ajeeb prem kahani

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May 4

Ajeeb prem kahani.... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 61 times)

Anjali:aree bhabi.why are you standing there.come inside..

khushi:(smile)it's okay.i just come to see arnav...

dadi:arnav you go then.see khushi beta waiting for you...

arnav get up from her lap.but khushi stop him.

khushi:(smile)no dadi ji.its okay.i just come to look after him.thats all.(to arnav)you talk with them.i'll go to our room.

arnav:it's okay khushi..I'll come.

khushi:(smile sweetly)no Shona .you be with them.i will go..you spend your time with them.

arnav:but khushi....

khushi:baby I am saying na.you spend time with them.when you felt sleep.then you comes to our room okay.

arnav:(smile cutely)okay khushi..

she smile at him and left from there.he again lay in dadi lay and felt her cares.dadi anjali smile seeing him.

after four...arnav still didn't come to room.its almost midnight.khushi thought to check him.she left to dadi room.her room just two rooms away from dadi room.when she enter to dadi room.he saw arnsv sleeping in dadi lap.he sleeping with cute frown pout...she knows the meaning of his sad pout....he missing her warmth in sleep.she smile thinking that.anjali dadi saw her.they both smile at her.she to smile back.anjali say to her sarcasm way...

anjali:see bhabi..your husband not ready to get up from my dadi lap.its been two hours he sleeping like this.he not ready to get up now.

khushi chuckles hearing her funny complaint.dadi to mile.she cares arnav hair caring and tell to khushi with smile.

dadi:it's been long time na.he sleeping in my lap.thats the reason he sleeping this much.(laugh softly)but I don't know how  I am going to sleep.

khushi:(smile)don't worry dadi.i'll get him.

anjali:I don't think so bhabi.i already try to wake up him.but he not ready to wake up.

khushi:(smile)I know how to wake him.

anjali look her with confused.khushi smile at her.she slowly move towards arnav.and sit beside dadi.she cares his hair and call him softly and lovingly.


arnav:(in sleep)hmmmm.

khushi:Shona please open your eyes.

arnav:(moan)hmmm no....

khushi:okay Shona then come with me..we will go to our room.

he moan in sleep and slowly moves to khushi lap.she cares his hair.and call him softly.

khushi:come Shona...come..we will go to our room...come baby...come..you're my Shona na...come...

he slowly hug her in sleep.she get up from the bed slowly taking him.he to get up from the bed.she hug him tightly and slowly start to move.after wish to dadi anjali good night.she take him from there.anjali dadi shocked to see how she take hi from there.their eyes unknowgly got moist seeing her limitless love towards arnav.eith lot of happiness they both sleep in their rooms.

mon day morning...arshi room...arnav walking here there in room...khushi sleeping in bed..today arnav first day to go collage..from night itself he don't get sleep.for hours he roaming around the room.he feeling very nervous.early he very eager to go collage..now when the day comes he feeling nervous.he look at khushi sleeping figure with cute sad pout..

arnav:look at her...how peacefully she is sleeping...here I am eating my own mind..she don't have any tension.i don't k ow how she getting sleep leaving me in this situation.

he blabbering continuely.his blabber disturb khushi sleep.she open her eyes lazily and look at him confusingly.

khushi:(sleepy tone)arnav what happened..why are you blabbering like this...

He sit beside her and say to her with sulky face.

arnav:or what khushi..today first time I am going to collage..I am feeling very tension..but you sleeping so peacefully...

khushi laugh lightly gearing his sweet complaint..she cup his face and tell him softly...

khushi:there nothing going to happen that you feeling tensions.you just going to join in collage.thats all.for this you are getting tension..

arnav:(hide his face on her neck)I know that khushi.this is not big matter.but still I am feeling nervous.this is first time for me.i don't know how I going to handle my new life.

khushi:(cares his hair)you don't have to worry for anything arnav..every person felt nervous when they go to collage first time.this is very natural.but remember one think always.i am here for you every time..whenever you needs me.i will support you surely.i am there to help you..just relax.and welcome your life new chapter gladly.

he felt very peace after hearing her words.she get up from the bed to fresh up.after she come.arnav go to fresh up.time now getting near.they both getting ready.khushi wear dark brown colour coat suit.and she made her hair to big curls.she take her handbag with sun glasses.and put high heal shoe.now she fully ready.arnav wear v cut full sleeve t shirt.with tight jeans.his hard masacls are try to come out from his t shirt.he is looking so hot.no doubt..he going to make every girls in collage fall on his feet today..now they both ready.arnav take his bag and they both left to living room.

in living room..everyone already waiting for arshi.when they saw arshi coming down they all few. Minutes fall in love with their matching.they both looking so perfect.anjali dadi looking them without blinking.they all feeling so happy to see. Them like this.then arshi join to family members.they all move to dinning table.today breakfast Nani special.she made so many items for everyone.mainly for arnav.al of them take the breakfast with usual chats.today chats specially about arnav collage.they all encourage him.now he feeling his nervous going away little by little.

now its time to go.now all of them standing in living room.he take everyone blessings.lastly dadi.she feed him curd with sugar.and wish him whole heartly.he hug anjali she to hug him back whole face smile.

anjali:all the very best chote..

arnav smile at her.thrn arshi left from the home..

in car.they both driving silently.he thinking about his first day.she to thinking about same.then after 30 minutes.they both reachs to collage.arnav look at his collage with dreamy eyes.finally he comes.she park the and came out.still have time to collage start.so there no students present.only workers.and teachers.khushi held husband and move towards principal room.in going way she make him look around.already everyone looking them with shocked and surprised reaction.in frustration stare itself they all regonise khushi.but their question is who is he.....after taking all stares and glares they both reachs to dean room.

