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Jan 4, 2017

OS: PAPA'S PRINCESS (By Spriya) (Thanked: 84 times)

Arnav and khushi are married for 3 years(no sheetal fiasco), they had a daughter AARUSHI,2 years old, a chubby, cute, naughty child who is the apple of eyes of arnav . Akash and payal had a son Aayan,1 year old. Now anjali successfully running an NGO after divorcing shyam.

one fine morning 9 a.m khushi is running behind aarushi with a glass of milk and others are watching silently with giggling, this happens every morning.Arnav came downstairs after getting ready and picks aarushi who running towards him and brought the milk glass to her mouth she silently drinks it, seeing this as usual khushi gets angry. Arnav smiles and went to office with akash after having breakfast. Anjali also went to NGO, Mami went to the parlour. nani went early to temple as some pooja held in temple. payal and khushi are in the living room with kids.

Khushi: jiji,i miss amma, bauji, buaji. why don't we go to laxminagar today?its been months we saw them,arrghh..this both father and daughter keep me insane i almost forget everything and everyone...we can come home before arnavji, jijaji comes from office.what say???'said in one go.

Payal: take a breath khushi,i am here only not running from here.but we have to make lunch for them.

Khushi: dont worry jiji,they have lunch in cafeteria one day won't harm them.wait i will tell arnavji now.Later they went to buaji house.

After greetings all in buaji house they all settled in living room, where aarushi in buaji arms playing with her hair plaits and pulling her spectacles but they didn't give their attention so aarushi gets angry as well as bored.suddenly her eyes caught khushi's phone,she silently took it and went little away from them.she calls arnav(she knows how to call,as arnav taught her).Arnav is in meeting after seeing khushi's call he excuses himself and attends the call.

Aarushi: hello papa!!

Arnav: Hey princess!what happened?asked panickingly.

Aarushi: papa i bore here, i want to meet u said pouting.

Arnav: oh, so my princess got bored that's why you called me not because u miss me.

Aarushi: No papa,aarushi missessss papaaaa so much,u come to me...said loudly gaining everyone attention.

Khushi(snatches phone): hello arnavji, sorry to disturb you your lovely daughter calls you without anyone notice, said side by side glaring at aarushi for disturbing arnav.

Arnav: don't glare at my princess.

Khushi: hawww...you both laadgovernor...

Arnav(cuts khushi): you are boring my princess, because of that she called me. ok forget it, you and aarushi come directly to office from buaji house after finishing lunch, we go for an outing.

Khushi: ok arnavji, don't forget to take lunch and medicine bye.

somehow khushi distract aarushi from going to arnav.After lunch, a neighbour came to buaji house for some c****s, after seeing aarushi she went to her pulling and kissing her cheeks.Aarushi started crying as she doesn't like anyone pulling her cheeks rather than arnav. khushi try to console her but she is adamant on going to arnav because she's irritated by the neighbour who was continuously kissing her.After seeing this buaji and payal insist khushi to go to the office.she too starts for office after bids bye to everyone annoyingly.

In AR, after seeing khushi and junior ASR all are smiling and greeting them.khushi accepts greetings and directly went to arnav cabin with aarushi in her arms without knocking.There he is working without having lunch as the plate is left untouched in desk.khushi becomes angry & barge into him shut down his laptop.

Arnav: What the....

Aarushi: papa papa...

Arnav: hey princess, picks her kissing aarushi cheeks,aarushi too kiss his cheeks and lips why you came early khushi?

Khushi(angrily): you should ask this question to your daughter not me, why are r you still not had lunch?

Arnav(stammering): oh yeah i forget it due to meeting.

Khushi: wait i will bring your lunch, said while glaring him.arnav nods at her.

Arnav: ok come princess, we can work here (what can we expect from ASR).he put aarushi in his chair and twirl her, she excitedly shouting papa papa....and tell him to twirl more while she still cling into his hand.suddenly arnav phone rings,he picks it after warning aarushi not to get down and move aside to take call.

From nowhere riya, a model came here for photoshoot barge into arnav cabin without knocking. she doesn't notice arnav who was talking in phone near a window. Aarushi gets angry by this. But the model has some other plans, she notices a child in ASR chair and gets angry starts shouting her. Hearing some sound arnav cuts the call and gets shocked by riya who dare to shout his daughter. Before he bark on her,

Aarushi: i fire you...you no manners...dress chi chi, saying this making faces and totally turns into ASR mode.

Arnav is amused by his princess while riya stood as white as ghost because ASR is smiling & instantly come out of shock she goes to ASR starts complaining about the kid not knowing she is digging her own grave. Aarushi turns red by hearing her and she doesn't like riya speaking to arnav.

Aarushi: papa here come...

Riya got shocked by this thinking, oh no she is ASR child and i like a fool shouting at her and to the top of it complaining to ASR.Arnav came to his chair, aarushi jumps to him hugs him by his neck. 

Aarushi: you too come here, said with authority.

As soon as riya comes near her, aarushi instantly pulls her hair making her and arnav eyes go wide. she had wig so it easily comes into aarushi hands. seeing this aarushi starts laughing loudly arnav too joints. Riya was extremely embarrassed. Khushi comes to the cabin, still now she's standing near door watching this, but seeing riya embarrassed she came to rescue. Khushi glared at both, instantly they both stopped laughing. After sending riya out, Khushi too burst out laughing. Arnav hugs khushi with aarushi in his arms. Likewise, after spending some moments the CUTE family went out for their outing.

I am a silent reader till now, this is the first time i write something, so please bear with my english and thanks for reading this by spending your precious time.hope i didn't disappoint anyone.Happy Reading.both positive and negative comments are welcome.......

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Jan 5, 2017

Thank you note (By Spriya) (Thanked: 17 times)

I am happy with the responses i am getting for this os. A big thank you for who press like and thank you button.Now i think to write more,soon i will come with new concepts.And my special thanks for your lovely comments-

Lily30, Jelebigirl, Angel23, Kshamadeeksha, Archanasuresh, Dazzling02. 

keep reading....

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