok with other members joined with them.arnav walking around in uncontrollable restless.he don't know what to do now.hearing khushi's crying sound from inside his heart crying in so much pain.he know this day will come.and from very long time he prepared himself for this moment.but now when being on the situation just making him very weak.he can't think about anything expect Khushi.why women need to bear this much big pain to give the birth.its so horrible..truly.its was really unique..it's was moment for every women to reborn.hearing khushi's scream his body shivering in sacredness.he walking around so restlessly.family members try to relax him.but he can't get relax hearing khushi's scream..dadi cares his hair and make him still on chair.soon he hugged her tightly ..he spoke out in restless.

Arnav:I feeling very nervous dadi.i can't bear my Khushi cry.she bearing this much pain dadi.i am angry on myself for putting their on this state.because of me today she is on this condition..why can't baby born without giving pain to her.she is bearing so much pain dadi.i can't do anything to sooth her pain.

Dadi:(smile hearing him)you really child Arnav..bearing the pain when giving birth was very natural thing.and every women need to experience this pain on their life.motherhood not easy matter Arnav.we women give birth to babies almost witnessing the death line.its reborn moment for us.but you know what.thats will be best experience on every single women life.after bearing almost dead pain.our all pains just fly away after looking the baby face.automatically we feel proud about ourselves.the feel that we give birt to another life just make us forget every single pain we bear.now just think about your baby.who going to arrive to this world after some minutes..just be strong Arnav.nothing will happened to Khushi beta.just be strong",

Arnav feeling little better after hearing dadi words.he keep waiting counting the seconds.he sweating hearing Khushi screams,he wish to finish all this soon..after two minutes an fresh new baby cry sound come from ward room.arnav hurriedly got up hearing the sound.smile appear on his face automatically .his body shaking in excitement..family members smiling happily hearing baby's sound.all eagerly waiting for door to open..after few minutes door got opened.and Doctor came out with happy face.arnav rushed to her with eagerness ..Doctor smile and told him happily.

Doctor:congratulations mr.raizada..you become proud father to a cute baby boy..

Arnav smile in huge happiness..he jumping in joy..everyone smile seeing his happiness.he asked Doctor in one go..

Arnav:Doctor everything okay na..both of them alright na..it is Khushi okay..it my baby okay..it's he enough healthy.there nothing to worry na..can I meet them..

Doctor:(smile)your both wife and son enough healthy.nothing to worry about them.and you can meet them after we shift them to normal ward..don't worry everything fine..

Arnav's happiness become double hearing this.then Doctor left from there ..soon family members hugged and congrats him happily.arnav accept all of their wishes gladly.lastly dadi hugged him happily.she kissed him forehead..and he told her with joy..

Arnav:dadi can you believed,I am now proud father to my little son.i can't believe finally my baby come.i am father now dadi..I am so happy.

Dadi smile and bless him whole heartily.soon family members informed this to Anjali and Arnav's friends..now all of them just waiting to meet the mother and son.finally Doctor give permission to meet her.with a second all of them rushed to ward room.arnav first on opened the door.next moment he went melt seeing the scene front of him..

Khushi laying in bed with full of tired face.but an sweet smile playing on her face.and an blue colour bundle placed beside her.and she very protectively covering that with her hand..Arnav gulping hardly seeing that.he slowly move towards Khushi.her smile wider even more seeing him.he slowly sit beside her.next second he take her to warm hug.she smile and hugged him back with one hand.he told her with helpless tone..

Arnav:enough..I can't look at you like this again..this is first and last time.i can't anymore ..I don't want another baby..

Khushi:(laugh hearing him)don't be silly Arnav..it's natural..and you know what.my all pain just vanish away like air when I see our baby..I forget my all pain.now I am feeling like in heaven,

Arnav surprised hearing her.so whatever dadi said really true.then suddenly Khushi cupped his cheek and slowly turn his stare to her beside.arnav shivering to see that side.when finally he look and next moment he stunned seeing the creation front of him.his eyes soon got emotional tears..

An cute little bundle of baby wrapped fully in comfy towel carefully.arnav feeling so emotional seeing his own creation front of him.his baby boy sleeping so peacefully under his mother warmth.its very memorable moment for him.his drop of tears fell on baby's cheek.and he shirk on sleep.arnav quickly wipe his tears drop from baby cheek carefully.and his whole body feel shiver feeling the soft baby skin for first time..he smiling feeling all this.he slowly cares his baby face with tumb.he feeling so excited.arnav observing the baby so keenly.he having the look of both of them.his jaw and lips like Arnav's..and cheeks and skin likes khushi's.he have their both looks..he so happy to see that..

Khushi looking her husband acts Keenly.she smile knowing what he feeling now.his all emotions clearly written on his face..

She slowly take baby to her hand ..Arnav gasps seeing she very casually lifting the baby.he hurriedly support his son head.