Dean already waiting for them.when he saw khushi.he get up and greet her respect fully.

dean:welcome miss.khushi singhania....nice to meet you..

khushi:(small smile)nice to meet you to sir...

then they three sit dorm..dean ask some worker to bring drinks for Them.

khushi:I already talk about everything with you na.this is arnav Singh raizada...my husband..

dean look both of them with great shock.khushi sigh seeing his reaction.

khushi:sir ..this is very private matter.no one knows that my husband going to study..I believes that.you will keep this privately.

dean:(come out from shock)yes of course.i will keep this secretly.no outsider will come to know about this....and this is our luck that khushi singhania husband going to study in our collage..this is very big matter to us.thanks to you for this.you select our collage for your husband..

next update:new friends...bold arnav intimate act..

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May 8

Ajeeb prem kahani.... (By Fathimasumaiya19)

Khushi smile at him.juice arrived for them.she drink bit.arnav to drink bit.she still holding his hand.p much to his relief.he felt peace holding her hand.dean did some work for his admission.now all set..dean call someone to take arnav.collage time start it.students are start to come.they three stand up.dean again shook his hand with her..he then go out for something.arnav look her.she smile and cup his face..

khushi:best of luck arnav.today your first day.dont be nervous.stay be strong.always remember that you're now fulfilling your dreams.dont let your nervous over power your excitement.start your first day energetic way.okay..

he nodded at her with smile.she cares his cheek and kiss his forehead.then peon comes to take arnav.after give him last tight hug.she ask him to go.after look her last time he left with the peon...

seeing his faded figure khushi to left from there quickly before any student seen her.if someone see her.then there will be so many problems she have to face..

onside the collage......peon taking him to his class room.dean already informed to peon.arnav is very special and treat him specially.he then bring arnav to his class room.already few students present there.his first sight itself everyone knows he is very rich boy..his dressing sense body maintain everything telling them clearly.peon make him sit.arnsv then take his seat.peon say to him...

peon:sir if you need any help here..you can call me..I am there to help you any time..

arnav:(smile)thank you..I will surely call you when I need some help..

peon smile to him.he then left from there.arnav look around the class room.its looking very neat and clean.he look at other students.who already looking him.he smile at them sweetly.they all to smile at him back..then suddenly bunch of students comes to class room with lot of noise.they all looking like friends.there four boys.three girls..they all takes the seat.that group friends notice arnav presence.they all ask other students about him.others just say he is new comer..that seven stars look at him up and down..mans are already frown seeing his hotness.how much handsome he is..girls are already looking him like eating..now class Is full.bell to ring..their first lecture comes.and start to take the lessons.arnav listening professor words with super exciting.like this two lessons finished..arnav full focus on lessons.but half of students focus on him.specially girls.they all gulp their saliva seeing such a hot greek.then after this lesson end..break time bell start to ring it..everyone left to canteen.arnav don't know where is the canteen.but to his good time.that peon comes to help him.he take arnav to canteen...

in canteen.....all of students saw arnav coming inside with peon.he make arnav to sit and ask him respectfully..

peon:what you like to eat sir..

arnav:(smile)bring pasta for me with cool drink...

peon nodded at him..and left to order his food after take money.everyone surprised seeing peon treating him specially.that seven star group noticing from the time he come..of of person say in the group..

person:hey come on guys..lets make friendship with him...

others agree with him.and left to arnav table..arnav got starlet seeing suddenly they come to his table.they all take seat and look at him..arnav look at them with confused reaction.in that group one person called Rahul tell yo arnav cheerfully.

rahul:get don't give us that look.we are come here to make friendship with you...

others to agree with him.arnav surprised to hear them..after composed himself he tell to them..

arnav:ohh okay..I am arnav Singh raizada..

rahul:(smile)nice name..so I am Rahul mehera...let me introduce my friends to you..(point each everyone)this is armaan malik...and this is aman mathur..and this is riddma.and they to lavanya kyshsp and payal Gupta...

rahul introduce everyone to arnav.he to greet them back with his most charming smile..every girl in canteen getting smitten badly seeing his killer smile.some minutes even payal lavanya riddma  to lost of his smile.armaan bring them all to back to sense.

armaan:(bring hand forward to Hand shake)so friends ?

arnav:(smile shook hand)friends..

they all smile to him..then peon bring his food.arnav thank him..he left from there.arnav look at his friends and ask them.

arnav:why don't you all not ordering anything.

rahul:we can't order like this arnav..we only have to go there to order our food.

arnav:hmmm okay..

aman left to order the foods for them..and come after taking the foods.then all of then start to have the foods.and chatting to..they all comes to know s out arnav soft nature.now his new friends like him very much..boys are got bonded very well.other students looking the seven with jealousy stares.

lunch break got finished..arnav left with his new friends to class room..in going way arnav phone start to ring..he stop in mid way.his friends to stop.he take his phone and see the caller id.seeing the name he flash the wide smile.he answered the phone excitedly.his friends got confused seeing his excitement.

arnav:(happily)hello...yeah I am fine...yeah I got settled very well..ahh now only I finished my lunch..I eat pasta with cool drink.yeas I like the food....yeah now I am going to my class room back...hmmm okay bye...see you soon..

he cut the call and look st his friends confused stares..

aman:arnav who is that...

arnav:that was.......

before he tell they saw professor enter to class room.they rushed to class room hurriedly.then got busy in lessons..

after collage end..all students start to came out.arnav with his friends to came out..in one day they all bonded very well.boys are hug each other..

armaan:(smile)so arnav how you going to your home..

arnav:(smile)my driver already arrived.....but how you going to home..if you all okay then I will drop you all.

aman:(smile)no arnav it's okay..we all go by taxi.all of we staying is same area.

arnav:ohh okay...then bye.see you all tomorrow...

all:bye arnav...

then left the place..they all saw he boarding to BMW brand new car.it giving very fabulous look.he then left the collage..not only thrm.every students who present there looking him amazingly..no doubt.he is hell rich..his friends sigh seeing him.then they all left from there calling taxi.

arnav reachs to singhania mansion..everyone saw he coming inside..all of them welcome him.he sit on sofa and left sigh of relief.anjali take his bag nd ask him softly..

anjali:how is your first day chote..everything good right..

arnav:(smile)yes di  everything perfect..there everyone very nice..khushi already arranged everything for me.

anjali:it's good to hear chote..now you go and get fresh up..

he agree with her and left to his room.after 30 minutes he joins to family members again..they all start to chat..he waiting very eagerly to khushi.he have so many thinks to say to her..it's time to she come.his wait ended when he hear calling bell ringing sound.he know that was his wife..he rushed towards the door.everyone smile seeing his excitement to see his wife.he open the door and saw khushi standing there.without think anything he hug her tightly .khushi smile seeing her husband acts.and hug him back.

arnav:khushi I missed you very much...

khushi:(smile)I to missed you Shona.

he broke the hug with smile and let her come inside.after talk few words with family they both went to their room.

After enter to room they both start to chat..arnav like parrot telling her whatever happened in collage..he not leave single matter.and also informed her about his new friends..khushi felt very relief hearing all this..now he settled very well to his collage life..they both contine chat each other.

in night...arnav writing notes in book siting in bed..khushi taking bath in washroom.after some time..khushi came out wearing her bathrobe.she straightly went to dressing table like usually.she start to apply creams on her body.but as unusual her husband noticing her every action keenly.....arnav watching her every body moments desire fully.its been two months they both make out.after that night they still don't do anything like that.whenever his thoughts move to intimate .he quickly changes his my..those months his mind controlled by collage matters.now all set.everything now going to according to their wish.now nothing there to stop them from getting close..those thoughts make him move bold.he close the bo,.and move towards khushi.he hug her from behind and kiss her beck tightly.she shocked by his sudden move.she look him with amazement.this is big wonder for her.he ask her with ****y voice..

arnav:khushi can I ask you something..


arnav:now I am going to collage na.why can't we start our make out again.

Next update:long sensual make out...together romance shower.

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May 15

Ajeeb prem kahani.... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 76 times)

Khushi wide her eyes hearing his bold statement..she stood there like status hearing his words.he waiting for her answer.seeing her silent he takes that as approve.he make her turn and start to suck her neck.khushi close her eyes and hug him tightly.and grips his hair tightly.he to hug her back and sucking her neck with so much pleasure.he cares her body sensually.he slowly take her to arm and move towards the bed....

he make her lay in bed and remove his shirt hurriedly.he then lay above her body.she welcome him to her body gladly.he held her both hands and kiss her cleavage with so much desire.she moaning in highly pleasure.she don't know what happen to her husband.but she like what he doing now.how much she miss this hot make out.he start to remove her bathrobe.then take good view of her bossoms.he start to sucks them with so much desires.she biting her lips without bearing his acts.he slowly move to her navel.he sucking her navel with full of saliva mouth.now her whole upper part covered with his hot saliva.he loves her fresh body smell very much.in sucking way he try to go lower even more.before that khushi cup his face and take him to passionate filled kiss.he to kiss her back with same passionate.suddenly khushi gasps in shock.she felt arnav hand on her female pride.she don't know what to do.he start to finger her feminine.she start to breath hardly.she held arnav hand and not let him finger her.he look her with confused reaction.

arnav:(huskily)why are you stopping me khushi.dont you like what I am doing.

khushi:(gulp her saliva difficulty)that's not like that arnav.you know right we still not consummate our married life.if we do something like this.we will consummate today itself.right now.

arnav:(confused husky voice)so what.we are husband and wife right.thats what's the problem if we start our marriage life.

she shocked to the core hearing his words.she never think he will say something like this.she wondering it this same arnav who got feared for his own first night.now he himself approaching her.she gulp her saliva.and try to speak normally.

khushi:I know that not crime if we consummate our married life.but don't you think.it would have to happen beautifully.it not about just our bodies become one.its about our hearts become mingle.so I want that moment happen beautiful way.