Arnav:Khushi please lift him slowly..he just born.he must be feel pain.don't crush him.

Khushi:(chuckles)babies never crushed by their parents..and also I know how to handle the baby.i am not scared like you.

He shut his mouth hearing that.then family members come inside,all of them really excited seeing the baby.dasi and Nani soon take their first great grandchild on their hands.whole family surrender around the baby.all of them start to pamper their new member.arnav Khushi smile seeing family happy faces.and Arnav really surprised to see they all lifting his baby so casually without any nervousness.truth to be said.he feeling really nervous to lift the baby.his son looking like woolly ball.he is so soft and small.he don't have guts to lift the baby.now all of them mood of joy..

After two days..night..yesterday evening Khushi come from hospital..soon their baby boy settled on house.arnav already arranged every necessary things from his son.their room now fully filled with his son things..the full two days whole family time with their son.all of them can't get enough from his cute baby.and even Anjali stay with her husband on singhania mansion.just for the baby.arnav 's friends also come and showered baby with dozens if gifts.and our junior raizada winning everyone hearts with just his cutie face..these two days ladies teach Khushi how to feed the baby and how to handle everything.and as good mother Khushi learn all that super fastly.arshi to setter on their parenthood perfectly,Arnav looking after his son needs very well.but nothing disturbing Khushi very much.he still not lifted their son.its really irritating her.she have to stop this.with those events their two days went smoothly,

Now night time..after having the dinner in room itself arshi settled to bed with their son.suddenly baby started to cry on his baby voice.khushi quickly take him  to lap knowing he must be hungry.she quickly opened her shirt bottom and start to feed her baby.soon he take her nipple to mouth and start to have the milk with eagerness.arnav sigh seeing the most favorite view of in the world.his wife giving milk to his son.now he feeling like he don't need anything on his life more then his little family.he sit beside Khushi and rest his head on her shoulder and look at their son with lovely smile who having his mother milk smoothly.khushi smile looking Arnav..he sweetly told her.

Arnav:this is enough for me Khushi.i feel like I am complete now.i don't need anything more.you me and our baby.our small magical world.i don't need anything more then this happiness.thank you so much for giving this happiness to me Khushi.thank you so much.

She smile hearing him.baby finish drinking his milk.after patting his back without saying anything.she place him on Arnav lap.arnav gasps feeling the baby on his lap.he don't know how to react.khushi slowly take his both hands and place on baby and make him take the baby on hands fully.must said its was proud moment for Arnav..having his own creation on hand just making him strong in pride.he carrying the baby perfectly now.now he feeling the real proudness as father.his heart jumping in real joy.khushi ask him softly.

Khushi:how you feeling Shona?

Arnav:I don't have words to describe my emotions Khushi.i just can say thank you.i am so bless to get you Khushi.thank you so much for coming into my life..

Khushi:(kiss his chin)thanks to you too.because of you I experienced all this.because of you now I am proud mother to an cute little boy.its my joyful moment.(they both smile )okay ..do you select any name for our son.donyou have any names on your mind.(he nodded)what's that name..

He look at his son and kissed his forehead sweetly.and he proudly announce..

Arnav:aatharv!!!..aatharv singh raizada...Arnav Khushi ka aatharv.how it is?

Khushi:(happily)superb!!! I just loved the name.aatharv..look how cutely it's sounding.so his name is aatharv singh raizada..

Both of them kissed the baby cheek together ..and look at their baby face with so much dreams..it's not the end,.its was start of new life.arnav Khushi ka new parenthood life.both of them thinking how their this magical journey started.an powerful business women who always keep running away from marriage got meet with an sweet innocent halwali man.both of their track got mingle in name of sweet arranged marriage,the girl who hated the marriage start to love her innocent husband unconditionally..and he to loved her back with same love.their life went so smoothly.even some problems came on their ways.but their strong love just passed all the problems bravely.now their new life stated as parents.and both looking forward for this new start.and their this ajeeb prem kahani going to start another journey..with God blessings we to wish them have a wonderful journey....

                                      !!!!HAPPY ENDING!!!!!!!

Oh oh...finally...finally I completed my on of story..actually it's was little emotional moment for me.i can't believe  that I become writer and completed on of story..and guys I can't achieve this without your all support..dozens of thank you for all who keep supporting me..and going to support me on future..I can't express my emotions with words..thank you so much guys..may Allah Keep you all happy always..keep supporting me..and keep loves me.without you all I can't do anything..once again thank you for all that loves and supports...

Insha Allah I will start the season two next week ...I hope the way you all support me on my other stories will support my this story too..I will update my other stories update after two days importantly pyaar kiya tho darna kya and jab tak hai jaan...I can't constraint on those stories because of other stories..don't worry I will update after two days.and will give other two updates after updating these stories update..be happy and keep rocking..Allah hafiz...

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Fantastic update..
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