Arnav smile hearing her statement.thats true.even he to want that moment beautiful way.he then take his hand from her female pride.and take her lips for romantic kiss.she to kiss him back with same passion.arnav take the bedsheet and cover her lower part.he press her both bossoms tightly and pinch her nipples very hardly.she moan loudly in pain and pleasure.she grips his hair and kiss him wildly.they both continue their make out.how much they control their self.only they both knows.its very hard.

early morning..arshi room...they both sleeping hugging each other.khushi lower part only covers..her upper part completely nude.arnav sleeping place his head on her right bossom.abd place his hand on her other bossom.she hugging him very tightly and possessively.they both sleeping very peacefully.after their long make out.they both love each other till morning.arnav touch and kiss everywhere on her body expect ****.and he control it very hardly.now they both sleeping.suddenly alarm start to ring.arnav moan irritatingly hearing the sound.without get up from his wife body he search the clock in table.but he can't find that.because of continuing ringing khushi sleep got disturb.she open her eyes lazily and saw her husband very hardly try to stop the clock.but he don't notic clock just two inch away rom his hand.she smile seeing that.she then stop the ring.arnav moan in satisfaction.he try to sleep again.but she pat his cheeck and wake him fully.

khushi:wake up hubby.now enough..you have collage to attend.

arnav moan in sleep and hug her more tightly.he rube his face her bossoms.she blushing seeing that.he finally open his eyes.he gives her his most charming smile.she felt very peace seeing his beautiful smile morning itself.

arnav:good morning khushi..

khushi:very good morning arnav..

he get up from her body and look her upper Brady parts.her whole body become red because of him.her neck,cleavage,bossoms,hip,everywhere covered with his love bites.he felt some pride seeing his marks on her milky body.she cover her self and left to washroom.he sigh and get up from the bed.then she come after fresh up.and arnav left to fresh up.khushi wear fully covered tight shirt with jeans.in any how she try to hide the bite marks.after he come.thry both left to living room.

in collage.arnav reachs to collage in his car.he came out and saw everyone staring him.he ignore that.he slowly move towards his class room.every girls gulping their saliva and biting their lips seeing such hot Greek.in mid way he met his friends.arnav greet them with him smile.boys are hug each other.

rahul:(happily)hi arnav..

arnav:(smile)hi Rahul ..hi everyone...

after chat some time out.they all come to class room.today arnav sit with his new friends.they arrange a seat for him.after some time bell ring it.their professors to come.and lesson start it.all of them start to study.arnav sitting middle of his boys gang.his left side armaan sitting.right side aman.behind the bench Rahul sitting.they all writing silently.like writing Rahul eyes fell on arnav neck.rahul gasps in shock seeing something like that on arnav neck.he blink his eyes to see if he seeing correctly.after confirming he seen correctly.he pat both aman armaan arms same time.they both turn and look him confusingly.

armaan ,aman:(whisper)what happen Rahul..

rahul indicate thrm arnav neck.they both look at his neck with confuse next second they both to get shock.they both don't know what to say.they three look each other.arnav notice his friends solvents talks.he look armaan with confused reaction.

arnav:(whisper)what happen to you guys.

Armaan shook his head hurriedly.then arnav again start to write.they three very eager to ask about that to arnav.but they can't ask anything now.with full of eagerness two lessons finished.break time bell to ring it.arnav try to get up to go canteen.but aman and armaan held his arms.

aman:arnav wait we want to talk with you.

payal:hey guys don't you all come..

rahul:you both go.we will come after sometime.

lavanya payal nodded at them.and left from there.after every students left.rahul comes to front seat.now arnav middle of them.they three looking arnav with lot of curious.arnav wondering what happen to his friends.

arnav:guys..what happen to you all.why are you all looking me like this..

rahul:arnav what is this..

saying this he touch arnav neck.arnav with confuse see his neck.next he got shock and embbarissing.There was BITE MARK.obvisicly his lioness wife bite.he touch the mark and try to hide that.he try to cover up.

arnav:that was nothing guys.i think something bite me.

aman:arnav we are not LKG students.you can't fool us.we know the different between insect bite.and an girl bite.

arnav don't know what to say.suddenly his face turn red.they three smirk and start to pull his leg.

aman:oye..oye..arnav why are you blushing..tell us who is that girl.

armaan:yes arnav tell us..how this love bite come on your neck.

arnav:(try to hide his shy)please guys stop teasing me..

rahul:(naughty tone)oh come on arnav..why this much shyness.tell us what happen that you got this love bite.we don't see this mark yesterday.and it looking very fresh.so that's mean you got this mark last night.

aman;yes yes arnav...how you got this.it your girl friend very wild last night.

arnav:(surprised tone)oye.i don't have any girl friend.

aman:then how it come..any affairs.

arnav:guys I don't have any affairs or girl friends.(shy smile)I got this bite mark from my wife..

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Fabulous update
May 20

Ajeeb prem kahani....... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 67 times)

They three look him with wide eyes with big open mouth.they don't know what to say.he is married man..oh my god...they can't understand anything..untill now they thought he is bachelor.but they comes to kiss the real truth..they try to ask him many thinks.armaan very diffultly came out from the big shock.

armaan:(whisper)arnav what are you saying...are you married..how,when,where..

arnav:(smile softly)yes armaan I am married..it's almost going to be three months.its arranged marriage.wedding take place in my birth place Lucknow.

rahul:(smile)what's your wife name.

arnav:(smile remember his Angel)her name is khushi..very nice girl...she treats me like little baby.she not leave a chance to pamper me.infact she is only now make me study...


rahul:what are you saying...

arnav:(smile)yes guys I am just simple halwali.and uneducated.after marry her ,she is like mother to me..she fulfill every wish of mine without think a second..those dresses and car ,other luxuries,everything she gives me.now she have aim to make me take the degree.she take my dream as hers.she ready to do anything for me..she loving me limitlessly..

arnav continuely telling about khushi...his friends are in huge shock and amazement.those few minutes they got so many shocks...they don't know how to react..they never except that small bite mark have this much big truth..but the thing make them hard to believe.an wife making the husband study..that to giving him this much luxury life and so much freedom.they knows that arnav is gem..but as girl it's very big wonder to give this much freedom and luxuries to her husband.now only one thought coming to their mind....arnav is truly lucky..no man get this much loving wife..they to wish to get lovely wife like arnav get.who loves them endlessly...in those thinks they forget to ask who is his wife...if they comes to know he is husband of India most power full and the most desirable women.that truth to will come out very soon..

after some time they tour left to canteen to have lunch..arnav friends thinking what will girls reaction in this collage after comes to know arnav already married.already very gorgeous girl take his soft heart..

pin canteen...boys are joins to payal and lavanya..the both girls notice boys are have secret smile on their face...they wondering what secret they hiding from them.

payal:guys what you all hiding from us...tell na.

guys are share knowing look.arnav try to hide his smile.payal lavanya look each other..armaan say to them normally..

armaan:nothing girls it was boys talks.nothing more...

psyal and lavanya gives them unsure look.they thought to ask them later..then they all had lunch..

after collage times end..arnav coming out with his friends..armaan ask to arnav..

Armaan:arnav what you thought to do in this weekend...

arnav:(sigh)I don't have any plans..for your question.i have to ask this to someone..that person only can't tell. E what I am going to do in weekend.

boys give him knowing look and smirks at him..both girls got confuse hearing his answer..and got more doubts seeing boys have the knowing looks on their face..then after bid bye to his friends arnav left the collage...

raizada masion...night time...arnav khushi sitting on their room pool side..they both talking about today events..arnav cuddling khushi tightly.she to hugging him tightly like pillow..in talking all matters.arnav ask to khushi.

arnav:khushi what we are going to do in this weekend..

khushi:(cares his hair)nothing planned baby..did you want to go somwhere?

arnav:I heard some new movie released.shall we go to see the film..

khushi:(smile)okay baby..we will go to see the film..

arnav:(smile is excitement)thank y khushi..

khushi:(kiss his head)you are welcome...

they both smile and continues talks each other..

time flying very fastly...arshi life going very smoothly..arnav set on his collage life Nicky..its been three months arnav going to collage..he bonded with his friends very well.after he tell the truth to friends.next day payal lavanya to comes to knows.they both to get great shock.more then two days they takes to accept the truth..after that his gang alway like to know about his married life..he to share little things which he can tell them..but they still don't know khushi singhania is his wife..when he tell about his marriage.he just maintain her as just khushi..more then that they don't know anything about her.and his buddu friends to still don't ask anything about her..arnav to get little fun without telling he is husband of khushi singhania.he left that like,when the correct time comes.they will comes to know by their self..

coming to arshi married life...they both very happily enjoying their married life...more then before now they both very close..arnav don't hide any single think from her..daily he tell her what happens in collage begin to end..she to listen all that silently without get irritate or angry..every weekend they will go to some places..specially film hall..khushi always book tickets in VIP seats..so no one will see them.....like all this their romantic life also going amazingly..

more then before arnav now very bold in bed..when comes to physical relationship.arnav don't hear whatever she say or don't get shy for that...every Saturday,Sunday nights he almost reachs to main point.that two days in every weeks khushi don't get single second sleep...they both see each other everything except their main part.its very hard for them to make out without reachs to main thing.Rnav daily ask her when they going to have the real s*x.but she just  say wait some more days..sometime arnav get irritate hearing that..don't know why his wife post pounding their consummate...but he don't know is wife planning very big surprise plan for him....after some days he going to get very big surprise...

sunday night..arshi room...arnav khushi very wildly making out...arnav biting her brea** very hardly...khushi moan in pain with lot of pleasure..after six days they both making out..yesterday they not get chance because they all went outing...now arnav getting pleasure so much...he slowly move tour navel..and bite her belly bouton tightly..khushi whinch in pain..they both completely nude except their importent part..khushi very clearly can feel how much he is hard...they both private parts touching very dangerously.they both moan loudly feeling the parts connection..khushi become so wet..arnav almost crying without getting the real pleasure..how eagerly he waiting to enter inside her..why she doing this to him...he move to her lips and take that to wild kiss..in kissing way he press his manhood with her ****..khushi crying feeling the pleasure...he broke the kiss and bite her bossom...

arnav:(moaning tone)why are you torturing me like this khushi....you can feel it na how much I want you....then why are you doing this...please khushi stop torturing me like this...enough of this fasting..break this....see my state...

he take her hand and make her touch his manhood..she get shock feeling his pride on her bare hand.no doubts its very huge..she feel shy to face him..she take her hand back and tell him softly..

khushi:I know arnav.its very hard to control our self...but baby please control your self for me some days.just some days...after that I will not say anything...you can do whatever you want....please baby..

arnav sigh hearing that..without say a word he start to sucks her neck...she sigh and close the eyes feeling his sucks..now days it's very hard to control her horne husband...then their intimacy continues..

next day...evening...everyone chatting in living room except khushi...she attending call in room..other members talkin each other..after some time khushi comes to  living room with tension face...

next update:new person in arshi life...

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May 24

Ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 67 times)

Arnav look her silently..everyone wondering what happen to her..Ashok ask her..

ashok:khushi beta what happened...why are you looking tension...

khushi:(little tension tone)papa woo my London branch now facing little problem..som project matter..to solve that I have to go London..

everyone got shock hearing her answer..specially arnav..

mama:how many days you will take to come back khushi beta..

khushi:don't know mama..my manager say the problem is really complicated..my precence there very important..so I think it's will take one or two weeks.

arnav got angry hearing that..two weeks without her..how he going to manage..it's very hard for him..other members to get little sad hearing that...Nani notice arnav look reaction..she ask to khushi..

nani:seems like that's was big problem..you to saying its will take weeks to solve..then can't you take arnav with you..

arnav face become bright hearing Nani..everyone like what she say..they all look khushi..

khushi:I to like that idea Nani..I don't have any problem in taking him to London...but he have collage to attend..it's just three months he join to collage..it's not good to cut the class for such a small matter..after month he have his first turn exam.so he have lot of thing to study..so he can't come with me..

everyone knows she is right..so they stop the topic..Nani look at arnav falls face with pity look..she can't do anything more then this..arnav look her sadly..he to knows she is saying right..but he can't expect that..weeks without khushi..it's very impossible thing for him..

roshini:so beta when you going to London...

khushi:tomorrow morning early flight ma..everything already arranged..just have to go..

roshini nodded at her..then they all have evening coffee..

in arshi room...after had coffee with family they both comes to room..khushi arrenge her suitcase to go tomorrow..she take few dresses and office stuffs.

she notice arnav being silent...she sigh seeing him like that..she sit beside him in bed..

khushi:what happen Shona ...why are you being silent...(he keep silent)are you angry with me for not taking you with me to London..(he turn his face other side)arnav...you know the reason right..why I am not taking you...you have lessons baby..upcoming lessons are very important for you...you can't miss that..please try to understand..I am doing all this for you only...

arnav sigh hearing her..he hug her tightly..she to hug him back...he tell her cutely.

arnav:I know khushi you are saying true...I can't miss the lessons.its very important..(sigh)but how I will be without see you..it's very hard for me..first time after marriage you going apart from me..how I take that...it's very hard khushi...I can't be without you...

he telling all this with cute innocent voice..khushi smile hearing him..her husband not tell his love officially to her...but every day his every move telling her how much he loving her.she broke the hug and cup his chubby cheeks..and tell him softly..

khushi:I know baby how much it's hard to do...you thinking it's very easy for me to do..I only know how much I going to miss this chubby face for two weeks..I will miss you very much...

arnav:(pouting)me too..

khushi:(cares his cheek)I will try my best to finish to finish the works soon as possible..and you don't have to worry..whenever you wished to see me.just click the Skype..I will appear front of you in video..and we can talk whenever we want..

he nodded at her..then they both pack her bags.after pack every necessary things.they moves to pool side and spend some time..alone..

next day early morning...khushi got ready...she wear long full sleeve black colour stylish gown..and made her hair to long curls..she wear high heel and take her bag...now she ready to go...she look sleeping arnav...before two hours only he slept.he not ready to sleep..after lot of effort she make him sleep...she sit beside him and kiss his forehead.she take the note pad and write something...she place that in side table with paper weight...she left from there...

after some hours..arnav hear alarm ringing..he slowly off that..and open his eyes..he felt his khushi warmth not beside him..he not feeling her unique aroma..he sigh and touch her bed side .from now itself he missing her...then his eyes fell on side table..

there a note with paper weight...he sit in bed and take the note pad...he comes to know khushi writes that...«bye Shona...take care...I will call you after reachs to London »...he smile seeing that...after that he get from the bed and went to have shower...

in collage...arnav reachs to collage...his friends already waiting for him in exit door...he then join with them...and left to class room...

in call room...arnav chatting with his friends..then suddenly a girl twenties.enter to class room wearing simple shalwar...she wearing eye glasses in her eyes..and putting her hair to ponytails.totally she looking like a village girl..everyone in class room looking her weird way..even arnav too..she totally not match for this place..she search place to sit..then she saw there a seat in last bench..that bench two bench away from arnav gang bench..she slowly move there and sit..don't know why arnav not like liking her from first sight itself...he not the person who rude with someone...but with her he don't know why...he getting some negative vibrate...not only arnav..his friends to not like her..but they not take that seriously...and again focus on their chat...

on of girl in last bench...ask that new girl...

girl:what's your name...

new girl:PARUL.......

new girl:why did you take this collage for you...

parul:I come here to take something from here...that was very important for me...I will not leave from here without that...

next update:::surprise for arnav...

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May 27

Ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 56 times)

She look at the bench front of her..and looking there keenly...her bench students thoughts she thinking something....but her case not that..she looking one particular person with some little madness..she miss him one time there..but not this time...this time she will make him hers in any cost...

parul:(in mind)I miss you there..but here.i am not going to leave you...I will make you mine in any cost...no matter what...I will not lose you..

she thinking all this with so called love..she already planned everything...just have to do all that see nice time...then class start it..everyone constraints in lessons expect her...

in break time...arnav coming to canteen with his friends.suddenly someone bump into him fastly..arnav almost went to fall.but armaan support him..everyone look the persons who coming without eyes..that's was parul..payal ask her with irritating...

payal:hey girl don't you have eyes..can't you see someone coming front..

parul:(innocent tone)sorry!i really not see you all...I am very sorry...

the gang gives her irritating look..then arnav say to her...

arnav:it's okay..you go from here...we are okay...

parul look him silently..lavanya brings her to real world.they they take him away from there...

parul:(whisper)I will see how many days you all going to take him awY from me..I will get him very soon...very very soon...

soon arnav comes to canteen with his friends.then they all had the lunch with chats..from morning itself arnav's friends notice he is very mood off today..his face showing some sadness..seeing all this his friends thought to ask him..

aman:hey arnav what happen to you...why are you looking dull today.

rahul:yeah arnav.what happen..any problem..

arnav:(sadly pout)khushi left to London for some work..she will come after two weeks..

hearing this his friends gives him teasing look..

armaan:(naughty tone)oh my buddy missing his wife..how bad..why don't you go with her..

arnav:(sad)she not take me because I will be miss my lessons..so she don't take me with her..

he gives them sad look..his friends feel pity for him..then they all talk with him happily to divert his mind..then he to talk nicely for his friends..in talking way riddma notice parul looking them keenly..she frown seeing that..she pat lavanya and payal..they both look riddma and ask her what..

riddma:(frowns)look at that new girl ..girls...see how she looking us...I don't like her bit..

lavanya:(whisper back)even me to don't like her..but we can't be rude with her na without she do anything..

payal:that's true...we can't be rude with her without she do anything..

boys notice girls silent conversation..but they not hearing anything..armaan try to interrupted them..but Rahul stop him..

rahul:no armaan don't ask them anything....don't you know it's very dangerous to interrupted in girls ta

k..if we talk in middle they will be turn as Durga maa..

arnav aman laugh hearing this..but they agree with him..then they all chat happily..

parul looking arnav keenly...how much she wish to be with him there now...the way he talk happily with his friends.she want he has to be with her like this...she take her phone and click his photo secretly.she look at his photo and give kiss for it...

parul:(in mind)see how much he looking handsome...here every girls looking him like eating...after we both enter to relationship.i must order him to not wear cloths like this..I only want to admire his manliness.now he is bachelor.after we both become lovers.i will tell that to everyone quickly...I don't want other girls get hope for him..I will not that happen...

she talking in mind all thing like insane...looking like she become mad compltely..before talk with him fully..she planning all this...without knowing she keeping eyes on lioness love..if she comes to know about this,..she don't know what condition she will fell on..

raizada mansion...arnav talking khushi in face time..she called him when he come out from clas room after collage end..it's been four hours he talking with her..like always.he tell her what happen today collage in begin to end...she to listen all that silently...he talking with her aiting in living room..everyone present there...al of them smiling seeing his acts..they to talk with her few words..then khushi say to him..

khushi:okay Shona..now I keep the phone,..I have some conference to attend...I will call you later...bye..

arnav:bye khushi...call me after finish the work..

then khushi cut the call.arnav to left to his room after talk with family members little..then left to take little nap.

next day in collage...arnav talking with his friends out side of class room..it's break time...in talking way they saw parul standing front of them..with little innocent face...they looking like what's she doing here...boys thoughts to let girls ask her..

payal:what you want parul..why are you standing here..,

parul:(innocent voice)woo I join here yesrerday..still I didn't friends with anyone..so I would like to make friendship with you all firstly..you all looking nice to me.

parul gives them innocent smile...girls are look each other..they truly not like her proposal bit to..but they can't be rude with her..they look other students noticing them...so for being nice front of them.girls agree with her...parul smile wide,y...and hug the three girls together...they all shocked to see her guts..she then broke the hug...boys knows they agree with her friendship without liking.they to don't say anything..then lavanya start to into everyone to her..when arna turn comes..

lavanya:and this is arnav singhraizada..

parul:(smile dreamy way)hi arnav ji.

she take his hand for handshake...everyone surprised to see her actions.spacially arnav...he quickly take his hand back...he not like that bit...girls notice this scene on their mind book...parul comes to sense and stood there silently...then bell ring it...everyone enter to class ...and take their seats...

riddma:girls be careful..I am not feeling good..when parul around our friends..specailly arnav...

payal:yes yes..even me too..not feeling good...

lavanya:yes we should be away from her how much we can...

they both agree with her..and start to write..

pens of collage...everyone came out..arnav's driver already arrived..parul look at that with confused reaction..

parul:arnav ji..are you going by car...


she surpeised hearing that..then she gives him dreamy look..arnav then left from there..other to left from there after giving her wearied look..parul look at arnav car direction.

parul:so that's mean arnav ji rich..oh my go..I am going to be wife of rich man.hey devimayya...that you so much...I always wish to enjoy rich life..now after we become lovers..I am also can come to collage like this big car..oh..I am very excited...to propose him..

she walking in road talking all this rubbish..looking at her normal attire..no one will think she having all this wishes...that to forbidden wishes..god only j ow what going to happens to her..

next update:arnav tell parul about to khushi...

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May 28

Ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 66 times)

After three days..those three days parul trying her best to come close to arnav..but arnav not giving her chance bit to...girls are trying their best to keep her apart from their friends..but parul have no shame..how much they try to neglect her.she will hang with them any how..in all gang she talk lot with arnav only..arnav try to be nice with her limitedway.he don't let her close with him that much..in those days parul day dreaming very much..she almost behaving like his girl friend..waiting for him in canteen.siting beside him when eating..giving him shy glares in class..gives him some signals...some time arnav not notice all this..but his friends always keeping eyes on her.specailly girls..they don't know what to do with her..arnav to always feels uncomfortable around her..he always be with his friends.

today in collage..arnav coming to class after break..his friends to coming with him..when he try to enter to class.parul block his way..he look her..

arnav:(little irritating tone)parul what is this..leave our way...

parul:(ordering tone)first tell me what did you left to canteen without me...can't you wait until I join you with you..why you left..answer me..

riddma:(angrily)parul watch your tone..how can you talk with him like this..and who are you to him...why he have to wait for you..

parul become silent hearing that.she have no words to reply..riddma look her angrily..not only she..everyone..without think anything lavanya puch her aside..and enter to class room..parul stepped few  step back because of her puch..then they all take the seats..she to take her seat..she look at riddma angrily..

parul:(angrily thought )how dare she..how she can shout at me..when I am talking with my arnav ji..after we become lovers.first thing I have to do cut everyone friendship with him..because of them only.i still can't be close with him..in any how I have to propose him very soon..

she look arnav with her so called feelings.and start to write looking him way..

in evening....arnav talking with khushi in face time..always like usual talks..but today khushi notice arnav looking little frown..he talking with her..but his mind some where..she ask him with little worry..

khushi:what happens Shona..why are you keeping your face like this..any problem..

arnav:(frown tone)nothing serious khushi..just little problem in collage.

khushi:you can tell me what's the problem..

arnav:few days ago one girl joined to my class..she made friendship with my gang.lfrom that time itself she irritating me very much..I don't like her..

khusho got alert hearing that..her mind running very fastly thinking about that..a girl behind her hubby..no..it's can't be..she must be some girl..she just irritating him..that's all...arnav look khushi lost in thoughts..he ask her..

khushi:(try to be normal)nothing...just something..and you don't have to worry about anyone..you just constraints on your studies..next month you have exam..so just think about that..

arnav:hmmm..you are right...I should think about my studies.more then anything..

khushi agree with him then they both continues talk..but her hubby failed to tell her she not just irritating him..she is behind him for other reason..

next day in collage..arnav siting outside in class room..with his friends except parul.they all talking.but arnav in deep thoughts..his friends notice that..

armaan:hey arnav what are you thinking this much deeply..

arnav:nothing armaan just thinking about my future goals..


arnav:yeah..now our exam going to come..after that we will get our degree..I was thinking what I want to be..

rahul:(surprise)you still don't select what you want to become..

arnav:(sulky face)no yaar...that's was my problem now..I asked to khushi..she say..me should think my own choice..she don't have any problem whatever I want to be.

everyone become silent hearing that..so he have his own freedom to choose what he want to be..they thoughts to help him..

aman:what about Doctor. Engineer..lawyer..

payal:no yaar..that's all will not suit him..

rahul:then what about model..he now itself looking like on of model..it wil suit him very well..

arnav:no way..I don't want to become model...I just hate that choice..

armaan:me too..just think some different thing..

riddma:hmmm...what about business man..

arnav:(smile)sound good..

armaan:yeah I to like that..

lavsnya:yeah sound great...but what business he going to do...

armaan:what about jewellery business..

arnav:not that..my father in law already doing that business..I don't want to do compatiton with him..

lthen they all think very deeply..suddenly lavanya face become bright..she shout in excitement..

lavanya:yes i got it..what about fashion designer..

arnav smile hearing that..other friends to like her choice..they all look arnav..

rahul:arnav what you think about this..it's very good choice..

armaan:yes arnav..if you take fashion course..you can automatically will be business man...you can build your own fashion house..what say..

arav agee with him happily..

arnav:yes..I love this choice..finally I got a goal..thank you guys..I will tell this to khushi..she will be very happy hear this..

everyone smile at him.arnav thoughts to gives them treat..he them take them to canteen..

in canteen..arnav having meals with his friends whatever they likes..it's was his treat..so they all enjoying very much..all of them chatting happily..then suddenly parul comes there..she say to arnav wth pout..

parul:this is very bad arnav ji..you having fun without. Me..it's not fair..

they gives her irritating look..she try to sit beside him..but aman take that place quickly.without let her sit..she frown seeing that..she then sit beside lavanya..she then ask to arnav with sugar  coated words.

parul:by the way arnav ji..what that much happy thing that.you all looking this much happy..any special reason..

arnsv be silent hearing her.he don't like to reply or stare her..payal tell her irritatingly..

payal:nothing imported for you parul..arnav thought to become business man after studies.

parul:(shocked to the core)whaaaat..

she look arnav without blinking..she broke into huge smile..that's was big news for her..she held arnav hands.

Parul:(excitement filled voice)oh my god..arnav ji..why don't you tell me before..I am very happy..

she blebbaring continues..arnav try to take his hands back..but she holding them tightly..he look at his friends helplessly..lavanya forcefully apart her hands from arnav's.parul look lavanya angrily..then everyone gives her deadly glares..she try to hide her anger..she can't fight with them now..and can't be rude with them front of arnav.now she have to focus on his matter..he going to business man..that was importent for her.if he become business man.then she will be wife of one business man..she now itself dreaming her forbidden wife..

next update:lioness is back..

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